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    Default The Search (A non Pokemon Story)

    Chapter 1 Nobodies Awakening. A quest shall start.

    A young man wakes up and lets out a scream to see a dead body on him. They free themselves and back up but find yet another dead body. They quickly stand to find that wherever it is that they are ha dead bodies spread throughout the area and also the body of a dead Serpent or maybe a Hydra. But they have No memory of anything. They have no clue who they are, how old they are, or of anything else…


    They shout in fear and confusion as they start to stumble backwards and they trip over some sword with a slot in its hilt. When he had fallen a strange Sapphire that seemed to have a raging flood inside of it falls out of his pocket. The kid picks it up and then looks at the slot on the sword.

    “Maybe… These two things…um…go together?”

    They question as they put the Sapphire into the slot of the blade’s hilt. The gem starts to glow and then the blade of the sword turns to water while keeping the blades shape.

    “WHOA!? The blade it just turned to water… amazing…”

    They declare in surprise then he removes the gem from the swords slot and the blade turns back into steel. He is truly astonished by the sword and the odd gem that he doesn’t notice the large shadow looming over him but when he does he gets a chill sent down his spine.

    “What is that? EEP!”


    The serpent that had appeared to be dead stands before the kid and readies to strike him dead for the jewel. It opens it large mouth getting ready to devour the kid as he stands their frozen in place and it STRIKES!



    The Serpent lets out a vicious growl after some man jumps in grabbing the kid and freeing him from the attack which lead the serpent to get a mouth full of stones and dirt.

    “We must fight the creature young master.”

    “Young master?”

    “You’re the prince of the royal family who now along with their guards lie dead on the battle field.”

    “I’m a prince?”

    “There is no time to explain take the sword and fight!”

    The Serpent attacks again so the man grabs the apparent prince and dodges. He then gives the prince the mysterious sword. Then together they attack the Serpent. The Serpent strikes at the prince but he side steps and strikes back but he has such low strength that he barely even scratches it.

    “You call that an attack? WORTHLESS FOOL!”


    The Serpent sends the prince flying into the air with its tail then opens its mouth to swallow him but the man steps in by Stabbing into its soft under belly. The prince stands but uses the sword to keep him up as his legs feel like they will give out from being knocked back by the serpent’s tail.


    “Prince I shall end this foul beast!”

    The Knight shouts removing his blade from the serpents under belly and the sword glows and the blade extends out to a large length glowing with a strong power.



    The serpent shouts as the long glowing blade quickly slices it in two halves both fall to the ground and a flood of blood starts to soak the land. The prince is astonished by the attack and the giant creature being split in half that he doesn’t realize the knight has little lights floating around them.

    “Young master it is time for me to go…”

    “Go!? What do you mean!?”

    “I must leave you…”

    “But I thought you were going to help me!?”

    The Prince shouts as the light grows brighter around the night and the knight tosses the prince a bag filled with 100 gold coins, 7 Potions, 3 Hi-potions, 2 Ethers, 1 Hi-ether, 3 Antidote, 4 Remedies, 7 Smelling Salts, 1 Fallen Star, and a strange stone. The prince looks at the knight tears in his eyes until the Knight disappears with the light.

    “No… I can’t be alone…UGHN!”

    The Princes head starts to hurt as a memory comes to him and from it the Prince remembers how to fight as he leaves the battle field to search for more of those strange gems and for his memories…

    “That memory told me that I had to learn to fight because I must gather these gems… But it didn’t tell me who I am, how old I am, or anything about me…”

    The prince tells himself as he takes a deep. This is only the beginning of the quest of Prince ??? to find out who he is and why he must gather these gems…

    To be continued…
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    Default Re: The Search (A non Pokemon Story)

    Chapter 2 The Adventure begins and a new friend is made…

    The young prince now three long miles from where he had awoken and he has noticed the obvious change in the scenery. Everything had gone from dark and dreary to Bright and sunny. The scent of rot and decay was also gone replaced with the scent of fresh grass and cool crisp fresh air.

    “This place is so much brighter then where ever it was I had awoken in…”

    The Prince says to himself as he stops to smell a flower and is happy to smell something so nice.

    “This smells so nice… But I wish I knew who I was… I’m Prince... prince nothing…”

    The prince tries to remember his name or anything about his past but the only thing he has to remember is learning how to use a sword to fight and protect himself with. The Prince starts to feel disappointed as he draws blanks in his mind. After drawing blanks for about a minute the Prince decides to sit down in the grass and take a relaxing break.

    “*Sigh* Prince of nothing that is what I am… No memory… no nothing…”

    “Hey don’t you think you’re being a little hard on yourself?”

    The Prince hears a voice but when he takes a look to see who is there he doesn’t find anyone anywhere around him.

    “If you’re trying to find me I’m over here.”

    “Over where?”

    The Prince looks to his right then to his left but again he doesn’t see anyone…

    “*Sigh* Oh great now I’m hearing things… I must be going crazy…”

    “No you’re not.”

    “Well then where are you?”

    “I’m right over you… hehehe…”

    The prince hears the sound of laughter coming from above him so he looks up to see somebody up in the air and they have wings.

    “Can you come down here?”

    “I am down.”

    The person says and moves in front of the Princes face to reveal that they are only about 6 inches tall.

    “What are you?”

    The Prince asks her seeing that they are a small little girl and they giggle.

    “I’m a fairy.”

    “A fairy?”

    She giggles seeing that she has to be the first fairy that he has ever seen before so she gives him a nice warm smile and he returns it to her.

    “My name is Luna and I’m a Moon Fairy. And you are?”

    “I’m prince…”


    “I don’t know… I don’t have any memory of anything really…”

    The Prince sadly says and so Luna doesn’t try to get him to explain seeing him so upset she then sits down on his shoulder to get his attention.

    “Would you like someone to help you try to find yourself?”

    “I would…”

    The Prince says and looks at her and notices the kimono she is wearing.

    “You look really nice in that.”

    “Thanks I made it myself.”

    Luna says and blushes because she just got a really nice compliment from a prince. She continues to sit on his shoulder until she decides to ask…

    “If you have no memory then what are you doing out here?”

    “I’m on a quest to gather these Elemental like gems…”

    “Then you will need my help.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I know a lot about a lot. I can give you tips and hints to help you on your journey.”

    Luna happily says and this makes the Prince smile so she feels really happy plus she really wanted to make a friend and this Prince looks like he needed one as well.

    “So you’ll help me to find these gems and who I am?”

    “Of course.”

    Luna says and with a new will to continue on the Prince and his new friend Luna the Fairy set out together to get to the truth.

    To be continued…
    I'm so depressing it's almost funny... But I'm not fully depressing at times.


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