The characters and story line in this fiction are all mine. I didn’t take any of it from other writers or animes or mangas. Just got ideas from some Japanese songs and from a drawing I made that took from 12:34 am to 2:36 am.

Author’s Notes: To be quite honest I’ve never written a story about an angel, so this’ll be a first. A new experience for me should be an interesting one for my readers. I honestly hope all of you who read this enjoy it because I enjoyed coming up with it and writing it. Once you’re done reading please comment and critique. (This is a one-shot. The other side of this story is called Soldier)

-sama = Mr. or Mrs.
-bozu = kid, squirt
-kun = boy
-san = Mr., Miss, Ms., Mrs.
Tenshu = Lord of Heaven, God
Tairaka = level (an), just, peaceful
Shiraha = white feather

Unedited Version

Each angel is given a human in the world of Scathe to watch over, and make sure that his or her destiny is carried out properly. In this case, the most reckless angel of them all was told to watch over the boy who has lost his parents to a house fire when he was only five, and absolutely at all costs needed to live. Unwilling to watch over him she figured that she’d never grow very fond of him, but she was told to keep him safe and make sure that he didn’t do anything to unknowingly change his fate. After all, he was meant to bring many great things to his world.

Still, she wanted to know why it was her chosen to watch him. She was the angel who broke all the rules after all. Going down to Scathe when that was forbidden. She and all the other angels were supposed to stay hidden in the clouds where there was absolutely no chance of being seen even though the chances were one in a million. Even knowing this and that her wings could be taken away if she continued to go to Scathe she didn’t stop.

While visiting the world she’d stop by his foster family’s house at night and watch him as he slept. She did this year after year, and the stops became longer and more frequent as time passed, and, although she didn’t want to admit it, she was becoming rather fond of him. Then, late one night ten years after the fire that took his parents, something happened.

She was just sitting in the corner of his room watching him sleep as she typically did almost every night now when he slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes. She grew tense, this had never happened before. ‘Just as long as he doesn’t look at me, I should be fine,’ she thought, and almost as if he could read her mind he did look at her.

The boy and the angel sat in silence for what seemed like forever for the two of them. The angel decided to speak first to break the silence and try and calm him down after seeing her in his room in the middle of the night. “Hi,” she said. 'Oh, pfft, what a lot of good that’ll do to calm him down,’ she thought.

The room was silent again except for a storm that was starting, wind blowing hard against the house making an eerie howling noise and thunder could be heard nearby. The lightning that lit up the room showed that he was more curious now than scared, but he still didn’t speak. She sighed and decided that saying one more thing couldn’t hurt so she spoke again. “My name is Shiraha, what’s yours?”

This time he did speak. “I’m Tairaka. It’s nice to meet you Shiraha-san.” He smiled at her, not afraid at all. Upon seeing this, she too smiled.

“That’s a very nice name, Tairaka-kun. You can call me Shi.” It felt so odd for her to be telling anyone her name. She never spoke to any of the other angels, and he was the only human who could see her. Even so…it felt very right, too. She felt very comfortable with him knowing her name, and she didn’t care that if the “management” got mad enough that he could take her wings and let her fall. She was happy.

He chuckled. “Call me Tai, Shi.”

“Hm…? Oh, ok.” Yes, she could still keep him safe even if she and he both knew each other’s names. Everything would be ok as long as he didn’t see her wings, she was sure of that. She walked over to Tai and laid him back down on the bed gently. “Go back to sleep. I have to leave now. I’ll see you again soon, I’m sure. Just call if you need me, ok?”

He nodded and she turned and walked away. He was asleep before he saw her jump out his window. After jumping out the window there was a bright flash of light and she flew away, up towards the sky and the clouds. Upon arrival the “management” glared at her. “How many times?!” he yelled.

“Too many, Tenshu-sama… I’m sorry…” she said, looking down at her feet.

“That doesn’t cut it this time, Shiraha-bozu. This time someone did see you. I’ve told you to stay up here more times than needed, and as punishment you must. You’re bound here for three years.”

“But! But what if something happens to Tai?!” she protested.

“So you know his name now, huh? Five years!”

“You don’t understand! You told me to watch after him! I can’t do that up here! What if he gets in trouble?!” she was almost crying now.

“It’s your own fault. You’re his guardian, and as a guardian you must stay up here. If anything bad is going to happen you tell me. That’s how things work. We don’t visit Scathe, we don’t learn names of the humans, we don’t tell the humans our names, and we don’t fall in love with them. Next time you disobey me I will take your wings Shiraha-bozu.” He walked away from her now, leaving her all alone with nothing to do but worry.

Over the years Shiraha had plenty of time to think, and during that time she realized something. She was undeniably in love with Tairaka, the one she needed to guard. It hurt her to think that he might’ve forgotten about her over her five-year absence. He hadn’t once called her name, and she hadn’t been able to watch over him during the years. For all she knew Scathe’s only hope was dead.

She hung her head and hoped her last two days of being bound to the clouds would go by fast. She sat there with her head on her knees for a few minutes before she heard something. She looked up and around her and saw no one, and shrugged and put her head back on her knees.

She went back to her thoughts about Tai, trying to comfort herself by his appearance. She imagined what it might be like to be human. If she were she would embrace him lovingly, something she’d always longed to do. She longed to see him in general. His gentle smile, his deep blue eyes, his chestnut brown hair. She sighed, knowing her dreams would probably never come true and flopped forward and lay on her stomach.

She pulled at her sandy hair and closed her eyes tightly biding herself to think of something different. She lay still for a bit and realized that her dress was almost the same color as his eyes, and whole new thoughts of him entered her mind. She pulled at her hair again and kicked her legs, and then she heard it again.

She sat up and looked around seeing that no one was around her. She listened more closely and heard it once more, the sound of her name being called. The voice sounded someone familiar, like Tai’s only older. Then she thought for a moment and realized that it was Tai. His voice made it sound like he was in pain.

She stood and looked around her checking to be sure no one had come in the last few minutes and jumped. She dove downward and then began to fly towards the sound of his voice. While she flew she looked around and saw the occasional explosion and the sound of gunfire filled the air. She nearly began to cry after realizing what must’ve happened to her love, and then she saw him.

His eyes were shut and his face stained with blood and tears. ‘Oh God…no!’, she thought. She landed in front of him and fell to her knees. He strained himself to look up, and looked almost shocked to see her.

“Sh-shi…” he said, his voice weak and scratchy.

“Yes…It’s me…” she said, trying to hide her terror. She began to ask if he was ok and then noticed what had happened. His face was scratched up and his right leg was almost completely gone and he was missing his left hand. She couldn’t begin to imagine the kind of pain he must’ve been in at that moment, and she wasn’t able to hide her tears any longer. They came like little streams, and she bit her lip and pleaded with herself not to cry.

“Shi…” he said her name so softly she wasn’t sure she hadn’t imagined him say it.

“Y-yes…?” she said.

“Don’t…don’t cry… Please…don’t cry…” he said.

She couldn’t believe this. He was half dead in front of her and he still cared that she was going to cry. Did he know he was going to die? Then he said something that startled her.

“Your wings…are beautiful, Shi… You’re a very pretty angel…”

She was stunned. Humans couldn’t see the angels, and if they could they wouldn’t be able to see an angel’s wings unless they were nearly dead, and even then they’d only make them out seconds before they died. What was he…?

“Thank you…” she said. It was the only thing she could think to say at the time. She hung her head then looked over at him again. “I…don’t want you to die, Tai.”

He was quiet and still, too still.


He didn’t move, nor did he reply.

“Tai!” she screamed and cried harder. Then she felt a large, strong hand on her shoulder. She looked up and over to see Tenshu. “T-Tenshu-sama! I…I’m sorry…I left and I was supposed to stay. I disobeyed again…”

Tenshu was quiet, but then he spoke, gently. “You’re very human, Shiraha…”

She looked at him confused.

“If you give him your wings you can be human, Shiraha-bozu. Not every angel is like you. Not every angel can just give up their wings and be human.”

She almost smiled at what he was saying. “Would giving him my wings bring back hi—“

He shook his head. “It’ll only give him life.”

“And…you’ll let me do this…?” she asked.

Tenshu nodded. “If it’s what you want. The other girls talked to me about it, and each one compared you to a human. Maybe you’d be happier on Scathe. I don’t really know…”

She smiled and thanked him, and he chuckled and ruffled her sandy hair glad to see that her blue-gray eyes had their old glow back to them. Once he left she turned back to Tai and picked him up and flew away avoiding being seen by other soldiers.

Tai woke a few days later in a hospital bed, confused. He looked around him, and then at his leg and arm. Noting the prosthetics he sighed, almost positive that yesterday had been a dream. He couldn’t have seen a real angel. The blood loss must’ve been making him hallucinate or something.

Six months later they allowed him to leave the hospital.

He stood outside the hospital doors looking at a note he’d gotten that morning.

Meet me by the elm tree in the field north of town.

He shrugged and decided to. Things couldn’t get any weirder than thinking he’d seen an angel on the battlefield when he was wounded. He walked to the northern exit of the town and then towards the field. Once in the field he didn’t have to look far for where he was supposed to go.

Under the elm tree sat a young girl around seventeen or eighteen. She had sandy hair and wore a long dress, deep blue in color. As he got closer he could see that she had pale eyes, unusual for a human. He sat by her and she smiled at him.

“It wasn’t a dream…” she said.


“It wasn’t a dream. I figure by now you think it’s too farfetched for you to have really seen an angel out there on the battlefield. Well, it wasn’t a dream.”

He looked extraordinarily confused and asked her how she’d know about him thinking he’d seen an angel on the battlefield.

She smiled and said, “Because…that was me you saw. I’m an angel.”

He blinked, unsure if he should believe her or not. He couldn’t think of a reply. ‘She has to be mental…’ he thought.

She chuckled. “I’m not mental.”

This was too much for him. He held his head and shook it. “You’ve got to be kidding me…”

“Tenshu said that I could sacrifice my wings to give you more life. I debated that, but I decided to take you to the hospital. Normally humans can’t see angels. You’re the only exception it seems. So, I set you on the doorstep and knocked and she came to the door and saw you and helped take care of you. Now here you are, and I’m still an angel. I talked to Tenshu about it and he gave in and said I could continue watching you on Scathe like I am now.”

He stared at her, stunned, for a moment and then said, “Ok, if you’re an angel, where are your wings?”

“Notice I’m not against the tree like you are. They’re there. You can feel them, just can’t see them. Go ahead.”

He reached out into the air and felt his fingertips brush against something soft and feathery, yet he couldn’t see them. “Oh…my…God…”

“Believe me…?”

He nodded, shocked. “I saw you…on the battlefield…and…in my room when I was younger. You’re… Shiraha.”

“Yes. Just call me Shi, ok Tai?”

He smiled and felt his face grow warm, and he lowered his head and looked at the ground. “I’m…glad it wasn’t a dream, Shi…”


He nodded. She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder. She was happy now. She had finally found her place and her lover, and he was safe just like he needed to be.

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It is an original story. It is a one-shot. I have, however, written Tai's side of the story which I'll have posted in a second thread.