Hey all, I was bored in school the other day and wrote this up. Please note, this is straight off my paper and my internet sucks, so their can be grammer errors. :P


I ran, running from the unkown. I knew if i stopped, nobody would ever know what happened. I myself didn't even know what was happening. The trees raced by me as I ran, slowly becoming a blur I couldn't even make out simple shapes. I kept running, running through this seemingly endless forest. Daring to look back, I saw the slow moving black...thing getting farther and farther back. It devoured everything in it's path, growing as it went.

I tripped, falling on the ground. Rolling, I stopped when I hit a log. The log lay there like a brick wall, stopping anything inside from escaping.

That's when I heard the footsteps. I wanted to scream, wanted to warn whoever was coming that death would be coming shortly if they came to me. Fer of this thing kept me from opening my mouth. The footsteps grew louder as the figure came closer. I peered over the log and I saw him...

The man who started this. The man who wanted to kill me. "So this is how it end?" He asked me, smiling like a wildman. I wantd to jump up and take him right then and there, but I knew I couldn't. I would have to wait, I slowly formed a plan in the back of my mind. His eyes shined in anticipation, but i knew this wasn't the end, not for me atleast.

In his eyes the dark thing reflected, I could see it well now, as it drew closer as we spoke. It was only 20 feet away, I just had to stall now.

"Y-you'll never g-get away with th-this," I fake muttered, hoping to play him on.

15 feet....

"Too late hotshot, I already have. I will have my creature finish you off once and for all, right here at this very spot," he said.

10 feet....

"You see, my creature will only stop when it tastes flesh. You and I are the only two in these woods, so I think you know who'd going to be the one that get's eaten to have to stop it. "

5 feet..

I jumped to my feet, spinning on my heel as I did so. Bringing my right leg up, I kicked him in the back of the leg. The man fell in pain, and I kicked him again to make sure he stayed. The man looked up at me, worry in his eyes. He realized what was going to happen. I laughed and smiled as the creature slowly swallowed him, feet first. As it covered his head, the whole thing dissapeared, man and all.

No more darkness, no more terror. I was alone, alone in the woods. I saw the city just ahead of me. I knew it was over, all over...