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    Default Rumble of the Robot Masters ('Nother Megaman fic)

    Sometimes I like to switch the coffee whitener in retirement homes with metamucil.

    Aaaaaaaaaanyway, I think I'll post another ongoing Megaman fic of mine, Rumble of the Robot Masters. Enjoy.


    Rockman yawned. He sat on the living room chair watching yet another soap opera rerun with his sister Roll. The plot on the soap was as boring and repetitive as usual to Rock. To Roll, however, every episode was as emotion packed and thrilling as the last. "That's so sad..." Roll sighed to herself, dabbing at the tears in her eyes watching some boy band wannabe pretty boy tell the Britney Spears idolizer that he has to move to some other country tomorrow.

    "You're right Roll, that is sad..." Rock grumbled.

    "Rock! Have you no heart?" Roll gasped at Rock's comment.

    "Well, It's kinda' hard to have one once you've watched one episode repeat itself over and over and over again, calling itself a new episode every time," Rock sighed, "and then there's the killer robots always after me."

    "Rock!" Roll sounded disgusted.

    "I mean, the episodes are so predictable it's not predictable that there's gonna' be something new!" Rockman defended himself. "I mean, first the poser guy meets the tramp, they go out together, guy cheats on girl, break up, make up, someone has to move or find someone else or die...the same thing every episode."

    "Honestly Rock..." Roll trailed off.

    Just then, Blues ambled into the room. "Hey Rock, what's up bro?" Blues said cheerfully as he walked by the couch and plopped himself down between Rockman and Roll. "Hey sis'," Blues said while playfully ruffling Roll's amber blonde hair, "What's on?"

    "Another one of her soaps," Rockman said gloomily, "she forced me to watch it with her."

    "Again?" Blues chuckled. "I tell ya' though, it sure beats fighting robots bent on world domination scrapping everything in sight. You above all should know that, Rock," Blues jested, nudging Rockman in the ribs.

    "Get off it, Blues," Rockman snorted with laughter, playfully whacking Blues' shoulder.

    "Boys, I have some bad news for you," the voice of Doctor Light said from behind them. The three androids turned their heads around to look at their creator in the doorway to the living room. Auto was standing behind the Doctor, his arms crossed around his round body.

    "What's up, Doc?" Blues said, a worried tone playing on his voice.

    "Boys, I know how much you like that television," Light sighed, making his way to the couch where they sat, "but I'm afraid we can't afford the seven- thousand channel satellite dish anymore."

    "What?" Rockman couldn't believe his audio receptors.

    "Well boys," said Light, "recently public interest in my profession has, well, declined," Light said cautiously. "Our funding has been significantly cut short."

    "Oh well," Blues hummed, "at least I can keep my stereo."

    "What for, Doctor Light?" Rockman asked inquisitively.

    "Well, people simply don't believe that robotics is the field of the future, Rock." Light sighed. "And at this rate, and at our current budget with cutbacks and all, my work will go under in about three months or so."

    Roll gasped. "That can't happen!" she squealed, "You're Doctor Light! The smartest guy in the world! No one could doubt you! No one!"

    "I'm afraid it can, Roll," Light sagged, "I'm afraid it can."

    "There's gotta' be something we can do! Something that will get people back into robotics!"



    Roll found herself unable to continue.

    "Wait!" Rockman gleamed jumping to his feet, "I've got it!"

    "Got what?" Blues asked.

    "I've got an idea that will get almost everyone back into robotics!" Rock exclaimed.

    "What is it?" Light asked his robot.

    "We'll- umm," Rockman trailed off. Soon, he was looking at Roll. "Roll, could you come with me for a second?" Rockman asked his sister as politely as he could.

    "Umm, okay..." Roll murmured as she got to her feet.

    After they brushed by Auto in the doorway, Rockman led Roll to the adjacent kitchen. "Listen, Roll, we both want Doctor Light to keep his job, right?" Rockman asked his sister. Roll nodded once.

    "So?" she asked.

    "Doctor Light is famous mainly because he built me as a fighting machine to keep Wily at bay," Rockman said. "So, I guess that means that most people are interested in robotics because of robot battles," Rockman reasoned, "does that sound right to you?"

    "Yeah, I guess so." Roll shrugged. "So what's your great idea?"

    "My idea is that we get all of Wily's and Doctor Cossack's misfit robots from the Robot Museum, reprogram them, and hold a tournament!" Rockman explained.

    "That's crazy!" Roll blurted out, "No one would want to see that! Remember what happened last time an idea like that was made? Wily stole all the robots for himself and tried to dominate the world with them!"

    "Wily's in hiding now, remember?" Rockman reminded his sister, "I don't think he'll give us any trouble."

    "Okay, so let me get this straight: you want to get all of the rouge robots from the Museum, right?" Roll asked his brother calmly. Rockman nodded.

    "And then you want to hold some kind of tournament, where people pay to get in to see a pile of robots beat the circuitry out of each other?"

    "You got it." Rockman smiled.

    "What an absurd idea!" Roll exclaimed. "What if the robots don't want to fight? Even though they'll have to, they'll be sluggish and won't even try to fight! It'll be a disaster!"

    "Who says they won't want to fight?" Rockman smirked, looking at Roll.

    At first, Roll had no idea what Rockman was getting at. And then, after a few seconds of silence passed between them, Roll caught on. "Oh no. No no no!" Roll pouted.

    "Aw, please?" Rockman pleaded.


    "Please? For me?

    "You heard me, no!"

    "For Doctor Light at least?"

    Roll paused and bit her lip. "Oh, fine," she grumbled.

    "Well then, we'd better start preparing then," Rockman said, completely shifting thought as he walked back into the living room.

    -The Asylum's note

    So, the tournament begins! And just what did Rockman have in mind for Roll's place in all this? What? You think I'll tell ya' now? Ha, dream on. You'll just have to keep reading, won' cha?

    -The Asylum (Chill Man)
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    Default Guts Man vs Ring Man!

    Chapter 1- The Wreckoning

    The fluffy white clouds hung high in the sky, floating around listlessly just like any other day. But this day was different. Today, people from all around the world gathered into the monstrous Monstropilis City Arena of Japan to bear witness to the epic event dubbed "The Wreckoning," an event so infamous the last month or so that it was constantly advertised all around the international commerce centers since it was conceived. Everywhere anyone in the world turned they would be staring at either a poster or a television screen shamelessly blaring the news of the gathering.

    The stadium echoed with the jumbled voices in the seatings chatting amongst them. Suddenly, the large set of lights that illuminated the stadium in a deep indigo glowing abruptly shut off. Instantaneously, the whole crowd silenced with the lights' queue. The stadium was thrown into a pitch-black darkness. Then, a small bright spotlight shone down to the center of the arena. Standing in the light was a small blue robot, known world wide as the Blue Bomber, Rockman. "Ladies and Gentlemen!" Rockman called out to the crowd, "Welcome to the Wreckoning!" The crowd let sound a deafening cheer at the name of the event. "In this seven round tournament, sixty-four of the world's most notorious and feared robots will battle it out to determine the ultimate champion of the robot world!" Rockman continued. "And the undisputed master of metal and mainframes will claim the ultimate prize…" Rockman trailed off, outstretching his arm to one end of the arena as if inviting a guest to join him. Another small spotlight shone its glow down upon the entrance to the field, and a small red dressed blonde haired girl walked out into the center of the ring, accompanying Rockman. "…a one night date with the incredible…" The girl slowly shuffled her feet towards the center of the field. "…the always helpful," The girl was now standing at Rockman's side. "…and the beautiful inside and on the out, Roll!"

    "I'm going to remember this, Rock!" Roll muttered under her breath. Roll swore she would remember; she had a large jar of honey at home with Rock's empty lubricant oil canister's name on it.

    Instantly, the stadium lights turned themselves on once again, flooding the arena with bright white light. Rockman and Roll both made their way to a small booth behind the borders of the ring, joining Blues on the two vacant seats beside him. "Hey everyone, I'm Blues, and I'll be your ringside announcer tonight." Blues spoke into the microphone in his hand. "You all know who I am," Rockman said into a microphone of his own, "I'll also be your announcer."

    "Well now," said Rockman casually, "Let's meet today's two combatants."

    "On the north end of the battle field," Blues announced, "the king of physical strength, Guts Man!" A large black-bodied robot trudged from out of the north end entrance to the field.

    "And hailing from the south end of the field," Rockman proclaimed, "the master of everything round and hollow, Ring Man!" A red and gold android entered the arena through the opposite end of Guts Man, playfully juggling a large golden ring in his hand.

    "Huh huh, I'm gonna' crush ya'," Guts Man guffawed at Ring Man, his lethargic speech processor showing his neuro-circuitry capacity.

    "B-Ring it on, chuckles," Ring Man retorted.

    Auto suddenly jumped into the arena from the front row seats, aimed his hand at the center of the ring, and exclaimed, "Let the match begin, now!" And he hobbled back into his seat.

    The two competitors circled around the field, eyeing each other doggedly while sizing themselves up. Guts man placed his gigantic closed fist into his other humongous hand and cracked his knuckles. He did the vise-a-versa with his other hand as well before sluggishly advancing on Ring Man. Ring Man gripped his ring in his hand tightly, awaiting Guts Man to come within his Ring Boomerang's attack range.

    Ring Man found his moment, and pulled back his arm holding his ring. With a mighty sweep of his arm, Ring Man hurled the Ring Boomerang towards Guts Man. Before Guts Man could even move, the ring met him dead center in his face. If Guts Man had a nose, he would have been kneeling on the ground holding his nose in agony. Instead he knelt on the ground holding his face in his hands in agony. The ring projectile bounced off Guts Man's face and sailed back to Ring Man, who caught it effortlessly in his hand.

    Within instants, Ring Man was rushing towards Guts Man with Ring Boomerang in hand. Ring Man raised his hand again ready to let Guts Man have it at point-blank range, when Guts Man raised his massive body, letting his height and girth tower over Ring Man, making him look like a scrawny sinew-cable. Ring Man barely had time to blink before Guts Man's massive fist introduced itself to Ring Man's face with inexcusable rudeness.

    Ring Man found himself wandering about the ring in a dizzy haze, barely able to see straight out of his damaged visual receptors. "Ouch…thhhat reallly herrrrt…" Ring Man babbled, rubbing his unhinged jaw from underneath his metal mask.

    "Huh, that was fun!" Guts Man bellowed, flexing his hydraulics-powered muscle cables.

    Suddenly, Ring Man whirled around and threw another Ring Boomerang at his foe. Guts Man, now expecting the speeding projectile from Ring Man, raised his hand and caught the rushing ring. "Oooh, nice bracelet," Guts Man snorted, sliding the ring onto his forearm.

    "Gimme back my ring, you freak!" roared Ring Man.

    "It's mine now!" Guts Man shot back. "Come get it!"

    Ring Man rushed at Guts Man, ignoring his better common sense. Guts Man only held up his hand and stopped Ring Man's charge by blocking him by his face, "Give it back!" Ring Man demanded, swinging punches violently that sailed through the air harmlessly, his outranged attacks kept at bay by Guts Man's burly arm while his face still lay buried in Guts Man's monstrous palm. With one thoughtless movement, Guts Man effortlessly closed his hand containing Ring Man's face shut. Ring Man yelped as his pain receptors sent loads of its received information to his cerebral CPU. And with another effortless motion, Guts Man tossed away Ring Man to the far end of the ring as if he were some pathetic child's toy.

    "Haw haw!" snorted Guts Man, "I still gots yer ring!" he taunted. Ring Man then put his hand behind his back, and pulled out the ring that Guts Man had taken for a bracelet.

    "Hey! You stole my ring!" Guts Man whined.

    "It's my ring, idiot!" Ring Man shouted back at Guts Man.

    Guts Man then turned to his side, and grasped a nearby spotlight stand pole beside him with his massive hands. With a grunt of effort and a huge burst of raw power, Guts Man plucked the huge pole out of the stadium floor as if he were pulling a twenty-foot metal weed. Raising the pole high above his head, Guts Man flung down the lights and stand at Ring Man. Ring Man avoided the assault with ease, simply side-stepping to his right, letting the spotlights crash harmlessly beside him. "Ha ha, you missed!" Ring Man taunted. Ring Man's laughter was cut abruptly short when Guts Man promptly picked up the large pole again and smashed it into Ring Man's side, sprawling the ringed robot on his back on the ground. Raising the large spotlight stand again, Guts Man threw down the lights on Ring Man, crushing the poor robot's CPU offline.

    "Duh huh huh, I won!" Guts Man cheered, leaving Ring Man's flattened body twitching underneath the crushed spotlight stand.

    "And our first battle winner is Guts Man!" Blues announced to the crowd, generating a deafening response cheer.

    The Asylum's Note:
    Next up: Knight Man Versus Napalm Man!
    -The Asylum (Chill Man)

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    "Whoa ho!" Blues mused, holding a large wad of money bills in his hand, "Seven thousand eight hundred, seven thousand nine hundred- Holy- eight thousand!"

    "And that's just your stack!" Rockman beamed from the other side of the living room where he, Blues, Roll, Auto and Light sat, "I've got over eleven thousand in my stack!"

    "And so altogether," Light murmured, awestruck at their profits while punching digits into his calculator, "that makes… fifty-eight thousand, nine hundred and twenty-seven dollars!"

    "Now the Doc's business is saved for sure!" Auto exclaimed cheerfully, bearing a large mess of bills in his gripper hand.

    "Not yet boys," Light sighed, "We're still at least a billion left in debt, and then there's the other expenses we have to pay for…" Light trailed off gloomily.

    "Oh well," Roll sighed, "maybe the second time around tonight we'll make even more than last night." Roll shivered when she remembered Ring Man getting flattened to a pancake.

    The stadium tonight was no more different than last night's turnout, except there were at least seven hundred more people watching the event this time. "Dude, I hear Knight Man was one of the stolen robots from the Robot Olympics," one fan said to another in the stands.

    "Yeah, but Napalm Man- I hear he uses some pretty mean bombs in battle," replied the other.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen!" Rockman spoke from the center of the ring with his microphone. The crowd's attention instantly focused on the Blue Bomber. "Tonight's metal-mashing match will be between two competitors of vastly different styles. On the north end of the field comes the expert of massive demolition, Napalm Man!" A purple robot with tank treads for feet, wielding two pointy appendages for hands drove out onto the field. "And from the south end of the field, his creator's identity is still unknown, but that doesn't stop him from dominating in close range combat, Knight Man!" The heavy jingle of clanging chains could be heard echoing over the stadium as a blue robot made his was onto the opposite end of the ring from Napalm Man. He held a shining gold trimmed shield in one hand, and sported a large mourning star ball mounted on a chain in place of his other hand. Rockman quickly dashed back to his announcer's table along with his brother and sister.

    Auto, again leaping from over the arena walls, dashed into the center of the ring, and exclaimed, "I am the referee! The first robot to destroy the other wins! Begin battle!" And with that, Auto rushed back to the walls, vaulted himself over, and dissolved into the crowd.

    "C'mon now, metalhead," Napalm Man taunted his foe, "be good and sit still so I can blast ya'."

    "I shall soon prove to thou thy emptiness of thy idle threats," Knight Man shot back at his opponent.

    Without wasting any time, Napalm Man aimed his hand appendage at Knight Man. With a blast of smoke and flame, the orange appendage was sent hurling at Knight Man. Knight Man raised his shield, letting the Napalm Bomb bounce off it harmlessly. Knight Man quickly raised his leg and kicked the explosive back at Napalm Man. However, the Napalm Bomb exploded in midair, sending a hail of shrapnel and fire down upon the two robots.

    When Napalm Man lowered his arms that were shielding his eyes from the bomb, he found Knight Man standing at this toes. Raising his attack arm, Knight Man swung his Knight Chain at Napalm Man, Napalm Man barely finding time to jump out of harm's way. Before Napalm Man could launch a counterattack, Knight Man had already raised his mourning star again, and let it sail through the air, smacking Napalm Man on his head.

    "Ouch! Jesus, that had to hurt!" Blues exclaimed after watching the fist blood victory, "Right on his head!"

    "I tell ya' Blues," Rockman commented, "Knight Man may be a pushover when you've got a bomb launcher or gun, but when he's right up close to ya', you're good as lost."

    Rockman's words proved true as Knight Man let his Knight Chain crash into Napalm Man's left shoulder. Napalm Man drove backwards, rubbing his damaged limp left arm with his right. Knight Man again moved in for another attack, however Napalm Man quickly pointed his good arm at his advancing aggressor and fired off another Napalm Bomb. The bomb met Knight Man in the gut with such a force behind it that it exploded upon impact sending Knight Man's body flying backwards for seven meters. Knight Man lay flat on his back, a large smoldering hole blown in his torso. Wearily dragging his damaged body back to his feet, Knight Man collapsed to one knee and spat out a thick glob of oil on the ground. "Had enough yet?" Napalm Man jeered.

    "Our duel is far from over," Knight Man snarled back at Napalm Man, wiping away the oil on his helmet and standing up again.

    Napalm Man regenerated another Napalm Bomb from his hollow wrist on his functional arm, and sent it flying towards Knight Man. Knight Man, now expecting the explosive projectile, wound back his left attack arm and struck out at the bomb with his Knight Chain, whacking the explosive high into the sky where it detonated, creating a brilliant explosion in the sky- someone in the crowd shouted "Look Mom! Fireworks!"

    The remnants of the Napalm Bomb came raining down upon the field again in a dazzling show of flames. Napalm Man quickly let his good arm fly in front of his face again, quickly soon after throwing his arm out again and blindly firing a Napalm Bomb in front of him. Another dashing display of pyrotechnics erupted on the ground from the bomb, throwing the rapidly advancing Knight Man off his balance, sending him skidding on his shield sideways. Knight Man wearily got up to his feet, trying to shake the dizziness from his balance gyros. He held his Knight Chain shoulder in agony- and found his striking arm, Knight Chain and all, lying still on the ground a few meters beside him. Napalm Man aimed his arm at Knight Man again. "See ya', sucka'!" Napalm Man hissed, launching another Napalm Bomb at his foe.

    But before the Napalm Bomb could hit Knight Man, Knight Man hunched over and wound his arm holding his shield back across his chest. When the bomb was about to strike a fatal blow upon him, Knight Man wildly flung his remaining arm away from his body, the shield knocking the Napalm Bomb away from him and hurling back at its sender. Napalm Man could barely move in time to stop the speeding projectile from crashing into his search eye mounted on his forehead, and disappearing into his body. "Oh shit!" Napalm Man screeched, furiously whacking his body and search eye with this good arm, desperately trying to knock the bomb out of him. Knight Man crouched down to the ground and hid his body from Napalm Man with his shield.

    The explosion of Napalm Man's body was nothing less than titanic. The ear-shattering blast that came from the detonation of Knight Man's foe sent Knight Man flying backwards, tumbling head over heels seventeen times before he crashed into the arena wall. The whole arena was filled with smoke after the flames had subsided. The giant ventilation fans that hung above the arena turned themselves on and began sucking up all the smoke from the stadium. When the smoke clouds cleared, all that anyone could see of Napalm Man was just his legs and waist, just starting to erupt in a small inferno.

    "And there we have it, folks!" Blues announced to the screaming audience, "Knight Man is tonight's winner!"

    Roll groaned and laid her head down into her crossed arms on the table. "Why did I ever have to agree to date the winner…?"

    The Asylum's note:
    Boom! About time we had a good explosion here, huh?

    -The Asylum (Chill Man)

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    Chapter 4 - Clown Man Versus Flash Man

    "Ladies and gentlemen!"

    Rockman’s call to the audience from his microphone at the center of the arena triggered another silence from the roaring crowd. "It is my pleasure to introduce you to tonight’s combatants! Hailing from the north end of the field, he is the king of gravity, Gravity Man!" Rockman announced, turning to the north entrance of the field. A few motionless moments passed without any Robot Master entering the battle ring. "I said, the king of gravity, Gravity Man!" Rockman announced again, clearing his throat. Still no Gravity Man came to the ring.

    "Okay then," Rockman hummed, slightly embarrassed at the odd turnout, "from the south end of the field, he is master of all cutting blades, Cut Man!' Again, no other android besides Rockman appeared on the field.

    "Wait a sec," Blues burst out into his microphone, "I’ve just been sent a fax from Doctor Cossack- the one who repaired the Robot Masters for their battles." The crowd was deathly silent, anxiously awaiting Blues’ news. "Doctor Cossack regrets to inform you," Blues began reading the fax, "that neither Gravity Man nor Cut Man have any desire to compete in the competition, despite its first-place reward..." Blues trailed off looking at Roll.

    Roll breathed a sigh of relief. "That’s two less creeps I’ll have to date," she hummed to herself.

    'Okay then, on with the next match up then," Rockman declared. Again, the response roar from the crowd was nothing less than ear shattering. "In the north portion of the field, he is the undisputed master of defensive techniques," Rockman announced, instantly hushing the audience, "he is the one! The only! Plant Man!"

    No movement came from the north entrance of the arena. "Son of a..." Rockman muttered in disbelief. "Well, on the south end," Rockman said, addressing the crowd, "based on a famous mythical character, he is the time manipulator Centaur Man!"

    Again, Rockman was left in the center of the field all by himself.

    "Hang on another second!" Blues announced to the crowd, "I’ve gotten another fax from Doc Cossack!' Blues cleared his throat and read the fax aloud into the microphone. "Blues, it seems as though Gravity and Cut Man aren’t the only black sheep with me. Centaur and Plant Man also refuse to fight. I told them that they were robots, and they had to do what I tell them, but they still seem grudgeful of my authority. I cannot get them to fully co-operate, so they have been excluded from the tournament. Yours, Doctor Mikhael Servengeigh Cossack."

    The crowd was turning ugly. Rockman raised his arms above his head to shield himself from the rainstorm of garbage and boos from the revolting audience. Suddenly, Rush galloped onto the field and stood on his two front legs. The crowd silenced almost immediately. Rush then proceeded to walk around the ring on just his forelegs, managing to stay upright and upside down for seven laps around the arena until finally setting back down on his feet. Rush then scampered off back down the north exit of the field. "I owe you one, Rush," Rockman smiled.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, this show if far from over!" Blues announced again, "We introduce the combatants from the next match! From the south end of the field, here comes the lord of silliness and foolery, Clown Man!" From the south entrance of the field, a short robot playfully skipped to Rockman’s side, flailing his monstrously long arms about in the air as he moved. "And from the north end of the field, he is also a master of time manipulation, give it up for Flash Man!" Blues announced. A tall blue robot, bearing a chrome colored plexi-glass dome on his cranium, made his way from the north entrance to Rockman’s other side opposite of Clown Man. Rockman quickly dashed back to his seat at the announcer’s table.

    Again, Auto leapt over the arena wall and ran to the center of the ring and exclaimed, "I declare this a robot battle! Begin!" And with that, Auto scrambled over the arena wall again, disappearing into the crowd again.

    "Maybe we should just call him Mr. Referee," Blues joked, nudging Rockman’s shoulder.

    "Yeah, but for some reason, I just thought of something called Metabots..." Rockman trailed off.

    "Tra-la-la! I’m gonna’ beat you!" Clown Man sung to Flash Man, his heavy lisp glitch in his voice processor showing strong.

    "I’m gonna’ make this quick and painless for you, kid," Flash Man retorted, morphing his left arm into an Arm Cannon.

    Clown Man quickly outstretched his long right arm to Flash Man. With a crackling of thunderclaps, two bolts of electricity shot towards Flash Man, Clown Man’s signature Thunder Claw attack. With amazing agility, Flash Man jumped out of the Thunder Claw’s way and aimed his Arm Cannon at Clown Man. Firing off three plasma shots, Flash Man struck Clown Man in the chest all three times. Clown Man fell on his back, a plume of smoke rising from his damaged body. "That hurt!" Clown Man wailed, bawling like a child.

    "You ain’t seen hurt yet, kid!" Flash Man threatened, recharging his cannon.

    Flash Man aimed his cannon at his adversary again, when Clown Man tossed out his left arm and fired another twin blasts of electricity him. The blasts hit Flash Man dead center, throwing the blue robot to the ground. Flash Man groaned, then wearily got to his knees. Clown Man was standing behind him in a flash, and wrapped his freakishly long arms around him. And with a big breath and a grunt of equal size, Clown Man squeezed his arms together, trapping Flash Man in a bear hug. Flash Man struggled and squirmed to free himself of Clown Man’s crushing grip, but the robot’s massive arms were just too powerful for Flash Man to wrest away. "Ring around the rosy! Pockets full of poesies!" Clown Man cheerfully sung to himself as he began to waltz in circles around the arena, taking Flash Man with him in his dizzying parade in his crushing arms.

    "Leggo’ of me, you little punk!" Flash Man snarled, struggling more violently to free himself. Yet Clown Man hung on to Flash Man like a koala cub clings to her mother, and continued his singsong.

    "Ashes! Ashes! All fall, down!" When Clown Man finished the final verse, he raised Flash Man high above his head, and slammed him down to the ground with a brutal force behind it. "Yay! That was fun!" Clown Man cheered, dancing around the ring.

    Flash Man groaned and groggily rose to his feet. Clown Man had skipped right in front of him and wound back his long arm, and then shot his limb at Flash Man. Suddenly, Flash Man disappeared from sight in one brilliant flash of light. "Hey, where’d you go?" Clown Man cried, looking around for his foe. "Where are you?" Clown Man called out again, taking a few steps forward. The crowd burst out in collective laughter. "What’s so funny?" Clown Man asked aloud innocently. He took a few more steps forward, again generating a laugh from the audience. "Hey, what’s up anyway?" Clown Man asked himself.

    Just then, someone from the front row seats yelled "Dude! He’s right behind you!"

    Clown Man spun around to his back to see Flash Man standing right behind him with a big grin. "Say kid, do you like games?" Flash Man asked.

    "You bet!" Clown Man cheered, completely forgetting that they was supposed to destroy each other at the mention of anything fun.

    "How about, Hide and Go Seek?" Flash Man inquired.

    "Oh boy! One of my favorites!" Clown Man exclaimed, bearing a broad grin.

    "What the hell...?" Rockman mused.

    "Here’s the deal. You count and I’ll hide. Once you count to five, you come look for me. I’ll be in the arena somewhere," Flash Man instructed.

    "What the hell are they doing?" Blues asked, just as confused as his brother.

    "Goody!" Clown Man cheered, quickly covering his eyes. "One, two, three," Clown Man opened up a slit through his laced fingers.

    "No peeking now!" Flash Man said, still standing right in front of Clown Man.

    "Four, five!" Clown Man exclaimed, throwing his hands away from his eyes. "Come out come you wherever you are!"

    Flash Man was nowhere in sight. "Flash Man?" Clown Man asked to no one in particular. Just then, Clown Man felt a tap on his shoulder. Clown Man whirled around to see the barrel of Flash Man’s Arm Cannon aimed right in his face. The blast of the cannon shooting in Clown Man’s head sent echoes rolling all over the stadium. The dismembered head of Clown Man rolled all the way to the other side of the ring, leaving his body to collapse lifelessly to the ground.

    "And there’s our winner for tonight!" Rockman announced excitedly to the roaring crowd, "Flash Man!"

    The Asylum’s note:
    OY! Next up: Needle Man Vs. Burst Man!
    -The Asylum (Chill Man)

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    "Dear diary,” Roll murmured to herself as she wrote in her little black heart-embroidered book, “Again I have to see which one of these worn-down creeps I'll have to go out with. If it wasn't for Doctor Light's business going under, I'd have told Rock to screw off!” Roll sighed, and stared out the window of her room. “Well, thank God I don't have to date Clown Man. His idea of a date would probably be a game of tag,” Roll muttered to herself while writing, “And Napalm Man, ugh, no way at all. Guts Man… he's just too dumb for my tastes.”

    A sudden knocking at Roll's door made her quickly slide her diary and pen into her desk drawer. “Hey Roll!” the voice of Blues called through her door, “there's a package here for ya'!”

    Roll opened her door to see Blues holding a large cardboard box, wrapped shut with ordinary scotch tape and string. “Who's it from?” Roll asked, taking the parcel from Blues.

    “Huh, beats me,” Blues said, “but if ya' look at the tag, it seems like somebody likes ya'.”

    Roll hurriedly flew her hand up to the top of the package and held the address tag, which was neatly tied to the parcel with string. The tag read:

    To: Roll LightFrom: The `Bot who'll win the tournament for sure!

    And below the writing, there was a neat drawing of a heart, sloppily colored in red with pencil crayon.

    “I didn't even think those guys were smart enough to write…” Roll said to herself, “Thanks Blues.” She said as she closed the door to her room.

    Taking a pair of scissors from her desk drawer, Roll hastily opened up the package. Setting the scissors aside on her desk, Roll opened up the package and took out what was inside. In her hand she held a perfectly shaped stuffed doll of herself. Roll hastily took another look at the tag of the package. The addressee was herself, but there was still no indication of who had sent her the parcel. It wasn't until Roll actually set the doll down by her pillow in her bed, beside the other numerous plush wildlife, that she noticed something pinned to the back of her miniature replica. It was a leaf, a bright green leaf that anyone could find dangling on just about any tree. “These robots really are crazy,” she muttered to herself as she tucked her soft duplicate under the bed covers.

    The stadium again was packed to the limits like the previous nights. And once again, the crowd was as loud and noisy as ever. “Those stupid bloody robots,” Rockman fumed at his announcer table alongside Blues and Roll, “if I ever get a hold on one of those four robots who stood me up last night, I swear I'll kick their asses twice as hard as I did them last time…” Rockman mumbled.

    “Oh well,” Blues chuckled, “at least we know tonight's guys'll show up.”

    Rockman sighed and walked to the center of the ring, microphone in hand. “Ladies and gentlemen!” he called, “may I introduce tonight's competitors! On the north end of the field, he is the bubble blowing demolition expert, Burst Man!” A large blocky purple robot trudged onto the field on Rockman's queue. “And, on the south end of the field, he is the sharp shooting master of pinpoint accuracy with pinpoints, Needle Man!” A short bulky blue robot with a crown of three spikes lacing his cranium marched onto the field.

    Oddly, the arena was silent. That was until a spotlight shone onto the top rows of seats in the audience, shining straight on Auto. “I declare this a Robot Battle! Begin!”

    “Huh, I am thinking of something called Medabots now…” Blues mumbled.

    “You say you're tough. C'mon then, let see how much,” Needle Man taunted.

    “Let's see how much you laugh when I blow you sky high,” Burst Man retorted.

    A small ring produced itself from the top of Burst Man's head, and a large bubble was born from that ring, floating gently to Needle Man, carrying a large bomb inside it. Needle Man transformed his left arm into a Needle Cannon, and produced a single small sharp spike. Needle Man simply jabbed the bubble with his spike, popping it on impact. The bomb dropped to the ground, ticking away harmlessly. Needle Man raided his foot, and kicked the bomb away behind him. “Stupid duds,” Burst Man growled to himself.

    Before Burst Man could even move, Needle Man had leapt right in front of him and shoved his Needle Cannon barrel right to his chest. And with a short burst of energy, Burst Man soon felt Needle Man's weapon blasting holes through his body. Burst Man, now reeling in immeasurable pain screaming from his touch receptors, found himself flat against the arena wall. “Ouch,” groaned Burst Man, holding his large multiple wounds bleeding heavily.

    Within instants, Needle Man has jumped right in front of Burst Man. Lowering his spike-topped head, Needle Man chuckled “You water-bots were always so hollow.” And with that, Needle Man's spiked top head launched towards Burst Man, his Spikepole Headbutt ramming through Burst Man's body. Burst Man gagged and his body sagged limp, pinned to the wall by only the pole that connected Needle Man to the rest of his head. Needle Man retracted his cranium, leaving Burst Man to flop to the floor lifelessly.

    “Eeeeewww!” Roll grimaced, burying her face in her hands.

    “Whoo Hooo!” Blues cheered, rooting his fists in the air in applause.

    “And there's our winner,” Rockman announced to the screaming crowd as Needle Man began plucking off Burst Man's inside mechanics from his spiked crown, “Needle Man!”

    The Asylum's note:

    Whoa! Gory violence for the whole family! Burst Man didn;t stand a chance...

    -The Asylum (Chill Man)

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    Chapter 5- Hocus Pocus Tire Burnus

    The lab phone mounted on the wall of the development room rang. Within instants, Blues plucked the receiver from the mount and spoke. “Y'llo?”

    “Ah, Blues!” a familiar voice said from the other end of the slightly static line.

    “Yo! Whuzzap, Doc Coss?” Blues said.

    “Is Doctor Light there?” Cossack asked.

    “Yeah! Just a sec',” Blues said. Covering the mouthpiece with his large hand, Blues turned his head around and called “Yo! Doc Light! Cossack's on the phone for ya'!”

    Doctor Light ambled into the room and took the receiver from Blues. “Hello? … Oh, hello Doctor Cossack- yes, yes-” Blues stood there, watching his co-creator talk. “Why yes, we can- excellent! Goodbye.” Doctor Light hung up the receiver back onto its mount.

    “What was that?” Blues asked inquisitively, just as Rockman and Roll entered the room.

    “Cossack just told me that those other four robots, Cut Man, Plant Man, Gravity Man and… who was that other one…?”

    “Centaur Man,” Rockman chimed in.

    “…and Centaur Man, the ones who didn't want to fight in the tournament, have had a little, err, dispute,” Doctor Light said.

    “Huh. So?” Blues asked.

    “Cossack told me that recently, they were having a little argument between the four of them, arguing who was the best of the four.”


    “So Cossack asked me if I could hold a `Mini-tournament' inside the real one, featuring those four robots.”

    “Sounds cool. When's it start?”

    “Well, Cossack says that those four are much too busy bickering between themselves to actually fight… so he's going to keep me posted. Until then, he's having them do various chores with him.”

    Rockman chuckled at the thought of Kalinka getting free pony-back rides from Centaur Man.


    “Hello again, everyone!” Rockman called to the crowd that had gathered to view The Wreckoning. One again, the crowd let loose a mighty ear blasting cheer of applause. The Blue Bomber walked to the center of the ring, accompanied only by a lone spotlight. “In the north end of the field, here comes the fuel-guzzling, gauge pumpin', tire burning speed demon, Turbo Man!” A sudden loud squealing of spinning tires filled the arena air accompanied by the heavy revving of an engine of some sort, and a cloud of thick smoke billowed onto the field. Then, a large blurry vehicle drove out onto the field right beside Rockman. When the smoke cleared, there was a sleek green hot rod parked beside Rockman. “Oh, ladies and gentlemen,” Rockman spoke into his microphone, “Turbo Man is also a Robot Master in disguise!”

    As soon as Rockman said this, the front of the racecar spit in half down the middle, the exposed running engine tucked away neatly into a folding compartment of the body of the hot rod, and a pair of arms found themselves attached to the rear tires of the car as it tipped itself up onto its front end, which folded forwards and the halves became even more distinct from each other, looking like a crude pair of legs. A head with a black shaded visor propped itself up on top of the metal android's body, sporting a fancy checkered-flag stripe on it's forehead. “Yo Rock.” The robot said, his figure towering over Rockman's head by about a foot and a half.

    “Show off,” Roll grumbled.

    “And from the south end,” Rockman continued, “he is the wizard of Oz, although there is no Oz, but you get the idea! Magic Man!”

    A poof of blue smoke erupted from the other side of Rockman, and a tall slender figure stepped from the cloud. The robot wore a tall shining top hat with an oversized red bow, and playfully twirled a long cane in his large white-gloved hand.

    “Roll,” Magic Man said, pointing the shining red ruby on the handle of his cane at the female robot, “you like rabbits, don't you?”

    “Umm…yeah…” Roll murmured.

    Magic Man only nodded, and jabbed off his top hat with the leg of his cane, catching it with his other hand. Opening his other hand, Magic Man's cane began to hover in mid air, as if he was still holding it. With his hand now free, Magic Man reached into the brim of his hat, and plunged his arm down to the elbow into it. When he took it out, he held a large thick-coated albino rabbit by the scruff of the neck. Setting it down gently, Magic Man tapped the little bunny on her rear, just enough to get the little ball of fur hopping towards Roll. Roll gingerly picked the rabbit up and held her in her arms. Magic Man snatched his can back from whatever was holding it still in the air, and flipped his top hat back upon his shining bald cranium.

    “They're both show offs…” Roll sighed, sitting back down in her seat and rubbing behind the rabbit's ears as Rockman ambled back to his announcer seat beside Roll.

    Suddenly, Auto's voice blared over the speakerphones in the stadium announcing, “This is a Robot battle! Begin!”

    “Stop ripping off Medabots man!” A voice shouted from the crowd.

    Turbo Man and Magic Man faced each other, staring the other down with locked eyes. Magic Man twirled his cane in his hand again, and then pointed the end at Turbo Man. “You're going down, Hotshot,” Magic Man taunted.

    “It'sTurboTime!” Turbo Man announced in a fast and loud enthusiastic voice, striking a bizarre pose. “Andyou'regonna'betheonewho'sgoin'downsucka'!” Turbo Man retorted, pointing his finger at Magic Man.

    Turbo Man converted himself back into his hot rod form and revved his engine. And with a loud squealing of his rear tires, Turbo Man thrust himself at Magic Man. Magic Man only hummed casually, and lazily sidestepped out of Turbo Man's path, letting Turbo Man zoom past Magic Man harmlessly. Sensing his failure, Turbo Man hit his brakes sharply, creating another ear blasting squeal, he spun around backwards and charged again. This time Magic Man leapt into the air, allowing Turbo man to zoom under him. Magic Man then pointed the handle of his cane towards the speeding Turbo Man, and a large bolt of lightning shot from it headed straight for Turbo Man.

    Turbo Man reverted back into his humanoid mode just in time to have the thunderbolt hit him dead center in the chest. Turbo Man was knocked down on his back by the blast, the thunder leaving a smoking black burn on his chest. Magic Man landed skillfully on his feet, and twirled his cane again. “Had enough yet?” Magic Man jeered. Turbo Man then raised his feet in the air, and flipped himself up onto his feet.

    “Bringiton!” Turbo Man challenged whilst striking another odd pose, making a hand motion at Magic Man that said, “Come and get it!”

    Then Turbo Man shot out his left arm, and a blazing wheel of flames shot from it with amazing velocity, aimed at Magic Man. Magic Man barely had time to dodge the fiery assault, the Scorch Wheel blazed over his head by a few centimeters. “Hah, you missed,” Magic Man taunted.

    “Lookagainsucka'!” Turbo Man snickered.

    It wasn't until Magic Man's odor receptors picked up the scent of burning leather that he realized “Ack! My hat's on fire!”

    Turbo Man laughed aloud as he watched Magic Man run around the ring, frantically whapping his head trying to quell the inferno above his forehead. Magic Man finally took off his hat, slammed it to the ground, and stomped on it with his foot and cane to put the fire out.

    When the fire was finally put to rest, Magic Man set his cane aloft in the air once more and wiped his brow with his hand. Magic Man went to grasp his cane from the air again, only to find that is was now present in the clutches of Turbo Man. “My cane!” Magic Man wailed, pointing an accusing finger at Turbo Man.

    “Youwantyourcanebackhuh?” Turbo Man snorted, “comeonandgetitthen!”

    And with that, Turbo Man converted his body back into his hot rod mode, tucking away Magic Man's cane into one of his many compartments in his metal body. Revving his engine and letting his tires scream, Turbo Man shot off to the other side of the arena. “Hey!” Magic Man called out to Turbo Man, “You look pretty damn tough from all the way over there!” he taunted, “why don't you come over here and fight like a man?”

    “Whateveryouwant!” Turbo Man replied, racing towards Magic Man. Magic Man stood in his spot, totally calm as if completely oblivious to the notion that Turbo Man was going to ram him at top-notch speed. And he did with such impact that Magic Man was knocked high into the air and crashed down to the ground.

    Just as Turbo Man had transformed into his upright android mode, stolen cane in hand, Magic Man had formed yet another glowing blue square in his hand, opposite to the hand that was connected to his other arm which hung limp and nearly disabled, and tossed it at Turbo Man.

    The glowing blue Magic Card flew through the air with amazing speed, so fast that even Turbo Man could not rush out of its path. The card hit Turbo Man on his belly, but strangely it left no more than a tiny paint scratch. “Whatthehellwasthat?” Turbo Man asked, poking his little blemish.

    Suddenly, Turbo Man felt less energetic. He even yawned when he realized that that Magic Card had sapped directly into his power core and took out a portion of his battery energy. Even stranger, Magic Man's nonfunctional arm was magically fully operational once more. “Whuh… what happened…?” Turbo Man droned, yawning once more as his speeding voice slowed down a considerable amount.

    “I'll be taking that,” Magic Man hummed casually, strolling over to Turbo Man and snatching his cane. Turbo Man simply snatched the cane back. “Give me that!” Magic Man snarled, tugging on his cane.

    “Biteme!” Turbo Man snarled back, pulling back on the cane with his voice beginning to speed up once more.

    The two continued wresting each other in their tug-of-war until Magic Man's grip slipped off the cane, sending the weird robot to the ground on his backside. “Heyyouwantyourcane?” Turbo Man asked, now feeling more invigorated having recovered form the Magic Card, “Thentakeit!”

    Magic Man got to his feet just in time to have Turbo Man drive his cane straight through Magic Man's torso just underneath his bow tie, the cane fully impaling the magician. “And…that's my…. Final act…” Magic Man groaned as he collapsed to the ground.

    “Our winner is Turbo Man!” Rockman announced to the screaming crowd.

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    Chapter 6- Blizzard Man VS Ice Man

    "Ladies and gentlemen!"

    Once again, Rockman's call to the audience generated a deafening cheer. "In the north end of the field, he is the first of his kind, the master of ice, Ice Man!" A small stocky robot dressed in a fluffy blue parka made his way to the center of the field. "And in the south end, he would make professional Swedish skier look like an amateur, Blizzard Man!" A rotund white robot sporting ski poles pushed his way onto the field mounted on a pair of skis. Rockman hobbled back to his announcer seat beside Roll and Blues.

    The arena was oddly silent. "Hold on, ladies and gents," Blues said,
    breaking the silence, "I've been handed a note from Auto. It says that he can't make it to the tournament, so he says to you all: 'I declare this robot battle! Begin!' Sheesh, what an oddball..."

    Blizzard Man pointed one of his ski poles at Ice Man and said, "You're goin' down."

    "Sure, whatever, ski freak," Ice Man retorted.

    Ice Man put both of his hands together, and them spread them apart, holding large slab of ice in one hand. "Here, Blizzard boy, catch!" Ice Man threw the frozen shard towards Blizzard Man. Blizzard Man barely had time todge the Ice Slasher, just managing to raise his arm as the slab of ice zoomed by him. Blizzard Man looked at what remained of one of his ski poles- it was sliced smoothly clean in two.

    Just then, Blizzard Man raised his arms. He stood there spread-eagle and shouted, "let there be ice!"

    Suddenly, the air in the open-roof stadium became frightfully chilly. Black storm clouds formed in what was once a clear blue sky, thunder and lightning echoed and flashed everywhere. And with a sudden blast of bitterly cold wind, the floor of the arena was coated in a thick layer of ice and snow.

    With his one remaining ski pole, Blizzard Man launched himself at Ice Man, his smooth skis sliding along the slippery surface with amazing speed. Ice Man barely had time to blink before Blizzard Man crashed into him with incredible velocity, sending the plump blue robot skidding backwards and crashing into the arena walls.

    Blizzard Man was ready to unleash another charging assault, when Ice Man formed another slab of ice in his hands and hurled it at Blizzard Man. The Ice Slasher just barely clipped the edge of Blizzard Man's spherical body. "Ouch!" Blizzard Man whinced, holding his cut and bleeding side.

    "I smell slice n' diced Blizzard Man," Blues chuckled, nudging Roll's side.

    Roll only sighed. "Why did I have to do this?"

    "Roll, I thought you were friends with Ice Man," Rockman said innocently. Roll only gave her brother a sharp glare. "Oh right, what happened last month." Rockman trailed off.

    "What? What happened last month?" Blues asked, totally ignoring the two battling robots.

    "Right, you weren't there," Rockman answered, "Doctor Light rebuilt Ice Mance for an Antarctic exploration trip. When Ice Man got back, he 'found' some strange 'plant' on the streets, and..."

    "Oh, I get it," Blues chuckled.

    "And in his stupor, he called Roll a- well, nevermind." Roll gave Rockman another glare. "She doesn't like to be reminded of it though," Rockman whispered to Blues.

    "Hey, was that when-"

    Blues' words were cut short as Blizzard Man's massive body flew backward onto their announcer's table. "Oh yeah, that's right! I want some more of that, you little whale-munching Eskimo!" Blizzard Man snarled, getting back up and charging once more at Ice Man.

    Blizzard Man's speedy assault missed its mark by a few centimeters when Ice Man quickly leapt out of the way of Blizzard Man's attack. Blizzard Man made a sharp turn on his skis, stopping almost instantly creating a clouf ice and snow spraying the audience. Blizzard Man put his two hands together, and then shot them outward from his body. Instantly, four gigantic snowflakes flew from Blizzard Man's body, aimed straight for Ice Man. Ice Man quickly threw himself down to the ground, just barely avoiding his foe's Blizzard Attack. Ice Man patted the back of his blue parka hood, and found a thick patch of ice that was left behind from one of Blizzard Man's snowflakes. "I just had this washed!" Ice Man complained.

    "Anyway," Blues continued, ignoring the two feuding robots, "was when Ice Man also claimed that he was a 'super-robot'?"

    Rockman nodded.

    "And when he said that he could stop a freight train just by standing in front of it?"

    Rockman nodded again, bearing a grim smile.

    "That wasn't pretty," Blues muttered, shaking his head.

    By now, Ice Man and Blizzard Man had beaten the stuffing out of each other. Blizzard Man looked like he had been caught in an avalanche, while Ice Man looked like he had challenged another freight train to a duel.

    "You and me, punk," Blizzard Man breathed weakly, pointing his remaining ski pole at Ice Man, "let's play 'chicken'."

    Ice Man nodded. "Let's dance."

    With that, Blizzard Man took a leaping dash on his skis again, sending himself blazing down the icy field at Ice Man. Ice Man formed another Ice Slasher in his hand and charged towards Blizzard Man as well. The two met with such a bone-shattering smash that everyone in the audience shut theiyes tightly at the sight.

    Suddenly, Blizzard Man's body jolted. Ice Man smirked, and jerked his arm, triggering another jump from Blizzard Man. And with another wild jabbing motion of his arm, Ice Man shoved his arm straight through Blizzard Man's body, the tip of his Ice Slasher poking out of Blizzard Man's back. Ice Man simply swung his arm upward inside Blizzard Man's body, ripping the robot clean in half.

    "I guess that's all for tonight folks," Blues hummed despite the roaring crowd, "Ice Man is tonight's winner!"


    The Asylum's note:

    Ouchies! That had to hurt! Neways, Bright Man VS Metal Man is next.

    -The Asylum (Chill Man)



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