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    So here's a poem I wrote. It's small, it's not the best, but some review would be appreciated. Thank you :)

    Roses and Mushrooms.

    The night is full of brilliant stars,
    You have told me I am among them.
    But am I really there, shining?
    Maybe you’re lying to me.

    You can’t love me,
    But you can, sadly, hate me as much as you want.
    Why’s that possible?
    That poison inside you allows it, my dear.

    Roses are red, but you are not,
    My passion for you is, but you won’t care
    Do you even realize it?
    Those petals should be telling you how much I love you.

    What do you hind behind that little, green mask?
    I hope it’s your crazy love for me.
    I won’t know it,
    Unless you declare it.

    Those red eyes, what are they telling me?
    I don’t understand,
    I’m addicted to them,
    Yet the mysteries between them are infinite.

    Why did you tell me that I shone?
    Why did you illusion me by flattering me?
    Your Stun Spore got me paralyzed,
    But love and Cheri berries can heal that.

    I’m so confused right now,
    About my true feelings,
    But I’m trying to tell them to shut up,
    Since I just want to love you.

    Even if you’re not interested,
    I’ll love you in secret,
    I have no hands,
    But I’ll find a way
    To write beautiful letters,
    And charm you with my words.

    My courage won’t be enough maybe,
    To confess to you how I feel,
    But my words here,
    Are from heart.
    You can ignore them,
    But as long as you’re reading them,
    I’m happy.

    You’ve got a Poison Point,
    And I’m a Grass Type,
    But stay calm,
    That after everything,
    I have a Poison Heal that helps me out.

    Maybe you weren’t lying after all,
    And I can shine there in the sky,
    But one thing’s needed.
    And you, my dearest Roserade,
    Would make the most horrible Shroomish,
    The happiest one,
    If you told me,
    Soft in the ears I lack,
    “I love you”.
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