She walks down the hallway, the clicking of her shoes against the floor are heard, yet not noticed she comes across a small door made of steel that can only be opened with a special key card. She swipes hers, the door slides open. The room is filled with people all in lab coats, security guards with Mightyena by there side, she glances across the room at a small window that showed the ancient stone, a priceless artifact, in the process of being opened to reveal the core. She slowly walk down the stairs of the balcony where she stood then walked to the window. She stared blankly threw the thick glass when she was suddenly pulled away and was asked "Mam may I ask what you are doing here."
She didn't reply, instead she gave him a smirk and ripped off her lab coat revealing her true self. She's dressed in a tight, flexible, latex outfit. She slams the man to the ground and released her Swampert and Weezing where she commanded them in a quick fashion. "Swampert, Dynamic punch! Weezing, Smoke screen!" The room fills with a black thick smog followed by loud thudding sounds. After it clears everyone's down on the floor unconscious. Pressing on one small button she enters a somewhat large room and heads towards the stone before picking it up she place a usb into a computer taking all vital information on the ancient stone and it's origins. She then proceeds towards the stone and picks it up placing it in her bag. Alarms blare threw out the laboratory, and guards and scientists rush into the room trapping her between them and no escape. She then thinks to her self "Hmm it seems I'm stuck between these clowns and this wall." She the pulls out a small black object out of her bag. Beep, beep, beep , boom! The room is filled with black smoke. After it finally clears they find the woman flying in the sky, and a huge gap in the ceiling. She yells out to the panicking employees "Thanks for the gift tell Norm I say hey!" She disappears in the distance. Footsteps rush into the room followed by a man with spiky yellow hair, wearing a black and red suit yells "What the hell happened!" "A-a-a woman came in and stole the stone, sh-sh-she got away." A security guard says squeamishly."Idiots! Get back to work and clean this mess." "Yes sir!" They all shout in reply. He then races to his office and presses a button which opens a screen. "Sir Norm big trouble, it appears Ebonia broke in and sto-." He was cut off. "Wyriss get back to work I'll handle this." "But Sir!"
"Silence Wyriss I don't want to hear it!" Norm shouts. "Sigh, Yes sir..." Wyriss signs off and heads back to work. As Norm pets his Absol who sits beside him he says under his breathe "Hmm, looks like Ebonia paid us a visit Absol." They both stare at each other then at large screens where they watch there minions clean there mess.