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    Default Rising darkness

    All hope seems lost but even if the blackest darkness Light can still be found if you look hard enough.

    Leave NO comments for I saw this as a way to save my editor the pain of my slow laptop loading word documents.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 1 Embrace the darkness

    Cream looks up at whoever is there and her heart jumps when she sees her father but with the sudden light of a lantern reveals the presence of a true dark and evil being.

    “Y-you’re not my daddy! You’re my daddy’s evil side that manifested itself into its own being! You’re avoN!”

    “Ah such a simple little fool… You still know not the truth of your existence do you… My daughter.”


    Cream shouts in pure shock and disbelief as avoN explains that many years ago he had raped the creature know as an Eevee (her true mother) in an attempt to put Nova under fire when his journey began… That act he had done gave a rare result of a child being born and that child was her Cream who Nova then had taken and called his own daughter when in all truth avoN was her true father. Then avoN says with a devilish grin…

    “For years since that moment in time you have lived in a lie…”

    “No! You lie! This is not-“

    “It is all just a lie and only now can you hear the truth.”

    avoN says as he grabs a hold of Creams wrist and forces her to stand up but Cream struggled against his grip refusing to belief in avoN’s words. She screamed at him to let her go but all her struggling came to an end when he said something that struck her fast and hard.

    “What have you to go to now…?”

    “I…I have nothing to go to now… no family… no home… nothing is left for me…”

    Cream says as avoN grins knowing he had just crushed her spirits and now has gotten closer to her heart as tears stream down creams face which avoN finds a great delight in watching as the child’s tears fall from her face to the ground.

    “Looks like you have no choice but to come with me then… And I’ll be your new family and give you a new home.”

    “No… Without the family I’ve known for so long I’d rather die…”

    Cream says and frees herself from avoN’s grasp and starts to head for where the creature had been and the deaths of everyone she had known had been but again she stops when avoN says something.

    “Well that’s too bad… When I told Luna I’d bring you back with me she begged me to do so.”


    “Yes… Luna the one you have grown to trust like a mother… I was able to rescue her before she died since a talented medic like her is hard to find…”

    Cream turns around and goes back over to avoN somehow feeling like she could trust those words he just spoke. avoN gives a devilish grin as he grabs her and all goes black… Time passes and Cream starts to hear voices…

    “Cream?! A-avoN you were honest about going to find her?!”

    “Of course miss Luna… After all I would have hated to lose my daughter before I could get custody over her.”

    Creams sight slowly comes back as she finds herself in a dim lit room of avoN’s house but other than that the first thing she sees is the Umbreon like woman Luna.


    Cream calls out and runs to hug Luna but realizes Luna is injured when she feels a deep gash on Luna’s side.

    “Luna are you ok?!”

    “I’m really injured Cream but I’ll manage… I really owe my life to avoN.”

    “And I plan to make worth of your life Luna.”

    Luna fakes a smile at avoN’s remark and Cream looks around for at least one other person but her little sister she had grown close to.

    “Is Alla with you?”

    “No Cream… I…I’m sorry but Alla is gone… She’s dead.”


    “She is… What a scene it was.”

    avoN starts to tell what had happened to Alla. The demonic creature demolished Creams home in a single blow of its arm and nearly half the residence were killed being buried beneath the collapsed building, Alla had escaped being crushed by the building but her tail got caught beneath the rubble immobilizing her, the creature reaches for her, Luna rushed to protect her but is knocked aside like a throw pillow.

    “Please avoN don’t continue…”

    Luna starts to plead to avoN to not continue explaining what happened but he ignores her and continues… avoN picks up where he left off by saying, The creature grabbed Alla, lifted her up over its giant maw, and finally dropped her into its mouth and crunched on her young bones.

    “Alla was eaten...”

    Cream says her eyes swelling with tears but her soul swells with anger which avoN can sense and feels a sense of pride from her anger.

    “Ah… A rage just like my own. She is my daughter for sure.”

    “avoN… I…I…I want to kill that creature and get revenge against the creature that killed my Father, my family, and my Sister!”

    Cream yells with a rage in her voice which only makes avoN grin as the true nature of his daughter starts to bloom and undoubtedly turn this seemingly harmless and innocent child into the merciless mercenary of a child that he truly wanted.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 2 Weapon blood pact

    Three days pass and Avon has been making notes on observations of how his daughter Cream behaves and finally reaches a conclusion…

    “She is too weak… She needs to learn how to fight and I’m going to teach her… WHETHER SHE WANTS TO OR NOT!!!”

    Avon then tosses aside his notes and goes to look for Cream who is always hanging around with Luna. This day Luna shares what she had saw during the attack on their home and how most of the girls had died.

    “…so when the house caved in when it was struck most died from being buried while the creature killed the others by tearing them apart or devouring them.”

    “and Nova my step-father had been either crushed or torn apart then…”

    “Or both.”

    Avon says approaching and attempting to join in on the conversation but what he said caused Cream to burst into tears which at first had brought delight to Avon but now simply annoys the hell out of him.

    “QUIT YOUR CRYING! You’re coming with me!”

    “Avon don’t force her!”

    Luna says and tries to get him to ease up but Avon knocks her down and tightens his grip onto Creams tail as she cries out that it hurts. Avon ignores were whining and drags Cream away from Luna as she whines but does not get free of the grasp or dragging.

    “SUCK IT UP ALREADY! Damn that Nova such a goodie-goodie it’s sick how he ruined my daughter’s life making her so sweet.”

    “At least he was there for me when I was a baby!”

    Cream shouts and Avon stops wanting to just beat Cream up for saying that but he moves his rage aside for once and says…

    “Today you are going to get a weapon and start to learn how to fight!!!!”

    “But…but I don’t want to learn how to fight…”

    Cream whines which makes Avon want to punch her so hard right now but he holds himself back and makes a proposition with her that would once again sway her decision.

    “If you train now I will let you go back to your old home and choose someone from your former family and I’ll revive them with my dark abilities.”

    “Like Nova could?”

    “Unfortunately no… I need to have the body and when they are revived they’ll just regain life but all injuries will remain on their body.”

    Avon explains that his dark revival skill is weak for most dark beingings would revive the dead to torture them over and over again so all his will do is re-spark the soul so they are brought back to life but in all the pain they had when they died so they’ll already be on the verge of death again.

    “Isn’t there some way to boost its effect?”

    “There is… The blood of a child.”

    Avon grins and explains that by using a child’s blood in the revival a small portion of the injuries will heal but Cream goes pale over the fact that she’d have to be the child whose blood is used. Cream then suggests that if Luna were to patch up the body a bit before the revival then there could be an increased chance in survival of the revived person.

    “That would work… She can help them come alive with less injury then heal them…”

    “So no need to use a child’s blood then.”

    “Yes… You are a smart girl but… I’ll still need some of your blood.”

    Avon grins as he take a hold of Creams right arm, forces her paw open, and pulls out an extremely old and rusted looking dagger.

    “W-what do you plan on do- AH!!!!”

    Cream screams in pain as Avon uses the rusted dagger to cut her paw, drop the dagger to the floor, then hold her paw over it so her blood drips onto the rusted dagger.

    “W…*sniffle*Why did you do that…?”

    Cream asks as she cries from the pain of the cut she had been given from that rusted dagger that now has her blood dripping upon it long enough to form a small puddle around it.

    “You’re forming the pact with your weapon… It will reveal your true dark nature.”

    Nova says as the rusted dagger in the puddle of blood pulses and starts to radiate with a darkness as the rust slowly starts to fade away until it has taken on unrusted metal form. Avon picks up the newly reformed dagger from the puddle of Creams blood on the ground and inspects it closely.

    “Hmmm… Interesting the dagger has taken on the form of an Assassins Edge…”

    “Assassin?! But aren’t assassins Murderers?!”

    Cream says and shock that her apparent weapon has taken the shape of an assassins tool.

    “Looks like my daughter is destined to be a dark and evil Assassin.”

    Avon says with an almost happy like devilish grin as he puts the dagger into Creams bleeding paw and a sudden sense of darkness starts to enter her through the wound on her paw.

    “W-what’s happening… I feel strange.”

    “Don’t resist the darkness… I am your father and as my daughter you are truly destined to join me in the evil of the darkness.”

    Avon grins maliciously as he watches Cream taking in the power of darkness whether she’s wants it or not…
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 3 Phase 1 Embrace the darkness bit by bit

    For an hour since putting the dagger into Creams paw she has somehow been repelling the darkness keeping it from getting into her body.

    “How can she repel it for so long… It’s not possible for she is far too young… Unless.”

    Avon places his hand onto Creams head so he can see into why she is capable of repelling the darkness from her for so long and not get corrupted. As Avon’s hand is placed onto Creams head he enters the spiritual plane of her soul in order to investigate the source that repels the darkness from Cream.

    “Ok I am starting to see mine and the daggers evil darkness… But why have they stopped traveling toward Creams soul to corrupt it making her very soul as dark as mine?”

    Avon questions as he heads toward the mass of both evil darkness’s that have stopped before they could reach their destined place of corruption with the body of the young child Cream.

    “THE HELL?!”

    Avon yells when he sees a single wolf fighting back the darkness keeping it away from the very heart of Creams soul and the sight of that fills him with a pure unholy rage.

    “That damn mutt! Nova’s animal spirit has gone into cream when he died so it could her safe from being corrupted by the darkness… That damn mutt still challenges me even in his death!”

    Avon snarls as he leaves the spirit realm of Creams soul returning to his body back in the realm of reality.

    “With that damn spirit inside her I will never get her to embrace the darkness against her own will.”

    Avon removes his hand from Creams head and within his own mind he curses that Damn Nova and his Damn wolf animal spirit that is keeping him from turning HIS daughter into a creature as dark as he is. But then he grins as he comes up with a plan he can use to get Cream to willing accept some darkness into her.

    “Cream… If you do not at least take in the darkness of the dagger… I Will Kill Luna! Thus making you have lost all your family!”

    Avon says his threat treating it like a Full House in a game of cards and he could already tell that Cream is weakening and will bend to his order.

    “O-ok… I’ll take in the daggers darkness so I don’t lose Luna.”

    Creams says with some tears as she and the wolf spirit lower their resistance just enough for the Daggers evil darkness to enter into her body.


    Cream screams as the presence of the darkness now within her surges its way through making some inner changes and one visual change as her right eye goes from hazel brown to Crimson red.

    “Ah the dark eye color… Such a good sign that you’ve allowed the darkness in.”

    “M-my body it feels strange… heavier and it’s harder to breath.”

    Cream says as she starts to bend over and breaths heavily all while Avon grins in his evil way.

    “Your body is just trying to adapt to the darkness in it now… The strong sense of darkness given to you from just a dagger.”

    Cream struggles to keep herself up until she is told to let the darkness take its grip on her soul.

    “N-no… My f-father wouldn’t like that…”

    “FORGET THAT WEAK HEARTED FOOL CALLED NOVA! For it is I who am your father!”

    Avon declares and uses a strict and stern tone of voice that terrifies Cream and makes her far more submissive to his orders.

    “O-ok… I won’t fight it and I’ll let it take its hold.”

    “Good girl Cream.”

    Avon grins and pats Cream on the head knowing that he’s beginning to break her so she’ll forget that pathetic fool of light and join her father on the side of Darkness.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 4 Pushing it

    When Creams body has given itself fully to the daggers darkness letting it take grip on her soul she can once again stand and breathe normally.

    “Ok Avon… What now?”

    “YOU FIGHT!”

    Avon shouts giving a whistle as a living shadow takes form to challenge Cream but causes her to hesitate.

    “Th-that looks like my father… I couldn’t fight him…”

    “Then that is a real pity because he doesn’t share the same feelings.”

    Avon says and snaps his fingers causing the shadow to act running fast at Cream then giving her a harsh punch into the gut knocking her back and flat onto her back.

    “Ugh…daddy why…”

    Cream says with a sniffle unable to look past the fact that her opponent is just a shadow taken on the form of her father Nova then cries at that idea of her father attacking her. She can’t even find the action of standing back up against the shadow of her father.

    “Cream you have always been my greatest embarrassment.”

    “But daddy- AH!”

    The shadow speaks using Nova’s own voice to distract Cream by belittling her when she gets up to respond the Shadow rush and kicks her straight into a wall.


    Avon sighs as the shadow vanishes and cream lies on the ground twitching in pain and her body beaten and bruised.

    “You are an embarrassment because you live up to your name and got Creamed!”

    “It wasn’t fair… I couldn’t fight my father.”

    Cream cries as she struggles to push herself up off the ground but Avon kicks her over onto her back.

    “ow…it hurts so much.”

    “You need something if you wish to keep living you little fool.”

    “W-what do I need?”

    Cream asks weakly as Avon grabs her by the throat and lifts her up.

    “Anger! You need your hidden reserves of untapped ANGER!”

    “But daddy sa-“

    As Cream was about to talk about her fake fool of a father Avon began to squeeze her throat until she’d shut up and would listen to him.

    “Cream I am your father! Nova was just a fool who felt pity for you being all alone!”

    “FATHER STOP!!!”

    Cream suddenly shouts and both she and Avon are astonished by her sudden outburst and calling Avon her father.

    “So you finally call me father… and Nova?”

    Avon grins as he puts cream down and lets her go so he can get an answer and accepting her to call him something along the line of fool.

    “Nova was… Nova was… he was… was… was just a person I grew close with while I was growing up because my father left me on own because of his ignorance to the outcome of his actions because back then his only goal was to make the starting out Nova be seen as an untrustworthy traveler.”

    Avon stands there astonished by Cream for stating such a wise thing and he even felt proud of the guilt she actually made him feel guilt for his actions back then which he had never cared originally what would happen.

    “Cream… I can’t believe you but…”

    “But what?”

    Cream says wanting to know what Avon is going to say as she waits.

    “I’m actually proud of you for telling me off like that… Come give your dad a hug.”

    Avon says as he kneels down with his arms out wide and Cream just stares unable to comprehend the impossible change in Avon’s personality.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 5 A growing sense of Pride.

    Cream feels like she take the hug but something seems to be warning her of something as she moved in closer to Avon and just before she take the hug something tells her it’s a trap. {STOP! He’s got a dagger he plans to stab it into your back the second you get in the hug! You must get behind him and plunge your dagger into his throat!} Cream stops and looks at Avon closely while staying just out of his reach.

    “Cream what’s wrong… You can trust me now…”
    “LIE! You’re not the actual Avon! You’re a shadow like that Nova had been!”

    Cream shouts spotting that this Avon had black eyes when the real one has Crimson red eyes so she does as the mysterious voice had said getting behind this imposter and plunging her dagger into their throat and they vanish into darkness.

    “Well done… You’ve listened to the darkness in you and followed it…”

    Avon appears from the shadows clapping for Cream and her natural skills with the darkness within her as her darkness lets her know she can put her dagger away now.

    “Avon… You never actually came into the room with me, The whole time it was a Shadow version of yourself.”
    “You are right. It was all part of the test of you accepting the darkness which you have and I am proud of you Shade.”
    “Shade? Why did you call me that?”

    Cream questions why her father had called her Shade instead of Cream and Avon says…

    “Shade is the name I wanted to give to you ever since I found out that you were born and as I see it since I am your father then I have the right to name you.”
    “As true as that might be… Since Nova had been my care giver for a vastly larger period of time then you were so I shall not relinquish the name that He had given me… And you are lucky enough that I have started to call you my father now.”

    In anger at his daughter disobedience to changing her name to what her father wants it to be Avon acts on impulse and swings his arm to punch Cream in the face but she had opened her mouth as wide as she could so when Avon punch she could then sink her teeth into his fist biting hard enough to taste his blood.

    “DAMN IT!”

    Avon shouts and yanks his fist from Creams mouth which tears the skin on his fist. He then looks at Cream as she licks the blood from her teeth in a dark kind of way almost enjoying the taste a bit.

    “I can’t tell if I should be proud of your change into a disobedient brat or if I should scold you for the disobedience.”
    “Gee thanks.”

    Cream replies in a sarcastic tone of voice which only makes Avon feel that much more proud of her seeing Nova’s little angel turning into his little devil. Avon grins as he leaves Cream alone in the room and Cream says to herself…

    “Nova… I will never fall into the dark like Avon…”

    Cream said as she pulls out a silver colored locket that she kept hidden within her tail. She holds it for a while then opens it looking at a picture of Nova that was inside it, she then gives a little prayer to Nova hoping that now he has found the peace he had been wanting for so long.

    “I’ll never forget you Nova… You were my first and my favorite father.”

    Cream says as she closes the locket and put it back into her tail then head back to the room that Luna had been in. When Cream finds the room she see’s that Luna is bandaging up Avon’s hand that Cream had sunk her teeth into.

    “Cream… It’s surprising that you could have caused this much harm.”

    Luna says as Cream starts to get closer stepping into the dim light of the room just as Luna finishes the bandaging then looks at Cream and is shocked at all her bruises but the second she sees Creams one crimson eye…

    “OH MY GOD CREAM! Your right eye has turned a crimson red?! How?”
    “It’s because I let darkness into my body…”

    Cream says ashamed of herself a bit and Luna finally understands what Nova had meant when he had once told her that darkness can change you but then Avon says in an almost happy tone of voice…

    “I’m feeling so Proud that MY daughter has taken in some darkness and I know that in time she will fully give herself over to the dar-EOW!!!”

    Avon starts to grin but then suddenly wails out in pain when Luna had “accidently” dropped a knife which stuck itself into Avon’s foot.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 6 Planning

    Avon yells at Luna for her klutzy mistake of dropping a knife that stabbed his foot and after he pulled the knife from his foot Avon slugged Luna so hard she fell to the ground.


    Cream shouts in anger at her father for hurting Luna. Avon means to next kick Luna while she is down but Cream takes action and tackles into Avon knocking him over.

    “Leave her alone!”

    Luna looks at Cream a bit surprised at her actions but that did not matter when Avon declared.

    “I can do whatever I want to her!”
    “No you can’t Avon!”

    Cream shouts but then Luna says.

    “he can cream… its part of the deal I made with him so he would spare my life from being taken by that monster…”

    Luna falls silent but Cream looks at her causing guilt to build up in her until she can’t take it any longer and says…

    “I became Avon’s slave.”

    Cream says in shock while Avon grins clearly enjoying the shock that Cream has been given. After a few minutes Avon gives Cream a small device of some sort.

    “What is this?”
    “It’s a return button… You go out to the wreckage that use to be your home to find a body of a member of your old family. Once you have one push the button and you’ll instantly return here.”

    Cream starts to think about whether getting someone back would really be worth it but then realizes if she can bring back someone certain then Avon would have to let Luna free of being his slave. Cream grins as she starts to leave.

    “I’ll be back.”

    Cream says leaving the room and trying to find her way to the front door of Avon’s home. All the while she could hear Luna’s voice letting out a Huge scream then moans and groans which make Cream grind her teeth in anger.

    “He’s raping her. I’m definitely going to try and find someone who can kick his butt.”

    Cream hurries off into the dark world the second she finds the door. Outside the only light that can be found is the light from a blood red moon she recalls Nova once saying makes Demons and monsters grow stronger with its evil light. {DUCK!} Creams darkness suddenly warns Cream to duck which she does just as a Hell Hound pounces at her missing because she ducked. Next thing Cream knew she had just cut its throat before even knowing that she drew her dagger.

    “Whoa… How’d I do that without even being aware of my own actions…? Unless.”

    Cream stands still taking calm, easy breathes to feel it… A pulsation from within her body coming from her darkness which must also being empowered by the red moon.

    “So the Moon is also making my own darkness stronger.”

    Cream doesn’t try to suppress her growing in strength darkness as she lets it dodge then counter the creatures that thrive out in this darkness.

    “Almost there…”

    Cream would tell herself as she ran striking and/or dodging enemies as she ran until she could feel it in her heart that she was almost there and then…


    Cream says in shock seeing it… All the torn apart bodies that had been stripped clean of muscle and meat by predators and the wreck pile that had once been her home.

    “Given that all the unburied bodies have been picked clean. I will only have a chance of finding any intact bodies beneath the rubble.”

    Cream says to herself and starts to dig into the pile of her collapsed home.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 7 A bonus in fighters!

    As Cream digs through the rubble she begins to hear faint voices.


    Cream tries to clear the rubble faster but is not strong enough to work any faster at clearing the stuff away any faster that she can.

    “This is going to take forever… But I can’t give up.”

    Cream tells herself and tries her hardest to clear the rubble faster if at least a little just a little bit faster. As Cream keeps trying to clear away the rubble the voices start to get a bit clearer.

    “Sta…r…Gr…ac…e…yo…ur…put…ting to mu…ch str…ess on you…rselves.”

    From what Cream could hear this time she starts to piece some of that together and realizes…

    “Grace! Star! They are still alive under here apparently!”

    With this being a possible goal Cream finds some extra strength and starts to clear the rubble away a bit more easily and as she works the voices get closer and clearer.

    “You’ve both been keeping the barrier up for days… It’s putting too much stress on you both.”
    “We have to keep this up… We are sure that Nova is still out there and he’s coming to help us out of this mess.”

    Hearing that Cream sheds a small tear learning that they do not know that Nova is not coming back and that he will never be coming back this time. Cream continues to slowly progress with the removal of the rubble until after what might have been an hour she starts to see a yellowish barrier beneath the rubble.

    “Almost there!”

    Cream shouts which make the people who are inside the barrier aware that someone is almost there for them to be freed from the rubble that has them trapped but the remaining rubble is too heavy in weight for Cream to remove on her own.

    “Grace and Star listen to me… Expand the barrier to push aside the remaining rubble so you can get freed!”

    Cream shouts and backs away as the rubble starts to move outward enough for the barrier to drop and reveal not one or two members of Cream’s family but FIVE!

    “Gray! Grace! Star! Jade! Rose!”
    “Cream?! It’s really you!”

    The five girls are overcome with joy of seeing Cream still alive and that members of the family are still alive or at least these six are but the happiness comes to an end when Star asks…

    “Where’s Nova Cream?”

    Cream sheds a tear as she explains to them that Nova had been killed by that creature of pure unholy evil and that he is gone. All five girls shed tears of pain over the loss of someone so special to them until suddenly.

    “Everyone down!”

    Cream shouts as her darkness told her to duck. Everyone ducks down just in time to avoid being clenched in a giant shadow colored fist of a Shadow Golem.

    “We have to run away!”

    Grace and Rose yell but Cream, Star, Jade, and Gray stand up approaching the Golem.

    “Jade catch this!”

    Gray suddenly pulls out of the rubble a bow and quiver of arrows in decent shape from the rubble and tosses them to Jade who catches it and quickly fires an Arrow which score a direct shot blinding the Golem by stabbing into its left eye.

    “Star go now!”

    Gray shouts and Star rushes at the Golem, times a jump; spring up at the Golem and delivers a swift brutal kick square into the Golem’s other eye. The Golem now blinded from an Arrow and a kick falls back making the ground shake beneath them and Gray finding a Claymore in decent conditions from the rubble jumps onto the Golem and impales its neck with the Claymore killing it.

    “This is perfect!”

    Cream excitedly tells herself now that she has the means to make Avon bend to her will now.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 8 Turning the tables.

    After getting these members of Creams family instead of using the device to instantly return to Avon’s home Cream leads the way paying close attention to Gray how is using the claymore as if it were just a butter knife and slicing monsters as easy as cutting warm butter, Star and her swift speed letting her unleash a fierce fury of blows on her target weakening them, then Jade would follow up right after Star using her strong accuracy either blinding or striking the foes in a vital area. She also made note that Rose knew of herbs that can be used to heal some minor injury and Grace well Grace just stayed close not fighting back at all.

    “Wait I forgot I have something to say.”
    “What is it?”

    Cream starts to mention how when she was looking for the front door of Avon’s house she had heard Luna’s voice in a way she believed meant that she was being raped by Avon.

    “If that’s the case then I have a plan.”
    “If you have a plan then Cream, then tell it to us.”

    Cream smiles as she and the others huddle together to listen as Cream began to explain the plan of hers. Meanwhile back at Avon’s house in the room that Avon and Luna are in…

    “*Huff huff* D-damn you Avon…”
    “Oh shut up… You know you liked it.”

    Avon grins putting his pants back on as Luna pants her legs wet with some blood and some sort of white colored liquid and her legs and bottom are sore.

    “Heh… Look at it this way Luna… Now you can’t die a Virgin.”

    Avon says grinning just as Cream entered the room.

    “So you did rape Luna… But you’ll never do anything like that to her again.”
    “What make you so sure about that Cream…? What can you do to stop me?”

    Avon says with a devilish grin as Cream simply replies this and sticks two fingers into her mouth and whistles.

    “Hah! Is that all you have to do.”

    Avon grins but then Cream grins as she simply replies no as an Arrow and a dagger fly past Cream and straight toward Avon.

    “THE HELL!!!”

    Avon shouts but the arrow is suddenly stopped by Star who dashed in and grabbed it in thin air and the dagger suddenly stops frozen in place just inches in front of Avon by Grace and her physic abilities.

    “I’ve got friends to keep you in check now Avon.”
    “Star, Grace, Jade, and Gray… Big deal there.”

    Avon mocks as the four girls go stand beside Cream.

    “You are going to release Luna from your slavery now… or else.”
    “Or else what!”

    Avon shouts and Rose shows herself walking toward Avon which makes him laugh.

    “Rose?! HAHAHA!!!! She can’t fight!”
    “I may not be able to fight but I can do… THIS!”

    Rose shows a paw full of some powder and blows it right into Avon’s face.

    “Is that… AH MY NOSE IS BURNING!”

    Avon shouts as the powder enters his nose and starts to burn like hell.

    “That was the powdered version of a highly bitter revival herb.”
    “So what this still can’t stop me!”

    Avon says but Star quickly knocks him down, Grace keeps him down by paralyzing his body with her physic abilities, and Gray moves into position ready to slice of his head while Jade is ready to let loose an arrow into his heart… Then Cream asks again…

    “Will you release Luna from you slavery.”
    “Ok fine!”
    “And you cannot order any of us around.”
    “NO WAY!”

    Avon yells and Cream puts two fingers into her mouth again and takes a breath to whistle as Gray and Jade ready themselves to strike.

    “OK FINE!”

    Avon yells in anger at the fact he has just got out played by a child who somehow managed to find some allies with special skills.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 9 Changes in ones state of mind.

    “Ok girls you can let him go now.”

    Cream says and Jade and Gray put away their weapons, Grace releases her control over his body, and Rose dumps a bucket of water on his face to wash out the bitter spice from his nose so it no longer burns.

    “This is just perfect Cream… You’re turning darker now.”

    Avon says grinning widely seeing that Creams once glowing silver and white fur have dulled in sheen from her pulling of that hostile attack against him.

    “No… H-he’s right I am falling into the darkness.”

    Cream suddenly says in shock as everyone goes to Cream to try and comfort her as Avon leaves planning to start making dinner.

    “Can it be true…? My fur has grown darker and has lost its glow. IT IS! I’m turning darker like Avon!”

    Cream says and starts to cry but half of her seems to like the corruption of the darkness inside her while the other half wants for her to remain pure of darkness. Grace gives Cream the most helpful of care comforting her greatly until she has finally stopped crying.

    “I-I don’t want to live in this darkness any longer then I have.”

    Cream says not wanting anymore darkness to take hold of her and Grace says that it was that creature that brought with it this darkness and that to defeat it might just dispel it.

    “But even Nova could defeat it… And none of us are even a sixth as strong as he was…”
    “That might be true but we can still train and grow stronger.”

    Jade says which Cream agrees with but their training will weaken their training and for Jade would cost her all of her arrows.

    “True and chances are all the stores have been destroyed by monsters that came with the darkness.”
    “There might not be a single store or item left intact.”
    “BUT!!! There must be other survivors in this apocalypse and if there are they are bound to open shops for other survivors to go to.”

    Even in these times of pure darkness as they talk they think up possible things that still show there is hope left for their world and that they will fight to find and restore its light.

    “You know… I remember something Nova once told me…”

    Rose suddenly says and all eyes fall on her wanting to hear what it was.

    “He told me once… “No matter how dark things may seem there is always some light there and all you have to do is find it.” … he then told me that he was still looking for his light.”

    Everyone mentions that even though Nova always seems to be a happy go lucky character they always saw that he was actually every time just masking his pain from them so they couldn’t see how he truly felt.

    “It’s funny that we only see his true emotional state through things he told us to cheer us up…”
    “Plus we now can really see it after his death.”

    Everyone can’t but see who the real Nova was now that he was dead and gone from them instead of when he was still with them.

    “Can we really call ourselves his family…? Because none of us actually saw how sad he truly was…”

    They all begin to cry and feel horrible for the years they had spent with him and only now can they see just how truly sad and upset he had actually been.

    “So all the good Nova had done to help others must have been a way for him to mask his sorrow for which we never saw until he was gone.”

    They all say and start to feel horrible for not having already knowing of the sorrows of his emotional state of mind.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 10 Have a heart?

    For a couple of hours the girls continue to talk about how Nova would have acted and how his actions would reveal his true emotional state of mind.

    “For years we had lived blind to the true Nova…”
    “We could have tried to help him if we had only known…”

    They continue to spend most of their time together for another hour talking about the things they could have done over the things they should have done.

    “Dinner is ready.”
    “Ok… W-were coming.”

    Avon returned to the room that everyone is in to tell them that dinner is ready. As they all then follow Avon toward the dining room all the while the girls keep talking about Nova except for Grace who seems to be watching Avon who even though he shows anger seems to be masking some type of pain. When they reach the dining room…

    “You all go in and eat… I’ve got to go do something.”

    Cream, Gray, Jade, Rose, and Star go into the dining room but Grace secretly follows Avon into an apparently vacant room.

    “Nova…Nova…Nova… Even in your death I must still endure the suffering of hearing about your deeds…”

    Grace watches Avon all the while keeping herself hidden from view as she sees Avon start to pound his fist to the ground.

    “Why must they speak of you even more in death…? It’s…It’s…It’s not fair…”
    “is he crying?”

    Grace questions as she sees something falling from Avon’s cheek. Avon starts to complain how Nova had always had things go his way while for him everything he had tried would blow up in his face because Nova found a way around it.

    “Everything fails for me… And while you Nova you had happiness all I had was misery! Will you had someone there to help you, I had no one! While you had someone who cared about you and worried for you, I still had no one…”

    Avon actually broke down onto his knees and began to cry which for a being of pure darkness should be impossible but there he was pounding a fist on the ground and crying madly and Grace just watches the whole thing and whispers under her breath Avon’s name feeling sorry for him.”

    “Avon… You poor guy.”
    “What the-?!”

    Grace suddenly went over to Avon and hugged him which had taken him completely by surprise. Avon although at first taken completely by shock turns to face Grace with as serious a face he can make but it loses its strength from the tears that fills his eyes.

    “Wh-what the hell are you doing!”
    “Now Avon don’t try and act like you’re a stone wall... I know you’re upset.”

    Grace says as Avon finds himself unable to speak and a part of him is actually enjoying the hug he is in from Grace.

    “Aww… Poor Avon behind all that rage you’re just a sad little puppy like Nova was.”
    “Like Nova? *Shakes head trying not to fall for the trap he believes that Grace is setting for him* What is wrong with you…? W-why would you show me any sign of compassion it makes no sense.”

    Avon says and tries to struggle his way out of her hug just a strange feeling washes over his body filling him with an odd warmth. Avon grows confused over what is happening within his body as his heart actually starts to feel warm not cold as ice.

    “What’s happening to me I feel…I feel…warm.”
    “That’s the warmth of happiness… You feel happy.”

    Avon asks as his mouth slowly take form into a smile as Grace tightens her hug on him.

    “Miss Grace was it… Could you actually care about me like you had cared for Nova?”
    “Well aren’t you just a dark version of Nova?”

    Grace says and Avon just tells her what he knows about him.

    “I’m a dopple of him… I’m just a dark copy of Pure evil that Nova’s body rejected and so being freed from him it took shape and created me… The dark version of him. So I’m a being of pure evil.”
    “Oh ya… Then what do you call this?”

    Grace puts a finger below Avon’s eye and gets a tear of her finger to show it to Avon.

    “It’s a tear.”
    “And if you are pure evil… How can you cry tears of sadness and feel the warmth of happiness?”

    Avon is speechless for he had known that creatures of pure darkness had cold heart and could never cry in sorrow or feel any warmth that wasn’t from a fire. Grace turns Avon so he looks at her.

    “Listen Avon all you need is someone to help you… You have a pure heart inside you so you are not truly evil and simply need someone to help you.”

    Grace smile at him and he just sits there unable to move or think as everything he had known has suddenly become a mess in his mind.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 11 What does it means to have a heart?

    During Avon’s inner changes brought forth in the by the hint of kindness given to him by Grace he had been unaware that she had left to join the others for dinner and he had eventually gone to his bed.

    “What is happening to me…?”
    *Knock knock knocking at his door*
    “Avon are you still in there?”

    Grace’s voice would say from the other side of the door where she would wait to see if Avon would willingly let her back into his room. After a couple minutes the door slowly opens up and she walks in as Avon closes it then turns his attention to Grace.

    “Why did you come back to my room?”
    “Because Avon, I want to help you.”

    Grace says and forces Avon to sit down on his bed with her. Avon tries to resist her forcing him down but she is too stubborn for him to resist as she get him to sit down.

    “Are you actually just planning to make me suffer in some cruel way?”

    Avon asks in a mixture of anger and fear but Grace just looks at him with a big smile on her face until Avon sighs.

    “What are we doing then?”
    “I’m going to teach you what having a heart means.”
    “But what is a heart exactly?”

    Avon asks as he begins to put some of his near none existent faith into Grace as she tries to explain what a heart is to him.

    “I’m not sure but I think a heart is the thing inside you that gives you life.”
    “So even though I was birthed by darkness… I still must have a heart since I live?”

    Avon says almost believing that Grace is right as she starts a littler test to try out.

    “Avon I’m going to say a phrase and I want to hear your opinion… But don’t just say what you want to try and listen for a voice inside you that says something different.”
    “Ok… I’ll try.”

    Grace starts to think of the phrase she’ll give to Nova but instead of something easy she thinks of something to really test him into finding his inner voices answer.

    “To you… Just what is Nova?”
    “Well what I want to say is that Nova is the source of all my hate but I’ll try and find this inner most answer.”

    Avon says and takes a deep breath to clear his mind as he thinks of what the best answer would be then he feels it something inside of him says…

    “He was just my other half who had been dealing with much worse feelings of sorrow then I have had… That we were more alike than we had already seemed.”

    Grace smiles brightly at hearing Avon say that and then tells him that those are honest words that came from his heart. The words of truth as some would call them.

    “So that means…”
    “You do have a heart Avon and it’s starting to get stronger then before… And you have someone who will care for you and see you through your darkness.”

    Grace smiles and is then caught by surprise as Avon suddenly hugs her.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 12 Preparation

    “I’m running low on arrows and my bow is starting to fracture a bit.”

    Jade says as Cream, Gray, and herself have just returned to Avon’s after training against the darkness of the outside world.

    “True… My Claymore is starting to get nicks in the blade along with a couple small cracks.”

    Gray says and shows how her Claymore could almost look like an over sized key with all of its nicks and then comparing the cracks in weapons Jade’s bow seems close to snapping in two.

    “What can we possibly do…? When our weapons break we will lose must of our strength.”

    Cream thinks of that happening and it would result in her two strongest allies being dropped in their overall power but all their fears vanish when they are suddenly given some helpful news by an unlikely source.

    “If you need new weapons then you should head for the nearest town… I heard rumors of a well stocked black market having been set up in there.”

    Everyone stares at Avon unsure of his motives for telling them that information without saying he’ll take anything in exchange until Cream asks.

    “Why tell us this?”
    “Well just think of it as collateral.”
    “Collateral for what if I may ask.”

    Grace says as she goes over to Avon who has a devilish grin on his face which makes Cream ready to pounce on him but Grace stops her.

    “Cream don’t worry I’ll be ok.”
    “Here you’ll be needing these.”

    As Grace convinces Cream she will be ok Avon tosses Cream a bag of credz then leaves the room with Grace walking beside him.

    “Ok… So now we have some money so I guess we can travel to the remains of the town the Black Market is in.”
    “Right so we better decide who is going with you Cream.”
    “I’ll decide that since I’m the leader.”

    Cream says as appointed leader of her little rag tag group of vigilantes and now she must decide who shall stay and who shall go with her to fight their way to the town.

    “Jade and Gray you’re with me to head for town since you both are primed fighters and in need of new weapons.”

    Cream says and everyone seems to agree but Luna insists that she will be going with them since her medical supplies are running low.

    “Alright then Luna but don’t get separated from us then.”
    “Rose and I shall stay here and try to find out what Avon has planned for Grace.”

    Star says to Cream who likes her decision on matters as Cream and group ready to venture out. As Cream and company head outside into the darkness Star and Rose remain in their room of Avon’s house. Outside in the darkness…

    “Remember team when we are out here in the darkness we must remain ever- LUNA GET DOWN NOW!”

    Cream suddenly shouts to Luna as they barely even get half a mile away from Avon’s front door as they are attacked but with Luna not being aware of Creams early warning signal Luna is unable to react in time.


    Luna cries out as something as sunken its fangs into Luna’s arm and starts to tear at her flesh.

    “Hell Hound!”

    Gray shouts as she strikes the monster with her claymore severing its head from the rest of its body yet its yaws remain clamped onto Luna’s arm which Gray then works to pry it off of her.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 13 A deadly game.

    They had barely even made it three yards away from Avon’s front yard and already they have suffered a casualty as Luna uses the remains of her medical bandages to wrap up the bite from the hell Hound.

    “Already we have taken too much damage.”

    Cream sighs as Luna feels like she has just wasted a large portion of their time by trying to join into the offensive team while she was just a medical unit.

    “Maybe I should just stay back…”

    Luna says turning back around just as Cream cries out again but this time telling everyone to duck down but Luna didn’t until Jade pulled her down as they hide within the tall grass as a pack of Hell Hounds come by but eventually continue to move on. When they have gone far enough away Cream and company get up and Cream tells Luna…

    “Luna stay close to either Jade or Gray… Or you’ll lose in this game.”
    “Um… Game?”

    Cream had said in a serious tone of voice but all Luna could really have heard was the term game which she questions.

    “Listen Luna out here you become a player in the dangerous game called Darkness Survivor and in it there is only one rule… Lose the game, Forfeit your life.”

    Cream says as they continue to move onward but slower taking things a bit more cautious course of action since Luna is new to the team and tensions start to get thick.

    “Everyone get ready something is coming close to us…”

    Cream says as she readies her dagger giving it a quick twirl in her paw then holding it ready to strike, Gray readies her Claymore to swing hard and fast, Jade strings an arrow along her bow ready to fire, and Luna… Luna stands beside Gray as an injured wolf limps into view.

    “Oh the poor thing!”

    Luna says and hurries over to the wolf just as Cream gets alerted to the danger that had tracked the injured wolf down and now to them.

    “Luna beside you!”
    “Huh…? AH!”

    Luna looks beside her as she reached the injured wolf a Hell Hound is pouncing at her fangs ready to tear into her bandaged arm. All seems to slow down as the Hell Hound draws closer until it lets out a howl as a perfectly released arrow flew into its chest impaling its heart and it falls dead.

    “Eagle eye Jade strikes a clean shot.”

    Gray says as support to Jade’s keen accuracy as Luna picks up the injured wolf and runs back over toward Gray and group as a pack of fifteen other Hell Hounds surround them. Luna looks up at the enemies, then the wolf, then at the ground and says…

    “I’m sorry I got us into this mess.”
    “Luna its ok… You just wanted to help an injured creature.”

    Cream says in response to Luna and her apology as Luna holds onto the injured in her arms. Everyone except for Luna ready their weapons for the battle they have been thrown into.

    “Fifteen of them and four arrows left in my quiver… I’m clearly at the disadvantage.”

    Jade says as Gray tells her to simply hang back as Cream and her take on the pack. Jade nods her head and gets beside Luna to give her protection in case any Hell hounds get to close and manage to slip past Gray and Cream and as they fight Luna says to Jade.

    “Jade I’m sorry… You had to waste an arrow on me.”
    “Luna don’t worry about it. I didn’t want you to get hurt again.”

    Jade says to Luna as Gray starts to take a few hits from the enemy but she is clearly dealing out far more damage to the enemy while Cream is stealthily moving through them and cutting throats dwindling down the overall number of the crowd. Everything seems to be going perfectly until…


    Everyone shouts in shock as they see Gray get pinned down beneath a gigantic paw belonging to a Cerberus who is the Hell Hound packs leader. Everything looks bad for Gray as the demon adds more pressure but Jade takes her final four arrows and strings them to her bow.


    Jade shouts as she fires all four arrows into the large chest of Cerberus which alone couldn’t kill it but did distract it so Gray could free herself then strike back giving the Cerberus her full strength in swinging her claymore to slice through its neck. The battle was won but at a cost… The force of the four arrows launching from Jade’s bow caused it to snap in half and the Cerberus’s skin was tough enough that even though Gray cut into it the force required broke her claymore in half leaving barely any blade left on the hilt.
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    Default Re: Rising darkness

    Chapter 14 Black Market

    Having no arrows and no bow the travel is harder on Jade while Jade even with most of her Claymore broken could still use the remaining part to still fight with.

    “Gray is amazing… Her claymore broke and has a partial bit of its blade left but she keeps fighting with it anyway…”

    Luna says as they have continued to travel and she remains carrying the wolf they had found injured a few hours ago. As they travel they remain silent but Jade eventually turns to Luna and asks her…

    “Why are you still carrying that wolf?”

    Luna doesn’t answer and retains the silence she had taken after the last ten or so minutes as the Wolf started to look up at her face and would either whimper or lick her cheek. Jade takes Luna’s silence as if she is saying she would rather not say anything but she figures that Luna must have felt sorry for the wolf being injured.

    “We’re almost there.”

    Cream cries as the ruined remains of the nearby town start to come into view over the dimly lit horizon. Everyone starts to hurry toward it as they drew ever closer but when they reach it at last… They are shocked to see the stores all run down, doors torn from their hinges, windows cracked or shattered, and scents of drying blood is everywhere.

    “It’s horrible all the carnage that happened here when the darkness set in on our world… And how ever will we find the Black market in this place?”

    Luna asks as they began to look around but stuck close together for unknown creatures could have taken up any of the empty buildings turning them into a little lair. As they continue to search they hear a slight creaking like noise as a sewer lid slowly opens. Cream draws her dagger as a stranger looks out at them.

    “Pssst… Did you say you were looking for the Black Market…?”

    The stranger beneath the lid says and although reluctant to trust some stranger living in the sewer Cream puts here dagger away and answers the stranger.

    “Yes we are.”
    “Then follow me for it is here.”

    The stranger opens the sewer lip all the way then vanishes into the sewers. The group goes down and the last one in closes the lid behind them, as they head further and deeper down into the sewer system they come across a sign where the tunnel splits in two directions. The sign reads Weapons and Armory to the East end and Market Square to the West end.

    “Hmmm… Let’s go to the weapon shop.”

    Cream says as she takes her group down the eastern tunnel until they reach an area lit up by torches on the wall and thousands of weapon are on the ground ranging from swords, spears, axes, and even bows and arrows.

    “Gray… Jade… You look for new weapons while I talk prices with the weapon merchant.”

    Cream says as she goes to the merchant and Gray looks at the selection of claymore styled swords as Jade simply fills her quiver with three-hundred fifty special explosive tipped arrows and another three-hundred fifty normal arrows.

    “Excuse me sir… Are you the merchant in charge of weapon goods?”
    “Why yes I am little girl but toys are found in the Market Square.”
    “I’m actually here for weapons and willing to see if you care to haggle on your prices.”

    Cream says to the man who then grins figuring he could easily sucker this child out of all her hard earned Credz. The test would begin as Gray comes over with a Claymore that she has plans on buying given how it looks strong enough to last her a good while.

    “A ma’am that is a top of the line model and will cost you… 200,000 Credz.”
    “Hold it!”

    Cream says before any sign of money could be taken out as Gray bends down to Cream to hear a plan she has. Gray smiles as she goes over to a torch and sticks the claymore over the flame.

    “What are you d-“

    As the blade started to heat up it started to get riddled with cracks all over the blade.
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