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    Hello, this is aloasa and welcome to my first fanfic, it will take place after the unova league with ash's battle vs alder for the title, after the match ash goes to a celebration hosted by the unova elite four, but when a broken hearted guy and a bounty hunter enters the party they begin to bring chaos on our hero, after a long time we will see that her life will change forever btw sorry if my grammar is bad will doing this it will be an foursome shipping and it WILL contain lemons, if someone has something to say to me then pm me, and if lemons aren't permited in this forum then tell me so i can delete it and if can somebody help me puting this on fanfiction it would be very VERY helpfull and without further a do let the story begin.

    Chapter 1 Prelude of the battle

    Welcome everybody to the battle for the CHAMPIONSHIP.

    The whole stadium was on there feat exited for the battle coming up, in the masses of people gather today was a green hair boy by the name of Cilan and a purple hair girl by the name of Iris.
    Iris: Well, this is it, do you think he is up fot this Cilan?
    Cilan: Of course he is he has train a lot since we meet my gym and i say that he was the perfect recipe for victory.
    Iris: (sigh)If you say so.
    Cilan: Look they are starting.

    In the blue corner and current champion AAAAAAALLLLLLDDDEEEEERRRR.

    The people cheers for their champion as he enters the stadium.

    Meanwhile in the walkway before entering the stadium we find our hero talking to our favorite mouse pokemon.

    Ash: Well pikachu this is it, let's win this for all our friends.
    Pikachu: You got it, but by the way when are you going to decide about what girl you are going to be with.
    At that moment ash face got as red as a tomato berry.
    Ash: Well...
    Pikachu: Come on ash even if you now there little secret you still have a chance the get at least one of them to like you.
    Ash: Pikachu can we please focus on our battle!?
    Pikachu (sigh)Ok, ok but we are not done with our conversation got it.
    Ash: Ok, lets talk about it at the bar with Cilan AFTER the battle.
    Pikachu: Sounds good to me

    And on the red corner, the challanger, from the Kanto region ASH KEEEETCHUUUUMMM

    ASH: Showtime.

    The thousands of people began chanting ash name while he was entering the field along with his best friend pikachu.

    Palet town, Kanto region.

    Delia Ketchum and her husband Giovanni Ketchum had invited all of his son friends over to watch the battle.
    Misty: What a great idea was having us over to see Ash's battle Ms.Ketchum.
    Delia: Why thanks dear, i can't believe my son has gone this far.
    Giovanni: (sigh) well after operation tempest was finish i knew he would go far, that's why i ultimatly quit as team rocket's leader.
    Max: Well i say Ash won't last more than five minutes.
    May: (Smacks Max) Hey, what side are you on?
    Gary: Well all the boys here agreed that Ash wouldn't be able to pull the victory, right Brock and Tracey?
    Brock: Right.
    Tracey: I never said that.
    Max: Traitor.
    Dawn: The only traitor here are you guys,(see tracey's face) minus tracey, why do you think he will lose.
    Gary: Because he just not strong enough, i mean i could easyly beat him.
    May: You think so? Well, wanna bet.
    Max: You got it sis.
    Tracey: I'll not bet anything.
    Misty: Alright the girls bet that ash will win.
    Brock: And the boys bet that ash will lose
    They a put 1 thousand pokedollars in giovanni's hat.
    Giovanni: That's it, well i'm dissapionted, I thought that you would bet more.
    Dawn: Hey Misty, May, after the battle why don't we go and have some fun together (wink)
    Misty/May: Alright/Ok (both of them giggle)
    Gary: (whisper to Max) What do you think when they say *have fun*.
    Max: Only Arceus know.
    Delia: Guys, girls they are starting.

    Ash: Hey, good luck.
    Alder: Likewise, I won't go easy on you.
    Ash: I wouldn't wan't it diferent.

    Cilan: Let's go Ash.
    Iris: Give him hell Ash.

    This will be a 6 on 6 battle with no time limit, in case of a draw there will be a sudden death match with a seventh pokemon, well LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.....
    Ash/Alder: SHUT UP
    Alright (sigh)And... BEGIN


    Well thanks for reading, Aloasa over and out

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    Is there a particular reason you've set this up like we're reading a script? It's a little hard to read as a script and difficult see what's going on in the scene. Are you planning to include actual descriptive prose later on or something like blocking in most scripts?


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