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    this is the culmination of multiple years of work, and its still unfinished. i've back numberous times to the drawing board and this is where i satnd. say whatever you wish about it, but all in all its really the story of my life built off a fictional basis.

    Chap: 1
    Shadows in the Storm

    Immense waves of horrid liquid pulverized and then dissolved the rock-strewn coast. The ancient lighthouse stood towering on the sea cliff staring off into the tempest. Numberless clouds covered the sky hurled rains and gales with forces that not even nature could generate. Boulders fell and waters rose to the edge of the sea cliff. The land was being drowned in the putrid fluid from which all malevolence was shaped.

    I ran from the coast as fast as I could. Dodging the trees as I went. Suddenly the shadows came alive and reached out trying to restrain me. their black claws tore at my legs trying to bring me down. The shadows persisted trying to stop my flight. I sprinted and jumped doing all I could to get to safety. Instantly a cold grip clasped my ankle and a pitch black form rose over me. I struggled trying to pull my leg free but it held tight. Shadows drew close ready to over take me. I concentrated and felt a warm heat inside me. I closed my eyes and shut out the dark. My entire being centered on that warmth the spinning vortex of fire that was my soul. An ever-burning fire of courage kindled with the sparks of imagination. I let the roaring power within out. An inferno rippled out from me scorching the shadows. The flame dared not burn anything else. It only would harm the vile and the corrupt. I went back my way with a slowed pace. I entered the shelter of the cave, which I had camped in.

    I walked in and began pacing about in the cave my jeans covered in mud and my jacket was dripping wet. I was burned out. I felt drained and weak. I had released most of my power, something that was in limited supply. My power was low from a battle I fought before the storm. If I drained all my power I would drain my life force so fast I wouldn’t be able to tell I was dead. After about half an hour I felt a bit renewed. My power was somewhat restored. I decided to pack up and head home. I opened a portal back to my room. I was a rifter by technical term. I had the power to open wormholes between two dimensions. I used my powers to combat the Kyreign an evil group of beings which controlled hundreds of the dimensions. When I returned to my boarding school I stored my stuff away and headed down the hall. I wove through the maze of corridors and found my way to the computer lab. No one was inside. I walked slowly across the dim room at the other side I pulled an empty shelf aside and entered the closet behind. This was where I met with my friends and other rifters or as we liked to call ourselves the Horizons. Short for event horizon which is the plane of reality and unreality within a worm hole. We kept our meeting place very secret. Inside the closet was a secret passage which the school had sealed off, but as you can guess we managed to open it. In side the passage is a room which was used to store arms during one of the world wars. The place was unstable when we found it, but with some modifications we made an impressive HQ.

    When I entered the room everyone stopped. I had been gone for three days on a one day recon mission. Most everyone let out a sigh of relief. I walked over to one of the closets in the back of the room. We had renovated the closets as well. There were eight in all. Two large rooms and six small ones. The large two are now the training hall and the “war” room. The rest are the head offices one for each type of rifter at least at our school.

    Rifters can be defined by their soul rift and the power it carries. Our operation only had six defined groups: fire, water, electric, earth, aura, and self. What kind of soul rift depends on who you are. Your powers as a rifter manifest when your hormones are all out whack based on what kind of person you are. Fire rifters are defined by one or more of these: hotheaded, courageous, or creative. Water are: go with the flow, uncertain, knowledgeable they also tend to manifest later at age sixteen or seventeen. Electric are: quick to answer, mechanically inclined, or impatient they tend to manifest early. Earth are: stubborn, good with their hands, and tough. Aura are: friendly, helpful, and cautious. Self are: secretive, quiet, and keep a low profile although these are the main traits for these people, generally if you don’t fit into a different group you have this type of rift. The first four are straight forward in the sense that rifters under those categories can amplify and manipulate those substances. Aura can empower allies and create chaos on enemies. Self are loners by nature empowering them selves enhancing their abilities and becoming very adept at a singular skill.

    The group head was the most adept rifter in the group. Which meant that the leader wasn’t always the oldest or the strongest. The head of the water group or Waves was my friend Tyr. Electric or Surge was headed by Hace Quil. Earth or Quake had been led by Vale Loki it was one of the two headed by a girl. The other led by a girl was Aura or Amp by my friend Ceria. Self didn’t really have a head or a nickname since there were only five self rifters in the entire school. Last I was the head of fire or Napalm. After a brief meeting we assigned the next missions for all the members. I didn’t receive any due to my last mission. I still would be checking up often as usual. I made my way back to my room and fell asleep.

    Chap: 2
    School days

    When I woke up the sun was already streaming over my face. It was cool this morning. I looked at my clock. It was six thirty. I thought about going back to bed since breakfast wasn’t till seven thirty, but I just didn’t feel like it. I got out of bed and changed into my clothes. I opened up my fridge and took a dew out, then decided it was to early and put it back. I sat down in my desk chair and picked up my DSX, and started to play pokemon sulfur version. I played for half an hour then stopped playing game. I finally decided that I’d start working on my program. I’d been trying to create my own game for years. Starting with a board game and now I was creating the landscape for the game on my computer. I finished a small part of it before the p.a. came on telling us to get up and report to the cafeteria for breakfast.

    I went down to make sure Tyr got up. When I got to his room he was listening to music on his mp6 player. He came out with his headphones still in. I tried to tell him that he needed to take them out but he couldn’t hear. After three tries I took them right off his head.

    “What was that for?”

    “You can’t have electronics on in the cafeteria.”

    “Oh. Dang I forgot. Thanks”

    “Not a problem, but don’t forget it again cause tomorrow I wont be here. I’ll be with my science class in the new physics lab at the college.”

    We walked down to the cafeteria and grabbed today’s breakfast. We sat down at our usual table. Today Ceria was conversing with her non-rifter friend Katie. We sat quietly as the two girls went back and forth over what to do after school. Ceria constantly suggested to all of her friends that it would be fun to go out to the forest in the park, but we almost always had a wide variety of other ideas. After breakfast we went to our assorted and returned for lunch. After lunch we parted ways for our different classes. Then after I had English, Latin, and math. When I got into class no one was there. I walked over to my seat in the back by the window. I was flipping through my history book when the door slammed shut. I jumped up and ran to the door. I tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge. Out of nowhere something hit me in the gut. I went skidding across the room. I stayed upright holding my stomach looking for my attacker. Another blow came at me from the side hitting me in the shin. Whoever was doing this was doing a really good job. I had no idea where the next blow would come from. I swung crazily at the air trying to hit my invisible adversary. I began to hear a chuckle from behind me. My foe had faltered. I turned around and punched an invisible form. A figure materialized before me. It was a teenage boy about my age with black hair and eyes that expelled a red light.

    “Who are you?”

    “I am Ragnarok. Prepare for the end.”

    His voice didn’t match his body. The voice was a broad low key which was drawn out like the words where coming from far away. While I was pondering my foe slammed me hard with his hands laughing in his self-content. I fell to the floor he wasn’t holding back anymore instead of quick punches he was launching his fists like bullets. He continued to pummel me. I had to think fast or I’d be a pancake. I concentrated ignoring the pain as best I could. I had to gather my will and get my self out of there. I held my eyes shut and pulled my self in protecting myself as best I could then my power flew outward. A portal opened beneath us. We fell through flying in different directions. We were on opposite sides of the event horizon. I stabilized my self and looked across the wormhole at him. He stared not blinking at me. I snapped my fingers and my sword appeared sheathed in my hand. I opened the other end of the wormhole and fell through ready for a fight.

    We both walked toward each other. I drew my sword with one hand and gestured with the other. My clothes morphed into a orange and gold armor I referred to it as “Sunburst” due to its color, and my helm floated in front of me I grabbed it with my free hand sliding it onto my head. I grabbed the hilt of my sword with both hands and continued forward. My advisory repeated my process and prepared for battle. His armor was a dark gray and a dull steel color. He didn’t carry a sword, but his eyes still glowed red through his helmet. Now when I say armor I don’t mean armor like what knights wore. Mine although metallic it was a light fitted plate male, which still allowed me to have a lot of maneuverability. The style also seemed a lot like the shredder’s from TMNT, but leaner and meaner.

    He looked down tensed and looked up. His face now rich with pain like someone was crushing his skull. While I was still concerned with his face he came at me and I was barely able to block his blows with my sword. We went back and forth exchanging blows. When I would strike he would knock the blade away from the side. Twice he had tried to make me drop my sword but I held it with a persistent grip. After some time we both grew tired. I wanted to yield, but he looked like he was forced to continue. He swung loosely like rag doll. I got inside all his blows and knocked him to the ground.

    Parts of his armor disengaged him and he stopped trying to get up. His head fell back and the glow in his eyes withered. Just as I had guessed he was being possessed by one of the Kyreign. I dragged him over to a tree and propped him up against it. He was coming to. He turned his head taking in his surroundings. He noticed me and jumped up ready to fight.

    “Let’s go you Kyreign punk”

    “Why are you talking about your self?”

    Apparently my bad sense of humor surprised him. He paused staring at me like I’d spoken another language. He lowered his fists and snapped his fingers changing his clothes into an average pair of jeans and shirt with a flame design on it.

    “Sorry last thing I can remember I was fighting one of the Kyreign.”

    “It’s ok there’s no harm done”

    “I’m Raizer Tanes”

    “Jericho Raedyn, but just call me Jericho”

    “So how did this happen?”

    “You were overshadowed by a Kyreign”

    “No way! How could this happen?”

    “I’m sorry, but I have no idea”

    I began to explain how the fight went. Raizer seemed to take it all in and checking over every detail, seeing where things could have worked different, and how it come to this end. After I finished explaining he thanked me for whatever it was that I did, and left through a portal. I looked up and began to open my portal when I heard one open behind me. I turned and saw Raizer back again.

    “What are you doing back?”

    “Here. It’s my cell number.”

    “Thanks, but why do I need it?”

    “I have a feeling that the Kyreign that was inside me wants a second whack at me, and even more likely you.”

    He backed into his portal and closed it silently. I stood there alone hearing the wind in the leaves and the calls of the creatures in the forest canopy. I went back to class and sat down ignoring a tugging pain in my gut that things were about to go south. After school Tyr and me went down to the garage. Students that had licenses could store their vehicle in here and drive it after school hours. At the end of the garage were two hover bikes. Mine was the black and gray DR4K3 and Genio’s was the red 7YR34L next to it. We hopped on and revved them up. We were going to the movies to see EARTH WH: Without Humans. It was good, but I’d seen world just as bizarre. The rest of the day was uneventful, but I didn’t say anything about the night being like that.

    Chap. 3
    The nightlife

    We arrived at the garage at about five. I headed for my room while Genio went to the rec room. I went about the average business of a student: homework, video games, snacking that kind of thing. When it got late I sat down on my bed, and started thinking about Raizer his words rung in my head. “I have a feeling that the Kyreign that was inside me wants a second whack at me, and even more likely you.” The Kyreign might be after me in this world now. It was easy to fend them off when I was out in the wilderness, but when there’s people around it gets difficult. I had to protect both the civilians and my identity. Rifters needed to stay unknown. This kind of power and information can’t be trusted with the average person. I was deep in thought. My mind was opening up taking in all sorts of possibilities. I was jumping from thought to thought. Ideas were buzzing, plans were being hatched, and I was preparing for a rough road ahead. While my mind still buzzed I heard a knock on the window pane. I jumped up, and looked to the window. Raizer stood outside in dark outfit and a sword sheathed on his back. I got up and opened the window. He silently motioned for me to come out. I told him to wait and changed into a black long sleeve shirt, black jeans, and put on my hover bike helmet. He became impatient when I told him to wait again. It took me a second but I found and put on my rift bracers. When I climbed out Raizer was very confused that I hadn’t brought my sword.

    “Where’s your sword?”

    “Don’t need to carry it”


    “Using these”

    I explained how they let me access my stuff without using too much of my power. He seemed pretty jealous. After I was done he led me up to the roof.

    “Why are we up here?”

    “That’s why”

    He pointed to the park. A ring of fire sat in its center. His face was full of anger. He was emanating recklessness and disdain.

    “what’s going on there?”

    “it’s Ragnarok. He’s trying to get us down there.”

    “so let’s give him what he wants.”

    We headed off. The park wasn’t far so we just ran there. The entire park was lit with flames. We headed to the center dodging falling branches and combusting bushes. When we reached the center the flaming cyclone had disappeared. A circle of ash was all that remained. Raizer began concentrating. The winds picked up and the rain began to pour. He was using his power to summon a storm. Despite the rain a flame began to grow within the ring of ash. Odd creatures stepped out from it’s center followed by an extremely muscular Kyreign.

    “hello Raedyn. I’m back for revenge on you and your friend.”

    I was out matched. Raizer was still concentrating on the storm so he couldn’t move much less fight or else Ragnarok could begin burning the park again. I summoned my sword and pressed a button on the hilt. The sword split directly down the middle then formed two complete swords. A handle extended from the each hilt. I grasped them both and spun the blades around so they extended under my arms. I took a fighting stance and prepared to battle. At the same time Raizer tensed a bolt of lightning flew down and struck Ragnarok. The Kyreign crumbled to the ground and stood up smoking. I couldn’t see any injuries, but he must have been somewhat hurt. He muttered to himself then yelled a command to his creatures. He disappeared in a column of flame and his soldiers charged. Raizer came out of his concentration and drew his sword. We dashed forward slicing right through the weird beasts. Their bodies erupted into flame as soon as our sword passed through leaving piles of ash all over the clearing. When the last creature fell we stared at each other with confidence. We had expected a much harder fight, but it seemed that Ragnarok preferred to let his goons do the heavy lifting even if he could do it better. I changed my sword back to normal and sent it back to my room under my bed into its special case.

    “well, that was impressive”

    “thanks. Nice lightning bolt.”

    “not a problem”

    We started walking back to my school. The sun began to come up when we reached the gates. We climbed over and hurried up the dorm wall. I had plenty of practice. I often went around the city exploring its skyline and back alleys. Raizer got up quick too, almost faster then me. I opened up the window and checked my clock. It was six fifty. About forty minutes till breakfast. I invited Raizer to come in. he decided not to. Instead he open a portal and disappeared.

    Chap: 4
    Blinded by science

    I dragged myself out of bed and got changed. At breakfast I skipped eating and napped until they called for the physics class students. We loaded on the bus and departed for the college. We started with a tour of the lab and then broke off into groups to visit other sections of the college. Most of the boys went to see the football field while most of the girls went to the swimming pool apparently they had been planning on taking a dip for a while. That left me, Ceria, Will Hylt, and Katie Queens. I had no plans of sticking with them and headed off on my own right away. I headed for the aquarium. Dane followed me from a distance while Ceria took Katie to the history department. I walked aimlessly through the glass maze as Dane tailed me. Dane was a quiet kid didn’t say much, but then again no one really tried to talk to him. I stopped and looked into the whip ray tank. The rays were gliding around slicing through the water in an amazing aquatic display. Dane came closer then stopped and looked into the tank as well. I acted like he wasn’t there, but I was getting an odd feeling from him. I felt a chilly wind from behind. I looked around for a window. The room had none, no AC, nothing to make a draft. Then I thought a door. Again none. At last I realized that there was a door. a portal.

    I ran past Will so fast he staggered to the side. He pursued me having no idea what was happening. I ducked out through a fire exit, and the alarms began to sound off. People began to come pouring out of the building, and not a second too soon. A wall of the aquarium shattered sending shrapnel every where. Ragnarok stepped through the hole laughing. He was clad in armor and about ten feet taller then he was in the park.

    “hello Raedyn. You have defeated me for the last time! I shall destroy you and your little frie… who is this”

    “Don’t you worry about who he is you’re here for me”

    “fair enough. I don’t want revenge on him only you and Raizer”

    “Will get out of here I got this”

    He nodded, but only backed off a little.

    “come on! Get out of here now!”

    This time he shook his head. For such a quiet kid he was brave I gave him that but, bravery could get him killed. I summoned my sword hoping I could end this before Will or someone else got hurt. I charged up to Ragnarok, but he let out a barrage of punches throwing up dirt blocking my view. He slammed me hard. It felt like my body was run over by a space shuttle. He knocked me right out of the dirt cloud. I got up and stood unsteadily waiting for him to come out of his hiding place. I heard the sound of people running behind me. I turned to find Will and Ceria running to me. Will stopped to catch is breath, but Ceria still had energy to burn. Ceria warped in her blasters and prepared to fire into the dirt cloud. I stopped her and told her about Ragnarok. When the dirt cloud settled Ragnarok was just standing there with a crooked smile. He came at me again. Ceria fired at him without effect. He slammed the ground sending a shockwave into us. Will and Ceria went flying, but I was able to evade his trick. He continued charging. He put his hands together and swung them down at me. He had planned for a fatal blow. I was helpless. I couldn’t dodge it, counter it, or survive it. I closed my eyes ready for the end. I felt nothing. I thought maybe it was that fast. I opened my eyes. I saw Ragnarok standing still before me. His arms were inches above my head.

    “How is this happening?”

    “that would be my doing”

    I swung around and saw a tall young man in a long cloak. He held an elegant wooden staff with a decorative end piece.
    “who are you”

    “I am Danius”

    “… Will”

    I noticed little resemblances: his pointed elf like ears, his green eyes, and his air of immortality .

    “you have sharp eyes, Raedyn”

    “how are you doing that”

    “you would not believe me if I told you”

    “well with Ragnarok frozen you have plenty of time to convince me”

    “Very well, I am a Kyre. I left the corrupt rule of the Kyreign. The Kyreign are only the evil leaders of my home, Levinoll. I am a refugee if you would. I came seeking a new home away from the Kyreign. If you don’t believe me just ask your friend Raizer he will explain more. Now I believe we have to take care of something.”

    He pointed to Ragnarok. I was a little confused by what he said, but I knew Ragnarok was too big of a problem to ignore. I jumped onto his arms and walked up them to his shoulder. I took my sword and plunged it through his chest. He unfroze as I pulled it out. He fell like a large oak, falling down with a crash. I looked around and saw Ceria coming out off the same state as Ragnarok. I looked for Will or Danius or whoever, he was gone. I explained it to ceria leaving out that Will had mentioned Raizer. Partially because she didn’t know him, but also because Ceria was too curious when it came to the Kyreign she’d follow any lead relentlessly and without thinking. I opened a portal and discarded of Ragnarok’s corpse. When people came around we acted dumbfounded by what was going on. We had plenty of practice with lying. We were left to our own means to return to school. Our teacher ended up twisting his ankle when he was running out. Ceria and me started to walk back to school.

    “so… that was an interesting field trip”

    “uh… yeah I um… guess”

    “well… there’s still some time before we have to be at school. Wanna do something?”

    “oh… well… um… ok”

    I had wanted to ask Ceria out since we met in fifth grade, but now that I did I was mortified. What if I did something goofy or said something stupid? Would she laugh at me? would she leave? Too many questions.

    “so… where are we going?”

    I hadn’t even thought of that. Where should we go? Beach? Nah. Movies? No. mall? That could just work.

    “how about the mall?”

    “sure, but are you okay? You look red”

    “huh… oh… I’m fine.”

    We headed down to the Jefferson mall. The mall was pretty empty. Then I remembered that we came in near dinner time. Most people were home or in the food court.

    “I need to stop at the ATM ok”

    “sure I’ll just head in here”

    She walked into a near by antique store. Ceria had a flare for history. I headed to the nearest ATM and took out three hundred dollars. I’d been saving up from my job in the game store for a day like this. I ran over to the store Ceria was in, and found her looking over a telescope.

    “arrr me harties what be this”

    “ahoy captain this be an ole spyglass yeh hear”

    We cracked up. Ceria and me enjoyed hanging out, but I’d never had the nerve to ask her out before. She put it down, and we walked out of the store and into the next. We walked listlessly through the mall. We skipped most the clothing stores and the other boring shops, but we’d spend at least half an hour in the arcades, electronics stores, and toy shops. After about an hour and a half we made it to the third floor food court. We sat went into one of the restaurants and sat in a corner booth.

    “whatcha get?”

    “nothing much. A game and a book. What about you.”

    “well I found this in one of the hobby shops.”

    I pulled a large metal case out of a bag and placed it on the table.

    “what is it?”

    “it’s a robot animal.”

    “what animal?”

    “well it says one of four lizards.”

    “and those lizards are.”

    “each one has a different rarity. The gecko is common, the chameleon is uncommon, the iguana is rare, and the komodo dragon is extremely rare.”

    “isn’t it a little dangerous to have a komodo dragon?”

    “it’s a robot so I highly doubt it.”

    After we ate we walked the rest of the mall and went back to school.

    Chap: 5
    Enter Asylum

    I had a horrible time trying to get to sleep that night. Every time I would close my eyes I would hear this whispering voice. I couldn’t make out any words but it had a disturbing reality. After a while I ignored it as best I could and fell asleep. Only worse things pursued. That night I dreamed of a barren valley. The only other thing in the valley was an ominously familiar shape clouded by fog. I walked toward it feeling a deathly presence. As the object came into view I drew back in horror. It was my sword Fire Brand sunk into the earth, but that wasn’t what scared me most behind it were the remains of a battlefield hundreds of the bodies had been cut and burned in a way only I could do using Fire Brand. I then saw one figure standing with sword in hand. I pulled the sword out and came up slowly behind the figure.

    “hello Jericho. Welcome to the asylum”

    His voice carried through my mind. He sounded weak and full of pain.

    “what do you mean?”

    “this is the home of thought. A place where the mind is stronger than you can every imagine, but it is also where the mind is weak and your mind can be invaded by your past, present, and future.”

    “I don’t understand how could my mind know my future”

    “Jericho I know this is confusing to you, but some things are simply unexplainable.”

    “so I’m not going to get an explanation about any of this.”

    “here in asylum all of our minds can flow free. What you see here is something from my past not yours.”

    “but these people were killed with Fire Brand how couldn’t I have done this”

    “did you really think you were the first person to have Fire Brand?”

    “there were others!?”

    “many. Jericho many Rifters have carried that blade and many have died by it.”

    “wait so if you did this and carried Fire Brand. Who are you?”

    “it has been so long I’ve stopped using my human name, but you may call me Spectrum.”

    “what do mean ‘it has been so long’ how long have you been here”

    “it’s been at least seventeen years. I was trapped here when I died. I warn you when you are a rifter traveling here can be hazardous to your health”

    “so I can come here again?”

    “yes. There is also a way for you to enter the asylum while you’re not asleep. Asylum is a dimension like all other worlds so you are able to open a portal to here. Now I believe it is almost time for you to go”

    “wait I have one more question.”

    “what is it?”

    “how did you know my name?”

    “there are some things in the worlds that you never forget. Goodbye Jericho”

    With that he disappeared and the dream grew foggy. Soon enough I woke up and the day continued.

    Chap: 6
    The garage

    After school I went to meet up with my friend Izzy in Iona Maxus a rift world which we often called “the garage”. the garage was a pocket dimension that Izzy and some of his friends had created three or so years ago. The dimension held a man made desert planet which Izzy had turned into his private laboratory and testing ground. Izzy and his friends used their powers to build and invent machines far beyond today’s technology.

    When I reached the dimension I headed straight to the main building and found the usual fifteen year olds running around with blow torches and molten metal. I stopped one and asked him where Izzy was. He said that Izzy was test driving one of his inventions and was currently on the other side of the geo sphere so he wouldn’t be back till later. I walked outside and took out my rift bracers. After putting them on I concentrated on my bike. I pulled it into this world and took a deep breath. It took a lot of power. I got on the bike and headed south. After about an hour I saw a massive dust trail and headed toward it. After flooring my bike I caught up to a machine I had never seen. Obviously this was Izzy’s new invention. I pulled up to it and signaled Izzy. He had created a massive mecha. He slowed it down, but it took him some time to get it to stop. When he had finally stopped it he climbed out and walked over to me.

    “what are you doin here?”

    “I need your help with something”

    “and what is that?”

    “ you know how you built that rift carrier?”

    “yeah. Why do you need to know?”

    “I need to bring some things to a dimension after schools done”

    “ok just tell me when you’ll need it.”

    “school’s over next week, so I’ll need it on this Friday”

    “that’s fine. I’ll have it ready for you at four. Just open a portal into the cargo hold and load anything you need into it. By the way where are you movin this stuff to?”

    “there’s a dimension someone told me about that I’m going to set up a base camp in”

    “is there a name for it?”

    “it’s called asylum”

    “asylum. Well that’s surprising.”


    “I’ve heard a lot about asylum, but everyone always told me it was a creepy place.”

    “it is”

    “then why are you going?”

    “there was this guy. He had fire brand, and he seemed to know a lot more then he said”

    “you mean Spectrum”

    “so you meet him too”

    “yeah. When I was looking for a place to build my lab I traveled to asylum. Spectrum found me while I was scouting for a place to build. After a short talk he told me that asylum was a place for the mind not machines, so I decided to look elsewhere.”

    “well I’m not planning on building any machines so I think I’ll be ok”

    “whatever. It’s not really my business. Have fun”

    With that he climbed back into his mech and headed back toward his lab. I rifted back home and parked my bike back in the school garage. The rest of the day was uneventful as well as my dreams.

    Chap: 7
    Moving day

    The last week of school went faster then I had expected. Izzy kept his promise and I was able to empty my room onto the carrier in no time. Then I had the hard part packing my stuff at home. I traveled home using the carrier as a spring by traveling to it I was able to “launch” myself home. When I got there I packed my stuff before my grandparents could come and see what I was up to. I should explain. My father died before I was born and my mother couldn’t go on with out him. She had left me at my grandparents before she went missing. They never found her. I finished shoving my things into the rift, but I was too late I saw the door knob jiggle and I knew I was busted. My grandpa came into the room and sighed.

    “Jericho what are you doing this time.”

    “I’m moving out I have to… it isn’t like last time”

    “so your not running away, just walking away instead”

    “eh… yeah sorta”

    “I guess all boys need to go free some time”

    “thanks for understanding”

    “just check in soon, and you’re also telling your grandmother yourself”

    “sure thing”

    I walked out behind my grandpa and followed him to the living room. My grandma was sitting in a chair playing a game on the computer. I had to admit my grandparents were cooler than most.

    “oh your back from school already. Those buses are getting faster and faster” she joked

    Both of my grandparents were rifters. Retired of course.

    “yeah, but I gotta leave soon” I said

    “and why is that”

    “I need to go somewhere… To stay” I said as my voice quieted

    “see what crazy thing kids do there days Michael. Almost as crazy as us.” she kidded again

    “glad you understand” I replied

    “well actually I don’t understand, but I trust that you understand it yourself” she said using the voice she used on her students when she was a teacher

    I nodded and went back to my room. I looked around it once more. There was a gash in the wall from my first sword, skid marks on the floor from my bike, and a picture framed on the wall of me and my mother. I was three months old when she left. I heard someone enter the room. I turned and saw my grandpa there again.

    “I know its nothing fancy like what you kids have today, but you keep it” he said holding back a tear

    I reached out my hand and he gave me a leather cord with a wood carving on it. My eyes welled up a little, but I controlled my emotions. I hugged him and disappeared into a portal.

    I immediately appeared in Asylum. Here I unpacked my stuff into a cabin which Spectrum had prepared. I had secretly kept in contact with him and he some how made somewhere I could stay. I told him that I only planned to use it as my private base of operations since I couldn’t use the one in school so easily now. He let me stay for no apparent reason, but something was tipping the scales of his judgment.

    After I finished I left the cabin and warped back to my school operations center. I gathered everyone up and prepared to make an announcement.

    Chap: 8
    How do I put his lightly

    “I have been withholding information” I announced “I may have a lead on some secret allies, but there is much risk to trying to join with them”

    Everyone began talking at once.

    “every one we will begin discussion of this soon I’m sorry for holding this secret”

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    Default Re: Rifters 1 War of Dimensions

    It was good, but a lot of the dialogue was awkward and sentence structure was often weak.


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