I made a rhyme, since I have been randomly making many rhymes because of bordem. I am putting it here in the writers workshop, since I don't know where else to put it. Thanks for reading! (if you are not familiar with some of the in-game terms I used, ask me and I'll explain to you what they mean : D )

Here is the smash rhyme [made a week ago]:

Start smashing keep dashing wow what a lashing that shiek what a geek! Lets take a peek Eek! Im so weak downthrow to bair eat the nair take the fair shine to dair such a pair! Oh too pro that I must stare! must keep my hair bring the chair wavedash must smash not mash owww don't bash L cancel, hey! Dance all day! time to pay heres the hay blue ray's jiggs must stay take my pill go down hill pay the bill heres your fill! Ness will swing Jiggs will sing Peach will fling and fox will sting Uuaa's fox so waaah make a noob go cryin maaaa! ;[ Stafu will tell you to get some tofu what? Yo, foo! Whats up, moo? Need to poo listen to the who convert to jew play until two need to talk to sue! like the color blue? what say? BOO! D-Torr's Diddy is a G, MORE! watches G4! Thats what I have me for Zoro's Link makes you think stay in sinc keep to pink skate in the rink fix the sink oh p.U you stink! Forgot to jump first what a thirst Owwww a Falcon Punch Burst! Listen to Fred Durst My Samus is the worst Cristine's Peach makes me wanna have some reach to a leech likes long walks on beach loves to teach Al's Shiek he doesn't play all the time and his falcon is so good he randomly kneed me when I thought I was gonna die Vericz's Bowzer is so Good he burns wood and eats you for being rude don't be so crude likes to kick jude what that'ts not an infinite dude lets get some food! Kyon asks you whats there no a nair just kidding don't you dare! come into my lair Marths sword swing is a ding! no wait! Game and watch! Bell ring! DI to survive don't go up too high or you'll die can't punch gah I'll sigh oh what a tie its a draw I fought the law and the law won but thats not a pun, hun give me buns, son keep the hitstun keep you shunned JonPaul's Samus is not a Spamus, I don't like to lose stock I like to use Doc. ;3

By Carlos Matos (some credit to danny)