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    Remember to check out my other fics on Thanks LuciferIXfor helping me with mywriting.Its been so long since i updated but i will in the next couple weeks.Ill update both stories.Sorry for the people reading those stories. Well this has been on myDoc Manager for too long so here tell me what you think.Definately not my best work

    A young nineteen yearold lay in his room quietly. The reason for this was he had not moved an inch, not for maybe six months.After atragic accident occurred, he was submitted to the ER and had not woken up since.

    About amonth after the tragedy, he was transported back to Pallet Town in his own room to live his final days.A feeding tube was put in his mouth as a way to feed him.Wires were attached to check the beat of his heart to make sure he was still breathing.He had no chance of waking up and regaining consciousness.Or so they thought.

    Ash's POV.

    I'm here, yet I'm not.It's hard to explain how Ifeel or even if I was capable of feeling.Am Ialive being waiting to be born or a wandering spirit that doesn't know his place in the world? All I can do is hear voices and nothing else.Ican't even see anything at all.Life is a complete color of black to me, if that's what it's even called, and all that everoccurs in my life is the voices Ihear that are always talking to each other and telling stories.

    Idon't even know who I am, what I look like, and my definite purpose of existing.Everyone has apurpose Ibelieve. Shoot, I don't even know how Ihave beliefs since I have no ideawho I am.

    This guy Ihear about often.Ash Ketchum.He knew his purpose in life. He has saved the world multiple times, befriended alot of people and traveled all the regions.

    There are these beings called Pokémon and Ash seemed to have a lot of them. His most loyal was Pikachu. All these Pokémon did was say their name over and over. Icouldn't understand them, but apparently Ash could.

    Ireally want to meet him.He acquired these so called badges that when collecting all eight in a region;one can participate in atournament.These tournaments solely consisted of the best and he made the top 4 on his last one.

    That's an extraordinary feat.They almost make him sound like afictional charactersuperhero from a kids show.

    Iobviously haven't met him but the voices Ihear tell his stories.Many different people tell tales about his adventures and he has many of them.A lot of different voices are heard telling different stories about him. A lot of trainers have known him and also a few coordinators.Ihear them every day.

    One seems to be his mother.She was the nicest lady ever. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she would do whatevershe had to do just to see her one and only son succeed.Ialways hearher tell him he will be the best there ever was.Whether ornot people believe, he can still become a Pokémon Master.

    This term, Pokémon Master was very vague to me. Iknow to be a masterat something you had to be the very best.To my understanding, Pokémon were beings with different talents and special abilities.Ihad no ideawhat it meant to be a "Pokémon Master" but I'm pretty sure Ash did because that was his goal.

    The sad story was Ionly hear of his past achievements and never about what he is doing now.Something drastic has happened to Ash.It seemed the once brave hero is no longer active.Iwant to know what happened to him, to find him. Something tells me if Iknow that, I'll discover who I truly am.

    A few of the voices Iheard were also good friends of Ash.They believed he has lived his best days and he will never achieve his dream.Ididn't want to hear it.Ash seemed to be a great guy and he deserved to be a Pokémon Master especially when Ihearthem talk about what he has done for them.They should never lose faith on him because he's not dead, or is he?

    His mother seemed to not listen to them despite their negative comments but there was one more that took her side.This other one seemed as sweet and sincere as her.From the sound of things, Ash had avery close relationship to her.Her name was May and she had the most beautiful voice Ihave ever heard.

    From what I've heard, Ash was her motivating force, her mentor, and teacher.Maybe even possibly be the love of her life? It was sad to hear her talk.She spoke about him and how she had regretted ever leaving him to go to Johto for someone else.This was saddening but she talks about never leaving his side.

    It was weird to me when she said that because if she would never leave his side then where was he?

    Ihearall these stories of May and Icaught onto her personality.From what Ican tell she would be best described as any guy's dream girl, smart and ambitious while still very caring.Ihad no idea what she looks like, but looks don't matter.Actually why am Ithinking about her? She is Ash's girl, not mine.I think I'm in love with her but she's in love with him and neither Ior her know anything about me.

    Then one moment Iheard her crying.It was devastating. She confessed her love and promised to wait for his return. Moments passed and it was all quiet.Then for the first time in months Ihad asense of feeling.

    Ithink she kissed me.

    I've never had afeeling before and this felt amazing. Ididn't know what to think or if it even was a kiss but Ican tell you it felt great so Ijust went to sleep.

    Normal POV

    They were all called up forward by Brock.He was a doctor now and was in charge of taking care of Ash.He gathered them around because he had an announcement to make.

    "Well guys, this is it." The brown skinned doctor spoke."Mrs. Ketchum, you put your whole life into keeping Ash alive and I know you even sold the restaurant in doing so but I'm sorry that life support isn't cheap. Unless anyone is willing to put in money then I'll have to cut it."

    The tone in his voice that was very depressing. Ash was his best friend and even though he wanted to keep him alive, six months was long enough.Delia was now in debt and if anyone was willing to pitch in money, he would continue it.

    "I will." A female brunette with agreen bandanna spoke up."I saved up alot of money from contests already and Ihope it's enough until he wakes up."

    Delia had tears in her eyes as she ran to the girl crying. He was really lucky to get agirl like her.

    Everyone else was in disbelief. They didn't think this should be done.They bombarded the two with the negatives on not doing it.

    Ash's POV

    So now Iknow.Ash is in life support system and his mom has spent every cent she had to keep him alive.All of these so called friends thought to let him die but I'm not in their situation.Mrs.Ketchum has already put in her whole life in waking him up and now May has offered her own savings.

    Why do Ihave this strange feeling that this means something to me? Ifeel as though Iknow these people yet Idon't have any recollection of who Iam unless...

    Wow how could Ibe so stupid? Ihear these conversations about Ash all of the time and I still didn't get it.Ash is here. He's always been here.I'm Ash.

    Now May is about to give Brock the money and Ican't let her.

    End POV

    The young man finally realized who he was.Just after that, he regained feeling in his body. It was still immobile and he still couldn't see. It felt like a 300 lb person sat on top of him and he was strapped in abed. As hard as his might would let him, he was having difficulty.

    Tears started flowing out of his eyes.It was from frustration of all the suffering he has put everyone through by being in a comaand not waking up.All he needed was apush and now his body started shaking.He was starting to regain control of his body.

    The one person who instantly noticed this and pointed it out and it was May.She alerted everyone of it and everyone was in shock at what was going on.His heart was beating faster and the machine was going out of control.May ran to his side and held onto his hand.

    "Come on Ash, Iknow you can do it."

    Those last words did magic. Ash with all his might pushed and pushed as if he was trying to bench press an elephant and then his eyes opened.He had sprung up from his bed and could see the first time in months.Now, Ash was awake and all he had on his mind was to make sure May and his Mom's sacrifices were not a waste.He was going to be a Pokémon Master.

    So there you go.Hope you like it and once again thanks for waiting. Ill update my other stories.
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    Talk about a moving testament for Ash's will to survive!

    His determination is why I admire him as a character, and even when all hope seems lost, he still has that will to survive.

    My only question is, how did he get put in that coma to begin with?
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    Default Re: Reset

    Nice story, I love it. Update often please! I'm trying to write MOAU but it may run dry. I may have to do a different approach... oh well.

    But yeah, How did Ash get into the coma and forget himself??

    Good luck, "SIGMA 5"
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    Default Re: Reset

    Neat story!! I really thought it was cool. Like the others have said, I wonder what Ash did to get a coma in the first place.

    One thing that really bothered me was not separating your words from "I"
    Quote Originally Posted by beastmode953 View Post
    "Come on Ash, Iknow you can do it."
    Please fix that, it's really annoying. It happens a bunch of times throughout the story, that was just one instance I pointed out.

    Other than that, great work!

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    Default Re: Reset

    For some reason she. I pasted it the one letter words won't stay on its own...and I'm working on a prequel at the moment to post in but I'm not sure yet if ill post it here.


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