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    Default A Question Of Power (Pokémon POV)

    Firstly, this fic is set in a time period after humans are extinct. Pokémon are the only living, breathing creatures on the Earth.
    Secondly, although I call this the Prologue, it's more of a character introduction. It is updated as more characters are introduced. So far, it contains every main character to appear up until chapter 4.
    Apart from that, I hope you enjoy this fic.


    Sunflora. A child born with the dreams of helping those in need. She had to evolve fast when her parents died and grew up not knowing love. Always alone, she strives to make sure others do not feel the despair she has felt her entire life.
    Sunflora has a heart of ice, a will of steel and a body to match.

    Ledian. Always a child with the hopes of flying higher than the sun. He never knew his father and his mother died when he was still a small Ledyba, he carried on, haunted by the ghost of his mother. Never growing up, he searches for the perfect host to hold his mother’s spirit.
    Ledian has a childish attitude that gives him the power to fly higher than anyone.

    Furret. An enemy to some, a friend to everyone. She is the leader of her tribe and always finds time for fun, pleasure and peace. Full of grace, she always keeps people right and always takes everyone’s input as seriously as it is needed to be taken.
    Furret has the heart of a Goddess.

    Sudowoodo. An immortal soul trapped in the vortex of life. He has seen many centuries come and go as he stands alone amongst the trees of his home near Ecruteak City. Caged forever, he watches the people and Pokémon come and go, live and die.
    Sudowoodo lives eternally to watch the world die.

    Azumarill. A powerful light that always shows the path home. She spends all her days searching for a place to call home but never finds it. Forever looking, she longs to find her family and the place of her birth.
    Azumarill has the light to guide others but cannot find herself.

    Smeargle. A carefree artist with no interest in the affairs of others. He paints all day; he paints all night and never finds time for another in his life. A colourful person, he reads the souls of others when he paints them.
    Smeargle has the magic that shows you who you are.

    Espeon. A dark child who only wants to find the good within herself. She guards the Ruins of Alph with her older brother and is bound to stay there eternally by the family bonds. Trapped and alone, she quietly goes insane with the darkness that consumes her soul.
    Espeon has the darkness to help you find your own light.

    Umbreon. A light child who only wants to find something wrong with himself. He guards the Ruins of Alph with his little sister and is forced away from love by the bonds of his family. With one dark secret, he finds the power inside to help others admit who they really are.
    Umbreon has the light to help fend of the darkness.

    Kirlia. A prisoner of the mighty Blastoise, she fights for freedom. She lies on the icy floors of the Water Tower, trapped by her choices. Unclear on where her path may lead her, she helps others to find their way.
    Kirlia has the power to help anyone find his or her future.

    Xatu. A formidable woman who brings everyone together. She guards the Temple of Power with her immense psychic abilities and feels nothing for those she has to hurt in order to protect her people. Forever unforgiving, she will stop anyone who crosses her path.
    Xatu has the eyes to see the horrible future Deoxys wishes to create.

    Jumpluff. Although a tiny woman, she has a heart bigger than anyone. She was trapped by Deoxys as soon as she made contact with Lapras and had her power unlocked. Always happy, she thinks of others before herself.
    Jumpluff’s greatest strength can also be her weakness.

    Bellossom. A small woman with a loud voice and an even louder attitude. She is not afraid to speak her mind and will, literally, be there for you in an instant. Charming and chiming, she’ll always to her best to keep her friends happy.
    Bellossom has the sound to travel across the oceans of time and space.

    Heracross. A burly brute of a man who has the courage of a bug. He is scared of almost anything, including flying, but he’ll always try his best. Courageous or not, he’ll try to fly higher than anyone.
    Heracross lacks courage he gives to others.

    Deoxys. A powerful advisory that does not bring others feelings into consideration. It consists of four separate beings, two are female, Normal and Speed, and two are male, Attack and Defence. A major multiple personality disorder, it is a danger to anyone and everyone on the world.
    Deoxys has a cry to pierce even the lightest day and chase away the darkest shadow.


    I would really like your opinions on this fic as I spent an awful lot of time working on it and planning out every chapter from now until the end.

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    Seems like it'll be interesting. Although you mentioned a Blastoise but gave no info about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belldandy
    Seems like it'll be interesting. Although you mentioned a Blastoise but gave no info about it.
    Blastoise isn't in it until later and is not really a main harcter. Like I said, these are charaters profiles for all the main characters from chapters 001 to 004, the others from beyond there haven't been added yet.
    I've already got this fic (up until chapter 004) posted on SPPF and, as I've edited the Prologue as I went along, some of the characters don't make an appearance until later.

    While I'm here, I might as well post chapter 001.
    Two things before we begin:
    1) ~This represents telepathic speech between two or more characters or thoughts being transmitted into another's mind~

    2) As you'll probably understand, this, in italics, represents what a character is thinking at whatever time or place they find themselves to be. However, I would like to point, this will not always be the case, sometimes you own't be able to know what a characters is thinking until the right time comes about or you may never find out at all, depends how important it is.

    Chapter 001 is quite long (I think it's the longest chapter out of what I've done so far, although I predict Chapter 007 will be a little longer).

    Anyways, I can't think of anything else more to say now except here's the chapter, enjoy!

    Part 01 - Gaining A Loss - Chapter 001 - Familiar Faces

    Great, a large green plant thought to herself as she wandered back to the place she was staying. Another plain old average day like any other; I wish something exciting would happen soon, her thoughts continued as she trudged along a grassy plains. She paused for a moment and looked around her.

    There was nothing but grass for miles. A tree or two dotted the horizon and the occasional Pidgey would flit by. This plant was a long way from her roots now. A long way away from a place she once called home…


    Run! Run! Run! The words pounded through Azumarill as she ran through the forest near Ecruteak City. It was chasing her once more because she tried to talk to it. Her large black, springy tail bounced off the ground as her tiny blue feet pulled her through the thick trees that were slowly closing in on her. Run! Run! Run!

    She stopped just for a minute to catch her breath and perked up her large blue ears to see if she could hear anything. The blue aqua-rabbit could hear a swarm of Beedrill high above her. There was also a large waterfall near her location, about half a mile south of where she currently was.
    If I can get there, I’ll be safe, she thought to herself, But for how long?

    Azumarill shrugged off her thoughts and continued to race through the forest until she found a large crystal-blue lake with a large waterfall falling into its depths. She smiled quietly and plunged into the water and a memory swelled up inside her. She was nearly home…


    One more left to come, Furret said to herself as she patiently waiting for the last member of her tribe to return to their burrows. He’d left very early that morning to investigate the sudden increase of water in the earth that was currently forcing her people out of their homes. It was close to midnight; the moon had set up shop directly above her striped, creamy body. Her glassy eyes rose to it. Please save my people, she said silently to the moon, Don’t let them die; keep them safe forever.

    The moon did not reply and Furret returned to staring out into the open fields surrounding her home. There was nothing but dirt where she lived. Sure, there was a watering hole a few miles south, the forest wasn’t too far from here and Ecruteak City was not too far beyond the forest but here, where she was now, was such an empty place. It made her feel hollow…


    Espeon lay silently on the grass next to her big brother. He had fallen asleep a few hours ago just as the moon was reaching its peak in the night sky. Umbreon hadn’t slept in days. He had a tendency to lie awake for almost weeks at a time waiting for his beloved to return. But that would never happen because their father had forbidden it. Even with his dying breath, he made Umbreon promise that Absol will never set foot in the Ruins of Alph again because Absol had turned his perfect son into a monster. . .


    Umbreon twitched in his sleep, thinking about his beloved Absol. He smiled, remembering the times they had shared together and continuously planning his escape from the Ruins to find his Absol once more.

    Umbreon stirred in his sleep, “Absol?” he asked groggily as he looked around him.

    Absol was nowhere in sight. All there was were these annoying, very dull, very boring ruins that he had sworn to protect from the moment he evolved into Umbreon. He didn’t have to stay at the ruins all the time then. He could be with Absol when he didn’t have to guard the ruins. But, now that his father was dead, it was up to him and his little sister to stay in the Ruins of Alph until their deaths and protect them from anyone who may wish to cause them harm or misuse the ancient powers locked within its depths. . .


    I must catch her! Sudowoodo’s thoughts raced through his mind as he chased the Azumarill through the forest. She’s the only one who can save me!

    He stopped when the blue aqua-rabbit stopped. She was listening for him but she’d no doubt head south for the waterfall. She should be able to hear that, too.

    Sudowoodo decided to take the initiative and rushed to the waterfall as fast as his stumpy legs could take. As he ran, the tree branches around him clawed at his rough, barky skin, tearing it, making it look like tatters. He didn’t care. He had to get to Azumarill. She had the power to find people…


    In his home in Ecruteak City, Smeargle merrily painted his neighbour, a very rich and powerful female Granbull, as she told him about her recent happenings in life. As if he could care.

    “So and then she says ‘but I don’t have your cream pie’ and I knew that it was a total lie because she had cream on her lips,” the Granbull blabbered on, her blubbery purple cheeks flapping about as she spoke. “And I told her that it wasn’t about the cream pie; it’s about the principle of thievery!”

    Madame Granbull was also known to have a little drink now and then.

    “And she would not get away with this act of war upon my house!” The purple bulldog Pokémon rose to her feet and the fat that swirled around her body became a mesmerising vortex of blubber.

    Smeargle didn’t look unlike a dog of sorts himself. Although he had a very light, creamy body with large brown ears, a collar and brown wristbands, he did have one feature that set him aside from everyone – his tail. He had a long thin, tail that became a paintbrush that could paint in any colour under the sun.

    “And so I called the authorities,” the woman sat back down again. “And I said to them. . .” Smeargle zoned out and stopped listening to her.

    Smeargle wasn’t particularly interested in what the over-sized bitch had to say. All he wanted to do was to try and capture any good inside her in his painting.
    There is good in everyone, the painter Pokémon said to himself, I know she has some strand of good within her giant mass. . .


    Tree. . .tree. . .ooo, a shrub. . .tree. . . Ledian identified the various objects scattered throughout this vast field he found himself to be flying over. Tree. . .shrub. . .Sunflora. . .tree, the Ledian paused for a moment and hovered in the air several feet above and away from the walking sunflower. She’s kinda cute, he whispered to himself.

    The large, thin ladybug-like creature decided to land and talk to her. He began to lower his altitude and landed softly on the grassy ground below. Ledian walked closer to the Sunflora slowly and carefully in case she attacked him.

    “Hi,” he said, still a few metres away from her.

    “Hello,” she said back, not moving closer or further away.

    Ledian took it as a good sign that she wasn’t running away from him like many other Sunflora did.

    “Is there something I can do for you?” The Sunflora now looked a little anxious to get away.

    The voice of Ledian's mother floated into his mind ~She is perfect. She will make an excellent host for my soul.~

    “Actually there is.” Ledian smiled as he walked closer to her, a little step at a time, “Have you ever been to Ecruteak City?” he asked.

    “No,” the walking, talking sunflower replied, “Why?” she added, now growing very impatient.

    I have places to be, Pokémon to help, she thought to herself, Whatever he wants to say, he’d better say it fast!

    Yes, she is a perfect host; a little impatient, I’ll grant you, but still pretty cool. Ledian chuckled a little. She is perfect.

    “You know there’s a really nice…” Ledian began.

    “You know what? I really don’t have time for this!” Sunflora interrupted, “Excuse me, please,” she added politely as she began to walk away, but Ledian blocked her path, “It’s imperative that I get to Goldenrod City. Now, please, let me pass,”

    Sunflora knew there was a chance Ledian would be able to defeat her if it came down to a battle. He was part flying type, after all, which was a very useful type to use when dealing with plants.

    I really must stop thinking like a human, Sunflora thought as she stared the Ledian down.

    High-pitched screams began to ring throughout the large field. Sunflora and Ledian began to look around to see if anyone was in danger.

    “What was that?” Ledian looked around him, searching for the cause of the scream.

    “Look!” Sunflora pointed as best she could with her large petal hands.

    Ledian followed the direction of her gaze and saw a group of Furret running in their direction.

    “Look out!” the lead female Furret yelled to them.

    Behind her and her tribe was a large tidal wave – vicious and unforgiving.

    “C’mon!” Ledian called to them as he turned to run towards Ecruteak.

    “But I have to get to Goldenrod,” Sunflora complained as she started in the opposite direction.

    “You won’t make it!” Ledian argued.

    “I will!” Sunflora moved closer to him and yelled in his face, “I will! I will! I WILL!” she screamed.

    Ledian sighed and threw her over his shoulder and flew up into the air.

    Furret had to admit, she found all this chaos rather amusing and pleasing.

    “Tribe Leader.” A young male Furret approached her. “Where shall we head for?” he asked her.

    “Um. . .” Furret thought for a moment.

    Ecruteak! Ecruteak! Her thoughts screamed to her, They wouldn’t make it to Goldenrod!

    A darkened voice entered her mind ~Send them to Goldenrod,~ it ordered her.

    “Go to Goldenrod. We’ll make it,” Furret said absentmindedly, “Don’t worry. Go!”

    Furret and the rest of her tribe began running towards Goldenrod, which the waves were already consuming.

    “No!” Ledian turned back and grabbed the Tribe Leader in his arms, “Stop please!” he called out to the other Furret, as the waves began to envelope them, “NO!

    Furret smiled slightly, just a little, as she watched her tribe die. She enjoyed the darkness enough to scare her.

    Ledian sighed at Furret's decision and carried the females to Ecruteak City where he knew his good friend, a male Smeargle, would be able to accommodate them. . .


    Azumarills lungs called out for oxygen as she hid herself deep under the water near the large cascading waterfall. She could hear the Sudowoodo looking for her.

    This Sudowoodo is a relentless beast, she thought to herself, Maybe I should try talking to him and, if that fails, I guess I could blast him with some water.

    The blue aqua-rabbit poked her ears out of the water, followed by her head. She’d talk to him from a safe distance and from in the water where he couldn’t hurt her.


    The Sudowoodo turned to face the water, startled by someone wanting to talk to him, “Me?” he asked, pointing to himself.

    “Yes, why are you chasing me?” she came close enough to stand on the ground but not close enough to leave the water, “Do you want something from me?”

    “Sort of.” the fake tree edged closer. “You have an ability, not unlike my own, to guide people to their destiny.” he stepped into the water without flinching, “I need to know if I am forever bound to this forest, or if there is some escape for me.”

    Azumarill's ears perked up. Pokémon shouting. Waves crashing. Water rushing. Goldenrod destroyed. She heard it all and something, or someone, had turned a large tidal wave in their direction.

    If the tidal wave was to hit, the forest and Sudowoodo would be destroyed. Although death was not his only option, it may provide an ideal escape for the fake tree.

    “There is,” Azumarill said, “There’s a large tidal wave heading this way,” her ears told her. “We have to get out of here, come on!” she yelled and grabbed Sudowoodo by the hand and dragged him through the forest.

    “But I can never leave here!” the fake tree complained as trees raced passed them.

    “I won’t leave you here to die!” Azumarill said to him as she blasted some branches out of their path. “No one, not even you, deserves to die.”

    Sudowoodo suddenly felt warmth he had never experienced before. For once, somebody cared about him. Trainers had tried to catch him, each one pouring water over him and forcing him to fight for his life against Pokémon ranging from the smallest Caterpie to the largest Tyranitar.

    But this Azumarill, the one creature he knew could help him, actually wanted to help him! He’d never felt so excited before.

    “We should head for Ecruteak City. I know a guy there who can help us out,” Azumarill said as the edge of the forest came into sight.

    The two plunged through the barrier that separated forest from city and Sudowoodo felt freedom for the first time. . .


    Umbreon allowed a tear to fall from his large red eyes as he watched the sunrise. He used to do this every morning with Absol – watch the sunrise. Another tear fell. They’d just sit there, watching, gazing at its beauty. Another few tears fell from his lonely eyes. Umbreon would nuzzle into Absol’s thick white fur and just sleep.

    “Are you ok?” Umbreon’s sister, Espeon, asked as she moved to sit beside him.

    “I’m fine,” Umbreon said without turning to face her.

    ~You called out for Absol when you were sleeping~ Espeon spoke into his mind ~and, although you don’t care to admit it openly, you were crying over him again~

    Umbreon merely sighed and moved away from her. He hated it when she read his thoughts.

    “Espeon?” Umbreon called calmly to his sister, “Can you come here a moment?”

    Although she knew he couldn't see her, Espeon nodded and carefully walked through the Ruins to reach where her brother was now sitting. He was sitting on top of one of the caverns, just above the entrance and was looking in the direction of Goldenrod City. Espeon quickly darted up the rocks to reach him. She gasped in horror as she saw the waves crashing about, heading towards them.

    “You should teleport out of here,” Umbreon whispered to his sister, “You’ll be safe.”

    “I won’t leave you.” tears fell from her deep purple eyes. “How will you escape?”

    “I’ll find a way.” Umbreon sighed as he hugged his sister as best he could with four legs and no arms. "Don’t worry about me,” he said as the waves drew in closer, “Now, go!”

    Espeon pushed away from her brother and, in a flash of blue light, teleported away.

    At least she’ll be safe, Umbreon said to himself, knowing she could no longer hear him.

    Then he turned, facing away from the giant wave, and ran down the side of the rock-face while the waves began to crash around him. He knew he wouldn’t make it but had to try.

    As the waves drew closer, Umbreon knew he would die here, today, without seeing his Absol again.

    As the waves drew closer, Umbreon felt teeth gently clamping around the back of his neck and he was hoisted up above the waves by a mysterious yet familiar creature. . .


    “Thank you, Madame Granbull,” Smeargle said pleasantly as he waved goodbye to the purple mass, “See you again soon, bye!” he sighed as he placed the money she had paid him in a drawer near the front of his four-roomed house.

    His house was small and only consisted of a ground floor, a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. He had a basement as well that was primarily used when guests came over for a long visit or if travelers needed a place to stay.

    There was a sudden rattling at his front door. Smeargle sighed once more, picked up his long tail and swung the door open, revealing his friend, a male Ledian.

    Ledian looked exhausted, “Smeargle, we need a place to stay for a while.”

    “Of course. You and your friends are more than welcome.” Smeargle smiled.

    Ledian thanked him and led Sunflora and Furret inside.

    “Please, sit.” Smeargle motioned to a dark leather sofa as he headed into the kitchen.

    The three Pokémon sat down on the sofa and looked around the room uncomfortably.

    Smeargle returned a few moments later carrying four glasses of water. He handed each Pokémon a glass and kept one for himself.

    “What brings you here today?” he asked Ledian.

    “Big flood. Destroyed Goldenrod. We escaped,” Ledian replied before taking a sip of the water.

    There was suddenly another pounding on his door.

    “Excuse me for a moment,” Smeargle sighed, annoyed at how many visitors he was receiving today. “Yes?” he asked sternly as he opened the door.

    “Someone’s in a bad mood today,” Azumarill said as she pushed past him and walked joyfully into the living room with Sudowoodo at her heels.

    “Who’s he?” Smeargle asked when he entered the living room.

    “This is Sudowoodo. His forest was destroyed by a flood,” Azumarill explained, “Who are these?”

    “You remember Ledian?” Smeargle introduced everyone, “And these are his newest. . .uh, conquests? Sunflora and Furret,”

    “Howdy.” Furret sighed. “We are not his conquests, he forced us here when that giant flood thing began chasing us."

    "I wanted to go to Goldenrod," Sunflora said as she smiled a 'hello' to Azumarill and Sudowoodo, "Can we leave yet? I'm bored and have people to save."

    “None of you can leave, not yet,” Sudowoodo finally spoke out.

    The other six Pokémon turned to face him, curiosity brewing on their faces, waiting for an explanation.


    A blue flash of light shot from the Ruins of Alph and landed on the bright red roof of Smeargle's house. Espeon and Smeargle had had some contact before when Espeon's dark abilities grew beyond her control. Smeargle had helped her gain control by painting her soul and showing that she was not evil.

    Now, here she was again, looking for more answers. Was she evil for leaving her brother alone?

    Espeon was startled to hear the voices of other Pokémon inside Smeargle's home. Although, in the opinion of her mother, reading the thoughts of others was not polite, Espeon felt a powerful force compelling her to listen.

    Is this some kind of trick; was he working with Ledian and Smeargle to lure us here? Sunflora and Furret shared very similar thoughts; it was this intriguing sensation of their combination that drew Espeon to the group.

    But, before she stepped in, she listened to the thoughts of the others intently.

    Why did they all have to come here? I don’t care! This Smeargle was an interesting creature and he had so many levels to him. But his thoughts were lying. He was aware of Espeon’s presence. But, for once, Smeargle did seem to care about these Pokémon.

    They don’t yet understand. I hope they believe me, the Sudowoodo however had the most sheltered thoughts of them all. He could quite easily hide his mind from her.

    Much like the Ledian could hide his thoughts. All I want is to bring my mother back into this world, why do I have to get involved in these trivial matters? Ledian’s thoughts had always eluded her, except for now.

    Can I really help this Sudowoodo? Does he need their help too? What could these Pokémon possibly help him with? What do they know? What are they hiding? Cheese. . . The Azumarill had some strange thoughts to her, she was a confused child lost in the world of adults.

    Espeon decided that now was as good a time as any to join the rest of her friends. Although she could not explain it, she knew these Pokémon and knew that they were about to embark on a long and harsh journey full of tough battles, intense pain and death.


    A blue light then filled the small living room as Espeon appeared. Each of the seven Pokémon felt something click in their minds and they felt a strange connection with each other that they had not felt before.

    It had now become apparent to each of them that they had all met before. Somehow, somewhere, they knew each other and someone, or something, had blocked their memories of such an event.

    Was this blockage created to protect us? Hurt us? Or, maybe, keep us out of the way. . .


    Umbreon had not felt this at peace in a long time. Lying in a plush grassy field full of flowers just outside Violet City with his Absol, who had just rescued him from something he couldn’t imagine being worse than what it actually was.

    The flood was only the beginning. Umbreon felt this now as his head became filled with new knowledge that would separate him from Absol once again. He remembered everything. Something that was previously blocked from his mind was now calling out to him. Less than three months ago, Xatu had called him to an ancient temple where he, his sister and six other Pokémon had granted the power to save the world from the largest threat it could ever know – Deoxys…


    The next chapter, which is called The Design Of Power, will explain some things and is, probably, the shortest hapter I'll ever write for this fic. Until I get round to posting that, howeer, I would like to know what you thought of chapter one.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again:

    Quote Originally Posted by Miloticktock
    Smeargle wasn’t particularly interested in what the over-sized ***** had to say.
    Asterics just detract from the fic and pull you out of it. Either use the word itself, or don't use anything to hint at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackjack Gabbiani
    Asterics just detract from the fic and pull you out of it. Either use the word itself, or don't use anything to hint at it.
    I had no idea those were there, I thought I had used the actual word. . .wow, that's weird. . .I'll edit that to include the actual word, thanx for pointing that out to me :)


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