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    (Anime/game. This fic is rated E10 for ages ten and up)

    Welcome to my first (hopefully continued) fic on Bulbagarden. Which is probably accurately described as an OT fic.

    Yes, I know OT fics are probably overdone (at least they are on Serebii), but I really want to do this. it is.

    Proving Grounds: Kanto

    Chapter 1: A New Trainer’s Start! Enter: Derak Kadir!

    Phenac City, Orre…a city filled with water and riches. In recent years, the city had expanded beyond its former boundaries, becoming a thriving metropolis in which hundreds of citizens performed their daily chores, alongside mystical creatures known as Pokemon. Sand-colored bricks held the city in place, as well as allowing the fascinating blue substance to travel freely.

    Children frolicked in the city’s recently improved fountain, splashing water onto their friends and siblings. Children ten years of age or above were often seen training their Pokemon. Senior citizens gazed happily at Phenac’s beauty, feeling blessed to reside in such a marvelous city.

    There was one child, however, who was static to all that occurred around him. This boy was outside the city, staring back with eyes of sapphire with a burlap sack slung over one shoulder. His ebon hair was smooth and slick, stretching down to the top of his neck and drifting lower in miniscule dreadlocks, coated across the top with three streaks of green, orange and blue. His clothes were colorful for such a seemingly cold individual, consisting of; an orange torso, a short blue right sleeve, a short green left sleeve, a mud-like coloration on the right pant leg, and a yellow left pant leg.

    Colorful this boy may be, he remained invisible to all who frolicked in Phenac.

    “Finally, I’m out of there…,” the child muttered, “and not a moment too soon. I turned ten this morning.”

    Derak Kadir was this boy’s name, and he knew full well of how one’s first Pokemon was obtained. A child was to reach their tenth birthday, and it was on that day they would be permitted to receive a Pokemon as their starter. Although he knew this, he knew little about Pokemon in general. This he planned to fix soon.

    “Let’s see how Anoch deals with my ‘absence’,” Derak smirked, referring to his father not by ‘Father’ or simply ‘Dad’, merely his first name: Anoch.

    “POLICE!” a voice bellowed from Phenac, shattering the tranquility and causing Derak’s stare to become cold, “WHERE ARE THE FREAKING POLICE?!”

    “Figures,” Derak sighed, “Well, guess that’s my cue to hit the road.”

    As Derak turned and allowed crimson shoes to scrape the desert surrounding Phenac, he speculated that his father’s demands were becoming increasingly more noticeable by the village far north of Phenac, Agate. Ignoring every stream of words flowing rudely from his former home, Derak set his course for the neighboring area: Pyrite Town.


    Derak wished to avoid his father, and the police, for as long as possible. This meant that to do so, he was to enter the darker, shadier town of Pyrite. Known as “the town of earth, wind, and money”, Pyrite entirely mirrored the splendor of Derak’s native Phenac; buildings were coated brown with rust and dirt, residents eyeing one another darkly while idly tossing Pokeballs in their hands, and the occasional small Pokemon darting from alley to alley.

    “Hey, kid,” called a voice from Derak’s right, “welcome to Pyrite. You’re not a trainer yet, are ya?”

    The voice came from Cail, Pyrite’s gatekeeper. Well known for being a strong trainer himself, Cail’s black jumpsuit held five spheres that were half red, half white with a black streak in the middle. His long, green hair stretched to the bottom of his neck, a pair of black-and-orange goggles strapped to the top of his head.

    “No,” Derak answered simply, still gripping his burlap sack.

    “Well, the lab’s that way,” said Cail, pointing a black gloved hand outside Pyrite.

    “I’ll be going there as soon as Anoch quits yelling ‘police, police’,” Derak replied.

    “You’re Derak, right?” Cail asked, tilting his head slightly.

    “How’d you guess?” Derak answered, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

    “Just luck,” Cail shrugged, “since your dad’s pretty well known for hating Pokemon. Why does he, anyway?”

    Derak thought for several seconds, racking his brain for an answer.

    “Dunno,” the ten-year-old responded, “but I heard him say something about them being ‘childish’ at one point.”

    “Huh,” Cail nodded silently before speaking again, “So, judging by the sack, I’m guessing you ditched him?”

    Derak couldn’t help but smile. If only Cail had been his older brother…

    “Heh, score one for Cail,” the gatekeeper chuckled, “But, congrats anyway. Didn’t think you’d put up with him for much longer. Seriously, I can hear that guy ranting from all the way here in Pyrite!”

    “Yeah,” Derak agreed, “that’s always been Anoch’s problem: he just can’t shut up.”

    “So,” Cail began, “since the cops are on your tail, mind if I tag along ‘till you get to Gateon?”

    Now it was Derak’s turn to tilt his head.

    “You sure you can do that?” he asked.

    “We in Pyrite don’t respect a whole lot of rules, remember,” Cail explained, “Besides, I haven’t had a chance for a good battle in a long time. Going after cops is something that practically runs in my blood. That, and I wanna see the look on Johnson’s face when he loses ya.”

    Derak tilted his head to another angle…this was a hard question. On one hand, he wanted to travel alone, with only Pokemon by his side. On the other hand, Cail was somewhat easy for Derak to get along with. After a few moments, the runaway ten-year-old gave his answer.

    “All right,” he said, “Deal.”

    Cail smirked.

    “Sweet,” the gatekeeper stated, “And, don’t worry: I’ll get you the lab before you can count to ten…”

    “One, two, three…,” Derak began, smirking.

    “Uh…ten-thousand,” Cail added.

    “You cheater,” accused Derak.

    “Seriously, though, lemme show you my ride.”


    Outside of Pyrite, Cail and Derak stood in front of a black vehicle. It greatly resembled a motorcycle, although a front wheel did not exist. A side car was attached to one side, and six shining silver pipes—three on each side—rested on the back of the vehicle.

    “With this baby,” Cail began, “we can go through Orre without a problem! Yeah, she can go from zero to sixty in a few seconds, so no cop can catch up.”

    “Unless they ‘rip off’ your ride,” said Derak.

    Cail barely noticed Derak; he was too busy praising the capabilities of his motorcycle. It was then that Derak looked behind him, and became somewhat uncertain.

    “Uh…Cail?” Derak said.

    “Yeah,” Cail said, “what?”

    Upon seeing several police officers clad in blue standing directly behind him, he merely let out an “oh”. Among the officers was Officer Johnson, clothed in a navy uniform matched with crimson pants and a tall blue hat. A pair of brown, angry eyes glared from Johnson’s face at the two.

    “Cail, what are you doing?” Johnson demanded, “That boy has run away from home! Why are you showing him your bike?”

    “Hey, Officer,” Derak began, cutting off Cail’s comeback, “you know what the difference between a house and a home is? Apparantley not, ‘cause that place wasn’t my home. As far as I’m concerned, I’m homeless.”

    Smart kid, Cail thought as Derak bravely stood up to Johnson.

    “Uh, uh…,” Johnson stuttered, taken quite aback, “That—you—Mr. Kadir…”

    “Cail, you mind dropping me off at the lab?” Derak asked as Johnson began sputtering words at random.

    “Fine by me,” Cail replied, “Hop in.”

    “H-hey, wait!” Johnson called, raising a hand “Stop in the name of the…”

    Cail had already driven his motorcycle away, Derak in tow on the sidecar.

    “…law,” Johnson finished, his hand falling limply to his side, “Men, get a team ready. We need to bring back that runaway SASP…what?” he added, noting the confused expressions on the faces of his men.


    Cail departed shortly after dropping Derak off, leaving him on the dirt pathway leading to the place where starting Pokemon were only recently added; the Pokemon HQ Lab. The pure white walls radiated an aura of cleanliness, much unlike the town of Pyrite, where rust and filth seemed to have no end. Sliding glass doors provided the entrances and exits to the Lab, and a structure resembling a giant Pokeball rested on the roof.

    “Ah, hello there!” a brown-haired man stepped through a door, smiling kindly, “What’s your name?”

    “If you have to guess,” said Derak, “it’s not Bob.”

    “Hmm…you seem somewhat cynical for a boy your age,” the man remarked, “By any chance, are you Derak Kadir?”

    “Isn’t there ANYONE in Orre who doesn’t know my name?” Derak sighed, slapping himself in the forehead.

    “I’m afraid not, Derak,” the man shook his head, “My name is Professor Krane. I’m somewhat well known for developing the Purification Chamber during the second Shadow Pokemon incident, but in more recent years I’ve been handing out starter Pokemon to Orre’s young trainers.”

    “Look, Professor,” Derak began, “I didn’t come here to listen to your life story.”

    “Of course,” Krane’s spectacled face smiled despite the somewhat insulting phrase Derak had uttered, “Please, come inside.”

    Derak followed the Professor into the Lab, where he was led into a room on the left side of the first floor. It was then that the boy suddenly froze in his tracks. There, on four steel table, were nine Pokeballs—three for each table. The first table held a green Pokeball, an orange one, and a blue one in addition.

    “From left to right,” Krane began, “we have the starting Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and last but not least, Sinnoh. You’re free to choose from any one of these Pokemon, but you can only choose one.”

    “…what do I have to choose from?” Derak asked, confused.

    “I’m surprised your father allowed you to come, Derak, given how little you know about Pokemon. What did you do to convince him?” Derak’s response to Krane’s question was to glare for a brief period of time, “Oh, so you ran away?”

    “What did you expect?” Derak answered, “He always kept me away from anything Pokemon-related, not to mention he made me study junk I don’t care about since I was five. I was tired of it. Now, like I asked before, what are the choices?”

    “Well, there’s—” Krane began, but a shouting voice cut him off.

    “In there!” the voice cried, “The kid’s in there!”

    “Not them again…,” Derak groaned as a group of men wearing blue-and-black outfits stomped inside, “Oh, so it’s not the cops.”

    “No, we’re better than the cops!” one man grunted, “We’re the Retrievers; we track down Pokemon and humans who’ve run away! Your father’s promised us a big reward if we bring you back to him, so shut up and come on!”

    “Back off!” Derak snapped, taking a step back, “I’m not going back there, got it?!”

    As though it heard him, the orange Pokeball on the Sinnoh table began wobbling from side to side. With a click, it opened to unleash a burst of white light that passed Derak and landed on the polished floor in front of him. The light took a monkey-like shape before it faded away, revealing a small Pokemon.

    The Pokemon seemed monkey-like in appearance. Orange fur covered almost all of its body, and yellow skin on its hands, face, and front ensured a slightly colorful appearance. A small tuft of hair resembling a flame spiked from the top of the Pokemon’s head, and a spiral pattern was etched onto its stomach. Large, hazel eyes would have made the Pokemon seem cute had it not been for the eyes appearing dark and vicious. A flame flickered on the monkey’s rear, serving as a small tail that did it no harm.

    “Wait, what’s that?” Derak asked, “Is that…a Pokemon?”

    “Yes, it is,” Krane nodded, “It’s a Chimchar, Sinnoh’s Fire-type starter.”

    “Chim-CHAR!” the Chimchar cried in a somewhat squeaky voice, fists clenched tightly in an aggressive posture, “Char char, chim char!”

    “Isn’t that cuuuuute!” laughed the leader of the Retrievers, the one who had spoken earlier, “That little Chimchar thinks it can take us on! It hardly knows what it’s up against, does it? Since we’re gonna have to stun the kid anyway, I think I’ll give my Pokemon a little practice.”

    The lead Retriever pulled a Pokeball from his belt, smirking.

    “Elekid, get it!” he bellowed, lobbing his red-and-white Pokeball into the air.

    Like Chimchar, this Pokemon also appeared in a flash of light, though this one seemed vaguely more humanoid. As the light cleared, a small yellow Pokemon became visible. Black, horizontal stripes ran across the sides of its egg-shaped torso, leaving a small black lightning bolt insignia between their stopping points. Egg-shaped feet attached to black legs held this Pokemon up, and a pair of bulky, yellow, black-striped arms hung limply at its sides. A pair of what appeared to be plug-like appendages sprouted from the Pokemon’s head. Scowling eyes glared beneath the plugs, and a mouth bared its small fangs at its opponent.

    “Bee-BEEP!” Elekid cried, swinging its arms in circles angrily.

    “That’s an Elekid!” Krane cried, “Derak, take command of Chimchar; I think it’s chosen you as its trainer!”

    “Uh, okay then,” replied Derak, unsure, “Chimchar, use…uh…something…”

    This seemed to do for Chimchar, for it reared its head back before lurching forward, spitting a storm of flaming orbs towards Elekid. The attack came too fast for the yellow Pokemon to block, forcing it to stumble back slightly. Its bulky, clawed arms did no good in defending Elekid against the attack, leaving even its trainer in shock.

    “That’s a strong Ember, kid,” chuckled Elekid’s trainer, “but it’s not strong enough! Elekid, use Thundershock!”

    “Bee, bee, bee, bee-bee-bee-BEEP!” Elekid cried as its arms began rotating rapidly once more. Instead of an intimidation tactic, however, the pattern was used this time to form a spark of electricity between the Pokemon’s plugs. Soon, the spark formed a weak bolt of electricity, which began to fly towards Chimchar.

    “Uh…Chimchar, dodge it?” Derak managed, though still unconfident.

    As instructed, the monkey leapt into the air and away from the Thundershock with spectacular speed. It performed a mid-air flip just before its hand-like feet touched solid ground once more. Elekid angrily bared its fangs, frustrated at the failure of its attack.

    “Now, Ember again!” Derak ordered, becoming more confident with ordering Chimchar.

    Chimchar blasted Elekid with another Ember, this one further injuring the yellow Pokemon. The fiery assault continued as Elekid futilely attempted to block the attack using its bulky arms, each sphere of flame spat by Chimchar striking Elekid’s front. Soon, as the storm ceased, Elekid was left with ebon burn marks scattered across its arms.

    “Don’t take that, Elekid!” boomed the egg-shaped Pokemon’s trainer, “Quick Attack, now!”

    Elekid proved that the move known as Quick Attack certainly lived up to its name, a trail of light following the speeding Pokemon as it rushed towards Chimchar. Slamming into the monkey with a violent tackle, Elekid knocked Chimchar back with such force that the fire monkey was thrown back into Derak’s leg.

    “You okay?” Derak asked Chimchar, only to receive no response as Chimchar rose into its aggressive stance once more, “I don’t get what your problem is, Chimchar, but I guess I’ll live with it for now. Ember again!”

    “Not this time, runt,” chuckled the lead Retriever, “Elekid, Light Screen!”

    Elekid’s bulked-up arms spread out, obeying the orders of its trainer. The Pokemon’s trainer was expecting a panel of glass to form between Elekid and Chimchar’s Ember, effectively blocking the attack. Instead, however, the burns on Elekid’s arms began to sting, which caused Elekid enough pain to prevent it from using the attack. Ember struck home, the attack’s abnormal power causing Elekid to stumble back in a futile attempt to escape the storm. The attack did end, but Elekid was immediately struck by Chimchar clawing it in the face, knocking Elekid down and out.

    “Beee…,” groaned the small Pokemon, face blank and mouth hanging open.

    “What the…Elekid, return,” grunted the lead Retriever, pointing Elekid’s Pokeball at it. A red beam of light fired from the center of the ball, which absorbed Elekid inside of it. The Retriever looked to his men for advice, but seeing as he was the only one with any Pokemon, none was given.

    “You win this time, kid,” the man began, “but we’ll be back to bring you in!”

    “I’m SO sure,” Derak replied, sarcasm dripping from his words.

    The Retrievers hustled out, leaving Derak alone with Krane and Chimchar.

    “That was great, Chimchar,” Derak congratulated, “You were awesome.”

    Again, Chimchar made no response. Derak confusedly tilted his head to one side.

    “What’s with Chimchar, anyway?” he asked.

    “I was afraid it would do this,” Krane muttered, “You see, Chimchar is the least social of all the Pokemon. It focuses on nothing but battling, rarely showing any emotion other than anger. There are some rumors of trainers treating their Pokemon as if they are machines, and my guess is Chimchar believed those rumors true; it thinks it’s a machine.”

    “You’ve gotta be—Chimchar,” Derak began, “you’re not a machine. You’re a living being. Y’know, heart and stomach and all that stuff…right?”

    “Chim char char,” though Chimchar did respond, it did so with a monotonous voice, despite its high pitch.

    “Speaking of which…,” Derak began, “I think I’d better give you a name or something. I’ve been at it for about ten minutes or so and I already hate calling you ‘Chimchar’ over and over.”

    “An excellent idea!” Krane remarked, “Perhaps you can reopen Chimchar’s mind.”

    Derak simply stared at him as if the professor of Orre had suddenly grown a third arm from his forehead.

    “It’s an expression,” Krane responded.

    “Meaning…?” asked Derak.

    “Look,” said Krane, “why don’t you name Chimchar now? If you give it a name, and treat it kindly, over time it may cease to believe that it’s a machine.”

    “Fine,” Derak agreed prior to placing the tips of his fingers to his head, “Agh…what am I gonna name you…Blaze…nah, that sucks…wild…yeah, that sounds good. How about ‘Wildfire’? How’s that sound?”

    The newly-named Chimchar once again made no response.

    “I think it fits very well,” Krane commented, “Here’s Chim—uh, Wildfire’s Pokeball. Point the Pokeball at it and say anything along the lines of…no, it’s better if I show you.”

    He pointed the orange Pokeball towards Wildfire.

    “Wildfire, return,” Krane stated, and the red beam of light absorbed Wildfire just as another had done to Elekid moments before, “Say anything along the lines of that and Wildfire will be recalled into its Pokeball. Oh, and here is a Pokedex; it analyzes and catalogs Pokemon you point it at. I assume you will be leaving for Kanto first?”

    Derak nodded as he accepted the Pokedex. The device resembled a compact video game system with an orange hue to it.

    “Excellent,” Krane continued, “Normally, trainers from Kanto receive a Pokedex that only works on Kanto Pokemon. Given the discoveries of Sinnoh region Pokemon, however, trainers starting here in Orre will receive a national Pokedex that—”

    “Gets every Pokemon,” Derak guessed, “right? Can I go now?”

    “Ah, eager to start your journey, are you?” Krane chuckled.

    “That,” Derak answered, “and you’re starting to really bore me.”

    “All right,” said Krane, “You can go. The ferry for Kanto leaves from Gateon Port within four hours. Good luck on your journey!”

    Derak simply nodded before departing. Although he seemed calm as a smooth ocean, inwardly he was rather joyful. Derak allowed a smirk to cross his face.

    “I’m outta here,” he said to no one in particular before setting off to Gateon Port. He knew the way; Anoch had taken him multiple times for the sake of business trades with other regions. And now, Derak was headed for the ferry that would take him towards the journey of a lifetime.


    Unfortunately, Derak’s father did not share even a small portion of Derak’s pleasure. He remained oblivious to Derak’s reasons and saw only a disobedient son with a need to be severely punished. Had he not raised the boy on his own for ten years? He should be entitled to respect and obedience!

    He stood now in a bounty hunter’s quarters in a smaller portion of Pyrite, slicked black hair shining from a fan’s light. The hunter before him reclined in his chair, heels stationed on his wooden desk.

    “Must you have that THING there?” Anoch asked, eyeing the somewhat large tan cat at the hunter’s side. Pure white eyes narrowed as the cat’s black-rimmed ears perked angrily, a vicious purr radiating from the fanged mouth.

    “Yes,” the hunter responded in a cold, emotionless tone “I must.”

    “For what reason?” Anoch glared, “It’s an inferior—”

    “Persian, if you would…,” the hunter sighed.

    Immediately the Pokemon called Persian leapt gracefully onto the table and positioned a pointed claw at Anoch’s throat. Realizing that stating his belief of Pokemon would get him nowhere, Derak’s father refused to further speak of it.

    “All right,” the hunter began, moving his heels off of his desk, “are we going to talk business, or do I need to have Persian move that claw just a little to the left?”

    “Business,” Anoch hurriedly stated, “I’ll give you a hundred thousand in cash if you track down my son.”

    One of the hunter’s eyebrows rose, becoming visible rather than hidden behind a blue visor. The red jewel embedded in the center of Persian’s forehead gleamed as it crawled back down to the floor, long whiskers twitching and curled tail swaying through the air.

    “Isn’t a hundred thousand a bit steep for one ten-year-old kid?” questioned the hunter.

    “Will you take the job or not?” Anoch demanded.

    “Relax, old timer,” the hunter chuckled, though his voice remained cold, “There’s a reason I’m called the Tracker…there isn’t a target I can’t find.”


    Please read, review and rate.
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    My first trainer fic (and first fic on Bulbagarden):
    Proving Grounds: Kanto

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    Sigh...look, if this is bad, could you at least tell me that it is? I know it's a jounrey fic, but come on, why not review? Can someone PLEASE answer?

    Well...since I need to stick something with this post, here's the second chapter.

    Chapter 2: The Battles Aboard the S.S Wailord!

    Derak leaned on the back rail of the ship dubbed the “S.S Wailord”, arms crossed on the railing as his upper body pointed towards the slowly receding Gateon Port. Many Orre citizens, young and old alike, waved farewell to those they loved. Derak’s father was not amongst the crowd, nor did his son expect him to be.

    Wildfire used its feet and knuckles to crawl up beside its trainer. Derak had decided to let his Chimchar out for the trip, given his belief that it needed such kindness to help it realize that it was not a machine.

    “So long, Orre,” Derak said to the coastline, “Don’t know if I’ll miss you or not, but frankly, I don’t care.”

    He sighed, removing his arms from the railing. Wildfire looked up towards its trainer, who began to stroll down the ship. He had barely taken two steps, however, when he stopped. He turned and kneeled down towards his Chimchar.

    “Wanna ride on my shoulder?” he asked the small Pokemon.

    Though it made no sound, Wildfire did clamber onto its trainer’s shoulder. Derak smiled, hoping that he could—as Krane said—“reopen its mind” to the world...or at least to himself. With his Pokemon clinging to his shoulder, Derak continued his beginning exploration of the ship.


    In the space of several hours after Derak’s departure from Phenac, eleven other trainers had taken the remaining starting Pokemon and had also boarded the S.S Wailmer. Derak, along with the other trainers, lounged in the ship’s café. Male and female alike talked of their current Pokemon and its abilities, though Derak merely pressed his back against the wall, unwilling to socialize.

    “My precious Pokemon…,” groaned the main reason why Derak refused to socialize, “My precious, precious Pokemon…”

    A boy of ten years was clutching a small, blue Pokemon that seemed to be quite frightened. The trainer wore a tattered brown shirt with navy jeans of a similar condition. His Pokemon resembled a humanoid alligator with red eyes to match the fins running down its back. Its long, pointed mouth was filled with teeth matched in sharpness only by its clawed hands and feet.

    “I don’t know what confuses me more;” said Derak, “that trainer or his Pokemon. Speaking of which…”

    Derak pulled his Pokedex from his pocket and pointed it at the alligator. The device opened, revealing a computer screen that showed an image of the small Pokemon. A feminine voice began to speak monotonously of the Pokemon.

    “Totodile,” the Pokedex began, “the Big Jaw Pokemon. Type is Water. Totodile is one of the three starting Pokemon given out in the Johto region alongside Cyndaquil and Chikorita. It is well known for having a habit of biting anything using its developed jaws. This habit is so present that even its trainer must be careful when utilizing this Pokemon.”

    “Suddenly I don’t know who I’ll feel sorry for later,” Derak remarked, “While I’m at it…”

    He pointed the Pokedex at Wildfire, and a picture of the fiery monkey replaced that of Totodile.

    “Chimchar,” the Pokedex began, “the Chimp Pokemon. Type is Fire. Chimchar, along with Turtwig and Piplup, is one of the three Pokemon given to beginning trainers in Sinnoh. In the wild, they agilely scale sheer cliffs to make their home at the summit. Chimchar’s flaming tail is fueled by gases made in its stomach. Although the fire is not doused by rain, it does go out when Chimchar sleeps.”

    “May I have your attention, please!” a feminine voice called, and the attention of all the trainers aboard the ship turned their heads towards a blonde-haired woman wearing a blue beret, “My name is Anna, and I’ll be able to register you for a special mini-tournament that takes place here on the S.S. Wailord!”

    “Tournament, huh?” Derak mused, “What do you think?”

    Wildfire nodded.

    “Then let’s go,” stated its trainer.


    Later, the very top of the S.S. Wailord had literally opened up. The gargantuan doors leaned to the sides, giving the ship the slight appearance of having wings. An immense arena had been what was concealed beneath the doors, providing an area for battles.

    “Big arena, but we can handle it, pal,” Derak encouraged his partner Pokemon, “They won’t know what hit ‘em.”

    “Are you entering the mini-tournament?” someone asked.

    Derak turned his head to find a girl his age standing behind him. Her dark blonde hair came down to her shoulders, a green army-pattern headband wrapped tightly above hazel eyes. Her clothes were patterned similarly, a singular Pokeball hanging on her belt.

    “Yeah,” Derak turned to face her, “what about it?”

    “Well, it’s just that…hold on,” the girl titled her head upon seeing Wildfire, “Why’s your Chimchar out of its Pokeball, let alone on your shoulder?”

    “’Cause he’s my friend,” Derak responded, “that’s why.”

    “Friend?” the girl seemed quite confused, “Pokemon are meant to be battle machines, not friends. What’s wrong with you?”

    “What’s wrong with YOU?” Derak responded, almost childishly, “I barely know a thing about Pokemon and I know that only total morons treat them like machines.”

    Wildfire seemed to react to this, turning his gaze towards his trainer. Uttering a small “char”, the monkey turned his head back to face the girl.

    “WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!” the girl exploded, shrieking in Derak’s face. Shockingly, the runaway trainer remained absolutely calm. This was due to his father’s continual yelling becoming casual to Derak, as if it were normal speech.

    “A moron,” Derak answered calmly.

    “You’ll see!” the girl snarled, “You’ll see that making friends with Pokemon is wrong. I’ll show you what you’re supposed to do with them, you spoiled brat!”

    “Look who’s talking,” Derak muttered as the girl spun on her heel and departed.


    “The battles will now commence!” Anna began, “Beginning are Melissa Arare and Sarah Arachson!”

    Derak stood off to the side with Wildfire on his shoulder as the girl from earlier and a green-haired girl took their places at each side of the arena. Whilst Sarah appeared cocky, the girl named Melissa wore a determined expression.

    “Squirtle, let’s go!” cried Sarah as she threw a blue Pokeball.

    Sarah’s Pokeball revealed a Pokemon that could be accurately described as a small, blue-skinned turtle. Its shell had an armored back with a light brown hue of color, Squirtle’s stomach colored as if it were sand. Although its eyes were red, they did not appear aggressive or evil in any way, instead appearing in an innocent expression.

    “Pokedex time,” said Derak, drawing out his orange Pokedex.

    “Squirtle,” began the Dex, “the Tiny Turtle Pokemon. Type is Water. Squirtle is given out as a starting Pokemon in Kanto alongside Bulbasaur and Charmander. Although often used as protection from other Pokemon, the shape and grooves of Squirtle’s shell allow it to swim better in water by minimizing resistance.”

    “Turtwig, report for duty!” Melissa cried, throwing a green Pokeball.

    From Melissa’s Pokeball, another turtle appeared. This one, however, had green skin and a shell with a darker shade of brown. Turtwig’s large, green head poked out from the rest of its body, possessing a yellow bottom jaw in addition to what appeared to be a small tree sapling sprouting from the top of its head. Although Squirtle stood on its hind legs, Turtwig’s stubby feet did not allow for such dexterity, leaving it four-legged. Beady, yellow eyes gazed at its opponent, ready for a fight.

    “Turtwig,” Derak’s Pokedex began, “The Tiny Leaf Pokemon. Turtwig is the Grass-type starter given out in Sinnoh alongside Chimchar and Piplup. The sapling on its head, though capable of photosynthesis, wilts whenever Turtwig is thirsty. As a result, it lives along lake areas. The shell on its back is made from soil, and hardens when Turtwig drinks water.”

    “It’s Melissa’s Turtwig against Sarah’s Squirtle!” Anna commented, “Begin the match!”

    “Squirtle, use Tackle!” Sarah cried.

    “Turtwig, Razor Leaf!” Melissa ordered.

    Squirtle valiantly charged towards Turtwig, only for the Grass-type to swing its head wildly, firing a storm of blade-like leaves from its tiny tree. These leaves, upon contact with Squirtle, left cuts on the Water-type. Although the battle had only begun seconds ago, Squirtle was already severely weakened.

    “Melissa uses types to her advantage well!” Anna commented, serving as the announcer and referee, “By exposing a Water-type’s weakness to Grass-type moves, Melissa and Turtwig take an early lead!”

    “Type advantages?” Derak muttered, the expression on his face morphing from bored to confused, “This training thing gets more and more complicated every five seconds.”

    “Don’t give up, Squirtle!” Sarah called, “I believe in you!”

    “That was corny and unnecessary,” Melissa scolded Sarah, “Pokemon don’t need you to ‘believe in them’. All they need is the harsh training they deserve.”

    The only thing I can agree with her on is the ‘corny’ bit, Derak thought.

    “I’ll show you why you’re wrong!” Melissa sneered, “Turtwig, finish off Squirtle with a Tackle!”

    “Spray the deck with a Water Gun!” Sarah ordered.

    Believing it to be a futile move, Melissa promptly burst into laughter. Squirtle, however, did as its trainer told it, spraying a small stream of water from its mouth onto the deck. At first, this unorthodox tactic seemed to work: Turtwig began to slip and slide on the water. Unfortunately, the tactic backfired, which was proven by Turtwig slamming hard into Squirtle. The attack knocked Squirtle onto its back, leaving it fainted.

    “Squirtle is unable to battle!” Anna announced, “The winners are Melissa and Turtwig!”

    “Cheapskate,” Derak muttered as Melissa basked in all the glory, “You’re the one who’s wrong.”

    “Our second battle pits Derak Kadir against Timothy Gall!” Anna cried.

    I have to go against that weirdo? Derak thought.

    “I forfeit!” cried Timothy, the Totodile’s trainer, “I will not hurt my precious Totodile!”

    Derak shook his head as Timothy clutched his Totodile closely. This, he knew, left him with Melissa. He took his place on one side of the arena, Melissa on the other.

    “Ready to be proven wrong?” Melissa arrogantly called.

    “I’m not,” Derak retorted, “but you should be. Let’s go, Wildfire!”

    The Chimchar leapt off of Derak’s shoulder and onto the battlefield, taking the same battle stance it held when it battled the Retriever’s Elekid. Melissa sent out her Turtwig, and the battle began.

    “Turtwig, Tackle!” Melissa ordered.

    “Wildfire, dodge it!” Derak called.

    Turtwig did as Melissa commanded, barreling towards Derak’s Pokemon with intent to slam. Wildfire, however, leapt over the charging turtle, landing on its yellow feet. Turtwig skidded to a stop, turning to attempt another Tackle.

    “Now use Ember!” Derak cried.

    Wildfire spun on its heel and spat a storm of miniscule fireballs into Turtwig’s face. Eyes squeezed tightly shut, Turtwig skidded sideways, though still towards its Chimchar opponent.

    “Scratch!” Derak cried, and with that third order, Wildfire struck Turtwig across the face with a quick swipe of its quite possibly nigh-invisible claws. Turtwig stumbled about for a short while, impervious to Melissa’s angry cries of “pull it together you stupid turtle”, until it fell onto the floor, fainted.

    “Turtwig is unable to battle!” Anna commented.

    “What?!” Melissa nearly shrieked.

    “The winners are Derak Kadir and his Chimchar, Wildfire!” Anna finished, the other trainers bursting into sporting applause.

    “This tournament’s even shorter than that billboard said,” Derak commented, “not that I’m really complaining.”

    As usual, Wildfire said nothing, though this time it looked curiously at the cheering trainers, uttering a small “chim” in confusion.

    “We will hit land in Kanto in exactly two minutes!” Anna announced.

    “Two minutes to land?” said Derak, “C’mon, Wildfire!”

    Although Wildfire was already on his shoulder, he ran towards the front of the ship to see the mass of land ahead of him. A billboard placed there read “Welcome to Kanto”, and Derak knew his first attempt at a championship would take place here.

    “Ready to go, Wildfire?” the still new trainer asked his Chimchar.

    Wildfire nodded, though not making a sound. Soon, Derak disembarked from the ship, unaware of his being watched.

    “So…,” the Tracker, garbed in a brown trenchcoat with a matching hat, “That’s the kid I’m supposed to track down…Derak Kadir. Isn’t exactly worth my time, but I’ll see what he’s got.”


    Please, please, PLEASE review. PLEASE!
    My first trainer fic (and first fic on Bulbagarden):
    Proving Grounds: Kanto

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    I have only read the first chapter, but I think it actually is pretty good. There's one thing I noticed.

    "You win this time, kid,” the man began, “but we’ll be back to bring you in!”
    “I’m SO sure,” Derak replied, sarcasm dripping from his words.
    The Retrievers hustled out, leaving Derak alone with Krane and Chimchar.

    The only problem to me in the story is that they left after they were beaten, yet earlier in the story he said that he would do a pokemon battle, then get the kid. So, really, he should have grabbed the kid after. That's a small mistake that should be noted.

    Otherwise, I think that it's very good. Journey fics are overdone, but in the words of Slippy, "This one's different!".

    Big Brawl and Pokemon player!


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