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    Default Prophecy of a Thousand Dying Angels

    Prophecy of a Thousand Dying Angels
    Last updated: 14/01/2013

    Life is one big game of chess. You make a move, then life decides how it will change the game. That's always been the way it's worked.

    For fifteen-year old Angharad Bennet, life has given up on her and death doesn't want her. Determined to put an end to her petty life of depression and repetition, she seeks advice from a man who claims to have confronted death on the frontier and won.

    But death isn't all fun and games.

    Table of Contents:

    -- NOTE: Rated "Teen" for some mild language and violent scenes. Should be suitable for most mature readers.

    -- No offence is meant to be caused in this work of fiction. I am in no way stating that there is a life after death, this is simply the work of fiction and the gears of my mind pushing together to try and squeeze of an adventure. May contain some religious views/satanic references/etc.

    Well, I've been meaning to write something here for awhile, I'm glad I finally got around to it! I hope you all enjoy, and please, constructive criticism is always appreciated! Please excuse any spelling mistakes in here, English is not my first language and I make them frequently. Feel free to correct me if you spot any. c:

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