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    Default Prize (G, Airshippy)

    He loves to show me off, taking me out on the town to all the high-profile places. He's assigned to me a bodyguard just in case, a silent shadow who follows me everywhere, but so far nothing has happened.

    It's nice, seeing the old familiar faces I saw at every social event during my days as a Collector, watching the people I so deeply despised but was civil to for the sake of my collection now in awe of me as the one who dared to go after the ultimate treasure. They hate me in return, for dealing such a blow to the reputation of Collectors the world over, but I couldn't care less.

    He presents me at these events as some poor wretch whom he saved from the ruins of a broken life. I don't particularly mind; whatever satisfies his fantasy. I do indulge him in it, acting the pained part as best I can, bemoaning my mindset at the time of the Lugia incident.

    It's a charade, of course. To this day I find no fault in my actions, aside from leaving those children alone in my ship. That one mistake, painful though it was, does not change everything that had gone right up to that point.

    But I digress. No one wishes to hear me rail.

    I do owe him greatly. All the work I do for him, all the research and explorations for rare artifacts, will never be enough to repay him for allowing me the chance to begin again. It's a slow start, and I know I can never hope to match the glory that the Hikoukyu once held, but I began again, just as I swore I would on that first night cast out into the world once again.

    We have another party tonight, one at the residence of my former mentor. I would not face him were Giovanni not there. Even with the strength I find in confronting those from my past, that is the one man who I would prefer not to see. Perhaps tonight will be the night the bodyguard is finally needed. But I think that every time we go out. Being in Giovanni's presence has made me paranoid, if there is anything negative to be said about it.

    I close the book I had been translating, being careful with the delicate cover as I set it aside. He is waiting for me, and I cannot keep him. I must make myself acceptable for tonight, acceptable to accompany the most powerful man in Kanto. My bodyguard moves with me, quiet as always; I barely notice him.

    At the door, someone grabs my arm, and I start to resist before I see that it is Giovanni. Unusual for him to surprise me like this, but his impulsions are nothing new to me. He raises my hand to his lips and kisses me, just above the ring.

    I smile. Tonight will be interesting if nothing else.

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    This works well as a short story, but you could expand it to include the party as well. I'm constantly impressed by your ability to get inside the heads of the characters you write for, especially Jirarudan.


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