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    Default The Poke'Tech Chronicles

    Hello, people this is my second story(well I'm working on others right now too but I want to post this one) my first was on Ash's dad and it was called The Very Best Like No One Ever Was and I'm currently writing a sequel but, this story is a commonly written topic but I want to take a more canonical approach to the stortyline so here's the prologue, tell me what you think please!


    Also, all my stories can be found on here: including this one and yeah tell me what you think, thanks!
    Thanks for reading and please review!
    Please read and review my fanfic, The Very Best Like No One Ever Was:

    Here's my fanfiction profile:

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    Default Re: The Poke'Tech Chronicles

    Just as a small couple of warnings, remove the spoiler tag and don't assume the prologue is all you're posting. Be ready to post the rest of the story for real in this forum!

    Anyways, the fic's title got my attention this afternoon, when I received my daily Writer's Workshop activity report, but know that I won't read works with Ash Ketchum on them as a main character, and so far, it seems he is the main character.

    Hope an Ash-tolerant reader can be around your fic soon. You deserve as much

    2010/08/02: 4th chapter

    More fanfiction at:
    Kayi S. Rowling's Library


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