This is Pokéshots, which is a collection of Pokémon One-shots. I will try to do a chapter on every Pokémon, but they will be randomly chosen using a generator.


Chapter 1:

#624 Pawniard


“Just give in!” The leader of the Pawniard pack stood next to a much weaker Pawniard, who looked battered and bruised, and looked as if it couldn’t go on for much longer. “You’re useless. I don’t honestly know why we recruited you in the first place. I reckon you should do the right thing and just give up and go away.” The weaker Pawniard tried to stand up, but it couldn’t. The leader Pawniard turned back again, and rested its left blade on the weaker Pawniard’s head. “Go. Away!”

The weaker Pawniard tried to stand up again, and this time, it was successful. It walked away, leaving the leader to laugh at it as it walked off. Pawniard was abandoned as a baby, because its mother couldn’t look after it anymore. Due to that, Pawniard was very weak, and another Pawniard tried to look after and make it stronger. However, as you can see, it just didn’t work out, and Pawniard had to go.

It walked off, and collapsed on the ground where it was. When it finally woke up, it decided to go off and find some prey, as it was extremely hungry. Eventually, the smallish Pokémon with a red helmet, and blades on its limbs and head, found prey. The prey was Bidoof, a small brown furry creature. ‘Stay silent...’ Pawniard thought, as Bidoof happily walked over to some grass, eating it up.

“Mmm, yummy yummy!” The gluttonous Pokémon said to itself, and after it had had enough food, it rolled over, and lay down on its backside. “Wow, that food was really delicious!” Bidoof remarked, as it started to go off to sleep.

Just then, Pawniard leaped over to Bidoof, who squealed as soon as it saw the scary Pokémon. “Gotcha.” Pawniard tried to stab Bidoof, but the small Pokémon rushed off, as Pawniard was just too slow to take down the Pokémon. “Damn...” Pawniard’s stomach rumbled away to itself. “And I was really hungry, too...” Pawniard remarked, as tried to think of another way to get itself some more food.

“Hey, dude.” Another Pawniard said; the other Pawniard looked up to the rock, and found out that it was a girl who tried to get his attention. “You look really hungry, y’know. Come with me, and I’ll hunt for some food, ‘kay?” The female Pawniard jumped off the rock and ran towards the left, with the male Pawniard following her away. “You look quite weak, as well. I guess I’d better train you as well, shouldn’t I?”

“Hmmph.” Pawniard said, as it sat on a log. “I don’t really care about anyone or anything. My parents abandoned me, my leader abandoned me... And I’m just really weak, I guess. But I don’t know why... I guess that no-one ever attempted to train me up into a good Pokémon.” He sighed, as the female one walked over and sat on the log along with the other Pawniard.

“Tell me.” The female Pawniard told the male Pawniard. “Tell me about your leader.”

“Oh, well, it goes like this...” Pawniard trailed off and told her about his past. ‘Apparently, I was found in a forest, where wild Pokémon seemed to narrowly avoid me, luckily. That was when my leader found me. However, when he found me, there was an Ariados...

A red spider Pokémon with a black stripe, and with yellow and purple legs, stepped over to Pawniard. Unlike normal spiders, it only had four legs, instead of the usual eight. “What’s this? Whatever it is, it looks awfully weak and hungry... Might as well eat it, to put it out of its misery! Wahaha!” Ariados chuckled maniacly, as it walked over to Pawniard, and was about to stab it with its Poison Sting.

“Give up, Ariados.” The leader Pawniard said, as Ariados turned round to face the bladed Pokémon. “Besides, a Poison type move wouldn’t affect Pawniard, as far as I know.” Pawniard showed off its right blade to the spider Pokémon, its blade glinting brightly in the sunlight. “I’m warning you. If you do so much as touch that Pawniard, I’m gonna have your head off, and eat you for my dinner. I’m warning you.”

“Hah. You wouldn’t do that!” Ariados snapped, as it was about bite the weak Pawniard with its two fangs. However, just then, the leader Pawniard jumped onto Ariados, and chopped it in half with its blades, red blood oozing out of the spider Pokémon, and dripping out over the grassy floor as the leader Pawniard ran off with the weaker one.

“He saved my life. Now, after he discovered that he couldn’t do anything to make me stronger, he just abandoned me, like my mother did...” Pawniard said, as two Ariados ran over to the female Pawniard, tying it up with their String Shot. “Uh, er, go away, NOW!!!” The male Pawniard shouted out, as the Ariados laughed away.

“Oh, yeah?” One of the Ariados remarked, as the other one kept on laughing crazily. “And what are you gonna do to us, eh?”

“Right. I warned you.” Pawniard jumped into the air, as his blades glowed white. Just then, he landed in between the two Ariados, and with one fine slash, he sliced both of them in half at once, the runny blood oozing out of the Ariados’ wounds.

“Wow, Pawniard, you actually killed those Ariados! And you can actually perform Slash!” The female Pawniard cheered at the male one, as he tried to help her up. “Oh, don’t worry, I’m fine.” She said, as they grabbed the Ariados that he had just killed, eating both of them as their prey.

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