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Thread: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13] [COMPLETE]

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    Default Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13] [COMPLETE]

    I'm back once again. Here it is, the final part in the Sinnoh Saga. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Same rules from Legends of Sinnoh apply as before. Don't worry, I won't forget the main cast this time. =P


    Pokémon XR: Sinnoh Frontier

    Episode #1: The Grand Opening!

    The Battle Frontier is a location where trainers participate in battles almost non-stop. After the previous tournament in Hoenn, popularity has increased in Sinnoh and will eventually be expanded to the rest of the world. Like it's grand opening in Hoenn, it's Sinnoh region opening will have a similar theme: inviting the best trainers to participate in the battle.

    Rain is amongst those few to participate in this grand competition. He disembarks from the boat that brought him to the Fight Area as he's amazed at how much it changed. He suddenly feels it being warmer and removes his jacket to wrap it around his waist. He heads over to the entrance surrounded by mini waterfalls that added beauty to the surrounding pink hooded entrance.

    “Here it is,” Rain said. “The Battle Frontier!”

    He goes inside where numerous women in blue uniforms were checking in the number of competitors. He waits on line as he hopes to get in as soon as possible. He's aware of the facilities in Hoenn, but what about the facilities here? What are they like? He soon feels someone bumping into him and immediately apologizes. The girl also apologizes, but she was soon shocked at finding out who he was. Safe to say, Rain is surprised as well.

    “I know you!” Rain said.

    It was none other than Artemis, the young, blue-haired girl with the white shirt, tan coat and blue pants who used to hang around with Zeus.

    “Call me Gabriela,” Artemis said. “That's my---”

    She soon realizes that Olympus members were outright harmless at this point, so telling him that was pointless.

    “Well in any case, what are you doing here?” Rain asked.

    “I'm participating!” Artemis replied. “I was picked to come here! I assume it's the same for you?”

    “Yes it is. I haven't seen you battle, though.”

    “Oh, I'm really good. I managed to take out Cynthia's Garchomp easily.”

    Rain was stunned to find out that she beat Cynthia. If he merely tied with her, how was he able to beat her?!

    “Is there someth....oh, I get it. You're just surprised that I beat the Champion's strongest Pokémon. Well, I suppose that it would be a shock to anyone.”

    People surrounding them were surprised as well. They soon reach the counter as the brown-haired woman wearing a pink uniform prepares to take their information.

    “Name, please?” the woman asked.

    “Rain Eidoh,” Rain said.

    “Gabriela Richards,” Artemis said.

    “We're together.”

    “Okay...Rain and Gabriela...All right, can I have your Pokeballs, please?”

    They both hand her their set as she records their data. Rain's team pops up, as well as Artemis' team. Rain was surprised at the Pokémon set she had. Glaceon, Lumineon, Blissey; she has some motley crew.

    “I collect a lot of cute and beautiful Pokémon,” Artemis said.

    They were both given several small items, a key card to their room in the Battle Tower, which doubles as a hotel for guests, a rule book on the various facilities, and a Vs. Recorder to record their information throughout the tournament.

    “The key card will be your access to your rooms in the Battle Tower,” she said. “Also the rule book will provide tournament rules as well as facility rules. The Vs. Recorder will keep track of your data from our computers. It also has your data on the Prints you receive, so don't lose it. Other than that, welcome to the Sinnoh Battle Frontier!”

    “Thank you,” they both said.

    They both progress through as they see the numerous facilities surrounding them, as well as numerous stairs and walkways for them to travel upon. The Battle Tower faces them square in front of them as the main symbol of the Battle Frontier.

    “So our room is supposed to be in the Battle Tower, right?” Rain asked.

    “That's what she told us,” Artemis replied.

    They both head off to the Battle Tower, which is just in front of them. They just simply had to climb the large staircase above them, which would prove to be an exhausting push.


    Up the top of the staircase, a teen, wearing a white and black T-Shirt with black, white-striped jeans and a white do-rag was sitting on his own boom box, which was big enough for him to sit on in the first place. The boom box was blasting some rap music while his Pokémon, a cream colored cat-like Pokémon with large, purple ears, a purple ruff-like collar around its neck and a flower-like object at the end of its tail, resembling a purple tulip, is sleeping soundly, despite the blasting boom box that was next to her.

    “No, I told him that Kariko knew Giga Impact, not Hyper Beam. Yeah, man, I know those two have the same effect, but they're completely separate attacks.”

    Rain and Artemis soon come up to see what the noise was and finds him and his Delcatty nearby. As he was jabbering on his phone, he notices Rain and Artemis and wonders why there were here.

    “Could you hold on one second, dude?” he said. “Can I help you?”

    “I...wasn't staring, I was just...”

    The boy was soon shocked when he realized who he actually was.

    “Dude, you are not going to believe who I'm talking to!” he said, talking to whoever was on his phone. “Rain Eidoh! Yes, that same one!”

    Rain's pleased to see that he's famous, but to have a guy like him amazed at his presence was a bit uneasy. Not that he's that bothered by fame.

    “I'll call you back. Okay, bye.”

    He hangs up and clicks a button on his boom box to stop the music from playing. He stands up, which causes Delcatty to wake up and look at him.

    “I've been waiting for this moment my whole life,” he said. “If you're here then you're part of the Battle Frontier, right?”

    “Yeah,” Rain said. “You are...”

    “I'm J.D. I'm a bit of a celebrity myself!”

    “In what?”

    “Battling! Three time Tag Battle champion!”

    Rain thought that was pretty impressive. The only tournament he's been in was the Sinnoh League, and this. He's had more experience than him, but he has the heroic fame on his side, it would seem.

    “I hope you're ready, kid!” J.D. Said. “Kariko, are you ready?”

    Delcatty gets up and stretches her legs out. J.D. shuts his boom-box off o he can battle and concentrate. She assumes the ready position and prepares to battle against Rain. He opens his Pokédex to check it out.


    “Why does a teen like you have a girlish Pokémon like Delcatty?”

    “There's a reason. A good reason. Besides, I need a Pokémon that can throw off a battler so we can strike the finishing blow!”

    Delcatty meows in response. Rain takes out one of his Pokeballs and prepares to battle.

    “Go, Gallade!” Rain said.

    Gallade comes out and prepares to battle. Being a Fighting Type, he'll have a big advantage over the Normal Type Delcatty.

    “Ready, because I'm not going to let you win!” J.D. said. “Kariko, use Giga Impact!”

    “Giga Impact?” Rain thought. “Gallade, use Close Combat!”

    Both Pokémon go after each other with their respective attacks, while Delcatty is absorbing herself in a red and orange aura. They both charge after each other, however they are soon stopped by a massive windstorm that's as hot as a volcano, stopping both of them easily. They both obtain powerful burns as they look around to see who caused that attack.

    “Honestly, you're acting like children!” someone said.

    They turn to see a man who appears to be in his 20s with short, blond hair and eyeglasses wearing a white regal suit to match his rich boy look. He also seems to have a rapier attached to his side.

    “Who are you?” J.D. asked.

    “I'm Kent Lewis,” he replied. “You know that battling is not allowed outside of the facilities.”

    “Says who?”

    “The rule book, of course. Now I must head off. I'd watch your backs from now on...both of you!”

    He walks off while J.D. grows annoyed with him. He acts like he owns the place, which he didn't.

    “Who does that guy think he is, anyway?” J.D. asked.

    Suddenly an announcement is made over the loudspeakers. It ordered all the participants to make their way to the main area in the Battle Tower for information on the tournament itself, hosted by a man named Shinsei Muto, a name that shocks Rain completely.

    “Sh....Sh....Shinsei Muto?!?!?”

    “Who's he?”

    Rain really didn't want to hear that name ever again. He wonders if this was really why he was invited to the Battle Frontier. He explains the situation to J.D. and is surprised to hear such things about him. He tells the story about Jessica, his friend, and J.D. was even more annoyed with him.

    “Well, I guess this guy must be an absolute jerk if he had to do something like that!”

    “Yeah, I wonder what sick plans he has for me?”

    J.D. didn't want to be involved with him, despite hearing that story. He picks up his boom box and calls his Delcatty over.

    “I'm heading inside. Want to come?”

    Rain nods as they both go inside to hear what this tournament was all about. The Battle Tower was well designed, showing numerous statues of palm tree-like designs and glass windows that cover most of the area. It's greatly improved from the last time they were here. The Battle Frontier logo, a five circle symbol with a house-like design in the middle. It 's all gray save for the top circle, which was red.

    “This is completely different than what I remember!” Rain said.

    Nearly everyone is there waiting for Mr. Muto to appear on the stage that was present, to which he'll explain the Battle Frontier rules and kick things off. Rain was still surprised that Mr. Muto was running the whole thing. He just wants to wish that it's all a dream and just get it over it. He looks around to see J.D. and Kent surrounded by other trainers who were here for the same reason.

    “When is this thing going to start?” Rain asked.

    “Has to be soon,” Artemis replied.

    They soon see him approach from the back and onto the stage, resulting in a mix of cheers and boos from various people within the audience. He approaches the microphone as he prepares to lay down the rules of the Battle Frontier.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen!” Mr. Muto said. “Welcome...to the Battle Frontier!!!”

    Everyone cheers in response, even those who previously booed him were cheering. Everyone is so anxious to get this tournament started.

    “Before we begin, allow me to lay down the rules of this tournament! Like Gym battles, you will all seek to obtain a certain amount of Prints,”

    He holds a small miniature plate with an image of the battle frontier engraved in a color print.

    “These are what you'll obtain from the Frontier Brains here. You must fight by their rules, and so must they. Each facility has their own special rules, which they will explain when you enter. You will have five days to complete this challenge, more than enough time to complete two challenges a day. The best trainers will get through them easily.”

    Rain is nervous about this five day rule. Can he beat all five Brains in that time frame?

    “Once you have all five, you must enter the Battle Tower and confirm to the receptionist that you have all five plates. You must have one from each facility, duplicates do not count at all. We will then have a tournament to see who is indeed the greatest trainer ever!”

    Everyone continues to cheer. Rain's hoping to battle him eventually, just to get revenge on him for harming Jessica.

    “I hope for the best from all of you! Do not disappoint me!”

    Oh I won't disappoint you at all, Shinsei Muto!” Rain thought.

    The meeting is soon concluded with some last remarks. Once that's out of the way, they all go outside to see some of the facilities before going off to bed. It's a good idea to see what this Battle Frontier had planned for him as well as what their rules were for each of the facilities.


    Two individuals, both wearing gray trench coats, gray fedora hats and sunglasses enter the Battle Frontier at the request of Mr. Muto to find two specific trainers to battle. They were sent to provide early excitement for the Battle Frontier.

    “Remind me why we're here again?” one of them asked.

    “We need to find some trainers to give them an opening show for the Battle Frontier. Mr. Muto said that, but I think it's to get people riled up.”

    “Why invite us?”

    “We're just really good trainers.”

    “We're on far different ends of the spectrum Fli-”

    The other man shuts his mouth immediately. They were supposed to be disguised until they found a pair of trainers to battle.

    “We can't say our identities yet!" he replied. "We need to find a good pair of---”

    He soon stops upon seeing Rain and Artemis walk towards the Battle Castle, the large green roofed castle that's to the southwest of the entrance. One of the mysterious men smiles as he go over to the two of them. He the other guy sighs as he follows him.

    “Excuse me,” one of the guys said approaching him. “Would you care for a Battle?”

    Rain wonders how to respond, since they weren't supposed to battle outside of the facilities.

    “We're not supposed to battle outside of the facilities,” Rain said.

    I was hoping to battle with my disguise on, but...” the other mysterious man thought. “If I can explain. We go by Flare and Jolt, we were invited by Shinsei Muto to battle two special trainers, and it just so happens that you two are the lucky stars!”

    Rain wonders where he heard that voice from before. It was definitely familiar. If they were truly invited by Mr. Muto, then it should be a problem for them to battle.

    “Fine, we accept!” Rain said.

    “Rain, are you sure?” Artemis asked.

    “Well, before we begin, allow us to take these annoying disguises off.”

    He looks at the other mysterious man as they both take their disguises off. Rain was surprised to see who they really were. The two men were none other than Flint and Volkner, the dynamic duo that Rain previously met in Sunyshore City. Why they were invited by Mr. Muto was a mystery to them.

    “Now then,” Flint said.

    “PREPARE TO BATTLE!!!!” they both said in unison.

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    WOOO! New battles, new challenges!

    Five days? Sounds a bit rushed.

    Flint and Volkner. Ah, the Pokemon world's Batman and Robin.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    :D The fic has returned!
    I think it was a great move to have an ex-Olympus member particpating and with the stregth all of these trainers seem to have, I'm sure it'll be filled with great battles.
    I sure hope those 5 days are drawn out XD. How many Chapters do you have for this one?
    Can wait to see the double battle next time. I assume it'll be really close.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    Quote Originally Posted by DashingFox View Post
    I sure hope those 5 days are drawn out XD. How many Chapters do you have for this one?
    Like Shadow Apocalypse, 26.

    As for the frontier battles, they'll be set up like this:

    One chapter is a tourney-like battle with one trainer using one Pokemon against another. They must use different Pokemon each time. The next chapter following is the Frontier Brain battle, which will use their Silver Team, rather than their Gold Team. I'll be sure to drag it out, promise. =)

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
    Legends of Sinnoh|Shadow Apocalypse

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    I'm not sure if any of you guys noticed yet, but I've begun adding the accent marks to the e's. I figured I'd use my special characters list and add the proper spelling. =)

    Episode #2: The Frontier Tag Battle!

    It is a complete surprise to Rain when he found out that Flint and Volkner were sent by Mr. Muto to battle them. They claimed that they were here to have an opening battle for the Frontier, but why would they work with Mr. Muto of all people?

    “So, are you ready for battle?” Flint asked.

    “What I want to know is why you're working with Mr. Muto,” Rain asked.

    “He just asked us to come here and battle a random pair of trainers. Nothing wrong with that. Besides, Palmer said he'd give us 5000 Pokedollars if we won!”

    “I don't know how you managed to drag me into that,” Volkner said.

    Rain has a feeling that this is a trap. He soon hears an announcement about a Double Battle featuring Flint and Volkner. He soon realizes that it is actually legit and decides to go with it.

    “Let's do this then!” Rain said determinedly.

    “Meet us under the Gazebo,” Flint said. “Come on, Volkner, let's discuss our strategy!”

    “Whatever,” Volker said.

    The two head off while Rain looks at Artemis, wondering if she's up for this. She nods in response as they both go up to face off against Volkner and Flint.


    A huge crowd gathers to see the tag battle between Rain and Artemis and Flint and Volkner. They are all anxious to get this underway. They're here to get people psyched up for the Battle Frontier by showing them a battle with two lucky trainers.

    “Here are the rules,” Flint began. “This will be a three on three double battle match. We cannot send out a new Pokémon until one side has both Pokémon knocked out. Are you both ready?”

    They both nod, leaving Flint and Volkner to take one of their Pokeballs off of their belt.

    “Houndoom, let's go!” Flint said.

    “Luxray, let's do this!” Volkner said.

    Both Pokémon come out and prepare to battle. The only one Rain has yet to see was Flint's Pokemon. It's a doberman-like Pokémon with a devil-like tail and skeleton-like appendages on its back and feet, as well as curled horns going behind his head.

    So we have an Electric Type and a Fire Type,” Rain thought. “Houndoom's also a Dark Type as well, so...

    “Leave Houndoom to me,” Artemis said, smiling.

    Rain nods as he decides to take out Luxray's Pokeball again, hoping to have an actual battle between two of the same Pokémon.

    “Go, Luxray,” Rain said.

    Rain sends out his Luxray, which leaves Artemis to send out her Pokémon against Houndoom.

    “Go, Chinchou!”

    She sends out a small Pokémon, which was a round, blue, fish-like Pokémon with feet and fin-like hands and two antennae coming from its rear like a set of tails. The antennae had teardrop-like orbs on the ends. Their eyes were yellow with black plus-signs for the pupils. Rain's sure that this round would be good for them.

    “All right, Houndoom, use Flamethrower!” Flint ordered.

    “Luxray use Crunch on Chinchou!” Volkner ordered.

    “Chinchou, use Bubblebeam on Houndoom!” Artemis ordered.

    “Luxray counter Volkner's Luxray with Thunder Fang!” Rain ordered.

    All four Pokémon go at it. Houndoom fires a Flamethrower attack that is blocked by Chinchou's Bubblebeam attack, leaving Luxray to charge after it. Rain's Luxray stops him by using a Thunder Fang to the leg, causing him to yelp in pain. The Bubblebeam strikes Houndoom and causes damage to it.

    “Luxray,” Rain said. “Use Discharge on Houndoom!”

    “Iron Tail,” Volker ordered.

    Rain's Luxray prepares to charge up for a Discharge attack when it's immediately stricken by a Iron Tail attack. He's knocked away in front of Chinchou.

    “Houndoom, use Beat Up!” Flint ordered.

    Houndoom powers up its energy by using the strength from his teammates. Rain know what was coming and needed to stop him.

    “I'll back you up,” Artemis said.

    Rain nods as he prepares to fight back.

    “Luxray,” Volkner ordered. “Use Iron Tail again!”

    Luxray's tail charges up and goes after Rain's Luxray, who begins to stand up.

    “Crunch!” Rain ordered.

    Luxray bites down on Luxray's tail and immediately knew what to do then. He spins around swinging him, but Volkner knew immediately what to do.

    “Do it!” Volkner said, assuming that his Luxray knew what to do.

    Luxray jumps onto the ground and sends Rain's Luxray flying about, straight into Houndoom's Beat Up attack.

    “Hydro Pump!” Artemis ordered.

    Chinchou fires a powerful surge of water at Houndoom and sends it back a lot. He tries to fend it off, but has no effect.

    “Dude, a little help here?” Flint said.

    Volkner knew that if he hit the water, Chinchou would only be pushing the attack further due to its Volt Absorb ability. He decides to go frontal with this.

    “Crunch on Chinchou!” Volkner ordered.

    "Luxray, use Iron Tail on Volkner's Luxray!” Rain ordered.

    Both Pokémon go after one another, but Rain's Luxray goes quicker and strikes Volkner's Luxray, sending him into Flint's Houndoom, knocking both of them out easily. The two were surprised that they went down that easily. Rain was amazed that he took out his main Pokémon much quicker this time around, especially an Elite Four member's Pokemon! It shows him how much he's improved since the league.

    “Houndoom, return!” Flint said.

    “Luxray, return!” Volkner said.

    They both congratulate their Pokémon on a job well done and prepare to send out their next Pokémon pair.

    “Flareon, go!” Flint said.

    “Jolteon, let's rock!” Volkner said.

    Both of them send out a pair of Eevee's evolved forms. One is a red fox-like Pokémon with tan fur around its neck, its forehead and its tail, which is really bushy. The other is a yellow, spiked, fox-like Pokémon with a white, spiked collar. They are known as Flareon and Jolteon, respectively. Artemis smiles at their presence, since she was apparently a huge fan of Eevee and it's evolutions (hence her Glaceon, which evolves from one).

    “Luxray, use Discharge on Flareon!” Rain ordered.

    “Chinchou, use Water Pulse on Flareon!” Artemis ordered.

    “Let me take this one, Flint,” Volkner said. “Jolteon, use Protect!”

    Jolteon jumps in front of Flareon and uses a protect shield to block the attacks easily. Flint gives him the thumbs up and takes it from here.

    “Flareon, use Lava Plume on Luxray!”

    Flareon jumps aside and fires a lava stream at Luxray, dealing great damage to it and knocking it out.

    “Luxray!” Rain said in shock.

    “Jolteon, use Pin Missile!” Volkner ordered.

    Jolteon begins to fire numerous glowing needles from the spikes around its neck and strikes Chinchou, knocking it out as well. Both of Rain and Artemis' Pokémon were unable to battle, leaving them to call them back.

    “You know who you're sending out next?” Rain asked.

    “Yep,” Artemis said. ”Go, Glaceon!”

    She sends her Glaceon to battle with the rest of the Eeveelutions, leaving Rain a little left out, since he didn't have one.

    “Send out an Eeveelution!” she said confidently.

    “Wish I could,” Rain replied nervously.

    “You...You don't have one?!” she said in shock. "Aw, man. I'm so close to having an all Eeveelution battle!”

    “I think you need a few more to make that possible.”

    Rain takes another Pokeball from his belt and prepares to send out his next Pokémon.

    “Go, Drapion!”

    Rain sends his Drapion out onto the battlefield. The mighty beast towers over the remaining Eeveelutions as he prepares to battle. Volkner and Flint aren't too phased over it, and neither are their Pokemon.

    “Drapion, use Cross Poison on Jolteon!” Rain ordered.

    “Glaceon, use Ice Shard,” Artemis ordered.

    “Jolteon, use Protect!” Volkner ordered.

    Jolteon jumps in front of Flareon and protects her as he blocks Drapion and Glaceon's attacks. Flareon smiles as she looks at her savior.

    “Flareon, use Flare Blitz on Glaceon!” Flint ordered.

    Flareon runs forward and engulfs herself in fire as a number of sparks fly out of it.

    “Block the attack!” Rain ordered.

    Drapion stands in front of Glaceon and blocks the attack, damaging him in the process. Flareon jumps back onto the ground and backs away from Drapion.

    “Ice Beam!” Artemis ordered.

    Glaceon prepares an Ice Beam that goes towards Jolteon, but Volkner knew what to do.

    “Protect again!” Volkner said.

    Jolteon prepares another force field, however it fails to work and he instead, gets hit with the attack. Volkner simply looks at Flint annoyed while he knew what was going on.

    “You told me that it protects against any attack,” Volkner said.

    “Oh, yeah...about that...it sometimes fails when you use it too many times.”

    Volkner slaps his forehead in annoyance. Had he known that, he would have done something else.

    “Jolteon, use Thunderbolt on Glaceon!” Volkner ordered.

    Jolteon releases a powerful Thunderbolt that strikes Glaceon hard.

    “Drapion, use Pin Missile!” Rain ordered.

    “Flareon, use Flamethrower!” Flint ordered.

    Both Pokémon fire their attacks and immediately intercept each other. Jolteon stops the attack, leaving Glaceon a little weakened.

    “Cross Poison on Flareon!” Rain ordered.

    Drapion charges forward and strikes Flareon with a Cross Poison attack, managing to poison her and leave her a little weak.

    “Jolteon, use Double Kick on Glaceon!”

    Jolteon charges forward and uses his back legs to kick Glaceon hard. The Fighting attack did a lot to the Ice Type Glaceon.

    “Glaceon, use Last Resort!” Glaceon was powering her attacks while the two waited for her to move.

    “Toxic Spikes!”

    Drapion releases purple caltrops that would poison anyone that touches it. Flareon and Jolteon were afraid to move and now they were about to get a taste of Glaceon's Last Resort attack. She charges forward and goes towards Flareon, but Jolteon jumps in front of her and takes the hit for her.

    “Jolteon!” Volkner said.

    Jolteon falls to the ground, unable to battle, while Flareon was left unharmed.

    “What a brave Pokémon you have,” Flint said. “Thank you.”

    “It was...nothing, I suppose,” Volkner said.

    “All right. Flareon, use Fire Blast!”

    Flareon shoots a Fire Blast at Glaceon, who is heavily damaged by the attack and knocked out easily. This leaves Drapion and Flareon left. A giant scorpion-like Pokemon against a small fire Pokemon; Rain needed a way to beat Flareon quickly.

    “Flareon, use Lava Plume!” Flint ordered.

    “Drapion, dodge and use Thunder Fang!” Rain ordered.

    Flareon fires the attack and dodges completely to strike with a Thunder Fang attack.

    “Flareon, Fire Fang!”

    Flareon fights back by using a Fire Fang on Drapion's neck. The two receive a lot of damage and attempt to pull each other off. They both fall back, unable to battle. They now each have to send out two last Pokémon before the battle can finish.

    “Ready, this is the last moment!” Volkner said, taking out his remaining Pokeball.

    They each take out their last Pokémon before sending out.

    “Electivire!” Volkner said.

    “Magmortar!” Flint said.

    They both send out their respective Pokémon. The two behemoths were fearsome, but they each had a way to stop them.

    “Go, Milotic!” Artemis said.

    She sends out the beautiful Water Pokémon, Miltoic, while Rain sends out his remaining Pokémon.

    “Go, Torterra!” Rain said.

    Rain sends Torterra out as it roars proudly. They were set in a battle of powerful Pokémon, but who would come out on top? Rain didn't want to lose his first battle in the Battle Frontier, and neither did Artemis. They had to fight hard and strong if they ever hope to survive.

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    I really love Volkner's "I don't care" attitude at the beginning.
    It was great to see Drapion battling again. It felt like ageees XD
    This battle was excellent. I love how its going. I cant wait to see its climax next week.
    Excellent chapter.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    Episode #3: Return Of An Old Friend!

    The tag battle between Volkner and Flint against Rain and Artemis continues as they have Electivire and Magmortar up against Torterra and Milotic, respectively. They were set in a battle of powerful Pokémon, but who would come out on top?

    “Let's do this!” Flint said. “Magmortar, use Lava Plume on Torterra!”

    “Electivire, use Discharge on Milotic!”

    “Milotic, block Electivire's attack with Twister!” Artemis ordered.

    “Torterra, use Earthquake on Magmortar!”

    All four Pokémon fire their respective attacks. Magmortar and Torterra fire at each other and both are hit by each other's attacks, dealing a lot of damage to each other. Electivire fires a Discharge attack, which Milotic blocks with a Twister attack, protecting against the attack.

    “Fire Spin on Torterra!” Flint ordered.

    “Block the attack with Aqua Tail!” Artemis ordered.

    Milotic jumps in front of Torterra as she blocks the attack with an Aqua Tail attack, shooting a stream of water from her tail as it goes towards Magmortar, who takes the full brunt of the attack.

    “Electivire, use Thunder Punch against Milotic!” Volkner ordered.

    Electivire charges his fist with Electricity and charges after Milotic.

    “Leaf Storm!” Rain ordered.

    Milotic jumps out of the way to let Torterra attack Electivire by striking him with a number of leaves that deal a lot of damage to him.

    “Doesn't Electivire know Protect or something?” Flint asked.

    “I only taught that TM to Jolteon, you dolt,” Volkner replied.

    “Hydro Pump on Magmortar!” Artemis ordered.

    “Lava Plume on Torterra!” Flint ordered.

    Both Pokémon fire their respective attacks towards one another, leaving Torterra to take the Lava Plume attack hard, as well as Magmortar, who takes a heavy hit with the Hydro Pump.

    “Torterra, use Earthquake!” Rain said.

    Torterra unleashes an Earthquake that strikes Magmortar and send him to the ground. He was immediately unable to battle, much to Flint's surprise.

    “So I guess that's it, huh?” Flint said. “Well, buddy, it's all up to you!”

    “Hey, hold on a second!” Volkner said, nervously.

    He looks ahead and sees the two Pokémon smiling happily. They know that they're going to take out Electivire and since Volkner's defenseless, they're going all out.

    “Twister!” Artemis ordered.

    “Leaf Storm!” Rain ordered.

    The two Pokémon fire their attacks at Volkner's Electivire and deal a lot of damage to it. Finally, it's unable to battle. The double battle is finally over, and Rain and Artemis are pleased with their victory, especially to an Elite Four member.

    “We lost,” Flint said.

    “Well," Volkner said. "It was fun, I suppose.”

    The two look at each other and immediately end up laughing. The rest of the crowd decides to cheer for their victory as well. Rain is pleased to be able to fight against an Elite Four member, much less Volkner, who he previously defeated. Now that the battle is over, the only thing left to do is go to the Battle Tower to check into their hotel room.


    J.D. is walking around the shopping areas with his Delcatty as he carries around a blue scarf with white arrows pointing to the horizontal ends of the scarf. He smiles happily, waiting to try his scarf on Delcatty.

    “I gotta say,” J.D. said. “This Choice Scarf is great deal for mere Battle Points. Glad I had some left in reserve from the Hoenn Battle Frontier.”

    Delcatty meows in response. He continues smiling as he heads back to the Battle Tower for some rest before tomorrow's competition start. It wasn't until...

    “Psst, hey,” someone said. “Got a minute?”

    He looks at someone who bears a strong resemblance to Manny, only he was wearing sunglasses and had his coat tied to his waist, revealing a light blue T-shirt. He seems to have a Buneary next to him, also wearing sunglasses in her size.

    “I got tickets for prizes,” he said. “Spin the wheel to decide your fate. Only 1 BP for one spin.”

    J.D. thought it would be a fun idea to try his luck and decides to try it. He gives him his Battle ID and leaves him to scan it.

    “All right,” he said, “let's see what we can bring up. Buneary, if you will.”

    “Bun, bun!” she said.

    She hops over and gives the wheel a big spin. It goes around and around until it begins to slow down. It soon lands on the choice “Berry Challenge.”

    “Here's the deal,” the man said.

    He places a pinkish red, spiked berry with a green leaf on top. J.D. was confused as to what was going on.

    “This berry is known to be notoriously sour,” the owner said. “If you can live through three bites, then you get 50 BP, otherwise you lose 10 BP. Deal?”

    He heard about the Lansat Berry before, but he's never actually seen one before. How sour was it exactly. He takes the berry and immediately bites into it in three rapid bites. He soon feels a scorching pain inside of his mouth. He soon finds it so hot that he breathes fire from the intense heat. He screams in pain as the fire burns his mouth nearly completely off.

    “Buneary,” the owner said. "If you will."

    Buneary takes his bottle of water on the table and goes over to him and showers him with water. The heated pain soon wears off as he takes the bottle and downs it completely. He was now left with his lips big and red. He tries touching it, only to end up squealing in pain.

    “So that'll be 10 BP from you, bud,” the owner said, watching Buneary hop back to the table.

    “That was a Tamato Berry, you fraud!!!” J.D. snapped. “You lied! I would have downed that Lansat Berry flat!”

    “Hey, you're the one who went into the challenge. Not my fault you're too stupid to notice. Anything can happen in my world.”

    J.D. growls in anger and hands him his card so he can scan the points into the owner's computer. He lost 10 BP all due to a berry identity crisis.

    “Have a great day,” he said, handing the card back to J.D.

    “Yeah, yeah,” J.D. said, annoyingly. “I won't forget this, bud!”

    The owner begins to yawn as he stretches his arms out. He didn't have too many customers and he wasn't racking in too many BP either. Rain soon comes by and notices the man sitting there, about to fall asleep.

    “Manny?” Rain asked.

    He freaks out at the sight of him. He never anticipated his old friend being here so to him it was a shock.

    “R-R-Rain?!?!?!” Manny said in shock.

    Buneary was really happy to see him. She hops over to give Rain a hug, leaving him to hug back at her.

    “So what are you doing here?” Rain asked.

    “Getting money?” Manny replied.


    “I'm bored. I came here on Palmer's request to man some shops and I wasn't getting any business, so I decided to spice things up by providing challenges that get me easy BP. They pay 500 Pokedollars for 1 BP. I have 90. That's at least 45,000 Pokedollars!”

    “Wow, that's something.”

    “Sure is. So why are you here?”

    Rain explained that he was here for the Battle Frontier and told him that Mr. Muto was running things. Upon hearing that, he wasn't too sure that running a shop was a good idea.

    “Didn't he drop off the face of the earth?” Manny asked.

    “Not anymore,” Rain said. “He's still here, and I think he wants revenge on me.”

    “You know what, a job like this isn't worth it. Listen, I have to relay Palmer the news to him about my sales, so I'll try to get as much information as possible. You try your best against the Frontier Brains and be sure to kick their butts.”

    “You sure you'll be all right?”

    “Trust me, this is for a good cause. Mr. Muto won't get away with harming you!”

    Rain smiles, knowing how great of a friend Manny was. He remembers when he was an absolute jerk when they first met, but now, he's grown to like him a lot. He says his good-byes and takes off to the Battle Tower, where he'll rest up for the night to prepare for tomorrow.


    Back at the hotel, J.D. was in the bathroom, washing his mouth after eating a Tamato Berry disguised as a Lansat Berry and feeling its side effects. Rain walks in to use the toilet until he meets him and his Delcatty by his side.

    “What happened to you?” Rain asked.

    “You won't believe it,” J.D. replied. “Some freak with a Buneary gave me a Lansat Berry disguised as a Tamato Berry! I ate one bite and I still feel the pain from the burn!”

    “This guy wouldn't happen to be manning a wheel station with a BP counter, right?”

    “Oh God, don't tell me he got you too!”

    “Well, not really. He's a friend of mine.”

    Rain tells him about their relationship and was surprised that he was actually friends with that guy. It was even more surprising to hear that he's actually a nice person around him. Rain knew that Manny was a joking kind of person for the most part, so when he heard that he was here out of boredom he thought he was here for no reason until he mentioned that Palmer invited him.

    “Well, tell him I want my 10 BP back.”

    “Fine, fine. Anyway, is there a reason you have a Delcatty?”

    He looks down at Delcatty and knew that he couldn't know his secret.

    “None of your business, man,” he said. “That's between me and her, got it?”

    “Fine, sorry I asked.”

    J.D. walks out while Rain proceeds into one of the stalls to do his business. Later that night, he goes into his room and goes onto his bed and looks at the Battle Frontier map, listing the locations. There were five in total: the Battle Tower, the Battle Factory, the Battle Arcade, the Battle Castle and the Battle Hall. Each of them had a unique set of rules to follow.

    “Which would be good to start off?” Rain asked.

    He soon hears music nearby that sounds like it belongs on a child's mobile. He wonders what that could be and soon disregards it. It was actually J.D. in the other room, playing a tune on his locket with him and his Skitty. He looks at it in sadness and soon puts it away. He shuts the light off and goes to sleep, leaving everyone else to do the same.


    As Rain walks around the main lobby, he continues to look at the main map to see where he should begin first. He was thinking of the Battle Factory, but he wanted to be sure he got an easy win first.

    “Hey, Rain!” someone called out.

    He turns to see Manny and Buneary, who's resting on his shoulder, approach him. Rain smiles as he shakes his hand like the friends they were.

    “If you want to find out where to go, why not try the Battle Tower,” Manny said. “After all, don't you want to get your revenge on Palmer?”

    Rain almost forgot that he ran the Battle Tower. He soon decides to enter the Battle Tower and aim for his first Print. He soon hears someone screaming as they both see J.D. run over to him and Manny as he snorts in anger.

    “Can I help you?” Manny asked.

    “You're the thief who stole my BP!” J.D. said in anger.


    “Yeah, you're simply a con who thinks he can get away with stealing BP, I want it back.”

    “Well, if you want it so badly. Win the Battle Tower challenge and I'll triple the BP. You'll get 30 instead of 10.”

    He seems to like that idea, it would give him more than he already has currently.

    “Fine, I accept!” J.D. replied.

    Manny smiles as he heads off elsewhere, giving Rain a soft farewell. They both decide to enter the Battle Tower challenge and face off against what Palmer had in store for them. They go to the reception counter to tell her that they wanted to face Palmer in the challenge here and gladly lets them through. They both go into the elevator nearby and up to the 8th floor, where the arenas were. Once they get up there, they see numerous trainers waiting for Palmer, it seems that they weren't the only ones with a desire to get into the Battle Frontier. There had to be at least eighteen trainers here.

    “So many people,” Rain said. “I wonder what Palmer has in store for us.”

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    Wow, someone got duped big time. Why, that slimy bastard...

    At the Skitty and J.D. picture, insert "Awwwwwww......".

    Man, J.D. is not that bright...

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    Great ending to the battle.
    Manny! :D Its great to see him again. And Buneary too. I can still remember that awesome chapter when he caguht her :p
    Hmm. I actually epxected Rain to challenge Palmer last.
    Well, pretty good chapter. Can't wait for the next one :)

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    Episode #4: The Battle Tower!

    Everyone soon lines up to brave the challenge of the Battle Tower, led by Palmer. The group anxiously awaits his arrival and prepares to brave themselves in whatever the competition was. Palmer immediately comes in and everyone soon quiets down in response. He see Rain within the group and feels pleased to see him in the Battle Frontier.

    “Welcome everyone,” Palmer said. “This is the Battle Tower, and I see that it's your first event for some of you. That's fine.”

    He takes a good look at everyone and hopes that all of them were in tip-top shape.

    “Here's the deal. The Battle Tower has no set rules. Merely special challenges that you have to face. Three battles with three different Pokémon in a one on one battle, which is the norm for the Battle Frontier. Defeat three trainers and the remaining three will battle against yours truly. We'll start with a one on one battle and then a double battle. So in this case, the remaining four will face against me. This is one of two locations where this happens.”

    He takes out his gold print, with an image of the Battle Tower and shows it to them.

    “Defeat me and you'll get yourself this prized Tower Print. One of five that is required to make it to the final round. I wish the best from each one of you! Especially a certain someone in this crowd.”

    He looks at Rain, who knows that he had to fight him harder than ever before, especially to avenge his loss against Palmer.

    “Now then. Let's begin!”

    They all head over to the side areas and prepare to kick things off. First up would be Rain against a young boy, named Tim, who was in his teens with bushy brown hair a plain blue T-Shirt and Black jeans. The two were both ready to fight as Palmer stands on the area up top to watch them from below.

    “All right!” Palmer said. “Begin!”

    I have to pick three Pokémon that I have to use against Palmer,” Rain thought. “Let's see.

    Rain takes out one of his Pokeballs and sends out his first Pokémon.

    “Go, Weavile!” Rain said.

    Rain sends out his Weavile, who takes the battlefield with two slashes to show that he's ready.

    Oh yeah,” Rain thought. “We're pumped!

    Tim takes out his Pokeball and sends his first Pokémon out.

    “Go, Breloom!” Tim said.

    He sends out a bipedal lizard-like Pokémon with a mushroom-like appendage on his head and base for the neck and red claws on his feet and legs and green berries that surrounds his tail. Rain opens his Pokédex to check it out.


    “Interesting,” Rain said. “So a Grass and Fighting Pokémon. Ice is bound to affect it, but its that Breloom's fighting moves I'm worried about.”

    “Breloom, use Mach Punch!” Tim ordered.

    Breloom dashes forward with his fist glowing softly as Weavile prepares to take the attack.

    “Weavile, duck and use Metal Claw!” Rain ordered.

    Weavile ducks under Breloom's punch and strikes him with a Metal Claw. He is sent back and sets his ground, ready to go again.

    “Mind Reader!” Tim ordered.

    Breloom's eyes begin to glow as he glares onto Weavile, making him glow as well.

    “Uh oh,” Rain said to himself.

    “DynamicPunch!” Tim ordered.

    Breloom charges after him with a fist attack that shakes the ground. Rain knows that Mind Reader will make any attack hit its target, so he had to think of something fast.

    “Ice Beam!”

    Weavile fires an Ice Beam attack that strikes Breloom hard and sends him back and onto the ground. He quickly gets up as the Mind Reader effect wears off.

    “Beat Up!” Rain ordered.

    Weavile charges up his energy as he goes after Breloom, who prepares to fight back.

    “Breloom, use Force Palm!” Tim ordered.

    Breloom manages to strike Weavile and uses a powerful force to send him back. He was severely weakened by that one attack. Rain was amazed at his strength and needs to watch out for him.

    “Ice Beam!” Rain ordered.

    Weavile fires an Ice Beam that Breloom avoids easily, leaving him to charge after Weavile.

    “DynamicPunch!” Tim ordered.

    Breloom starts up another DynamicPunch attack that goes straight towards Weavile, who prepares to take the attack.

    “Block it!” Rain ordered.

    Weavile manages to block the attack, only pushing him back, and dealing minor damage to him.

    “Ice Beam!”

    Weavile fires an Ice Beam to Breloom's face as he's sent back a lot. He is immediately unable to battle, leaving Rain to move on to the next phase of the battle, the double battle.

    “Breloom is unable to battle!” Palmer said. “Weavile is the winner! Rain will move on to the next round!”

    “Great work, Weavile!” Rain said.

    Weavile looks back, exhausted as ever and nods in response. He's immediately recalled into his Pokeball, leaving Rain to head into the lobby while the next few fight. He walks into the battle lobby as a young receptionist with brown hair and a pink suit offers to heal his Weavile.

    “Thanks,” Rain said.

    He looks up at the screen to see J.D. battling, using his Delcatty as his first partner. The two are facing off against a Skuntank, leaving Rain to wonder how strong he truly is.

    “Rain Eidoh,” someone said. “What an honor to meet a gifted individual like you!”

    He turns around to see an adult with long, grayish black hair wearing a white gi and red hakama pants, spreading out across the sides.

    “My apologies,” he said. “I think it'd be wise to introduce myself. I'm Padgett. I participated in the Sinnoh League around the same time you did.”

    “Oh, I seem to remember you. You only made it to the top sixteen, right?”

    “Unfortunately. However, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Battle Frontier. Seems that you're quickly making a name for yourself in these parts.”

    “Skuntank is unable to battle!” the official said. “Delcatty is the winner! J.D. will move on to the next round!”

    “J.D.'s a good trainer as well. I've seen him in a couple of tournaments. I think we battled once.”

    “Did he ever explain why he has a Delcatty?” Rain asked.

    “Nope,” Padgett replied. “I remember when it was a Skitty, actually. She was adorable. Not to say she still isn't of course.”

    He laughs at his own response, while Rain just giggles.

    “Well, I suppose we'll be battling next...”

    “Wait, we're battling?” Rain asked.

    “That's what I heard,” Padgett said. “I wish you luck in battle, Rain.”

    Padgett walks off while Rain prepares to fight in his next set of battles. He already made a new friend and had to face him in battle. He hopes that he wasn't too strong.


    Rain and Padgett make it onto the battlefield and prepare for phase two of the Battle Tower Challenge. This is where trainers participate in Double Battles in a two on two match. Unlike with Flint and Volkner, there were only two trainers, one on each side using two Pokémon each. Rain hopes to do well, despite barely having experience in double battles.

    “Begin!” Palmer said.

    “Luxray, Gallade, let's go!” Rain said.

    Rain sends out his remaining choices, his Luxray and his Gallade. Palmer immediately remembers that combination; he's preparing to use the same team as before against his team.

    “All right.” Padgett said. “Heracross, Hippowdon, let's go!”

    Padgett sends out his two Pokémon, a Heracross and a large brown and tan, Hippo-like Pokémon with large nostrils and several pores from its back. Hippowdon snorts as sand begins whipping about, clattering against the glass as Rain tries to cover himself.

    “What you're witnessing is Hippowdon's Sand Stream ability, launching Sandstorms upon entry into battle! Just call it his battle cry!”

    “Some battle cry!” Rain said, covering himself from the sand.

    None of his Pokémon were taking it well and had to do something about it.

    “Gallade, use Psycho Cut on Heracross,” Rain ordered. “Luxray, use Iron Tail on Hippowdon!”

    “Heracross, use Megahorn on Luxray!” Padgett ordered. “Hippowdon, use Take Down!”

    All four Pokémon go at it. Gallade launches his Psycho cut, while Heracross not only avoids it, but goes after Luxray with a Megahorn as well, sending him flying across. Hippowdon charges after Gallade, without a clue as to what he's supposed to do.

    “Gallade, Close Combat!” Rain ordered.

    Gallade unleashes a number of punches that strike Hippowdon and send it back, blocking the Take Down.

    “Sand Tomb, Hippowdon!” Padgett ordered.

    Hippowdon uses its sand abilities to cause the ground below them to sink, pulling Gallade and Luxray inside. Rain wonders how they can get out while Hippowdon keeps them trapped.

    “Heracross, use Megahorn on Gallade!” Padgett ordered.

    Heracross uses a Megahorn attack as he charges towards Gallade, who was trapped within the Sand Tomb.

    “Psycho Cut!” Rain ordered.

    Gallade lifts his hands from the sand and swings it, striking Heracross and sending him back. Hippowdon was maintaining the Sand Tomb and wouldn't let go at all.

    “Gallade, use Night Slash on Hippowdon!” Rain ordered.

    “Heracross, use Aerial Ace to stop him!” Padgett ordered.

    Gallade uses Night Slash to stop Hippowdon, striking him and forcing him to stop as the ground returns to normal, but Gallade is soon struck with an Aerial Ace attack, dealing a lot of damage to it.

    “Luxray, use Discharge on Heracross!” Rain ordered.

    Luxray uses a powerful Discharge attack to deal a lot of damage to Heracross. He reacts in pain as he immediately falls over, unable to battle. Gallade and Luxray smiles as they prepare to take down Hippowdon now.

    “Seems that I'm in a bit of a bind,” Padgett said, recalling Heracross to his Pokeball. “No matter. Hippowdon, use Superpower on Gallade!”

    Hippowdon charges forward with an extreme amount of force surrounding him.

    “Psycho Cut!” Rain ordered.

    Gallade launchesa Psycho cut, but the force blocks the attack and leaves Hippowdown to strike Gallade hard and smash him into a wall. He immediately falls to the ground, unable to battle, leaving Luxray and Hippowdon by themselves. Rain recalls Gallade to his Pokeball while he growls in annoyance.

    “Now this is a challenge!” Padgett said. “Earth Power!”

    Hippowdon smashes the ground and causes a quake to rush over to Luxray. Rain isn't going to lose when he's so close to battling Palmer again.

    “Jump across and use Iron Tail!”

    Luxray bends down and leaps across, avoiding the attack completely. Padgett was amazed at how much skill it had. Hippowdon has no room to attack with Luxray being so close. Luxray swings his glowing tail as he strikes Hippowdon hard.

    “Now, use Iron Tail, once more!”

    Luxray swings himself as he strikes Hippowdon even harder with a second Iron Tail attack. Hippowdon falls to the ground, unable to battle.

    “Hippowdon and Heracross are unable to battle!” Palmer said. “Gallade and Luxray are the winners! Rain will move on to the Frontier Brain battle!”

    Rain cheers in victory as he goes over to hug his trusty Luxray. He was so pleased to be able to rach Palmer in such a short amount of time. Padgett smiles as he recalls his Hippowdon and walks off.

    “You truly are a gifted trainer, Rain Eidoh,” Padgett said.

    Rain heads outside as he goes to get his Pokémon healed by the receptionist. He was glad to make it through, realizing how hard it was to get here.

    “Well, this is it,” she said. “Your last battle will be against Palmer. Are you ready?”

    “You bet!” Rain said.

    She smiles as she gives him his Pokeballs back. He attaches them to his belt and looks up at the screen to see J.D. battling once more.

    “Remember, you must use the Pokémon you've used in battle. Are you confident in your choices?”

    “Can't say that I am, but these guys have been waiting for this for a while. I can't let them down now!”

    She smiles as she walks off elsewhere. Rain was watching J.D. battling with his Forretress and a Mismagius. They were doing incredible out there, making Rain a little nervous with his skills as a trainer.

    “I hope you know what you're doing,” Manny said, approaching Rain from behind.

    “Hey, Manny,” Rain said.

    “I just came to wish you the best of luck out there. Don't hold back.”


    The battle is immediately over, meaning that J.D. would move on to the final round against Palmer. Rain wonders if he's capable of beating him a second time around. Last time they battled, Weavile barely did any sort of damage to Dragonite. He hopes that it would be different this time around.

    “Rain Eidoh, please report to the battling arena for the Frontier Brain match against the Tower Tycoon!”

    “Good luck out there,” Manny said.

    Rain's determined as ever to face off against Palmer. This isn't any time for him to get overconfident again. It's now or never!

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    Episode #5: Tower Tycoon Palmer!

    Rain enters the Battle Tower arena, where Palmer was waiting patiently for him. Rain goes into his position and prepares to get his revenge on Palmer for his defeat last time. Weavile barely stood a chance against the Dragon Type Dragonite, but now they have more of a reason to fight and win.

    “All right, you remember the rules?” Palmer asked.

    “Three on three, right?” Rain replied.

    “That's correct. Now, let's get this underway!”

    The red and green lights that were around from before light up to signal the start of the battle. Palmer takes out one of his Poké Balls and prepares to go.

    “Go, Milotic!” he said.

    Palmer sends his Milotic out and prepares to battle. Rain knew exactly what to do and sends out his first Pokémon.

    “Go, Luxray!” Rain said.

    Luxray immediately comes out and roars ferociously. Rain easily had the advantage, but Palmer's proven flawlessly that advantages aren't enough.

    “Milotic, use Twister!” Palmer ordered.

    Milotic uses her tail to launch a powerful twister towards Luxray, who gets hit with it and tries to fend off against it.

    “Luxray, use Discharge!” Rain ordered.

    Luxray begins to spark with electricity and release blue bolts that shoot towards Milotic, striking her hard. She stops her attack and shakes it off.

    “Aqua Tail!” Palmer ordered.

    Milotic launches a similiar attack, except that it sends Luxray back and showers it with water. Luxray quickly gets up and glares at Milotic, who's proving to be a tough opponent.

    “Attract!” Palmer ordered.

    Milotic simply winks and soon, that was enough for Luxray to fall in love with Milotic.

    “What's attract?” Rain asked. “Luxray, use Thunder Fang!”

    Luxray nervously looks back, hesitant to attack his new love interest.

    “What's wrong?” Rain asked. “Why aren't you attacking?”

    “Attacking the one he loves?” Palmer asked. “How cruel can you be!”

    “Wait...you're seriously...”

    “Attract forces the opponent to fall in lover with the user, and makes them more hesitant to attack.”

    “Great, so now I have to deal with this!”

    “Milotic, use Iron Tail!”

    Milotic swings her glowing tail down and strikes Luxray with it.

    “Thunder Fang!” Rain ordered.

    Luxray snaps by biting Milotic's tail and shocking her completely.

    “Nice work!”

    She screams in pain, leaving Luxray to let go and apologize in its language. Rain was annoyed that the effects of Attract aren't wearing off, but they still need to win this fast.

    “Milotic, use DragonBreath!” Palmer ordered.

    It knows DragonBreath?!” Rain thought. “Dodge it!”

    Milotic fires a powerful DragonBreath attack that shoots towards Luxray, but he manages to avoid the attack just in time and escape harm.


    Luxray was still nervous to attack. If he was knocked out then the rest of his team would be subjected to Attract as well, since they're all male.

    “Aqua Tail!” Palmer ordered.

    “Use Discharge!” Rain ordered.

    Milotic fires an Aqua Tail attack that strikes Luxray hard and forces him to brave the attack. Despite his trainer's orders, he's still hesitant to attack.

    “Please you have to attack!” Rain said. “I know you're in love, but you need to win this for me. They're the enemy!”

    Luxray tries to, but doesn't want to harm his love interest. He soon sparks with electricity and releases a powerful bolt that strikes Milotic hard, right from the tip of her tail to the rest of her body. She immediately falls to the ground, unable to battle. The green light flashes on Rain's side, signaling his victory.

    “Good work, Luxray!”

    Luxray sighs in relief, hoping to never go through that again.

    “Is it all right if I call back my Pokémon?” Rain asked.

    “Go right ahead,” Palmer replied.

    “Luxray, return!”

    Rain calls Luxray back and sends out his next Pokémon.

    “Go, Gallade!” Rain said.

    Gallade comes out and assumes its position. He was ready to win this for his trainer.

    “I see your Kirlia's a Gallade now,” Palmer said. “Interesting.”

    “He'll be far better when he faces Rhyperior!”

    “Gallade, gal!”

    Palmer smirks as he sends out his next Pokémon.

    “Go, Rhyperior!” Palmer said.

    Palmer sends his Rhyperior out to battle against Gallade. Gallade knew Close Combat and Leaf Blade, but how would he last against Palmer's Pokémon. Especially his Rock Wrecker attack. The lights flash, signaling the start of the battle.

    “Rhyperior, use Megahorn!” Palmer ordered.

    “Leaf Blade!” Rain ordered.

    Both Pokémon charge after each other and strike with their attacks, both were sent back, but Rhyperior managed to take less damage.

    “How did Rhyperior avoid that kind of damage?” Rain asked.

    “If I have to remind you, my Rhyperior has Solid Rock!” Palmer said.

    Rain soon remembers what it was. It was an ability that weakens super effective moves by nearly half. Rain was going to have to think harder if he hopes to defeat him.

    “Rock Wrecker!” Palmer ordered.

    Rhyperior digs into the ground and points it towards Gallade.

    “I hope this works again,” Rain thought.

    “Fire!” Palmer ordered.

    “Psychic to block!” Rain ordered.

    Gallade uses his Psychic powers to block the attack easily. Palmer immediately knew what was coming and so was Rain.

    “Fire back!” Rain said.

    Gallade shoots the rock at Rhyperior, but Palmer smiles as he thinks of an idea.

    “Horn Drill!” Palmer said.

    Rhyperior uses Horn Drill to destroy the rock just as it hits. The rocks go past Palmer as his coattails flow in response.

    “I remember that attempt,” Palmer said. “I WILL NOT make that mistake again!”

    He's been waiting for this, I can tell!” Rain thought. “I just have to find a way to get around it!

    “Rock Wrecker!” Palmer ordered.

    Rhyperior digs into the ground once more and pulls out another rock embedded inside of his hole in his palm. He fires the rock once more.

    “Close Combat!” Rain ordered.

    Gallade strikes the rock with Close Combat, but the force knocks Gallade off of his feet and onto the ground.

    “Horn Drill!” Palmer ordered.

    Rhyperior's drill grows longer as he gets it moving. The drill rotates as he charges forward towards Gallade, who was slowly getting up.

    “Psychic!” Rain ordered.

    Gallade uses his Psychic powers to stop Rhyperior from moving, however he was way to strong for Gallade, who was having a hard time holding him back.

    “I have to think of something,” Rain said to himself.

    Rain suddenly gets an idea. It just might work as well.

    “Leaf Blade!” Rain ordered.

    Gallade's elbow blades begin to glow a bright green as he continues to hold off the horn drill.

    “If I mess up...it's over!” Rain thought. “Drop and strike!”

    Gallade drops the Psychic, drops down and strikes Rhyperior in the stomach. The damage was really strong, enough to shoot Rhyperior back.

    “Close Combat!” Rain ordered.

    Gallade jumps up and strikes Rhyperior in the stomach again. The pain was far stronger than before. Soon Rhyperior was unable to battle. Rain has a good hope for this battle, now that all three of his Pokémon were still able to battle. The green light flashes on Rain's side, leaving Palmer to recall his fallen Rhyperior.

    “Well, well,” Palmer said. “You're quite something. I'm sure you'll be able to tell who I have planned for you.”

    Rain knew that it was Dragonite that was up next, but how well will he battle against a Pokémon that he could barely defeat?

    “Go, Dragonite!” Palmer said.

    Dragonite comes out and lets out a powerful roar. Gallade's slightly weak, but not enough to back down just yet. The lights flash, signaling them to start.

    “Gallade, use Psycho Cut!” Rain ordered.

    “Dragon Rush!” Palmer ordered.

    Dragonite charges up with a blue and white aura as he goes after Gallade, busting through his Psycho Cut and striking him hard. He soon falls to the ground, unable to battle. The red light flashes over on Palmer's side as he smiles successfully.

    Even Dragonite's stronger!” Rain thought. “Now what?

    “I'm waiting,” Palmer said.

    Rain recalls his fallen Gallade and sends out his next Pokémon.

    “Go, Luxray!” Rain said.

    Rain sends his Luxray out as it takes the field. He was weak from the battle with Milotic before, but it didn't bother him.

    “I have to land at least two hits on him!” Rain thought.

    The two lights flash, signaling the start of the next round.

    “Dragonite, use Dragon Rush!” Palmer ordered.

    Dragonite charges up its aura again and goes after Luxray.

    “Dodge it!” Rain said.

    Luxray successfully manages to dodge and avoid damage easily.


    Luxray fires a Discharge attack that strikes Dragonite easily. It breaks free, however, though he's showing signs of damage.

    “Dragonite, use Hyper Beam!”

    Dragonite fires a Hyper Beam that strikes Luxray easily, knocking it out as well. The red light flashes to show that Palmer was victorious in that round. Rain was lucky to get that hit on Dragonite, but how well will Weavile fare.

    “Luxray, return!” Rain said.

    Rain's nervous about using Weavile at this point, but anything to get him that Tower Print.

    “Go, Weavile!” Rain said.

    Weavile comes out and prepares to battle against Dragonite, showing his anger after their last battle.

    “I see he hasn't forgotten at all,” Rain said.

    The lights flash, signaling the start of the last battle.

    “Dragonite, use Outrage!” Palmer ordered.

    Dragonite engulfs itself in flames and fires multiple beams that shoot towards Weavile.

    “Dodge them!” Rain ordered.

    Weavile does his best to dodge them, but he barely avoids them. Dragonite wasn't stopping at all, leaving Rain a little nervous.

    “Ice Beam!” Rain ordered.

    Weavile launches an Ice Beam at Dragonite, striking it hard and dealing major damage. The outrage finally stops and leaves Dragonite confused.

    “Come on,” Palmer said to himself. “Wake up!”

    “Ice Beam!” Rain said. “Don't let up!”

    Weavile fires a continuous Ice Beam that manages to freeze Dragonite completely. Rain cheers in success, but it stops when he hears the ice cracking. Dragonite breaks free of the ice and roars proudly.

    “Dragonite, use Hyper Beam!” Palmer ordered.

    “Ice Beam!” Rain ordered.

    Both Pokémon fire their respective attacks as they collide with each other. They push the other beam back, trying to see which beam would hit first. Weavile's slowly letting up, but he knew that he wouldn't let his trainer down. He pushes to his limits and fires constantly. Dragonite is getting worn as well. Neither of them are letting up.

    “Some power!” Palmer said about Weavile. “This is the first time that any Pokémon managed to outlast Dragonite.”

    Weavile begins to show some signs of straining.

    “However, that won't stop us, NOW WILL IT?!?!?!”

    Dragonite's Hyper Beam pushes through and strikes Weavile, shooting it against the wall. Both Pokémon were at the point of exhaustion. Even Dragonite was going to fall at any second. Doesn't help the fact that he has to recharge in order to attack again.

    “One more hit,” Rain said. “Just one more hit! Weavile, give him your strongest Beat Up!”

    Weavile stands up and begins to charge his power from his teammates. He immediately charges after Dragonite, making Palmer so nervous that he's eating the collar on his coat. Weavile soon stops short as his power fades. He immediately falls to the ground, unable to battle. Rain was shocked that he actually went down an inch from Dragonite. He was ready to cry at any moment. Palmer recalls his Dragonite as he walks off.

    “Once my battles are done, wait in the lobby. I have something for you.”

    Rain just couldn't believe how close he was. He runs over to Weavile and lifts him up. He looks up at his trainer, upset that he failed to beat him.

    “Don't feel too bad,” Rain said.

    He swipes at him as he falls to the ground. He's angry that he failed to defeat Dragonite and so is Rain. Weavile's the only one who wanted to show his feelings. Rain just couldn't believe it himself.

    “Come on, let's get something to eat and head back to the lobby. Palmer said he has something for us.”

    Weavile looks at Rain, wondering how he can be so calm at a time like this.

    “I understand you're angry. Believe me, so am I. But throwing a fit isn't going to stop him. Now come on, I'll get you a special soda for Pokémon.”

    Weavile eventually gets up and heads out with Rain. Deep down, Rain wanted to punch a kitten, but his anger wasn't going to solve anything. He learned that with Manny after his first match with Roark.

    “You shouldn't put all your anger on being better than Dragonite. Focus on the battle and clear your thoughts of all else. That's what Manny taught me and I've learned to take it to heart.”

    Weavile nods, knowing that he was right. They head out of the tower while waiting for the rest of the battlers to finish. J.D. was up next, but how was he going to last against Dragonite?


    After a couple of snacks and a few drinks, Rain goes back to the battle lobby, where J.D. was throwing a fit because he lost to Dragonite. Rain comments that he feels his pain, but doesn't say that he lost.

    “I mean, that Dragon Rush,” J.D. said. “Dude, that thing is so cheap, man!”

    “Yeah...I lost to that thing.” Rain said.

    “You lost too? Well, that figures. He seems pretty strong as well.”

    Palmer immediately arrives to see the two that lost to him. He simply smiles as he shows them his hand.

    “Your Vs. Recorder, please,” he said.

    They both look at each other and give him both of their Vs. Recorders, working with Rain's first. He was entering some sort of password that would do something to their Vs. Recorders. He immediately hands it back to Rain, wondering what he did.

    “Enter a password that only you can remember. If you show this to the receptionist, then you can battle me without going through all that nonsense with the other trainers. All the Frontier Brains use this, so it's good for those who battle me but can't win. You can do it as many times as you want, too. Now I'll just do J.D.'s...”

    “This is awesome!” Rain said, entering his password in.

    “Thank you so much!” J.D. said.

    “It's nothing, really. We've gotten complaints from the Hoenn branch, so we implemented this in two years ago. Now, this can only be used once a day, so if you need to, find another Frontier Brain to battle.”

    Rain's excited to battle Palmer again, but he needs more experience in battle. He decides to go on ahead and find another location to battle. He decides that the Battle Factory was worth trying, but how much different in power is this Frontier Brain. He needs to win, or else this tournament will be for nothing.

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    *Tumbleweed rolls by*

    Episode #6: The Battle Factory!

    Rain and Manny continue to walk around, talking about Rain's battle with Palmer. Manny is disappointed that he came so close to defeating him, especially after hearing about Weavile's last ditch move failing to hit Dragonite at the last moment.

    “Palmer must be lucky that your attack didn't hit,” Manny said. “That was something. I feel bad for you. Where are you heading to now?”

    “Probably the Battle Factory,” Rain replied. “Don't know what to expect there, though.”

    “Well, I wish you luck anyway.”

    Manny heads off elsewhere and leaves Rain to enter the weird blue shaped building with blue rings going down diagonally, known as Sinnoh's Battle Factory. He goes inside to see the numerous bits of electronics and technology. Rain looks around and sees the numerous trainers waiting to get into the arena. He soon feels someone bump into him as she hastily apologizes. To Rain, it was as if she meant to do it. She was an old woman with a very rich disposition. She had a brown dress with a pink scarf around her neck and a brown circular hat. She was quickly moving along and immediately cuts in front of the line.

    “Entry to the Battle Factory challenge, please,” she said.

    “I'm sorry ma'am,” the receptionist said, “but I need to deal with...these...”

    The receptionist can tell that this woman wasn't one to be messed around with. She goes for her whip as she quickly lifts the gate up.

    “On second thought, go right ahead,” she quickly replied.

    She moves along, while everyone else was complaining about her behavior.

    “Who was she?” Rain said to himself.

    “Isabel,” someone behind him said.

    Rain turns around and was surprised at who he saw; it was Kent Lewis, the man who broke up his fight with J.D. Rain wonders if he knows her at all.

    “She used to be an enemy of mine years ago,” Kent said. “I'd watch it if I were you.”

    Kent walks off while Rain does the same. He eventually goes through the identification process and enters a small room filled to the brim with numerous Pokeballs. A young man with long, black hair wearing a white lab coat and black pants under his white shirt approaches Rain as he looks around.

    “Hello there,” he said. “Welcome to the Battle Factory! I'm Kyo, your advisor for this facility. I see you're wondering what goes on here.”

    “Yeah,” Rain said. “There are so many Poké Balls here.”

    “Well it's part of the challenge. In this phase of the competition, you use rental Pokémon. You are forbidden from using your own.”

    “So we have to use Pokémon from...”

    “From our stock, yes. I must ask that we hold onto your current roster.”

    “Hold onto them?”

    “We're required to make sure that you don't use your current team. Don't worry, I guarantee that we'll provide the best safekeeping around.”

    Rain's hesitant about giving someone he doesn't know his Pokémon, but if Hoenn can get away with it, then he supposes that he can give them his team just this once. He hands his Poké Balls over while he places them in a safe container for later use. He pulls a lever as six random Poké Balls come by.

    “Now, you have six Poké Balls to choose from,” Kyo said. “Pick three of the six.”

    Their images come up in video game-like sprites. There were six with their names listed as such: Pidgeotto, Xatu, Hitmonlee, Ivysaur, Pelipper and Gabite. Rain had to make a decision that he couldn't change once he got in. He doesn't know his opponent at all and needed to think carefully.

    “All right,” Rain said. “I pick Pelipper, Ivysaur and Xatu!”

    “Wise decision,” Kyo said.

    Rain takes the three Poké Balls in the order he said, while the rest of the balls go back.

    “These Pokémon are trained to listen to any trainer that holds them. We wish you luck out there.”

    Rain goes through as he enters the first phase of the battle. He comes across a young girl with long brown hair and a pink flower on the side of her head wearing a black dress and brown stockings. She takes out one of her Poké Balls and prepares to go at it.

    “All right!” a young voice said over the intercom. “It's time for the Battle Factory match between Rain and Jenna. Only one Pokémon may be used at a time! Once the lights flash, you may begin!”

    The lights immediately flash, leaving Jenna to send out first.

    “Go, Grotle!” she said.

    Grotle immediately comes out, leaving Rain to reminisce a little about his old Grotle, before he evolved into a Torterra. He takes his first Poké Ball out and prepares to go.

    “Go, Xatu!” Rain said.

    Rain sends out a mysterious flying Pokémon resembling a totem pole with white wings and a marking on its chest that resembles a cat's face. Its was mostly green with some black and red, on its wings and its two strands coming from the back of its head. Rain opens his Pokédex to check it out.


    “It says that it knows Confuse Ray, Peck, Ominous Wind and Psychic,” Rain thought. “All right, Xatu, use Ominous Wind!”

    “Grotle, use Leaf Storm!” Jenna ordered.

    Both Pokémon fire their attacks as they both connect, however the Ominous Wind is too strong for it and causes Grotle to be pushed back as a response. Grotle gets back up and prepares to strike again.

    “Leaf Storm!” Jenna ordered again.

    “Use Psychic to send it back!” Rain ordered.

    Grotle fires the Leaf Storm, leaving Xatu to stop the attack and send it back, deailing a lot of damage to Grotle.

    “Peck attack!” Rain ordered.

    Grotle sees Xatu flying over as it begins pecking Grotle wildly. It was too bothered by the peck to do anything about it.

    “Ominous Wind!” Rain ordered.

    Xatu uses another Ominous Wind to blow Grotle back and into a wall. The attack was strong enough to knock it out easily. The green light flashes on Rain's side to signal his victory.

    “Nice work, Xatu!” Rain said.

    “Xa, xatu!” it replied.

    Rain recalls his Xatu and goes over to shake hands with his opponent for a good match. He heads back into the main room where his Pokémon would be healed.

    “If you want, you are able to trade your Pokémon for your opponents. The idea is to build a team strong enough to battle our Factory Head. So the decision is up to you.”

    Rain wonders if this was a good idea to trade this early. He soon decides that he'd rather work with the team he has now.

    “No thanks,” Rain said. “I'm sticking with what I have.”

    “Very well,” he said. “It'll be a few minutes before your next battle begins.”

    Rain waits for the battles to end while watching the rest of the competition go at it. After a good few minutes, he was back in the arena up against a young boy with a blue baseball cap over his long brown hair. He is wearing a dark green sweater and blue shorts, which his sweater seems to be covering just barely. The green light flashes as the battle begins.

    “Go, Furret!” the boy said.

    He sends out a ferret-like Pokémon with white and brown stripes and a mostly white body. It had really small feet, so much that it seems that it was mostly a tail with a head on it.

    “So I'm fighting a Furret, huh?” Rain said. “I think we can take it. Go, Pelipper!”

    Rain sends out a pelican-like Pokémon with blue and white feathers. The lower part of the mouth was almost connected to its lower body. The lights flash to signal the start of the battle. Rain opens his Pokédex to reveal its attacks: Water Pulse, Wing Attack, Roost and Hydro Pump.

    “Pelipper, use Water Pulse!” Rain ordered.

    “Furret, use Quick Attack!” the boy ordered.

    Pelipper fires a ball that shoots towards Furret, however he easily dodges and shoots towards Pelipper, striking it hard.

    “Hyper Voice!” the boy ordered.

    Furret uses its Hyper Voice attack to shoot sonic sound-waves at Pelipper, striking him hard.

    “Hydro Pump!” Rain ordered.

    Pelipper fires a Hydro Pump that strikes Furret hard and knocks it to the ground.

    “Furret, use Assist!” the boy ordered.

    Furrets arm begins to turn into a cat-like paw as it fires a random attack from it. It was a strong Thunderbolt, striking Pelipper and leaving Rain in shock.

    “Sucker Punch!”

    Furret shoots forward and hits Pelipper a few times with quick jabs.

    I have to do something!” Rain thought. Once Furret stops, Rain decides to try something. “Roost!”

    Pelipper rests on the ground and begins to absorb energy, healing itself from the damage it took earlier. Rain thought it was cool to have an attack that heals in a situation like this.

    “Assist!” the boy ordered.

    Furret charges up another assist attack as it uses what seems to be an Attract attack. Pelipper just looks away, offending Furret, who was trying to sway him.

    “Are they both male?” Rain asked. He shakes his head in response. “Pelipper, use Hydro Pump!”

    Pelipper fires a Hydro Pump attack as it strikes Furret hard, knocking it against a wall and knocking it out. A green light flashes to signal Rain's victory once again. He is one match away from facing off against the Factory Head. The two shake hands in respect and walk back to their respective areas. After a few matches, another round would soon begin.


    Rain waits for the final battle to begin as he watches the last two trainers battle. He sees Isabel go at it with another trainer while wondering just how skilled she was.

    “She's good,” Rain said.

    The battle was over, with Isabel being the victor. The final battle between the two would soon start, and Rain needed this win, otherwise who knows what he would do. He gets up and goes along, preparing to fight Isabel and her team. Once the two were on the main field, Isabel simply smiles as she wonders how he managed to get here in the first place.

    “I don't know who you think you are, you little pest, but you're not going to win!”

    “We'll see about that!” Rain said. “You don't seem to be that good!”

    “We'll see about that!”

    The lights flash to start the final battle.

    “Go, Ivysaur!” Rain said.

    Rain sends out a tailless dinosaur-like Pokémon with a tulip-like bud growing on its back. It appears to have a menacing look to him.

    “It's attacks are Razor Leaf, Take Down, SolarBeam and PoisonPowder,” Rain thought, looking at his Pokédex.

    “Go, Swampert!” Isabel said.

    She sends out a large Pokémon that resembles a land-based fish. It was mostly blue with a light blue underside and orange on its spiky gills and its plates covering most of its arms and legs. It has a large fin that goes from its underside and over his back, sticking out.

    “Ready when you are, you pest!” she said.

    “Fine,” Rain said. “Ivysaur, use Razor Leaf!”

    Ivysaur fires a set of high speed leaves that shoot towards Swampert.

    “Mud Bomb!” Isabel ordered.

    Swampert fires a powerful Mud Bomb that blocks the Razor Leaves and strikes Ivysaur hard. It shakes itself off while preparing for more.

    “Take Down!” Rain ordered.

    Ivysaur charges towards Swampert and strikes it hard. Isabel smiles as she prepares to give it her order.

    “Hammer Arm!” she ordered.

    Swampert swings its thick arms down, dealing a lot of damage to Ivysaur and pinning it to the ground.

    “Squish the life out of it!” she said. “Make sure we win this battle!”

    She's a creep,” Rain thought. “How do I get out of that!

    Rain soon remembers one of its attacks and decides to go with it.

    “PoisonPowder!” Rain ordered.

    Ivysaur lets loose a puff of purple powder, forcing Swampert to inhale it and end up poisoning itself. He stands back in pain, leaving Ivysaur to get up.

    “Take Down!” Rain ordered.

    Ivysaur runs into Swampert and knocks it onto the ground Swampert tries to get up, but the Poison was strong against it.

    “Swampert, get up right now!!!” Isabel shouted.

    “SolarBeam!” Rain ordered.

    Ivysaur begins to charge up sunlight as it prepares to take out Swampert.

    “Hammer Arm, your toughest one!” Isabel ordered.

    Swampert swings its arm down, just as Ivysaur fires the beam. The blast strikes Swampert and shoots it back and against a wall. Swampert falls to the ground, unable to battle. Isabel is surprised that he managed to defeat him after all of this time. She angrily recalls Swampert and heads off, not paying attention to Rain.

    “I'll get my revenge!” she said. “For Shinsei's sake!”

    Rain is now ready to fight against the Factory Head. The head himself was watching through a camera in a dark room the whole time, watching his progress closely.

    “So this is that Rain kid that Palmer was talking about,” he said. “I hope he's ready, because luck is on my side this time!”

    The boy gets up and heads off to the main arena. Rain is determined to get his first print, and nothing was going to stop him!

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    @ Chapter 5:
    Man, you realy tricked me in this chapter XD
    First you shock me by making Rain challenge the battle tower st instead of last like I assumed he would. Then the battle goes so good for him and then in a few minutes, he loses. Lol. I wasnt epxecting a loos at all.
    I can only imagine hoew Weavile feels. Will Rain rechallenge Palmer with the same 3 Pokemon for the 3rd time?

    @ Chapter 6
    I've never played the Frontier in the games, so I gotta say, the challenge @ the battle factory is pretty interesting.
    Nice assortment of Pokemon you gave Rain.
    Isabel sure is weird..
    I cant wait to see the Factory Head battle!
    Great chapters.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    Episode #7: Factory Head Thorton!

    Once Rain finishes getting his Pokémon healed, he hears the announcement for him to return to then field and face the Factory Head in a battle. Rain still remembers the aftermath of his battle with Palmer. If he ever hopes to stand a chance against him again, he needs to win this. He also needs to focus harder than before, because these people certainly aren't easy, that's for sure.

    “Are you ready?” Kyo asked.

    Rain nods in response.

    “I can let you in on something before the battle,” Kyo said. “I can reveal one bit of information before your battle that relates to the Factory Head himself.”

    “You can do that?”

    “I sure can. Would you like some info?”

    Rain knew he had to get as much information as possible. He decides to go with it and nods in response.

    “Okay. His team is weak to a certain type: Water. That's just one bit of his team. He might have something else to counter it. Take that advice in mind.”

    “If his team is weak to mostly water, then Pelipper can do fine! Maybe even Ivysaur!”

    “Please, go inside.”

    Rain enters the arena where he's about to face the Factory Head himself. He isn't there right now, but he was soon about to come.

    “Please welcome, your Factory Head: Thorton!”

    A few seconds pass, but he isn't coming at all. A sweat drop appears on the side of Rain's head, wondering where he could be.

    “Okay, why isn't he here yet?” Rain said.

    Suddenly a light flashes near what is supposed to be his position on the battlefield and explodes in an olive green smoke. Rain covers himself and coughs in response. He soon sees the individual himself, the young Frontier Brain known as Thorton. The smoke completely fades as he pulls out a Vs. Recorder and uses it on Rain.

    “Don't mind me,” he said. “I'm just gathering something.”

    “Huh?” Rain asked.

    “Okay, so you've rented Pelipper, Ivysaur and Xatu. Interesting. Oh, right, I never got a chance to introduce myself at all. I'm Thorton, the Factory Head. This thing of mine is a Battle Analyzer. It tells me who you've rented and what chance you have of beating my team. That chance is currently...let's see here...52 Percent.”

    “Is that accurate?”

    “To some extent. Don't worry too much about it. This is a recent invention of mine and might not be accurate at all. So, shall we begin?”

    Rain nods, ready to obtain his first Print in the Battle Frontier. Thorton puts his Vs. Recorder away and takes out his first Pokémon.

    “I don't know what I received,” Thorton said. “So it'll be a surprise for both of us when I send this guy out.”

    “So he's subjected to the same rules as well,” Rain thought. “This will be interesting.”

    “Come on out!” Thorton said.

    The ball opens to reveal the first Pokémon. It was a weird, red shell with holes around them. Soon a yellow worm-like Pokémon with stringy-legs, front and back, pop out of the shell. Its legs appear to be lifeless.

    “Shuckle, shuck!” it said.

    Rain opens his Pokédex to check it out.


    “Not bad,” Thorton said. “Shuckle happens to be one of my favorites. Your turn.”

    Rain takes Pelipper's Pokeball and sends out his first Pokémon.

    “Go, Pelipper!” Rain said.

    Pelipper immediately comes out, making Thorton a little nervous. He's interested to see how this will pan out. The lights flash to signal the start of the battle.

    “Pelipper, use Water Pulse!” Rain ordered.

    Pelipper shoots a watery orb towards Shuckle, which he prepares to avoid.

    “Rollout to dodge!” Thorton ordered.

    Shuckle moves away and rolls quickly. He leaps up and strikes Pelipper, dealing a lot of damage to it. It continues flying as it tries to gain some distance.

    “Hydro Pump!” Rain ordered.

    “Pelipper fires a Hydro Pump, which Shuckle immediately dodges and strikes again.

    Wait,” Rain thought. “This is just like...

    Rain remembers his battle With Roark. His first gym battle that won him the Coal Badge. He knows exactly what to do at that point.

    “Water Pulse in his path!” Rain ordered.

    Pelipper fires a Water Pulse attack that knocks Shuckle off of his path, causing it to falter and eventually fall to the ground.

    “Interesting,” Thorton said. “Not everyday that I see a trainer take advantage of a Rollout attack like that.”

    “I learned that from my first Gym Battle against Roark!” Rain said.

    “Ah, yes...I've heard of him. Anyway, let's continue. Shuckle, use Power Trick!”

    Shuckle emits a pink and white aura as it swaps its attack with its defense. Since it has one of the highest defense powers of all Pokémon, it's apparent to Rain that he knows what's coming next.

    “Rollout!” Thorton ordered.

    Shuckle uses Rollout that strikes Pelipper easily for massive damage, knocking it out immediately. The red light flashes on Thorton's side, making him the winner.

    “Already?!” Rain asked in shock.

    “Power Trick swaps the attack and defense of one's Pokémon. Shuckle has an approximated defense power of 230. You can guess how strong that'll make Shuckle.”

    Rain growls in annoyance as he calls Pelipper back to his Pokeball. He needs to watch it from now on.

    “Go, Ivysaur!” Rain said.

    Rain sends out his Ivysaur for battle as it roars proudly. Thorton simply smiles as he knows he'll take him down. The lights flash, starting the next round.

    “Shuckle, Rollout!” Thorton ordered.

    Shuckle begins to roll towards Ivysaur. Since he's still under Power Trick's effect, he needs to knock it out without taking any hits.

    “Go, use Razor Leaf to the ground!” Rain ordered.

    Ivysaur fires its leaves towards Shuckle, who off-balances him once more.

    “Take Down!” Rain ordered.

    Ivysaur charges after Shuckle, who was still spinning out of control and slams into it, dealing a lot of damage to the Rock and Bug Type. Since the Power Trick made him weak, he went down very quickly. The green light flashes on Rain's side to confirm his victory.

    “Way to go, Ivysaur!” Rain said.

    “Ivysaur!” he replied.

    Thorton recalls his fallen Shuckle and prepares to send out his next Pokémon. He throws the Poké Ball out and reveals a mighty Steelix. Thorton is pleased with his choice and smiles triumphantly.

    “Ready when you are,” Thorton said.

    Rain remembers when he fought a Steelix. It was so strong that he barely touched it. He had to think carefully if he was going to win.

    “Ivysaur, use Razor Leaf!” Rain ordered.

    “Iron Defense!” Thorton ordered.

    Steelix shines his reflective body as he takes the attacks with little damage. Rain was amazed at his defense and knew he wasn't going to get off that easily.

    “Dig!” Thorton ordered.

    Steelix dig underground as a powerful rumble occurs underneath them. Ivysaur looks around as he tries to figure out where he is.

    I don't have too many options, so,” Rain thought. “SolarBeam!”

    Ivysaur begins to charge up his power and wait for Steelix to pop up.

    “I have a feeling,” Thorton said. “He's going to fire when Steelix comes up. That won't happen one bit.”

    Steelix comes up and shoots Ivysaur into the sky.

    “Fire!” Rain said.

    Ivysaur fires his beam, which strikes Steelix hard as it pushes him into the ground.

    “Razor Leaf to the eyes!” Rain ordered.

    Ivysaur fires numerous leaves into the eyes of Steelix, making it react in pain.

    “DragonBreath!” Thorton ordered.

    Steelix fires a DragonBreath attack that deals a lot of damage to Ivysaur as it falls to the ground hard. It slowly gets up, showing signs of weakness already.

    I need to win this,” Rain thought. “SolarBeam!”

    Ivysaur begins to charge up once more, making Thorton laugh.

    “Don't expect to wait for the sun to save you!” he said. “Fire Fang!”

    Steelix's mouth begins to flare up, shooting forward and attempting to bite down on Ivysaur. He succeeds, but the bite forces Ivysaur to launch the SolarBeam into its mouth, spreading the flames around, burning it as well. Both of them separate as the two fall to the ground. Both are unable to battle and both of their lights begin to flash.

    “Some luck,” Thorton said, calling his Steelix back. “However, this facility has no room for luck, only intelligence.”

    “Sir, about your final Pokémon,” someone said over the intercom. “We need a pool for him.”

    “Is that so?” he asked. “So be it! Open the pool!”

    The pool immediately opens as numerous pontoons spring up. Rain has a bad feeling about his next Pokémon and hopes that he'll do well. He takes out his last Pokeball and sends out a majestic, blue, seahorse-like Pokémon with a yellow, scaled belly and a curled tail. It also has a long snout for powerful water attacks. Rain recognized it as a Kingdra. Thorton is pleased with his choice and knows that it's a good idea to get the water up.

    “Interesting,” Thorton said. “A Dragon Pokémon on my side. This will be fun.”

    Rain knows that Dragon Pokémon are hard, especially Dragonite. Kingdra are usually no different, as they need tough force to eliminate them.

    “Go, Xatu!” Rain said, sending out his last Pokémon.

    Xatu immediately comes out as its wings rest on its belly. Thorton knows that he's sunk; perhaps his analyzer was accurate after all.

    “Well, let's get going!” Thorton said.

    The two lights flash to signal the start of the battle.

    “Kingra, use Dragon Pulse!” Thorton ordered.

    “Dodge it!” Rain ordered.

    Kingdra fires a swirling beam that shoots towards Xatu, who dodges the attack easily.

    “Use Ominous Wind!” Rain ordered.

    Xatu fires an Ominous Wind attack that pushes the water and makes it unstable to Kingra to move around in.

    “Twister!” Thorton ordered.

    Kingdra sinks into the ground and spins about, creating a large water tornado that goes towards Xatu. Rain had to stop it before it's too late.

    “Psychic!” Rain ordered.

    Xatu halts the tornado as best as he could, however it is far to strong and he only ends up getting sucked into it. The water is hurting him a lot and he needs to get out of it.

    "Ominous Wind!” Rain ordered.

    Xatu uses an Ominous Wind to blow the twister away. It falls to the ground, but it begins flapping about to avoid the extra damage.

    “Kingdra, use Dragon Pulse!” Thorton ordered.

    “Send it back with Psychic!” Rain ordered.

    Kingra fires a Dragon Pulse towards Xatu, but he simply shoots it back with a Psychic attack, striking Kingdra hard and dealing a lot of damage to it.

    “Hydro Pump!” Thorton ordered.

    “Psychic!” Rain ordered.

    Both Pokémon fire their attacks, getting the same results as before. Xatu is wearing out fast and Rain knows it. He has to find a way to stop Thorton once and for all.

    “Twister!” Thorton ordered.

    Kingdra goes underwater and uses a Twister attack to catch Xatu in the air. He suffers the same pain again, leaving Rain to figure out what to do.

    “What do I do?” Rain asked.

    He wonders if that 52 percent chance was right after all. He shakes his head, not willing to give in at all.

    “Xatu, use Ominous Wind on yourself!”

    Xatu's eyes open as he uses Ominous Wind to engulf himself in a powerful wind. He shoots towards Kingdra, blowing the water away and striking him hard. The water splashes greatly, just missing Thorton and Rain. Kingdra pops up as he's lying on the water, unable to battle. The green light flashes to signal Rain's victory in the Battle Factory. He couldn't believe that he actually won against a Frontier Brain! He cheers in victory as Xatu floats up from out of the water and shakes itself off.

    “I guess my analyzer needs work,” Thorton said, watching the arena go back to normal. “That or he really was lucky.”

    Once the arena was back in shape, he goes over to Rain to congratulate him.

    “You've proven yourself to be a tough contender,” Thorton said. “May I see your Vs. Recorder?”

    Rain nods as he takes his Vs. Recorder out so he can apply the print. He quickly finishes as he shows him the colored print with an image of the Battle Factory embedded on it, as well as the logo with only the blue visible.

    “This is the Factory Print,” he said. “Proof of your victory in the Battle Factory.”

    Rain takes the Vs. Recorder back and happily smiles at his victory.

    “You've proven to be an interesting trainer, Rain. You seem to work well with Pokémon you've never used before. I wish you the best of luck in the competition.”

    Rain shakes his hand as he bids him farewell. As Rain was walking out, he soon gets a call from Palmer on his cell phone.

    “Sup?” he asked. “Oh, I'm fine. Lost to that Eidoh kid.....Oh....To be honest, I think he has potential....Yeah, that attitude will get to you, trust me....I see...Okay, I'm coming. Later.”

    He hangs up. Palmer told him that a mysterious Pokémon was spotted within the confines of the facility that bears the rare Gracidea Flower on her head. He knows exactly what it is, but doesn't know why they want it in the first place. Rain, however, would soon know why.

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Sinnoh Frontier [Original, PG-PG13]

    Nicee. I didn't think the Fronteir Brain would be subjected to the random Pokemon rule as well.
    Wow. That Power Trick thing is a really nifty trick. Here I was thinking that Pelipper would be Rains ace.
    Nice how Rain remembered Byron's Steelix and the rollout counter from Roark's Gym.
    First print obtained!
    I look forward to the other twists the other facilities have :) Nice chapter.

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