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Thread: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13) [COMPLETE]

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    Default Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13) [COMPLETE]

    Guess who's back! =D

    I've been putting this on hold because I wanted to revise this a litte, but anyway, here it is, the sequel fic to Legends of Sinnoh. This 26 chapter fic may answer any and all questions the readers may have had in the previous story, especially about Olympus and their past. This begins the Platinum side of the story, which will last two fics. They won't be as long as my last one, so don't worry.

    Same ground rules to reviewing as before. For those unaware, these are it:

    1) This follows most of the game plot, but may stray off for character development and whatnot. Most Platinum elements will be present, but anything else will be resolved down the line.

    2) While I will accept assistance on better writing, I really don't want any of you to be harsh. I can't stand those kind of people, especially those who only point the negative and nothing else. If you're not going to help me improve, don't bother.

    3) Most of the fic will be PG, but it may stray off into the PG-13 area. You have been warned.

    4) I do not own any of the Gym Leaders, NPCs, Team Galactic members, or the Pokemon themselves. I do own every other character in here, though.

    So anyway, let's begin!

    Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse

    Episode #1: A New Mission!

    The Sinnoh League had finally come to a close, and Jessica's adventure in the Resort Area had finally passed as well. Now they're heading home to see their families after a long journey. Jessica's a bit nervous though; all of these adventures with Rain, Manny, and Donovan, who recently left to revive the Veilstone City Police Department. What would she do without them?

    “Man, I can't wait to see the house again!” Rain said. “Mom's cooking is always the best.”

    “Wish I could come,” Manny said. “Sadly, I have to help my family at the shop.”

    “Well, just find a way to talk to me if you feel lonely.”


    Jessica's still worried about what she would do without them. Can she really go on like this? She soon realizes that she battled Rain in the Ribbon Syndicate contest, so what's she worrying about?

    “Umm...Rain?” Jessica asked. “Can I ask you something?”

    Rain and Manny both turn to her, wondering what's wrong.

    “Sure, Jessica,” Rain replied.

    “Is it all right...if...I go home by myself?”

    “What for?” Manny asked.

    “I...I just...”

    She was nervous about their reaction; She came all this way because of them. Regardless, she knew she had to be brave.

    “I...I want brave this world by myself!” she said as proud as she can be.

    The two look at each other, resulting in a smile from both of them.

    “Of course,” Rain said. “I think it's nice that you want to travel by yourself.”

    “Not that we want you to leave or anything.”

    Rain goes over to Jessica and taps her shoulder.

    “Just remember,” Rain began. “Don't ever forget about us. Don't forget what brought you here.”

    “I won't,” she said. “I just...I want to go by myself for once.”

    “That's perfectly fine.”

    “Well...I guess...I should go.”

    Jessica pushes Rain's hand off and runs off back to Sandgem Town. Rain was a little worried about her, but he knew that she had a strong soul behind that nervous facade.

    “I hope she does well,” Rain said.

    “Rain, stop worrying about her,” Manny said. “She'll be fine.”


    Rain hopes for the best in Jessica. She came a long way from when they first met. They suddenly hear her scream, leaving Manny to nervously smile.

    “Aww, look,” he said. “She misses us already.”

    They see Jessica running over to them with a scared look on her face. Something happened back there that she didn't like.

    “Guys!” she said. “Something bad happened!”

    “What's wrong?” Rain asked somewhat nervously.

    “On the ground...it's...it's...DARKRAI!!!!”

    The two were in shock at what she said. Darkrai was a Pokemon that haunted them during their adventures on Full Moon Island. They thought that he would never return, but they found out wrong. They rush ahead to see if he really was there, and as soon as they get there, sure enough, he was!

    “What happened?” Rain asked.

    “I...just found him here!” she said, reacting in fear at the sight of him. “I...I didn't know what to do with him!”

    “Isn't it obvious, just leave him here!” Manny said.

    Rain knows that he is evil and bent on harming humans completely, but he is still a Pokemon nonetheless. They all consider leaving him here to die, but Rain wanted to know who did this to him. He goes over and lifts him on his back, leaving the two of them shocked at this.

    “Rain!” Jessica gasped. “What are you doing?!”

    “I don't care if he tried to kill us,” Rain said. “We have to at least help him."

    "Rain, are you aware that he tried to kill you before?!" Manny asked in anger.

    "A Pokemon is still a Pokemon! Even if they are evil!"

    They both look at each other nervously. Rain was either brave or very, very stupid. They all take him to the main area where they were off the main path and take him to safety. He was a bit heavy for Rain, but he was able to manage. Rain still wonders why he was like this, especially with his wounds, since he's supposedly a strong legendary.


    Darkrai remains on the ground near where they set up a small camp, still unconscious from whatever happened to him. Manny continues making a special bit of medicine to heal his wounds. Jessica remains by his side, but they both thought she was in a danger area standing this close to him. She also wonders what happened to him.

    "What happened to him?" she asked. "Aren't legendary Pokemon supposed to be powerful?"

    "Well, if Dialga and Palkia can suffer huge wounds, then surely Darkrai can as well," Manny said.

    "Yeah," Rain added. "Though it is odd that he'd be lying on the road like that. Something bad must have happened to him."

    Darkrai immediately cringes in pain as he slowly opens his eyes. They were all scared now. He looks over at them, and immediately recognizes him. He jolts up and shoves his hands forward, but immediately holds his left shoulder and sinks in pain.

    "Please, try not to move!" Jessica said. "You're badly hurt!"

    "W....Why are you helping me?"

    "I saw you lying in the road and thought that I should at least help you," Rain said.

    Darkrai didn't know what to say. He closes his eyes for a bit and reopens them.

    "It's not every day that humans manage to care for me," he said. They all wonder what he meant by that. "You see...I am, indeed, the bringer of nightmares...but I don't usually do them on purpose. That incident with you...was the first time that I ever attempted to kill someone."

    "You mean...you're not evil?" Rain asked.

    "I wouldn't say I'm not evil...but I don't attack to kill...You can call it a 'self defense mechanism,' if you will. My nightmares. I only make them how I feel is long enough."

    Rain had no idea that he had a softer side to him. It was almost as if he was more of a bully more than a sick, twisted freak.

    "I commend you for helping me, but I'd rather not have myself caught being near humans."

    "Who attacked you?" Manny asked.

    He paused for a bit and looks towards where Mt. Coronet was. They knew something was odd, and neither of them would like it.

    "Olympus..." he said.

    They all gasp in shock at his response. They thought Olympus was done and overwith, but now they were attacking the Pokemon he hired as well.

    "They're up at Mt. Coronet right now...planning something big. There's nothing you can do to stop them, now that they have the ability to access Giratina. Anyway, your best bet would be to give up, because if they can knock me into a concussion, then I can guarantee you won't last any longer. I'm off to Spear Pillar. Farewell."

    He sinks into the ground and shoots off towards Mt. Coronet, where Spear Pillar was. Rain wonders if this is a good idea, since he wanted to avoid Olympus at all costs. He suddenly hears a very distorted roar coming from somewhere.

    "What's that?!" Jessica asked.

    "I don't know!" Manny replied.

    Rain has a bad feeling that their prize Pokemon, Giratina, is trying to get into this world. Why they needed him, though, he still never figured out.

    "Well...I guess we should head to Mt. Coronet," Rain said.

    "Rain, are you sure?" Manny asked.

    "I'm tired of running! I need to stop Olympus at all costs!"

    They look at each other and knew what they had to do. They all decide to go on one last adventure together before they depart. Spear Pillar was their destination, and they knew that they had to stop Olympus at all costs.


    Inside of the Olympus base, Hestia and Athena are both running down the halls, heading to the exit of the mountainside, as well as their base within the mountain itself. Athena was confused with what was going on with her. She's been acting strange for a while now.

    "Hestia," Athena asked. "Where are we going?"

    "Far away from this place," she said. "Zeus wants you dead and I won't allow it!"

    "I thought he wanted to protect me."

    "That man is nothing but a liar. I'm going to save you if it's the last thing I do!"

    She remembers what Demeter said about Zeus's plan. She was the one who warned her ahead of time, but unlike before, she'd rather stay here. It was mere hours ago, before the plan to enter Giratina's world was set forth.

    “I don't understand!” Hestia said. “Why would he want to kill Athena?!”

    “He told me that she has an item that he desperately wants from her,” Demeter said. “It's vital for Giratina's power. Just like how the Adamant and Lustrous Orb were fit for Dialga and Palkia. She has it and if she doesn't give it to him, then she'll absolutely face death.”

    “Well he can find something else to make Giratina stronger.”

    She begins to leave, but Demeter stops her before she can get any further.

    “If you run off now,” Demeter began, “then Zeus will kill you straight on. You can't protect Athena by yourself.”

    “Why don't you help me then?” she asked.

    She paused for a bit.

    “Because I've already sold my soul to him. There's no point in me leaving now. If I was able to I would...but it's all over for me now.”

    “Well...I can still escape, and I suggest you do the same as well!”

    Hestia runs out, leaving Demeter at a hard decision. Should she let her run, or should she go after her?

    “Hestia,” Demeter said softly.

    Hestia had to escape with Athena before she was noticed. It doesn't matter if she told Demeter the truth, but now she was only focused on her friend's safety. They soon reach the outside, as they look around for the sight of anyone in Olympus.

    “This way,” she said.

    They go down the only path that was goes to the bottom. Athena was still confused by this whole ordeal.

    “Lady Hestia,” Athena said. “Why are we leaving?”

    She stops immediately. She knew she was going to constantly ask, but she knew she couldn't hide it forever.

    “It's the Griseous Orb,” she said. “The only item that can power Giratina to its fullest. You have it with you, right?”

    She nods in response.

    “Well, keep it there. I don't want you to get rid of it!”

    She continues off with Athena in tow as they continue down the mountain. They were getting close to the bottom. They soon get bombarded with mini, exploding bombs that cover the entire area and blow up in front of them. They hold onto each other as they go to the ground at the sight of her.

    “Well, look who I found!” someone said.

    They both knew who it was: Demeter, the one who knows of their whereabouts. Hestia was happy to see her, but she soon realizes that Demeter wasn't here to help her. She notices the serious look on her face and knew that she was here to stop her.

    “Demeter?” Hestia asked.

    “I'm sorry, lady Hesita,” Demeter said, “but I cannot allow you to proceed any further.”

    Hesita didn't know why she's doing this. Is her loyalty to Zeus that more important than anything else? It didn't make sense to her.


    Rain and the others soon arrive at the base of Mt. Coronet, the path in front of them would be the quickest way to Spear Pillar. They both knew what to do, leaving them to head towards the cave in the distance. Upon arrival, they see a powerful beam strike the ground and stop them from advancing. They look up to see Poseidon and Hermes standing up on a tall ledge.

    “Well, if it isn't Rain Eidoh!” Poseidon said. “I was wondering when you were going to show!”

    “Where's Zeus?!” he demanded.

    “He's somewhere. The big issue is you three getting in our way. I hope you're ready to face your punishment, kid!”

    Hermes' power soon causes numerous vines to sprout from the ground as the wrap tightly around his legs. He's unable to move, and he's trapped completely.

    “Rain!” Manny said.

    The same vines begin to wrap around Jessica and Manny as well. All of them are trapped and they couldn't do a thing to save themselves.

    “Now, prepare to DIE!!!” Poseidon said.

    He uses his mysterious Aura Powers to create a powerful beam that points towards all three of them. They stare in shock, as they all know what's coming next.

    “Now, you will fall at the hands of the mighty Gods of Olympus!” Poseidon said in excitement.

    He fires the blast as they all shoot towards the three of them. They all knew that they were done for, and Dialga wasn't able to stop them. Rain soon sees a flash, coming from something else other than the blast. The light engulfs the entire field and forces him to close his eyes. The sound of the blast soon fades away, but Rain was still covering himself from the light. It soon fades as he opens his eyes to see that he was in another forest. Not to mention that there were trees for miles and miles, and he was nowhere near Mt. Coronet. Where he is right now is a complete mystery to him; he's definitely nowhere near where he originally was.

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
    Legends of Sinnoh|Shadow Apocalypse

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    Whoo! That is quite an opening, man! Kudos to you, kudos.

    I hope he lives... what am I talking about? It's much too early!

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    Akatsuki... TBH, Olypus feels like an Akatsuki rip-oof...I'm not saying it in a bad way...but that's how it feels...

    Hermes is Zetsu...

    Poseidon seems like... Hidan...

    Zeus is a twisted Pain...or Madara?

    Demeter...idk, maybe Konan?

    And that leaves Hestia and Athena... Athena is a little spooky girl, right? So, let's say Sasori...

    Oh, and can you describe the Olympus members again... we haven't seen them for a long time and it would be good to be remined how they look like...

    And I bet they are in the Reverse World... and Athena bears Giratina's mark...am I correct?

    Oh, and will we see Rain's brother in this fic?

    A lone detective takes it upon himself to solve the murder of a young woman, willingly diving into the dangerous web of conspiracies weaved by the feuding mafia families. But after the truth is uncovered, will that city of sin be the same ever again?

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    *Tears of happiness* The advanture continues 8D
    I didn't expect to see Darkrai again. I guess he'll be on the good team in this fic.
    Now we'll finally get to figure out who has Giratina's mark.
    And if it's not too much of a hassle, I agree with Aladar about describing the members again. I can't remember who's who..
    But excellent beginning!

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    Episode #2: 200 Years Ago (Part 1)!

    When the flash of light hit earlier, Rain finds that he's somewhere in a forest that he didn't seem to recognize. The forest itself is mostly dark with little sunlight peering through. The last thing he remembers is facing a powerful beam from Poseidon, but now, he's nowhere near Mt. Coronet, or his friends. He walks around and tries to get a better grasp on where he is. He suddenly hears a flute playing an unusual tune in the distance.

    “Where's that coming from?” he asked himself.

    He goes in search of the beautiful flute tune and soon comes across a young girl with a Roselia by her side. She's sitting on a tree stump playing her flute under the only area with any source of light shooting down on it. Rain's amazed at her ability to play, and relaxes to the music. She soon stops as she sees Rain, peeking in on her.

    “Oh, uhh,” he said nervously. “I-I didn't mean to spy on you like that. It's just, I heard you playing and...”

    “Oh, do not worry about that,” she said. “I was playing a tune to my Roselia here and she seems to like it a lot.”

    “Roselia,” she said.

    “I'm Lyanna,” she said.

    “I'm Rain. Rain Eidoh.”

    She thought it was a weird name, but she didn't say anything. Rain noticed something odd about her, though. For one thing, she was wearing brown overalls and a white shirt underneath and her blond hair was tied in a single pigtail. He noticed that her clothes were old fashioned. VERY old fashioned.

    “Is there something wrong?” she asked.

    “Oh, there's nothing wrong, it's just...uhh...”

    She giggles at him, leaving him extremely embarrassed.

    “You are a very odd boy, you know that. Your clothes look weird as well. Where are you from exactly?”

    “I'm from Twinleaf Town. From Sinnoh.”

    “Must be a new town...can't say I've heard of it.”

    Rain thought it was odd that she didn't know that Twinleaf Town exists. He soon notices the flute was made of wood. Her clothes, her comment about Twinleaf Town, her flute...something was dreadfully wrong here.

    “Well...I’d better get back home,” she said. “Off you go, Roselia.”

    Roselia runs off happily as Lyanna heads in another direction, but Rain still has some questions about where he was. Specifically, if he was really in the present.

    “Hold on!” he said. She turns around to see what he wanted. “This may seem like a stupid question, but uhh....what year is...this?”

    “You are on odd boy, aren't you?” she said. Rain was as nervous as ever. “According to our astral calendars, it's 1840.”

    Rain was stunned at her comment. If she's right, and it is indeed 1840, then that means only one thing; Rain was literally two hundred years into the past!

    “Is there something wrong?” she asked.

    Am I really...two hundred years into the past?! How?! How am I here?!


    “Oh, I'm just...surprised...I have a bit of a memory issue and...umm...”

    She giggles again, but Rain didn't want to make it worse by saying that he came from the future.

    “Well...farewell, Rain.”

    She departs while Rain tries to figure out an explanation for all of this. Two hundred years?! This just isn't possible!

    “Dialga,” he said. “Did you do this?”

    He soon realizes that Lyanna may be the only chance he has of getting out of the forest, so he goes after her in hopes of finding a way back to his own time.

    “Lyanna!!!!” he shouted.

    He goes after her as she heads off once again. His goal now is to find a way back to the present and find a reason as to why he's here in the first place. Whatever it was, it had to do with Olympus, but Rain didn't know that.


    After entering the town of Hearthome, Rain knew immediately that he was in the past. Hearthome was merely a settlement of cobblestone houses and farm areas. There was also a huge fountain in the middle. It was a relatively small population. Rain didn't know what to say, but he knew he wasn't in the present time.

    “This is a fairly recent village,” Lyanna said, giving Rain a grand tour. “My mother works at a nearby market. I can introduce you to her!”

    She runs off, leaving Rain to follow her to the market. He was still trying to register in his mind that this was all real and not some sort of dream. He just couldn't believe that he's actually in the past. They soon arrive at a small market within town, leaving them to go inside to see Lyanna's mother. Rain is well aware that this is old fashioned, really old fashioned. The oven was used with bricks and a fire underneath, the plates were hand washed, and Lyanna's mother's clothes were as old fashioned as this house was. It was still hard to believe that he was in the past.

    “Hi, mother!” she said.

    “Hello, dear,” she replied, hugging her daughter. “Who's this?”

    “This is Rain Eidoh. He seemed to be lost, so I brought him with me.”

    “It's nice to meet you, Rain. I like your clothes.”

    “Thank you,” Rain replied. “At least she didn't call them weird. Unlike a certain someone.”

    “Well, since you're here, how about I give you something to eat.”

    “Have him try one of our apples!” Lyanna replied. “I can guarantee that they'll amaze him.”

    Her mother goes off in search of an apple to give him. Outside, a few guards dressed in knightly armor pass by, Lyanna seems to be nervous, but Rain didn't have a clue. He sees Lyanna's mother hand him an apple and happily takes it.

    “Mother, I saw guards pass our window!” she said.

    She rushes to the window and peeks outside. A pair of guards were outside talking to an old lady. Rain still had no clue why she's acting so scared.

    “What's wrong?” Rain asked.

    “Those guards are troublesome. Our king is a ferocious monarch that often harasses us. He also has a bit of a quarrel with us. Lyanna, you should hide somewhere, take Rain with you.”

    They both decide to find somewhere safe. They soon hear glass breaking outside as they run quicker upstairs. Once they get inside of Lyanna's bedroom, Lyanna sighs in relief. She only worries about her mother downstairs.

    “Who are they?” Rain asked.

    “King Dagaron's guards. They torture the citizens of Hearthome and take money from us by force! He's horrible!”

    “I feel bad for you.”

    “Thanks. Fortunately, they haven't gotten to my mother yet.”

    They soon hear the front door bust open, leaving Lyanna to gasp on shock and Rain to open the door slightly.

    “Rain!” she whispered.

    He listens to the conversation downstairs.

    -thought wrong. Now, how about paying up for the kingdom.

    I will not pay you. You've tortured my family long enough. You killed my husband in front of my daughter! Isn't that enough?!

    No, now it's your turn!

    They both hear her scream as Rain rushes downstairs, but immediately stops before realizing the consequences.

    If I send out my Pokemon now...I could rewrite history!

    “Rain, what are you doing?!” Lyanna asked, going after him.

    She soon hears a plea from Lyanna's mother, making her more nervous. Rain soon realized that he'd rather rewrite history than let an innocent mother die from these guards. He takes out one of his Pokeballs and heads downstairs, leaving Lyanna to follow.

    “Luxray, let's go!” he said.

    He throws the Pokeball, sending Luxray out. This surprised everyone, including Lyanna, since they've never seen a Pokeball before.

    “Luxray, use Discharge!”

    Luxray strikes the guards with a Discharge attack as they paralyze them.

    “Tackle!” Rain ordered.

    He tackles the two guards into the wall, knocking both of them out. He Rain was pleased that this went well, but Lyanna, nor her mother, weren't happy.

    “Rain...that Pokemon!” Lyanna's mother said.

    “W-What's wrong?” he asked.

    “Ordering a Pokemon...that's against the king's laws! He'll execute you once they tell him about that!”

    “Rain, how could you?” Lyanna asked.

    “I, I didn't know, I swear!” Rain replied. “Wait, what am I saying?! Why should I obey someone like him?

    “Now you're going to get us all killed. We have to obey his laws and-”

    “If he's as bad as you say, you have no reason to obey his law! Especially if he's treating you like this!”

    She reacts in shock, realizing that he was right; she had no reason to obey him if he was treating her like this.

    “B-But, only a fool would dare fight against him,” Lyanna's mother said. “He's just so powerful!”

    “I'm not afraid!” he said.

    They were amazed at his bravery. Lyanna's mother knew he was foolish to attempt to take down the king like that.

    “Please, let me take care of the king!” Rain asked.

    She watched him battle and knew he had a skill unlike any other. She sighs and decides to let him go.

    “I hope for the best,” Lyanna's mother said. “Please, save this kingdom!”

    Rain smiles as he recalls his Luxray to his Pokeball. They were even more amazed at his ability to recall Pokemon, but Rain left immediately before he had time to explain. Rain now had to save these villagers from the might of King Dagaron and his harsh rule, once and for all...


    ...Though, his adventure would help if he knew where to go. He continues traveling through the forest looking for the big castle nearby, but it was nowhere to be found. He soon falls to his knees, tired from all the walking he's been doing. He was definitely lost and had no idea where to go.

    “Now what?” Rain said.

    “Rain!” someone called out.

    He looks behind him to see Lyanna running after him. She finally reaches him as she catches her breath. Her Roselia is by her side and was exhausted as well.

    “What’re you two doing here?” Rain asked.

    “I want to help!” she said. “I know where the castle is and I want to make sure you’re safe!”

    “What about Roselia?”

    “Oh, she’ll be fine! After all, she’s a really helpful Pokemon.”

    Rain thought it was nice to see him get some assistance, but he still had no clue how to get inside of the castle. He figures that she might know of a way.

    “Well, shall we go then?” Lyanna asked. “I know a secret path we can go through, follow me!”

    They both head off to wherever this secret path is, but he had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be fun. They continue walking until they reach a cave-like path that, for some reason, stank to high heavens.

    “They mostly use this for trash,” Lyanna said. “It's hurting the cave and making those that live within sick.”

    They both go inside, and much to the thought of Rain, it stinks worse inside than it did outside He could barely breathe in there and had to hold his nose, while Lyanna did the same.

    “It won’t be much longer,” she said, under her hand over her nose and mouth.

    They continue onward as they soon arrive at a ladder that brings them up to a small storage room. Rain releases his breath as he manages to get away from the awful smell below.

    “That was just disgusting!” Rain said, gasping for air.

    They look around to see an olde fashioned castle-like hall with torches for lighting. They sneak around and try to avoid detection. Rain wonders where to go to reach King Dagaron and stop him for good. They soon approach a random room that somehow catches Rain’s eyes. Inside is a strange painting of the Sinnoh Region with a strange circle on top. He walks inside and looks at the painting closer. A strange portal was circling above Mt. Coronet’s top, as well as snowfall on various areas where they wouldn’t normally be.

    “What’s this?” Rain asked.

    “I’ve seen that painting before,” Lyanna said. “It’s supposed to be a prediction of the future! They say that a strange force will cover Mt. Coronet, and soon the world!”

    He soon realizes that Olympus must be what she was talking about. He still didn’t know what this strange force was, exactly.

    “My mother showed me the picture. It’s supposed to be a portal to a place called the “Distortion World,” where time and space don’t apply. Anything is possible there.”

    He realizes that this must have been Olympus’s plan all along: to enter the Distortion World! He wonders if this one painting was why he was sent back in time. He didn’t know of Olympus’s plan until now. What would happen if this world were to escape into the real world?

    Dialga,” Rain thought. “Is this what you’re trying to tell me?

    They soon hear someone call out to whoever was in the room they were in. The two freak out, since they weren’t supposed to be here and try to find a place to hide.

    “What do we do?” Lyanna asked.

    Rain knew that he had to send out one of his Pokemon, but how far is he going to go to change the future he came from. He knew he had no other choice, but to fight with what he had.

    “Kirlia, let’s go!” Rain said.

    Rain sends his Kirlia out who spins happily and cheers for Rain. Lyanna is still amazed with his ability to call out any Pokemon at will, or so she thought.

    “Kirlia, Teleport us to a safer location in the castle.”

    Kirlia nods and uses Teleport to take everyone to another location in the castle. The guard opens the door to find that no one was there and simply disregards it. Rain, Kirlia, Lyanna and Roselia manage to teleport away, but they end up at a dining hall with at least thirteen guards, making them nervous at this point.

    “When I said teleport us to a safer place,” Rain said to Kirlia, “I meant without any sign of human life!”

    They all begin to charge after Rain and Lyanna, but Kirlia teleports them all away, to another, more safer location: a...torture chamber?

    “You know what?” Rain asked. “Let’s not teleport anymore.”

    “At least no one is here?” Lyanna said.

    “A torture chamber doesn’t seem to be the safest place to hide. Especially since everyone knows we’re here now.”

    They begin to sneak out of the chamber as they go up the staircase. Once they reach the top, they peek past the door and see numerous guards running amok. They know they’re here, and they wanted him under arrest. Teleporting is definitely out of the question, so they had to find a way out without anyone noticing them.

    “This way,” Rain said, noticing that the coast is now clear.

    They both run towards a four-way path and look down the remaining three, wondering where to go. It's going to be a hard mission, especially with all of these guards running about. What will they do now?

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
    Legends of Sinnoh|Shadow Apocalypse

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    Oh, cool - time travel! And 200 years into the past.

    The Teleport escapades were funny!

    Expect a major shift in the time stream after all this is over.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    Actually, IMO there wouldn't be any shifts in the timeline... because in present time, Rain has already been in the past and everything was fine...

    IMO no one gets what I'm saying now...

    A lone detective takes it upon himself to solve the murder of a young woman, willingly diving into the dangerous web of conspiracies weaved by the feuding mafia families. But after the truth is uncovered, will that city of sin be the same ever again?

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    Wow. This has gotten really amazing and interesting. I'm liking this who adventure in the past.
    I wonder where Jessica and Manny ended up..
    Lol, the Teleporting was pretty funny.
    This chapter was awesome. I cant wait until the next one.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    The moment you've all been waiting for! Something I should have done last story. =P

    Episode #3: 200 Years Ago! (Part 2)

    They begin to sneak out of the chamber as they go up the staircase. Once they reach the top, they peek past the door and see numerous guards running amok. They know they’re here, and they want him under arrest. Teleporting was out of the question, so they had to find a way out without anyone noticing them.

    “This way,” Rain said, noticing that the coast was now clear.

    They both run towards a four-way path and look down the remaining three, wondering where to go. It was going to be a hard mission, especially with all of these guards running about.

    “What do we do?” Lyanna asked.

    Rain looks down at Kirlia and decides to use him for something.

    “I want you to scout the place,” Rain said to him. “Find the king’s lair and report back to me!”

    “Kirli!” he replied.

    Rain grabs a bag and gives it to him.

    “Take this as well. It might come in handy.”

    He accepts the bag and immediately skips off happily as he finds the king’s lair, while Rain, Lyanna and Roselia do the same. Unfortunately, Rain is immediately hit by a mysterious rope-and-ball device that ties his hands together, leaving him to fall to the ground. The same happens to Lyanna, and now both of them were trapped. They soon hear a number of guards charging over to them, while Roselia was scared of what to do.

    “What now?” Lyanna asked.

    “Roselia, you have to fire a Magical Leaf at them!” Rain said.

    She wouldn’t respond. Turns out she had never attacked anyone before. Before they knew it, they were taken in and now they were all heading to the dungeon for punishment.

    Meanwhile, Kirlia continues to skip about, but he soon senses something bad about Rain. He uses his Future Sight to peer into the present time elsewhere and sees Rain and Lyanna being escorted to the dungeon. He gasps in shock as he tries to go after him to save his life, but he soon realizes that she can find the king’s lair and teleport to wherever he was. He decides that his mission was more important and goes off in search of the king. He soon trips over a trap wire and falls on his face, dropping the bag. Just then, a gate slams shut., separating him from the bag. He does the smart thing and teleports to where the bag was and takes it for himself. He soon hears a siren, which startles all of the guards nearby. Including the ones taking Rain and Lyanna to the dungeon.

    “What the heck?” one of the guards asked.

    Rain realized that it was Kirlia that they were after. He soon takes this opportunity and trips one of the soldiers to the ground, resulting in a bit of pain from the armor he had on. The other guard sees this and strikes him just as he gets up, but he misses, and instead cuts his rope clean off, setting him free. He gains his distance and takes out one of his Pokeballs.

    “Weavile, use Dark Pulse!” Rain ordered.

    Weavile shoots a Dark Pulse that strikes the guard and knocks him out. The other guard, however, takes his spear and attempts to strike Weavile.

    “Look out!” he warned.

    Weavile knocks it back and slashes his armor off, scratching his chest in response. He falls to the ground, unconscious as well.

    “Good work, Weavile!” Rain said.

    “Wea, weavile!” he replied happily.

    “My mother said that Weavile are often signs of bad luck,” Lyanna said.

    “Oh, don't worry,” Rain said. “Weavile's been good luck for me all this time. I don't know what I'd do without him.”


    Lyanna is pretty thankful for him. They continue to search for Kirlia, who teleported to a safe place. He places his bag on a small box about up to his waist. He sighs as he takes a break. His actions are probably making things worse for Rain and Lyanna and it's all her fault. Suddenly, the door busts open and in come two guards with spears. Kirlia tries to teleport, but all of a sudden, he isn't able to!

    “Confused?” one of the guard asked. He holds up a gem that emits an odd power. “This negates your attack power and makes you useless.”

    Kirlia growls in anger. He soon notices a familiar stone that seems to have fallen out of his bag. It's the Dawn Stone, the same one that Weavile gave Rain when they were near the Survival Area in Sinnoh. He looks at it and back at the guards.

    “Give yourself up, and maybe we'll train you to be one of Dagaron's soldiers,” the other soldier said.

    He looks at the Dawn Stone and wonders if his life is worth it to evolve. They creep closer, making it now or never for him. He reaches for the stone, grabs it and begins to glow. He was going through evolution, but he gained so much power that he blasts them all out before the evolution was finished. After the smoke exits the room, Kirlia comes out, looking completely different. He now has a mostly green upper body with a white lower body with red plates on both sides of his chest, front and back. His head was mostly green with a white lower half, along with a light blue crest sticking out on the back of his head going up. He was a more masculine version of Kirlia, and possibly more mature.

    “What the heck is that thing?!” one of the guards asked.

    The Pokemon walks out of the room and glances down on the two guards, who were freaked out at his immense power. Rain and Lyanna come just in time to see the two guards blasted by a mysterious projectile. They flew so far back that they were simply amazed.

    “What the…” Rain asked.

    He looks at the mysterious Pokemon who notices Rain and Lyanna and simply bows to him. Rain suddenly realizes who he is, and looks at him in awe.

    “Are you…Kirlia?”

    He looks up at him and nods. He was indeed the Kirlia that Rain owned prior to his evolution. He didn’t want to take his Pokedex out for obvious reasons, but he was happy nonetheless. Didn't matter, since he knew what he is anyhow.

    “You’re amazing, Gallade!” he said. “Did you find the king’s lair yet?”

    Gallade looks at him surprised, since he spent all this time getting away from the guards that he forgot his mission. He shakes his head in response, making Rain a bit disappointed.

    “Well, I guess we can all go together,” Lyanna said.

    They continue through the castle to find the king’s chamber. It took them a while, but they soon manage to find the huge room that contains the king’s chamber. Rain gulps nervously, while Lyanna was really frightened. They soon overhear his comments about a secret potion.

    If that woman has any hope, she’d give me the potion immediately! It’s vital to the immortality potion that I am so close to creating.


    “It’s a special drink that involves a rare plant. It secretes a yellow liquid that heals numerous spells.”

    Rain wonders where this plant was. Either way, he didn’t want him to get that plant. He suddenly gets an idea that just might work.

    “Hey Weavile?” he asked Weavile, who was still out of his Pokeball.

    He whispers the rest in his ear and smirks happily. He really likes this idea, but the other didn’t know what it was. The two decide to go somewhere private and let Weavile do his “private” thing. After a while, Rain comes back with a bottle filled with an odd liquid. Lyanna knew it wasn’t the plant’s liquid.

    “What is that?”

    “It’s umm...Jar based...karate? Err, whatever, that’s not the point. Now, this will be in place of his potion, making sure, at the very least, that nothing can go wrong. You with me?”

    Lyanna has no idea what he plans to do, but if it’ll stop him, she’s all worth it. They’re both prepared to go inside as Rain knocks on the door. The king freaks out a little and clears his throat.

    “Who is it?!” the king asked. “Who dares interrupt me?!”

    They all go inside to the royal chamber filled with flags bearing his insignia. The guards immediately draw their spears in response; Their whereabouts were really widespread, even to these guys.

    “It’s them!” one of the guards said. “That’s the kid who broke into the castle!”

    “Please, we do not mean any harm!” Rain said. He shows them the liquid that piques the king’s interest. “This is the remaining item that you were looking for, right?”

    He realized that it was, indeed, the liquid that was required for his potion. Rain goes over and hands it to him. The king goes to the large cauldron nearby and places it inside. He mixes the potion and takes a bottle and fills it with the mixed liquids. He laughs in success.

    “At last,” Dagaron said. “My potion is complete! I will finally become immortal!!!”

    He drinks the potion while Weavile makes an “I had nothing to do with it” whistle. He drinks the entire thing and laughs as he waits for the final moment to come. He suddenly realizes a bad taste in his mouth and begins to spit it all out, leaving Weavile to laugh at his misfortune, though.

    “All right, you’ve tortured these people long enough! Step down, right now!”

    “You have no right to tell me what to do, you insolent brat!!!” Dagaron shouted.

    The guards all charge after him.

    “Weavile, Gallade, do your stuff!” Rain said.

    They all go after the five guards as they both attack them one by one. Gallade was using the blade-like appendages on the ends of his elbow, while Weavile was slashing each and every one of them through their armor. One by one, the guards were all falling to the ground.

    “This....this is an outrage!” he growled. “Just who are you?!”

    “Rain Eidoh!” Rain replied. “I'm a boy from the future!”

    The king was aggravated enough and whistles a familiar whistle, to the guards at least. They all run away as the walls bust down, revealing four mighty beasts. Each of them looked alike, having yellow-green fur with black markings and a black underside. It also has patches of tan near its face, neck, legs and tail, which was very bushy. Rain knew those as Arcanine, however he's never seen anything like them before.

    "You cannot defeat them!" Dagaron said triumphantly. "These Arcanine have never failed me, and you will fall to their humongous power!"

    Lyanna was nervous, but Rain knew he had the ability to fight on. He looks at Gallade and Weavile and prepares to go at all four of them.

    "Rain are you insane?!" she snapped.

    "Sorry, but I'm not letting your town die because of this man! Besides, I like to consider myself to be a God when it comes to battling."

    Though he was kind of stretching it a little, he knew he had to defeat Dagaron's Shiny Arcanine once and for all.

    "Do your own thing, both of you!" Rain said.

    They were surprised that they were all giving him the opportunity to do what they want, but they knew how to handle it. Gallade shoots a Psychic power projectile at one of the Arcanine, who dodges the attack and goes for Weavile. Weavile shoots a Dark Pulse attack at the Arcanine coming after him and strikes him hard. He sees another coming and dodges, firing another pulse that hits the other Arcanine.

    "Keep it up, guys!" Rain cheered.

    Lyanna was amazed at how well these guys were battling. It's almost as if Rain was training his entire life. She wonders what kind of futuristic technology he uses to make them so strong.

    "He's so amazing!" she thought.

    Gallade strikes with a powerful Leaf Blade attack that sends the Arcanine flying into the other, while Weavile uses Beat Up to power his attack and use it at full force. He strikes the Arcanine, who fires a Fire Blast back at him. He falls to the ground as Weavile attempts to get up. Arcanine prepares to pounce on top of him, but Gallade shoots a Psycho Cut, knocking Arcanine aside. The two look at each other and smile. Rain was glad that the two are working together so well.

    "I will not be bested by some insolent kid!" Dagaron growled. “Arcanine, Fire Blast the kids at once!"

    Rain and Lyanna were both nervous, but as Arcanine was preparing to battle, Weavile jumps on his back and begins scratching at his face. Arcanine howls in pain as he tries to get him off.

    "Lyanna, you have to use one of Roselia's attacks on Dagaron," Rain said.

    "But...Roselia never attacked anyone before!"

    "Please, this is important! After all, you'll be saving your home town. Don't you want to be a hero?"

    She knew he was right, but how would Roselia feel. She gulps nervously and tries to get Roselia to use an attack.

    "Please Roselia," Lyanna said. "This is a time of crisis. I'll allow you to bend our rules just this once. Please, do it for me."

    Roselia knew what to do and prepares to go at it.

    "Energy Ball!" Lyanna ordered.

    Roselia powers up a mysterious ball of grass energy and fires it at Dagaron, striking him hard and knocking him to the ground.

    “Stun Spore!”

    She spins around and releases a Stun Spore towards the Arcanine and Dagaron himself. They were both paralyzed and couldn’t move a muscle.

    “I think it’s time you stepped down!”

    Weavile goes up and shows him his claws. He knew what Weavile was going to do and he wasn’t going to like it, especially after what he just drank.

    “I’m sorry, I’ll surrender, I-I’ll surrender!!!!”

    Gallade uses his Psychic abilities to make Dagaron float in the air. He brings him towards Rain and Lyanna as they try to make sure he doesn’t harm anyone again.

    “I won’t forget this!” he growled.

    “Your Arcanine have no power if they’re not used the right way,” Rain said. “It doesn’t matter how many you have, they’ll all be just as weak if not trained properly.”

    Lyanna was amazed at his skill as a trainer, but even Rain didn’t think he’d be able to spout such words. It’s amazing at how much he’s improved. Soon, numerous guards come by with spears, pointing toward Rain and Lyanna.

    “Thank goodness!” Dagaron said. “Arrest them at once!!!”

    They both look at each other and decide to do their job. Instead of Rain and Lyanna, however, they go towards Dagaron and bring him to the dungeon below.

    “W-Wait!! W-What are you doing?!?! STOP!!!!!”

    He is soon escorted out of the main chamber by his own guards, as he was ready to face certain punishment by his kingdom. Lyanna was relieved that her village was finally safe, and it was all because of Rain, the boy from the future.

    “Thank you so much, Rain,” Lyanna said. “I wish you could stay…but if you are from the future…then I guess you have to go back.”

    “Yeah, I had a lot of fun. It’s nice to see what the world looks like back then.”

    The two really had a fun time, especially since they both saved the world. Suddenly, Rain gets an odd feeling and knows what’s coming. His vision soon became brighter and he was feeling very lightheaded. He feels his body being pushed through a warp hole of sorts, one that he previously felt when Poseidon attacked him.


    Rain’s eyes soon open as he realizes that he’s back in his own world, however he was in a position where Poseidon launches his Aura Beam. Rain covers himself, but not until he hears a fierce roar that halts the beam and destroys it. Poseidon and Hermes knew what was coming and knew who that roar belongs to. Rain opens his eyes as he sees none other than Dialga forming right in front of him. He lands on the ground with a powerful stomp as he looks up at Poseidon and Hermes, who were scared out of their wits.

    “Let’s get out of here!” Poseidon cried.

    They both run off, leaving everyone to get themselves out of the hold that Hermes had them in earlier. Rain was in awe at Dialga; he had no idea that he would show up, especially after the event at Mt. Coronet months earlier.


    Dialga turns around and looks at the three of them. Rain didn’t know how to respond to him; he thought he would never see him again.

    I had trouble contacting you,” he said. “The mark I placed on you…it’s mysteriously gone!

    “Olympus?” Manny asked.

    That’s what it seems like. Zeus has all three marks, including Giratina’s!

    Rain had no idea that Giratina chose him to bear his mark. It seems that Giratina was just like Dialga and Palkia after all.

    My power is weak. The only thing I can offer to you as advice…is to be aware of that painting you saw.

    He soon vanishes, leaving the rest to wonder what he meant by “painting.” Rain knew exactly what he was talking about, since he was the only one who went back in time.

    “The Distortion World!” he said. Jessica and Manny both wonder what he was talking about. “Let’s go, we don’t have time to waste!”

    They all run off to Spear Pillar as they go through the cave that goes through Mt. Coronet. All eleven Olympus members were waiting for them, and they were all prepared to take them down. Rain and the others were prepared as well, and none of them will lose to Olympus!

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
    Legends of Sinnoh|Shadow Apocalypse

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    Finally, Kirlia evolved! He's now a Gallade! Kick-ass!

    What could Olympus be after in the Distortion World?

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    Episode #4: Battle of The Aura Guardians!

    Poseidon and Hermes both run away in hopes of escaping Dialga, wherever he was right now. They had no idea that he escaped to his own dimension, but they just wanted to escape as fast as possible. They begin to catch their breath when they realize that Dialga was gone. Poseidon recovers himself as he looks over at Hermes.

    “I don't understand how that kid survived!” Poseidon said. “I know I hit him! I swear it!”

    “Dialga definitely had something to do with it,” Hermes said. “It seems that even though the mark is gone, Dialga is extremely desperate to save this boy. What does he have that interests him?”

    “How should I know!”

    He takes a flare from his back pocket and sets it off. He uses his power to shoot it up high into the sky. Once it was high enough, it explodes, hoping to attract the attention of Hephaestus.

    “Go find your girlfriend or something. I have other matters to attend to!”

    He runs off to find his partner, while Hermes is simply left to find Demeter and reunite with her. He wonders how she was doing, and if she's aware of Rain's presence.


    The group continues through the base of Mt. Coronet, reaching a small area with different exits. They haven't encountered any Olympus members yet, not that it was a good thing, since they know they'll find one soon. They soon decide to relax for a bit as they decide where to go from here.

    “Okay, do any of you remember how to get to Spear Pillar from here?” Manny asked.

    “Not me,” Jessica said.

    “Me neither,” Rain replied.

    “Well, I'm pretty sure we're sunk if these guys catch us. If we don't know the way up there, we could be wandering up there all day! We should at the very least attempt to find a quicker route....Hey Jessica, you have that map thing on your Poketch, right?”

    She checks her map and has an actual piece of data on Mt. Coronet. She was amazed that she had something like that on her Poketch.

    “All right, so we go this way,” Rain said, pointing to a location on Jessica's map.

    “All right, let's move!” Manny said.

    They soon hear the same distorted roar they heard earlier. They soon feel the floor melting as they all sink down inside of it. They try to grab onto each other, but they couldn't break free from its hold, let along move anywhere. As they sink down, they appear on random areas of the mountain, separated from each other. Rain is the closest to the top of the mountain, however, but Manny and Jessica were elsewhere.

    “Manny!” Rain called out. “Jessica! Where are you?!”

    There was no response. He attempts to go through a nearby cave that might lead him somewhere, hopefully towards Jessica and Manny. Once he reaches the end, though. Nothing was there. He almost falls over and quickly recovers himself. His heart raced at his life saving move.

    “What happened here?” Rain asked.

    It was almost as if a giant tore the area apart. Rain soon remembers something, and thinks that this must be where Sparkster and Zeus battle.

    “Zeus,” he said to himself.

    He heads off elsewhere, in hopes of finding a way to Spear Pillar, and a way to his friends as well. Meanwhile, Manny was running along a path elsewhere in hopes of finding Rain and Jessica as well. He hears the same distorted roar, wondering what that is. He soon sees a rip in the sky slowly forming. Rain and Jessica see this as well, and they all begin to get a little nervous.

    “That looks like,” Manny said, remembering the same rip they saw at Snowpoint City, in the exact same location. “What is going on here?”

    “You're curious, are you not?” someone asked.

    He looks behind him to see Cynthia, the Champion of Sinnoh, one who previously tied with Rain in the Sinnoh League. He wonders what she was doing here, and if she knew anything about that tear in the sky.

    “I hear stories about a Pokemon living on the other side of ours. I think that the tear in the sky might be the same tear that existed during Dialga and Palkia's battle. The lightning storm as well.”

    Manny definitely remembers the lightning storm, especially how Cyrus got himself killed because of that.

    We need to get out of here!" Saturn said. "It's far too dangerous out here!"

    "No, I must gain my power!" Cyrus snapped.

    "Don't be a fool, sir! It's far too dangerous out here you'll die!"

    Cyrus pushes them away despite the pain and spreads his arms out.


    The lightning bolt strikes upon Cyrus and completely obliterates him without any hope of survival. Saturn just watches in pain as he was destroyed by his own plan.

    “That storm was what killed him, right?” Manny asked.

    “Exactly. However, I have a feeling he isn't dead.”

    “What are you talking about? That lightning bolt absolutely disintegrated him!”

    “You think so?”

    Manny had no clue what she was talking about. She soon pulls out a rock that was swirling sideways in an unusual fashion. It was almost as if the rock was distorted itself.

    “This was left behind in our investigation,” Cynthia said. “And by our, I mean myself and the Elite Four. This was under the same place where Cyrus was zapped. I wonder what it could mean, and what became of Cyrus himself. However after some research on these celestial beings, I came to a very frightening conclusion.”

    She looks up at the tear and so did Manny. He soon knew where he was.

    “He's within Giratina's world! The Distortion World!”

    “What's the Distortion World?!” Manny asked.

    “A world where time and space do not apply. A world beyond that of ours. There's no gravity, you're able to walk on walls and the ceiling, anything you can imagine is possible. Only one being lives within that world, and that's Giratina himself. That tear is the portal to that world. Dialga and Palkia managed to close that portal so Giratina couldn't interfere. Now that the two are weak, Giratina is prepared to drag this world into a distorted universe as our punishment. What became of Cyrus, however, even I don't know.”

    “You think he's controlling Giratina?”

    “Possibly. Giratina, even if we managed to harm the two, wouldn't dare attempt to destroy our world as punishment. Cyrus must be behind the scenes in all of this. I have a bad feeling Olympus isn't aware of this.”

    Manny feared that Rain might be pulled into this Distortion World, and have to face against Giratina, who was probably stronger than Dialga and Palkia!

    “Rain's up there somewhere!” Manny said. “We have to help him!”

    Cynthia agrees as the two decide to head off to Spear Pillar to save Rain. Someone soon appears into the open and watches as they head off. It's none other than Hera and Aphrodite, and they heard everything Cynthia said, especially about Cyrus's whereabouts.

    “This isn't good,” Hera said.

    “Should we warn Zeus about all of this?” Aphrodite asked.

    “Yes. He'd better watch it, for our sake.”

    Hera and Aphrodite teleport off in hopes of warning Zeus about their newfound information on Cyrus. He was a major threat to their plan, and if Cyrus was indeed working with Giratina in all of this, then their plan will be a huge failure.


    Jessica's getting closer to Spear Pillar and closer to where Rain was right now, however even with her map, she's getting lost. There were signs of Rain's whereabouts, but he just keeps slipping away from her. She goes to her knees and tries to think of something she can do to find out where Rain is.

    “I hope I'm not too late!” Jessica thought.

    She looks up to see the tear getting bigger and wider by the second. She didn't know what was beyond that, and it seems that, of the three, Manny is the only one who knows what it really is.

    “Is this...going to be...a repeat of Dialga and Palkia's battle?”

    Her eyes soon begin to transmit a strange aura. She knew what this was, since she experienced it before. In fact, she knows that she's in danger.

    “This Aura!” she said. “Where's it coming from?”

    “So it seems you have Aura as well!” someone behind her said.

    She turns around to see both Poseidon and Hephaestus approaching her. She falls down and crawls away, trying to get away from them.

    “Which means that Apollo gave you that ability. I don't know why he did something as stupid as that. Especially to a weak little girl like you!”

    “L-Leave me alone!” she said, frightened so much that she can't even speak right.

    “You're trespassing and attempting to interfere with Olympus. You think we're going to let you go? I know what you kids plan to do! Giratina will not be stopped! It's pointless to try and stop us!”

    "Not only that, but she has Apollo's power," Hephaestus said. "She's able to use Aura like he was before he died."

    "Exactly. Just for that, you cannot stay alive!"

    Apollo did give her his power, but she had no idea that it was an issue for Olympus. Poseidon prepares his Aura Blast and points his hand towards Jessica. She was too scared to move, and knew she was going to die!

    "Little Jessica,” he said. “You will die at the hands of Olympus, and there's nothing you can do about it!”

    He prepares to fire the Aura Blast, while she remains frozen in fear. She screams as the beam fires, but something pops out of her Pokeball and blocks the attack. It was her Riolu, and it was using Counter to block the Aura Blast. The attack is sent back towards the two of them, which they both manage to avoid. Riolu collapses in response to the amount of force he had to send back, leaving Jessica to go over to him to make sure he was all right.

    “Riolu?” she asked with tears in her eyes. “Riolu!!!”

    “I have to admit, your Pokemon have guts,” Poseidon said.

    She turns around and growls at them. She has never felt this angry before and wanted to hurt Poseidon for injuring her Riolu. She soon begins to emit a strange and powerful force from inside of her. The two have never seen anything like it, but they knew it was Aura. Apollo had the strongest power out of the bunch, but with it in her hands, they had no idea how strong it, or Jessica for that matter, could truly become.

    “I WILL NOT LET YOU KILL HIM!!!!” she shouted.

    She begins to sprout blades from the sides of her wrists and begins to charge at the two of them. Hephaestus shoots a breath of fire from his mouth and strikes Jessica with it, but she uses her blades to stop the attack and defend herself. She was just too fast for them, way too fast. Jessica slashes Hephaestus and knocks him back a lot. Poseidon was shocked at this, but didn't know what to do once Jessica uses her blades to send him to the wall of the mountainside. He struggles to break free, but she was far too strong.

    “My friends mean my life!” she growled. “I will not allow you to hurt them!”

    “Stop!” he said in a frightened tone. “Have mercy!”

    He tries to fire an Aura Blast at Jessica, but she swings her arm back and smashes his head into a wall. The blast fires, causing the damage to become more extreme. The wall completely crumbles and pushes the two of them back. Hephaestus lifts himself up and witnesses the amount of damage caused by her. He attempts to go over to help Poseidon, but he soon falls down in pain.

    “What...what is this?!” he thought. “Why am I in so much pain?! Is her Aura...really that powerful?”

    Jessica's arms return to normal and falls to the ground in pain as well. She has no idea what just happened and can barely remember the whole thing. She has no idea that she could use such powerful attacks, and act like that.

    “What happened to me?” she asked herself. “It's almost as if...I'm a completely different person!”

    She was too weak to move. Whatever Apollo gave her must have been dangerous for even him to use! She soon hears someone call out to her, but she can barely make it out. She was falling into a deep sleep and couldn't wake herself up.

    “Jessica!!!” Rain called out as he ran over to her.

    He soon arrives and sees Jessica lying on the ground, unconscious. He rushes over and lifts her up, but not before seeing the damage that these two caused. Rain didn't know that she was involved and automatically assumed that Poseidon and Hephaestus hurt her.

    “What happened to you?” he asked.

    He sees Riolu, slowly getting up. He sees Jessica and runs over to her, wondering if she was all right.

    “I just found her like this, Riolu,” Rain said. “I bet Olympus did this to her! Those jerks!”

    Riolu feels bad for her and wishes that he could do more to help his trainer. Rain sets her down and takes out Drifblim's Pokeball and sends him out. He spins around, until Rain begins to tell him his orders.

    “Drifblim, take Jessica and Riolu and find somewhere safe for them. Find a hospital for them to stay in! Try to come back to me if you can!”

    Drifblim nods as Rain lifts Jessica onto his back. She was heavier than he was, but he was able to manage her. Riolu hops onto his back as well, leaving Drifblim to fly off.

    “Come back safely, all right?” Rain asked with a smile on his face.

    Drifblim nods in response and flies off. Rain looks at the damage and tries to figure out what caused this to happen. He realizes that he shouldn't worry too much about her safety and focus on Olympus and that mysterious tear in the sky.

    “I'll stop them,” he said. “For your sake!”

    He runs off in hopes of getting to Zeus and stopping him before it was too late. He wanted to exact revenge on him and his group for hurting Jessica, as well as putting them in this danger to begin with!

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    Awesome Kirlia finally evolved.
    Weavile and Gallade fighting together seemed strange and cool at the same time.
    Shiny Arcanine! 8D
    It's pretty cool how Rain managed to get rid of that horrible king. Back to the future now.

    So That's how you'll bring Cyrus back into the story, this will be quite interesting.
    Nice to see Cynthia again. Hopefully with her assistance everything will turn out great.
    Wow, Jessica's aura powers are amazing. Too bad it caused her so much pain

    Great chaps! :D

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    Whoa... so, that's how you bringing Cyrus back into the story.

    Woooow.... nice mini-battle with Jess vs. Poseiden and Hephaestus

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    Episode #5: Manny vs. Hera!

    Zeus and Artemis are both at the top of Spear Pillar watching the tear grow even bigger, waiting for their moment to come. The distorted roar emerges once more, leaving both of them to realize that Giratina is growing impatient. They need the Griseous Orb immediately and they had no idea what was taking them so long.

    “They're late,” Zeus said. “Giratina is getting angry, and who knows what'll happen.”

    “Master Zeus!” Hera said, approaching him.

    Hera and Aphrodite come by to tell Zeus a few bits of news they've gathered over time. Hera knew that Zeus wasn't going to be pleased, but they had to tell him anyway.

    “I have reports that Hestia and Athena are escaping from Mt. Coronet. Demeter is after them right now.”

    “So...they're already starting to revolt, huh?” Zeus said. “Too bad for them, they can't escape.”

    “Not only that, but there have been reports on Cyrus's whereabouts.”

    “Why do you need to bring him up?”

    “Because....He's inside the Distortion World as we speak.”

    Zeus is shocked to hear those words, and so is Artemis. He thought that he died, but upon hearing that from Hera, he didn't know how to respond.

    “Do you remember that lighting storm that supposedly killed him?” Hera asked.

    Zeus clearly remembers that moment. He was hiding in the shadows, watching him get struck by that lightning bolt.

    “Well, that was supposedly a portal to the Distortion World. Who knows what will happen to him there?”

    Zeus looks up at the tear as it quickly gets bigger as the earth shakes.

    “Well, it doesn't matter now,” Zeus said. “Giratina has a death wish if he dares cross my path to destruction.”

    “There's also something I wish to ask of you,” Hera added.

    She points to the band near her shoulder on her arm, which seems to be the same thing that Aphrodite has.

    “Please try to understand, my dear,” Zeus said. “This has nothing to do with me backstabbing you. In fact, once it's complete, you'll become one with me. My power...you'll be assisting me in spirit. Don't make it look like I'm heartless to my crew...because I'm not.”

    Hera was still nervous about this. Especially since he placed this on all the Olympus members except for Artemis, who was probably the closest to him.

    “Now,” Zeus began. “Is there anything else you want to add?”

    Hera's silent for a moment. She wanted to voice her opinion and tell him it was wrong to waste her life like this, but it was pointless to argue now.

    “No, sir,” she said softly.

    She and Aphrodite walk off, while Zeus looks up at the tear in the sky. It was only a matter of time before he can truly access the Distortion World to its fullest potential.


    Manny and Cynthia continue to approach the top of the mountain where Spear Pillar was. They soon feel the ground shake and look up to see the tear form again. It's getting bigger, and closer to forming the Distortion World. Manny soon takes out his Cherish Ball and prepares to send out his Probopass.

    "You know what," Manny began, "I'm sick of walking!"

    He sends out his Probopass and hops onto his back.

    "I'd suggest you come along as well."

    Cynthia wasn't too keen on riding on Probopass's back, but if it would get her closer to the top, then she thought it was worth it. She hops onto his back as they all float off with Probopass's Magnet Rise attack. As they get closer to the top, they see the columns of Spear Pillar nearby, confirming that they weren't too far off.

    "We're almost there!" Manny said.

    Cynthia looks up and soon sees a Weavile with a silver ball attached to a necklace around it strike down upon them and knock them off. Probopass falls down as well, but quickly recovers and shoots under them to save them from falling even further.

    "Set us down, hurry!" Manny ordered. "It's not safe to fly if we're being attacked. But who would attack us like this?!"

    They all arrive safely on the ground as they soon encounter a Garchomp, growling at them. They also see Aphrodite nearby as well, leaving them to believe that it was hers.

    "Well, well," Aphrodite said. "If it isn't Manny, the brat I encountered in Hearthome City!"

    "I remember you," Manny said. "Come for revenge, I see?"

    "You and that stupid Giant Buizel! I couldn't get that horrid fish breath out of my system for weeks!"

    "Yes...well...I can't comment on that."

    They soon hear Weavile from behind and turn their backs to it. Hera was also there as well.

    "I don't think we've personally met," Hera said. "I'm Hera, the second in command to Zeus. I see my Weavile decided to give you a little trouble. Well, quite frankly, you deserve it for interfering with us!"

    Cynthia takes out one of her own Pokeballs as she turns to Hera.

    "Lady Cynthia!" she said, in an almost mocking tone. "It's an honor to meet you. I suppose you're here to stop Lord Zeus?"

    "I don't think you're aware that your plan is in jeopardy."


    They were surprised that she knew so easily about Cyrus being within the Distortion World.

    "I eavesdropped on you two as you were going after us. I was nervous, but Zeus seems to be strong enough to take out Cyrus even if he does get Giratina involved. Hopefully, he doesn't betray us. He has a strong bond with him."

    "Such as..."

    "Defeat me and maybe I'll tell you. Weavile, ready to show these kids how we fight?!"

    "Wea, weavile!"

    “Don't forget about me and Garchomp!” Aphrodite said.

    “Gabuuu! Garchomp said.

    Manny looks around him and wonders how he and Cynthia are going to handle Hera and Aphrodite. They're strong Olympus members, and even with a Champion by their side Manny has doubts about being victorious over them.

    “Manny, you have to be strong,” Cynthia said.

    Yeah...Though, if they're from Olympus, then they have a lot to hold on to.

    Aphrodite hops onto her Garchomp's back and shoots towards Manny and Cynthia, flying off in response, but turning around to confront Cynthia, passing her in the process.

    “Cynthia, I'm calling you out!” she said. “SKY BATTLE!!!”

    She sends out her Garchomp and flies off as well, much to Manny's dismay.

    “Hey, what about me?!”

    “I have faith that you'll defeat Hera!” she called out. “Good luck!”

    “But...but....THIS ISN'T RIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!”

    Manny falls to his knees, crying very pathetically.

    “Well, now that Cynthia is out of the way, you'll be a piece of cake!” Hera said.

    What now. Being second in command, she must be really powerful!

    “Weavile, how about we show the brat and that ugly Pokemon what's what!”

    Manny's nerves sparked in response to hearing that comment from Hera. Hera was a strong trainer, yes, however anyone making fun of his Probopass and calling him ugly needed to be dealt with in a quick fashion, ASAP.

    “Listen up, pretty girl,” Manny said. “You can push me, insult me, and call me pathetic and useless! However I WILL NOT ALLOW ANY INSULTS TO MY AWESOME PROBOPASS!!!!! LET'S TEAR THIS WOMAN APART PROBOPASS!!!! DISCHARGE!!!”

    Probopass fires a Discharge on Weavile, which hits her pretty easily. She falls back, only to get up just as quick.

    “I see we have some determination here,” Hera said. “Weavile, use Dark Pulse!”

    Weavile charges a black whirling ball between his paws and fires it at Probopass, who prepares for a counterattack.

    “Magnet Bomb!” Manny ordered.

    Probopass fires a Magnet bomb with counters the Dark Pulse and explodes in response.

    “Discharge!” Manny ordered.

    “Dodge and use Focus Blast!” Hera ordered.

    Weavile dodges the blue bolts that Probopass fires and prepares a light blue ball that shoots towards Probopass, who was prone to such attacks.

    “Iron Defense!” Manny ordered.

    Probopass's head hides below as it braces itself for the attack. The Focus Blast hits dead on and deals quite a lot of damage due to typing. His head pops back up, but he's fairly weakened. Manny's going to have a tough time with her, but Manny isn't going to let her get away with insulting Probopass.

    In the sky, Cynthia and Aphrodite were battling with their Garchomps and so far, they were pretty even. Aphrodite continues moving about, while Cynthia tries to keep up.

    “Garchomp, use Dragon Pulse!” Cynthia ordered.

    “Move out of the way!” Aphrodite ordered.

    Garchomp prepares a greenish-blue beam that fires straight at Aphrodite's Garchomp, leaving them to dodge the attack easily.

    “You'll have to do better than that!” Aphrodite said. “I can't do well on land, but by air, I'm incredible! Let's move, Garchomp!”

    They skid to the left and fly in he opposite direction. Aphrodite looks back and sees Cynthia catching up to her.

    “Garchomp, dear, give that woman a Dragon Rush!” Aphrodite ordered.

    Aphrodite uses her powers to jump off of Garchomp so he can shoot towards Cynthia's Garchomp and smash into them with a blue and white aura. The two fall as Garchomp returns to the floating Aphrodite. She falls onto his back and grabs hold of his tail. She looks at the falling duo and smiles.

    “Mission accomplished,” she said.

    She fixes herself so that she's facing the front and prepares to assist Hera and Weavile.

    “Our work is done here, Garchomp!” Aphrodite said. “Let's return to Lady Hera!”

    She flies back to wherever Hera was, but they soon feel something odd coming from behind them. Aphrodite looks behind her and sees a similar aura that she attacks her with. They're soon struck and fall apart from each other.

    “Garchomp, Twister!” Cynthia ordered.

    Garchomp begins to spin around and create a mighty tornado that engulfs Aphrodite's Garchomp inside. The tornado's powerful and it manages to rip apart the mountainside nearby. No towns were even close to it, but it didn't matter, since her target is the Garchomp inside. Aphrodite's inside as well, screaming as she's pulled in. After a while they were tossed great length, far away from Hera, and even Mt. Coronet itself.

    “Enough!” Cynthia ordered.

    Cynthia's Garchomp stops as she sees Aphrodite and her Garchomp on the other end.

    “Let's go help Manny and Probopass,” Cynthia said.

    They begin to fly back to where Manny and Probopass were battling Hera and Weavile. The two of them were fairing pretty well for a battle against a top ranked member like Hera, who was surprised at his abilities.

    This kid,” she thought. “He's too strong. If I lose to him, how will I show myself to Zeus?!

    “Probopass, use Stone Edge!” Manny ordered.

    I have to find a way to get back on our feet!

    She soon thinks of a strategy that seems perfect for this situation.

    “Quick Attack!”

    Probopass unleashes its Stone Edge as Weavile dodges easily. Manny was amazed with it's intense speed, especially for a Weavile!

    “Use Fling!” she ordered.

    Weavile removed the Iron Ball from its necklace and shoots it at Probopass. The attack was extremely powerful, resulting in a strong explosion. Probopass was really weak after that, and could barely move.

    What now?” Manny thought.

    Both Pokemon were at their limit. Another hit from either of them, and it's over. They had to get their final attack in, and Hera wasn't going to waste a second.

    “Punishment!” Hera ordered.

    Wait for it,” Manny thought. “Wait for it!!!!

    Weavile charges with his fist engulfed in a dark aura. Probopass was waiting for Manny to make a move, but he wanted to make sure it was time right. Weavile finally manages to get close enough, leaving Manny to attack!

    “Zap Cannon!!!” Manny ordered.

    Probopass begins to charge electricity and fire a powerful electrical beam at Weavile, striking it hard and sending it to Hera, knocking her back and onto the ground. Weavile was unable to battle, something that Hera was shocked with.

    “You...you beat...Weavile?!” Hera said in shock.

    “I believe that's enough from you!” Manny said.

    “No, I will not accept this! You just a whiny little brat whose obsessed with some stupid Pokemon. You're nothing!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!”

    “Too bad, considering you lost!”

    She growls in anger and begins to charge her fist in a bright, white aura. Her aura begins to swirl past her elbow and emits a strong force, stronger than anything they have ever felt before.

    “You will not get away with this,” she growled. “I am the goddess of Olympus. There's nothing you can do to stop me!!!!”

    She charges towards Manny as the ground begins to smash apart just from the force alone. Manny couldn't do anything at this point and knew he was done.

    Suddenly Garchomp lands in front of her, shifts around and prepares a Hyper Beam that collides against her and shoots her back against a cliff wall, smashing it to bits, crushing Hera between the massive force of the Hyper Beam. The attack fades as Hera falls to the ground. She wasted all of her energy, as well as took a full brunt force of a Hyper Beam attack from a Garchomp. Manny sees Cynthia and wonders if he's all right.

    “I'm so glad you came!” he said, teary eyed.

    “Are you all right?” Cynthia asked.

    “I'm fine, but Probopass is weak.”

    She looks at Probopass, who's resting from a hard fought battle. Manny recalls him, while he thinks about how to get to Spear Pillar now.”

    “That's two we've taken care of,” Cynthia said.

    “Maybe now we can get to Spear Pillar. Sadly, I don't think Probopass has the strength to take us all up.”

    “We could always use Garchomp. She has enough energy left.”

    Manny smiles as he's grateful that someone like Cynthia was here. She lifts him onto Garchomp's back, but Manny was a little nervous.

    “Are you sure she can carry both of us?” Manny asked.

    “Sure. I've done it with Flint before!” Cynthia replied. “Garchomp, to Spear Pillar!”

    The two fly up to Spear Pillar in hopes of encountering Zeus, as well as stopping him from succeeding in his plan. As for Rain, who knows what will happen to him.

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
    Legends of Sinnoh|Shadow Apocalypse

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Shadow Apocalypse (Original, PG-PG13)

    *Sees a tumbleweed roll by*

    Episode #6: The Fate of The Young Mistress, Athena!

    Rain continues to run down a pathway that presumably reaches towards the top of Spear Pillar, but as he keeps running, he soon becomes tired and slows himself down. He goes to the side of the wall and sits himself down so he can catch his breath.

    “Man,” he said. “I wish I knew where this Spear Pillar is. I’m so tired!”

    He knew that there's no time for rest. He looks down the hall and gulps softly as he tries to get up. He walks down the hall, only hoping that he won’t be too late. As he continues forward, he notices an odd altar in front of him. He remembers those things and realizes: these were the altars that the plates were on! He goes over to it and checks it out.

    “The Plates of the Lord of Pokemon reside in eight different locations, the other eight being hidden from the outside world. This altar bears the Stone Plate, the Plate of the Rock. Each tells a tale of the legendary God himself. Whosoever finds these 16 plates, representing each elemental type excluding the type of the Lord himself, the bearer will be able to resurrect the Lord.”

    He removes the plate as the altar sinks to the bottom.

    “Let’s see what these make up now,” Rain said, organizing the plates in his backpack with the plate he just found. Once he organizes them, he begins reading them all.

    “Okay then, ’When the universe was created, its shards became this Plate. The power of defeated giants infuses this Plate. Two beings of time and space set free from the Original One. Three beings were born to bind time and space. Two make matter and three make spirit, shaping the world. The Original One breathed alone before the universe came. The powers of Plates are shared among Pokémon.’ Wait, so Pokemon can benefit from these?"

    Rain wonders if these plates represent types. If Pokemon can utilize these powers, than maybe his Pokemon would be stronger. He needed one more to complete the passage that these plates seem to tell. He takes all of the plates and places them inside of his backpack, but as he turns around, he’s soon forced against the wall with unimaginable power. He falls to the ground in pain and attempts to turn around. He soon sees Hades and his trusty Pichu partner by his side. He struggles to get up, but that attack left him weak.

    “I see you’re after these plates as well,” Hades said.

    Rain's too weak to get up. He couldn’t even reach his backpack.

    “Are you working for Cuadrilla de la Muerte?”

    “W-Who?” he asked.

    After that comment, Hades thinks that he had no clue who they were.

    “Anyway, they’re after these plates as well. They haven’t found out the locations, fortunately. But that fact that you’re after them draws suspicion. Especially from the likes of them!”

    Hades goes over to take his backpack, but as Rain attempts to steal it, Pichu zaps him with a Thundershock that paralyzes him.

    “Sorry kid, but you’re not interfering with our plans. Especially since we can hold Gutierrez’s plans until the Distortion World is complete.”

    “Give those back!” he snapped.

    “Not a chance!” he said, stomping down on Rain’s back. “You’ve been a pain in the rear since the Jubilife TV incident. We will not allow you to get in our way!”

    He gets off of him and walks off, with Pichu following him. Pichu stops to look at Rain as he lowers his eyelid and sticks his tongue out. He continues to follow his brother while they leave Rain, paralyzed and unable to move. He struggles to budge, but he can’t move an inch. He soon feels a bit lighter as he feels someone healing his paralysis. He finally manages to stand up and look at himself as he feels relieved that he’s able to move again.

    “Thank you, whoev-“ he said, stopping as he realizes that someone is behind him, towards the dead end.

    He freaks out as he sees a young woman with blond, long hair and a red dress. She giggles happily while Rain tries to figure out what is going on here.

    “I'm sorry to scare you like that,” she said. “I'm Sahara.”

    “I'm Rain,” he replied. “Rain Eidoh.”

    “Well, Rain, I don't know if there's much else I can do to help. Hades is strong. Are those plates important to you?”

    Rain wonders just how important these plates were. He was merely collecting them, but if they turn out to be a key to discovering the Original One, then he had to get them back.

    “Yes, they are,” he finally replied.

    “Oh, well in that case, come with me!” Sahara said.

    She runs off, leaving Rain to follow. He had to get those back before Olympus realizes what they could do with it. Rain didn't know what would really happen, but he had a very horrible feeling about it.


    Hours before Rain and Sahara's encounter, Hestia and Athena were on the other end of Mt. Coronet, with the Griseous Orb hidden in Athena's backpack, confronting Demeter, who is standing a few meters in front of them. They were under the belief that due to Hestia and Demeter's friendship, that she was here to help them. Hestia smiles, and begins to get her assistance.

    “Demeter, thank goodness you're here!” she said. “We have to escape before Zeus destroys the entire world with the Distortion World's power! Please you have to...”

    She soon realizes that Demeter wasn't here to assist them. In fact, it is the complete opposite; she is here to eliminate them under Zeus's command!

    “Demeter?” Hestia asked.

    “I'm not your friend anymore, girlie!”

    She draws an empty hilt of what seems to belong to an axe. However the top and middle part of the axe were missing. Once she swings it down, the axe itself appears as a translucent axe that vanishes as she sets it still.

    “Die!” she said.

    She charges after Hestia, who grabs Athena and jumps out of the way, avoiding Demeter’s attack. The axe slams onto the ground and creates a powerful explosion that shoots them across. Hestia lands safely with Athena safe by her side. She's surprised to see her friend attack her like this, especially all that they’ve been through.

    “Why are you doing this?!” she asked. “I thought we were friends!!!”

    “Sorry, but Olympus never had friends,” Demeter said. “Zeus gave me specific orders to take the Griseous Orb from that young girl. It’s the only way to open the Distortion World without the plan back firing on us!”

    “No, I won’t let you take it!” Hestia snapped. “Don’t you realize that Giratina wants to destroy this world?! He’s not on Zeus’s side anymore!”

    “Don’t spout such meaningless lies. Zeus has a strong faith in Giratina, and he’s really close to making this world just like what Giratina created. A world where he can do whatever he pleases! Giratina better think twice if he wants to betray him!”

    Hestia now knows that it's impossible to get Demeter to listen to her. She looks at Athena, as well as the backpack that had the Griseous Orb inside. She only hopes that sending Athena off to the bottom of the mountain would be a good idea.

    “Athena, you have to escape to the bottom of the mountain,” Hestia said. Athena is nervous since she wasn’t too comfortable being away from her. “Please you have to trust me. Save yourself and let me fight Demeter!”

    Hestia pulls out her small stick as it quickly transforms into her trusty giant mallet. She looks over at Demeter as she prepares to fight her with her axe.

    “So you’re willing to put your life on the line for you little girl, huh?” Demeter said. “Fine then!”

    “Athena, get away from here, now!” Hestia growled as she goes after Demeter.

    Athena runs off with her backpack while Hestia prepares to strike Demeter. She swings her powerful mallet at Demeter, who attempts to block, and pushes her against the walls. She slumps down, but once Demeter sees the hammer being swung a second time she shoots away and rolls forward, getting up and facing Athena.

    “Nice try,” she said. “I still won't give up!!!”

    She charges after Hestia with her translucent axe and swings violently, leaving her to block each and every attack. She immediately jumps back and takes out her Pokeball.

    “Froslass, use Ominous Wind!” Hestia ordered.

    Froslass comes out and unleashes a ghostly wind that shoots Demeter across with tremendous force. She realizes what she plans to do with her and takes out her own Pokeball.

    “So, you want to play fair, huh?” Demeter said. “Fine! Go, Skuntank!”

    Skuntank comes out to deal with Froslass, and due to Froslass being part Ghost, she is going to have some trouble with Skuntank.

    “Froslass, use Ice Shard!” Hestia said.

    Frosslass shoots shards of ice at Skuntank, who tries to brave the attack as the shards strike him hard.

    “Skuntank, Poison Gas!”

    Skuntank unleashes a Poisonous gas from the tip of its tail that extends to Froslass’s side and causes her to breathe in the poison as she coughs in response.

    “Froslass!” Hestia said. “Confuse Ray!”

    Froslass floats in the air as her eyes flash a pinkish color. Skuntank stares directly into the light as Froslass places him under a mesmerizing stare.

    “Skuntank!” Demeter said. “Night Slash!”

    Skuntank, although confused, manages to strike her with a dark slash attack. The attack strikes her, dealing a lot of damage, leaving her to maintain her floating power after the assault.

    “Froslass, Hail!” Hestia ordered.

    Froslass uses her power to summon a hailstorm, but Demeter isn’t going to let her get in the way.


    Skuntank instead rams the wall nearby. His confusion is getting worse, and orders weren’t going to help.

    “FLAMETHROWER, RIGHT NOW!!!!” she shouted.

    They soon feel hail falling down onto them as they look up to see hail falling from the sky. Froslass’s attack is in motion, and she seems to enjoy it, unlike Skuntank. Skuntank shakes his head as he's finally clear of the confusion.

    “Flamethrower!” Demeter ordered.

    “Dodge it!” Hestia said.

    Skuntank shoots a stream of fire from his mouth that Froslass tries to dodge, but she's caught by a tail end of the strike. She falls to the ground, leaving Skuntank to charge after her.

    “Skuntank, use Night Slash!” Demeter ordered.

    Skuntank slashes her with a dark energy-filled claw. She feels a lot of damage and is having trouble floating back up.

    “Come on, Froslass,” Hestia said. “Get up!”

    “Flamethrower!” Demeter ordered one last time.

    Skuntank's mouth fills with fire as he prepares to attack. Hestia knew it was over, but she had to do something quick. She finally remembers one attack that could save her.

    “Destiny Bond!” Hestia ordered.

    Froslass locks eyes with Skuntank, making them both glow. Skuntank fires his flamethrower and strikes Froslass for some huge damage, knocking her out. Skuntank immediately feels the pain and falls to the ground, unable to battle as well.

    “Tough luck,” she said, lifting her hammer and going after her. “Now you die!”

    She swings her hammer and knocks Demeter off the cliff. Demeter snaps back to reality and begins to evaporate into dark matter. She shoots herself into the mountain, leaving Hestia amazed at her power.

    “Where is she?” Hestia asked herself. “No, I can't worry about her now. Athena could be in danger!”

    She attempts to run away, but Demeter pops up in front of her, surprising Hestia.

    “Sorry...princess,” she said.

    She swings her axe as it goes into the side of her body and knocks her off the cliff. The damage is so great that she could do nothing about it. She slowly falls off the side of the mountain and plummets towards the ground.

    “She had no chance against me,” Demeter said.

    She walks off, just as Skuntank slowly gets up. He sees Demeter walking off and immediately follows her. On the other side of the mountain, Athena feels something terrible inside of her. She knew what might have caused this uneasy feeling, and that was Hestia being in severe danger.

    “Hestia!” Athena shouted. “HESTIA!!!!”

    She knows that it's hopeless, but she didn't want Hestia to die this way. She knew that it would be too late, and now they'll never see each other again.

    “What do I do now?” Athena wondered.

    She realizes why she sent her off on her own in the first place: to get the Griseous Orb as far away as possible. Olympus cannot get this, and she knows this well. She begins to run off, only to be shot back by a powerful force. She struggles to get up, but she soon sees Hades and his Pichu as they give her a nasty smile.

    “Going somewhere?” he asked.

    Athena's too frightened to react. Hades begins to walk over to her a Athena crawls backwards in fear.

    “Come now, no need to fear me,” Hades said. “I just want to help. That Griseous Orb will bring about great thing for this world. In fact, you'll be helping this world instead of destroying it. Zeus is just a liar after all.”

    'No, you're lying!” Athena snapped. “He's just going to use this to create the Distortion World and destroy everything in this world!”

    “I see you're smarter than I had originally imagined. Hestia taught you well. But you're still giving me that orb one way or another!”

    He slams the ground and sends Athena flying head first into the mountain wall behind her, knocking her out cold. Pichu goes over to her backpack, unzips it and searches for the Griseous Orb. He finally pulls it out, almost falling over at the weight, and heads over to Hades.

    “Well, I guess that's finished,” Hades said. “Now, no one can stop us!”

    Hades laughs as the two of them go to Spear Pillar with the Griseous Orb in hand. Their plan would soon be complete, and now, since their numbers have dropped a lot in such a short amount of time, they needed to act fast. Rain is still out there, as well as Manny and Cynthia. They were quickly approaching the mountain and had to stop them at all costs.

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
    Legends of Sinnoh|Shadow Apocalypse

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