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Thread: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13) [COMPLETE]

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Chapter 100 is here!!!! Enjoy!

    Episode #100: Palmer and The Battle Tower!

    Now that both Rain and Jessica's respective leagues were over, they all decide to head back home, but before they could do that, there was one last stop that piqued their interest. A large tower made for battling, called the Battle Tower. Johto was famous for its tower near Olivine City and Hoenn had a Battle Frontier, which was originally a tower such as Sinnoh's as well. Rain wanted to challenge the leader of this tower and hopefully obtain the Ability Ribbon, which was the prize for beating the Battle Tower's leader, Palmer. Marley walks inside to see Rain and the others. The only reason she was on board was that the boat they were on stops at the Battle Zone, and then to Sunyshore City to return to Pastoria City, her hometown.

    "What's up, Marley?" Rain asked.

    "I didn't get too much out of Cynthia," she said. "She told me exactly what I already knew."

    "So the victory was a waste of time, huh?" Manny said.

    "Well...I did learn something new. I found out that she usually resides in a mysterious place, called the Flower Paradise. It's said that flowers constantly grow there, and are impossible to die or wither out. It's truly a place worth searching for."

    "So what are you going to do?" Rain asked.

    "Right now, I'm going home to see if I can find out where this Flower Paradise is," Marley replied, "and then I'm going to search for Shaymin."

    "Good luck with that!"

    "Thanks. And good luck with your battle, too."

    The two shake hands, hoping to meet each other again someday. The boat soon arrives at the main dock, setting passengers off to the Fight Area, one of three main areas in the Sinnoh Battle Zone. Rain and the others set off to the boat's exit and once they get out, they see a large tower standing tall above the rest of the island.

    "That's the Battle Tower, huh?" Rain said.

    "Yeah," Manny said. "I wonder how strong Palmer is."

    "Well...they say he's stronger than any other Sinnoh Gym Leader," Donovan said. "So don't let your guard down."

    "I'll be sure to beat him," Rain said. "Besides, this is just for fun! I don't care if I win the Ability Ribbon or not."

    Rain makes his way towards the Battle Tower, but he was soon knocked off the ground by some skater kid, who was actually Buck, a trainer from the Sinnoh League that Rain had faced. Both of them fall to the ground, rubbing their heads in pain. Buck was wearing black skates on his feet and seems to have lost control, which caused him to bump into Rain.

    "Watch where you're going!" Buck said in anger.

    "Why don't you?!" Rain snapped.

    "Wait, you're that Rain kid, right? I remember you. You were pretty amazing in the Sinnoh League."

    "I think I remember you."

    Rain takes a moment to remember who this kid was, but he soon realizes. And he wished he didn't.

    "Ah, you're the kid who lost in the prelims," Rain said, unimpressed.

    "So what if I did?" Buck replied. "I'm a good trainer anyway."

    "Yeah...I made the championship round, despite going into a draw with Cynthia, while you were left in the stands the entire competition."


    "MAYBE I AM!!!!!"

    The two clonk heads together as they both growl in anger. Donovan splits them up and tries to stop the fight, but they just turn away from each other and sulk.

    "Kids these days," he said.

    "Yeah, I think we should go to the Battle Tower now," Manny said.

    "Oh, so you're planning on facing Palmer too, huh?" Buck said.

    "I shouldn't have said anything."

    "I don't think it would have mattered much, Manny," Rain said.

    "Palmer's good. I doubt you'll beat him. Well, I best be off. Later, losers!"

    Buck skates off cheering while Rain just pouts in annoyance.

    "Come on," Rain said. "I say we go find this Palmer fellow."

    Rain walks off while everyone else follows. They approach the main gate which leads to the Battle Tower, the large red building with glass windows strewn above. Rain was amazed at the sight of it. He runs towards the entrance while everyone else follows him.


    Rain enters the main reception area for the Battle Tower, but Buck was already there first. He seems to be disappointed about something since the receptionist wouldn't let her through. Rain approaches the desk to see what was wrong.

    "Buck?" Rain asked. "What are you doing?"

    "They're closing the Battle Tower!" Buck replied. Rain was surprised to hear that they'd do something like that. "They say that they're expanding the place, putting up a Battle Frontier, like in Hoenn."

    "I apologize for the inconvenience," the young, brown haired woman dressed in a blue uniform said, "but we're not accepting any challengers today."

    "I was looking forward to facing Palmer, too," Buck said.

    Suddenly someone comes in, leaving Jessica to notice him instantly and freak out. Manny looks over at her and wonders what’s wrong.

    “What’s up?” Manny asked.


    She sees the tall, blond haired man with the white shirt and brown pants under his green trench coat with large yellow buttons enter the Battle Tower through the large double doors. Buck and the receptionist also recognize him as Palmer, the Tower Tycoon, which was his true official title.

    “Is there something wrong?” he asked.

    “I told them that the Battle Tower was closing, so I didn’t want any new trainers,” the receptionist said.

    “True…Sadly I’m not allowing any new trainers…”

    Suddenly, he recognizes Rain, who seems to be somewhat disappointed. He was surprised to see him here this quickly, since to him, he's a worthy opponent. He's been dying to see what he was worth.

    “But…considering that young Rain is within our presence, I suppose we can give him a special exception.”

    “You really mean that?” Rain asked.

    “Of course!” he said. “I always wanted to face a trainer who won the Sinnoh League and nearly beat Cynthia. I’ll even let your friend battle, too.”

    Rain looks over at Buck.

    “He’s not exactly my friend, but thanks.”

    Palmer smiles as he asks the receptionist for entrance tickets for the two of them. Rain and Buck were both excited to face Palmer in a real battle. They all go inside a nearby elevator to proceed to the fifth floor, since the rest of the building contained either hotel rooms, since this was considered a popular travel area for battling, or battling arenas for multiple battles. The Tower Tycoon has a battle arena set for battles against the leader. Normally they were set until a certain amount of wins, but Palmer was willing to let these two slide for now. The door opens to let all of them through, leading to a plain old battling arena with red and tan walls. Two lights were present on their right side, one red and one green.

    “This is the Battle Tower’s main room,” Palmer said.

    Rain was excited to face Palmer, but he was confused, since he didn’t seem to have a referee around.

    “Hey, Palmer?” Rain asked. “Where’s your referee?”

    “Oh, I don’t need one. I prefer to use judgment, like any trainer would.”

    Rain didn’t know that he was free to make rules like that. He also wonders if there was anything special for the Battle Tower.

    “All right,” Palmer said, “the only rule for the Battle Tower is that battles must be three on three. It’s as simple. As. That. Now, who wants to battle me?”

    “I DO!!!” Rain and Buck said simultaneously.

    “Okay, since both of you want to battle me, I say we do a coin flip to see who goes first.”

    Palmer digs through his pockets, but doesn’t come up with any coins.

    “If I had a coin to begin with,” he said.

    “I have one,” Jessica said.

    She shows him her Poketch, which has a coin flip feature with the usual watch features. Palmer smiles and lets her decides the two trainer’s fates. Jessica brings them over and accesses the Coin Flip feature and presses a button, flipping the coin. The Pikachu face was “heads,” while the Pokeball symbol was “tails.”

    “Heads!” Rain shouted.

    The coin lands on tails, though. This meant that, since Rain called heads, Buck would go first.

    “Ha-ha!” Buck laughed. “Guess I get to go first!”

    Buck goes to his area of the battlefield, while Palmer goes to his end. Buck was more than ready to take the Tower Tycoon down, but Palmer wasn’t going to allow that.

    “You four,” Palmer said. “You’re more than welcome to go to the seats over there and watch us battle.”

    The gang decides to go onto the other end and sit on the wooden benches. Rain was anxious for his battle, but he wanted to see how Buck would fair against the Tower Tycoon himself.

    “All right,” Palmer said. “Let’s get this underway!”

    The Red light on the wall turns green as it signals the start of the battle.

    “Go, Milotic!” Palmer said.

    Palmer sends out a Milotic as it elegantly takes the stage, while Rain was annoyed that he has to eventually face another Milotic.

    “Another Milotic,” Rain said, annoyed. “Does every trainer have to have one?”

    “Go, Umbreon!” Buck said.

    Buck sends out his Umbreon, a black fox-like Pokemon with yellow rings on its fur and red eyes to its name. The yellow rings glow and fade every few seconds, adding a mysterious touch to it.

    “All right,” Palmer said. “Go, Miltoic! Use Twister!”

    “Dodge it!” Buck ordered.

    Milotic releases a powerful Twister attack, which Umbreon tries to dodge, but it eventually fails and strike the side of it, knocking it over. Umbreon manages to get up and attack again.

    “Assurance!” Buck ordered.

    Umbreon storms in and attacks Milotic, who strikes her hard with its Assurance attack, but Milotic doesn’t seem to be too affected.

    “Aqua Tail,” Palmer ordered.

    Miltoic slaps Umbreon with her tail and shoots a powerful stream of water at Umbreon, smashing it against the wall, knocking it out instantly. Buck was amazed at her power.

    “Next!” Palmer said, confirming Umbreon’s KO.

    Buck recalls the fallen Umbreon and prepares another Pokemon for him to use against Milotic.

    “Go, Probopass!” Buck said.

    Buck sends his Probopass out, which causes Manny to squeal like the fan girl (or boy, in this case) that he is.

    “PROBOPASS!!!” Manny shouted in joy. “KICK SOME BUTT!!!!”

    Everyone was silent, and somewhat embarrassed by Manny’s outburst. Donovan pulls him down and tells him to shut up. Once that fades away from their heads, they resume the battle as the green light turns on.

    “Use Water Pulse!” Palmer ordered.

    Milotic unleashes a powerful Water Pulse, while Buck has a clever idea.

    “Stone Edge!” Buck ordered.

    Probopass releases numerous rocks that block the Water Pulse attack and protect himself from the surging water.

    “Probopass, use Discharge!” Buck ordered.

    Probopass lets loose a powerful Discharge attack that strikes Milotic and forces a strong paralysis on her. She can’t move and was immobile.

    “Now, Probopass, use Lock-On!” Buck ordered. “Then use Zap Cannon!”

    Probopass locks onto Milotic’s body and fires a Zap Cannon, assuring a clear hit as it damages her hard. Buck has this battle won, but Palmer would like to disagree.

    “Aqua Tail!” Palmer ordered.

    Milotic releases a powerful Aqua Tail that strikes Probopass hard, slamming it against the wall and knocking it out instantly.

    “What?!” Buck said in shock.

    “With just one hit?” Rain said, who was just as amazed as Buck.

    “Milotic sure is a strong Pokemon!” Donovan said. “Normally, that attack should have done her in…but I wonder.”

    Palmer smiles, watching Milotic glow brightly in response to her paralysis effect. The gang wonders what was happening to her.

    “You are witnessing Milotic’s Marvel Scale ability. This allows her to raise her defensive power should she be under a status ailment, such as paralysis or poisoning. Don’t underestimate me because you’re a good trainer, because I have enough power to take out the Elite Four no problem!”

    Buck knows what to do at this point. He recalls Probopass and thinks of who to use now.

    “Your Probopass sucks!” Manny shouted.

    “WILL YOU KNOCK IT OFF!!!!” Buck shouted back.

    “Sit DOWN!” Donovan snapped, forcing Manny to sit on the hard wood bench.

    Buck takes out his Claydol’s Pokeball and prepares to take out that Milotic once and for all.

    “Go, Claydol!” Buck said.

    Buck sends out his Claydol, who spins its cannon-like hands in the air and returns them to its side, pointing towards Milotic.

    “Ready, buddy?” Buck asked.

    Claydol shakes itself as if it was nodding in response to Buck’s question. The green light flashes once more, signaling the start of what might be the last battle.

    “Go, use Aqua Tail!” Palmer ordered.

    Milotic launches an Aqua Tail attack as it heads towards Claydol.

    “Psychic!” Buck ordered.

    Claydol uses Psychic, and although it gets hit with some of it, it still manages to take the Aqua Tail’s sqirl and hold it in place.

    “Launch it back!” Buck ordered.

    Claydol launches it back, striking Milotic hard. She falls to the ground and tries to get up, but Buck wasn’t going to allow that.

    “Use Earth Power!” Buck ordered.

    The battlefield area near Milotic begins to cave upward and strike a powerful blast that deals a ton of damage to Milotic. She finally falls on her side, unable to battle.

    “Milotic, Return!” Palmer said.

    Buck cheers in victory towards Milotic’s defeat, but even Rain knew he had no reason to celebrate.

    “Don’t get cocky, brat,” Palmer said. “I still have more where that came from! Go, Rhyperior!”

    Palmer sends out a Rhyperior to deal with Claydol, roaring violently as it prepares to destroy Claydol for good.

    “We can do this!” Buck said. “Right, Claydol?”

    “Clay,” it said in an almost monotone voice.

    The light flashes green to signal the start of the next battle.

    “Claydol, use Earth Power!” Buck Ordered.

    Claydol unleashes the same attack that was used on Milotic, but strangely enough, even though Ground attacks were effective against a Pokemon like Rhyperior, it didn’t do too much to him.

    “Rock Wrecker!” Palmer ordered.

    Rhyperior uses Rock Wrecker to dig into the battlefield and fire a large rock at Claydol.

    “Psychic!” Buck ordered. “Shoot it back to him!”

    “Rock Wrecker, double blast!” Palmer ordered.

    Claydol shoots the rocks back while Rhyperior digs through the ground again and shoots numerous rocks in each hole. Rhyperior shoots the rock at the one coming towards it and shatters the rock itself. He then shoots another rock as it slams into Claydol and slams him into a wall behind him, knocking it out almost instantly. Buck was amazed at his super strong team, even though he fully underestimated his strength.

    "Game over, kid," Palmer said.

    Buck recalls Claydol and wonders what he did wrong. Palmer knew he was too cocky, and Rain knew the same.

    "Rain, you're up next," Palmer said.

    Rain goes up and goes over to Buck, but he runs off crying at his loss. Rain just sighs in annoyance and prepares to take out Palmer himself, hoping to get a better handle than Buck did. Rain would only hope that he manages to beat him after his near defeat over Cynthia. He just wonders how strong he really was compared to everyone else he faced recently.

    To Be Contiued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Ah, the battle tower! I never expected there to be focused on.
    Its nice that Marley did got a little bit of info.
    :D. Buck got a entire 1 KO! What an awesome trainer he is!
    Lmao @ Manny's reaction seeing Probopass and also when it got knocked out.
    I'm pretty sure Rain'll do well even if he doesn't win, so I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Episode #101: Weavile vs. Dragonite!

    Rain awaited his battle with Palmer, the Tower Tycoon, but he was more worried about Buck than he was about losing. He suddenly ran off crying when he was beaten by Palmer, but Rain wonders why. He focuses on the battle at hand and worries about it later. Palmer comes back with his healed Pokemon and prepares to battle Rain for his second battle in a row.

    "Are you ready to battle, Rain?" Palmer asked.

    "Let's do this!" he said, determined to beat him.

    The green light flashes as Palmer sets up to release his first Pokemon.

    "Go, Milotic!" Palmer said.

    Milotic comes out again and prepares for battle, while Rain decides on his choice of Pokemon.

    "Go, Luxray!" Rain said.

    Luxray comes out and takes Milotic on, roaring proudly as it takes the battlefield. The light flashes green as the battle finally begins.

    "Go, Milotic!" Palmer said. "Use Twister!"

    "Dodge it!" Rain ordered.

    Milotic fires a Twister attack, but Luxray manages to dodge the attack, leaving him to charge forward.

    "Use Discharge!" Rain ordered.

    Luxray unleashes a Discharge attack on Milotic, shocking her had.

    "Aqua Tail!" Palmer ordered.

    Milotic breaks free from the attack and unleashes an Aqua Tail attack that strikes Luxray and sends it to a wall. However, it wasn't out yet.

    "Luxray, use Discharge again!" Rain ordered.

    Luxray unleashes another Discharge that Milotic takes. Palmer was waiting for the right moment to strike.

    "Use Discharge all you want," Palmer said. "It still won't do you good. Twister, Milotic!"

    Milotic launches a Twister attack that strikes Luxray into another wall. The damage leaves it nearly breathless. Rain needed to do something before it was too late.

    “Luxray, use Charge!” Rain ordered.

    “You’re just a sitting duck, now!” Palmer said. “Use Aqua Tail!”

    Luxray charges up its electricity while Milotic slams it with an Aqua Tail attack. Luxray continues to take damage, but it wasn’t giving up anytime soon. Luxray stops charging and knows what to do next.

    “Discharge!” Rain ordered.

    Luxray fires a Discharge attack that shoots through the water and shocks Milotic, dealing more damage than the norm considering where the attack hit.

    “Use Thunder Fang!” Rain ordered.

    Luxray charges forward and bites Milotic on the tail, shocking her even further.

    “Knock him off with Twister!” Palmer ordered.

    Milotic uses Twister to send him flying into the wall behind her, knocking him out at last.

    “Good work,” Palmer said.

    Milotic nods, but she soon falls as well. She too, was unable to battle. Both of them recall their respective Pokemon and prepare to send out again.

    “Go, Rhyperior!” Palmer said.

    Palmer sends Rhyperior out to battle, roaring violently as it stomps onto the battlefield with a loud rumble. Rain gulps nervously as he sends out his next Pokemon.

    “Go, Kirlia!” Rain said.

    Rain sends Kirlia out to deal with the massive Rhyperior that stands before him. The light flashes green to signal the start of the next battle.

    “Rhyperior, use Rock Blast!” Palmer ordered.

    Rhyperior smashes the ground and sends a stream of rocks heading Kirlia’s way as it strikes him hard. Kirlia manages to get up with ease and prepare for his trainer’s orders.

    “Use Magical Leaf!” Rain ordered.

    Kirlia fires numerous magical leaves at Rhyperior, and while they manage to strike him, they don’t seem to be doing too much.

    “What’s going on?” Rain asked. “Grass attacks should be super effective against Rhyperior…wait, it’s not…”

    “You’re catching on,” Palmer said. “Yes, it’s another ability. This time, it’s called Solid Rock, and any super effective attack that strikes my Rhyperior, makes it weaker. Rhyperior, use Earthquake!”

    Rhyperior smashes the ground and sends a shock wave towards Kirlia, striking him hard and sending him flying. Kirlia slowly gets up and prepares for another attack.

    “Rock Wrecker!” Palmer ordered.

    Rhyperior digs into the ground and pulls up as much from the ground as possible. Rhyperior prepares to fire, but Rain had to react, fast.

    “Psychic, hurry!” Rain ordered.

    Kirlia halts the attack just as it was fired towards him, but now Rain had to think about what to do with it.

    “What’s wrong?” Palmer asked. “Scared to attack?”

    I remember what happened the last time a rock was fired at him,” Rain thought “I just have to plan this out carefully.

    Palmer didn’t want to wait any longer and decides to attack.

    “Rock Wrecker!” Palmer ordered. “Double power!”

    “Shoot it!” Rain ordered.

    Kirlia fires the rock, but Rhyperior uses Rock Wrecker to destroy it in time and fire his second one.

    “Jump and use Psychic to attack!”

    Kirlia jumps high and grabs the rock with Psychic, swings it over his head and slams it onto Rhyperior. He falls to the ground, and so did Kirlia from the force he used for the attack, and both of them were wiped.

    “Hammer Arm!” Palmer ordered.

    Rhyperior charges forward and attempts to strike Kirlia, but…

    “Teleport!” Rain ordered.

    Kirlia teleports away and appears behind Rhyperior, ready to strike.

    “Magical Leaf!” Rain ordered.

    Kirlia shoots a Magical Leaf that strikes Rhyperior on the back, damaging it at close range. Kirlia keeps firing until it falls to the ground, unable to battle.

    “Rhyperior, return!” Palmer said.

    Palmer recalls his fallen Rhyperior, while Rain cheers happily in his victory.

    “Don’t think you’ve won this battle yet, kid,” Palmer said. “I got one last Pokemon up my sleeve. And he’s the strongest I own!”

    Rain prepares to face down his strongest Pokemon, but he doesn’t know how strong it actually is. He also wonders if Kirlia can manage to so away with him.

    “Go, Dragonite!” Palmer said.

    “Dragonite was sent out as his final Pokemon. It was a large, orange dragon with a tan, scaly underside that extends to the tip of its large tail. It has two tan, curvy antennae and have small blue wings. It has gentle brown eyes, unusual for a Dragon Pokemon, and was able to stand on its hind legs with ease. Rain opens his Pokedex to check it out.


    “Wait until you see what he can really do!” Palmer said.

    The green light flashes to signal the start of the battle.

    "Go, Dragonite!" Palmer said. "Use Hyper Beam!"

    Dragonite fires a Hyper Beam, which strikes Kirlia before he can react to the attack. The blast knocks him against a wall and causes part of it to cave in from the force. Once the attack fades, Kirlia falls to the ground, unable to battle.

    "Next!" Palmer said.

    "Kirlia, return!" Rain said.

    Rain recalls Kirlia back to his Pokeball and decides on what to do now. He knew that Dragonite was obviously a Dragon Pokemon, but he wonders if Weavile was able to take out a Pokemon like him.

    "He got me out of jams in the Sinnoh League, so I have to trust him!" Rain thought. “Go, Weavile!

    Rain sends out his Weavile to deal with the mighty Dragonite, but Palmer knew he was done for, despite the type advantage. The green light flashes as the final battle begins.

    “Go, use Twister!” Palmer ordered.

    Dragonite unleashes a Twister attack as he creates a powerful, rotating wind that lifts Weavile off the ground.

    “Weavile, use Ice Beam!” Rain ordered.

    Weavile fires an Ice Beam that strikes Dragonite on its wings, freezing them and dealing a lot of damage.

    “Use Aqua Tail!” Palmer ordered.

    Dragonite uses an Aqua Tail attack to strike Weavile against a nearby wall, causing him to fall to the ground, but not out.

    “Weavile, stand up!” Rain said.

    Weavile slowly gets up and tries to get up. He manages to get onto his feet, but he was worn out already.

    “Boy,” he said to himself. “That Dragonite’s strong!”

    “Use Dragon Rush!” Palmer ordered.

    Dragonite covers itself in a blue and white aura as it strikes Weavile hard.

    “Let’s put an end to this!” Palmer said. “Use Hyper Beam!”

    Dragonite fires a Hyper Beam that strikes Weavile just as he stands up. The blast sends him into a wall and knocks him out immediately. Rain was disappointed that he wasn’t able to use Weavile’s power that he had in the Sinnoh League.

    “Tough break, kid,” Palmer said.

    Rain recalls Weavile and wonders what he did wrong. His Weavile got him out of so many tight spots, but why was he beaten so easily.

    “You must feel overconfident after nearly beating Cynthia, I guess,” he said.

    “No I don’t!” he said, trying to hide his feelings.

    Palmer sighs.

    “I know you lost, but after seeing you in the Sinnoh League, I know you have the potential to be a strong trainer and defeat me in battle. I’ll close up for now, but once we open our new Battle Frontier, you can come back and face me. I’ll put your name on the list.”

    Rain smiles at the fact that he was able to get a re-match very easily. He looks at Weavile’s Pokeball and hopes to make him stronger for the Battle Frontier, once it came around. He shakes Palmer’s hand and heads out with his friends. Palmer could tell that even though he lost, he would still go a long way.


    Rain was outside with the sunset sky calling out for Buck, who ran off before his battle with Palmer. He wonders if he was still around, but so far, he found no sight of him.

    “BUCK!!!!” he shouts once more. “Where is he?”

    “Rain!” Manny shouted as he and the others approach him.

    “Buck’s not around. I’m worried about him.”

    He shouts out to him once more, but there was still no response.

    “He’s not here anymore,” Donovan said. “He probably went home.”

    Rain wanted to make sure that Buck was feeling all right after his loss. He comes to his senses and realizes that he was no longer within the Fight Area and decides to head off once more. They had a few more stops to go to before heading home. One of which was Stark Mountain, which was near the Survival Area that houses the Legendary Pokemon Heatran, who, as legend would have it, was created from the volcanoes during the creation of time and space. Rain wanted to see this Legendary Pokemon and hear more about it. Not to mention it was closest to the Resort Area, the final area, as well as the final stop on their trip to the Battle Zone.

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Tzk.. Weavile got KOed too quickly... I hoped he'd get more..ahem.. *screentime*...guess the title of the chap tricked me... :D

    A lone detective takes it upon himself to solve the murder of a young woman, willingly diving into the dangerous web of conspiracies weaved by the feuding mafia families. But after the truth is uncovered, will that city of sin be the same ever again?

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    :O. Rain lost..didn't see that coming..
    I was expecting Torterra to take on Rhyperior, but it was amazing to see how much stronger Kirlia has gotten.
    Lol, I agree with Aladar; evil, misleading episode title :P
    I can't believe Weavile lost the quickly though. The poor thing got out one Ice Bean before being massacred D:
    Heatran chapter next? 8)
    This chapter was pretty good overall.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Episode #102: Heatran and The Magma Stone!

    Kirlia and Weavile were both taking a quiet friendly walk on Route 225, just having a friendly chat. Weavile was discussing with Kirlia (in their Pokemon language, of course) about how he should take lessons from a fully evolved Pokemon like him. Kirlia was nervous, knowing that he lost to a Dragonite, a Pokemon he should have beaten due to type advantage. Weavile sees something up ahead and grabs it.

    "Weavile!" he said, seeing a bright turquoise stone with a sparkling center in a shape of a starburst pattern.

    He picks it up and looks at Kirlia. He seems to have a good idea of what to do with it.

    "Wea, Weavile!" he said. "Wea, wea. Weavile wea!"

    Weavile was telling his partner that he was holding a Dawn Stone, a type of evolution stone that evolves based on one's gender. It could make male Kirlia evolve into a Gallade, and Female Snorunt evolve into Froslass.

    "Wea wea," he said. "Weaviiiiiiiiiiile?"

    Weavile pushes the stone to Kirlia, but he steps back nervously, knowing that he'll evolve as soon as he touches it. Weavile was pushing Kirlia to evolve, hoping to make him stronger (and more manlier in the process).

    "Kirlia!" Rain shouted in the distance. "Weavile! It's time to go!"

    Weavile was smiling at Kirlia, wondering if he was ready to change for his trainer's sake. Kirlia smiles and simply teleports away, leaving Weavile annoyed, and disgusted.

    "Wea..." he said.

    Kirlia warps back to Rain and the others and smiles as happy as can be.

    "There you are," Rain said. "Where's Weavile?"

    Kirlia points to the direction she just came from (behind her), leaving Rain to comprehend that Weavile was still out there somewhere.

    “I don’t want to have to look for him,” Rain said.

    “He’s probably sharpening his claws or something,” Manny said.

    They all soon hear Weavile calling out to his trainer from the distance, while Rain sees him running towards him at top speed.

    “There’s Weavile!” Rain said happily.

    Weavile smiles as he strikes Rain in his private area, causing him to scream as loud as possible due to the immense pain of his Pokemon’s claws to his family jewels.

    “That…was not…right!” Rain growled in pain.

    Weavile simply chuckles as he sharpens his claws once more.

    “RETURN!!!!” Rain shouted in pain as he recalls his Weavile to his Pokeball.

    “Are you alright?” Jessica asked, surprised.

    “Does it look like I’m alright?” Rain snapped. “Ow, why did Weavile have to attack me?”

    “My bet is that it’s love,” Manny said, “a Pokemon’s way of love.”

    “You know, I’ve heard of Pokemon attacking trainers out of love rather than hate,” Donovan added.

    “Well, for Weavile that’s a sick and twisted way of loving someone!”

    Rain slowly gets up and attempts to walk on his own. The gang helps him along towards the Survival Area, but they were going slowly due to the pain that Rain had to endure the whole way there.


    The gang eventually arrives at the small town known as the Survival Area, a quaint little village where battlers rest before returning to the Fight Area to train. Rain remembers that this was where Tsurugi lives, but they remember him heading to Rain's dad's lab before heading here. Rain was glad that he got to a town where he could stay in for the night, but with the pain he got from Weavile, he needed it.

    "You feeling any better?" Manny asked.

    "A little," Rain said. "The pain calmed down a little."

    Rain was still holding his private area in pain from Weavile's attack, but his pain seems to have calmed down.

    "Are you fine walking on your own?" Jessica asked.

    "Yeah," Rain said.

    They soon hear a familiar voice laughing at Rain. Rain looks ahead of him to see someone he's been looking for all day and yesterday, too.

    "Buck!" Rain said.

    "Got knocked in the family jewels, huh?" Buck asked.

    "Yeah, so what?"

    "That's pathetic!"

    Buck proceeds to laugh while Rain gives him one to stuff in his mouth.

    "What about you?" Rain asked. "The young man who cried like a baby because he lost to Palmer!"



    The two bonk heads, leaving Donovan to break them up again.

    "So, what are you doing here, anyway?" Manny asked.

    "What does it look like?" Buck said. "I live here!"

    "You live in the Survival Area?"

    "Yeah, with my Grandfather. And that's not the only reason why I'm here."

    Buck looks around before he goes in close, leaving everyone else to go in close.

    "Have you heard about the Magma Stone?" Buck whispered.

    “Magma Stone?” they all asked.

    “It's a rare stone that exists in only one place. And that's Stark Mountain!”

    “Is that the big mountain range here?” Donovan asked.

    “They say that the Magma Stone, or Magma Rock as some call it, is very pricey.”

    Buck snickers, leaving them clueless as to how much it really costs.

    “They say that the price is nearly impossible to buy, but there are some rich folk looking to buy it for.....ONE. TRILLION. POKEDOLLARS!!!!”

    “O-O-O-O-O-ONE TRILLION?!?!?!?!??!??!?!?!” Manny and Rain reacted in complete and utter disbelief.

    “And I'm going to get that Magma Stone no matter what!” Buck said. "Later, losers!"

    Buck runs off to Stark Mountain and attempts to get to the Magma Stone first. Rain was surprised that someone would pay so much for it, which in turn, gives him a goal to sell it.

    "ALL RIGHT!!!!" he shouted. "I'M GOING TO FIND THAT MAGMA STONE AND MAKE MYSELF RICH!!!! I want a giant hot tub, a stadium battlefield, a massive swimming pool in the house that connects to an outside pool the size of a lake, roller coaster, and a playground for my Pokemon."

    "I knew we should have let Buck keep his mouth shut," Donovan said, while Rain continues to think about what he'll buy with his money.

    "I suggest that you get the money another way," someone said.

    They turn to see an old man with a dark blue japanese-style gi with long hakama pants. He had graying hair and a long beard with squinty eyes. They wonder what he meant by what he just said.

    "I apologize for what that young boy got you into," he said. "He's a bit of a hothead, if you know what I mean."

    "And you are," Manny asked.

    "I'm Wheat. I'm a well known trainer within the area and taught many fine trainers. Anyway, that Magma Stone is cursed."

    They all cringe at the thought of the word "cursed."

    "Legend has it, that one man, many years ago, removed the stone from the mountains, and ignited many volcanoes around the world. Stark Mountain is an actual volcano, but it's dormant right now. Should it be removed now, would cause the Stark Mountain to become active once more. Buck would never be able to touch it, though, but with his newly evolved Claydol, he may have a possible way to get through to it. The Magma Stone is what caused Cinnabar Volcano to erupt, destroying the island completely!"

    Rain remembers what he heard about the Cinnabar incident in the Kanto Region. The Volcano erupted and destroyed Cinnabar Island, causing many to lose their homes and causing Blaine, the resident Gym Leader, to relocate to the Seafoam Islands. This made Rain nervous about how Buck could destroy the Battle Zone because he removed a rock from Stark Mountain.

    "What can we do, sir!" Rain asked.

    Everyone smiles at the change in Rain's attitude, knowing that he wasn't all about money, unlike Buck.

    "Well, I assure you that the kid's not going to be here anymore if he manages to steal it. It's harsh, I know, but like I said, bad things will happen if he does take it."

    They understand the consequences and take off. It would be a long and trecherous climb before they could actually make it to the mountain entrance.


    Rain and the others soon get exhausted as they try to climb to the entrance of Stark Mountian. A shower of volcanic ash rains upon them softly, due to the high volcanic area. It was also burning hot, since this place was a real volcano.

    "Why does Buck have to go to the hottest place on earth?" Rain said.

    They suddenly see a familiar face near one of the ledges. From Rain's eyes, it seems to be Crasher Wake and his trusty Floatzel, sitting on the ground, meditating with the heat pushing on their backs. He opens his eyes and turns towards them.

    "Rain!" Wake said. "Long time no see!"

    "Hey, Crasher," Rain said. "What're you doing here?"

    "I'm just here training. I usually come here for some pure adrenaline practice!"

    "By meditating?"

    "It's enduring intense heat! I get sunburns every now and then, but I feel as fine as ever!"

    Floatzel flexes his arms in confirmation with his trainer's statement. Being a Water Pokemon, he had no problems dealing with the heat.

    "Isn't that dangerous?" Jessica asked.

    "With wrestling, there's no such thing as dangerous!" Wake replied. "What brings you here?"

    They explained to him about the Magma stone and its legend. They tell him that Buck went looking for this stone and they need to stop him.

    "I saw him head up earlier just before you came here," Wake said.

    "We still have time!" Rain said. "Come on, let's go!"

    They all head up to the mountain's entrance to attempt to stop Buck, while Wake sighs as he goes back to meditating with Floatzel.

    Inside the mountain, Buck was witnessing a powerful lava flow that made him stay on the entrance at the highest point possible. The fountain of lava forced intruders to keep away from the Magma Stone, and anyone that got near it would burn to a crisp. Buck was nervous, considering that even as high up as he was, he was still strongly affected by the heat.

    "You know," he said. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea!"

    Buck watches as the lava shoots high into the air as he falls on his butt. He was scared as hell and he wanted to get as far away as possible.

    "I...I want to be...rich," he said. "But...is my life...worth it?"

    "BUCK!!!!" Rain shouted.

    Buck turns around to see Rain and the others following him. They get inside and notice that it was near boiling inside. Manny forcefully takes his shirt off, leaving him with a black T-Shirt underneath.

    "Man, it's so hot in here?" Manny complained. "Just from the heat, I'm sweating!"

    "What do you expect?" Buck asked. "You're inside a volcano!"

    "Are you still after that Magma Stone?" Rain asked.

    Buck didn't want Rain to think of him as a coward, so he turns away and pouts.

    "No, I'm....just having trouble!"

    Rain told him about Wheat's words, and how he'll cause the mountain to erupt if he doesn't stop now.

    "That's a laugh," Buck said. "My grandfather's an old coot anyway!"

    "Wait, he's your grandfather?!" Rain said, surprised.

    "He's a good guy and all, but he tells a lot of fake stories. He's just a big fat liar. He thinks he's the lord. I don't believe that the Magma Stone caused the destruction of Cinnabar Island."

    "But what if it's true?! You'll cause your own village to fall because of your stupid antics!"

    "What did you say?!"

    The two bonk heads once more, while Donovan breaks them up once more. They suddenly hear a ferocious roar from above.

    "Who's there?" the voice asked.

    Rain and Buck were curious as to who said that, but Jessica was scared.

    "What is that?" Jessica asked.

    "I don't know," Buck said.

    "Why are you here?"

    Rain looks around to see where this voice was coming from, until be realized that it was coming from the magma.

    "It's down there?" Rain said.

    "I WANT THAT MAGMA STONE!!!!" Buck shouted.

    "Buck, what're you....?"

    "The Magma Stone?" the voice asked. "Is that why you're here?"

    "So what if it is?!" Buck shouted.

    "The Magma Stone...You wish to cause mass destruction?"

    Buck wonders what he meant, but he soon realizes that Grandpa Wheat's story was true!

    "That stone," he said softly.

    "I will not allow you to escape here alive!"

    The lava shoots up as it sends something to the ceiling. The lava clears to reveal a tortoise-like creature with gem-like spots on its body and a rock-like face and mouth. It has two, cross-like feet with rocks as bracelets.

    "What is that thing?!" Jessica asked.

    Rain takes out his Pokedex to see what it was.


    "A legendary Pokemon?" Rain asked.

    "Leave at once, before I feed you to my magma!"

    "Buck, if there's any time to run, it's now!"

    Buck was scared stiff. He wasn't aware that Heatran was the guardian of the Magma Stone. In fact, he didn't even know he existed!

    "Well?" Heatran asked.

    Rain looks over at Buck, wondering if he still wanted to go after the Magma Stone.

    "No answer?" he asked. "Fine then!"

    Heatran's eyes begin to glow a bright red, leaving the ground to shake violently.

    "Claydol, use Protect on all of us!" Buck said.

    Claydol comes out and uses a Protect Shield that blocks a powerful surge of magma from sprouting above the ground. Claydol tries its hardest to block the attack, but it was so powerful it was wearing him out.

    "What's going on?" Manny asked.

    "Heatran's Magma Storm attack!" Donovan replied.

    Claydol was wearing out, despite the powerful defense.

    "Heatran!" Rain shouted. "Let us go! We won't take the Magma Stone! We promise!"

    "Rain, I doubt he'll listen to us now!" Manny said.

    Suddenly, a powerful, yellow beam strikes Heatran and knocks him into the pool of lava, leaving the Magma Storm to cease and leaving Claydol to drop his Protect shield. Rain wonders what just happened, but he seems to know who made that attack.

    "Sorry I'm late," a familiar voice said.

    They turn to see Crasher Wake and Floatzel approach them just in time to save them. Rain smiles, knowing that his old friend was there to help him and his friends in need.

    "I suggest we get out of here," Wake said. "It's way too dangerous, especially with Heatran still here."

    Buck begins to head out on his own while everyone else follows. Once the ground begins to rumble, everyone begins to pick up the pace. They all get outside to see the smoke coming from the top of the volcano above. Buck has never seen that happen before, and wonders if it was his fault.

    "I told you to heed my warning," someone said.

    Buck jerks his head behind him and sees Old Man Wheat approaching him. Buck was really nervous with what he'll say next.

    "This is what happens when you invade Stark Mountain," Wheat said. "This is why no one goes inside."

    Buck feels bad for disobeying his grandfather's words and wanted to kick himself for causing the mountain to become active.

    "Now, because of you, the mountain has become active, and eruption is inevitable! Do you have anything to say about that?!"

    Buck wanted to say something, but he didn't know what to say. He knew that no matter what, an apology wouldn't be welcome at all. Rain feels bad for the treatment he's getting.

    "Mr. Wheat?" Rain asked. "Is there a way to talk to Heatran and get him to return the mountain to its dormant self?"

    "Heatran will never listen to us. Not after what this brat did. I don't want to see him in this village."

    Buck growls in anger as Old Man Wheat walks away.


    Wheat looks back at him, wondering what he was going to say.


    Buck begins to cry and run off, while Rain and the others follow him. Donovan stops and looks back at Wheat, as if he wanted to remember his face, just in case something else happened. Donovan runs off while Wheat heads back to the Survival Area. Crasher Wake sighs as he heads towards another direction.


    Now that they were farther away from the mountain and the Survival Area, Buck decides to tell them about what his grandfather told them. He claims that something bad would happen, stating that anyone who touches it will cast a curse on themselves, completely different from what Wheat told them earlier.

    "Had I known that the legend was true," Buck said, "I wouldn't have done it. But my grandfather...he's a dirty liar!"

    "So was that why you dismissed his legend as a lie?" Rain asked.

    "Yeah...I hate him. He's always a jerk to me...I don't have much of a choice. I have to stay with him. Now that I'm not allowed back, I might as well go off on my own."

    "I wonder if he's going to follow you," Manny said.

    "If he does, I'm calling the cops on him. That man's controlling my life!"

    Rain gets up and shows his hand to Rain.

    "Let's make a promise that we'll see each other one day," he said. "I want to fight you in a real battle!"

    Rain smiles and shakes his hand, holding him to that promise. The group sets off to the Resort Area, their final stop on their journey, while Buck heads off elsewhere. They all hope that he and Rain will meet up again, but for now, Rain focuses on making sure Jessica has a fun time at the Resort Area, as well as the Ribbon Syndicate. Who knows who they'll meet there.

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
    Legends of Sinnoh|Shadow Apocalypse

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    That was epic! I had no idea that Buck's relationship with his Grandfather was so crappy.
    I love the humor that was in the beginning. I like the gender-confusion with Kirlia, but I was really hoping that Rain would have gotten Gallade and would've kicked some Heatran butt! ;)

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Lol, the first half of this chapter got a couple of chuckles out of me.
    Weavile definitely has to find some other way of showing its love. >.>
    LOl, Buck and Wheat
    Wake! Nice to see Crasher Wake again.
    It seems all legendaries can talk..
    Wow, Buck's relationship with his Grandpa sucks..
    At least his rivalry with Rain has calmed down now.
    A very good chap.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    To me, Buck is a whiney bitch. He cried when he lost to Palmer, which in itself, is sad.

    That encounter with Heatran was hot! (pun intended)

    I hope Gallade would make an apperence....

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Going to plan things a bit differently. Since the next chapter is the last one, I'll post the final chapter tomorrow, ending this fic at last. And now, 103:

    Episode #103: The Luxurious Ribbon Syndicate!

    The Resort Area was a prized place set for the finest of fine. They have what is called The Ribbon Syndicate, and this is where the top four of the Grand Festival are welcome to come and enjoy themselves after a hard work, because they consider those four people top notch. Jessica was excited to be part of a luxurious life style.

    "If you three ruin this, I will never travel with you again," Jessica said.

    Rain really didn't want to make her angry, since she was currently in excited mode. A young woman with long brown hair wearing an elegant, blue dress approaches Jessica and her friends to greet them.

    "Greetings," she said. "My name is Stacy, and welcome to the Ribbon Syndicate. You're Jessica and Company, right?"

    "Yes," Jessica said. "I won the Grand Festival."

    "Ah, in that case, we have a special treat for you. On the third floor, there's a spa center where you can treat your Pokemon to our luxurious spa baths."

    Jessica smiles in excitement, while Manny can't help but sense a bit of arrogance in that woman's voice. Suddenly, they hear someone call out to Jessica, but Manny knows exactly who it was.

    "Oh God," he said. "That's not..."

    "Manny, I'm so happy to see you!"

    They see Kira the Pop Star coming towards them with a smile on her face. Jessica was happy to see her here too, so they decide to exchange hugs with each other.

    "I haven't seen you in a while!" Kira said. "What have you been doing with yourself?"

    "I was watching Rain in the Sinnoh League," she replied.

    "How did he do?"

    "He won, but he tied with Cynthia, the champion."

    "Oh, congratulations, Rain!"

    Rain smiles happily, accepting her compliment. Manny was nervous and takes out Buneary's Pokemon, afraid of what Kira might do with her.

    "If Kira sees Buneary now," he thought, "she'll make fun of me for it!"

    "Oh, Manny!" Kira said, freaking him out. "Still taking care of uglyface?"

    "Oh, yeah. He's doing well?"

    "I see you have two Pokeballs now."

    Manny freaks out even more, since Kira found out that he has a second Pokemon.

    "Can I see it?" Kira asked.

    "NO!!!" Manny snapped. He soon realizes where he was. "Uhh...I mean, no, she's...not really something you'd like."

    "You're hiding something, aren't you?"

    "Shut up, I am not!"

    "Let me see her!"


    Kira sends out her Pichu, who seems to have a sinister smile on her face.

    "Last warning!" Kira said.

    "I said no!" Manny said, nervously.

    Pichu zaps him, releasing his Pokeball and landing in Kira's hands.

    "Come on out, cutie!" Kira said.

    Buneary pops out from her Pokeball, leaving Kira to squeal in joy, picking her up and proceeds to hug her.

    "She's so adorable!" Kira said happily. "Manny, I had no idea you loved Buneary!"

    "Well...let's just say I have my reasons," Manny replied, remembering the promise he made to Buneary.

    Kira continues to cuddle with it, adoring the cute and cuddly Buneary.

    “Can I keep him?” Kira asked.

    “No, she’s mine!” Manny snapped.

    “You don’t deserve a cute Pokemon like her.”

    “I have a good reason to keep her! I saved her life!”

    “Such bravery from you. Except, she can’t be seen with uglyface.”

    Buneary attempts to go back to Manny, but Kira tries to pull her away.

    “See, even she doesn’t want to be with you,” Manny said.

    “Uhhh...anyway,” Stacy said. “If you want, we can show you our spa center and treat you to our contest arena.”

    “That sounds fun,” Jessica said.

    They all head off to the spa center, where all the Pokemon owned by coordinators would relax and become more accustomed to their trainers. They pass the spa halls to see numerous Pokemon relaxing in baths that would comfort their skin.

    “We use the finest waters and the most pleasant materials to keep our Pokemon happy,” Stacy said, bringing the group into a spa room. “May we use your Buneary?”

    “Sure,” Manny and Kira said simultaneously.

    The two glare at each other while the woman takes Buneary and places her inside the luxurious bead-filled bath. Buneary was happily enjoying her spa bath.

    “We provide the finest diamonds and pearls to keep our Pokemon as happy and relaxed as they can be."

    “Bun, buneary,” she said in confirmation.

    “You should see if Probopass will enjoy a nice bath,” Kira said.

    “Yeah, giving a Rock Pokemon a water bath,” Manny said sarcastically. “Nice idea.”

    “Actually we have a special area where Pokemon weak to Water can enjoy the spa life without the relaxing water. And our services for them is just as relaxing as the water bath!”

    Buneary splashes the water, enjoying every second of the Pokemon bath. The woman brings Manny to the heat room while Kira stays with Buneary. Manny enters a large room with numerous piles of hot ash, fit for Pokemon who are weak against Water Attacks, such as his Probopass.

    “The hot ash inside here is a good alternative for water," Stacy stated. "Can you send out your Pokemon?”

    Manny sends out his Probopass, leaving the woman to admire it.

    “You have such a wonderful Probopass here,” she said. “It’s magnet hair is really well done. You must have raised it quite well.”

    “Yeah, Probopass are awesome!” Manny said. “I have the best, personally.”

    “I like Probopass, but they’re not my pure favorite. I like Lopunny personally. Such elegance. It’s pretty cute.”

    “I can’t stand Lopunny. Especially that one guy’s Lopunny. Roy, or whatever his name is.”

    “Roy Muto?”

    “Wait, you know him?”

    She explained to him that he’s a longtime customer of the Ribbon Syndicate. She showed her his Lopunny and she fell in love with it. She really likes the way he takes care of his Pokemon, but Manny just sulks.

    “If you really knew the man,” Manny began, “you’d understand why I dislike him. He cheats, he tried to get revenge on Jessica for losing to that brat, Shinsei.”

    “Poor girl,” the woman said.

    Rain comes by and sees Manny and his relaxed Probopass. He was really enjoying the hot ash and was really enjoying himself, the same as Buneary.

    “Hey, Manny,” Rain said. “We’re going to see the contest arena. Want to come?”

    “I guess,” Manny said.

    Manny goes over to Rain as they head to the contest arena, where Jessica was as well. He only wishes that Kira wasn’t doing anything horrible to Buneary.


    The gang arrives at the contest battlefield, set within the basement area of the Ribbon Syndicate. Jessica was amazed at this amazing area, which looked like a huge stadium with seats and everything. Rain seems to be impressed as well.

    “We usually hold contests here to welcome our visitors to the contests that our customers provide here,” Stacy said.

    “Visitors as in…” Rain asked.

    “People we invite from Sunyshore City, Snowpoint City, and the Survival Area of the Battle Zone. Our Coordinators are top notch!”

    They see someone coming out from the hall on the other end. Jessica smiles once she realized that it was none other than Sharon, her longtime rival. She goes over to her to say hello.

    “Sharon!” Jessica said.

    “Hey, Jessica!” she said. “What’s up? How’ve you been?”

    “Great. Is Shannon around?”

    “Yeah…he’s somewhere.”

    “Is there something wrong?”

    Sharon explained that he was simply obsessed with the spa baths that he and his Vespiquen just wouldn't leave. That and her Mismagius was enjoying her time with him as well, so she had to go without him. Her Honchkrow is elsewhere, leaving her without a Pokemon right now.

    "So that's basically it," she said. "I assume that you're here because you won the Grand Festival."

    "Yep," she said happily.

    "I say we have a contest. Wouldn't you agree?"

    "Oh," Stacy said, realizing that she was talking to her. "I suppose we could. But do we have enough coordinators to participate?"

    "I'll participate!" Rain said.

    Everyone was surprised by Rain's statement.

    "Why not?" Rain asked. "I'll try out a contest!"

    "Rain, you never been in a contest before," Sharon said.

    "It's all right," Stacy said. "We're more than welcome to have guests involved."

    "In that case, I'll join in as well," Manny said.

    "Me too," Donovan replied.

    Stacy was happy that everyone wanted part in it. She looks over at Jessica, who was excited as well.

    "I guess I'll join in as well," Jessica said.

    "I'm out," Sharon said. "I have absolutely no Pokemon on me. That and I need to find my boyfriend."

    "I'll set everything up, then," Stacy said. "I'll be ready in a few."

    She goes over to the judges table to set everything up, while everyone decides on which Pokemon to use. Donovan only had one, but everyone else had to decide on who to use for what event.

    "Oh Manny!" Kira said from the distance.

    Manny turns around to see something completely horrifying. His own Buneary was dressed up in a beautiful gown, to which Buneary was posing in. Manny's jaw drops in horror at the sight of what his Buneary has become.

    "You like it?" Kira asked. "I bought this for your Buneary."


    "Torture?" Kira asked. "You ask me, I think she likes it!"

    "Bun, Buneary!"

    "Take it off of her!"

    "Why do you always have to reprimand me for taking care of your Pokemon?"

    "Because you treat them like girls!"

    While the two of them continue arguing, Buneary decides to pose in front of a reflection on the glass wall below the regular blue wall above it. She seems to enjoy that outfit, while Manny wants no word of it.

    "Can't you like what I do for once?" Kira asked.

    "No because I don't want to dress Buneary up!"

    "Umm, excuse me?" Stacy asked. "Does the young pop star want to participate in our contest?'

    "I'd love to!" Kira replied.

    "Good, so I can kick your butt finally," Manny said.

    "You're participating too?"

    “Anything to kick your butt in a contest!”

    Kira pouts in response to Manny’s remark. Stacy finally manages to set everything up for the contest in the Ribbon Syndicate. Jessica was excited to participate, as was Rain.

    “Welcome to the Ribbon Syndicate’s exhibition contest!” Stacy said. “While there won’t be a prize for winning, you’ll all be able to participate in this special contest and come out as the top winner! Now, we’ll begin with the Grand Festival winner: Jessica of Sandgem Town!"

    Jessica smiles as she prepares to send out her new contest Pokemon.

    “Go, Riolu!” she said.

    Jessica sends out Riolu, who punches the air and lands on his knees. Jessica wanted to try him out for his first contest.

    “Use Force Palm on the ground!” Jessica ordered.

    Riolu shoots a Force Palm on the ground to shoot itself up into the air.

    “Now, use Counter!” Jessica ordered.

    Riolu begins to glow a bright red, eminating a powerful wave that shoots out into the arena. Riolu falls to the ground and lands on his feet, bowing to the audience.

    “Not to criticize, but I can tell that this is your first time using Riolu,” Stacy said. “Am I right?”

    “Yes,” she said. “Yes it is.”

    “It wasn’t too bad for his first time in a contest arena. Just remember, Riolu doesn’t learn a lot of contest-oriented attacks, so try to teach it some more moves. Other than that, it wasn’t too bad for his first time.”

    “Th-Thank you.”

    “Okay, up next is Rain of Twinleaf Town!”

    Rain inhales and exhales nervously as he steps onto the field. Jessica goes to a bench on the other end of the arena and watches Rain’s first attempt at a contest appeal.

    Okay,” Rain thought. “After watching Jessica’s contests, I think I have the right Pokemon to work my appeals with.

    Rain takes out one of his Pokeballs and breathes slowly to have some focus.

    “Go, Kirlia!” Rain said.

    Kirlia comes out and spins happily. He lands on his tippi-toes and bows to the audience.

    “Kirlia, use Magical Leaf!” Rain ordered. “Combine Psychic!”

    Kirlia fires a Magical Leaf and uses Psychic to stop the leaves in place.

    “Spin them around!” Rain ordered.

    Kirlia spins the leaves around, making a bit of a tornado-like effect. Everyone was impressed at Rain’s first contest appeal; even Stacy was impressed. Kirlia ends his Psychic attacks and spreads the leaves around in an explosion-like effect. Everyone applauds Rain, causing him to smile at his crowd.

    “That wasn’t too bad for your first performance,” Stacy said. “You could try and add more attacks to your appeal to make it better, but nice job nonetheless.”

    “Thanks,” Rain said.

    “Kirlia!” his Kirlia said.

    The two return to their seats while the next coordinator is called up.

    “Okay, next is Kira from Floaroma Town!” Stacy said.

    Kira runs up and takes out a Pokeball.

    “Go, Raichu!” she said.

    Kira’s Raichu pops out of her Pokeball and takes the stage. She lands on the ground and wags her long tail cutely.

    “Go, use Thunderbolt!” Kira ordered. “Launch from your tail and go into a circle!”

    Raichu uses Thunderbolt to create a circle like pattern, almost like a lasso.

    “Tail Whip!” Kira ordered.

    Raichu swings the electricity like a real lasso and swings it towards Manny, shocking him violently and causing him to ball off the bench and onto his back.

    “Oops,” she said sarcastically. “Silly me.”

    Raichu bows to the audience as Kira does the same.

    “Except for that one little assault, it was really good.”

    “Thank you,” Kira replied.

    “Okay, up next is Manny from Floaroma Town!” Stacy said.

    Manny goes up and takes out his Buneary’s Pokeball and prepares to start his first appeal.

    “Go, Buneary!” Manny said.

    Buneary pops out of her Pokeball, without the dress that Kira gave her, and lands on the field, bouncing a little.

    “Buneary, use Dizzy Punch!” Manny ordered. “Spin with Agility!”

    Buneary spins around, almost like she’s using Rapid Spin attack, and releases a strong sparkling dust from her fists as they spin across the arena. The group was amazed as Buneary was putting on quite the show. Buneary stops as the sparkling dust falls onto the arena slowly.

    “Nice job!” Stacy said happily. “Nice use of Dizzy Punch, too.”

    “Thanks,” Manny said.

    “Okay, Donovan, you’re last!”

    Donovan breathes the same way Rain did when he first went up. Donovan goes onto the stage and prepares to start his appeal with his Mightyena.

    “Go, Mightyena!” Donovan said.

    Mightyena comes out and prepares to appeal for his trainer.

    “Shadow Ball!” Donovan ordered.

    Mightyena shoots a Shadow Ball to the sky, crashing into the ceiling and causing some of the debris to fall onto the ground. Everyone gave a very blank look at the odd circumstances, while Mightyena whimpers at his mistake. He sits down with all fours to the ground as he uses his front paw to draw an innocent circle on the ground.

    “Wow,” Rain said.

    “That was just bad,” Manny said.

    “That…That wasn’t a smart move, I must admit,” Jessica said.

    “You’re trash,” Kira said.

    “I REALLY DON'T NEED ANY CRITICISM FROM YOU GUYS!!!” Donovan snapped in annoyance.

    “Well, uhh,” Stacy began, “now that all of our coordinators moved on, I think it’s safe to say that Donovan is disqualified for his mistake.”

    Donovan goes into a fetal position as he cries in shame.

    “Way to offend a first timer, lady,” he said.

    “Okay, I’ve decided to place Jessica and Kira in one round, and Rain and Manny in the other. So let’s get the battling round underway!”

    Jessica and Kira were pleased to face each other, but Manny and Rain were both a little surprised. They both wanted to give it their all and prove who was better in a contest environment. Not to mention that Rain always wanted to face Manny in battle since their match at Route 203. Rain only wonders if he can beat him at this point.

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    lol...poor Donovan...

    Double lol...Manny freaking out- he freaks out so often I'm used to it....

    Is the last chap an epilogue?...'cause we sure need to know what happens 5 years in the future... or 10... :D

    A lone detective takes it upon himself to solve the murder of a young woman, willingly diving into the dangerous web of conspiracies weaved by the feuding mafia families. But after the truth is uncovered, will that city of sin be the same ever again?

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    It's time. The Final Chapter!

    Enjoy! =D

    Episode #104: Friends ‘til The End!

    The contest battles were finally getting underway at the Ribbon Syndicate's Contest Arena. Rain was a little nervous battling Manny, but he figured he'll do all right. Jessica and Kira were both up first, though. Jessica was excited to face each other again, since they haven't battled since the Canalave Contest. Kira was just as excited as well.

    "All right, this is the battling portion of our Ribbon Syndicate contest!" Stacy said. "I believe everyone knows the drill here. In that case, let's begin!"

    "Go, Pikachu!" Kira said.

    Kira sends out her signature Pikachu out to battle with whatever Pokemon Jessica chooses to send out.

    "Go, Roserade!" Jessica said.

    Jessica sends out her Roserade, hoping to get some sort of rematch like the Floaroma Contest.

    "It's deja vu, huh?" Kira asked.

    "Begin!" Stacy said.

    "Pikachu, use Agility!" Kira ordered.

    Pikachu begins charging forward and rushes around Roserade, making her somewhat dizzy.

    "Roserade, use Magical Leaf!" Jessica ordered.

    Roserade uses Magical Leaf and manages to hit Pikachu hard, sending her back a lot and causing Kira to lose some points. Pikachu quickly gets up and prepares for another go.

    "Pikachu, use Discharge!" Kira ordered.

    Pikachu uses Discharge on Roserade, shocking her hard, causing Jessica to lose some points.

    "Break free and use Petal Dance!" Jessica said.

    Roserade breaks free easily and releases a Petal Dance that strikes Pikachu hard and sends her back.

    "Pikachu, use Slam!" Kira ordered.

    Pikachu charges forward while Jessica prepares to counter Pikachu's Slam attack.

    "Roserade, use Petal Dance again!" Jessica ordered.

    Roserade uses Petal Dance once more and strikes Pikachu once more. Jessica was happy that Roserade was stronger than her Pikachu, but she suddenly notices something odd. Roserade was wobbly and her eyes made her very disoriented.

    "What's wrong?" Jessica asked.

    Roserade tries to move around, but she was too dizzy to move.

    "M-Magical Leaf!" Jessica ordered.

    Roserade fires her attack, but instead of Magical Leaf, she shoots a Sweet Scent that seems to make Pikachu happy.

    "Pikachu, snap out of it!" Kira said.

    "I guess that worked for the better," Rain said.

    "Roserade, Magical Leaf!" Jessica ordered.

    Roserade just spins around and falls on her bottom. Jessica was worried about what to do next. Suddenly, the clock rings as the five minutes have run out. They both look up to see who won and Jessica managed to pull through and move on to the final round. She was happy for her victory, while Kira could see why she won the Grand Festival.

    "Guess it's our turn," Rain said to Manny.

    Manny, though, was excited to battle against Rain, especially since he's been secretly wanting to exact revenge for their battle on Route 203, which they never finished. The two make it onto the stage and prepare themselves for their battle.

    "All right," Stacy said. "Manny versus Rain! Let's Begin!"

    "Go, Probopass!" Manny said.

    Manny sends out his mighty Probopass to deal with whatever Rain was planning to send out.

    "Go, Luxray!" Rain said.

    Rain sends his Luxray out to have his rematch with Probopass. Safe to say, Manny knew this was coming.

    "Probopass, use Magnet Bomb!" Manny ordered.

    "Knock it back with Iron Tail!" Rain ordered.

    Probopass fires a Magnet Bomb at Luxray, who slams against it with Iron Tail and knocks it back at him. Sadly, it didn't do too much as Rain planned it.

    "Luxray, use Discharge!" Rain ordered.

    Luxray fires a Discharge attack, but unlike before, it dealt a lot of damage to Probopass.

    "How can it strike Probopass?!" Manny asked.

    "Luxray's stronger now!" Rain said. "Iron Tail!"

    Luxray charges forward and strikes Probopass with an Iron Tail attack, sending him back a bit.

    "Stone Edge!" Manny ordered.

    Probopass unleashes a powerful Stone Edge attack that strikes Luxray hard. Luxray falls to the ground while Rain's points fall to the 3/4 mark, lower than Manny's points.

    "Use Zap Cannon!" Manny ordered.

    "Dodge it!" Rain ordered.

    Probopass charges up a Zap Cannon and fires it at Luxray, causing him to dodge it easily.

    "Now, use Thunder Fang!" Rain ordered.

    Luxray jumps onto Probopass and attempts to bite into it, and while his small teeth couldn't penetrate Probopass's metal exterior, it was still able to unleash a powerful electrical surge that strikes Probopass hard. Luxray ceases the attack and jumps off of him, ready to go at it again.

    "Not so fast!" Manny said. "Earth Power!"

    Probopass's eyes begin to glow as the ground below Luxray cracks apart and lets loose a powerful swirling beam that strikes Luxray hard.


    "Tough break, kid!" Manny said.

    Luxray falls to the ground and slowly gets up. Rain was below Manny in points, but just barely. He needed to land at least one hit before it was too late for him.

    "Probopass, use Discharge!" Manny ordered.

    "Luxray, use Discharge as well!" Rain ordered

    Both Pokemon fired their Discharge attack and struck each other hard. Since Luxray was an Electric Type himself, he seems to have little damage done to it, unlike Probopass, but he was hanging on stronger than ever. Suddenly, the clock reaches zero, causing both Pokemon to stop.

    "Let's see who the winner is!" Stacy said.

    They look up to see Manny's points actually less than that of Rain's. Rain was moving on to the final round to face none other than Jessica. She was surprised that they were going to battle in their last contest together, but how will she deal with this?

    "Jessica?" Rain asked. "Let's have a good battle, together!"

    Jessica was willing to just walk away out of fear, but she realizes how she got here in the first place and smiles confidently.

    "Yeah," Jessica said. "Let's go!"

    Rain smiles as he helps Jessica up, leaving both of them to head to the battlefield.

    "You know," Jessica thought, "Everyday I wonder...What would happen if Rain never joined up with me? Would I have been the Grand Festival Champion that I am? I feel as if I needed to rely on Rain in order to make myself stronger..."

    "Jessica?" Rain asked. "Are you all right?"

    Jessica didn't know what to say. She realized that if it hadn't been for Rain, she would never have traveled in the first place.

    "Rain..." Jessica said. She suddenly bursts into tears, surprising Rain and everyone else. "Thank you...for everything. You...You mean so much to my life. I don't think I would have been...a coordinator without you."

    She continues to cry, while Rain pats her on the shoulder.

    "Thank you, Jessica," Rain said. "That's really thoughtful of you."

    "Don't take this the wrong way," she said, no longer crying. "but...once we split up...I'd rather journey on my own."

    "That's fine with me. Just remember one thing. Don't forget about what brought you this far. Our faith in you, and your faith in us."

    Jessica smiles. She was proud to have such wonderful friends by her side. She feels kind of bad for going their separate ways at this point. She can only provide the best contest battle she can give.

    "Let's do this!" she said.

    The two go to their respective positions while Stacy prepares to give them the okay to begin.

    "Start the battle!" Stacy said.

    "Go, Empoleon!" Jessica said.

    Jessica sends out her Empoleon as it crosses its fins with pride. Rain smiles as he sends out his Pokemon.

    "Go, Torterra!" Rain said.

    Rain sends out his starter Pokemon, Torterra, which takes the field with a loud boom. Everyone was hoping that both of them would send their starters out, and sure enough, they would have one fierce battle.

    "Begin!" Stacy said.

    "Empoleon, use Aqua Jet!" Jessica ordered.

    "Leaf Storm!" Rain ordered.

    Empoleon covers herself in a water aura and shoots himself towards Torterra, who responds with a Leaf Storm that strikes Empoleon, but doesn't really do much. Torterra ends up being struck by the Aqua Jet and is sent back a bit.

    "Torterra, use Earthquake!" Rain ordered.

    Torterra slams the ground and unleashes a powerful earthquake that strikes Empoleon hard and knocks her to the ground. She slowly gets up to prepare herself for another go.

    "Empoleon, use Drill Peck!" Jessica ordered.

    Empoleon shoots himself like a drill and slams into Torterra, knocking him back hard.

    "Use Brine!" Jessica ordered.

    Empoleon unleashes a powerful Brine that strikes Torterra hard. Torterra breaks through from all of the attacks, but he was wiped easily. He was far from out, though.

    "Torterra, use SolarBeam!" Rain ordered.

    Torterra powers up a SolarBeam attack while Jessica waits for the right moment. The clock whittles down to 30 seconds and both of them were suprisingly even, with Jessica beating him by so little. Torterra prepares to fire while Jessica goes on the defensive.

    "Hydro Pump!" Jessica ordered.

    Both Pokemon fire their respective attacks as they hit each other. Neither Pokemon wanted to give up and both of them wanted to prove to their trainers that they were the strongest. Both attacks shoot through each other and strike their opponents hard. Both of them were shot back, just as the buzzer sounds. Once both Pokemon attempts to get up, they both fail to as their attacks knocked each other out.

    "Well," she said. "This is quite unusual. Let's see how they fair in points."

    Stacy was amazed at the results. Jessica and Rain were both tied in points! With that and their Pokemon both knocked out, they were stuck in a draw!

    "First Rain loses to Palmer and now he ties to Jessica?" Manny said.

    "I don't think that's it at all," Donovan said. "That tie...pretty much proves how far they've gotten since their journey began. This is some final battle, I must say."

    Stacy calls both of them over and hands them both one single ribbon to share with each other. It was a stylish ribbon with one single strand on the bottom and numerous gems on the front.

    "It's our Gorgeous Royal Ribbon. It's awarded to those who complete our contest. I hope that you take good care of it."

    The to smile at their success, while everyone was proud of them for their victory. Sharon smiles at Jessica and departs to find Shannon. Sure enough, it seems like Shannon found her, since he flies onto her back and goes crazy over her.

    "How's my sweetheart doing?" Shannon asked.

    "Fine," she said. "Jessica's doing well too."

    "Jessica's here?"

    "Yep, you can see her if you want, but only if you get off of me."

    "You're too lovely for me to do anything else!"

    Sharon proceeds to lift him and fling him across to the battlefield of which she came from, slamming into the wall on the other side and surprising everyone else. Sharon continues to walk away, but she smiles, knowing that she sees the best for everyone else. Including Jessica and Shannon.


    The gang finally arrives at a nearby port town on Route 221, where Donovan was set to return to Veilstone City and check out how everyone was doing without him. Rain was saddened to see him leave after all they've been though.

    "I wonder if we'll see each other again," Rain asked.

    "I'm sure we will. Besides, you've had a long and tough journey. I think it's time you went back home to see your family again."

    "Yeah, true."

    "Well...I guess this is goodbye."

    He decides to head off to Veilstone City, while the other three head towards Sandgem Town, Jessica's hometown. Rain reminisces all of the events that they have been through together. All the Gym Battles and Contests, all the new friends they've made along the way. Their battle against Team Galactic and Olympus. It was truly an adventure for him.

    It almost seems like yesterday when I began with my Turtwig. I know I just found him in a random suitcase, but...I wonder if that meant something for me. I wonder if fate actually brought us together. My friends too. Jessica, Manny and Donovan. I'm just so glad that I got to travel with them.

    They continue up the path that went straight to Sandgem town, while Rain stops and looks up at the sky.

    I came from such a long way when I first started out. I nearly knew nothing about the other Pokemon around me. Now...I won the Sinnoh League...I just wonder if my adventure's going to end this easily.

    "Rain!" Manny shouted. "What's wrong?!"

    Rain looks at them and smiles happily. He runs over to them as they continue along to Sandgem Town.

    No matter what...This was the best time of my life...and I'll never forget it.


    Thanks to those who've stuck with this until the end. I'll be posting Shadow Apocalypse in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for that. =)

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    WHAT? No epilogue...!!! Honestly, I hoped we'll have a better closure... but guess we'll have to take what is given, right?

    I think it's high time you told us about your future fic... :D

    EDIT: I just remembered- WTF- NO GALADE? hehehehe :D

    A lone detective takes it upon himself to solve the murder of a young woman, willingly diving into the dangerous web of conspiracies weaved by the feuding mafia families. But after the truth is uncovered, will that city of sin be the same ever again?

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    Thumbs up Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    This was really cliche ending, but I really enjoyed it. :)
    It's nice to see how close they've all come since the beginning.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aladar View Post
    EDIT: I just remembered- WTF- NO GALADE? hehehehe :D
    I DEFINITELY agree! ;)

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13) [COMPLETE]

    Wow. So its finally over..
    Haha. I thought Dononvan's appeal was wonderful.
    It was nice to see most of the contest gang again. And Buneary and Riolu got to do something :D
    The outcome of the contest was obvious, but it was nice anyway.
    It's sad to see this journey come to an end but hey, it was awesome.
    This chapter was great, but my overall favourite chapter remains Manny and Buneary. Haha.

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