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Thread: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13) [COMPLETE]

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    So, it kinda looked like Apollo transferred his Aura powers into Jess.

    Wow, that must really taste bad.

    So, Appollo's Drapion poisoned Rain... I thought Apollo was the god of medicine.

    Telepathic overload.... Poor Hades.

    Aie. Painful way to go, being run through.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dracologist_3000 View Post
    So, Appollo's Drapion poisoned Rain... I thought Apollo was the god of medicine.
    He is....just in...umm...Poisonous Medicine?

    Also, their attitudes and powers don't reflect their Greek counterparts. They just have the names. =P

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
    Legends of Sinnoh|Shadow Apocalypse

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Episode #47: Mark and Finneon!

    The group continues towards Valor Lakefront for Jessica's next contest and her third ribbon, traveling along Route 214 to get there. Manny, who was once again a Pikachu, decides to walk around on four legs instead of two. Needless to say, he was enjoying his new form. Unlike last time, Luna only poked him with one finger rather than two. Meaning that this time, it'll fade, rather than be permanent with the need of a reversal potion.

    "You sure you want to be like that for a while?" Rain asked.

    "Why not?" Manny replied. "It's fun to be a Pikachu."

    "Yeah, but remember what Luna said," Donovan chimed in. "You could revert to normal at any second."

    "Then I'll have fun when it lasts."

    They didn't notice that someone was watching them in a couple of nearby bushes, fascinated by the talking Pikachu.

    "You seem to be excited," Rain said, "considering you dislike Pikachu."

    "Well, anyone's excited when they transform," Manny said. "Weren't you excited when you transformed into Turtwig?"

    "I didn't transform, really, but I was a little freaked at first."

    "But you did enjoy it, right?"

    "Yeah, of course."

    "See, I have every right to be happy!"

    The man in the bushes couldn't believe what was going on. A Pikachu was actually talking to humans. I was simply amazing.

    "That Pikachu," He thought to himself. "It's pretty much defying the laws of reality by talking like a human. But that's impossible...there's no way a Pokemon can be able to communicate with humans like that. It's almost as if..."

    "You know," Jessica said, lifting Manny up to pet him. "You remind me of Sparkster with those goggles. You just need a blue bandanna and you'll be my little hero!"

    "Great, the cheapest hero ever," Manny said.

    Suddenly, Manny feels something unusual inside of him. He suddenly explodes into smoke again as they all hear Jessica scream and fall over. The two eventually end up on the ground once the smoke passes, but instead of her having a Pikachu on her chest, Manny was flattening her in his human form. He slowly gets up and checks himself out, and while a little disappointed, he was glad that he was a human again. The guy looking through the bushes was freaked out at the circumstances, he had never seen anything like this and was ready to denounce it.

    "THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!" he shouted in anger, standing up.

    The man in question was a nerdly fellow with rectangular glasses, long, silky, black hair and was wearing a white lab coat with black denim jeans. Pretty much what any nerd would wear, really. They all look at him wondering what he was blabbering about.

    "There's no way that can be possible!" He said as if he had braces on (Which he, in fact, did have). "That Pikachu just suddenly turned into a human!!! What is the meaning of this?!?!?!"

    "That Pikachu?" Manny said. "This Pikachu was born and raised as a human. I transformed into a Pikachu."

    "Only Ditto and the legendary Mew have the capability of Transformation to other Pokemon! There's no way a human can pull this off."

    "Well, believe it, pally. Because you probably just saw me revert to my normal self."

    He goes right to his faces and smiles sinisterly.

    "Well, I hope you don't mind me using you in my Natural Sciences research paper, which I'll change to Human to Pokemon Transformation."

    "Do that and I'll kick your bottom so hard, buddy."

    Rain just sighs, scratching the back of his head.

    "Excuse me," Donovan said. "But who are you?"

    "Oh," the nerd said. "I'm Mark Khemi, researcher and student at Pokemon University of the Orange Islands."

    "You've traveled quite a ways over to Sinnoh," Rain said.

    "I actually live here. I'm taking a bit of a break from my studies to focus solely on my research. I'm actually taking a Marine Science class to get a Biology Bachelors Degree, so it's kind of a big deal."

    "Who are you searching for?" Manny asked.

    Mark paused for a bit and finally spit it out.


    Rain opens his Pokedex to check Lumineon out.

    "I seem to think they're gorgeous, wouldn't you?" Mark replied.

    Rain reaches Lumineon's name and gets some info on it.


    "You won't see it's beauty unless you see it from up close," Mark said. "If I can get a Lumineon, or a Finneon for that matter, then I'll do everything to study it. I'll get an A plus for sure! See you around!"

    With that he takes off. The group wonders what kind of a weirdo he was, but they just ignore it and head along their merry way.


    The gang manages to reach Lake Valor where it was considered by many to be a great fishing spot. Azelf didn't seem to mind, or at least Rain thought that was the case. They set up camp and take some of the portable fishing nets they bought back at Veilstone City to fish with. As their bait was floating along in the lake, they decide to relax and plan their routes from Valor Lakefront to Pastoria City.

    "So who's the Gym Leader at Pastoria City?" Manny asked.

    "No clue," Donovan said. "I only know much about Veilstone's Gym Leader."

    "That's easy," Rain said. "I use to live in Pastoria City when I was little. My dad is good friends with him."

    "So spill it," Manny said.

    "Well, he goes by the nickname Crasher Wake, and he trains Water Type Pokemon."

    "Wait...THE Crasher Wake?!?!" Manny said, eyes gleaming. Rain wonders if he knows about him somehow, so he nods in response. "He's my favorite wrestler ever! He's pretty much a god when it comes to professional wrestling!"

    Manny continues to talk about all the basic facts about Crasher Wake and his wrestling career, leaving Rain to wonder if he was as obsessed with Professional Wrestling, and Probopass, as much Jessica was with the Super Pokefriends.

    "What about their gym team?" Donovan asked.

    "I could care less about his gym. All I care about is his wrestling career. He's a God!"

    Suddenly, Jessica's fishing pole begins to tug, leaving Jessica to reel her catch in. Jessica tries to pull her catch up to the surface, but it was too much for her, so Rain decides to help her out by pulling with her.

    "Come on, we got it!" Rain said.

    They all pull the catch up into the air, but the Pokemon detaches itself and squirts a water gun at both of them, knocking them down as the catch goes back into the water. The group wonders what that was all about. The same fish Pokemon pops back up again and squirts another water gun. The fish was a oval shape with two colors, one black on the top and one light blue with a pink line going towards its tail fins, shaped like butterfly wings. It also has two polygonal pectoral fins and two dorsal fins on top of its body. The fish laughs while Rain checks it out with his Pokedex.


    "The Beautifly of the sea..." Rain said, wondering if it was that elegant.

    The Finneon squirts water at the two of them once more, once again laughing as it goes into the sea. Jessica looks at it with a determined glare as the two are locked in each other's eyes.

    "Beautifly are elegant Pokemon used by many coordinators...if I can just catch one of these...I can win the Lake Valor Contest!"

    Jessica takes out Piplup's Pokeball and prepares for the worst.

    "Go, Piplup!"

    Piplup comes out of Jessica's Pokeball, leaving everyone else to wonder what she was doing. Jessica gulps nervously before pointing her finger to Finneon.

    "Finneon, I challenge you to a battle!" Jessica stated in a tough voice. "If you lose, you're going to be my Pokemon for the Lake Valor Contest!"

    The group was surprised that she'd go for Finneon like that. Then again, she wouldn't last with two Pokemon, one of which has yet to evolve.

    "Go for it," Donovan said.

    "Piplup, use Bubblebeam!"

    Piplup fires a Bubblebeam attack that strikes Finneon hard. Finneon shoots a water gun, but this time, it had rings going around it. It strikes Piplup and makes it dizzy for a bit.

    "Jessica, Water Pulse can confuse your Piplup!"

    Jessica was worried that Finneon might be too strong fer her, but she didn't want to give up yet.

    "Piplup, use Pound!"

    Piplup goes underwater and tackles Finneon, sending them both underwater.


    Piplup fires a Bubblebeam that strikes Finneon hard. Finneon uses it's back fins to create a violent gust that blows Piplup out of the water and into the air.


    Piplup shoots itself into the water and strikes Finneon hard with a peck attack. Finneon floats back up, unable to battle.

    "Go, Pokeball!" Jessica said, throwing her Pokeball at Finneon.

    The ball absorbs Finneon inside, but it begins to sink to the bottom. Jessica stares in disbelief of her stupid mistake, but she shakes her head realizing she has a water Pokemon on her side.

    "Go underwater and get that Pokeball, Piplup!" Jessica ordered.

    Piplup goes underwater to retrieve the sinking Pokeball. A while passed while Piplup was grabbing the Pokeball, but it soon pops up with the Pokeball and cheers happily. She hands Jessica her Pokeball and hopes that she really caught Finneon. She points it out and sends Finneon into the lake, who was indeed caught by Jessica. She cheers happily at her new capture, but Finneon goes back into the lake.

    "Wh....what is it doing?"

    Finneon pops back up and squirts water at her and laughs.

    "Fin, Finni!" it said.

    "Are you willing to join me?" Jessica asked.

    Finneon nods happily. Jessica was excited that she managed to capture a Finneon. Suddenly, she was captured in a net strung out by who else but Mark, the nerdly fish obsessed loser they met earlier.

    "I GOT ME PRIZED FINNEON!!!!" he said. "My project is all but assured of victory!!!!"

    Mark continues to laugh while Jessica simply takes her Pokeball and recalls Finneon back to its Pokeball. Mark was stunned at these circumstances, leaving him to stare blankly at the empty net.

    "Umm...Mr. Khemi," Jessica said. Mark jerks his head to her. "That Finneon...it's mine."

    "YOU CAUGHT IT?!?!?!" he screeched in shock. "It took me months to find a decent Finneon, and all of them were failures, but you had one all this time!!!"

    "I just caught it a few minutes ago, sir."

    Mark was appalled. He felt embarrassed that a young girl like her can catch a Finneon with no problem.

    "Please, you must let me see that thing!" Mark said hurriedly.

    "Umm...s-sure!" Jessica replied nervously.

    She sends out her Finneon to have a swim, while everyone else rewinds their fishing lines to put away while Finneon can swim safely. Mark begins to take notes about its movements in the water. Finneon swims happily by fluttering its butterfly-like tail fins throughout the water. Mark was so interested that he couldn't take his eyes off of it.

    "I couldn't help but notice that you mentioned Sparkster of the Super Pokefriends," Mark said.

    "Do you watch that show?" Jessica asked.

    "Do I? I have all 260 episodes downloaded on my computer, in every language possible, AND all the toys and trading cards in existence, even the unreleased copies. I also have a gigantic Sparkster plush that doubles as a beanbag chair."

    "Oh my god, I have that too!" she said. "I just bought the fifth season set a few days ago. I have yet to watch it though."

    "Did you see the new episode last friday?"

    "Wasn't that awesome. I never knew Powerchu could be so strong as to lift a moving train completely off the tracks, and even destroy the elevated tracks themselves! And that was Baron Banette's 7 cab passenger train too!"

    "What did you expect from a hero who can lift a building in one fell swoop?"

    They continue to talk about the Super Pokefriends for a long period of time before they got off track, which causes Mark to continue his research. After a while, Mark finishes up his research and repositions his glasses and prepares to head off to work on his project.

    "Well, I best be off," Mark said. "We should keep in touch, Jessica. I have any episode you might have missed in your lifetime."

    "Thanks," she replied.

    She takes her Pokeball and recalls Finneon, but before she can return her new capture, it was forcefully taken into the water while Finneon cries for help. She was already underwater, leaving Jessica to shoot her beam randomly. Finneon didn't go back in, though.

    "Finneon!" she shouted in concern.

    "Go help her out, Slowbro!" Mark ordered, throwing his Pokeball out.

    Mark sends out a pink, bipedal hippo-like Pokemon with a weird hermit crab shell covering its tail with eyes and teeth on the mouth that goes into the tail. Rain checks it out with his Pokedex.


    "Slowbro, go under and rescue Finneon!" Mark ordered.

    Slowbro jumps into the water and swims down to see a large, orange, weasel-like Pokemon with a Finneon by the hand. Slowbro uses Psychic to take both the Finneon and the mysterious Pokemon and flings them both into the air and onto the land that the others were on. The weasel-like Pokemon gets up and holds Finneon tightly as it flops around, looking for some water to breathe with. The Mysterious Pokemon in question was an orange and tan weasel spiked, flat hair pointing up to the back. It had a yellow floatation sac that goes around its neck and to the back side near the tail, looking like a raft. Its arms had blue pointed fins and it had two tails, split in the middle.

    "Is that some sort of mutated Buizel or what?!" Mark asked.

    "For someone who's interested in water Pokemon," Manny said, "you sure aren't familiar with Floatzel, are you?"

    Rain opens his Pokedex and sees what it was.


    Floatzel opens his mouth and slowly places Finneon inside, leaving Jessica to go to her knees and shut her eyes in fear of what might occur next. Floatzel suddenly stops with both his mouth and his arms as a mysterious force pushes it away from its mouth. Floatzel tries all it could, but it couldn't move a muscle. Finneon was safely out of its mouth and thrown into the water.

    "Finneon!" Jessica said as she hears Finneon go into the water.

    She takes her Pokeball and sends out Piplup to fight the wild Floatzel. Floatzel just smiles as he points to Piplup, asking to fight with it.

    "I have to be brave!" Jessica thought.

    "Be careful," Donovan said. "She might have others."

    "How do you know it's a she?" Manny asked.

    "See the spot on it's back?"

    Donovan points to the lone, tan colored spot on her back.

    "It's a female if it has one," Donovan said. "But even so, Pokemon like Floatzel shouldn't be underestimated."

    He clutches onto Poochyena's Pokeball and looks around for others. Rain just hopes that Jessica can take care of the Floatzel.

    "Piplup, use Bubblebeam!"

    Piplup fires a Bubblebeam and strikes Floatzel, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything to her. Floatzel envelops herself with a watery aura and strikes Piplup hard, sending her flying upward, leaving Floatzel to curve back to Piplup and knock her to the ground.


    Suddenly, numerous Floatzel pop out that severely outnumber Rain and the others. Rain clutches onto Grotle and Luxio's Pokeball tightly while Manny holds his Cherish ball the same way.

    "We can take care of these guys, right Rain?!" Manny asked.

    Rain nods while Floatzel just smiles. She fires a static bolt of electricity that freezes everyone's Pokeballs with ice. They wonder what they can do now that their Pokeballs were frozen solid. The Floatzel suddenly gang up on Piplup and strike it constantly. Jessica was in shock at what they were doing.

    "Dirty Pokemon!" Donovan said, drawing his revolver.

    Floatzel sees this and shoots at him with an Aqua Jet, knocking him down and knocking away the revolver.

    "B-Bide!" Jessica ordered.

    Piplup bides the numerous attacks as it glows brightly. The Floatzel keep attacking Piplup with their violent onslaughts Piplup begins to glow much brighter than normal, not only that but it begins to change shape as well. Piplup fires the bide and knocks all the Floatzel away. The leader, the lone female Floatzel, uses an Aqua Jet to stop the changing Piplup, but it was too late, the newly evolved Piplup stops Floatzel's attack as if it was nothing.


    Piplup's evolved form was much larger and taller than its predecessor. It has two yellow crests going over its owl-like face, which was light blue in the center within the blue upper body. It's lower body had four button-like dots and yellow feet. The tips of its fin-like arms were light blue in color. Rain opens his Pokedex to see what it was.


    Floatzel was surprised that it managed to stop her attack so easily.

    "Jessica!" Rain shouted. "Tell it to use Metal Claw!"

    Jessica didn't know what he had in mind, but she went with it.

    "Prinplup, use Metal Claw!"

    Prinplup's fins begin to glow as she smacks Floatzel across the face with a Metal Claw and sends her into the water. The other Floatzel try to attack Prinplup.

    "Metal Claw!" Jessica ordered.

    Prinplup uses another Metal Claw attack to deal with each Floatzel one after the other. Jessica was amazed that she had such a strong Pokemon at her disposal, but Finneon was the most impressed, since she was going to train with it under Jessica's command. All the Floatzel begin to run away while every was glad it was over. They just wonder what they were going to do about their frozen Pokeballs.

    "I have an Ice Heal that'll do away with those," Mark said. "Most don't work on items, but I have one specifically for occasions like this."

    "Boy, you're prepared, aren't you?" Rain commented.

    Once all their items were defrosted, it was time for all of them to head off. Mark and Jessica, though, begin to exchange E-Mail adresses and phone numbers so they can talk to each other about the Super Pokefriends constantly. Manny wasn't too thrilled, but Rain felt it was nice that she got to make a new friend after all this time. Once they said their goodbyes, they head off to Valor Lakefront and the Hotel Grand Lake to participate in the contest they were hosting there. It was also said to be the site of the Grand Festival several months from now. They all hope that Jessica wins her next contest, otherwise, it's another loss for her.

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
    Legends of Sinnoh|Shadow Apocalypse

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    *Faints from the awesomeness of this chapter* A capture and an evo :DDDDD.
    I should've figured Rain would know about Wake already. Its also cool to see Manny freaking out about something besides Probopass.
    Mark is an interseting character. It was fun to see him and Jess being Super Pokefriend nerds together.
    So Finneon eh? Interesting addition to Jess' team. Can it flutter its wings to float? If not, it might not been seen often...
    And now there's a bad pack of Floatzel. Poor Finneon almost gets eaten! D:
    Hurrah for Prinplup.
    Talk about a lot of water pokemon today=P.
    Great chapter, I look forward to the next one.
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Thanks for clarifying that, Jnoo.

    So, it's safe to assume that there's a WWE-spin-off in here.

    Ah, Prinplup. One more until it's a Empoleon.

    Quick question - when will Rain get a new Pokemon?

    Finneon uses it's "wings" to swim. If it does float, it would be for a short period of time.

    That is an example of a real-life predator-prey relationship - the otter (Floatzel) and the fish (Finneon).

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Episode #48: Armando and Kodou!

    The gang finally arrives at Valor Lakefront where everyone was shopping at the many stalls before the big contest begins tomorrow. Jessica was excited at her next contest, but she's a little nervous about who she'll meet there.

    "I better head off and see what I can gather about Darkrai," Donovan said. "See you tonight."

    He heads off while everyone else goes towards the registration booth to enter Jessica for the next contest. They suddenly hear a familiar voice on the TV above the stadium said to have the Grand Festival as they see Rhonda from the Sinnoh Now TV show and a man with a long white artist cloak and a matching beret over his long, blonde hair. They were interviewing coordinators for the contest and showcased them to people across the globe.

    "So, Armando," Rhonda began, talking through her microphone with the initals SN on it.. "I hear from many sources that you use only one Pokemon in each of your contests. What Pokemon would that be?"

    "My lovely Smeargle. We use similar appeals, but we like to spice it up a bit. I plan to utilize Smeargle's Sketch attack and use it for my art."

    "Interesting concept. Since Sketch copies any attack and makes it know it forever, does that mean you have thousands of attacks at your disposal?"

    "Indeed I do. Which is why I like to spice it up a bit each time I compete. It's an artist's duty to keep things the same while having new artwork each time you go to work."

    Rhonda turns to the camera with the microphone near her.

    "Some fine words from our challengers here tonight. Stay tuned for more coordinators as we interview our line up! Live from Hotel Grand Lake, this is Sinnoh Now! Your portal to what's hip and happening in Sinnoh!"

    Jessica was nervous about having to be interviewed by them, but Rain felt she needed some publicity.

    "SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" someone nearby shouted.

    "Wait a minute," Manny said. "Is that..."

    "Kodou," Rain said.

    "WATCH IT!!!" he said, resulting in numerous screams as the crowd moves away for some reason. "FLYING GLIGAR, COMING THROUGH!!!!!"

    "Flying Gligar...with Kodou's voice?"

    Suddenly, they see the Gligar in question as it crash lands head first into Rain's face, causing both of them to fall over, with Gligar lying opposite from him. Rain gets up and angrily points at him.

    "Watch where you're going, jerk!" Rain snapped.

    "How about you watch where you're going?!" Gligar said.

    "Wait, you can talk?"

    "Why not? I could talk all my life. What you don't recognize my voice."

    Rain knew it was a familiar voice, but he had no idea that something like this really happened to him.

    "Y-You're..!" Rain began.

    "Kodou?!" Jessica finished in shock.

    Kodou smiles at Rain with his arms crossed. He was, indeed, a Gligar.

    "Kodou the Gligar," Kodou said, "at your service!"

    They were all shocked that Kodou actually turned into a Gligar, but they all had a bad feeling about how he became one.

    "How did you turn into a Gligar?" Rain asked.

    "I just couldn't believe it," he replied. "Some freaky woman pokes me and the next thing I knew, I'm a Gligar! What's wrong with that picture?!?!"

    "I'm assuming the freaky woman was Luna?" Manny asked.

    "How'd you know that?" Kodou asked.

    Manny slowly scratches the back of his head before replying.

    "I met the same fate as you..." he replied.

    "Whoa," Kodou said in amazement. "Guess I'm not the only one who turned into a Pokemon."

    "It wore off now, but I was a Pikachu for some reason."

    "It's his favorite Pokemon," Rain sneered.

    "Look, can we drop it already?! I already said I like Probopass!"

    Kodou was still annoyed that he turned into a Gligar, thinking that he'll never return to normal. Suddenly Jessica goes to her knees and and pets his head softly. Gligar were at least at body height compared to her, so she really had to adjust to Kodou's new size.

    "You know," Jessica said, "you're pretty cute as a Gligar. We have a reversal potion, but you can stay as a Gligar for as long as you want."

    Kodou seems to like the soft petting that Jessica was giving him as he twitches his leg happily.

    "You know," Kodou began, "being a Gligar isn't such a bad thing after all. I think I'll enjoy this."

    Manny wonders why she does that to anyone who transforms into a Pokemon. Rain looks at the time on a street post to see that it was 11:00 AM. They had only two hours left to register for the contest before the deadline hit.

    "Jessica, we better get moving if you want to register for the Contest."

    The group decides to head off to register while Kodou, who was riding on her back at this point, enjoys his traveling with Jessica. The two enter the Hotel Grand Lake lobby to register for their contest. They all at least hope that Jessica will continue winning each contest.


    Once they got their rooms, they decide to spend the night in their hotel room, which was really luxurious for their standard. Two separate rooms with two double beds and one room with a black, leather couch, a brown, wooden table and a TV set inside and oak wood cabinet. They also had a small kitchen within the same room, containing a stove, a refrigerator, and a sink for their dishes, which were stored in the cabinets. They could easily get used to this.

    They all check out the bedroom, which had a similar set up, but with just the TV. The bathroom was right next door and it led to both rooms, so they couldn't disturb each other's sleeping. Kodou flies over to the bed and lands body first onto it, bouncing happily.

    "This is awesome!" Kodou said.

    "I can't believe coordinators get such rooms here," Manny said looking around. "This is insane! I can't believe we don't have to pay for this!"

    "The woman," Jessica said. "She said that this is what they use for the Grand Festival Contestants."

    "So the Grand Festival's supposed to be here, then, right?" Rain asked.

    "Sunyshore City's not too far off from here, and she still needs three more ribbons from other locations. Not to mention you need five more badges as well. We got time for everything. And besides, Maylene said we can't go there due to power issues, so I think we should wait a while until the power works, which could take days, even weeks. I hear they use solar paneled roads to run everything in the city."

    While they all talk about their plan, Kodou just looks at his new hands, or rather pincers, and wonders how he was supposed to grab anything if he didn't have any fingers. He then looks behind him and sees his tail with the stinger at the end. He tries to wag it, trying to get the hang of it. Once he did, he smiles happily and has fun with his new form.

    Suddenly, they hear a knock on the door, leaving Rain to see who it was. He looks through the peep hole to see someone familiar. He opens the door to see Armando, the guy they saw on the big screen, standing there waiting to see them.

    "I hope I'm not interrupting anything," he said with somewhat of a Spanish accent. "I just want to get to know my competition a little. It's a personal goal of mine."

    "Oh no, not at all," Rain said. "Come on in."

    Armando lets himself in and waves to everyone. He immediately heads for Kodou and squats down to see him on the bed, facing Armando completely.

    "That's quite a Gligar you have there," Armando said. "What's his name?"

    "Uhh....Kodou," Rain said.

    "Rain, why are you using his human name?!" Manny whispers in his ear.

    "He doesn't know he's a human, so why not?"

    "Kodou," he said to himself. "That's an unusual name for a Gligar. Where did you find him?"

    Rain had to come up with a story for him quickly before he caught on.

    "Actually, I'm a human.'

    "KODOU!!!!" Manny and Rain shouted.

    Armando was surprised that he was once a human, much less talk. He looks over at the two of them to nervously smile.

    "There's no need to hide anything," Armando said. "I have many secrets that I don't mind sharing...such as Kodou's unfortunate fate. Was it by any chance, Luna, who transformed you into your current state?"

    "Yeah, how'd you know that?"

    Armando paused for a bit.

    "I....kinda got to experience her power first hand.

    "You transformed too?!" Rain said surprised.

    "Yes...into a Smeargle. I didn't know what to do. I thought I was ruined, but I realized I can still make art even in my new form, so I got to make things I could never accomplish...all by exploring what it was like being just like the Pokemon I train. I got to see things in his eyes as well as my own."

    "How did you transform?" Jessica asked.

    "I....insulted her Chingling."

    Rain wonders if insulting is what everyone does these days...not to mention it's hard to see a laid back guy like Armando insult someone's Pokemon.

    "Anyway, I must be off," Armando said. "Who is the coordinator here?"

    Jessica slowly raises her hand.

    "I wish you the best of luck....I expect great things from you...and everyone else here."

    Armando says his goodbyes and walks out of the room, leaving Kodou to relax and lay on the bed.

    "Well, that was interesting," Kodou said. "Well, good night."

    Manny picks him up and flings him across the room and against the wall as he takes his warm and comfy place on the bed.

    "Don't kid yourself, Kodou," Manny said. "Anyone care to share with me?"

    They both shake their heads. They soon hear another knock on the door, leaving Rain to get it once again. He looks through the peep hole to see Donovan waiting for them. Rain opens the door as Donovan sighs while walking into the room.

    "Sorry I'm so late," he said. "I had a bit of an issue with someone."

    "It's all right," Rain said. "So what did you find?"

    "Not a thing, sadly. No one seemed to know about Darkrai. It's like he doesn't exist?"

    "Weird. Speaking of which, we found a Gligar who decided to stay with us."

    Donovan looks over to see Kodou rubbing the back of his head after the strong throw Manny gave him.

    "Cool," Donovan said, "but what's so weird about it?"

    "Remember the guy, Kodou?" Rain said. "The one I talk to you about?"

    "Yeah....wait, that's...?

    Rain nods his head. Donovan had no idea that he was a human turned Pokemon as well. Once they all finish up for the night, they all go to sleep. Kodou happily sleeps on top of Rain while they both share the bed with Jessica. Manny was stuck with the couch outside with the expandable bed that it turns into, leaving Donovan to take up the entire bed, since he flat out refuses to sleep with Manny. They all get a good nights sleep before tomorrow's contest.


    The Valor Lakefront Contest finally gets underway as the crowd cheers for Gina Loen as she makes her way to the main stage, ready to officially kick it off.

    "All right!" she said. "Welcome to the Lake Valor Contest, sponsored by Hotel Grand Lake! We have to give them a humongous thanks for letting us use their outdoor arena for the contest tonight. Without them, this wouldn't be possible!"

    They all cheer in response to her words.

    "We'll start off with the appeal rounds, where our coordinators use their Pokemon's attacks to create a dazzling show for you! Let's start off with my first coordinator. Hailing from Veilstone City, Armando!"

    Armando makes his way forward with a large, white scroll in tow. The crowd was wondering what he was planning to do. Armando suddenly places his fingers to the side and shushes them, leaving the crowd to slowly go to silence as Armando concentrates.

    "A good artist must concentrate with silence if he ever needs a good piece of artwork......got it!"

    Armando gets to one knee and slams the scroll with the flat round side down. He places it on the rolling side and pushes it away, once it was completely flat, the brown tube that supported the scroll files off. Soon it became a completely flat canvas.

    "Smeargle," Armando said, taking out his Pokeball. "Let's make some ART!!!!"

    He sends out his trusty Pokemon, a beige beagle-like Pokemon with brown ears and brown stripes along its arms and neck a white beret-like appendage on its head. It also has a long tail with what appears to be paint on the brush-like tip of its tail.

    "Smeargle. Draw a city landscape."

    Armando throws up a multi colored block-like snack into the air as Smeargle eats it. It suddenly feels energized as it begins to paint along the canvas with it's blue paint first. It suddenly switches to purple, which seems to amaze the crowd.

    "My Pokeblock can cause Smeargle's tail to change color at will for a short time. I only use this for appeal purposes and no, it's not considered cheating, according to Gina over here."

    "Y-Yes, there's nothing wrong with using Pokeblocks in the appeal rounds. In fact, they increase your chances of moving onto the next round!"

    Smeargle was nearly finished with the paining of a city landscape with skyscrapers in the background, taking up most of the painting.

    "Now," Armando said, "Use a Sketched Spark!"

    Smeargle uses a Spark attack on various areas of the painting to produce living lights for the already brilliant painting. The crowd was in awe at the amazing job Smeargle did with his artwork. Armando and Smeargle both bow, leaving Armando to take his artwork and roll it up once more, even though it was going to get ruined. He didn't care, as long as he makes it through.

    "Let's hear it for Armando and Smeargle!"

    The crowd roars in excitement as Armando and Smeargle leave the stage to return to the main contest lobby of the hotel. Jessica was headed towards the main stage, passing Armando as he waves to her.

    "Good luck," he said, passing by.

    Jessica goes out to the field as Gina calls her name out to the crowd, who all cheer in response. Jessica makes it to the center stage and sends out her Roselia to take the appeals first.

    "Roselia, use Petal Dance while in the air!" Jessica said.

    Roselia jumps into the air and spins around, releasing numerous petals as she spins happily. The petals fly softly into the crowd as they all catch some. None of them were poisonous, fortunately, but Jessica didn't seem to care.

    "Land and use Sweet Scent while spinning!"

    Roselia lands and continues to use Sweet Scent while maintaining her spinning motion. The scent allures everyone in the audience and leaves them relaxed and happy. Roselia stops as she bows to the audience, leaving Jessica to bow as well. The crowd cheers for her as they both walk back to the main contest lobby.

    "Let's hear it for Jessica and her Roselia!" Gina said.

    Someone beyond the bleachers was watching her performance, though. It was the man Jessica fears constantly, but why Mr. Muto would be here to watch her was unusual. Perhaps he wasn't here for her; who knows?

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Kodou as a Gligar? Whoa.... That Luna works fast....

    Darkrai causes nightmares. What's there to know?

    Armando... Reminds me of that fashion designer....

    Even HE's been turned into a Pokemon. Never piss off Luna.... scary....

    Rain didn't Dex Smeargle. Weird.

    The Valor Lakefront Contest! Full of competition! Lets hope that Jess makes it to the top.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Ha! Luna really gets around when someone talks about her Chingling.
    Lol, I misread the title as Armaldo.
    This Armando person is interesting.
    Poor Manny. Lol at Donovan not wanting to sleep with him
    Wow. I can only imagine how awesome Smeargle's appeal looked.
    Armando seems really experienced. This contest could go either way.Hmmm
    Really good chapter, btw.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Episode #49: Jessica vs. Armando!

    Donovan and Kodou, who was still a Gligar, were both outside discussing about Darkrai's existance. He heard stories about his existence, one of which was a news article about a string of eternal nightmares in Snowpoint City, which happened to be near New Moon Island.

    "So what did this news article say?" Donovan asked.

    "Well," Kodou began, "I read that hundreds of children within Snowpoint City fell asleep and kept tossing and turning constantly, for days on end. They said that Cresselia, the Pokemon who can cure these nightmares, came and caused the victims to wake up."

    "So where did you find this news article."

    "It was in a news paper years ago. I'm not sure I still have it."

    Donovan wasn't too pleased that Kodou didn't have the article, but he got a huge lead. If he can get information on Cresselia, then he might be able to learn about Darkrai.

    "Thank you, Kodou," Donovan said.

    "Oh, can I ask you something?" Kodou asked. Donovan wonders what he was going to say, since he was clicking his pincers nervously. "Can....Can I poke you with my stinger?"

    Donovan kicks him across the face and walks off. He needed to find information and news on Cresselia and figure out her connection to Darkrai before it was too late.

    "Now all I have to do...is figure out what role these two play in this little fairy tale."


    The contest finals were getting underway. Jessica and Armando both made it to the final round of the Valor Lakefront Contest, along with two others for the semi final battle. Jessica was battling first, being paired with a kid named Hank. Rain watches from the contest lobby with Kodou hanging on his back.

    "Both coordinator's are ready, and begin!"

    Kodou looks over at Rain's back and then at his tail, wondering if he was able to use his newfound Gligar abilities like any other Gligar can use. Kodou then swings his tail and stabs Rain in the back, making him freak out suddenly. He then grabs Kodou, flings him over his head and pulls his face.

    "YOU IDIOT, WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?!?!" Rain shouted in anger.

    "I wanted to try my abilities out-Gah, stop it!" Kodou said.

    "Don't stab me in the back next time!!!!"

    The two continue fighting until they realize that everyone was looking right at them, amazed that Kodou can talk. Rain was hoping no one would notice and now they know about his secret.

    "Great, they know Kodou can talk," Rain thought. "I just gotta be straight...just say it like it is..."

    Rain lets go of Kodou as he flies onto Rain's back once more.

    "Funny story, really," Rain began. "You see, the two of us are huge fans of the Super Pokefriends and Gligar here likes them so much that he wanted me to teach him to talk. So I taught him and....well...."

    Everyone remained silent. Suddenly they all rush to Kodou and go crazy at his amazing power and cuddle him to bits. Rain was pushed aside as they all focus on his cuteness.

    "Okay ladies," he said happily, "one at a time, one at a time!"

    Rain wonders if that was a smart move, but to him, it wasn't. He hears Jessica's points being lower than her opponent's, Hank's, Goldeen. Rain wasn't the only one watching this, though. Sharon, Jessica's longtime rival were also there watching the battles. They weren't participating, but they were both interested in seeing Jessica get her third ribbon after what they heard from Rain about Mr. Muto. Suddenly, Shannon leaps onto Sharon's back, almost knocking her off.

    "Sweetie!" Shannon said happily. "How are you today?!"

    "I'm doing fine and dandy, thank you," Sharon said. "What about you?"

    "I'm just happy knowing you're here!"

    Shannon pokes his head near her ear and whispers something to her.

    "I've been hearing about someone searching for information about Darkrai," Shannon whispered in a more serious tone. "You remember him, right?"

    Sharon does remember the Darkrai they encountered a long time ago, the same one Donovan was looking for. In fact...

    "That was when we first met, wasn't it?"

    "Yeah...I know that was a year ago, but he was looking for this Pokemon. You think we should tell him the story?"

    Sharon didn't want to remember that fateful event they endured years ago. Shannon was locked into an eternal nightmare for weeks on end. Sharon's adventure nearly killed them both. It was a literal nightmare for both of them.

    "But at least we're still here! We don't have to let that day haunt us, let's move on with our lives!"

    Sharon smiles, knowing that he was thinking the same thing as her. But she couldn't forget that event no matter how hard she tried. It was locked in her memory forever.

    "The Battle is over!" Gina said through her microphone. "The winner is Jessica of Sandgem Town!"

    Sharon was happy that she got through with her new Finneon, but she knew she had a long way to go before she got to her level. She still hopes for the best from her. Jessica heads back into the contest lobby to tell Rain about her victory over Hank, but she sees him smiling as he watches something across from him.

    "Rain, I won!" she said.

    Rain shushes her and points to the crowd that was enjoying their time with Kodou, the Gligar. Jessica wonders how this all happened.

    "You're so adorable!" one of the girls said. "You watch the Super Pokefriends?"

    "Oh yeah! Longshot's my favorite out of the bunch! His power is so cool!"

    "Oh, he's my idol!"

    Jessica was still confused by his situation, much less his fondness for the Super Pokefriends. They soon announced Armando's battle with Tiffany which was coming up next. She hopes he wasn't too strong to battle against, since she didn't want another loss this early in the game.


    Donovan was in the lobby of the Hotel Grand Lake, making a phone call to Professor Rowan of Sinnoh. He gets in contact with him as he sees his face on the monitor in front of him.

    "Hello?" Professor Rowan said. "Who is this?"

    "My name is Donovan of the Sinnoh Police Department. I'm here about the Pokemon I want you to give me information on."

    "Oh, of course! I'm happy to serve anyone, officer."

    "All right. Now, do you know of a Pokemon named Darkrai."

    "Only in legends, but I've never had any photos of him in physical form."

    "What about Cresselia?"

    Professor Rowan was intrigued when he heard the name Cresselia. He goes closer to the screen in joy.

    "I just added her months ago!" Professor Rowan said excitedly. "I was so excited to finally get her entry on the Pokedex before I gave it to Rain and Jessica! Oh, apologies, I was rambling on. Those were the two I set off on a journey."

    "I'm aware of that," Donovan said. "I'm actually traveling with them."

    "Oh, really! How are they doing?"

    "Well...Rain has three badges for the Sinnoh League, and Jessica has two for the Grand Festival. Each of them have caught three Pokemon so far."

    "What marvelous work they're doing! I can't wait to see them!"

    "Anyway, can you give me information on Cresselia or Darkrai?"

    "Well, I don't really have anything to give the information to. My computer's going haywire and I can't really check right now. Rain should have the information on Cresselia right now."

    Donovan looks behind him to see Ketsui, Rain's usual rival, talking to some mafia members sent by his father.

    "Is there something wrong?" Professor Rowan asked.

    "No, it's nothing...Look, I have to go. Can we pick up on this another time?"

    "Of course. Sorry if you're in a rush."

    "No, it's all right."

    "Well, tell Rain and Jessica I said hello! Good bye, Officer!"

    Professor Rowan hangs up, leaving Donovan to do the same. He looks back at the mafia members as they watch Ketsui walk off. He wonders what that was all about, but as long as they weren't going to be violent. The mafia members leave as well, leaving Donovan to take his leave as he returns to Rain.


    Jessica and Armando were the next two to face off in the final round. Each of them were doing fabulous so far, but only one of them could take the coveted Valor Lakefront Ribbon and become one step closer to the Grand Festival.

    "Ready?!" Gina said. "And begin!"

    "Go, Prinplup!" Jessica said, throwing out her Pokeball.

    "Let's make some magic, Smeargle!" Armando said, sending his Pokeball out.

    Both Pokemon appear from their respective trainer's Pokeballs as they're ready to battle.

    "Prinplup, use BubbleBeam!"

    Prinplup fires a Bubblebeam, but Armando had other plans in mind.

    "Sketched Thunderbolt!" Armando ordered.

    Smeargle charges up electricity and fires it at Prinplup, going through the bubblebeam and striking Prinplup hard.

    "Prinplup, go forward!" Jessica said. "I have to at make this work!"

    Prinplup charges forward to strike against Smeargle, but one again, Armando knows how to handle this.

    "Sketched Thunderbolt, once more!" he ordered.

    "Rip through with Metal Claw!" Jessica ordered as well.

    Smeargle fires a Thunderbolt, but Prinplup cuts through the bolt with its glowing fin, like a knife through butter. Armando was surprised, but Rain, who was watching through the lobby, was not. Both he and Manny were the ones who trained her to use Metal Claw like that.

    "I guess that training paid off, huh?" Rain said.

    "Yeah," Manny replied. "Now we just have to let Jessica finish it up with what I taught her."

    "What you taught her?"

    Prinplup strikes Smeargle hard as he's sent back a lot from the strong force of the Metal Claw.

    "Sketched Magical Leaf!" Armando ordered.

    Smeargle fires a Magical Leaf attack towards Prinplup, which strike her hard from the type disadvantage.

    "He's got so many attacks that just surprise Jessica," Rain thought, "it makes me wonder how far she can go before she loses!"

    "Sketched Thunderbolt!" Armando ordered.

    Smeargle prepares its attack, but it wasn't until Jessica decides to use her secret move.

    "Prinplup, use Brine!"

    Prinplup slams the ground and shoot numerous water pillars, one after the other in a straight line towards Smeargle. Smeargle fires the Thunderbolt, but it hits the brine that was closes to it and strikes Smeargle, electrocuting it as well. Smeargle falls to the ground. Prinplup shakes its fins, but Smeargle slowly gets up, not ready to back down.

    "Now that both of them are even in points, what's Armando going to do to get back at them?!"

    "Smeargle, Sketched Solarbeam!" Armando ordered.

    Smeargle prepares for a powerful solar blast, and since they were out in the sunlight, Smeargle was going to launch it quicker than the norm.

    "Brine, quick!" Jessica ordered.

    There was only 30 seconds left on the clock. Both Pokemon fire their respective attacks, with Smeargle's beam going straight towards Prinplup, hitting it hard. Smeargle wasn't safe yet, since the brine hit it as well. And since the beam fired from its mouth, and he looked down as the attack hit it, the blast explodes on the ground, damaging it hard, as well as Prinplup who took the full brunt of the attack. Both Pokemon fall to the ground as the buzzer times out. They all look up to see that Jessica was leading in points, but it wasn't over yet.

    "Jessica won!" Rain cheered.

    "Not yet," Manny replied. Rain looks up at him, wondering what he meant. "Both Pokemon are so weak, they could fall at any second. Even if Jessica was leading, if Prinplup was knocked out, she would lose the match!"

    Prinplup was struggling to get up and so was Smeargle, but both of them were at their limits. Prinplup suddenly fell to the ground hard, leaving Jessica stunned. The buzzer rings on the main board, but to everyone's surprise, Armando was marked with the big fat X over his picture.

    "What's this?!?!?!" Armando looks at Smeargle, who was out long before Prinplup fell, staring in shock at his surprise loss.

    "What a surprise ending. After all that, the winner is Jessica from Sandgem Town!"

    Jessica goes over to Prinplup, who could barely move after that. She returns her to her Pokeball, leaving Jessica to smile at her success. The secret move Manny taught her paid off well, but she felt she could have done better.

    "That was an exciting match, I will admit," Armando said, walking up to her. "Though I'm just like you; I to, did not want our match to end that way."

    "Will you..." Jessica said nervously, "Will you be in the Grand Festival?"

    "Of course. Let's both go far."

    Armando and Jessica both shake hands, leaving the crowd to cheer happily. Soon after, Jessica was awarded the Valor Ribbon, a blue ribbon with two straps, plus a middle strap going across, leaving her to accept it gracefully. The Contest was finally over and everyone was satisfied.


    The gang finally decides to head off to Pastoria City to meet Rain's father at the lab, but the crowd who was obsessed with Kodou in his Gligar form was waving goodbye and cheering for him.

    "Bye ladies!!!" he called out happily. "I'll see you again someday!"

    Kodou was riding on Rain's back, despite him stabbing him before. He turns away from them, looking ahead, and sighs happily.

    "That was so much fun, he said. "I never want to be human again."

    "Well, you'll have to give in sooner or later." Rain said.

    "I mean think about it. I must be the only human alive who turned into a Pokemon!"

    Everyone paused.

    "Actually, I turned into a Pokemon the same way you did," Manny said.

    "I...kinda turned into a Pokemon," Rain said.

    "I know someone who turned into a Pokemon," Jessica added.

    Kodou had no idea this was so popular. He just slams on Rain's shoulder and cries in shame.

    "Why can't I be the only one to have this much fun!"

    The gang sort of felt bad for him, but it was time to move on. The Eidoh Labs awaited them and so was Rain's father, Jun Eidoh. It was going to be a happy reunion, but there was also someone else waiting for them as well. The Gym Leader of Pastoria City!

    To Be Continued!
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    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Haha, Kodou totally desrved that kick.
    So Ket was at Valor lakefront too..
    lol, good cover up Rain.
    Even though the battle wasn't decribed, it was nice to know that Finneon was used.
    It really cool how Smeargle has so many sketched attacks. That way it can always conviently belch out attacks super effective to its opponent.
    Wow. If after all of that Prinplup had fainted first, that would've been horrible.
    So Jess gets ribbon number 3! I'm guessing that either there won't be a contest for a while or she'll lose her next one to keep in pace with Rain's Gym battles.
    Great chapter!

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Snuggled to death.......

    Ket + mafia members = nothing good for heroes

    Let's hope Kodou didn't accidently poisoned Rain...

    Jess won!
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Episode #50: The Mystery of The Red Chain!

    The gang decides to relax at the beach on the warm, yet cloudy beach where they all relax and have fun despite the gloomy weather. Jessica was around building sand castles with Prinplup and Roselia, while Rain was playing tag with his Pokemon. Manny decides to relax with Probopass and Donovan was training Poochyena's police Pokemon skills, leaving Kodou, who was still a Gligar at this point, to look out at the sea to focus on his special Gligar powers; in this case, flying. Kodou, whether he returns to normal or not, wanted to try his flight ability out fist before he wouldn't get another chance at all. Kodou begins a long run as he goes forward to fly out towards the ocean, gliding along the wind.

    Kodou closes his eyes for a bit until he realizes that he was flying over the ocean.

    "I'm...I'M FLYING!!!!!" he shouts happily. "I'M FLYING, I'M REALLY FLYING!!!"

    He laughs in excitement as he flies around the ocean, leaving the others to watch his enjoy his fun. He tries to go up, but since he curved a lot, and he needed wind to fly in the first place, he falls into the ocean and comes up, flailing his arms about.

    "HELP ME!!!" he shouted. "I CAN'T SWIM!!! SOMEONE HELP---!!!!!"

    He slowly falls into the water. Jessica sends Prinplup into the water, while she sends Finneon to help him out as well. Once they all get him out of the water, they try to go to his aid to make sure he breathes.

    After a while, Kodou finally wakes up and sees Rain holding a familiar empty bottle in his hand.

    "Rain...what happened?"

    You were drowning so we brought you here.

    Kodou sits up to look at them, but he felt a bit awkward. He notices that he was at the same height as most of them. He looks down to see that he was back to his human form once again.

    "Come on, this is not fair!" Kodou said in annoyance. "Just when I was having fun, too."

    "Can't be a Pokemon forever, right?" Rain said.

    "I guess, but I was having so much fun!"

    Kodou gets up to brush the sand off of him.

    "Anyway, I better head off now that I'm back to normal," Kodou said. "Later."

    Kodou walks off while Rain just waves goodbye.

    "Oh, one more thing," Kodou said, before going away completely. "I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU AT THE SINNOH LEAGUE!!!!!"

    "Yeah, you wish, pal," Rain said to himself. "I so hope I don't lose to that freak."

    "Meh, you know you'll face each other eventually," Manny said.

    "I guess. All right, Pastoria City isn't too far from here, so let's head off to the Eidoh Labs!"

    The gang decides to had off as they all head to Pastoria City, the site of not only his father's lab, but the Gym Battle against Crasher Wake that awaited him there.


    The gang finally arrives at the Eidoh Labs, the workplace of his father, Jun Eidoh. Rain sees a keypad with a bunch of numbers on it and presses a secret key code to enter. Then a retinal scanner appears as he looks through with his left eye.


    A security camera appears up top from within the walls to see if it was really them.

    "Hey, Maxx!" Rain said. "I just have a few friends with me. I hope you don't mind that I show them around."

    "OF COURSE, RAIN," Maxx said in a robotic voice. "THEY CAN COME THROUGH."

    The security camera closes as the door opens to let the four of them inside. Upon entry, they see a familiar samurai-like character and his familiar giant Luxray come rushing down the hallway in front of them, the only one within the main room. The two stop in front of them as the samurai goes to his knees and prepares to draw his sword.

    "Intruders," Tsurugi said. "You WILL....be dealt wi-FOR CRYING OUT LOUD WHY DO YOU ALWAYS APPEAR WHEN I DO THAT?!?!?!?!"

    "Hi" Rain said, not wanting to care.


    "I'm actually Jun Eidoh's son, FYI."

    Tsurugi didn't know that, actually. Jun talked about his son, but he never mentioned him by name before. Tsurugi just brushes it off and looks up at his Luxray.

    "Well, don't surprise me like that," Tsurugi said.

    "What, I don't have a right to enter my own home?" Rain asked.

    "I guess you can come in. Jun and Yura aren't here right now. They're near the beach with Manaphy. They left a few minutes ago."

    Rain was in a state of shock, since the only beach they could go to was the one they just left from.

    "WE COULD HAVE SEEN DAD THERE!!!!" Rain shouted in anger.

    "Yup," Tsurugi replied. "I suppose you could just wait here and expect him back in....ohhh...about an hour or two."

    Rain felt like he was cheated on by his own dad. Everyone else decides to look around the place, wondering what it must be like for Rain to have a scientist for a father. They see numerous images of Pokemon spread across the gray walls, Mostly Legendaries of the Sinnoh Region, one of which was Manaphy. Jun always had a thing for legends.

    "Nice place your dad has," Manny said. "Are all these Pokemon legendaries?"

    "They sure are," Tsurugi said. "There's Dialga, Palkia, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit and Heatran on this wall. And on the other side you have Regigigas, Giratina, Cresselia, Manaphy and Phione."

    "So many legendary Pokemon," Jessica said.

    "And this is just within Sinnoh."

    "So are you going to research any of them?" Rain asked.

    "Right now, I'm just interested in Manaphy, we're still planning to have her produce a Phione Egg."

    "Wait, a what egg?"

    "Phione, Manaphy's the only one who can breed a Pokemon. We need a Ditto to at least do that and it's hard to find one."

    Rain soon realizes something he had that he could show him, so he goes through his backpack and takes out a piece of a Red Chain that Dialga gave him at the Solaceon Ruins.

    "Tsurugi, have you seen this before?" Rain asked.

    Tsurugi digs inside of his gi to pull out a similar chain.

    "You mean this?"

    Rain gasped in shock. He had no idea that Tsurugi, or anyone for that matter, possessed something so rare.

    "I found this in a cave at Lake Valor. I didn't know what it was, and neither did Jun nor Yura."

    "I got this from Dialga, so did you get it from Azelf?"

    "Wait, you got it from Dialga?! I just found it on the ground, but when I touched it, it began to glow. I gave it to Yura, but it didn't react. How did you come across Dialga when he's never had any human contact?!"

    "It's a long story."

    Suddenly, the two chain pieces react as their hands holding the chains come together, flashing brightly and forming a chain with the two pieces connected together.

    "What just happened?" Rain asked.

    "This red chain..." Donovan said, looking at it. "How did you say you got it again?"

    "Dialga gave it to me."

    Donovan didn't want Rain to focus on Dialga, but it seems that he was willing to make sure Rain was involved with whatever was going on with this.

    "I've heard....that Team Galactic is searching for these as well. I don't know the whole details, but they're planning something big with it, and I bet Dialga has something to do with it."

    Rain tries to pull the chain away, leaving the same flash to occur as the chain returns to normal. They all wonder what this could be in relation to Dialga and Palkia, since the latter might be involved in this as well. Suddenly, they hear a knock on the glass door as they see a large, heavy-built man with a dark gray cloak covering his body and head. They felt he was a bit strange, but Tsurugi knew who he was.

    "Maxx, let him in," Tsurugi said.

    "CERTAINLY," Maxx said.

    The door opens to let the man inside as he goes over to Tsurugi.

    "Is Jun Eidoh here?" he said in a gruff voice.

    "He left a while ago. I'm his assistant, so I can help you."

    "Well, I called him about a Pokemon that we need for here. A Ditto, perhaps?"

    "You have one?"

    The man takes out a Pokeball and gives it to Tsurugi.

    "It's not my specialty, but Mikan had found one a while ago on our trip to Canalave City. Our Poke Radar sure does come in handy at times like this."

    Rain felt like he knew his voice from somewhere, but he had no idea where he heard it from.

    "Umm...mister?" Rain asked. The man looks over at him, with his head lowered still. "Have I seen you before?"

    "Ah, I didn't see you there, Rain," he said. "I guess there's no harm in revealing myself. After all, I can trust you."

    He removes his hood to reveal his face, but most of it was covered by his mask, which had three blue straps coming from his head over his black hair to the cheeks on his face. The straps formed near the center between his eyes, which was connected by two gray, rounded spikes that looked like a round wave. Rain recognized him instantly, as did everyone else.

    "Crasher!" Rain said running over to hug him.

    "Hey, buddy," the man replied. "I haven't seen you in years!"

    "Wait, you know Crasher Wake?!?!" Manny said in shock.

    "Yeah, he's good friends with my dad. He always has the Pokemon he needs for tests, so he supplies him with some."

    Wake smiles and laughs a little.

    "I guess you can call me his unofficial assistant, huh?" he said.

    Manny was in awe at his hero who was standing right before him. He had no idea that Rain was friends with this guy.

    "Umm...Manny," Jessica asked. "Who's this guy?"

    "One of the greatest Lucha Libre wrestlers on the planet! He can knock foes out in as little as 30 seconds before they start begging for mercy! His cold hard rival, Shadow King had years of hatred against him, but even he couldn't stop the might of the Crasher!"

    "I see you're a fan," Wake laughed.

    "A big one at that!"

    Wake looks at Rain, seeing him as if he wanted to ask him something.

    "I know what you want," Wake said. "You want a Gym Battle, don't you?"

    "Can I?" Rain asked.

    "Of course. In fact, we can do it once your dad gets back!"

    Rain lowers his head in shame, since he'll have to wait longer before he can get him gym battle. Fortunately it wasn't postponed until tomorrow. Suddenly, Jun and Yura walk into the main lab with Manaphy on Jun's right shoulder.

    "Man, there was nothing good out there for research!" Jun said. "I think we need another beach."

    "Know any others?" Yura asked.

    They both see Rain and the others, as well as Wake and Tsurugi waiting for their return. Jun squeals in joy as he goes over to hug Rain, who seems to rob the life out of him.

    "OH RAIN!!!!" he said. "You're finally back with daddy!!!"

    "Hi...dad..." Rain said, voice muffled from his dad's chest.

    "Mana!" Manaphy said.

    Tsurugi felt like he always gets this kind of treatment. He walks over to Jun and hands him a Pokeball.

    "Mr. Wake stopped by and gave us the Ditto you wanted," Tsurugi said.

    "Perfect!" Jun said. "Hear that Manaphy, we're going to get you a Phione!"

    "MANAPHY!!!!" she said happily.

    Rain smiles as he pets Manaphy on the head. Tsurugi walks over to see how Manaphy was doing, but when he got near her, she shoots both of her antennae shoot into Rain and Tsurugi's heads as she switches bodies with the two of them.

    "Manaphy, stop that!!!!" Jun shouted.

    Manaphy stops as both of them wake up. They suddenly realize that they swapped bodies and look at each other in shock.

    "MANAPHY, STOP DOING THAT!!!!!!" They both shouted.

    Everyone, including Manaphy, laugh at Manaphy's joke with the two of them. They were eventually going to go back to their own bodies soon, but he needed to return soon, otherwise he wasn't going to get his Gym Battle.

    To Be Continued!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
    Legends of Sinnoh|Shadow Apocalypse

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Another good chapter. It was cool to have Kodou with the gang for a few chapters.
    The lab is all hi-tech I see. And there's Crasher! Which means the Gym battle'll be soon.
    And Manny's all impressed with Wake.
    Haha. It was nice to see Manaphy again and its still up to its little jokes.
    Good chapter.

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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    Episode #51: Battle For The Fen Badge!

    The gigantic water arena, otherwise known as the Pastoria Gym, was the main site of Rain's fourth Gym Battle. The gigantic water Pool had numerous white pontoons rising from the pool ground that stuck up above the water could suit any Pokemon that wasn't able to swim well. Rain had two Pokemon could be used against Crasher Wake's three Water Pokemon.

    First was Grotle, which had an advantage over all three of his opponents, but it's weight could prove a problem, not to mention it wasn't much of a swimmer. Luxio had an even better advantage, but one of Wake's Pokemon was part ground, which nullified Luxio's electric attacks completely. Then there was Drifblim, who wasn't weak to any of them, but wasn't strong against anyone as well. It was neutral in power and could fare well against all three of his opponents. Crasher Wake finally comes out from the back, wearing simply wearing blue and black wrestling pants and orange arm bracers, showing his very manly chest.

    "Well, look who's here!" Wake said. "So, are you ready to get your Gym Battle going?"

    "You bet!" Rain said, determined to win the Fen Badge.

    "Well, let's get this battle started, shall we?"

    The two go to their respective positions, with Rain being closer to the main door. His agent for Wake's wrestling career, Mikan, was to be the referee for the match. He was a very slim man who wore a white tuxedo with a blue rose on the left pocket, and had a black hair that reflects the lights above.

    "You shouldn't go easy on this boy just because he's your friend," Mikan said in a calm voice.

    "Don't worry," Wake said. "I plan to make sure I give him a good fight."

    Rain prepares to battle while Mikan got onto his reffing post.

    "All right," Mikan began. "The battle between Rain of Twinleaf Town and Crasher Wake of the Pastoria Gym will now begin! Each trainer will use three Pokemon each, whoever knocks their opponent's Pokemon out first, will be the winner! Only the challenger will be allowed to substitute Pokemon."

    "You better have a good battle for the crowd, Rain!" Wake said.

    "Don't worry, I plan to!" Rain replied.

    Just then, Jun and Yura both arrive to watch Rain battle with Crasher Wake. Jun was excited to see him battle his longtime friend, so it was sure to be an exciting match.

    "Begin!" Mikan said, raising both of his flags.

    "Go, Gyarados!" Wake said, throwing out his Pokeball.

    Wake sends out a large blue and yellow, Dragon-like snake with four silver spikes along its back going to its tail. It also had a large, gaping mouth similar to a Chinese dragon in a way. Rain opens his Pokedex to scan it.

    "So Gyarados is first, huh?"


    Rain takes out Grotle's Pokeball and prepares to battle.

    "Go, Grotle!" Rain said, throwing his Pokeball out.

    The ball releases Grotle, who prepares to battle against the mighty Gyarados.

    "Let's do this," Wake ordered. "Twister!"

    Gyarados shoots through the water and shoots a water whirlwind that sweeps Grotle off the pontoon and against the pool wall. It slides underwater as it flails about, hoping to get some way to reach land.

    "GAH!!!" Rain said, annoyed. "Return, Grotle!"

    Rain calls him back to his Pokeball and takes out another one for battle.

    "Go, Luxio!" Rain said, throwing out Luxio's Pokeball.

    Luxio pops out onto the field, ready to fight the large Gyarados before him. Manny was a little worried that Grotle would be a bit too much for this gym, but Luxio, with its speed, should be fine on against it. Not to mention it's electric attacks could do a lot against Gyarados, who had both water and flying types, which are both weak to electric attacks.

    "Begin!" Mikan said, raising both of his flags up.

    "Luxio, Spark!" Rain ordered.

    "Dive underwater!" Wake ordered.

    Luxio fires off a spark attack, but Gyarados throws itself into the water, avoiding the attack to sneak underwater to strike.

    "Be ready, Luxio!" Rain said.


    Gyarados continues to swim underwater while Luxio keeps an eye out for Gyarados. Suddenly it pops up, causing Luxio to look back in fear.

    "Hyper Beam!" Wake ordered.

    "Go to another pontoon!" Rain shouted.

    Gyarados fires a Hyper Beam, but Luxio jumps over to another pontoon to avoid it. He keeps going as Gyarados keeps firing its Hyper Beam.

    "I have to fight back eventually," Rain thought. "[I]What can I do to get a hit on it?[I]"

    Luxio slips on a pontoon, but before it can recover, he's hit by a mighty Hyper Beam that sends it flying into the water. Unlike Grotle, it manages to swim towards another Pontoon, but not without having Gyarados behind it, freaking it out as it rushes towards the pontoon like mad.

    "Aqua Tail," Wake ordered.

    Gyarados places it's tail between the surface and underwater and creates a spiral that shoots Luxio to the opposite side, but it fortunately manages to land on a safe pontoon that wasn't destroyed by Gyarados.

    "Oh, by the way," Wake said. "That'll cost you about 1000 Pokedollars per pontoon to fix these things."


    Rain had to do something immediately before Luxio lost to Gyarados. He suddenly looks around the water and realizes a plan that was there from the start.

    "Why didn't I see this before" Rain thought. "Maybe we can turn this to our favor!"

    "Dragon Rage!" Wake ordered.

    "Luxio, Spark attack!" Rain ordered. "Aim for the water!"

    Crasher Wake was surprised that he knew about Gyarados' weak area. Luxio fires off the spark attack against the pool water that strikes Gyarados hard, not only because of typing, but the water around it. Gyarados shakes it off, but it was still weakened from the attack.

    "Gyarados, use Ice Fang!" Wake ordered.

    Gyarados' fangs begin to emit ice energy at it goes for Luxio.

    "Luxio, dodge and bite Gyarados!" Rain ordered.

    Luxio dodges and strikes Gyarados with a bite attack. Gyarados doesn't seem to be affected, but that wasn't was Rain was aiming for.

    "You're not going to..." Crasher Wake said, before Rain nods in response.

    "Luxio, use Spark!"

    Luxio charges electricity and fires a spark attack that shocks both of them. The attack was so great that it creates a massive explosion in the water that soaks everyone, even the referee. Gyarados and Luxio float above water, with Luxio breathing hard while Gyarados was knocked out cold.

    "Gyarados is unable to battle!" Mikan said, raising his green flag towards Rain. "Luxio is the winner!"

    "Good Job, Luxio!" Rain said.

    Luxio cheers faintly for his victory. Wake calls his Gyarados back to its Pokeball as he sends out another teammate.

    "Go, Quagsire!"

    Quagsire comes out and just stares blankly at Luxio. Rain opens his Pokedex to scan it.


    Rain looks at Luxio, who was breathing so hard he could barely stand up.

    "One more attack and he's done," Rain thought.

    Jun didn't want Luxio to get knocked out so early, so he pulls a little trick from his lab coat and pulls out two fans with chibi versions of his son's face on them.


    Jun flails the fans about as he gives his little cheering motto, while Rain facepalms himself.

    "Dad, you have a very bad sense of support."

    Jun stops and lowers his head in extreme shame.

    "You don't have to be so honest about me," Jun whined.

    Mikan sighs as he continues the battle.

    "BEGIN!!!!" Mikan said.

    "Luxio, spark!" Rain ordered.

    Luxio fires a spark attack as it strikes Quagsire, but it didn't seem to affect it at all. Quagsire just brushes it off while Luxio was wearing out fast.

    "Mud Bomb!"

    Quagsire fires a ball of mud that explodes on contact with Luxio, sending him back and knocking him out.

    "Luxio is unable to battle," Mikan said, raising his red flag to Wake's side. "Quagsire is the winner!"

    Rain recalls Luxio and congratulates him on the hard work he did. He takes out Grotle's Pokeball and sends him out. They were surprised that he still wanted to use him.

    "Well, it's a no brainer," Donovan said.

    "A no brainer?" Manny asked.

    "Think about it, Grotle has a huge advantage over Quagsire. It's a water/ground type, and grass attacks do a huge number against those. Not to mention grass attacks are the only think its weak against, and it's weak to it a lot."

    "Begin!" Mikan said.

    "Razor Leaf, Grotle!" Rain ordered.

    "Mud Bomb!" Wake ordered.

    The two fire their respective attacks, both of them colliding with each other. Quagsire goes on the offensive and prepares to strike.

    "Earthquake!" Wake ordered.

    "Withdraw, quickly!" Rain ordered quickly.

    Grotle withdraws, taking full brunt of the earthquake that destroys the pontoon and sends them underwater. Quagsire had him now, and Grotle is in no position to escape.

    "Muddy Water!!!" Wake ordered.

    Quagsire creates a muddy wave that strikes Grotle as it sends him out into the air and onto another pontoon.

    "Mega Drain!" Rain ordered.

    "That's not gonna work under there!" Wake replied.

    Grotle fires anyway and attempts to strike Quagsire underwater. Suddenly, Grotle can feel a surge going through him. Everyone, even Grotle, was surprised by the fact that the Mega Drain was sucking the energy out of Quagsire.

    "Muddy Water, quick!" Wake ordered.

    Quagsire breaks free of the Mega Drain and jumps up to the air and shoots a stream of water that strikes Grotle hard, but it did little to affect it, though.

    "Brine!" Wake ordered once more.

    Quagsire prepares a brine attack, but Rain had something else on his mind.

    "Ride the Brine!" Rain ordered.

    Grotle jumps and rides the water stream that shoots up from under him. Grotle leaps into the air and prepares for another attack to Quagsire.

    "Bite it and slam it down!"

    Grotle attaches itself to Quagsire's head with a bite attack and flips him over onto a pontoon and slams him hard. Quagsire tries to get up, but was unable to battle.

    "Quagsire is unable to battle!" Mikan said, raising his green flag to Rain's side. "Grotle is the winner!"

    Good work, buddy!" Rain said happily.

    He soon sees Grotle flailing about in the water, leaving him to recall Grotle and send him back out.

    "Well, you're about as good as I hope you'd be," Wake said. "Though, I'd sure you'll lose this battle. Time for my trump card to come out."

    Wake takes out a special ball that was different from a usual Pokeball. It had a green upper half instead of the usual red half and had a black, net-like design on the upper half as well.

    "Let's finish this," Wake stated. "Go, Floatzel!"

    Wake sends out his trusty Floatzel for battle, who simply shuts his eyes and crosses his arms. Rain knew he would use him eventually, but he was amazed at how much he grew since four years ago, when Rain last saw Crasher Wake. Back then, Floatzel was a Buizel, as well as a very trusty friend of Rain's, but will he be able to beat him after four years of training? Rain felt he could take him, especially since Grotle feels better than ever, not even close to fainting.

    "Begin!" Mikan said.

    "Grotle, use Razor Leaf!"

    "Aqua Jet!" Wake ordered.

    Grotle fires his attack, while Floatzel engulfs himself in a watery aura as he shoots himself towards Grotle, breaking through the Razor Leaves like they were nothing. Floatzel strikes and shoots him against the wall with a mighty bang. Grotle falls, but instead of flailing about, he simply floats above the water, unable to battle!"

    "Grotle is unable to battle!" Mikan said, raising his red flag to Wake's side. "Floatzel is the winner!"

    "It was knocked out with one attack?!?!" Manny said in shock.

    "Floatzel is Wake's true powerhouse," Yura said. "They've been training for years. I just hope whatever Rain has, it'll be enough to defeat Floatzel for good."

    "COME ON, RAIN!!!" Jun shouted. "KICK HIS KEESTER!!!"

    Rain takes out Drifblim's Pokeball, hoping that it'll take Floatzel out before he takes it out.

    "Go, Drifblim!" Rain said, throwing Drifblim's Pokeball out.

    Drifblim pops out and floats about happily. The final battle before the Fen Badge, was ready to begin, but was he truly ready?

    "Begin!" Mikan said for the final time.

    "Ice Beam!" Wake ordered.

    Floatzel prepares an Ice Beam and fires it, shooting off a jagged bolt of ice energy.

    "Ominous Wind!" Rain ordered.

    Drifblim lets loose an eerie wind that destroys the ice beam and strikes Floatzel hard, sending it back a bit.

    "Go underwater!"

    Floatzel goes underwater and swims at great speeds. Rain now had to focus on where he was instead of relying on attacks to do it for him.

    "Can't fight back now, huh?" Wake taunted.

    Rain tries to focus on the shadow of Floatzel in the water as he tries to think of where he'll strike next.

    Floatzel pops up from behind, leaving Rain to react as fast as possible.

    "Shadow Ball, behind you!" Rain shouted quickly.

    "Razor Wind!" Wake ordered, just as fast.

    Drifblim looks back and prepares a shadow ball, but Floatzel already strikes back with Razor Wind, shooting a curved wind-like projectile to Drifblim, striking it hard.

    "Gust!" Rain ordered.

    Driflbim spins around and shoots a whirlwind that sends Floatzel against the wall where Rain was standing upon to see the battlefield.

    "Aqua Jet!" Wake ordered.

    Floatzel engulfs itself in the same watery aura as before and shoots itself towards Drifblim, spinning it around making it dizzy.

    "Shadow Ball!" Rain ordered.

    Drifblim fires a Shadow Ball that strikes Floatzel, but it doesn't seem to do much to it.

    "Come on, Rain," He thought to himself. "There has to be a way to defeat his Floatzel!"

    Rain suddenly remembers the brine attack that shot Grotle into the air before. He realizes a way he can defeat Floatzel and give it a multitude of damage.

    "Floatzel, use Aqua Jet!"

    "Drifblim, go underwater!"

    Everyone was confused as to what Rain was doing. Floatzel goes in with an Aqua Jet, while Drifblim dodges and goes underwater. Floatzel remains on one of the pontoons while it looks out for it.

    "Shadow Ball!" Rain ordered. "Break the Pontoon!"

    "What is he doing?!" Wake said to himself.

    Drifblim breaks the pontoon with a Shadow Ball, leaving the remains on the surface to float with Floatzel on it.

    "Now, Gust above you!"

    Drifblim goes under the pontoon and spins around to create a whirlwind that shoots up and strikes the pontoon. Both the pontoon and Floatzel shoot up and slam against the ceiling, breaking the pontoon and forces the makeshift water pillar to push some force against Floatzel, who struggles to break free.

    "Floatzel, use Aqua Jet!"

    Try as he might, he couldn't break free. Wake was in a hard position, while Rain just kept going.

    "Agility and Aqua Jet together!" Wake ordered nervously.

    Floatzel uses its speed to rip through the water pillar to shoot down at Drifblim, striking it hard, but Rain had him right where he wanted him.

    "Constrict and throw him away!" Rain ordered.

    Drifblim uses it's arms to constrict around Floatzel's tail, swinging it around and throwing it against a wall. Floatzel falls to the ground and floats above the suface, unable to battle.

    "Floatzel is unable to battle!" Mikan said, raising his green flag towards Rain. "Drifblim is the winner! The victory goes to Rain of Twinleaf Town!"

    Rain cheers in victory, while Drifblimm floats over to cheer with him. Rain jumps onto his head and spins around happily.

    "Rain, come over here," Wake said.

    Rain and Drifblim float over to see what Wake had to show him. He pulls out a badge that was shaped like a blue lake with gray reeds going up, forming a white area on the very top.

    "Here, this is the Fen Badge," Wake said. "You earned it."

    "Thanks so much, Crasher," Rain said, accepting the Fen Badge from Crasher Wake.

    Rain floats over to his friends and family as he shows them his newly obtained badge. Jun happily throws himself onto Drifblim, congratulating him as well, but Drifblim begins to glow and spontaneously explodes. Everyone shields themselves from the explosive blast.

    "W-what happened to Drifblim?!" Jessica asked.

    "That's an Explosion attack!" Donovan said.

    The smoke fades to show all three of them in a daze from the attack. Everyone laughs in response while Floatzel uses it's floatation sac along the front sides of his body to float on the water, making it look like a life vest. He was glad to face his old friend again, and was also proud of his victory in the Pastoria Gym. Now Rain had four badges, and needed four more to fight in the Sinnoh League!

    To Be Continued!!!!

    The Sinnoh Battle Frontier is among them, and an old foe is back for revenge. With Rain's new companions, as well as some old friends by his side, can he win this challenge and stop Shinsei Muto before it's too late?
    Updated Tuesdays and Fridays
    Don't forget the other two. LoS is long, so be sure to have plenty of free time. =)
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    Default Re: Pokemon XR: Legends of Sinnoh (Original, PG to PG-13)

    All right. So here we are half way through Rain's journey and almost halfway through the chapters. This story has progressed nicely.
    Wow, that substitute was quick..
    I didn't expect Luxio to have such a hard time against Gyarados.
    Talk about a qucik Ko. I never thought Grotle would lose so quicky.
    The underwater strategy was a smart move..
    So Drifblim wins it for Rain..the 3rd gym it stars in..in a row..I was honestly hoping for Grotle to take this one. All in all I'm still glad Rain won.
    Haha, I can only imagine Rain and Jun's faces when Drifblim used Explosion=P
    A really good chapter!

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