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    "Before the world was existent, there was a single egg in the vast nothing. That egg hatched to be the Pokemon nicknamed "the original one," Arceus. After being hatched, it created three beings. A being of Time, a being of space, and a renegade. The renegade constantly fought with the being of time because he felt that Temporal, my older brother, had an advantage. For the renegade's harsh actions, my father, Arceus created a lonely dimension for the mistook being. Ever since, he has been stuck there in grief..." Spatial, the space being Palkia read from his scroll to his small class consisting of a Mudkip, a Buizel, a Charmander, a Snivy and a Torchic. Whirlpool, the lonely Buizel stood up and raised his right paw. Spatial quickly called his name, "Whirlpool." The Buizel sat back down and asked, "Are you the space being from the legend?" Spatial nodded slowly and nervously, "Yes... Yes I am." Whirlpool's eyes started to glow in awe shortly after Spatial's response, "That's so cool, Sensei!" Aqua the bashful Mudkip raised her small paw and asked, "Do you know the location of your brother?" Spatial looked alarmed, "He's in his own dimension... I like to it call the Distortion World," Spatial spoke in fear. "I should visit him soon." Ivy the Snivy smirked, "You call yourself a god?" Flame the Charmander walked up to Ivy and used Slash on her, leaving a long scratch across the left side of the Snivy's green face. Ivy walked away from Flame with an angry look on her face. Magma the Torchic watched Ivy walk away. "Ya know you deserved that, right, Ivy?," The naive Torchic spoke softly. Spatial started to laugh, "Ivy'll get her punishment, so don't worry about it, Magma!" Spatial picked Ivy up with his huge hands. "I hope you learn to respect your elders." Ivy was frozen in fear, "I-I'm sorry, sir!" Spatial threw Ivy down forcefully. She grunted as she hit the concrete floor, got up slowly and held her sore head. The class sighed as they watched Ivy get back to her tatami mat. Ivy felt humiliated.
    Spatial walked on to the central teacher's mat. "Tomorrow, we will be having another student attending." The class gasped, for the last students Spatial had recruited were Aqua and Magma. "This new student, I actually found bawling near his newly murdered parents with his sister." Whirlpool and Flame's eyes went blank. "Did Shadow Lugia do that?!," the boys asked in perfect unison. Aqua and Magma began to cry because Shadow Lugia had taken their parents and they know the pain. Spatial looked at the floor with a sad look on his face. "We all know that he has caused so much conflict for us all... Now another young Pokemon has lost his parents..."
    The next day, right before the bells chimed, the new student Jolteon walked in with a horrified look on his face. "Hello. This is my class." The shy Pokemon raised his left paw, "He-hello... everyone..." The class was not expecting to see such a sad looking Pokemon. "I'm Thunder... Sorry to keep you waiting..." Whirlpool Approached the timid Pokemon very slowly and gently, showing his innocence. "I'm Whirlpool," Thunder took several steps backward. "I know your pain... I lost my Father, and my Mother is nowhere to be found..." Thunder started tearing up, "So you all were picked up by Palkia?..." Aqua Nodded. "For all the same reasons." Ivy tried to approach Thunder in a fighting position, but he was so scared, the Shy and timid Jolteon ran away from her and ended up outside the Dojo, crying in fear and confusion. Spatial heard the sharp cries and expelled Ivy from the dojo, hoping she'd learn a lesson.
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