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    Post Pokemon: the Thunder Knight

    Now just so you know this is my own creation of pokemon thunder yellow, I just added a few things of my own. Also, this will also show the trainers finally helping defeating the bad guys for once, you will see how soon.

    This fic is rated PG 13: for violance, sexual content, and profanity.

    Chapter I: A new hero is born

    I knew what was going to happen if I got caught, I knew that I would be so going to prison if this happened. I looked back at the police car that was following me, I didn’t even do anything that wrong, just steal some CDs. I could see the building nearby it had a ladder. I jumped up the ladder and started climbing it.

    When I got to the top the only thing I could think of was jump every building I came upon of; good thin I’m a great jumper. I jumped about three building till I slipped, I fell off the roof and into a trash disposal.

    As I got up I could see the headlights staring at my face; it really made my blue shirt shine. I covered my eyes and stared at the cop that had just come out of the police car. He was wearing a dark blue jacket and had a lot of badges; kinda like the badges a police captain uses. He walked three steps closer to me, like if he was about to shoot me or something.

    “So are you coming with me Alex” he said with a lot of seriousness in his brown eyes. I got up and looked at him the same way I’ve been looking at him for 15 years. I knew I could trust this guy, not just cause he decided not to arrest me a lot of times, but cause he was my father.

    “Sure, I’ll go free” I said with my calm and cold voice; my voice had just changed that summer and I was still getting used to it. He just stared at the back of my brown hair before he got back up in the car. He put on his seatbelt; imagine how awkward it is to have your cop father teach you all about safety and driving carefully, when he breaks about ten driving rules in a week just for his missions.

    “So, we’re going to have a huge talk once we get back home young man” my dad said as he drove off; I live with my dad in Pallet town, a once calm and peaceful town; but now its control by Team Zeta.

    Okay, let me start by explaining things from the beginning. A long time ago people lived in peace on the region of Kanto, they traveled around the region and fought with pokemon. Unfortunately ten years ago three evil organizations took over the region, they started taking control of every city until the peace was broken in the whole region; a lot of cities lost their clean state, like Viridian city, it used to be a clean city now its all polluted.

    Anyways, the three teams. Team Zeta, Team Beta, and Team Rocket; they all took over the region and then they started dividing them for themselves, for example Team Zeta controls Pallet, Team Rocket controls Viridian, and Team Beta controls Cerulean.

    Now pokemon trainers are the only ones that can help people; trainers used to travel as adventures, now they’re warriors. Pokemon trainers fight against the three evil teams, or they used to. Now there’s more trainers that had joined the three teams, and its very rare to find a trainer that is not fighting for one of the evil teams.

    “So, getting back to our old problem, when are you going to start?” my dad looked angry, something he was good at might I add. “I already told you I’m not going” I looked out of the car and I could see our mansion from here. You see my dad was a great cop and he won a lot of money cause of his missions, thanks to that we managed to get to a high level in society; yeah we got a mansion, but that doesn’t mean I’m some spoil rich kid.

    I got off and walked through the front gate, I could see our big white mansion. When I opened the big brown doors I could see all the maids my dad had hired when I was young; yeah we got like 100 maids or something. I walked past every single maid that was saying hi to me; why did they have to say hi anyway they could just let me walk to my room.

    When I finally got up I just took off my blue shirt and took one of my red towel and went to the bathroom, things were about to get ugly, it was good to get some calm time for at least a minute.

    When I got into the bathroom I saw a girl dancing with the stereo at full volume; I like to hear a little music while I’m on the bathroom, don’t ask. The girl had long brown hair with white skin and blue eyes; she was wearing a maid uniform. I just stared at the girl, she was one of my closest friends; if not my best friend. Her name was Jasmine Jewel, she was the daughter of one of the maids; but she works in the mansion so she can make some money for herself.

    I cleared my throat to get her attention. She turned around and started to laughed nervously; like if she knew I was about to do something.

    “Alex, you’re back ha, so how much trouble did you got on” I got my cold look back, I just walked past her not caring about what she said; why did people had to care so much about what other people did. “Not much, I’m free again but I think next time I won’t be so lucky” I took my towel off and got into the hot tub. “Listen I want to take a bath, now you can stay if you want to I got no problem with that” I looked at her; she started to walk backwards nervously. “I’ll be leaving now” she said as she closed the door.

    What really gets me angry is that Jasmine is going to go on her journey tomorrow, and I’m just going to stay here. I want to go, but I’ll be doing exactly what my dad wants, he wants me to become a trainer so that I can help against the three evil teams; but I just want to do what trainers did in the old days. Lately I’ve been thinking about going, maybe if I just tell my dad I’m going to help and then do whatever the hell I want.

    I got up and changed, my dad entered the room a few minutes later. “So, this is the last time I’m going to ask, are you or are you not going on your journey tomorrow” he stared at me with his eyes practically glowing red; not really its just an expression. “I told you I don’t wanna go, but truth is I do, so I’m going” I looked at him with the same look; he started to soften up and finally left. Right now being in jail is more calming than this, at least people aren’t asking you questions all the time, unless is to know what the hell you did to get in jail on the first place.

    I remember a poem I once read in the Pallet town library. A person that can make the stronger storm fear him, a power so big that it can make everyone join his team, someone that has the power to control the uncontrollable, and that can make anything seen possible. “Okay, that poem sucks” I said trying to find my sleep again.

    The next day I got up and went to the kitchen for my breakfast. Jasmine came out; she was wearing another set of clothe, she had a blue tight shirt, she was wearing a red skirt, and a white sun hat with a pink circle; she also had a yellow bag on her arms. “Hey Alex, I just bought it yesterday, you like” she said posing for me; I just threw my toast to the floor. “Ah…cute” I mumbled in my inner stupidity. “Thanks, I was shooting for that” she smiled at me and started to walk way.

    I jumped out of my seat and went to the living room to get my red vest, and my red hat. I ran out of the mansion and started running to professor Oaks lab. He was a great pokemon researcher, one of the few that hasn’t accepted to work for any of the evil teams.

    I turned to one of the alleys that was close by, it was easier to get there if I just went through the hidden paths. Just then someone jumped out of a roof in front of me. This someone was my friend Joe, he was wearing his usual brown jacket with his white undershirt, he was wearing his special blue goggles on his head, and his sandals; don’t ask why someone would use sandals on alleys.

    “So Alex, have you taken my offer on traveling with me through Kanto” he laughed; Joe wasn’t really the brightest of people, he got bad grades and could barely solve a problem without breaking his skull. “Yeah, I guess it’s better than travelling alone” I kept walking, I needed to get my starter and my pokedex so that I could go with Jasmine, now if Joe wants to come he might as well. “So, I guess we’re suppose to the geezer’s house and get our starters right, well lets go” Joe walked close to me, so that we didn’t got in trouble with any of the gangs nearby.

    Five people were coming our way; the only one I could concentrate on was the guy in the middle. He had black shirt, purple pants, brown hair kinda like mine; but it was spiky on the front, black shoes and a white bag on his waist. This guy was Gary Oak, professor Oak’s grandson, he was also the leader of his own gang and had always being my worst enemy; personally cause he’s always trying to get me to join his gang and I always say now.

    “So Alex, I heard you were going on your journey, what a great coincidence cause I’m going on my journey today too” Gary smirked at me, I knew what he wanted to say but I just shrugged and looked away. “Okay Alex, but I want you to know that once I become the best I’m going to make your life a living hell, so be warned” he left with the rest of his gang.

    “I hate that guy” Joe frowned at him. “I know” we kept walking till we were finally in professor Oak’s lab and were about to enter. “I’ll go first” I said; it was obvious that Joe wasn’t going to be mentally conscious for a while.

    I could see professor Oak resting on his desk, he was wearing a white lab coat, a red undershirt, his silver hair glew with the sun that came in through the door, and he had his brown moccasins on. “Hey Doc” Joe said as he got in.

    “Oh Alex, Joe, how good of you to come, I thought I wouldn’t be seeing you today Alex” Oak turned to me. “Yeah well, I decided I wanted to at least have something to do this summer” I turned away, I wasn’t going to give anyone the privilege of thinking I was doing this for my dad. “So when can we get our starters” Joe jumped in front with anxiousness. “Well, you can get it right now, in fact” Oak turned to look at a desk nearby. In the desk there was one pokeball, it was a dark green pokeball.

    “I thought there were suppose to be three pokeball” Joe said going to the desk; I was as shocked as well, I mean it was either Joe or me, and one of us had to stay here. “Joe, you take the last pokeball I can wait another year” I started to walk away when Oak stopped me. “Nope, there won’t be any need for that cause I got this special pokeball just today” Oak walked to one of his drawers. “Now the Pokemon League Association brought me this new pokeball, they’re thinking of making this the fourth starter and they want me to see how a trainer can handle it” Oak said and he gave me the clear yellow pokeball he was holding.

    “What kind of pokemon is in this pokeball?” I asked looking at the pokeball. “It’s a pikachu I think, but it might be a little disobedient” Oak said as he closed the drawer. “I can handle it” I let out the yellow rat from its pokeball. It yawned and then looked at me. “Hey little guy” I petted him with care; I heard trainers are suppose to do that. The pikachu looked at me and gave me a big shock that almost fried me to death. “What the hell!” I yelled at the pikachu, this didn’t seen to make it better, at least not for me. It shocked me again.

    “I think that guy has some problems” Joe laughed. “Shut up” I crossed my arms while I was thinking on why a pikachu would be so grumpy. It just stared at me with a look of disgust. “Do I really have to be with this rat, I mean I can just wait till next year” I looked back at the pikachu with an angry look; if it hated me then well I don’t care about it anymore.

    When I started to walk away I heard an explosion. The explosion came from the door and some people got inside. They were wearing black suits with a golden Z on the left and right sides. The grabbed Joe, Oak, and me and tied us up. “Team Zeta” I growled; it seems pikachu was giving a fight since it started firing thunderbolts at the grunts.

    I just stared at the pikachu, no matter how big this guys were he wouldn’t give up fighting. Good think I had my pocket knife and cut the ropes. One of the grunts tried to shoot me with his gun but I just ducked and gave him a right hook; he fell with one hit. I grabbed the gun, and untied Oak, and Joe. “Okay guys let’s go” we left the lab as fast as we could.

    We saw all the grunts; they all had crobats, golbats, sneasels, and ryhorns. “I think we’re in trouble now” Joe grabbed the green pokeball he had on his pocket. “I don’t know what’s inside of this pokeball but go” Joe threw the pokeball and a boulbasour came out. “Ready Alex” Joe got in front of me. “Yeah” I nodded back. Then a flamethrower came shooting at the grunts; they dodged it. I saw that Gary and his charmander were coming to help us. “I’m going to fight too, but only cause it’s my grandpa we’re talking about” Gary also got in front.

    I looked at pikachu; it still wouldn’t obey, but it would still fight. That’s right this was a battle a battle that could end my life, but I will not die before I try it. “Okay, let’s go!!!” We ran at them prepared to win this battle.

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