Pokemon Team X

Mission 1: Quest for the Lost Emerald (Part 1)

“Alright team, lets go.” were the words the members of the Rescue Force had just heard. These Pokemon are member of the Pokemon Rescue Force: X Division. This was currently the top Rescue Force Division. They had just recieved a call that an Emerald was stolen. A rare Emerald from the Pokemon National Museum of Rare Items. The Pokemon woke up as their leader, a Raichu, called them down.

“Rescue Force ready?” asked Raichu.

“Rescue Force ready!” replied the Rescue Force.

“Sound-off,” said Raichu.

“Blaziken,” said Blaziken.

“Wartortle,” said Wartortle.

“Ditto,” said Ditto.

“Dragonite,” said Dragonite.

“Good now lets go,” announced Raichu. With that the X force was off.

At the Museum, Raichu asked the manager what had happened, he replied, “Three Pokemon took the rare Emerald. They may use it to awaken the Rayquaza in Great Age City.

“Really...., mind if we look for clues?” asked Raichu.

“Go ahead,” said the manager. Quickly, a clue was found. It was a plan. The plan had on it a picture of a Ruby and a Blue Orb to awake Groudon, a Sapphire and a Red Orb to awaken Kyogre, and an Emerald and a Mysterious Orb to awaken Rayquaza.

“Rescue Force, move out to the city of old age, Great Age City,” announced Raichu.

The Rescue Force arrived at Great Age city, only to see the storm come in.

“Rescue Force, we are late, the Pokemon have already been awakened. Dragonite, take us ahead,” said Raichu.

“Yes leader,” said Dragonite.

The Rescue Force quickly arrived at the spot. They saw the robbers. Three teams had teamed up. Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Rocket.

“So you found us,” said Maxie. “Groudon go.”

“You have come for the jewels I presume,” announced Archie. “Go Kyogre, my warrior of the sea!”

“Thus I will choose you Rayquaza,” Giovanni told.

Battle Rescue Force X vs. Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza. Next time on Pokemon Team X!

Tell me how you like it. This is only a mini-series.