One Day Ash, just got home from his Pokemon Quest in Unova, "Pikauhc, do you think there a do you think there other regions to travel?" Ash asked Pikauhc "Pika?" Pikauhc answered Then a dark shadow flies across the sky. "WHOA!!! DID YOU SEE THAT PIKAUHC!?" Ash asked Pikauhc. "Pika" Pikauhc said surprised Ash got on his new bike his mom gave him and Pikauhc got his shoulder. "Lets go get that Pokemon!" Ash shouted cheerfully. "Not if I have to say anything!" Ash's mom shouted. "Ash Ketchum,you come inside the news said there going to be a thunder storm coming this way!!" Ash's mom shouted. Ash's Mom walked outside "Ash! I told you to get inside!!" Ash's mom shouted. "Mom, please just for a few minutes please, I have Pikauhc to help." Ash asked "Honey.....OKAY BUT IF YOU COME BACK WITH A BROKEN LEG ASH! THERE WILL BE TROUBLE TO PAY!!" Ash's Mom yelled. Ash went off with his bike a pack of Pokemon began running away from across from him. Ash could hear thunder, Pikauhc got scared. "Its okay Pikauhc, everything fine." Ash said Then Ash fell in a pond. While Ash was in the pond Misty was fishing, "Was that Thunder? No, its just my Intimation." Misty said to herself. Then Ash's shirt got hooked on Misty's lure. Ash had Pikauhc in his arms. "Hey!! I got a Pokemon!" Misty shouted "Man its a big one!" Misty said. She pulled Ash out of the Water a saw a Pikauhc. Misty let go of the lure and ran over to Ash and Pikauhc they flew on to a rock. Ash's hat was on his face. "Are you okay?" Misty asked Ash relied it was Misty. "Misty?" Ash said and put his hat back on his head. "ASH! ITS YOU!" Misty shouted then they heard thunder. "The Thunder!!! Ash said! They both got there bikes and headed back to Ash's house, It began raining. "Rain!" Ash shouted! They could see Ash's house in the front of there eyes. "There it is!" Ash said but then Misty fell off her bike and Ash relies she been badly hurt this entire time. "Misty!" Ash shouted Misty put her hand on her leg, Ash got off his bike and got Misty in his arms and he ran it his house, He open the door and Ash 's Mom shouted "Ash! are you alright!?" Ash's Mom asked "Yes, but" Ash said. Ash's Mom came and saw Misty hurt "Oh, dear!" Ash's mom shouted and put Misty on the couch. Pika...." Pikauhc said worried "Its okay Pikauhc she be alright....I at least hope..." Ash said Ash's mom put a blanket over Misty. The Next morning Misty was feeling better and Ash was talking to Brock on the PC. "So, Ash I just heard about a region, called the Star Islands!"
"The Star Islands Wow!" Ash said "Yeah I got 3 tickets to today Boat, You want come!" Brock asked "Yeah!" Ash said "Pika" Pikauhc said. "Count me in!" Misty said "Okay! met me at noon! don't worry were the ship is it not to far from Pallet Town." Brock said "Okay! lets go Misty!" Ash said. Ash got his backpack and so did Misty and they were standing near the front door outside. "Okay, Ash you packed your Pokemon' poke balls, "Yep" "Your badge case?" "Yes, mom." "Your fresh underwear?" "Mom!, theres a girl right here!" Ash shouted "Did you?" Ash's mom asked Ash blushed "yes." Ash said Misty and Pikauhc giggled "Okay, don't get hurt okay." Ash's mom said "Don't worry I'll make sure he doesn't fall on his head a few times." Misty said smiling As Misty and Ash go on there journey to Star Island what will they find and see in the process, stay tuned. "Jesse, James I have a mission for you, you must head to the Star Island and make all the Pokemon shadow you got it." "Yes sir." "By the way if you find a girl named Lyn battle her and take her to darkside Island." "Yes sir" "Go to Moonlight Island thats where you'll find Lyn." "Right"