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    Default Pokemon Special: Red, Green and Blue

    Who ever likes Pokemon Special, they can check this out, my new Pokemon Special fic, with normal characters and with brand new characters, also with great adventures too

    Pokemon Special: Red, Blue, Green

    Chapter 1: Vs. Cubone

    A huge explosion is heard from the distance. On an island nearby a huge cloud of smoke is surrounding the sky, and fire is engulfing the island completely.

    Inside a huge body of flames a creature is coming out; its eyes glowing red with fury, and its presence was splitting up the flames out of the path of its feet. It walked around looking at the destroyed town that lay before it. It starred at the night sky and then flew up to the stars.

    “I have to find it” it thought as it flew higher and higher till it reached the stratosphere and started to freeze. “I will surpass all” it let out a huge screeched and surrounded itself with energy then it dove down back into the ground and glared at the huge landmass that started appearing into view.

    Pallet town, Kanto region in the Pokemon World. Children are playing around with they’re toys or they’re playing baseball and other kinds of sports; some kids venture into the wild sometimes and look for Pokemon they can catch once they grow up.

    A snoring was heard in the living room of a nearby house. The living room was composed of a wooden floor; it had a huge blue sofa and a flat screen TV on the wall. A kid around eleven years of age is fast sleep on the couch with the TV guide on his face. Then a woman wearing a red shirt and white pants, whit long black hair and red eyes came down and looked at the kid.

    “Wake up you slacker!” she yelled; this was heard through the whole house and it made the kid fall out of the couch. The kid got up, he had a black shirt and spiky black hair, he was wearing blue jeans and had clear white socks on.

    “What do you want sis?” he asked with annoyance in his voice. His sister just stared at him trying to make him see what was wrong. “Oh no” the kid got up and ran up; not even caring if he took his sister out on the way.

    “Yeah, nice idiot, you promised Charlie you’ll help him catch a Pokemon today” she shook her head in annoyance and then walked into the kitchen.

    The kid scurried around the messy bedroom. “Man, I should clean this up” he lifted a magazine and a few noodle cans off the floor and finally found what he was looking for. “Here it is” he grabbed the red jacket he had laying around; the he grabbed the red hat with the shining gold symbol of the Pokemon league on it.

    He put then on and went down again. “Why didn’t you waked me sooner?” he asked his sister once he got down.

    “I thought it’ll be better if I waited for you to go all crazy” she laughed and got out a milk carton from the fridge.

    “Very funny, I gotta go” he put his shoes on and left the house.

    “Good luck Red” his sister said putting the milk carton back on the fridge. She turned to look at a picture nearby. In the picture there were her, Red and their parents whose faces were covered by the sun rays that came through the transparent window. “You’ll be proud of him, I know” she said as she put the picture back.

    Red was running down the streets of Pallet; he was saying hi to the people around while he was running. “Hey guys” he waved at some kids nearby.

    Red stopped in front of another house; the house looked just like his but it was a little bit whiter than his. Red walked up to the door and ringed the doorbell.

    Another kid opened the door, he had a white shirt on and had short red hair, he was wearing tennis shorts and had sneakers just like Red’s.

    “Hey Red, how are you?” Charley asked once he opened the door to the anxious Red that was waiting in front of it.

    “Hey Charley, so are you ready to go” Red tugged in his backpack and turned around. Charley nodded and got his own backpack out, then he walked alongside Red.

    “So, are the guys coming too?” Charley asked after a few minutes of fast walking.

    “I don’t know, they might but they didn’t told me they will, plus this isn’t play time you gotta get your first Pokemon” Red winked and raised his finger in the air.

    “Yeah, by the way when are you getting your fist Pokemon?” Charley asked with a confuse face. Red turned to look away.

    “I want to get one, but I just can’t find a Pokemon I can link with” Red just kept walking and after a few minutes they got out of Pallet town.

    Red stared at the shadowing trees around the forest. He stopped on his track; this almost caused Charley to crash with him. “Okay, we’ll start looking for something” he got out two Pokeballs; he gave one to Charley and kept one. ‘Just in case I find that special Pokemon today” he laughed.

    “Yeah, thanks” Charley looked at the pokeball and started walking around. “So, what can I find here?’ he asked Red staring at a tree nearby.

    “I don’t know, you could only find Rattatas and Pidgeys before, but now there’s different types of Pokemon around” Red saw a few Farfetchs walking around the trees. “And rare Pokemon too” he reinstated.

    Charley was staring at a Pokemon nearby that was in deep slumber. The Pokemon looked like a small dinosaur with brown skin and a huge skull on its head; it was hugging a boomerang on its arms.

    “Hey Red, a sleeping Pokemon, that’s an easy capture right’ Charley gave Red a thumb up.

    “Not really, remember the rules of training, you can’t attack a Pokemon that’s doesn’t even know it has chances of being attack, remember that a sleeping or weak Pokemon its either hurt or sleep and can’t keep fighting, so in other words it’ll be too easy and unfair to the other Pokemon” Red said wagging his finger.

    “Wow, you really know your stuff” Charley laughed.

    “Yeah, I’ve being studying a lot about it, I mean if I’m gonna become the best” Red past his finger around his nose win a confident way. “Plus, I’ll need to learn the rules for when I start travelling” he reassured.

    The Cubone woke up and stared at Charley; it got up instantly. “Hey Red, I think it’s awake” Charley smiled at the Cubone.

    “Oh really, I wouldn’t have noticed” Red rolled his eyes and gave him a sarcastic smiled. “Okay, so how are you gonna catch it?” he asked.

    “Oh, right I forgot about that” Charley scratched his chin in nervousness.

    “You forgot to bring the net, idiot” Red slapped the back of his head. Cubone started running at them and threw its Boomerang at them. “Duck” Red pushed Charley to the floor and they dodged the bonerang.

    Then the bonerang came down from the floor; Red pushed Charles aside and then he pushed himself to the other side and the bonerang went right between the two. “Wow, that Cubone is strong” Charley got his pokeball and threw it at the Cubone; Cubone shrugged it off with its boomerang.

    “I gotta find something” Red started looking around the forest. He saw something tugging on the bushes. “There” Red grabbed his pokeball and threw it at the bushes.

    Red ran up to the bushes and found its pokeball lying on the floor. “Did I catch something” he grabbed the Pokeball. He turned back to Charley; he was lying on the floor doing the fetal position while dodging the bonerang. “No question about it, go!” Red threw the pokeball at Cubone.

    When the pokeball popped up another Pokemon came out. The Pokemon looked like a small four legged dinosaur, it had a small nose and big red eyes, the Pokemon had a big plant on its back and its body was surrounded by blue spots; the color of the Pokemon was aqua blue too.

    “Bulbasour!” it yelled once it got out. Red just stared at the Bulbasour with sparkling eyes.

    “A Bulbasour that’s so cool, I can’t believe a starter Pokemon its just laying around in this parts of the forest, it’s so cool” Red started moving around the Bulbasour totally forgetting about Charley.

    “Red, a little help!” Charley yelled dodging another bonerang. Red got out of his trance and stared at Cubone.

    “Bulbasour use razor leafs” Bulbasour fired a barrage of leaf at Cubone; the bonerang came back at the same time and it blocked the leafs. “Dang it, it missed” Red gritted his teeth.

    Cubone jumped up and it let out another bonerang. “Is that the only attack you know” Red grinned. Bulbasour let out two vines from the plant on its back and it stopped the bonerang dead on; then it spun it backwards and it crashed back with the Cubone. Cubone fell back down.

    “Let’s go Charley’ Red grabbed Charley’s hand and helped him up.

    “What about my Pokemon?” Charley asked looking back at Cubone.

    “Forget about it, right now we gotta get back to town” Red returned Bulbasour and they started running back.

    On a patch of grass behind the bushes Red found Bulbasour in, a pokeball is laying on the floor with a picture of Red giving a peace sign on it.

    “What!” Red yelled; he was back in his house and he was looking at Bulbasour’s pokeball. “This isn’t my pokeball, mine have pictures of me” Red started looking for the sticker.

    “You know what this means right, you gotta find the real owner” his sister sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. “If you don’t it’ll be like stealing.”

    “Guess you’re right, I should try to find its owner, he or she should live here in Pallet since the pokeball was just in the outs of the town” Red shrugged and got up. “But I digress, I’ll do it tomorrow” he got back to his room and closed the door.

    Red was sitting on the wooden floor with Bulbasour next to him. “So, guess since you’re my Pokemon, we should probably start travelling in a few days” Red smiled at the little creature and petted him.

    “Bulba sour” Bulbasour said in a very soothing voice and then let its vines out.

    “What is it?” Red asked; he starred at the vine and shook it. “We should probably go to sleep” Red got on his bed and wrapped himself on his sheets.

    Then a huge shriek was heard through the whole house; it even made Red jump out of his bed. “Red, its Charley!” his sister yelled from the living room. Red got up grabbed Bulbasour’s pokeball and started running down.

    “What happened?” Red asked once he got down.

    “A Cubone started attacking his house and his bonerang!” she yelled as soon as she caught sight of her brother coming down. “You should hurry up” Red didn’t even needed to hear that since he was already outside the house.

    Red was running down the town losing his breath with every passing second. “Man, why did that Cubone had to attack at this time of the night” he said gasping for air.

    He finally stopped and saw Charley’s roof; it had a lot of holes on it and the bonerang was still coming in and out. Red saw that Cubone was standing next to the chimney and was laughing hysterically.

    “Let’s go” Red started looking for something that could help him get on the roof. “Man, I can’t see anything” Red gritted his teeth and starred at Bulbasour’s pokeball. “I got it, go Bulbasour!” Red grabbed the pokeball and threw it on the roof; Bulbasour popped out instantly.

    “Okay Bulbasour, you take care of Cubone while I got help Charley’ Red ran to the backyard and got into the house through the back door. He saw Charley hiding under the desk. “Come on idiot, we gotta go!” Red ran down to the desk and helped Charley out.

    “Sorry, I don’t know why that Cubone started attacking me” Charley scratched his head once he got up.

    “Who knows” Red stared at the hole on the roof and wondered how Bulbasour was doing.

    Cubone looked at Bulbasour and gave it a mischievous smile then it started running at it with its boomerang stretched out.

    Bulbasour jumped out of the way of the bone rush and then it shot its vines at Cubone. Cubone dodged it and threw the boomerang at it. Bulbasour got hit straight on the face and then it got hit on the back. This just kept going on and on.

    “Bulbasour, what’s happening you were a wild Pokemon you should know how to fight with commands!” Red yelled once he got out of the house. Then it hit him. “I see…you’re another Trainer’s Pokemon” he stared at Bulbasour.

    Bulbasour was at the edge of the roof and stared at Cubone; it was about to hit it with another bone rush.

    “Bulbasour, use razor leaf!” Red yelled out of the blue; Bulbasour started sending sharp spinning leafs that started leaving scratches on Cubone’s skin and skull. “Now, vine whip” Red threw his fist in the air. Bulbasour fired its two vines and it wrapped around Cubone.

    Once Cubone was at a good enough height Bulbasour plummeted it down on the roof and Cubone crashed so hard its skull almost fell out. Bulbasour let it go and Cubone rolled down the roof; luckily Red caught it before it fell on the floor.

    “Well, that was close” Charley chuckled after Red got Bulbasour down from the roof. “You know, I don’t want a Pokemon that will attack me every single moment, so why don’t we just take this Cubone back” he grabbed Cubone and looked at it.

    “Yeah…you go I gotta go find someone” Red started walking off with Bulbasour.

    “Who?” Charley asked while he saw Red living the scene.

    “Don’t worries just take the Cubone back” with that Red started running down the town.

    Red was looking down on the floor. “Man, I finally find a Pokemon I really want and now I have to give it back” he looked up at the sky.

    Just then a jet of flames shot out next to him; Red jumped out of the way. He stared at the person that attacked him. He looked around Red’s age, he was wearing a blue long sleeved jacket, he had brown pants and brown boots, he had a spiky brown hair and a pendant on his neck.

    Red got up and stared at the boy. “Who are you?” he asked; the boy just chuckled. He pointed at Bulbasour’s pokeball.

    “That Pokemon, give it to me” the kid said in a demanding tone. Red just took a step back.

    “Why should I, you already got that Pokemon” Red stared at the small orange lizard that was next to the kid; it had big feet and a flame on its tail. “Charmander I think it’s called” Red glared at the small lizard.

    “Yeah, but I have a reason for getting it” the kid looked at Red with an uninterested look. “Either do it the easy way, or the hard way” he glared at Red finally giving off a reaction.

    Red grabbed his pokeball. “Then so be it!” Red enlarged the little ball and threw it; Bulbasour came out and it glared at Charmander. “What’s your name?” Red asked assuming his battle stand.

    “Blue” the kid pointed his finger at Red and Charmander fired a flamethrower instantly; the boy yelled so much that he didn’t even think about dodging the attack.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Special: Red, Green and Blue

    kewl... I liked that. I'm hoping to see more.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Special: Red, Green and Blue

    I must admit, you've improved greatly since I first met you. Kudos to you, but you can only get better!
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