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    Default Pokemon Snaggers (A Script)

    Tell me if you like the script so far its for the bulbacast contest.

    Pokemon Snaggers

    Created by Kater

    Characters: Sam, Franky, Tom

    Episode 1- The XD Elites

    Narrator: Narrator: The Story begins with Sam, a leader with B\brown hair and blue eyes, Tom, a tough guy with black hair and brown eyes, and Franky, a weird guy with black hair and pink eyes. They have just been called into the bosses office of Team Pure...

    Sam: You wanted to have a word with us?

    Boss: Yes, I wanted to acknowledge you three as the top three Snaggers. In the past month you’ve caught 50 shadow Pokemon and purified all of them.

    Tom: Yeah it’s simple, you beat the crap out of some fools and snag there little Pokemon.

    Franky: That’s not what we do. We just capture the Pokemon and help them fulfill there moral obligation as real Pokemon not evil shadow ones.

    Tom: What’s this crap? Moral Obligations, don’t make me laugh. Pokemon are battling machines.

    Franky: Machines, why there precious little angels and

    Sam: Stop talking!!! Boss has something to say.

    Boss: As I was saying, as the top three Snaggers, you are promoted to the XD elite squad.

    Sam: By XD Squad you mean that we have to catch and purify XD shadow Pokemon.

    Boss: Right.

    Tom: Well how are we supposed to purify the inpurifyible Pokemon? Only one was ever known to be purified and the people that purified it were killed by Team Cipher years ago.

    Boss: I know that, but the lab I hear is still intact.

    Sam: We’ll go there right away.

    Boss: Also, we know of 10 XD Shadow Pokemon creations so far reported by our Spy.

    Tom: 10? They must be powerful.

    Boss: Yes they are. All legendaries.

    Franky: Cool. I love legendaries. There cuddly.

    Tom: No they aren’t there ferocious beasts.

    Boss: Calm down. Now choose the three purified Pokemon you will take.

    Sam: Well, I will take Dusclops, Dugtrio, and Blaziken.

    Tom: We get to choose this time? Finally. I’ll take a Sharpedo, a Salamence, and a Huntail.

    Franky: Gee whiz guys this is awesome. I’ll take a ummmmmmm a Beautifly, a Wigglytuff, and a Jinx.

    Boss: Okay... I’ll submit your orders immediately.

    Tom: You better

    Franky: Shut up.

    Boss: Will you idiots stop quarreling, a hah the Pokemon are here. Remember you can snag Pokemon and they will be sent back here. The only way to get Pokemon is your Ranger Scouter’s which only allows you to take control of the Pokemon temporarily.

    Tom: Great we still have to use those things.

    Franky: Yay circles.

    Sam: Ahem, boys I think we shall be going now.

    Boss: Thank you boys, be off now.

    Sam: Now lets start with the investigation of the old laboratory. The Pokemon Research Center.

    Tom: And how do you suppose we get there?

    Sam: Well, we can fly there on your Salamence.

    Tom: Are you serious?

    Franky: Guys I went and used my Ranger Scouter and just caught two Pidgeots.

    Sam: Thank you Franky, let’s go.

    Tom: I could’ve done that.

    Sam: I’m sure you could.

    Tom: Shut up.

    Sam: Well, we’ve arrived at the lab, place is a wreck.

    Tom: We need to find the research papers though.

    Franky: Wouldn’t Cipher have the papers? Unless we can access an Old Computer with the papers on it we can’t get them.

    Sam: Fine we’ll find a computer then.

    Tom: You mean like that one.

    Sam: Yes like that one, now lets take that back with us to the laboratory.

    Franky: One problem, I let the Pidgeot go.

    Tom: You idiot. Now Sam’s gonna make me take the computer back on my Salamence have me Snag some Pidgeots for you guys then come back here.

    Sam: No I don’t trust you. I’m going.

    Tom: What!!! No way. I’m going.

    Sam: Fine if you really want to....

    Tom: You tricked me.

    Sam: Oh no you insisted.

    Tom: Catch you later.

    Franky: Bye buddy.

    Tom: Shut up!

    Narrator: Tom headed back towards the laboratory on his Salamence with the computer in hand. Franky and Sam waited for his return, hoping he would return.

    Episode 2- Team Miror B.’s Return

    Narrator: Tom came back with the info two days later. He did not have the Pidgeot and he looked torn up and worn out.

    Sam: What happaned?

    Tom: I went back to the lab and got the info. I got the Pidgeot you asked for and started heading back when all of a sudden I saw them.

    Sam: Saw who.

    Tom: Miror B.

    Sam: An old admin of Cipher who later created a Pokemon Team known as Team Miror B. It was said that he was in hiding. Starved to death. And was never seen again.

    Tom: I saw him alight. His team has grown from him, Trudly, and Folly to hundred’s. He has gained every single Pokemon. I was flying back and he ambushed me. I had Salamence fight back, but no good, one of his members sent out a Jinx and froze Salamences wings. I sent out Sharpedo and had him use hydro pump against the Jinx. I then returned Sharpedo and made a run for it on Salamence.

    Franky: Your alright aren’t you?

    Tom: Yeah I’m fine.

    Sam: That still doesn’t explain what happened to the Pidgeot.

    Tom: They snagged them.

    Sam: They have snag devices! What kind?

    Tom: Old fashioned ones.

    Sam: How....

    Franky: So there after you?

    Tom: Yeah so we better start moving. Though it may not be easy since we have to move on foot.
    Sam: We’re traveling underground.

    Tom: How?

    Sam: Dugtrio.

    Franky: YAY!!!

    Tom: Do it fast.

    Sam: These Dugtrio used to do work on Cipher Bases. They’re very fast.

    Tom: Well let’s enter the tunnel they started building and get a move on.

    Sam: Good work everyone we’re at the end of the tunnel.

    Miror B.: Welcome to my base. I didn’t think I’d see you again.

    Tom: How’d we end up here?

    Miror B.: I followed you, I have my sources.

    Sam: Miror B. You’re going down, how bout a battle.

    Miror B.: Go my two Ludicolo.

    Sam: And I will choose Blaziken and Dusclops. Now Blaziken, Sky Uppercut the Ludicolo in front of you and use Fire Spin at the same time.

    Miror B.: Not cool man you fainted one of them. Now Ludicolo use Hydro Pump on his Blaziken.

    Sam: Seems now were even.

    Miror B.: Stop acting so high and mighty. Ludicolo, attack Dusclops with Hydro Pump.

    Sam: Dusclops, Flamethrower.

    Miror B.: A double knock out. You’re the 1st one to beat me in 10 years. I finally get my act together and you have to come along and ruin it. Bye.

    Tom: Sam...

    Sam: Yes Tom, do you want to thank me for running him off for you.

    Tom: No you’re a loser. And thanks.

    Franky: Awwww how special

    Tom: Shut up Franky!

    Franky: Okay.

    Sam: Now we must get on the move and rescue the XD Pokemon.

    Tom: Hmph.

    Narrator: Our heroes now with new information go down the road to there next destination.

    Chapter 3: Snaggers in Disguise

    Narrator: The Snaggers, now away from Miror B., are back on the path to rescuing the XD Pokemon, but they don’t want Miror B. To catch them, so they’re going to lay a little low for a while.

    Sam: Alright team, we should be in disguise.

    Franky: Can we be Pokemon Princesses

    Tom: No you idiot.

    Sam: I was thinking for along the lines as becoming Pokemon Rangers for our disguises.

    Tom: Got it. So if we become rangers, we’ll be able to travel to other places to get closer to the Pokemon, without them suspecting it.

    Sam: Yes and quickly to.

    Franky: Well theres a station up ahead. It says so on my map.

    Sam: Then lets go.

    Narrator: In the Pokemon Rangers Office, they met with the leader to apply for a job.

    Sam: We would really like the job.

    Pokemon Ranger Leader: Well, I think you three can have one.

    Franky: Yay, thanks.

    Tom: When do we start?

    Pokemon Ranger Leader: Right now. 1st mission, catch the lost Ralts in the forest.

    Sam: Will do leader. Bye.

    Narrator: The three entered the Mysterious Forest. In search for Ralts.

    Tom: We’ve been searching for hours and haven’t found a thing.

    Sam: Just keep looking.

    Franky: Looking for what.

    Tom: The Ralts.

    Franky: Like the one we just passed?

    Tom: What!!!!

    Sam: There I see it. Time to catch a Ralts. Ranger Stylus, activate. One, two, three circles and caught. Lets take him back to boss.

    Tom: Lets.

    Franky: How do we get back.

    Sam: Like this, Ralts, teleport.

    Narrator: Back at the HQ.

    Pokemon Ranger Leader: Good work crew. You’ve proven yourselves. Get ready for a big day tomorrow.

    Narrator: Another days went by in the life of the Pokemon Snaggers.

    Edit: I added discription to the parts. I also added Episode 3.
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    It would be nice to have some description. Who are these characters? What do they look like? Where are they from? Pure dialogue may work if we're already familiar with the characters, but not with OCs, and even with familiar characters, it has to be done well.

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    u cant really put descryption in a script.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kater
    u cant really put descryption in a script.
    Sure you can. Ever hear of stage directions? They're basically notes about what a scene should look like, general notes about characters (for example, if a character is supposed to be blonde), and notes about what characters should be doing while speaking their lines. Scripts aren't all lines, after all.

    Try looking up some real scripts on Google (such as this, for example) to see how it's set up.
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    Thanks, I'm still looking for editors also tell me how you like ep. 2

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    I added the next Episode. Final edition will be up on Wed.


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