After the downfall of 1000 years after the events of "The Clash of the Titanus Duo", A giant tsuami (CoR)/shadow void (SoR) almost destroyed (but wasn't affected) the region of Romin. They say it's because of a "man" who defeated the monster known as Posidalave (CoR)/Hadiaura (SoR). Some say it's not. The tragic cause may be caused by a man with an army of evil slaves. But what we know is after that, a monster destroyed the army, and making the evil man into stone, sending him into the bottom of Abyssal Sea. The monster who turn the man into stone is somewhat a King from myths told from Abyssal Tomb (now called abyssal ruins) located in Undella Town in the discovery of Unova, found by Sears Undella, the king of Romin. The family was lead down to the present day, with the son of the Mayor of Romin being the Champion (uses Ghost types) who was called Deasly (the son). But now, at the present, the tragic cause by a evil man and his team of goons and minions might be happening by the next few weeks....and the 10 yr old boy named Zack who is about to start his journey might be the saviour of the upcoming well as being the champion, obviously.

New Update!: The Titanus Duo/soon to be trio

Posidalave (CoR only) The Current God Pkmn

Type: Water

Sig move: Current Blast: Sucks the Pkmn in and crushes pressure, damaging the opponenet, even sometimes to freeze to it (50%)

Hydro Tide: Hits every Pkmn (except the allies, due to kindness) to cause hugely massive damage.

Hadiaura (SoR only) The Shadow God PKMN

Type: Dark/Ghost

Sig move: Shadow Suction: Sucks the PKMN in and devour the soul, making sure the PKMN is damaged enough. It even makes it paralysed (50%)

Soul Blast: Hit every enemy PKMN with evil cursed demons and ghosts touching them, causing massive ammounts of damage.