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Thread: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region - Latest: Chapter 8

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    Default The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region - Latest: Chapter 8

    So, my idea here is to novelize all of the main stream games (like Firered, HeartGold, Emerald, etc.) At the moment, I've started work on two of the stories which are Johto (based on Gen 2 and it's remakes) and Unova (based on BW). So, here's the Johto story. Feel free to leave comments, I'll be posting a table of contents so people can use that to find each chapter.

    Issues I know I have in the story:

    1. Blazes gender seems to spontaneously change during some chapters. - I am currently working on revising the previous chapters (as well as re-spell checking and so on other chapters), but for the life of me, I just can't seem to spot all of the moments when Blaze's gender is incorrect. I'm not sure what chapter I started making Blaze female before the revisions, but with the revisions I am trying to make Blaze female. I do know that the gender problem stops at chapter 8, as the chapter 1 revision (where I cemented Blaze's gender) was done before chapter 7 (though that doesn't mean I did it right in chapter 7...)

    2. There seem to be plotholes involving the Champion of the League. - The champion was originally Lance as in the games, but I ended up revising that on accident in chapter 1's revision. I'm still trying to work on fixing that in all later chapters. I think I have it all patched up, but if I don't, I apologize. Please feel free to tell me which chapter you noticed this inconsistency in so I can fix it.

    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1 *you are here*

    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Chapter 8
    *more chapters to come*

    Chapter 1

    Why is everyone always talking about the Kanto Region? I'm not kidding, all of the stories seem to come from there. Stories of two kids who defeat an evil organization. Stories of one kid who travels the entire Kanto Region and enters the Pokémon League just to get shot down after the preliminaries. Heck, they used to make a TV show a while back and that was about Kanto as well. Everything seems to always be about Kanto. Why is it never Johto, or Hoenn, or for fuck's sake even Sinnoh? Why is it always Kanto? What's so special about Kanto that it gets all the attention? Well, I'm going to fix that here and now. My story is about Johto.

    Of course, most of you have probably heard that and immediately put the book down now. After all, who gives a fuck about Johto? Well, I do! I grew up there, my journey occurred there, and a lot of stuff happened on my journey there, so I care about Johto. So, here's my story, the story of my journey through the Johto Region, and if you're not a self-righteous bastard who thinks Kanto is the only place where things happen, then keep reading.

    . . .

    My story begins on the day I was going to start my Pokémon journey, but before that, let me indulge you for a moment. In case you don't know, the Johto Region is set directly to the west of the Kanto Region. In fact, we're actually connected to the Kanto Region through the Tohjo Falls on Route 27. They're not that far away. In fact, my hometown, New Bark Town, connects directly to Route 27. That's right, I grew up in New Bark Town.

    Like Pallet Town, New Bark Town has a motto that also basically means we are the starting place of most trainers. To be honest, though, very few trainers ever start here. We're also very akin to Pallet Town in that we have very few houses but lots of land. In fact, if you can count the fact we lived five minutes away, my next door neighbor was Professor Elm. Course, that depends on what you consider "next door".

    Professor Elm, though, was a nice guy. We talked regularly, and while he was nice, he was also a huge Pokémon geek. He knew a lot about Pokémon and was known for rambling on and on about them without even realizing it. I guess you could say he was akin to Professor Oak from Pallet Town in that regard.

    Now, before I could start my Pokémon journey, I had to go to school to be a trainer. The school for that is in Violet City, which is one reason I question New Bark Town's motto. After all, it seems like more trainers start in Violet City then anywhere else. In fact, that's where everyone gets their starters. You see, when you go to school, you have to pass a few exams. One is a written exam to show that you understand what you were taught in the school. Another is a sort of classroom exam, you basically sit in a chair, a question shows up on a screen on the wall, and you type your answer into the computer in front of you.

    Now, the two exams are actually very different, while the written exam tests your knowledge of things such as potions, revives, when to use them and how, the classroom exam is different. It gives you an image and you have to answer things like "When does this Pokémon evolve?" or "How does this Pokémon evolve?" or even "What Pokémon is this?"

    Now, I did all right on those two exams. I did better on the written one, but I still passed the classroom exam. After that, there were two more exams you had to take. The first was an exam that tested your knowledge of battling. Based on your answers from the previous exams, you were given a set of Pokémon. You battled another trainer of about your level and they would determine how well you understood the art of battling. If you passed all three of those exams, you got to the final exam, catching Pokémon.

    Based on how well you did in the previous three exams, they would give you a single Pokémon and a single pokeball. You were then sent up against another Pokémon they felt you deserved to own. You were tested to see if you could catch it, and if so, you got to keep it. If not, well, you got your Trainer ID, but you didn't get a Pokémon. Unfortunately...I kind of...failed that one.

    It wasn't my fault, though, honest! I would have been fine if the Pokémon had been anything other then a Misdreavus...I don't like ghost-types, but apparently they thought it was the one that matched me. I tried to catch it, I really did, but I just...couldn't do it. Ghost-types scare me... But because of that, I was handed my Trainer ID and told I did good, but then was sent back to New Bark Town without a Pokémon.

    I was really upset about it, and what made it worse was when my friend, Ethan, came home the next day with a Marill. He and I had been friends since we were really young, and we went to the school together, but he succeeded in catching the Pokémon he was sent to catch...I failed. This upset me for a while and I didn't even want to talk to Ethan for several days afterwords. I did realize, though, that it wasn't his fault. After all, he wasn't the one who had sent against a ghost-type against me.

    We patched up our friendship afterwords, of course, but it still bugged me that I hadn't caught a Pokémon. That is, until one day, Professor Elm came to our house. He told me he could give me a Pokémon, but under one condition, I would have to sign some papers and claim myself as his assistant in his lab. However, he told me that that would simply be a front. I wouldn't be helping him out very much, and I would be free to do what I wanted unless he absolutely needed me. However, I did have to understand that if something came up and he had to call on me, I had to come to him.

    I agreed, reluctantly. What else could I do? I didn't have enough money to buy pokeballs, and even if I did, I didn't have a Pokémon to use to weaken any Pokémon I ran into so I could use the balls. It would be like going to the Safari Zone, except much more dangerous because standard wild Pokémon aren't tamed like they are in the Safari Zone. Besides, I was certain that whatever Professor Elm gave me would be better than any standard wild Pokémon.

    And that leads me up to now, or rather than, when I started my journey. It was early morning, no later than about 8 o'clock. I had gotten out of bed, showered, and was getting ready to start my journey. I dressed myself in a simple outfit, a spaghetti-strap, black shirt and a pair of blue jean shorts. The shorts were kind of short, though, as they only came down a little on my legs, but it's not like they were so short that I might as well have just been wearing underwear. There was legs to them, just not much.

    I then stood at my mirror and examined myself over. I liked the outfit I was wearing, but I knew something was wrong. If I had gone out like that, my mom would have had a fit, and not because of how short my clothes were, but because I hadn't put on a bra. I actually opened one of my dresser drawers and stared, trying to decide if I really wanted to put one on or not. I really didn't, those things are uncomfortable. I decided I would try to hide it instead and grabbed a jacket out of my closet.

    The jacket was my favorite out of the ones I owned. It was a red one, and was short-sleeved. It wasn't a heavy jacket either, just a simple thing meant for nothing more than being pulled on over a standard shirt. I then walked over to my mirror again and started tying up my hair. For the last three years I had kept the same hairstyle, two little pigtails in the back. Once I was done I smiled and nodded, I was just missing one thing.

    I reached across my dresser and grabbed a red and black cap off of it. This was one of my favorite hats as well, and since I was wearing my favorite jacket, why not wear my favorite hat as well? I pulled it on, examined myself in the mirror once more, then turned to walk out of my room and down the stairs.

    "All set?" my mother asked as I came down the stairs. She was standing there waiting, and I wondered why. It's not like she was going with me or anything. Maybe she just wanted to see me off? I don't know.

    "Yeap," I spoke with a smile.

    My mother's eyes seemed to stare at me, and I swear she was looking deep into my soul. It was kind of an odd feeling, but one I was used to. She did this a lot, and it always worried me when she did, because it usually meant she was displeased with something. "You're seriously wearing those clothes?"

    "You bought them for me, you can't complain too much."

    "True." Mother reached forward and grabbed my jacket. "But I can complain about this." She pulled one side of my jacket down. "I bought you bras, why don't you ever wear them?"

    I groaned. I knew that was coming. "Because they're uncomfortable, and they're not necessary." I pulled my jacket back up.

    "Not necessary?" my Mother asked, as if horrified by the statement. "Do you want the world seeing your boobs?"

    "No, but I have a shirt on, it's not like they can."

    "Not exactly, no, but your boobs may stick out of your shirt if you're not wearing a bra."

    "Rather have them stick out then have my bra stick out. It looks really bad when you can see a girl's bra through her shirt. Besides, I wear loose clothes for a reason, Mom."

    Mother grumbled and sighed. "I still think you should wear a bra."

    "Mom, I'm not wearing one, okay? I'm 18, I can make my own choices now, and you can't even say 'as long as you live under my house, you live by my rules' because I won't be living here anymore. I'm leaving to go on my journey, I'm becoming an adult. It's my choice what I wear now, okay?"

    Mother sighed again. "Fine..." she spoke. "I won't complain as long as you're wearing panties."

    "M-Mother!" I shouted in embarrassment. "You know I wouldn't be caught dead not wearing them."

    Mother smiled and nodded. "Good. I don't want you following after the example of that Kanto girl from three years ago."



    Amanda was the current Kanto-Johto Pokémon League Champion. She was a strong trainer, and it's said that her and her boyfriend fought and defeated an evil organization three years ago. I don't remember their name, though. What I do know is that she is famous for not wearing panties and then wearing a short skirt. She's also known for riding her Charizard everywhere, which of course means everyone can see right up her skirt while she's flying around. I had no interest in anything like that happening to me, not one bit. Course, I wore shorts not skirts, but still, the point still stands.

    "Obviously, I'm not that stupid, Mom."

    "I know..." my Mother spoke with a sigh. "I just...don't like how you flaunt your body..."

    "I don't 'flaunt' my body, Mom. I'm just not as modest as you." Which was true. I wear low-cut, loose stuff, she wears...a full body dress with an apron. Sometimes I wish my Mom wasn't so modest. I mean, does she have to wear a full body dress? Can't even be a dress that ends at her knees? Maybe a V-neck shirt or something? "Besides, it's not like I'm running around naked, right?"

    Mother looked like she was about to panic at those words. "I guess you've got a point there." She and I giggled a little and I stepped towards the door. "Oh! Before you go! I bought you this." She reached over and grabbed a brown purse off of a nearby table. "I thought you might like to have a new purse, since your old one got ruined."

    Since my old one got ruined...ha! That's a funny statement considering that it wouldn't be ruined if she hadn't taken a meat cleaver to it...but that's a story for another time. I smiled, took the purse, and hugged her. "Thanks, Mom."

    "Oh! One last thing!" Mother reached into her pocket and pulled out a small red device. "Your Pokegear came back from the shop this morning. They said it should work perfectly fine now."

    Should work perfectly the last three times they said that. I'll probably boot it up and it'll blue screen again. Oh well. "Really?" I took it and strapped it to my wrist, then booted it up. Sure enough, it seemed to work fine. "Awesome! It does work!" I turned up to look at my mother again and was surprised to see her smiling yet a tear was rolling down her cheek. "You okay?"

    "It's just...I've been waiting for a long time for this day to come...and now it's finally here...and I don't want it to be."

    "I know, Mom." I smiled and hugged her. "I'll miss you."

    "I'll miss you, too, Kotone."

    We stayed in that embrace for a few moments, I can't tell you how long exactly, and then finally separated. I walked over to the door and pulled my shoes on, then opened it. "I'm leaving now." I smiled as I turned back. "Good-bye, Mom."

    "Good-bye, Kotone."

    I walked out after that. However, I hadn't gotten far at all. In fact, I had only just shut the door and taken two steps, when a blue blur smacked into my chest shouting, "Marill!" I fell to the ground and looked down at my attacker. It was a blue ball that had a white underbelly and small circular ears at the top of its head. It had a long squiggly tail that led to a blue orb at the end. It was Ethan's Marill.

    "Arceus damn...ETHAN!" I shouted.

    Immediately, Ethan came running towards me. "Sorry, Kotone!" He reached down and picked up his Marill. Ethan had his standard backwards hat on. His was black like mine, but where the red in my hat was, his was yellow. He also wore a red jacket and black knickerbockers, which are kind of like sweat pants only they only go down to your knees.

    "Can't you keep that damn thing under control?" I grumbled as I sat up. Damn it all, Marill's attack had caused my jacket and one of my shirt straps to slide most of the way down my arm. I pulled the shirt strap back up, then pulled up my jacket.

    "Sorry, Kotone, but she really likes you."

    Likes me, my foot. "Ethan, she attacks me every time she sees me. On top of that, I've seen the way she looks at me. She has that 'Stay away from my man' look on her face."

    "Nah, she could never be like that, right, Marill?"

    Marill gave a cute squeak and I groaned. That was pretty typical. She would attack me, then play all cute an innocent to Ethan so he would never suspect anything. "Whatever, I don't feel like arguing about it right now...I just want to get to Elm's and get my Pokémon..." I stood to my feet. "I'll see you later, Ethan." I waved as I walked away.

    I spent a few minutes walking to Elm's. Like I said early, to get there is like a five-minute walk. No one lives close to each other, and each house is at least a minute away, if not more. As for Elm's, his was a fancy lab sitting on its own with acres of land in all directions. His family lived on the top floor of his house, and he had stairs on the outside that led down. He did that on purpose, actually. His wife is quoted as saying "If the stairs were inside, he would never leave his lab to come see his family." The very fact the stairs were outside kept him from staying in his lab all day.

    I walked towards his lab, when I noticed something. There was a red-haired kid standing at the far window, peering inside. I quickly walked over. "Hey! You! Kid there!" I shouted. He turned to look at me. His hair was long, at least shoulder length, and he wore a black shirt with red trimming and purple pants. "Yeah, you, what are you doing there?"

    "None of your business." That was all he said. He then turned back to the window.

    None of my business? Like hell it wasn't. That was my neighbor's window he was looking through. "Hey, I wasn't done talking to you!" I stepped over and grabbed his shoulder.

    "Fuck off, lady." The boy threw his shoulder back, making me let go.

    "Did you just tell me to fuck off?"


    I growled. "Well, I have no plans to. That's my next-door neighbor's house you're looking into."

    "Well, good for him."

    What the hell was with this guy? "Listen here, kid-"

    "No, you listen," the boy spoke and turned towards me. "You're being annoying, so get your whiny-ass away from me."

    Annoying? Whiny? Ass? Oh, he did not just say those things. "No!" I shouted.

    "Fine..." He reached his hand forward and before I knew it, my hand had been grabbed, twisted, and then shoved behind my back. My entire body had been twisted around in a single move, and my back was now to him. "Will you leave now?"

    "Fuck no!"

    The boy growled again. "If you won't leave..." He pulled down on my arm and I felt myself buckling and dropping to my knees. Then, before I knew it, my shorts had been dropped down to my knees.

    "Strip me all you want, but I'm still not leaving until you tell me what you're doing!"

    "Really?" the boy chuckled. "In that case." He pinned me to the ground and I began to feel my jacket being pulled on. Soon he had pulled it off of my free arm and was now pulling it down my other arm.

    "Houndour, attack!" I heard a voice shout. The boy let go of my arm and jumped to his feet, but when he did, I heard the sound of my jacket tearing as he pulled on it. I watched him take off as two black dogs with skulls on their heads and bones on their bodies ran off after him. I saw my jacket in his hand, one of the sleeves had been torn completely off. He let go of the jacket a moment later as he continued to run. It pained me to watch the dogs then charge over my jacket, shredding it with their claws.

    "Why?!" I whined. "Why my favorite jacket?"

    "Kotone, are you okay?" I heard the voice from before speak and I looked up. It was Professor Elm! He was wearing his usual white lab coat along with a blue button up shirt underneath and a pair of green pants. His glasses were set oddly on his face, and I wondered if they had gotten jumbled in the excitement. He soon corrected that.

    But now the question comes...did I look fine? I mean, my shirt was mangled, my shorts were down at my knees, my jacket had been shredded...Did I look fine? Did he really think I was okay after that? I sighed. "I'm fine," I spoke and pulled my shorts back up, then adjusted my shirt. I then pulled off the remainder of my jacket off my arm and then walked over to the rest of the remains. I lifted it up and sighed. "My jacket is ruined..."

    "Maybe my wife can mend it?"

    I held it up, showing the many many holes the Houndour had made in it. It looked like swiss cheese. "You think she can mend this?"


    "I didn't think so..." I sighed. A moment passed and the Houndour came rushing back. One of them had a shred of the guy's pants in its mouth. "Well, I guess he got some of what he deserved."

    "Bad dog, don't buy people's pants off," Elm corrected the Houndour and it gave its sad little puppy face. After a short moment, the two of use stepped into Elm's lab. His lab was full of all kinds of gizmos and gadgets, half of which I had no idea what were or what they did. A computer sat on one side and a small circular machine sat on another side. He showed me to that one.

    "In this machine are three pokeballs, however, before I give them to you, I must confirm that you are okay with being my aide. As you know, I can't give you a pokeball unless you're willing to help me with my research."

    "I know, Professor, I'm fine with it. What is it you need me to do?"

    "I need you to go to my friend on Route 30. His name is Mr. Pokémon. He's always prattling on about this thing or that thing, but this time he claims he found something genuinely strange. He wants me to examine it."

    "So you want me to go there and get this 'something' from him?"

    Elm nodded. "Correct."

    "Fair enough."

    Elm nodded. "All right, then. Assistant!" he called for someone else, who came walking in a moment later. He was carrying a fire extinguisher. "First off is this one, Chikorita." He opened the circular machine then pulled a small red and white ball out of it. He held it forward and it opened, unleashing a red light then turned into a green plant-like Pokémon. It had a long leaf on the top of its head. "This one is very energetic and loves to fight."

    He then pulled out another pokeball and opened it, releasing what looked similar to a blue alligator. It had a white V-shaped chest piece and it yawned as it came out. "This is Totodile, This one is actually a bit lazy, which is odd for Totodiles. Most are pretty energetic." He then reached for the last ball, but he did so carefully, as if worried it would bite his hand off.

    When his hand took hold of the ball, he held it forward. "This one is Cyndaquil." He released the Pokémon from the ball, and the moment it appeared, it breathed in deeply and began to shoot embers from its mouth. Elm quickly returned the Cyndaquil. "That one is always scared..." I noticed Professor Elm's aide was now running around with the fire extinguisher, hitting each of the embers. Elm sighed. "Unfortunately, every time I release it, it lashes out like that."

    I looked over the two Pokémon in front of me, then looked up at the pokeball in Elm's hand. "Maybe all it needs is a good trainer?"

    "Are you saying you're willing to try to train it?"

    I nodded and smiled. "Yeap."

    "A-all right, if you're sure." Elm held the pokeball out for me and I took it. I knelt down and released the Cyndaquil.

    "Hello, little one, I'm your new trainer now." I should have realized that it would lash out as soon as it was out of its ball. Embers flew out of its mouth and I jumped back. It caught one of the straps of my shirt and snapped it. I quickly put the flame out before it could do any more damage. I then had to wonder...why was everything going for my clothes all of a sudden? Does Arceus hate me or something? Was he trying to tell me "You shall not go on a Pokémon adventure!" I groaned and grabbed hold of the Cyndaquil.

    The moment it was in my hands, it curled up in a ball. It was scared, and I could feel it shaking. However, this finally gave me a good chance to look at it. It was a blue creature with a long mouth...or maybe that was its nose? It had a cream-colored underbelly, and four red spots on its back. I had noticed that when it used a fire attack, the spots had burst into flames for a moment, so I hoped it wouldn't do it again, since the spots were against my stomach. "There, there, you're a nice little fire Pokémon, aren't you? You don't need to be scared of me. I won't hurt you." I pet it a little. "I need a nickname for you, little guy."

    "Actually, that one's a girl," Elm spoke up. "Totodile's the only male of the bunch."

    "Really? That's interesting." I continued to pet Cyndaquil for a moment. "What should I call you? You're a cute little fire-type so...maybe Blaze? That sounds like a good name." Cyndaquil squeaked, as if approving. "Blaze it is, then."

    "Interesting...Kotone, could you do me another favor?"

    "What is it?"

    "Could you, by chance, keep that Pokémon out of its pokeball? I'm curious about how the interaction between a Pokémon and its trainer works when the Pokémon doesn't stay in its ball."

    "Sure, Professor, as long as Blaze doesn't burn the rest of my clothes." I snuggled Blaze and surprisingly, it seemed like it was trying to snuggle back. Elm seemed to stare at this.

    "You just got it, yet it seems to really like you already."

    "Maybe I just have a way with Pokémon?"

    "Perhaps..." Elm said that slowly, then stared at me and Blaze a moment longer. He then seemed to snap back to reality as he quickly pulled his eyes away from Blaze and looked up at me. "Well, you should be heading on to Mr. Pokemon's place now."

    I nodded, then set Blaze on the ground. "Come on, then," I spoke to her. "We're about to start an adventure." I then stood up and began to walk out the door. Much to my surprise, Blaze followed behind without a problem. And that was it, that was how my journey started. I had no idea what lied in store for me on this journey, I could only hope it would be an enjoyable one.
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    Default Re: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region

    Chapter 2

    "Route 29 is not nearly as short as I had assumed it was..." I spoke as I glanced around me. This part of Route 29 looked completely different then what I was used to, and I had found myself lost. Of course, I never would have admitted such a thing. "No worries, though, Blaze, I know right where we are."

    "Cyndaquil," Blaze responded by folding her arms over her chest. She obviously did not believe me.

    "Honest!" I stated with a smile as I held up my pokegear. "See? It has a map on it that will tell us right where we are!" Now, I guess I should explain a bit more about what a pokegear is, as I didn't state much last time. A pokegear, or Pokemon Gear for its full name, was a high-tech watch that acted as a radio, map, phone, clock, and much more, all in one handy portable device. Think of it as similar to the CrossTransceiver, but basically the predecessor of it. Although, unlike that, the pokegear didn't have video calls, just standard phone calls.

    I held my pokegear up and pressed the map button on it. The entire thing was touchscreen, so it was really handy. However...mine had a major program glitch in it. Usually, it either died if I tried to load something up, or if I just tried to turn the gear on itself. The moment I loaded the map app, the entire thing crashed and showed a blue screen displaying a long and technical error message.

    "Stupid thing! I thought they fixed this!" I turned it off and back on, then tried to load the phone and it did the same thing. "Argh!" I grabbed it off my wrist and tossed it onto the path behind me. "Fuck this shit!" I sighed and hung my head in defeat. "We're lost..."

    I hadn't been wallowing in defeat for long before I heard a voice call out to me. "Excuse me, are you lost?" I turned my head up, only to find myself staring down an elderly man. He was mostly bald, though he did have a small beard and some gray hair that hung down from the sides of his head. He wobble towards me on his cane, his back bent over in his old age.

    "Y-yeah, a little..." I stuttered a bit.

    "Where are you going to? Perhaps I can help."

    "Cherrygrove City? Some guy named Mr. Pokemon lives near there?"

    "Oh! That's where I live! I'll show you the way!" The old man turned and began to walk off. I had to stop and stare for a moment as he seeme to walk at a much faster pace then one would expect for an old man with a cane. In fact, he seemed to be walking at normal human speed, if not faster. "Come along now," he called. I guessed he had noticed I hadn't followed him yet.

    And what else could I do? I was lost, and probably would never find my way there on my own. Despite the fact that I have travelled the route several times myself before, I had somehow gotten side-tracked into a path I hadn't known. I didn't know how I had gotten there, or how to get back to the right path, but this old man seemed to know. So, what else could I do? I followed him.

    And I followed him...

    And...I followed him...

    Finally, after we had walked about twenty minutes, I began to wonder where we were going. Had I gotten myself that far off the path? Or was he not going back to town? In fact, I was pretty certain I had seen that tree we had just passed at least three times before. Yes, it definitely looked familiar. A tall tree with a strange curly branch, standing on its lonesome apart from the other trees in the area. When we passed it for a fourth time, I spoke up.

    "Old man!" I shouted. "We're walking in circles, aren't we?"

    "Yes," the old man replied so nonchalantly that it about made me trip.

    "If you're lost, then how the hell are you supposed to help me get unlost?"

    "Me? Lost?" The old man seemed hurt that I would even suggest such a thing. "No dear. I simply walk this path ten times every day. Since you caught me in my morning walk, I figured I'd finish it before heading home. It's a nice long path, and it keeps my old bones nice and strong." Strong was certainly right if he was managing to walk at the pace he was walking at with his cane. The question was, though, why did he need the cane if he walked so well? Whatever...

    "I need to get to Cherrygrove City, though. It's important I get there as quickly as possible."

    "Really? Well, in the case, just take the path." The old man pointed behind me and I whirled around to see...a path...that led right into Cherrygrove City. I could even see the buildings from here plain as day.

    "What? But...we weren' did..." I stammered as I tried to formulate a question, but I couldn't seem to actually do so. "You know what? Forget it! I'm just going to go." I started to walk forward.

    "Oh, miss, I think you forgot something." The old man held out a small red device. It looked similar to my pokegear. I reached out for it and grabbed it up. It WAS my pokegear! What the hell?

    "My pokegear? When did you pick it up?"

    "A while ago."

    "I threw it away because it didn't work..." I strapped it onto my wrist, staring at it. Something seemed different about it now.

    "I'm sure you'll find it works perfectly now."

    "Yeah, right," I spoke with thick sarcasm, "and my name is Elizabeth Taylor." I pushed the map button and, sure enough, the map loaded up just fine. "What the hell? It works?"

    The old man smiled. "It was just a simple programming glitch. I fixed it for you."

    "But how did...I never..." I sighed and turned away. "Never mind..." Things were all too strange already, and I didn't really want to press it any further. I walked away, making my way into Cherrygrove City.

    Now, don't let the name fool you. Cherrygrove City was nothing more then an overly embellished town. It had a few houses here and there, even an apartment complex, and it had a few stores as well, but there wasn't much more to it. It was more like a large town then a true city. Of course, nothing can compare to the size of Goldenrod City or Saffron City. For that matter, Saffron City pales in comparison to the monster of a metropolis that Goldenrod City is. Goldenrod City is the home of the ten story radio tower that covers all of Johto, after all.

    "First order of business!" I declared once Blaze and I were in the center of the town. "I need to buy a new shirt and jacket." I was getting a little tired of having my shirt hanging down on one side. It looked pretty bad, to be honest. "After that, it's on to Mr. Pokemon's." We walked to the nearby clothing store and stepped inside. I found another black spaghetti strap top that I liked, as well as a nice red jacket. This one, though, was a mini jacket. It only came down to my stomach, and the sleeves were even shorter then the last one. As well, it didn't close in any way, and was much to small to even reach around my chest to close even if it could. Which is actually interesting as much chest isn't that big either, so the jacket must have been designed that way on purpose.

    In either case, I liked it, so I bought it up with the little money I had. I then changed and headed out. "All right, let's head down Route 30 to find Mr. Pokemon."

    Now, this is where my journey starts to get a bit interesting. Route 30 was full of Pokemon, moreso then Route 29 was. They weren't very strong Pokemon, but they were still wild Pokemon. As well, Route 29 had people that usually worked to keep the majority of the tall grass, which is where Pokemon were most common on the path, cut down. This allowed for easy travel without worry of being attacked by wild Pokemon. However, while Route 29 was travelled a lot by people from New Bark Town who had to get their daily needs from Cherrygrove City, Route 30 was travelled mostly by trainers. Because of this, the grass wasn't cut as much, leaving a lot of tall grass for Pokemon to wander through.

    It just so happened that Mr. Pokemon's house was also off the main path, meaning there was even more places for wild Pokemon to appear. Needless to say, we had many encounters along the way, but our first was the most memorable. We had just started down the path when I heard a shuffling noise behind me. I turned around just in time to see a purple rat in the tall grass. "Rattata!" the rat shouted, barring it's two large buck teeth at me.

    "Oh my gosh!" I screamed and jumped back. "A rat! Kill it, Blaze, kill it!" I shouted. Yes, I was absolutely terrified of a little Rattata. It wasn't even that big, maybe a few inches at best. Blaze, however, looked at me with a look that seemed to say 'That's not an attack, Kotone'. I groaned. "'s a Pokemon. I have to battle it, don't I?" I sighed. "Blaze, use Ember!"

    "Cynda-QUIL!" Blaze shot several embers forward at the Rattata, but it simply lept to the side.

    "Damn, fast little sucker," I spoke and stared at it. The Rattata pulled itself back, looking like it was going to attack. I smirked. "Blaze, give it a head-on Tackle!" Blaze and the Rattata immediately charged at one another, slamming head first into each other. For a moment, neither flinched, but then, the Rattata's eyes swirled and it fell backwards. "That was awesome!" I knelt down and pet Blaze's head. "Good job, Blaze."

    Of course, we had other encounters after that, but it would take too long to tell you all of them in detail. I'll just say that by the time I got to Mr. Pokemon's house, I was sick of fighting. "Are we finally here?" I groaned as we stepped out of the tall grass and into the well trimmed grass around Mr. Pokemon's house.

    His house was a pretty quaint place from the outside. Nothing special really to describe. I walked up to the door and knocked. "Hello? Anybody home?" I called out.

    The door opened and i was greated by a man wearing a very well-kept suit and tie. He was an elderly man, though not as old as the man I had seen before. He wore a hat and had gray hair with a beard and moustache that he kept well trimmed. The moment he stepped into the doorway he asked, "Why didn't you just walk in?"

    "Wh-what?" I asked, unsure of how to answer such a question. I mean, who does that anyway? Just walk into people's houses without knocking or anything.

    "Never mind, come on in." The man smiled and stepped inside, holding the door for me. I stepped inside. It was a quaint little house, not very big at all. It was obviously built for one person and no more than that, as there was a table in the middle of the house and the kitchen was on the far side. A computer sat near the table and a television sat near the door. A bed lied against one of the walls, and aside from that, there wasn't much else to the house.

    "Are you Mr. Pokemon?" I asked.

    "That I am. Well, Mr. Pokemon isn't really my real name, but it's what everyone calls me. People like to refer to me as a 'Pokemaniac' but I'm not really sure that fits. Honestly, I just love Pokemon."

    I smiled. "Well, I'm Kotone from New Bark Town."

    "Oh?" Mr. Pokemon blinked a couple of times. "Oh!" he shouted and turned around, rushing over to a cabinet. He didn't speak a word as he began rummaging through the cabinet, frantically searching for something. Soon enough, he had found what he was looking for and brought it over to me.

    It was a small glass container of some kind with a yellow base and a yellow dome at the top that had a button on it. The entire container was tinted, so you couldn't see into it. "This is what I want Professor Elm to look at." He set the container on the table and I walked over to it.

    It took me a moment before I realized what I was looking at. "Wait, a Pokemon egg?"

    "Not just any Pokemon egg." Mr. Pokemon pushed the button and the tint seemed to immediately fade away, revealing a large white egg with red and blue markings on it. "I think it may be a new species, one we've never encountered before. Professor Elm is the expert on Pokemon eggs, so i wanted him to examine it."

    "Then I should take it to him right away."

    "Before you do that, let me have a look at you," a second voice spoke and I turned. It was at that moment I saw a second elderly man standing there. He was older then Mr. Pokemon, but still younger, at least in looks, then the first old man. He, of course, had gray hair and lines on his face that showed his age. However, he stood tall and strong, wearing a labcoat with a red shirt and khaki pants. I stared at him for a moment, then pointed a finger at him.

    "Pr-Professor Oak?!" I shouted.

    You see, Professor Oak is accredited as being the "Number 1 Pokemon Professor". He knew everything there was to know about Pokemon, or rather, he knew everything that WAS known about Pokemon at the time. He could tell you everything, like when they evolved, how they evolved, what levels they learned attacks, what number they were in the Pokedex, everything! Of course, he also designed the Pokedex himself, so of course he would know what Pokemon were what numbers.

    Of course, if you don't know, the Pokedex is the Pokemon Encyclopedia. How they got "Pokedex" out of that, I haven't the foggiest, but regardless... It was a high-tech piece of machinery that could tell you anything you wanted about Pokemon, from their height, weight, footprint, type, you name it. It even gave fun little facts about each one as well. For example, one of my favorites is about Hypno where it says "When it is very hungry, it puts humans it meets to sleep, then it feasts on their dreams." It's one of my favorites because its creepy.

    Now, Professor Oak was standing in front of me, staring at me. I didn't mind at first, but as his eyes began to move down my body, I suddenly became very aware of how little I was wearing. I knew I had to be blushing now as thoughts began to move through my head, thoughts like "What if he doesn't like me?" or "Why did I wear these clothes today?" I even began to wonder if he would notice that I was suddenly feeling naked in front of him, and if he did, what would he think of that? Would he hate me? Would he call me a slut for wearing so little? Why was I meeting such a high prestige professor like him for the first time and presenting myself like this? I felt like an idiot.

    "You seem like a really strong and nice young woman," the Professor spoke up after a few moments. He didn't think I was a bad person after all? I felt very relieved about that and gave a sigh of relief. "Oh, sorry, did I embarass you?"

    "A-a little..." I spoke as I looked away.

    "Well, don't be too embarassed," Oak smiled with that statement. "You have the looks of someone whose potential could rival, or even beat someone else I knew three years ago."

    Three years- Did he mean- No, he couldn't have been talking about Amanda, could he have? I had to be certain. "Three years ago? Do you mean Amanda, sir?"

    "The one and the same."

    "You think I have the same potential as her?"

    "Perhaps even more."

    I felt...happy, I guess you coul say. Professor Oak was supposedly able to see the potential of any trainer he came across, even before they got their first Pokemon. Of course, he could see their potential, not see how they would use that potential. It's said he's seen many trainers with great potential who do nothing with it. "And to prove it," Professor Oak began as he reached into his labcoat pocket. "This is a Pokedex." He held out a small red device to me. "Amanda had one of these as well. As you may know, the Pokedex Project is not yet finished, as there are many Pokemon we know nothing about. As such, I am only giving these out to the people with the potential to be great trainers." He smiled and put it right in my hand. "I'm giving one of them to you."

    OhmygoshohmygoshOHMYGOSH! That's what I was thinking at that moment. My mind was racing, trying to process what the Professor had just said. He had told me I had the ability to be a great trainer, but even so, I doubted. Yet, just seeing the pokedex now in my made me think I may have the potential after all. I quickly gave him a bow and just barely squeaked out the words "Thank you." It was then that I realized a bow was probably not the best thing, as it meant he would see right down my shirt. I mentally smacked myself in the head. I was doing such a great job so far of not screwing up a first impression with him, and then I had done that.

    Yet, Professor Oak didn't even take notice. In fact, now that I think about it, Amanda wore a tube top and mini skirt, so she wore even less then I did, and Professor Oak had no problems with her. Maybe clothes didn't matter to him? Maybe he really could see passed a person's physical body and see the potential inside of them.

    "If you'll excuse me, I have to get going to Goldenrod City. I fear I may have stayed too long already, but I simply had to meet you, Kotone. Mr. Pokemon was telling me all about how Professor Elm speaks so highly of you."

    "H-he does?" I squeaked and Oak nodded. "A-and you really stayed just for me?" Oak nodded again. I squeaked again and Oak chuckled.

    "Farewell, old friend," Oak spoke before giving Mr. Pokemon a friendly hug. "Farewell, Kotone," he said with a smile to me. Professor Oak walked out of the house and I stared as he went. I then turned back to the egg.

    "I should get this to Professor Elm right away."

    "Why not take a rest for a bit?" Mr. Pokemon smiled. "You and your Pokemon look like you could use a rest."

    "That's nice of you, but I simply couldn't-" I reached for the egg as I was talking, then the next thing I knew, everything went black.

    I found myself slowly waking up with a groan. I didn't know what had happened, or why it had happened, or even where I was now. As I slowly sat up, I examined my surroundings. I can't say I was expecting anything to be familiar, mostly because I wasn't even sure what had happened. As it turns out, though, it was familiar. I was lying in Mr. Pokemon's bed. "What happened?" I asked myself before looking myself over. I noticed my hat, jacket, and shoes were off. I guess I'm not that surprised, though. I wouldn't want someone's dirty shoes on my bed. Hell, I wouldn't even want my own shoes on my bed. I then noticed one of the straps of my shirt had slid down, but that made sense. If I had been asleep, I probably shifted a bit. That reason alone is one reason I never wear anything loose to bed. Of course, I also can't remember the last time I wore anything to bed at all.

    "Mr. Pokemon?" I called out again as I pulled the strap up. I hopped out of bed, making note that Blaze had been sleeping nearby as well. She seemed to be sleeping happily, but once I had called out the second time, she had awoken as well. I noticed the egg case was still sitting on the table, so I began to make my way over to it. As I picked it up, I noticed a note under it. "What's this?"

    "'Dear Kotone,'" I began to read, "'you should be more careful of what you're doing next time. Don't let stress get the better of you, otherwise you might faint again. Luckily I caught you before you hit the floor. I lied you on my bed so you could sleep better. Your hat and jacket are hanging up by the door, and your shoes are by the door as well. Please be more careful next time, okay? Fainting isn't good for your body. If you need me, I'll be in Cherrygrove for the rest of the day. Signed, Mr. Pokemon.'"

    "Well, that was sweet of him, I guess." I turned to where my jacket and hat were hung up. "Not sure I like the fact he took off some of my clothes, though." The thought of an elderly man taking of my clothes made me cring, and I hoped that was all that had happened. I stepped over to my jacket and pulled it off the rack and pulled it on, then slipped my shoes back on. Finally, I tossed my hat onto my head and opened the door. "All right, Blaze, let's go."

    RING RING! Not even a moment passed before I heard my pokegear go off. I looked down at my wrist and hit a button, forgetting to even check the ID on it. "Hello?"

    "KOTONE!" Professor Elm screamed the moment I answered. "COME QUICKLY! IT'S TERRIBLE! NO, IT'S HORRIBLE! NO, IT'S A CATASTROPHE!"

    I winced. He was shouting so loud I was having to hold my pokegear away from my face. "What's wrong, Professor?" I tried to ask over his screaming.

    "It's...oh no..." Those words were spoken with a tone of grief, as if something very precious had been stolen, or someone had died. "KOTONE, COME QUICKLY!" That was it. That was the entire conversation. Professor Elm hung up the phone right away, ending the call, leaving me in a state of panic. What had happened? What was so absolutely terrible?

    "Let's go, Blaze," I spoke without even looking at her. I immediately took off, and I can't even recall whether I closed the door behind me or not. All I knew was, I was running as fast as my legs would carry me. I remember Blaze hopping onto me because she was having trouble keeping up. All I knew, all I cared about, was getting home.

    "Ouch!" I shouted as I fell to the ground. I had ran into something. No, it wasn't something, it was someone. I was in the middle of Cherrygrove City now, there were a lot of people. It must have been a someone. "Sorry!" I looked up to see who I had run into. "YOU!" I shouted. It was the boy from Professor Elm's lab. The one who had tried to strip me and that Elm had chased off using his Houndour. I had run into him, quite literally.

    The boy smirked. "Well, we meet again, girl."

    "My name's not 'girl'. It's Kotone."

    He stared at me like I had two heads. "Kotone? Really? You don't look Japanese."

    "I'm not, my parents just liked the name. What does it matter to you anyway?"

    The boy shrugged. "Nothing, I suppose, though it is such a waste."

    "A waste?"

    "Giving a girl like you a Japanese name when you're not even of asian decent."

    I growled. "Yeah? Well, fuck you!"

    Silver stared at me again, as if the statement had amused him. Then I noticed, he wasn't staring at me at all. He was staring at the egg in my hands. "What's this? An egg case?" He reached down and snatched it right from my hands. I tried to resist, but he was strong, just as strong as last time. Well, I hadn't been on my journey for even a day, so I suppose that makes sense. He hit the switch, causing the case to light up so the egg was visible. "Pathetic." He tossed it aside and I quickly leaped for it, just barely catching it in my hands. This seemed to intrigue him. "You care for something as worthless as an egg?"

    "Worthless?" I shouted. "I'll have you know this egg is very important!"

    "Important?" The boy tried to stiffle a chuckle, but he couldn't help but laugh at that comment. "Please, tell me another one."

    "It's true!"

    "Is it now?" Quick as lightning, he snatched the egg out of my hands. "Tell me, how important can something be if it can't even defend for itself?"

    "Give me that egg back!" I didn't even care to respond to his statement, I just wanted the egg back.

    "Certainly." The boy held the egg out, but before I could take it, he pulled it away. "Under one condition. Best me in a one-on-one Pokemon battle. Unless, of course, you're too weak and scared." He said that last part in a mocking tone.

    "I'm not weak, and I'm definitely not scared! Blaze, go!"

    "Go, Totodile, show her what you're made of!" Totodile appeared from it's pokeball, and I had to stop and stare. This one looked exactly like the one from Elm's lab. "Destroy that Pokemon!"

    Totodile readied itself for battle. "Blaze, use Tackle!" Blaze dashed forward, striking the Totodile hard in the chest. After a moment, the Totodile turned back to its trainer. It looked confused.

    "Well? Attack! What are you waiting for?"

    "Blaze, Tackle again!" Blaze lept forward, striking the Totodile hard in the head.

    "Why aren't you fighting?!" the boy shouted, stomping the ground. The Totodile whimpered, and I called Blaze to stop.

    "It's not attacking because you haven't given it a command."

    The kid froze. "I...I knew that! I was...testing you! Totodile, use that...water spray thing you have!"

    "You mean Water Gun?" I asked flatly. Seriously, did this guy know anything about Pokemon?

    "Of course I meant Water Gun! What do you think I am, an idiot?" Could have fooled me. "So, use it, Totodile!" His Totodile stared at him.

    "You know, if your Totodile doesn't know Water Gun, it can't use it."

    The boy growled. "Worthless...absolutely worthless!" He tossed his pokeball hard at the Totodile. I wouldn't be surprised if it sustained an injury from being hit in the head so hard. Of course, the Totodile returned to its pokeball. "I don't need a worthless Pokemon that knows nothing to deal with you." He was on me again. His hands reached forward and gripped me. Blaze jumped to defend, but he kicked her away. "Farewell, girly." His foot swung around, and I remember falling to the ground.

    "It's Kotone!" I shouted as I tried to flip myself and kick at him, something I had never done before, and absolutely ended up failing at. He grabbed hold of my leg in an instant, then twisted it around, forcing me flat on my chest again.

    "You're a fiesty one, I'll give you that much." I heard him chuckle. "I like that in a woman." I felt his hand grab hold of my wrist and I felt my arm being twisted behind me. "Since you're giving me so much trouble, I'll have to deal with you, but how?" I think that was when I began to feel genuine fear about this guy. Last time we fought, he had tried to strip me. I had been saved by Professor Elm, but he wasn't here now. His voice was also becoming very sinister, almost crazy sounding. "Oh, I know." I heard something hit the ground, I could only guess it was the egg case.

    I then felt a hand grab onto my shorts. Once again, he dropped my shorts down, but that wasn't enough. No, instead of just pulling them down, he pulled them right off. "There's no one here to save you this time."

    "I don't need anyone to save me, bastard!" I tried to shift and felt one of my legs free itself from under him. I quickly swung it around, kicking him square in the face. I felt his grip immediately release, and I jumped to my feet. "Now, give me that egg."

    "Like hell." Silver snatched the egg back up, and I quickly tried to snatch it back. I pushed him to the ground and the egg rolled away. I quickly rushed to collect it, but I felt the boy grab hold of my leg. "You...are really...getting...on my nerves..." he hissed. His hand gripped my jacket again, and I tried to pull away.

    "What's going on over there?" I heard a voice call out.

    "Shit!" The boy jumped to his feet and took off, leaving me lying on the ground.

    It was only a moment before Officer Jenny appeared on the scene. Officer Jenny is the head cop of Cherrygrove City. In fact, the head cop of every city is an Officer Jenny. They all look very similar, having the same blue hair and all wearing the same blue police uniform. "Are you all right?"

    Am I all right? I had to honestly ask myself that as I stared at her. I was half stripped AGAIN, beaten up a bit, and the egg I was sent to collect could easily be scrambled by now. Did it seem like I was all right? "Yes," I sighed and fixed my jacket. Luckily, all he had gotten off me was my shorts.

    "Are these yours?" Officer Jenny held out my shorts.

    "Yes." I quickly snatched them up and pulled them on. Now that the fight was over, it was a little embarrassing to be in my panties.

    "Who was that kid?"

    "I wish I knew..." I sighed and went to pick the egg up when I noticed something else. A small photo ID card was sitting on the ground next to the egg. It must have fallen out during the fight. When I picked it up, I noticed it was his. "Says his name is 'Silver'." Silver...who calls their kids 'Silver'? It's about as bad as Red, Green, and Blue from that one Pokemon manga.

    Officer Jenny snatched the card out of my hands, then tore it in half without a thought. "It's fake, and I bet the name on it is, too." Wait...did she really just do that? She tore up someone's ID card without a thought? Wait...she did say it was fake. I inquired about that. "That's right. I'm guessing he made it himself. Probably didn't earn his ID, so he forged one instead."

    "Makes sense why he knew nothing about Pokemon." I turned back to the egg. I carefully lifted it up, inspecting it for damage. After seeing a small crack on the case, I opened the case and pulled the egg itself out. "Good, no damage." I gave a sigh of relief and placed it back in the case.

    "I'm sorry about that."

    I waved my hands. "No, it's not your fault, Officer Jenny. I'll be fine as long as he gets caught soon."

    Officer Jenny nodded. "We'll definitely do our best to catch him."

    I smiled and turned away. "Thank you." I had to hurry. I needed to get back to Professor Elm's!

    "Professor, I'm back!" I shouted as I opened the door to his lab.

    "Ah ha!" I heard a voice shout which made me jump. "The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime!" I noticed the voice was coming from a police officer who was standing next to Elm. "You must be the one who stole it!"

    "What?!" I shouted. "I didn't steal anything!"

    The door flew open again as Ethan stumbled in. "She's telling the truth! The kid who stole the Pokemon was some ginger kid with long hair. I thought he was a girl at first..."

    "Wait...a ginger kid stole something?" I turned to Ethan as I asked that. "What was stolen?"

    "A Totodile, ma'am," the officer spoke up.

    "A Totodile?" I almost screamed. "I just fought a ginger kid with a Totodile. Looked almost exactly like Professor Elm's, too. Silver! That's what his trainer card said his name was."

    "Silver, eh?" The officer wrote something down in a notebook. "All right then, I'll check this out, then." He tipped his hat. "Good day, everyone." He then walked out.

    I just...stared. That was really all I could do. He seemed so non-chalant about learning who the culprit was. "Thanks, Ethan," I spoke with a sigh.

    "For what?"

    "Coming to my rescue...essentially."

    "No problem." Ethan smiled. "Well, I'm off." He turned and left. Had that really been all he had been here for? Just to say I wasn't the culprit? Well, I guess that was still nice of him. I turned and walked to Professor Elm.

    "Sorry about that..." Elm slouched down into a chair. He looked absolutely hideous.

    "No problem. Just take a break." I smiled and sat down in another chair. After a few moments, Elm recomposed himself and he stood to his feet.

    "Sorry... What was it Mr. Pokemon had for me?"

    I held out the egg. "He says its somehow special."

    "Special? looks like any other Pokemon egg." Elm took the egg and sat it on a table. "Thank you, Kotone, I'll look into this."

    "Your welcome, Professor." I stood up. "Oh! I got to meet Professor Oak as well. He gave me a Pokedex." I pulled the pokedex out and showed it to him.

    "R-really now?" Elm seemed to take on a paniced expression from that. I stared at him for a moment, wondering if something was wrong. After a moment, though, he cleared his throat, regaining his composure. "Sorry...if Professor Oak gave you that, he must think you have great potential."

    "That's what he said."

    Elm nodded and took on a serious expression. "Then it's settled! You must take the Pokemon League Challenge!"

    "What?!" I shouted. Elm, you don't make decisions for people just like that! That's what I was thinking, anyway.

    "If Oak thinks you have the kind of potential to give you a Pokedex, then you have to be able to do it. Besides, it's what you wanted, right? To see the world?"

    "I guess that's right, and challenging the League would get me that. But I have to get the eight badges first..." I sighed and shrugged. "Why the hell not? I'll give it a shot."

    Elm smiled. "Then you'll need some pokeballs." Elm pulled out some pokeballs from his pocket and handed them to me. "Now, you're ready. Good luck, Kotone."

    I smiled and took the balls. "Thank you, Professor." I turned to the door and opened it. When the door opened, I had a new sense of purpose, a new desire to be strong. You could say, that was when my journey really began. All right, Pokemon League, watch out, cause I'm coming!
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    Default Re: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region

    This is looking pretty good so far! I rather like the tone, light-hearted, but with a hint of seriousness.

    However (as there always seems to be one) if you don't mind, I would like to give you some constructive criticism.

    First of all, please proofread/let someone proofread your writing, as I've seen a fair amount of mistakes that could have easily been avoided (Some minor grammatical errors and most noticeably the sudden gender change of Blaze)

    Second, in some instances you could try to show instead of tell to keep the readers attention. As a reader you will be able to derive feelings/emotions/thoughts/etc from the context. Take this sentence for example '"Cyndaquil," Blaze spoke, giving me a look that suggested it knew I had no idea where I was.'. It could be worded differently to suggest that Blaze doesn't trust her trainer too much, at least not when it comes to leading them to Cherrygrove

    Lastly, writing is also leaving things out. In Chapter 2, you don't have to completely describe Totodile again, as you already did so in Chapter 1 and the reader most likely still remembers it. Of course you can mention some physical traits, but a full description is not necessary

    And something that's both in the 'leaving things out'-department and the editing/proofreading; Take '"Route 29 is not nearly as short as I had assumed it was..." I spoke as I sighed.'. It would be sufficient to simply say '"Route 29 is not nearly as short as I had assumed it was..."I sighed.' Plus, no matter what teachers say, there is nothing wrong with the word 'said'. So you don't constantly have to use 'spoke' (of course, you don't want to overuse any of them) I found this sometime ago and it was rather helpful to me, it might come in handy for you as well (

    Anyway, I hope this critique will help you and I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
    And I nearly forgot, I like the little nod to the way the female PC's are dressed in the games and the protagonist's comments on that (I mean, you've heard many a fan wish they would be a bit more covered)

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    Default Re: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region

    Thanks for the criticism. Actually, that's why I'm posting it here, because I want that ^^ As you've said, Blaze's gender changes throughout the story. It's something that I've tried to fix before, but despite re-reading the story 3 times, I still seem to have areas where it pops up. I do a lot of my own proofreading, but I'm kind of bad with grammar, so even then I have a lot of grammatical errors. I can, however, say that the redescription of Totodile was something I forgot about. I had actually completely forgotten that I had described Totodile in chapter 1, and thus felt like I needed to describe it in chapter 2. Maybe I'll go back and fix that sometime. I've also already wrote up to chapter 8, so while I like your criticism, you won't see any of it being used until after that (unless I decide to go back and re-write previous chapters). However, I may have another go at proofreading, as I've seen some errors as I was re-reading through the story the other day. In either case, though, thanks for the criticism ^^

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    Default Re: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region

    Don't worry, that's okey. I wouldn't do that either, to be honest XD But an extra proofread is good, just to get some of those little, easily fixable things out. One I noticed (unless this is a to me unknown idiom) was '"Bad dog, don't buy people's pants off,"'. Pretty sure that should be bite?

    But indeed, you simply just sometimes don't catch little mistakes, no matter how many times you check. That's where another proofreader comes in handy. I think there's a thread somewhere with people offering to proofread stories for you, but I'm not sure where/if they're currently taking on more work

    Anyway, no problem

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    Default Re: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region

    This chapter contains REALLY mature content.

    Chapter 3

    "This is it, Blaze, we're back on Route 29," I spoke as I stared out at the route in front of me. "Let's try not to get lost this time..." I quickly checked my pokegear to be certain it was working, it was. "You ready?"

    Blaze rose up on her hind legs and her back ignited as she gave out a happy sounding "Cyndaquil!"

    "Good." I reached down and scooped her up, setting her on my shoulder. "Let's get going then." We stepped forward onto Route 29, but we had barely taken any steps before I heard a voice.

    "Marill!" It was Ethan's Marill and she was charging straight at me.

    "Cynda-QUIL!" Blaze unleashed a small burst of embers which stunned Marill more then they hurt her.

    "Marill!" Ethan shouted as he rushed up to the stunned Pokemon. "You can't keep running away like that...I know you like Kotone, but still..."

    "For the hundredth time, she hates me," I spoke very flatly.

    Ethan shook his head. "I don't know...if she did, why would she run to you all the time?"

    "She tackles me, Ethan. If she liked me, she wouldn't keep trying to attack me."

    "Don't some people do that, though? They tackle people they like?"

    I shook my head. "That's a glomp, not a full blown tackle."

    "I still think you just don't understand her."

    I sighed. "Whatever."

    There was silence for a moment as he both stared away from each other, trying to think of something else to say. "So, how did your meeting with Professor Elm go?"

    "Good. He said he'd be looking the egg over for the next couple days."

    "So that's what you got? A Pokemon egg?"

    I nodded. "It was quite an adventure, too."

    "How so?" he asked. I made me think for a moment. Did I need to tell him everything about it? Sure, why the hell not. I told him everything that had happened from the start of the day till this point, which was now about midday. "That' this Silver guy really did all of that?"

    I nodded. "Yeap, would have done more if it hadn't been for Elm and Officer Jenny."

    Ethan sighed. "Some guys...they make the rest of us guys look bad. I mean, we're not all out for sex, you know?"

    "Some less then others, I'd say." I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself close to him. He seemed to become a bit nervous at that.

    "I-I just think it should only be done with people you really like is all."

    "And what if someone really liked you and wanted to do it?"

    Surprisingly, he didn't blush, he just looked away. "I-I would still need to really like them back."

    "What if it was me?" Why the hell did I just ask that?

    Ethan still didn't blush, but instead, he closed his eyes, grabbed my arms, and lowered them. "You're a friend, Kotone...I wouldn't want to ruin that."

    "So, because we're just friends, you'd never fuck me?"


    Well, he had a point. I mean, it's probably not a good idea to have random sex with just any friend of yours. On the other hand, I had always considered Ethan and I a little more then just friends. "What if I just wanted to be your girlfriend?" Straight forward and to the point...great job, Kotone...great job...

    "I-I don't know...I mean, you're a really close friend. We've been friends since we were kids. I don't think I'd want to ruin that."

    So, he wouldn't want to be in a relationship with a friend? Or does he mean he just doesn't want to be in a relationship with me? I shrugged. "Well, it's not like I'm saying I want to or anything. I was just curious." Big, fat, hairy lie.

    "Of course," Ethan stated very non-chalantly.

    "But, of course, there's nothing wrong with friends hugging on occassion, right?" I asked that question as I once again wrapped my arms around his neck.


    I pressed my entire body against him, trying to be as close to him as possible. I figured it would make him at least blush a little, but instead, he just stared at me. "You're boring." I let go of him and stepped away.

    "Boring? How so?"

    "I'm making advances on you and you're not even reacting! It's boring!"

    "H-how would you expect me to react?"

    "I'd expect you'd at least blush or something."

    Ethan sighed. "Sorry..." I felt his arms wrap around my stomach. "I'm weird, I know..."

    I smiled. "Weird is never a bad thing." I didn't want to move away at that point, and I hoped he wouldn't let go, but of course, with all things, they must end eventually. He let go of me and I turned to him.

    "So, what are your plans now?"

    "I'm off to Violet City for the first gym."

    "Challenging gyms, huh? Be careful, the trainers in the Pokemon League are very strong. They won't be defeated so simply."

    "Of course, that's the point of the gyms, to prepare you for it."

    Ethan nodded. "You'll also need more than just your little Cyndaquil, too. That means catching more Pokemon."

    "I can catch Pokemon just fine! That test at the school was just set up so I couldn't pass." It was, too, or at least I insisted it was. As I explained earlier, you had to pass four tests to become a Pokemon Trainer. I passed three, but if you recall, I stated that I failed to catch a Pokemon during the test. Well, let me explain that a bit more.

    . . .

    It was the final test, and I stood in the small grass arena that they use for all of the battle and catching tests. I was standing on one side of the arena, while a school official was at the other side. "Are you ready, Kotone?" the official called out.

    "Ready!" I pulled out the pokeball they had given me. Inside of it was a Nidoran, the female version to be specific. Why does that matter? Well, Nidoran come in two kinds: Male, which are purple and have long horns, and Female, which are blue with smaller horns. Both creatures have large heads and small bodies, and the males have much larger ears then the females do. They both also have many small points that come off their body, all of which are poisonous to touch. I tossed the pokeball forward, releasing my pokemon.

    "This is your test. Misdreavus!"

    Misdreavus? They were making me fight a ghost type? I believe I said it before, but the Pokemon you face is dependant upon how well you did on your previous exams. Ghost types, well...I had never heard of anyone fighting a ghost type before, at least not as the creature they were expected to capture as their starter. I balled up my hands as the small gray ghost appeared in front of me. Despite the fact the Pokemon can be male or female, it has a very feminine look to its face. It also wears a very gaudy necklace made up of rubies around its neck, and below that, its body just kind of fades away.

    "This is your challenge!"

    I felt the eyes of the entire school on me, and I froze up. To be fighting a ghost-type as your starter...that was definitely unheard of. Ghost-types are powerful, but beyond that, they're tricky as well. Even great trainers have trouble catching them. "All right, Nidoran, let's do this! Poison Sting!" Nidoran rushed forward and stabbed the Misdreavus with its horn, but it barely even reacted. Instead, it smiled and its eyes flashed a deep red. The next thing I knew, Nidoran was lashing out all around her.

    "Nidoran!" I shouted. That must have been a Confuse Ray. "Nidoran, shrug it off and give it another Poison Sting!" Nidoran turned to the Misdreavus and rushed forward, only to trip over its own feet and collapse to the ground. "Nidoran!"

    "Mis..." the Misdreavus spoke quietly and floated over Nidoran. Its eyes began to glow and a wave of psychic energy flowed out from it. Nidoran roared as its power drained from it, and after a moment, it stopped moving.

    "Nidoran!" I rushed forward and picked up my Pokemon. "This isn't fair!" I shouted. "Ghost types are too powerful for a beginner like me. You also gave me a poison-type which are weak to Psychic moves, and that was clearly Psywave!"

    The official shrugged. "It was what you were assigned. If you cannot catch it, you will fail the test."

    I turned angrily to the Misdreavus and drew out a pokeball. "I'll catch your damn ghost, then!" I tossed the ball...and promptly missed. I dropped to my knees. There was no way, just no way.

    . . .

    And that was it, I had failed the test, plain and simple. Not only had I failed the test, but I hadn't even been given a chance to succeed in the first place. How was I supposed to fight with a Poison-type, which Ghost-types are resistant to? Not only that, it knew Psywave! I was weak to that! I had to have been set up. I just had to have!

    "It did seem a little unfair," Ethan spoke in reply to what I had previously said. "But do you think you would have done any better against anything else?"

    "Yes! And I can prove it, too!" I turned and noticed a small Sentret walking by. A Sentret is a squirrel-like creature with a long brown and cream stripped tail. It's body is circular, and it has a large cream underbelly. "Watch! Blaze, Ember!" Blaze unleashed a burst of embers on the Sentret, who immediately retaliated by charging and slamming head-first into Blaze. "It wants to Tackle? Fine! Tackle it back!" Blaze rushed forward, slamming hard into the Sentret's chest, which made it roll back a bit.

    "Not bad so far," Ethan responded.

    "Just keep watching." I drew out a pokeball. "Go, pokeball!" I tossed the pokeball forward...and promptly missed. "What?!"

    Ethan burst out laughing. "Your aim is just as bad as it was against Misdreavus."

    I growled and pulled out another ball. I tossed it up into the air, and as it came down I shut my eyes. I whirled around, swinging one of my legs forward, striking the pokeball. The ball flew forward, striking the Sentret square in the chest. The ball opened and the Sentret was absorbed into the ball. I smirked. "What was that about bad aim?"

    Ethan stared, completely speechless. "How did you...when did you...WHAT?!" he shouted.

    I giggled. "Looks like I caught a Sentret." I walked over and picked the ball up. "Come on out, little guy." I tossed the ball forward, releasing the Sentret from its ball. It quickly scurried up my leg and onto my shoulder and cooed lightly. "So, what should I name you, little guy?"

    "Foamy!" Ethan piped up. "That would be perfect!"

    I groaned. Foamy the Sentret is a web show someone does of a Sentret who spouts obscene language, and yells at everyone. Apparently Ethan finds it hilarious, but it's really not. "I'm not naming my Sentret after such a horrendous character from an even worse show."

    "But Foamy is funny."

    "Not in the slightest."

    "Oh come on, not even a little?"

    "No!" I spoke up as I turned to him. "Not in the slightest! All he does on his show is berate people, calling them stupid and telling them they shouldn't even exist. If I recall right, he even tells people to shoot themselves on multiple occasions. That is not funny! Death is not funny! People killing themselves is definitely not funny!"

    Ethan looked away. "Well...when you put it that way..." He sighed. His eyes then went wide. "Oh! A Rattata! You should catch it!"

    "Ember!" I shouted and Blaze unleashed a blast of embers at the Rattata. Through our training on Route 30, Blaze and I had learned how to scare off Rattatas with ease, and as soon as Blaze attacked, this one took off at a run.

    "Aww, why didn't you catch it?"

    "Because it's a Rattata, Ethan! I don't do rats."

    "But it gets super strong once it evolves into Raticate."

    "Don't care. I don't want one on my team now, and I never want one on my team."


    "NO!" I shouted so loudly it made Ethan jump. He then promptly tripped and fell over. "Sorry..." I bent down and reached my hand out to him. Ethan's eyes went wide and he seemed to stare at me. "Well, aren't you going to take my hand so I can help you up?"

    "I...umm..." Ethan was clearly not paying attention to my hand. In fact, what was he paying attention to? I followed the path of his eyes, then realized that in this position he could see right down my shirt. I turned a deep shade of red and quickly covered myself.

    "Pervert!" I kicked him and whirled around.

    "S-sorry..." I heard Ethan whimper. That was the most Ethan had ever seen of me. He had never gotten a chance to see down my shirt like that before, but the strange part is, I always wished he had. In fact, I had always thought it would be fun to see him react to being able to see my boobs. Yet, when he had, he didn't react the way I had expected. For that matter, I hadn't reacted the way I had expected. And then...something came over me. I don't know how to explain it, but I felt suddenly very different. My body was suddenly wishing that could happen again, wishing he could see more.

    The next thing I knew, I had grabbed the straps of my shirt and pulled them down, letting my entire shirt drop to the ground. I then turned back to him, my face beat red. Ethan had just gotten to his feet when I did, and with that, I noticed something. A faint red blush was now on his face, the first blush I had ever seen from him. It had taken me getting half naked in front of him before I had achieved that. Somehow, that fueled my desires.

    I began to step closer to him, and as I did, I dropped my shorts to the ground. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my body against his. "You're finally blushing."

    "A-and you're almost naked."

    I smirked. "Why only 'almost'?" I moved my hands down, and with that, my last bit of clothing, my panties, slipped to the ground. I then looked back up at him and stared into his eyes. "I want you, Ethan." I said that so bluntly because I felt like I had lost all of my inhibitions. I felt free, free to do whatever I wanted to do. It was like that feeling you get when you're drunk, but unlike that, I knew very well what I was doing, I just didn't know why I was doing it.

    "K-Kotone, I..." I didn't let Ethan say anything more. I grabbed his jacket and began to slowly unzip it. I then pulled it off of him, then began to move down. I grabbed his pants and pulled them down, then I grabbed hold of his underwear and slipped them down. All he had now was his black shirt, and I looked up at him. I really had no idea what had come over me, but my desires were growing with every move I made. I stood back to my feet, then pushed him over, lying him flat on the ground.

    "I love you, Ethan," were the words I spoke as I knelt down on top of him. I grabbed hold of him, then slowly slid myself down onto him. You know, when it's a person's first time, people will refer to that as "popping your cherry" or some such thing. I want to know why, because it didn't feel like no "pop". It felt like a part of me was being ripped apart. I screamed.

    I think that scared Ethan, to be honest. He quickly moved to take himself out after that, and he backed away from me. "Kotone..." he started, but that was all that came out. I...I was crying. It had hurt, much more then I had expected it to. I hadn't expected anything like that at all, to be honest, and I had just broken down. Not only that, but I was crying because I had done that without really understanding why. Yes, I wanted him, but it had never been that bad before. Why had I done that? What was wrong with me?

    I don't think Ethan knew how to react, because after a moment passed, I saw him run down Route 29, leaving me behind. Blaze and Sentret both tried to comfort me, but even I didn't know what was going on anymore, and I think that scared me more then anything.

    . . .

    Several minutes had now passed, likely about an hour or so. I had continued travelling down Route 29, making my way closer to Cherrygrove City. It was somewhere around the edge of the city when I caught another member of my team. Her name was Sadia, and she was a Pidgey. Pidgey, of course, is a small brown bird Pokemon with two sets of feathers that come off its beak and over its eyes similar to eyebrows. Those, along with a few feathers on its wing tips and its underbelly are all a cream color. She seemed like a pretty intelligent bird, too, but that wasn't really the reason I caught her. The main reason was just the fact she was a bird, and I could use a bird Pokemon on my team.

    It should be mentioned, I ended up catching her the same way. I seem to be incapable of catching Pokemon with the usual method, throwing a ball. However, everytime I've tried to kick the ball, I've not only hit the Pokemon with the ball, but also caught it. I don't understand why, it seems to be the oddest method for catching Pokemon, but hey, it works, so I won't complain. With that, I now had three Pokemon on my team, which meant only needing to get three more for a full team. Of course, I knew simply catching the first six Pokemon I see wouldn't create a balanced team, but hey, a team is a team.

    I gave a sigh of relaxation when we finally reached Cherrygrove City. It was still the afternoon, and I was already tired. I knew I'd need to stop and relax soon, probably for the rest of the day. "Who wants to go to the beach?" I asked and turned to my team. They cheered about as well as you can expect Pokemon to. "All right, then." I gave a thumbs up, and we headed to the beach.

    Cherrygrove City actually has a small beach on the western side of the city. It's a public beach, so lots of people tend to go there. There was, of course, an area to change at in case of Pokemon Trainers who weren't wearing their bathing suits already. Of course, not everyone who did use it was a trainer, but that was the main usage. As I wasn't wearing mine yet, I headed there first. I tossed on a simple red bikini, once again my favorite of my bathing suits. If you haven't guessed by now, my favorite color is red. I'm not going to into any detail on the bikini, though. I'm sure you're already thinking naughty enough thoughts as it is.

    I laid a towel down on the beach, then pulled out a pair of red-framed sunglasses. I pulled them on, then laid back on the towel. "Finally, a chance to relax..." I sighed. I couldn't believe how much stress I had gone through already in just one day. I wondered if every day was going to be like this or not; I hoped not. As I closed my eyes, though, I began to hear shouting coming from nearby. I sat up and pulled my sunglasses down to get a better glimpse. It was some kid dressed in a yellow shirt and blue jeans. He had his hat on backwards, probably thinking it made him look "cool". He sounded angry about something.

    Meh...whatever, let his parents deal with him. I laid back down. "Hey!" I heard him shout. I didn't think he was talking to me, so I ignored him. "Hey, you!" I was going to continue ignoring him until he stepped right above me.

    "Can I help you?"

    "Our eyes met! That means we have to battle!"

    I pulled my sunglasses off and stared at him. "What now?"

    "The Pokemon Trainer Code!"

    Pokemon Trainer Code? The fuck was he talking about? "Look, kid, I went to the Pokemon Trainer School in Violet City, and I don't know anything about a 'Trainer Code'."

    The boy cleared his throat. "The Trainer Code is an unwritten law. It states that any time two trainers lock eyes, they have to battle. And you can't run away or refuse the challenge, either."

    Kid sure talked intelligent for being...what...eight? I don't even know. "Whatever, kid." I put my sunglasses back on. "Can you leave me alone? I'm trying to relax."

    "My name isn't 'kid', it's Joey. Youngster Joey."

    'Youngster' was right. He definitely wasn't that old at all. "Well, Joey, it's been nice meeting you. Bye." I waved to him.

    "Rattata!" Joey shouted and his purple rat jumped at me, pouncing on my stomach.

    "What's the big idea?!" I shouted as I quickly pulled my sunglasses off and whirled around so I was sitting on my knees.

    "Trainer Code." Joey smiled.

    "You know what? Fine, whatever, if I battle you, will you go the fuck away?"

    Joey nodded.

    "Fine! Blaze, Ember!" Blaze rushed forward and unleashed a blast of embers at Joey's Rattata. The Rattata flinched, but seemed mostly unaffected.

    "See that? My Rattata is awesome. It's like he's in the..." Joey pulled out a pair of sunglasses and tossed them on. "Top percentage of Rattata." He kicked his head back and starting shouting "YEAH!"

    I groaned. "Blaze...please, just knock it out for me with a Tackle attack." Blaze charged forward again, slamming into the Rattata. The attack sent the rat tumbling head over heels a few feet. "It's still fighting?" I asked as I watched it stand up.

    "Told you! Top percentage!"

    "Fuck your top percentage! Sadia, give it the biggest damn Gust you can give it." Sadia flew into the air, then begun to summon a small whirlwind. The whirlwind grew larger and larger until Sadia unleashed it on the small rat. I watched the rat swirl up into the air before being flung twelve or so feet away. Before it could move again, Sadia blasted it with a large gust of winds, sending it flying halfway across town. "That's what I think of your damn Rattata."

    "Wow!" Joey shouted. "You're awesome! Even so, I know my Rattata could still beat any of your other Pokemon." He put the sunglasses away. "Can I have your number to call you for a rematch?"

    Did...did he seriously just ask that? Some eight year old kid wants the phone number of some adult he doesn't even know JUST so he can get a rematch later? Whatever...I doubted he even had a pokegear, so I agreed. I was right, he didn't have a pokegear. Instead he had a...cell phone...seriously...who even uses those anymore? I typed my number into his cell phone, then added his number into my pokegear. "There, now will you leave me alone?"

    "Yeap!" Joey skipped off. That's right, he skipped off. Seriously, what was this kid on? I groaned and laid back down on the towel. I just wanted to relax.

    RING RING! The hell? I looked at my pokegear. "The fuck do you want Joey?" I shouted when I answered it.

    "Just reminding you that my Rattata is top percentage."

    "FUCK YOU!" I shouted and turned my pokegear off. That's right, I didn't just hang up, I physically turned the whole damn thing off. Little did I know, this was only the start of the annoyance that would be "Youngster Joey".
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    Default Re: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region

    Chapter 4

    I'll be completely honest with you. My journey through Route 30 and then again across Route 31 was horribly boring. I had a few trainer battles along the way, but there's no way I'm going to tell you the events about every last trainer I fought on my journey. Something like that would be ridiculous. Of course, if the trainer battles are important to the overall story, then I'll go into them, as I did earlier, but otherwise I'm not going to bother.

    However, I will make note that the entire time I trained hard. My Pokemon became stronger with each battle, whether it was battles against wild Pokemon or trainers, we grew stronger. It was after a good while that we came to Violet City. Now, Violet City, for those who are not aware, is actually a fairly old city. Some of the buildings have been around for a century or so, and those that weren't are designed to look as if they were. The city is also known as Violet City because the roofs of the city are all violet in color.

    "We're finally here," I spoke as I sighed, staring at the city. I was tired. It had taken several hours of walking and battling wild Pokemon and trainers to get there, but we had finally arrived. Blaze, Mark, and Sadia were still all standing by my side. "I'm glad we took that rest in Cherrygrove City now."

    Ring! Ring! My pokegear went off. As soon as it did, my hands balled into fists and I slowly rose my arm to look at the name on the pokegear. It was him. For the tenth time since we had left Cherrygrove City, he was calling me. "What the hell do you want, Joey?" I shouted into my pokegear after pressing the "answer" button.

    "Hey, Kotone!" Joey spoke up. "You remember my Rattata, right?"

    "How could I not?" I asked through grinding teeth. "You've only called me about it ten times in the last three hours!"

    "Well, hey, I think my Rattata is different from other Rattata, you know? It's like it's in the top percentage of Rattata."

    Yeah...that was pretty much all he ever had to say every time he called. "Joey...for the last time...I don't care about your stupid Rattata!"

    "All right, I'll call you later!" Joey hung up the phone and all I could do was smack my forehead into the nearest solid object, which happened to be a lamppost.

    "Why won't he just shut up?" I felt Sadia land on my shoulder and gently nuzzle against me. I smiled and pet her. "Thanks, Sadia, you always know how to cheer me up. Too bad I can't understand you guys." I kind of always wished I could understand Pokemon. I loved Pokemon a lot, but it always annoyed me how they couldn't speak in a language humans could understand. What I never did understand was how they each only speak by saying their name, yet they can all understand each other perfectly.

    I sighed and stepped further into Violet City. Now, don't be confused by the name. Violet City isn't really that big. It's like Cherrygrove City isn't all that big, this one was bigger, but still nothing compared to a metropolis like either Saffron City in Kanto, or Goldenrod City in Johto. Any other "city" in either Kanto or Johto pales in comparison to them, and even Saffron is small compared to the monster of a city that Goldenrod is.

    Of course, this isn't Goldenrod, this is Violet City. There's no enormous buildings here, unless you consider Sprout Tower, but even that pales in comparison to the size of the Goldenrod Radio Tower. Of course, even that pales in comparison to the Bell Tower in Ecruteak City, but we'll get to that at a much later time.

    I was here with a mission. If I was going to take on the Pokemon League Challenge, I would need to find the Violet City Gym. So, that's exactly what I set out to do. I stuffed my hands in pockets, feeling like I could finally really relax, then began to walk. Blaze quickly scurried up onto the top of my hat, while Sadia flew next to me. Mark enjoyed walking alongside me, and I didn't complain, I didn't think my body had anymore spots for Pokemon to climb on me anyway.

    We walked for several minutes as we noticed the various stores and the Pokemon Center. We even passed by a school for upcoming Pokemon Trainers. It made me stop and think back to when Ethan and I were going there just a few days ago. Our teacher was some guy that couldn't even talk right. "Learn to catch Pokemon, you will. Train you, I must." That's how he always talked, not even joking. It was like something from that one really famous movie series...what was it again? I don't remember.

    He liked to teach, and he was good at it. In the end, even though he did talk funny, I guess that's what was important. I turned away from the school and began to continue my way further into Violet City.

    Finally, I had come upon it, the Violet City Gym. It was pretty obvious it was the gym as it was very out of place in the city. All gyms had to meet a certain code that the Pokemon Association put together. As such, they all looked almost exactly identical. A large square building with a dome-like roof. Its walls were brown in color, and it had a set of automatic sliding doors as the entrance. I stepped towards the doors, but didn't realize that they weren't opening until it was too late.

    SMACK! I walked right into the doors and fell backwards. "What the...why didn't the doors open?" I asked as I looked up at the doors. There was darkness beyond the doors.

    "Another trainer seeking to try the Violet City Gym?" I heard a voice asked and I turned. There was a boy there, no older then me. He had blue hair that he kept combed forward and it kind of reminded me of a bird's hairdo. I don't know why. He wore a sort of kimono, one made for guys. It was the same blue color as his hair. It was all very traditional, which was standard in Violet City. Everyone dressed traditionally, just like the buildings were built traditionally. The boy had kind of a serious tone to his voice as well.

    "Yes, my name is Kotone."

    "Let me help you up, Kotone." The boy reached out for my hand and helped me up. "My name is Falkner. My father is the Gym Leader here."

    "Really?" I got excited. "Could you tell him that I'm here to challenge him?"

    Falkner shook his head. "I'm afraid that's not possible."

    "Not possible?" I stared at him, confused. "Why not?"

    "My father passed some time ago."

    I gasped and put my hands over my mouth. "Oh..." I looked down. "I'm sorry..."

    "It's no problem. You didn't know." Falkner turned away. "Since my father passed, it has fallen to me to keep the gym going. Before that, though, I had to pass the Pokemon Association's Gym Leader Test. The gym's re-opening will be tomorrow. I would like you as my first opponent, if you dare." With those last words, he turned to me, giving me a cold glare.

    I didn't falter, though, I knew Gym Leaders were serious business, and their biggest trick was to intimidate you into giving up. After all, if they could intimidate you, there was no need to fight, which meant you lost the battle before it even began. "I'll definitely come by tomorrow."

    "Good." Falkner turned away and pointed towards Sprout Tower. "If you would like to train, I hear Sprout Tower is having a challenge. Winner gets some kind of special prize."

    "Really?" I turned to Sprout Tower. It was a big tower, about three stories or so. It, just like every other building here, was built very traditionally. In fact, I think the tower was the oldest thing in the city. "I just might give it a try, then."

    "A word of caution. I hear the tower has been infested with the ghosts of the dead Pokemon who fail the challenge."

    "Wait, what? What do you mean? Pokemon can't die in battle...can they?"

    "In every battle where a Pokemon faints, there is a thirty percent chance of that Pokemon dying. The trainers in Sprout Tower have found a way to increase those odds. Those who lose to them lose their Pokemon."

    "Is that even legal?" I shouted. That didn't sound right at all.

    Falkner nodded. "It is not the fault of the trainer being battled if a Pokemon dies. That is the fault of the trainer who trained that Pokemon. If that trainer fails to train their Pokemon right, they may die." He shrugged. "It's the way things are." I had heard cold talk before, but this guy...this Falkner...his voice was just cold and his words were uncaring. "If you cannot defeat the Sprout Tower Challenge, you have no worth challenging me."

    I made a fist and held it up. "I will defeat that Challenge!"

    Falkner looked at me. "Then prove it."

    "I will!" I quickly stormed towards Sprout Tower and kicked the door open. "I'm here to take the challenge!" I shouted.

    "Are you?" a man in a gray robe asked, stepping over to me. "Then come inside."

    The inside of Sprout Tower was actually fairly interesting. There were wooden fences that separated the different portions of the challenge and ladders that lead up and down the floors so you could access everything. In the center of the tower was a large square pillar. I noticed that the pillar itself was slowly swaying back and forth. "What does that mean? When the pillar sways?" I asked.

    "It means battling is going on ahead."

    "Why is there a pillar in the middle of the tower, anyway?"

    "They say there was a one-hundred foot Bellsprout and it became the pillar."

    "A one-hundred foot- that's insane! How would such a Pokemon become so tall?"

    "No one knows. It is a legend, after all."

    I was not satisfied with the man's answer, but I let it go. "So, how do I begin this challenge?"

    "Climb the ladder before you," the man spoke, waving to a ladder that led up to the next floor. "Follow the path and you will find yourself in the challenge."

    "Is it true what I heard? That Pokemon are known to die in this challenge?"

    The man looked down for a moment before turning to me. "My dear, there is no greater truth. The monks believe that if you are not strong enough, you have no right to train your Pokemon. As such, they will show no mercy."

    "That's disgusting!" I shouted. "Who gives them the right to determine such things?"

    "It is you who give them such rights. By accepting the challenge, you agree that they are right."

    I bit my lip as I turned to my Pokemon. "What do you guys think?" Mark nodded with a rather serious look and Sadia chirped as if she was ready to fight. Blaze was the only one who didn't respond, and I think that was because she was scared. I pet her gently and smiled. "Everything will be all right." Blaze looked at me for a moment before nodding in agreement. "All right, then, we'll do it."

    "Then proceed up the ladder."

    I nodded, turned to the ladder, took a deep breath, then climbed up. When I did, I was surprised to find that I didn't see much up there at all. The second floor of the tower was almost completely empty. That is until another man dressed in robes stepped up to me. "So, you are the new challenger?" he asked.

    I nodded. "I'm here to take the Sprout Tower Challenge."

    "And you understand your Pokemon may die in this fight?"

    "I do."

    "Then let us begin." The man pulled a pokeball from his robes and held it forward. "All right, Bellsprout, let's do this!" He tossed the ball forward releasing a plant-like Pokemon. It looked sort of like a flower in that it had a stalk with a couple leaves and a flower-like head that seemed to be shaped like a bell.

    "Bellsprout, huh?" I smiled. "This'll be easy." I looked at Blaze and pet her. "Hey, want to take out that plant for me with your flames?" Blaze's eyes seemed to sparkle when I asked that. I think she was excited that I was actually wanting her to set something on fire. She immediately jumped off my shoulder. "Then let's do it! Blaze, Ember!"

    Blaze opened her mouth and unleashed a swirl of embers from her mouth. The embers struck the plant Pokemon and set its leaves on fire. It began to squirm as more of its body became covered in flames, and soon it collapsed.

    "Bellsprout!" the man shouted. " wiped out my Bellsprout!"

    "Well, that's what happens when a fire-type fights a grass-type."

    "You are strong..." the man spoke and held out his pokeball. "Bellsprout return." The front of the pokeball began to glow and soon a beam of energy absorbed Bellsprout into the ball. "You are stronger then I. Please, proceed."

    I rubbed the back of my neck. "I...don't know if I'm really stronger then you...It's mostly that I used a fire-type."

    "Please proceed!" the man almost shouted at me.

    "All right, all right, I'm going!" I stepped passed him and under my breath said "Yeesh...some people."

    I'll be completely honest at this point. The Sprout Tower Challenge was, in fact, a waste. The tower was filled with about six of these robed guys. I just started calling them "monks" since they were kinda dressed like them. Every one of them...every last Arceus damned one of them had nothing but Bellsprout! By the time I had reached the top of the tower, and I had faced the last trainer before the leader, I had gotten sick and tired of seeing Bellsprout.

    "You have but one last challenge," the final monk spoke as he returned the third Bellsprout in his party. "Only our leader is ahead now. Alas, he is currently engaged in battle."

    "Is he?" I looked passed the guy to see the open room ahead of me. I could see him, another monk-like guy, but much older. He had a beard, unlike the others, and it was gray. I could only assume the guy was in his eighties by his hunched over stance. It was then that I saw...him.

    "Silver!" I shouted and pushed passed the monk to get to the room.

    Silver turned, giving me a cold glare. "You did well," the old monk spoke up. They had obviously just finished their battle as the Totodile Silver had stolen was still out. "However, you fight too aggressively. You cannot rely entirely on brute-force. You must respect your Pokemon and treat them as your friends."

    Silver turned back to the old man and chuckled. "Seriously? You want me to be friends with these creatures?" He laughed. "How pathetic. You must have gone senile in your old age."

    Wait a the hell did Silver get up here? All they had were Arceus-damned Bellsprout! Totodile, a water-type Pokemon, should have been wiped out by them! What the hell?

    "If you treat your Pokemon with respect, earn their trust, and treat them as your friends, their full power will be unlocked."

    "Feh, whatever you say, old man." Silver turned and stepped up to me. "So, the girl appears before me again." He smirked. "So, what are we going to fight about this time?" He got really close to me and grabbed my shirt. "And will it lead to me stripping you again?"

    I punched him.

    "Get your Arceus damn hands off of me!" I shouted.

    Silver chuckled at first, but then he began to laugh. "I forgot how feisty you are! Please, come at me! I'd love to kick your ass again."

    "You've never kicked my ass!"

    "Haven't I? I seem to recall pinning you down at Professor Elm's, and again in Cherrygrove. Didn't you have to get rescued both times?"

    "Shut the fuck up!" I punched him again, but this time my fist didn't connect to his face, it connected to his hand. He had grabbed my punch!

    "You're not even worse my time. Besides..." Silver grabbed my wrist and spun me around, locking my hand behind my back. I felt him creep his face up to my ear. "It's a little too public here. Maybe next time we'll have some fun." He chuckled and pushed me down. I then felt his foot push into my back. "Later, girl."

    "It's Kotone!"

    "Whatever." Silver shrugged then walked off.

    I stood to my feet to follow him, but the old man called out, "Stop, that's enough."

    I turned, very angry. "What? You saw what he did to me!"

    "Yes. Fighting will only lead to more fighting. Best to stop fighting when you can."

    I growled, but he had a point. "Fine..." I sighed and stepped over to the old man. "You're the leader of this challenge, yes?"

    The old man nodded. "I am."

    "So if I beat you, I'll be done with this challenge?"

    "You will be."

    "Awesome. Let's go, then, Blaze." Blaze jumped forward, ready to fight some more Bellsprouts. Sure enough, the old man started out with a Bellsprout. "Blaze, Ember!" Blaze unleashed a swirl of embers upon the Bellsprout, but much to my surprise, it didn't affect it the way it had the others. The Bellsprout stood strong against the attack.

    "Bellsprout, use Vine Whip." Two long vines extended from the Bellsprout's leaves. It rushed forward and quickly spun. The vines struck Blaze hard.

    "Blaze!" I shouted. That was a grass-type attack, but it had done much more then it should have. This Bellsprout was obviously much stronger then the rest in the tower. "Give it another Ember!"

    Blaze unleashed another swirl of embers, but the old man smirked. "Bellsprout, dodge it by using Vine Whip." The Bellsprout threw its vines upwards, grabbing onto the ceiling of the tower. It pulled itself up and soon was in the rafters.

    "What?" I shouted, surprised to see such a move.

    "Pokemon battles are more then just calling out attacks. Bellsprout, use Vine Whip again, but target the Sentret."

    "My Sentret? But he's not even in the battle!"

    It didn't matter, the Bellsprout threw one of its vines straight down, striking Mark right off my shoulder. "Young lady, any Pokemon you have out is considered to be in the battle."

    "But that's not in the rules of Pokemon Battling!"

    "No, but it's in the rules of our challenge. Bellsprout, Vine Whip the Pidgey!"

    "Sadia, counter with Gust!" I shouted quickly and Sadia jumped off my shoulder and began to quickly flap its wings, creating a gust of wind that pushed away the vine that was aimed at her. "Blaze, use Ember!" Blaze unleashed a swirl of embers straight up into the rafters, but I could tell it hadn't hit the target. "Sadia, fly up there and fight it in the rafters! Use Quick Attack!"

    "Pidg!" Sadia shouted and flew into the rafters at amazing speeds.

    "Bellsprout, use Vine Whip," the old man spoke, and much to my surprise, a set of vines swung down from behind and wrapped around Mark.

    "Mark!" I shouted as the Bellsprout pulled Mark up.

    "You should be watchful of your surroundings."

    "This isn't fair!" I shouted at the old man.

    He just chuckled. "This is a real Pokemon battle. What you are taught in that school, and how you're trained to fight by the 'League' are watered down versions of real battles. In a real fight, you use your surroundings to your advantage, and you only bring out those you want to fight. Also..." I heard a scream that sounded like Mark was in serious pain. "Pokemon die."

    "Mark!" I shouted as I looked up, watching Mark fall from the rafters. I leaped and reached out to grab him, but I failed. Mark struck the ground and his badly beaten body went motionless. "You monster!" I shouted at the old man.

    The old man chuckled. "Monster? No. I treat my Pokemon with love and respect, and they treat me the same way. I don't hold them back in battle, and for that they are happy. My connection with my Pokemon allows me to give them commands without even needing to speak."

    He wasn't kidding either. I saw vines reach across the rafters and grab hold of Sadia. "Sadia!" I shouted. I growled. "Sadia, do whatever you have to do to take that thing out!"

    There was then a great gust of wind that enveloped the rafters. Bellsprout fell from its hiding place and crashed to the ground. Before I could speak again, Sadia dive bombed the plant, snipping it in half with her beak. The old man smirked at this. "Now you understand, don't you?"

    I balled up my fists and a tear rolled down my cheek. "Yes." I looked up at the old man. "I realize exactly what you're trying to show me."

    "Then let's see if that's true. Hoot-hoot!" The old man tossed a pokeball into the air, releasing a small brown Pokemon that was shaped like an orb. It had two small stubby wings on its sides and two large eyes that took up the majority of its face. It's eyebrows were shaped like clock hands sticking up from its eyes and it stood on one foot. No one is sure whether Hoot-hoot has only one foot or not, as it never shows its second leg. "Show me what you have learned."

    "Sadia, let's do this! Quick Attack!" I shouted and Sadia quickly flew down towards the Hoot-hoot. She struck the Hoot-hoot well, but it only bounced a couple of times, seeming to ignore the damage it had just taken.

    "Hoot-hoot, Hypnosis," the old man spoke putting a dark tone to the last word. The Hoot-hoot began to rock its head back and forth, it's eyes glowing.

    "Sadia, don't let yourself fall asleep! Give it another Quick Attack!" Sadia dashed down, slamming hard into the Hoot-hoot, but the Hypnosis had taken its toll already. She didn't have the strength to fly away and collapsed to the ground next to the Hoot-hoot.

    "Now use Peck!" Hoot-hoot pulled its beak back and began furiously pecking at Sadia. I clenched my fists, growling at the furious onslaught of attacks.

    "Enough!" I shouted. "Blaze!" I didn't even have to say anything else. At that moment, Blaze charged into the battle and flame engulfed her body. I watched her tackle hard into Hoot-hoot's back, knocking the bird over. "Don't stop." Those words were cruel, but they felt satisfying in a way. My opponent obviously had no care for how injured my Pokemon were. He would attack until they were dead. That made me want the same thing for his Pokemon. I watched Blaze tackle the the Hoot-hoot over and over, until it was nearly dead. Blaze growled and rushed forward for the final blow, but then... "Enough." Blaze stopped when I gave the command.

    "Why did you stop?" the old man asked.

    "Because I'm not like you." I held out Sadia's pokeball. "Sadia, return!" A beam shot out and zapped Sadia back into her ball. "This fight is over, your Hoot-hoot has taken enough damage. Return it and bring out something else if you have anything."

    The old man smirked. "No, you have passed this test." He clapped his hands and the Hoot-hoot jumped to its feet and rushed back to him. It acted as if it hadn't even been injured in the fight. "I am sorry I was so rough on you, but I had to be sure."

    "'You had to be sure'? Sure of what?"

    The old man shook his head. "I cannot say. Understand, though, that in the next few months, strange things will be happening around you. Be ready." The old man gave a bow. "You have passed the challenge, and as such, you are now eligible to compete in the Violet City Gym." The old man turned away. "I do apologize for injuring your Pokemon, though."

    "Injuring? Injuring?" I shouted. "You killed one of them, and almost killed another!"

    The old man nodded. "I know. I am sorry." He clapped his hands. "Now then, it is time for you to leave." I can't even begin to tell you what happened then. All I know was, one moment I was standing before the old man, about to yell at him, and the next, I was standing outside the Sprout Tower.

    I stared at the almost immediate and rather sudden transition. I didn't understand what had just happened at all. It was then that I turned to the Pokemon Center and made my way there. They usually offered free rooms to trainers, and it was starting to get dark. I had a Gym battle the very next day, so I had to be ready. I spent my night there, thinking on everything that had happened that day.

    My mind kept trailing back to the words of the old man. "Strange things will be happening around you. Be ready." I didn't understand what he meant, but strange things were already happening, so I doubted anything could get any stranger. I was, of course, wrong on that, but I didn't know it then. When my mind finally became too tired to think on these things anymore, I drifted off to sleep. I had a rather naughty dream that night about me and Ethan, and I wasn't surprised when I found myself being rather sticky when I awoke. Needless to say, I showered before I went anywhere else. That leg of my journey was now over, but there was much more to my journey ahead of me.

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    Default Re: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region

    I have read the first two chapters, and I am intrigued to see the direction that this story takes. I am interested by your original way of the journey beginning via the Trainer's School and your unique take on New Bark Town, and Kotone is a nice version of the original character. Her care free attitude is refreshing, though I must say that I was disturbed a bit by how Silver was kind of forcing her clothing off... I am not sure if it is meant to be creepy or not, but if it is a joke, it is a bit odd. The other instances though were funny, and your satirical take on underdressing of the female characters in game is nice. I look forward to reading the next two chapters and all the others that follow!

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    Thank you ^^ I'm very glad to hear you're enjoying the story. I'm currently working on the Chapter 2 revision...because if you hadn't noticed, my revision of chapter 1 has caused a severe amount of contradictions. As for her being undressed and such, I can't really say any of it was satirical or anything. I'm actually bad at trying to come up with funny stuff, so I mostly just write seriously. Silver trying to strip Kotone was a serious bit, and it will play even greater into his character in later chapters. I can't say much about them, though, as I need to revise chapter 2 before I post chapters 5+

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    Default Re: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region

    Fair enough, I myself am planning on majorly revising a lot of my work so it all fits into the same timeline! And I am pleased to see that it was not meant as a joke, as it did seem quite serious, but it may simply have just been me misreading it. I can't wait until the next chapter is posted!

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    I can't wait to post Chapter 5 myself, if for no other reason then it gets me one chapter closer to Chapter 6 and 8, which are my current favorites hehe

    Also, revised (finally) Chapter 2, so Chapter 3 revision to come next, followed by Chapter 5 (likely posting them the same day)

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    Default Re: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region

    Chapter 3 has also been updated.

    Chapter 5

    I stood before the doors of the Violet City Gym. The feeling of just standing there in front of the Gym was one I hadn't felt before. I was determined to win, but something felt off about this whole thing. I still couldn't shake what had happened the day before. "Weird things were going to happen to me" was what the old man had told me, and I wondered if something of that sort was going to happen inside this gym.

    The clock struck nine and the moment it did, the doors opened automatically. Falkner had been waiting for me, just as I had been waiting to enter the gym for several minutes now. "Here we go," I spoke and stepped inside. The interior was actually fairly plain. Just four walls, all blue in color. That is, until I noticed nobody was there, and there was a large shadow on the ground. I looked up and my eyes went wide when I saw what was above me. An S-shaped platform that was built several feet in the air.

    "Come on up, if you dare," I heard Falkner call from the platform above. "Just step onto the lift."

    I saw a sign that pointed down at a small brown pad in the middle of the floor. It read "Lift here." I stepped onto the pad and was promptly knocked over the moment the lift shot up into the air, stopping abruptly next to the platform.

    "Wh-what the hell was that?" I shouted.

    "The lift up here, of course," Falkner spoke with a smile. "Welcome to the Violet City Gym, Kotone."

    I slowly stood back to my feet and brushed myself off. "Well, all that matters is I'm here. Let's do this."

    Falkner chuckled. "Sorry, but you won't fight me so quickly." He snapped his fingers and two younger trainers jumped in front of me. "If you want to fight me, you'll have to get passed them."

    "You're shitting me..."

    "Not in the slightest," one of the trainers spoke. "Standard Gym Rules state that a Gym Leader is allowed to have up to six trainers in his or her gym. The Gym Leader may also decide if the opposition is required to fight those trainers to reach him or her as well."

    "And Falkner's decided you have to fight us to get to him," the second of the two trainers spoke up. "So, let's battle!"

    "Fine by me." I pulled out a pokeball and smirked. "I've been saving this for just the right occasion actually." I tossed the ball forward, and when I did, a massive snake made purely of rock appeared from the ball. "Meet Alal. I got him from a trainer here in Violet City." It was true, only an hour beforehand I had run into a trainer in the city. He told me that he was looking to catch a Bellsprout, but he was too afraid to enter Sprout Tower. I had simply ran back to Sprout Tower, caught a Bellsprout, then returned to him. He traded me his Onix, nicknamed Alal, in return. "So, shall we dance?"

    The two trainers stared in sheer terror. First of all, Onix are about twenty-eight feet tall. As such, this thing was a monster to stare at to begin with. Second of all, Rock-type Pokemon have the advantage against Flying-type Pokemon. The trainers didn't even stand a chance.

    "You're much stronger then I thought..." Falkner spoke as he growled, staring at the two trainers who were now cowering in a corner. They had each been defeated by a single Rock Throw.

    "I also have the advantage," I spoke with a smirk.

    "It doesn't matter!" Falkner shouted and held out a pokeball. "My father's precious bird Pokemon will wipe you and your Onix out!" He tossed the pokeball forward and I braced myself for something powerful. After all, this was a Gym Leader, surely he would have strong Pokemon, yes? Needless to say, I was not pleased when he released a Pidgey.

    "That's it?" I shouted. "A fucking Pidgey? Your Dad's precious bird Pokemon is an Arceus damned Pidgey? What the hell, man? What the actual hell? Did your Dad not train that Pokemon at all?"

    I think I made Falkner made with that comment. "You will rue the day you belittled my father's Pokemon! Pidgey, use Gust!" The small bird flapped its wings, picking up a huge tornado that flew forward at Alal. Alal just stood there, not even flinching. "Uhh..."

    I sighed. "Flying-type moves barely do anything to Rock-types, Falkner...Alal...just...end this now...Rock Throw."

    Alal gave a loud roar and its tail reached up and actually separated a rock from its own body. It then flung the rock at the Pidgey, which screeched before the rock struck it hard, nearly squishing the small bird. "Next."

    "I can't believe you did that to my Dad's cherished bird Pokemon!" Falkner shouted at once before returning his Pidgey. "I'll show you real power now!" He pulled out a second pokeball. "Pidgeotto!" From the ball came a much larger bird, at least three feet tall I'd say. It looked like a more mature version of Pidgey and had long red feathers that came off the front of its head and went behind its head.

    "Pidgeotto, huh? This should be a challenge." I smirked. "Rock Throw, Alal!" Once again, Alal grabbed a rock from his body and tossed it at the Pidgeotto. I had to resist the urge to faceplant when that was all it took to knock it out.

    "Pidgeotto! No!" Falkner cried. "How could you wipe out my father's cherished bird Pokemon like that?" Tears literally began to flow from his eyes. It was...actually quite annoying to watch.

    "Umm...what...what level was your Pidgeotto anyway?"

    "Level 13."

    I twitched. "How...the...hell..." Pidgey don't even evolve until level 18, yet this guy had a level 13 Pidgeotto? How the hell was that even possible? I sighed. "Just...give me the badge..."

    Falkner sniffled a bit, then pulled out a badge. "Here, take it, you meanie." He tossed it at me.

    "Thanks..." I grumbled and picked the badge up from the ground, then turned back to the platform that had brought me up here. The moment I stepped on it, it shot downward about as quickly as it had shot upward. "Damn platform..." I grumbled. "Well, at least that's over with..."

    Ring ring! My pokegear began to ring. I gripped it, expecting it to be Joey. Instead, it was... "Professor Elm?" I put the pokegear to my ear and pushed the button. "Hello?"

    "Kotone! So good to hear from you!" Professor Elm spoke on the other side of the pokegear. "Could you do me a favor?"

    "A favor?"

    "Yes. I need you to pick up the egg you gave me. I'll explain more when you pick it up, but it's very important that you get it."

    "Oh...all right...I'll be there in a little while?"

    "Thanks, Kotone." Professor Elm hung up.

    "That was...strange...I wonder why Elm needs me to take the egg?" I pondered this the entire trip back to New Bark Town. Once there, I pushed the door to Elm's lab open. "Professor?" I called out.

    "Ah, welcome back, Kotone!" Professor Elm spoke up and rushed over to me. "Come, come, quickly!" He grabbed my arm and pulled me through his lab. There, on his table, was the egg that Mr. Pokemon had given me to give to Elm. "Do you know what this is, Kotone?"

    "A Pokemon egg? Really, Professor, you said that when I handed it to you."

    "Not just any Pokemon egg, Kotone! It's the egg of a Legendary!"

    An egg...of a Legendary? My mind broke. I had heard of Pokemon laying eggs, but I had never seen a Pokemon that was considered to be a "Legendary" lay an egg. They were legends, after all, myths that no one knew whether they even truly existed or not. That's why they were called "Legendaries". "Professor, what do you mean?"

    "This's the egg of a very powerful Pokemon indeed. The Pokemon that laid this egg doesn't even exist around the Johto region, not for centuries anyway. To have an egg of this very Pokemon's amazing!"

    "What Pokemon is it?"

    Professor Elm shook his head. "I cannot say. However, I know you are meant to have it. An egg will only hatch when it is around other Pokemon who interact with it regularly. Since the only Pokemon I have left is Chikorita, I can't do the job. You must take it and try to hatch it. If my suspicions are correct, this means something very interesting will be happening very soon."

    I stared at the egg for a moment. Such a small thing seemed so important. "All right." It was actually a hard decision to make, but I had the feeling that even if I said no, I wouldn't be able to resist. That is why I not only said yes, but so quickly. I reached out for the egg and scooped it up. I then turned to Professor Elm. "So...I just carry this thing around?"

    Professor Elm nodded. "Yes. Be careful with it, but yes."

    "All right then..." I turned to Blaze. "Well, looks like we've got another party egg." Blaze giggled at that statement then nodded. "Is this all Professor?"

    "Yes, however, if I may ask another favor..."

    "What is it this time?"

    "Nothing major. I just want you to call me after the egg hatches. I want to see if my suspicions are true or not."

    "Can't you just tell me them?"

    "I'm sorry, Kotone, but I can't. It's just not my place to say."

    "Not your place? What do you mean?"

    Professor Elm glanced around, then quickly rushed to his computer. ", my, look at all of this research I have to look over. I'll be busy for a while. Yeap, very busy." He began furiously typing on the computer and I sighed. It was obvious I wasn't getting a response from him in any way.

    "Fine, whatever..." I turned and walked out of the lab. I hadn't even taken two steps out of the lab before a small blue orb smacked into me, knocking me over. It was Ethan's Marill again. "Bitch, leave me alone!" I shouted at it.

    "You leave my man alone!" the Marill shouted back. Wait...the Marill shouted at me? With actual human words? What the hell?

    "You can talk?" I shouted.

    Marill blinked. "Of course I can talk! All Pokemon can talk. You humans just...can't...understand..." She slowed in her speech until she stopped. She stared for a moment then shouted again. "You can understand me?"


    "But how? Only 0.001% of humans have that ability, and you didn't have it before. Why can you understand me now?"

    I was just as curious about that as Marill was. Wait...that guy said strange things were going to happen soon. This definitely qualified as strange. "What the hell is going on?"

    "Kotone!" Ethan shouted as he ran over to me. "Sorry...Marill got away from me again..."

    "It's...okay..." I slowly stood to my feet and brushed myself off again. I seemed to be doing that a lot lately. "Ethan...can you understand what Pokemon are saying?"

    "No...why?" Ethan looked at me with a confused stare.

    "I..." I looked away. "No reason."

    Ethan picked up his Marill. "You need to stop running away."

    "I will as soon as Miss Bitch leaves you alone," Marill spoke with a smirk and I glared at her. She had a cute expression on her face. There's no way Ethan would have the slightest clue what she just said, nor would he believe me if I had told him. Hell, I didn't even believe it. Since when could I understand Pokemon?

    "Still think your Marill hates me," I spoke as I adjusted my outfit a bit. I then turned to Ethan and looked him in the eyes. "Hey, Ethan..." I could feel myself turning red with the thoughts that were going through my head now. "Do you want to...umm..." I looked down. "Y-you know...try it again?"

    Ethan tilted his head in confusion. "Try what again?"

    I bit my lip and got close to him and whispered into his ear. "Having sex." Ethan jumped back and blushed really heavily. He was speechless and I looked down sheepishly. "I-it's up to you."

    Ethan cleared his throat. "I...I like you Kotone, but...I...I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet."

    I nodded and smiled. "It's fine." I glanced around a moment, then pulled my shirt down, letting Ethan see my breasts. I giggled as I watched him stare for a moment before I covered them again. "Well, with that, I guess I'll be heading out then. I need to get back to Violet City."

    Ethan nodded. "A-all right. See ya, Kotone." He walked away and I sighed. I just couldn't seem to get him attracted to me. Was there nothing I could do? Did I have no chance of being with him? I glanced down at myself. What was I even doing, showing off my breasts like that? I wouldn't have even let him look down my shirt before, yet just the other day I had let him see me naked and even tried to have sex with him, and today I was almost begging him for it. What was wrong with me? I pondered this as I began to walk back towards Violet City.

    At some point along the way, I think Blaze noticed I was lost in thought about this. He spoke up. "Mistress, can you understand me?"

    "Mistress?" I looked down at Blaze.

    Blaze nodded. "You're my master, but since you're a girl, that makes you 'Mistress'."

    I blushed a little. "I-I don't really want to be your master. I want to be friends with you."

    "Mistresses can still be friends."

    I rubbed the back of my neck. " me Kotone, though, okay?"

    Blaze nodded. " something wrong?"

    "No..." I lied. It was a flat out lie, too. A terrible lie, one that Blaze could see right through.

    "Something is troubling you."

    I sighed. "'s just..." I sighed again. "I've been really weird lately." I immediately reminded Blaze of everything that had happened in the last three days. "I don't know...I feel like I'm becoming a totally different person, and I don't know if I like it."

    "Everyone changes."

    "But this much in three days? Three days ago I never would have even considered trying to fuck Ethan, and up until today I couldn't understand any of you. So why the hell can I now? And what's with my sudden obsession with sex?"

    "Perhaps it is just natural?" Sadia asked as she fluttered onto my shoulder.

    "No...there's nothing natural about this..." I looked down at the egg in my hands. "It all started when I got hold of this. When I blacked out..." My eyes went wide. "Mr. Pokemon must know something!" I rushed off towards Route 30 and when I reached his house, I slammed the door open. "All right, Mr. Pokemon, you've got some explaining to do!"

    Mr. Pokemon jumped when I slammed his door open and shouted and he quickly whirled around. "Kotone?"

    "That's right, it's me." I stepped up to him. "You've got some explaining to do. What really happened to me that day that I visited you and got the egg?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "I mean what really caused me to black out. You left me a note saying it was stress, but that's not right, is it? Ever since I blacked out, weird things have been happening to me, and you're going to explain why."

    Mr. Pokemon stared at me for a moment, then sighed. "Very well. If you'll kindly sit down, I'll explain everything." He motioned to the chair on the other side of the table and I carefully sat down. "Kotone, strange things are happening here in the Johto Region. It all started with that egg you have." He motioned to the egg in my hands and I looked down at it. "Do you know what kind of egg that is?"

    "Should I?"

    Mr. Pokemon nodded. "That is an egg of one of the rarest Pokemon in existence. Some call it a Legendary, but it's actually not. It's not super strong, it's not even all that great of a Pokemon, but it has special powers that only Legendaries have. You see, the egg you hold is the egg of a Togepi."

    "Togepi?" I pulled out my pokedex and began to search for it.

    "You won't find it in there. It's so rare that not even the Great Professor Oak has gotten to document it. You are holding a very special egg indeed." He clapped his hands and when he did, the door to his house opened once again. A woman stepped through the door, dressed in a kimono. Her hair was black and pulled back into a rather odd style that I'm not sure how to explain, but the Kimono was blue in color and the design reminded me somewhat of a Vaporeon. "This is my dear friend, Yuki."

    Yuki gave a bow. "Hello, young one."

    "Yuki, this is Kotone. Everything is as you said. I gave her the egg and she showed the signs."

    Yuki stared at me. I felt like her eyes were searching deep into my soul, even though I think she was just examining my outfit. Once again, I felt very much naked, and I wondered why I was wearing such a small outfit. "He chose one such as this?"

    "So it would seem."

    Yuki stepped over to me and grabbed my wrist. Much to my surprise, she lifted me from my seat so I was now standing. She examined me again, then shook her head. "This must be a joke." She let go of me and turned to Mr. Pokemon. "She can't really be the one."

    "Kotone, you said strange things have been happening to you. What things have you noticed?"

    "Well...I can understand Pokemon now...and..." I blushed. Did I really want to say that I had a sudden increase in my sexual desires? I turned away and whispered "...and I can't stop thinking about sex..." Yuki stared at me with wide eyes that I noticed when I looked back up. "Wh-what?"

    "Wh-what kind of person are you?" Yuki asked.

    "What do you mean?"

    Yuki growled and turned away again. "Really, she can't be the one. He would never choose someone so...loose..."

    "Yuki," Mr. Pokemon began, "remember what He said. His chosen one would be shown by her ability to understand Pokemon as well as something natural about her being increased. Kotone, have you ever had desires for sex before like this?"

    "W-well..." I looked away, blushing again. I didn't want to admit it, but I had. I had been trying to get into Ethan's pants for years, just not quite as strongly as now. It was part of why I wore so little. I was trying to be sexy, to impress him, yet it never worked. "Y-yes..." I finally spoke. I felt like part of me died when I said that.

    "You see?" Mr. Pokemon spoke as he turned to Yuki. "She is the one."

    Yuki sighed. "We shall see." She stormed out.

    "What...what was that all about?" I asked after Yuki had left.

    Mr. Pokemon sighed. "Yuji's just upset. You weren't what she had expected..."

    "I wasn't what she expected? What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

    Mr. Pokemon shook his head. "I can't explain everything to you right now. It's not mine to explain. What I can tell you, though, is that you have a very important destiny. What will happen to you in the next few will all lead up to something. You must be ready for it. Train your Pokemon, build a team, get stronger. There is a lot that depends on you, Kotone." Mr. Pokemon sat back in his chair. "That's all I can say, though."


    "No buts. I cannot explain anything else to you. It's just not my place. You'll understand everything eventually, but that time is not now. Go, Kotone, continue your adventure and don't worry about any of this for now, okay?"

    I sighed. That wasn't going to be easy. A lot was going to depend on me? I was chosen by someone for something? Who had chosen me? Why had they chosen me? What did they choose me for? All of these things were in my head, but I knew I wouldn't be able to get an answer from him. I stood to my feet and walked out of Mr. Pokemon's house. "Did anyone else understand any of that?" I asked my team. They all responded with a no. "All right then."

    "So what are we going to do?" Blaze asked.

    "We're going to move on. We'll do just like Mr. Pokemon said. Keep moving and forget about the future for now. Things will happen as they happen."

    "Then we should train," Sadia spoke up.

    "Agreed." And with that, we headed back to Violet City. We fought trainers and battled wild Pokemon along the way, doing our best to train for anything that came our way. It was on Route 31, I believe, where I caught Lily, a small electric-type sheep known as a Mareep. I now had four Pokemon in my team, and as we continued on through Route 31, we continued to train.

    Finally, we had reached Violet City once again and I turned to examine my team. My entire team had changed just in that trip. Blaze was no longer the tiny Cyndaquil I once knew, but was now a much larger and much longer creature known as Quilava. It's a very long Pokemon that has can release fire from both the top of its head and the bottom of its butt. Blaze looked much cooler and much more confident and serious now.

    The rest of my team hadn't changed except for the addition of Lily, but that was still a new point as I had just caught her. Things were looking up, that was for sure. Another leg of my adventure was now over. Little did I know that the next part of my adventure would take me deep into the nearby Ruins of Alph to uncover a secret that had been hidden from mankind for centuries.

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    Default Re: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region

    I really liked this. Very original take on starting a trainer career and I LOVE how you balance the plot with the unique sense of humor. You are very good at that and it's not easy.

    Keep it up!

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    Default Re: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region

    Chapter 6

    "Where...the...hell...are we?" I grumbled as I stared at my pokegear. The map said "Unknown Area" on it. How the hell do I get into an unknown area when I'm using a map that tracks my whereabouts with satellite? I grumbled and looked back up, staring at the trees all around me. I was lost again.

    "We're lost again?" Sadia asked as she pecked her wing while perching on my shoulder.

    "No!" I shouted, not wanting to admit it. "We just...took a detour...through somewhere that I don't know...and we'll be back to Route 32 and on our way to Union Cave in no time."

    "Right...didn't you say that half an hour ago?"

    I was really beginning to hate being able to understand my Pokemon. Sadia had turned out to be a bit of a snot personality wise, something I wouldn't have known before. "We'll be back on Route 32 in no time, no sweat! We just have to go..." I glanced around. "That way!" I pointed in a random direction.

    Sadia rolled her eyes. "Would it just be easier if I flew up and looked around?"

    "No need, we'll be out of here soon enough!"

    "If you say so, Mistress."

    There was that term again "Mistress". It seemed like all of my Pokemon used that term. "You don't have to call me that."

    Sadia gave a shrug. "You're my Master, it's what I do."

    "Couldn't you just call me Kotone?"

    "But such a thing would be horribly informal."

    I gritted my teeth. She was a bother.

    "By the way, why don't you let Alal travel with us? Why does he have to sit in his pokeball?"

    "Because he's freakin' 28 feet tall and shakes the ground whenever he moves."

    "He's an Onix, what do you expect? You think he'd just prance around like a Poochyena or something?"

    "'Poochyena'?" I gave Sadia a weird look, showing I had no understanding.

    "A Pokemon from another region. Check your pokedex if you care to know."

    I nodded and pulled out my pokedex. I searched for a few moments and soon came upon Poochyena. It was a small black dog-like Pokemon. It was actually very cute, but when I noticed it evolved, I clicked on to find out more. It's evolution, Mightyena, was freakin' bad-ass looking. "Aww, damn, why does Hoenn get the good Pokemon?"

    Sadia giggled then pecked a few buttons on the pokedex. "Not all Hoenn Pokemon are pretty."

    The pokedex now displayed a creature that made me make a face. It had a massive two foot fin on the top of its head, and its head was at least the same size as the entire rest of its body. It's mouth covered half of the creature's face and was trapped in this permanent toothless grin. It had whiskers...or...something on the sides of its face, and had a back fin the same size as its head. I swear, this was like the creature time forgot or something. "What the hell?" I looked at its name. "'Mudkip'...evolves into Marshtomp and then Swampert." I loaded up both of them. Mudkip just got uglier as it evolved. "What the hell?"

    "Look up Feebas," Sadia spoke with a giggle.

    "Do I want to?" I groaned, but did anyway. It...was a brown fish...with holes in its sides...and a weird fin that looked like the wire in a lightbulb. It had huge eyes that seemed to be set several inches inside of its head, and it had huge red lips that looked very out of place on the creature. "What...the...hell?"

    "Not everything in Hoenn is cool."

    I didn't disagree. I had to have spent another half an hour looking through the dex as we continued to walk. Unfortunately, we still hadn't gotten back to Route 32 either. "Whelp...we're officially lost..." I finally stated.

    "No, really?" Sadia rolled her eyes and flew up. "I'll go see where we're at." I watched her fly into the air and glance around for a few moments. She then flew back down onto my shoulder. "To the east," Sadia pointed her wing east, "is something...strange... I don't know what it is, but it might be a town. It looked like big brown buildings."

    "Big brown buildings?" I asked and looked towards where Sadia pointed. "Well, only one way to find out." I rushed forward, and it took only a minute or so before we had cleared the trees and stepped out into a set of massive ruins. There were several very old and decrepit buildings made entirely of stone all around. "Where is this?" I glanced down at my pokegear, and when I did, I noticed something strange. My pokegear was beginning to fizzle, as if receiving static. For a moment, I swore I saw something flash on it, but it was gone as quickly as it had appeared. "This place is messing with my pokegear..."

    I looked up, staring at the ruins before me. There were several buildings all over the place, each similar to the last. Some of the buildings were massive arches that led to a path to a building, while some were actual full constructs. I stepped forward and placed my hand on one of them. I heard something, like a high-pitched sound. I whirled around, but there was nothing. "Did you hear that?"

    Sadia and Blaze both glanced around for a moment. "Hear what?" Sadia asked, tilting her head at me.

    "Nothing...must have been my imagination..." Have you ever had that feeling you were being watched? Like a pair of eyes were beating down right on top of you, yet there was nothing there? That's what I was feeling right then and there. Something was watching me, but there was nothing around. I turned to walk on, then I heard it again, that high-pitched noise. Something was calling to me. "Hello?" I called out and glanced around, but there was no response.

    Suddenly, I heard something move and I whirled around. It was just a Rattata jumping out of the bush nearby. I gave a sigh and put my hand on my chest, leaning back against the wall. It must have been the Rattata, I thought. Suddenly, I fell backwards as the wall I was leaning on opened.

    "Wh-where are we now?" I asked as I glanced around. The room was lit only by torchlight all around me and I slowly stood back up to my feet. The place I was in now was a large, nearly empty room. The walls seemed to be made of old bricks, as if the building was ancient. Not only that, but the bricks had strange symbols engraved into them. Symbols that made no sense to me.

    On the other side of the room, I noticed a man in a white lab coat. He was staring at something intently, and I slowly walked over to him. "Hello, sir?"

    The man screamed and jumped. "Arceus! Don't scare me like that!"

    "Sorry." I rubbed the back of my neck nervously. " you know where we are?"

    "Of course I do. This is the Ruins of Alph."

    "Ruins of Alph?" I looked down at my pokegear and opened the map once more. The screen flickered strangely. Either it was glitching again, or something here was messing with it. "What exactly are the 'Ruins of Alph'?"

    "No one knows," the man spoke in, what I guess was an attempt at a spooky voice. "Some say a civilization of humans used to live here centuries ago, and one day they just disappeared."

    I tilted my head. "So...why are you here?"

    "I'm a researcher! Me and the other researchers on this team are investigating the Ruins here."

    "Have you found anything?" I turned to look at what he had been staring at. It was a gold plaque.

    "No..." the researcher sighed. "All we've found so far are these plaques, but we can't read them, or even figure out what they're here for."

    I looked the plaque over for a moment. "You can't read this?"

    "No, why?"

    "Cause this doesn't seem difficult to read at all." I pointed at it. "It's kind of a weird way of drawing letters, what with the eyes and everything, but this first letter is clearly an E." Seriously, the letters looked like weird symbols that were drawn with eyes in weird places. For example, the word on the plaque, and yes, it was just one word, clearly said "Escape" but the E had an eye in the center of it, the S was similar, the C circled around the eye, the A had an eye as the top half of the letter, and so on. Each letter had an eye, but all six letters were very clearly standard letters otherwise.

    "'Escape'?" the researcher questioned after I pointed out the word. "What could that mean?"

    I was about to shrug and pretend I hadn't seen it, when an idea came to mind. I didn't know why, but I pulled out a rope from my purse. It was a strange item. I'm not sure how it works, but supposedly holding onto it will allow you to leave a building or cave or some such thing. I...really have no idea how it works, but I knew it did. However, when I pulled it out this time, it did something much different then what I expected. The rope glowed, then exploded into dust. The plaque then began to glow brightly and the entire wall shifted back. You could hear the sounds of a great machine running as it moved the wall back a ways, then slid it up into the ceiling.

    The researcher's mouth dropped to the floor at the sight of this. "HOLY SHIT!" he shouted. " you realize what you just did?!"

    "" I didn't.

    "You just solved a mystery our team has been trying to figure out for a year now! And you solved it in only a minute!" The researcher pulled out a blue tablet-like object, like an iPad or some such. He pushed it into my hands. "This is the Unown Report! You are now officially part of the Ruins of Alph Research Team!"

    "Buh?" was all I could react with. I was stunned and shocked by this sudden occurrence. I had no idea how to react. Did me being "his chosen one" have anything to do with how easy this puzzle was to solve or was it just that simple to begin with? For that matter, who exactly was "he"? So many questions that Mr. Pokemon hadn't answered, yet he knew the answer to.

    "Well, go on, you're part of the team now. Step in and tell me what you find."

    "Wait, what? You want me to go in there?" I pointed into the opening.


    I turned back towards the dark opening, then turned to Blaze. Blaze simply gave a shrug. "Might as well, Kotone," she spoke and I sighed.

    "A-all right." I stepped forward into the darkness. Inside I found myself in a large room. The room was filled with strange symbols all over the walls, and even on the floor. I examined them for a moment, then turned to the researcher who had followed me in only a moment later. "What exactly are we looking for in here?"

    "Anything that could give us a clue about the Unown or the purpose of these ruins."

    Of course it was that simple. I looked at the walls again. Wait...had the symbols just changed? I slowly stepped my way over to them, then turned back to the researcher. "Hey, come over here." I turned back. They changed again?

    "What is it, Kotone?"

    "These symbols keep changing."

    "Do they?" The researcher stared at the symbols, and then he stared hard at the symbols. I could actually hear him straining to look at them. Was he trying to force them to change by sheer will power? I was caught up by it so much I had to stop and stare at the man for a few moments, yet when I turned back...

    "They changed again!"

    "Huh? What are you talking about?" The researcher pointed at the wall. "This is the same symbol that's been here since you called me over."

    "No it's not. It looked kind of like a T before, now it's an X."

    The man tilted his head. "I don't see a T or an X. I see..." He made a gesture that kind of looked like sideways glasses. "That."

    "That?" I stared at the wall again. I blinked, the symbols changed once more. I blinked again. Every time I blinked or looked away, it was like the wall had changed completely. I stared hard at the wall, trying to figure out what I was seeing. It was then that illusion seemed to fade before my eyes. Thousands of letter-like symbols were moving back and forth across the walls and the ceiling and even the floor. They were moving rapidly, so fast I could barely even notice. Each of them had an eye somewhere on the symbol.

    "The symbols are moving!"

    "Moving? What are you talking about? I don't see any-" The symbols stopped moving. When they did, I noticed a strange distortion in the room, one I think the researcher noticed as well. It was like the walls were beginning to melt. "Wh-what is this?" Could the symbols have been creating an illusion? Could I have seen through it? Had I scared the...symbols when I had? "The walls and the ceiling and the floor just melted away!"

    I turned back to the wall, staring at the symbol in front of me. It wasn't embedded in the wall, but was, in fact, sticking out of the wall. It was more like it was hanging on the wall, as it sat an inch or so off the wall, but nothing was making it hang. It was floating. I reached out for the symbol and grabbed it carefully. It was a strange symbol, almost like a Y with the eye in the split at the top of the letter.

    "Hello?" I asked the symbol. "Can you understand me?" The symbol blinked! At that moment, the other symbols blinked and flew off the wall, circling around me. Their eyes now had an azure glow to them as they circled me, hovering ever closer. "I-I am Kotone from New Bark Town. I don't mean you any harm."

    I began to hear whispers, but nothing was talking. Things like "who does she think she is?" or "she saw us?" and many other such things. Finally, one of the symbols floated up to me, staring me in the fact. "You are Kotone of New Bark Town," I...think the symbol said? It didn't have a mouth, and I don't think the researcher heard, so maybe it was talking psychically to me? "You saw through our illusion. How?"

    "I-I don't know."

    "Are you something special?"


    "Do you have psychic powers?"

    "None that I know of?"

    "Are you Ho-oh's chosen one?"

    "I...don't know?" Wait a minute, Ho-oh's chosen one? Isn't Ho-oh a Pokemon? Not only that, but a powerful one. He's a legendary! One of two very powerful legendary Pokemon who lived here in Johto centuries back. "I...I was told I was someone's chosen one..."

    "Do you have the egg?" the symbol asked slowly, almost pausing between each word. I reached into my purse and pulled out Togepi's egg. There was a resounding gasp, as if every single symbol in the entire room had gasped all at once in sheer shock. "Togepi!"

    "P-please, what do you know about this egg? Who chose me?"

    "Come, there is much you must learn." The symbol began to float away.

    "Before that, tell me, who and what are you?"

    "Unknown," the symbol spoke. At first, I thought it had said "Unown" which was the name the researcher had kept spouting, but I realized it was not. "We know as much about who and what we are as you do, human. We have existed here, in this place, since its creation, when time and space were first forged by the gods, yet we know nothing of ourselves. Perhaps you can tell us more, being the Chosen One?"

    "M-me? Tell you more about...yourselves?"

    "Come!" the symbol shouted and I flinched. "You will understand more soon." The symbol began to float away from me and I was left to stare at it for a moment. After that, I don't know what happened, I just started walking. I don't know where we went in those ruins, or where we ended up. I remember walking down a few corridors, but I can't really say the exact way I went to get there. However I got there, the researcher hadn't followed me, or perhaps he hadn't been able to?

    "Here," the symbol spoke up suddenly which made me jump. We had been walking in silence for so long, I was feeling like sound itself had been sucked away from the world.

    "What is this place?" I asked as I looked around. It looked much like the other rooms had. Big open areas with symbols all over the walls, but these ones did not move or change.

    "Unknown," the symbol responded. "It is a room that he built, though, at the end of the war."

    "War?" I quickly turned towards the symbol. "What do you mean? What war?"

    "Look for yourself."

    I turned forward, and there I saw it. It wasn't strange symbols that formed letters, but instead it was symbols that formed images. Symbols of a man, very powerful looking, sitting upon a throne. His hand was stretched forward, as if giving a command. The man was the height of the wall, and next to him were several rows of much smaller men. Each had a Pokemon of some manner at his side. The wall continued on, depicting these...soldiers, if you will, clashing with other warriors. A great battle, a powerful war, the symbols depicted it all in terrible detail and I understood every last bit of it.

    There had been a war in the past. Humans had used Pokemon for their own selfish desires. They started a war that had engulfed the world. Man was fighting against man, but they were not fighting themselves. They used Pokemon to fight the war for them. Pokemon were fighting for their masters, dying in the names of their commanders who would fall soon after. It was a terrible, bloody war.

    And then, a light appeared. Two majestic birds, carrying the sun and moon on their backs appeared in the sky. They used the powers of their respective symbol and rained destruction upon the pitiful humans. Those who were spared revered the birds as gods. They constructed towers to them. Two tall towers that reached into the heavens. The birds stayed there for a time, watching over the world.

    Then, the unthinkable happened. In a fit of rage, man destroyed one of the towers, burning it to the ground. The birds were so angered by this that they destroyed the fools who destroyed the tower. Angered, they gave the humans a warning. If another war arose like the one before, they would not stop it. They would allow the humans to destroy each other. No, they'd help the humans to destroy each other. With humans gone, the Pokemon left would be free to live out their own lives in peace.

    "What does all of this mean?" I asked and turned to the symbol still floating at my side. "What does this have to do with me?"

    "You are the Chosen One. You are the last hope for humanity. You are chosen to stop the coming war. However, you are only one of two."

    "One of two?"

    The symbol turned to me. "You are the Chosen of Ho-oh, the Bird of the Sun. You are the Chosen One, come to prevent the great war. There is, however, another. Lugia, the Bird of the Moon, was angered when his tower was destroyed. He seeks the destruction of mankind. He has picked a Chosen One as well. His Chosen is the Harbringer of Death. This is why you have been chosen. You must stop the Chosen of Lugia, and put an end to the coming war."

    "Ho-oh and Lugia?" I turned back towards the symbols on the wall. Yes, it was Ho-oh and Lugia. They were there, depicted so perfectly on the wall, yet I hadn't even realized it was them. That meant...the towers! One was the Burnt Tower in Ecruteak. Was the other the Bell Tower, then? I nodded, I knew I was right. "So I'm supposed to find the Chosen One of Lugia and stop him?"


    "Where is he? I'll take him out no problem!"

    The symbol laughed at me! "Young one, you are not yet ready for that challenge. You must first overcome another. When that is done, then and only then will you be able to find Lugia's Chosen One."

    "What about Lugia himself? Can't I just find and defeat him?"

    "If you can find him, you most certainly are free to take him on. But keep him mind, he is a god. Your power will be as nothing against him."

    "I'm not afraid!" I totally was, but I wasn't going to admit it.

    "Maybe not now, but when you see his power, you will be." I felt my bag beginning to shake and I quickly looked down. "Ah, it's time for the young one to be born. Chosen One, take care of this one. She will be important to you in your journey."

    "Take care of..." I started as I pulled the Togepi egg out of my bag. It was shaking and beginning to crack. Soon enough, the top of the egg shattered, and a face emerged from the white egg-like shape underneath. It's head seemed to open into a white crown and the egg cracked further, allowing two small stubby arms and legs to pop out. "This is Togepi?"

    "It is."

    "I don't understand...what's so special about this one?"

    "You will find that out soon enough. For now, take care of it."

    I stared at the Pokemon in my arms and it smiled. "You're cute," I spoke with a smile. "I'll name you Tepi."

    Tepi smiled back at me and cooed happily.

    "Now, Chosen One, now that you know of your destiny, it is time for your real adventure to begin." The symbols eye began to glow and I felt myself lifted into the air. More of the symbols swirled around me and reality began to warp and twist around me. I felt myself fall, and I fell through the floor. I screamed!

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    Default Re: The Pokémon Saga - Johto Region

    A/N: The outfit that Kotone is wearing at the end of this chapter (along with the chapters that follow until her next outfit change) can be found here: (It's the third outfit). The outfit is used with permission from Hapuriainen.

    Chapter 7

    I groaned as I awoke. I remembered falling through the floor in the Ruins of Alph, and I remembered screaming. Then I remembered everything going dark around me. Now I had woken up somewhere completely different. I slowly sat up and rubbed my head. "What the hell happened to me?" I asked myself, trying to get myself to focus enough to notice my surroundings.

    As I looked up, I noticed I was sitting outside. I wasn't sure where, but I knew it wasn't the Ruins of Alph. There were trees and grass, neither of which had been in the Ruins of Alph. I felt the wind blow by and I quickly wrapped my arms around myself. It felt oddly cold. Not only that, but my outfit felt very drafty all of a sudden. I glanced down at myself and discovered why. I was completely topless!

    "Where's my shirt?!" I shouted and quickly covered my chest. "And where's my jacket?" I began to look around frantically. "For that matter, where's my Pokemon?" I was about to stand to my feet when I heard something move in the nearby grass. I froze, panicking. I didn't know what it could be, and considering my current state of dress, I was worried about what it could be.

    I relaxed when I saw Blaze step out of the tall grass. "You're finally awake!" Blaze spoke with a smile.

    "Yeah, I'm...wait... 'finally' awake?"

    Blaze nodded. "You've been asleep for a few hours now."

    "Hours?!" I shouted. "What happened? I remember being in the Ruins of Alph, and then..."

    "I don't know. I remember those creatures...Unown I think the researcher called them... swirling around you for a few moments, then you started screaming. Next thing I knew, everything went dark. Then a moment later, we were all here and you were asleep."

    "A-and what happened to my clothes?"

    "No idea," Blaze said without a single hesitation. "Things went black, then lit up and you weren't wearing your shirt, jacket, or hat anymore."

    I sighed and groaned. "Why does the world hate me so much?" I then realized something, Blaze was the only one of my Pokemon around me. I reached down to my belt, but none of my pokeballs were there either. "Blaze...where did everyone go?"

    "After you didn't wake up for a while, I asked everyone else to look for help."

    "Well, I can understand that..." I sighed and stood up, still holding my hands over my breasts. "I'd like to know what happened to my clothes, though..."

    Blaze nodded. "I wish I knew." She stepped up next to me and nuzzled my leg, before standing on her back legs. She was about a foot taller now then she was when she was a Cyndaquil, which meant she was now reaching my stomach in height. I myself was about five foot six at the time, and Blaze was now almost three feet tall.

    "Blaze!" I heard a voice shout and I turned. It was Sadia! She was flying towards us as quick as she could. "Blaze, I got help! Ethan should be-" She stopped and looked at me. She stopped flapping her wings and set herself down on the ground as she looked up at me. "You're awake!"

    I nodded with a smile. "Sorry to make you worry."

    Sadia smiled back, or what you could call a smile as she was a bird. "It's fine, Kotone. I'm just glad you're okay." She stepped over to me and nuzzled against my leg.

    "What were you saying a moment ago, Sadia?" Blaze asked.

    "Oh! Alal and Ethan should be here in a minute."

    "E-Ethan?!" I shouted. "But I'm half naked here!"


    "So? So?! I don't want Ethan to see me half naked!"

    Sadia shrugged. "Could have fooled me, since you're always pulling your shirt down."

    I blushed deeply and growled. I actually pulled my hands away from my chest and bopped Sadia on the head. "You be quiet!"

    "Here!" I heard a loud voice bellow out and I immediately recognized it as Alal's. He may only speak one-liners, but he bellows, and when I say he bellows, I mean he bellows! I swear you could hear his voice from a mile away he talks so loudly.

    "Kotone!" Ethan shouted and I watched him slide down Alal's back, performing a flip at the last moment and landing square on the ground. He rushed over to me. "Are you okay?"

    "Fine now." I had completely forgotten that I wasn't covering my chest anymore.

    "That's good. Your Pokemon came rushing into Violet City out of nowhere. Your Pidgey there started squawking in my ear. I may not understand Pokemon, but I can at least tell they were worried by their actions and expressions. I thought something had happened to you."

    "Something did happen. That's why they went looking for you." I quickly explained what happened at the Ruins of Alph and what Blaze had told me about afterwards.

    "Wow, that must have been one hell of an experience."

    I responded with a simple nod.

    "Now answer me this question...where are your clothes?"

    My eyes went wide and I blushed heavily. I quickly covered my chest again and looked away from him. "W-well, the truth of that is...I mean...umm..." I sighed. "I don't know. I was like this when I woke up."

    "That's terrible!" Ethan began to look around. "Someone must have taken your clothes while you were unconscious."

    "Right, because someone is going to steal everything I own, but only from the waist up." I smacked Ethan over the forehead. "I fell through a hole in the Ruins of Alph. As I fell, my clothes vanished. No one took them."

    "Then we should go check the ruins."

    I shook my head. "I would love to Ethan. As soon as you can figure out where the hell the Ruins of Alph are and exactly how we get back in, you're free to."

    Ethan stood there, silent for a moment. I was right. I didn't even know how I got there to begin with, let alone going back there now. Not to mention I fell into the Ruins and followed some weird symbol Pokemon thing into a secret room. There's no way I'd find all of that on my own again.

    "Look, we'll just travel back to Violet City and I'll buy some clothes, okay?"

    "You can't walk around Violet City half naked."

    "You're right." I don't really know what compelled me to do this, but without hesitation, I dropped my shorts. "I'll take the rest of my clothes off." I had just started stepping out of my shorts when Ethan stopped me.

    "Y-you can't walk around naked either."

    "Well what the hell do you expect me to do? I don't have clothes, Ethan, and I can't buy clothes until I go to town."

    Ethan glanced around for a moment, then he grabbed the bottom of his shirt. "Here." He lifted the shirt up and pulled it off, holding it out to me. "Wear this."

    I stared at the shirt for a moment, then looked up at him. I felt something come over me at that moment and I grabbed his shirt and tossed it to the ground. I stepped forward and grabbed his pants. "You're sexy, you know that?" Ethan blushed at those words. I smiled. I was finally getting him to react the way I expected him to react. I dropped his pants to the ground.

    "Wh-what are you doing, Kotone?" Ethan asked after a moment.

    I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close. "I still want you, Ethan." I reached down into his underwear and began to stroke him.


    I pulled him closer and pressed my lips into his. I barely had to kiss him before I pulled away, my eyes wide. "Oh my god..."

    Ethan looked down. He knew what it was that I had discovered at that moment. All this time, he hadn't reacted to my advances, he hadn't blushed in situations where he should have, he had barely even reacted this time. All of that, it wasn't me, or the fact he wasn't ready for it. He wasn't an idiot, and he definitely wasn't oblivious like I had that after all. It was all revealed in that kiss, the way he felt...

    "You're fucking kidding me, right?" I asked in a serious tone. "All this time? All this fucking time?"

    Ethan nodded. "I'm sorry. I...I didn't know how to tell you..."

    "You didn't know how to tell me you were gay?!" I almost shouted. "Why didn't you just come and say so? All you had to do was walk up to me and be all 'Hey, Kotone, I think I'm gay'. No, you led me on...for years! You made me think I had a chance with you! I...I..." Tears rolled down my cheeks. "I've wanted you all this time! I wanted to give myself to you because I thought you were the right one!" I buried my face in his chest.

    Ethan wrapped his arms around me and spoke softly. "I'm sorry, Kotone."

    I cried, I really did. I spent the next several minutes crying, in fact. Ethan was the guy I loved, the guy I always imagined myself being with in the end. I imagined him and I down the road a few years. We were married, had a kid or two, we lived in a nice home. I was the Arceus damned Champion of both Kanto and Johto. All of that, all of my dreams, my desires, my very heart, everything shattered in a single moment.

    I can't say how long Ethan and I stood there, but I know it was no small amount of time. I confessed everything to him through my tears. All my hopes, all my dreams, the very core of my feelings, I let them all out at that moment. I remember us sitting down in the grass after a few moments and Marill actually walked up to me. She hated me, but she knew something was terribly wrong. I don't think Marill understood, though, what had just happened, just that something Ethan had done had hurt me.

    "You idiot!" Marill shouted at Ethan. "Making that bitch cry like that. That's my Arceus damned job."

    "Not now, Marill," Ethan shoved her away, which made her angrier.

    "You jerk!"

    "Enough," I spoke up and Marill looked up at me. "Just...enough..." Marill stared at me for a moment before sitting down. Blaze moved over to her and the two began to talk to one another. I didn't pay attention to their conversation.

    Finally, after a good period of time, I stood to my feet. I wiped my eyes, then picked up my shorts. "Ethan..."

    "Yes, Kotone?"

    I turned towards him and dropped my panties to the ground. "I'm going over to the ocean to take a quick bath. You want to join me?"

    Ethan stared at me for a moment. I was completely naked in front of him, and not ashamed of it either. "Why do you want me to join you?"

    I smiled. "Because, whether you're gay, straight, or whatever, I still like being near you. So, maybe we could sit together in the water and just relax together?"

    Ethan smiled and nodded. He stood to his feet and he grabbed up the clothes he wasn't wearing anymore. We walked over to the nearby ocean from there and he dropped his underwear. I stepped carefully into the cold water and began to shiver. I hadn't even gotten myself in to my knees yet.

    "You'll never get used to it that way," Ethan spoke up and stepped over to me. He smirked an evil smirk and I waved my hands. I was going to shout "no" but it was too late. He pushed me into the water. He then chuckled. "Get all the way in and you'll get used to it much faster."

    "B-but i-it's fr-freezing!" I spoke through chattering teeth.

    "You're the one who wanted to bathe in the ocean. Could have just put my shirt on and gone back to Violet City, but no, you wanted to go into the ocean." Ethan made that entire statement in a very mocking manner. I giggled and he jumped into the water next to me. We relaxed for a few moments as we got used to the water, then we dived down and actually swam around a bit. I had never done any sort of skinny dipping or anything of that manner before. For the first time in my life, I felt truly free.

    Something in me after that changed. I'm not sure what it was, but after that, I had found myself having very few qualms with showing off my body. Maybe I had always felt reserved, only wanting Ethan to see it since I wanted him so badly, and now I was free of that, or maybe it was something completely different. All I know is, I didn't care anymore. My body was my body, and I'd be damned if someone hated me for showing it off to anyone I felt deserved the right.

    We spent almost the entire rest of the day in the ocean. When we got out, we sat together in the grass nearby, letting our bodies dry before we put our clothes on. Ethan again offered me his shirt, and I took it. We dressed as the sun sat in the distance, and the two of us made our way back to Violet City. When we arrived, the sun had set and the moon was out. Violet City was alight with the brilliant lights of the street lamps and lights from houses. It was looking at a giant Christmas tree, at least, that's how I felt.

    We traveled first to a shop where we could buy some clothes, and it didn't take me long to pick something out. Since I was being forced to completely change my look, I figured I might as well do it. I took a black, low-cut, sleeveless shirt along with a red, short-sleeved jacket to go over it. I undid my pigtails and pulled my hair back into one larger ponytail, then got a red baseball cap with a white back. I then twirled it around so it was backwards and I had some hair sticking out the front. I told Ethan that I did it because I liked how sexy he looked with his hat. That made him blush a bit and I giggled.

    The last part was probably the hardest for me, though. I had been wearing short shorts for a long time, but since I was changing everything else, I felt it was time for me to change them as well. The shorts I had now were longer, reaching about my knees in length. They were still blue, they just weren't super short anymore. And that was that, I had changed my entire outfit, my entire image. I walked into the store as one person, and felt like I was walking out as someone completely different.

    "Well, I guess this is it, huh?" I asked as I looked at Ethan.

    "Doesn't have to be." Ethan smirked again. "You could let me take you out to dinner, too."

    I blushed, but then nodded. He did just that, too. We went out to a restaurant, nothing really fancy, just a sit down place where it cost about five hundred pokédollars a person. Ethan and I ate, and we talked a bit more about what to do now. I had no hope of ever being with him, and I talked to him about that. We discussed how our lives should go, and discussed where we should try to meet up next. We agreed to try to meet again in Goldenrod City in a few weeks, but Ethan gave me one condition. I better not show up if I wasn't meeting him as a friend. I had to be over him, to have moved on. I agreed to that condition.

    He then did something I didn't expect. He bought a room for both of us at a hotel. He didn't want me to sleep in the Pokemon Center. After all, they are required to accommodate trainers, but the best they can do is push a couple seats together, or let you sleep on a bench. He said I deserved to sleep in a bed. We lied down together that night to sleep. It was the first time I had ever actually slept with him. I felt a little sad that I was sleeping with him, but not in the sexual sense. However, I was accustomed to sleeping naked, so while we didn't have sex, I didn't sleep with my clothes on either.

    I heard the alarm go off and I groaned as I reached out for it. I pushed the snooze, then turned back to snuggle against what I thought was Ethan. It was at that moment that I did not find a guy sleeping next to me, but instead, a pink sheep. "Lily?!" I shouted.

    Lily giggled. "Hi, Kotone."

    "Where have you been?! When the hell did you evolve?!"

    "Last night. I went to go for help like Blaze asked, but as I made my way across Route 32, I got stopped by a pack of Rattata. I had to fight them off, and I thought I was going to lose. I thought my journey with you was over...but then it happened, a glow enveloped me and I felt myself empowered. I unleashed a Thunderbolt on everything, and afterwords, I realized I had evolved. I began to wonder after that, but I was lost. I didn't know where to go, then a boy named Ethan showed up. He brought me here and laid me in bed with you."

    "Ethan did?"

    Lily nodded. "He's a very sweet boy."

    "He is." I smiled. "Well, since Ethan seems to have left already, we should think about doing so as well." My stomach growled. "Right after breakfast..."

    I had barely stood to my feet when I heard a knock on the door. Someone on the other side called "Room Service" and I opened the door, peeking around it. A man was carrying a platter, and he held it out for me. "Breakfast, ma'am?"

    "I didn't order anything, though..."

    "That boy...Ethan was it? He did for you."

    He was being so helpful all of a sudden. What was up with that? I sighed. Damn it all, Ethan! How am I supposed to get over you if you keep presenting yourself? I took the platter, thanked the man, then shut the door. There was food for the Pokemon as well, and we ate a nice breakfast, one unlike we had had since we started our journey. I then pulled my clothes on and grabbed my purse, the only thing I hadn't lost when I had lost everything else from the waist up. Also the only thing I hadn't changed from my original outfit. "Well, everyone? Let's go!" We headed out. Next stop was Union Cave and Azalea Town beyond that. Little did I know, though, that Destiny was about to play her cards, and they would not be in my favor.
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