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    Default Pokemon: Rise of Champions

    Hey! I’m giving a call out to all viewers! I’m asking for characters for this fanfic, which is going to be giving Pokemon Battle Revolution a storyline. To enter a character, you must put it in this format.

    Age: (Only ten and up)
    Pokemon Team: (All legendaries banned)

    Here is an example, for my character.

    Name: Thomas Hikari
    Appearance: Chestnut spiky hair, ocean blue eyes, fair skin, red cap, green t-shirt, blue baggy jeans, grey sneakers with black laces, and a yellow backpack
    Age: Twelve
    Hometown: Nimbasa City
    Biography: He started his journey with a Munna he got from his mother. He has already beaten all the gyms from Unova, and came in second in the Unova League.
    Pokemon Team: Musharna, Salamence, Roserade, Chandelure, Jolteon, Quagsire
    Personality: Excitable, but can be serious when the time needs him to be, very hyper

    Now, it’s your turn to submit characters for this fanfic! Oh, and the first boy and the first girl will be submitted will be the other two main characters! So act quickly before someone else steals your spotlight!
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    Default Re: Pokemon: Rise of Champions

    Alright I'll give this a shot. I really like this idea and doing this might help me get a feel for writing my own poke-fic.

    Name: Rachael Rosewater
    Appearance: Long Silver-white hair done up in a ponytail, crimson red eyes, black tank top, black biker glove on her right hand and several different colored hair bands on her left, dark red messenger bag with the pokeball emblem stitched into it, dark blue jeans, and black and white sneakers with white laces.
    Age: 16
    Hometown: Blackthorn City
    Biography: She started her journey upon Clair's request when Clair had given her a Horsea for her tenth birthday and by the time she reached age 14 she entered the Johto league where she placed fourth among the competitors. It only took a year later for her to defeat all 8 gyms in the Kanto region but to her dismay she was unable to compete in the league due to her mother becoming ill and she had to return home. She hopes to redeem herself in the Unova League.
    Pokemon Team: Kingdra, Scolipede, Aerodactyl, Houndoom, Larvesta, and she hasn't decided on a sixth.
    Personality: She is a stereotypical badass. She'll let nothing interfere on her way to the top and has a habit of forming rival relationships with many people she comes across. However, she is compassionate and does her best to help more inexperienced trainers and provides a role-model for them to look up to.

    This is a character I've been working on as a support for my own fan-fic but I'd never gotten down to writing out her specifics until just now. Anyway if you don't use her as a character I will so no worries.

    By the way Thomas seems to have two Roserades on his team. I'm assuming that's a mistake :P

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    Default Re: Pokemon: Rise of Champions

    Yeah, it was a mistake, sorry. But anyway, now all I need is a male character then I can start writing the fanfic!


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