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    Default Pokemon: The Platinum Journey

    This Fan-Fic is meant to be based off of Platinum. I would like to know if you find it is too game oriented, because I am trying to make it as least Game related as possible.

    An Excerpt from the story of the Original One:
    “When did those two start warring, the Original One created a third entity. When this one was born, other dimensions were born. Seeing the other two beings warring, this third being took the two to separate dimensions where they could do no further harm. When did this one start to destroy the other two’s creations, the Original One sent him to another dimension where he could do no further harm.”

    Above a large swirling vortex, two beings floated. One was a white horse with several yellow rings protruding from its body. Upon these rings sat small emeralds. Its feet were tipped with golden hooves. Its underbelly was gray like its face. Its green eyes seemed out of place on its face. The other had a large, centipede-like gray body with six short legs. Its large black wings had several blood red crystals growing out of it. On its body sat black and red stripes, and gold rings that started and ended on the red stripes.

    “This is your world now, Giratina. You may do what you wish to it, but you may never destroy any other dimensions. If you do, you will find yourself in my wrath. Do you understand my orders?” commanded the white Horse. It stood glaring at Giratina with slivered for eyes.

    I fully understand, lord Arceus. You have my word that I shall protect all worlds from any who choose to do them harm,” replied Giratina softly. It bowed to its creator, and awaited his reply.

    “Excellent. I feel that you shall do your self-appointed duty well. Perhaps, you shall even surprise me by your actions? Regardless, I shall hold you to this Giratina. If your brothers should ever be released into another dimension, you must stop their warring before it ever begins. I bid you farewell my son. May you find yourself safety in the eons that will pass as you remain in this place,” bellowed Arceus. Without moving, it disappeared into the darkness to continue its work.

    “Now, to start my work on my world,” spoke Giratina to itself softly. As it worked, many millenniums passed. To it, years passed like seconds in its world. Much to its dismay, Giratina found itself unable to create life for its world.

    “Why Arceus?! Why won’t you allow me to make life in my world?! Surely you know what it is like to be alone? Before you created Dialga and Palkia, you were the only one who existed. After sending me to this world, you were again the only one in your universe.”

    “Giratina, you brought this upon yourself. When you attempted to destroy what your brothers had created, you showed me what would happen if you were given life to take care of. My son, you should have guessed I would not give you the power to create life. There is only one with that power. Your brother, whom I created after sending you to this place,” came the solemn reply, shaking the world around Giratina. Giratina, angry with Arceus, then went on creating its world.

    Chapter 1: The Start of a Journey

    On a cold January evening, in the snow-stricken town of Twinleaf, two young children, a boy and a girl were watching a special Broadcast of the championship match of the Sinnoh Pokémon League.

    On screen, a large brown mammoth-like Pokémon stood glaring across the field. It had two long tusks protruding out of its face. On its white face sat two large black eyes surrounded by long blue mask-like fur. Surrounding this was white fur that gleamed in the sunlight. On the other side of the field was a large dark blue skunk-like Pokémon. Its long flowing tail covered its entire back and the top of its head. Its underbelly was a light tan, as was the underside of its tail. Its face looked menacing as it glared at its opponent.

    “Mamoswine, Avalanche, let’s go!” shouted the trainer near the mammoth. At the order, Mamoswine started to generate a large quantity of snow on its back. Glaring at the skunk, it shot the snow it gathered towards it. Skillfully, the skunk attempted to get out of the way.

    “Skuntank, Flamethrower, quick!” shouted its trainer, eyes widened at the large amount of snow flying towards his Pokémon. Skuntank then turned around and let loose a stream of fire from its rear end. The snow instantly melted and the fire kept going towards Mamoswine.

    “Mamoswine! Get out of the way!” screamed the mammoth’s trainer, but was too late. Mamoswine’s bulky body kept it from moving fast, and it was hit by a large amount of red hot flames. Just by looking at it, both trainers could imagine what it may have felt. After the flames died out, scorch marks could be seen all across its body. Mamoswine attempted to get up, but no avail. It collapsed right then and there, much to its trainer’s dismay. The Television then cut to commercials. The boy turned to his sister.

    “Hopefully soon, I shall become a trainer. I hope that the next person who becomes Champion of the Pokémon League is me! I, Lucas, shall become the greatest Pokémon trainer EVER!” said the young boy to himself. Lucas wore a dark red long-sleeve shirt and long black jeans. His black hair was covered by a burgundy hat with a Pokéball symbol on the side.

    “Yeah, and I’ll be the worst coordinator ever,” mocked his sister, “But seriously, I know people will know the name Dawn and associate it with the greatest coordinator.” Dawn had on a bright pink shirt and a very short mini-skirt. Her long, dark blue hair was partially kept up in two pink hair pins with the rest hanging down. Covering part of this was a snow white hat with a pink Pokéball symbol on the front.

    As the two were talking, a loud noise radiated from the door. Startled, the two crept slowly towards the door and opened it slightly. On the doorstep sat a young, spiky blonde-haired boy.

    “Man, Zach. That gets funnier every time you do it! Seriously, do you ever look where you’re going, dude?” cheerfully asked Lucas. And that’s a lot. Lucas helped his friend up from the snow covered porch. He then turned away to keep from laughing. Zach’s normally orange and white long-sleeved shirt and long black pants were covered in snow. Shaking himself off, Zach went inside the house, closing the door behind him.

    “Okay, now to get to why I came over. Did you two hear that Professor Rowan is coming into Twinleaf tomorrow?” asked Zach, still hurting from running into the door.

    “No, neither of us did. Where did you hear this?” inquired Dawn curiously. Before continuing, the trio went and sat down at the Kitchen table.

    “Well, baby, I have my sources,” replied Zach coolly with a smug look on his face.

    “WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” yelled Dawn with are large glare as she bashed the table. Zach slumped in his chair, terrified.

    “Um...nothing, Dawn. Ehehehe,” replied Zach with a look that said “I’m about to wet my pants” on his face.

    “That’s what I thought. Now, get on with it,” replied Dawn with a sigh.

    “Um. Right. So, as I was saying, I was just out for a stroll and came across a poster saying that Professor Rowan was going to be at the library to give a lecture. He is willing to, also, give beginning trainers their first Pokémon, but only if are ten years old. But, it’s only for a short period in the morning. As your birthday was yesterday and mine last week, we can get our First Pokémon,” informed Zach, still with a terrified look on his face.

    “Great. What time are we able to get them?” inquired Lucas, now quite attentive as to what Zach had just informed them.

    “Only from about 8 to 9:30. We may want to get there first, so we can start our journeys early. Hey, Dawn, wanna come with me on my journey, baby?” replied Zach with a smile. He looked at Dawn and noticed that she was almost red with rage. Lucas had to turn away because he knew what was coming. Dawn, in that instant, proceeded to sock Zach in the gut. He fell out of his chair, with the wind knocked out of him, and close to tears. He laid there for several seconds shocked that Dawn had, in a single blow, nearly knocked him out.

    “Zach, I know you have a crush on my sister, but you really need keep it a little more secret. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling everybody on the street that,” said Lucas, close to busting out in laughter at Zach’s expression. Dawn, on the other hand, was trying to forget that Zach said what he did.

    “You know, it’s getting late. I should get going before my mom gets mad at me. I’ll see you bright early tomorrow; try not to over sleep Lucas. See ya later guys,” said Zach, hoping not to get hit again. He got up slowly and started towards the door, “Oh yeah, one more thing, start thinking about the Pokémon you want to start out with. I already have one in mind.” As he said this, Zach slammed right into the door again. Lucas fell out of his chair laughing, while Dawn just sighed. Zach, after opening the door, ran outside. Lucas then had to get up and close the door behind his friend. Dawn then got up and started toward the couch. She turned on the TV and started watching it.

    “I guess this conversation is over,” muttered Lucas. He then went upstairs to his room and started watching his TV. He was just into his show when he heard a car pull up. Lucas knew his dad was just coming home from work. He was too excited about tomorrow to even go and see his father. He looked at the clock by his bed and saw it was only shortly after 8. As he couldn’t wait all that much longer, he decided that he would watch some more TV and then turn in for the night.

    Early the next morning, Dawn was already awake and was waiting for her brother to creep out of bed. When she couldn’t wait any longer, she crept up to her brother’s room and kicked the mattress. Lucas, shocked, jolted out of bed.

    “What the heck?! Oh. Dawn. Hi. Are we leaving soon for the library?” asked Lucas, with his heart beating fast.

    “We can’t go yet, but that’s only because Zach isn’t here yet. Plus, it’s only seven thirty. We have a bit time before we have to get there,” replied Dawn, smiling at her brother’s reaction.

    “Oh, that’s a good reason. Well, can I get ready without you being in the same room?” retorted Lucas. At her twin brother’s request, she left the room.

    About twenty minutes later, Lucas came sauntering down the stairs. Zach was already there, and Dawn had her bright red coat and snow white coat on.

    “’Bout time you got here. Are we good to go?” asked Zach. Lucas then proceeded to put on his dark blue coat and white scarf.

    “Well, let’s go get us our first Pokémon!” exclaimed Lucas, leading the way to the library. While it normally takes about five minutes to trek from their house to the library, they took it slow so they wouldn’t have to wait that long for it to open. By the time they got there, it was shortly after 8. Oddly, nobody was there yet. They peered inside and saw the lights were on and the employees were at the main desk. They could not see anyone else though.

    “Well, if you three are going to go inside, it’s best to use the door,” said a voice from behind them. The trio, nearly having heart-attacks, slowly turned to see a middle-aged man standing behind them. The man had a white moustache that connected with his sideburns. His white shirt and red tie were covered by a blue vest. While not completely, a black jacket covered all of this, and drooped down to cover part of his Khaki pants. The man had a large tan briefcase in his hand. He smiled at the startled expressions of the children in front of him, “Are you here for my lecture, to choose your first Pokémon, or to check out a book?”

    “Wait, you’re Professor Rowan? You’re…uh…taller than I have seen you on TV. Ehehe,” said Lucas, barely mustering the words.

    “Yes I am. Are you just going to stand there staring all day or are you going to let me through?” replied Rowan. The three, embarrassed, stepped out of his way. After he went inside, the three looked at each other with looks of “That was…odd” on their faces. Lucas, Dawn, and Zach slowly followed Rowan inside, and after a few minutes, found him in a section of the library that had many books on Pokémon care.

    “Judging by the way you appear, I would say that you aren’t here for my lecture. Instead, you are here for your first Pokémon,” said Rowan. The trio, surprised by that Rowan had guessed the reason as to why they came right off the bat, slowly nodded their heads, “So, have you thought about which one you want of Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup?”

    “I decided when I first heard you were coming to town. I’ve always wanted to have a Piplup as my first Pokémon,” eagerly replied Zach.

    “Very well then. Before I give your friend his first Pokémon, which ones do you two want?”

    “Hm. I’m thinking Chimchar,” said Lucas, though a little unsure.

    “That would leave Turtwig for me,” replied Dawn, a little relieved that she wouldn’t get a fire type.

    “Very well then, here is Turtwig’s Pokéball, here is Chimchar’s, and here is Piplup’s. I will say this; all three are excellent for Gym Battles and Pokémon Contests. Best of luck on all your journeys,” replied Rowan, smiling at the amazement of the new trainers. Saying farewell, all three left the library.

    “Well, I’m off to get myself Gym Badges. I hope that I’ll see you guys again throughout my journey,” said Zach. Waving good-bye to his friends, he took off running.

    “Well, where should we head first?” curiously asked Lucas.

    “Unlike you, I actually brought a map with me before we left. According to this, the closest town to Twinleaf would be Sandgem. Plus, it’s where Professor Rowan lives, so we can visit him,” replied Dawn.

    “Well then, let’s go! C’mon out Chimchar!” yelled Lucas as he threw his Pokéball. After a bright flash, a small monkey appeared. It was quite petite, and had a small tuff of hair on its head. Its tail was only a fireball that glowed red hot compared to the snowy surroundings.

    <Hiya!> Shouted the small monkey.

    “Let’s go, Turtwig!” exclaimed Dawn. From her Pokéball, a small turtle appeared. It had small twig protruding from its head, with two leaves growing out of it. Its head looked as though it was able to bite the roof off a house. Its back was covered by a brown and black shell.

    <Oh. My trainer is a girl like me.> muttered Turtwig lazily.

    “C’mon, let’s go to Sandgem town!” shouted Lucas excitedly. He then started sprinting towards the gate of Twinleaf.

    “Hey! Wait up!” yelled Dawn as she took off running after him. The two Pokémon took off running behind her, trying to catch up to their new trainers.

    <This is going to get annoying!> shouted Chimchar to the turtle running with him.

    <Tell me about it!> replied Turtwig. She, losing sight of their trainers, sped up to catch them. Chimchar, not wanting to be outdone, started racing her to their trainers.

    Please tell me what you think.
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    This is a nice first chapter, but it's kind of difficult to judge at this point. But I like the implementation of DP and Platinum outfits - clever ;)

    Dawn's a little violent, isn't she?

    But, yeah, it's pretty cool! Well done!

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    I love the idea of a violent Dawn, and the story is pretty good.

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    Chapter 2: Bird Bombs away

    “Lucas! Where are you?!” shouted Dawn into the snowy wilderness that was Route 201. The icy trees around her were glistening in the early morning sunlight, and the snowy road was sparkling as she crunched through the newly fallen snow. Tromping behind her, was the small orange monkey, Chimchar, and the short green tortoise, Turtwig.

    “Chim Chim Char?!” (Where’d you go, new trainer?!) screeched Chimchar while his fiery tail melted the snow behind him. Turtwig, being shorter than Chimchar, followed closely behind so she didn’t have to dig through the snow.

    “Turtwig Twig,” (He’ll turn up.) sighed the small turtle. Feeling a chill, she started tugging on Dawn’s boot in order to get put back into her Pokéball.

    “What is Turtwig?” asked Dawn curiously, looking down at the short turtle.

    “TURTWIG TURTWIG TURTWIG?! TURTWIG TURTWIG TURTWIG TWIG! (ARE YOU REALLY THAT DUMB?! THE SNOW IS DEEPER THAN HOW HIGH I AM!) yelled Turtwig, glaring at her trainer with a look that said “I want to kill you right now”. Chimchar, oblivious to the fact that Turtwig was yelling, leaned its back on a nearby tree.

    “Shh, Chimchar. Quick, get a snowball ready,” quietly said a voice behind Chimchar. Turning, Chimchar saw its trainer holding a snowball about the size of the small monkey. Reluctantly, he followed Lucas’s order and got a snowball ready, “Okay, on three, we throw these at Dawn and Turtwig. 1…2…3 shoot!”

    The duo shot the two snowballs at the girls. Chimchar’s hit Turtwig right on the side of the face, knocking her into the nearby snowdrift. Lucas’s, on the other hand, was close to hitting Dawn, but fell short by only about a foot.

    “Nice try. Now, shall we get going?” calmly asked Dawn, glaring at her brother. Lucas, jaw agape, just stared at the broken snowball that lay on the ground near his sister’s feet. While Lucas was just staring, she nonchalantly walked over and hit Lucas on the back of the head. Snapping out of his disappointment, Lucas glared at his sister.

    “Turtwig, Turtwig, Turtwig,” (Help me girl.) came the muffled voice of Turtwig. Spinning around, the trio saw Turtwig was head first in the snowdrift. Lucas and Chimchar busted up laughing, while Dawn rushed to the aid of her Pokémon.

    “You okay, Turtwig?” asked Dawn, concerned for the welfare of the small turtle.

    “Turtwig, Turtwig Turtwig Turtwig. Turtwig, Twig Twig Turtwig Turt, Turtwig Turt,” (You know, you could make-up a better name for me. I would, but since you can’t understand me, it wouldn’t work out much.) replied Turtwig, shaking the snow off of her head.

    “That’s good. Hey, I know! Turtwig, would you maybe like to have a nickname in case we meet other Turtwigs?” inquired Dawn curiously. Turtwig’s eyes widened at this statement. She affectionately jumped into her trainer’s arms, “I guess that’s a yes. How about…um…hm…Terra?”

    “Twig!” (Yes!) excitedly replied Turtwig.

    “Well, then Terra, would you like to go back into your Pokéball?” asked Dawn, feeling weird about the new name of her new friend. Nodding, Terra hopped into the snowy trail and awaited its trainer. Pointing the Pokéball at Terra, Dawn recalled her into it.

    “Chimchar, would you like a nickname too?” asked Lucas, not wanting to be shown up by his twin. Chimchar thought about it for a minute, and slowly nodded to Lucas, “Well, how do you like the name Chimmy?”

    Violently, Chimchar shook its head in disgust at the name. “Chimchar chim!” (Not a chance!) Shouted the small monkey.

    “Well, how about Inferno?” suggested Lucas. Chimchar’s mouth became a huge grin as it thought about the name. He nodded as a sign of loving the name, “Well Inferno, wanna go in your Pokéball?”

    “Chimchar!” (No Way!) screeched Inferno defiantly. Climbing into a nearby tree, Chimchar awaited the humans to get moving. After several minutes, Inferno pointed in the direction they were heading in order to get the twins to move. Getting the message, the twins slowly started in the direction Inferno was pointing.

    Floating down out of a tree, a small gray bird eyed the humans walking away. It had tiny wings that seemed as though they couldn’t hold it up in the air. Its face was snow white and a tiny orange and black beak was sharply protruding out of it. On its head was a small feather pointing into the air.

    “Starly Starly Star,” (What fun this is going to be.) Gleefully chirped the tiny bird. Starly then took off into trees to not draw attention to itself. Following the two humans, the small bird waited for its chance to strike.

    “You know, Lucas, the first gym that trainers have to defeat is in Oreburgh City. I hear he is a user of Rock Pokémon. Not a nice combination against a fire-type like Inferno,” advised Dawn, “Perhaps you should try and catch a Pokémon that can beat Rock-types.”

    “Yeah sure. There is just one problem: We don’t have any Pokéballs besides Inferno’s and Terra’s,” retorted Lucas, “Perhaps we could get some in Sandgem town?”

    “Um. Yeah, but let’s get there first before deciding what we are going to do. Who knows? Perhaps we may end up finding a lost one along the way?” suggested Dawn, stopping to discuss this.

    “Look sis, we aren’t that lucky. We’ll sooner be pecked out by a wild Starly than finding a Pokéball just lying on the road,” sniped Lucas stopping like his twin.

    “Eh, you’re right. I can hope, can’t I? Anyway, we should get going. I’m getting bored of these snowy trees. The sooner we get to Sandgem, the better,” replied Dawn, as she started down the snowy road.

    “Um, right. Let’s go then,” replied Lucas, starting after his sister. As he was walking, Lucas tripped over a hidden branch in his way. Falling face first into the snow, he groaned in dismay. Dawn, on the other hand, nearly fell laughing at her brother’s pain. Up in the tree, Inferno fell out his branch from laughing and landed on the one below. Still laughing, Dawn helped her brother up.

    “You really have to stop falling for this kind of stuff. Now, shall we go?” mocked Dawn. Turning bright red from embarrassment, Lucas started down the snow-stricken path. In the trees, Inferno followed them still thinking of its trainer’s blunder with the snow.

    Meanwhile, high above the snow capped trees the small grey bird following the three flew silently and stealthily. I feel that soon I shall strike at them all, or at least take down that idiotic monkey that follows them. Thought Starly, as its tiny wings struggled to keep it in the air. A strong gust of wind blew it backwards as it struggled to against it. Seeing that there was no way to avoid wind Starly dove lower in the sky to escape the strong winds of the upper sky.

    After about a half hour of walking, the trio stopped on the side of the road to rest. Inferno was fast asleep in the tree, and was snoring loudly. Lucas had cleared the snow off of a fallen log, and sat on it, while Dawn sat on the other side.

    “Inferno’s so cute when he’s sleeping,” commented Dawn, motioning towards the sleeping monkey in the tree. Inferno started to stir in his sleep and fell out of the tree and onto the snowy ground.

    “Chim Char Chim-? Chimchar,” (Who what when-? Oh hi.) shouted a startled Inferno. He scratched his head and slowly got up.

    High in a nearby tree, Starly watched its target with dismayed intent. This guy’s an idiot. This’ll be done in a flash. Thought the tiny grey bird. With that, it took off into a dive-bomb, aiming for the head of Inferno. At blinding speeds, the tree branches went by as Starly went towards the small monkey.

    “Chim?” (Huh?) asked Inferno as it heard a noise coming from overhead. Looking up, it noticed a grey streak coming right towards it. Swiftly moving out of the way of the oncoming streak, Inferno watched it plow into the snow. Lucas and Dawn ran over to see what had fallen into the snow.

    “Starly Starly!” (Stupid Monkey!) chirped the small snow covered bird. Shaking itself off, the wild Pokémon began to attempt to attack Inferno.

    “Quick, Terra let’s help Inferno!” cried Dawn, throwing her Pokéball. Materializing in a bright flash, Terra appeared in front of Dawn, “Tackle, let’s go!”

    “Twig!” (Fine!) retorted Terra, running towards the dueling Pokémon. Ramming into Starly, she sent it flying towards a nearby tree. Catching itself before hitting the tree, Starly flew towards Terra, nearly steaming at being hit.

    “Inferno, Scratch!” ordered Lucas, wanting to make the bird pay for almost killing his Pokémon. The small monkey ran towards the small bird as it was flying towards Terra. Stopping it only about a foot away from the small turtle, Inferno raked Starly across the chest. Seeing no possible way to win the fight against two foes, Starly flew off to nurse its wounds.

    “That was…odd. Wonder why that Starly wanted to attack Inferno,” said Dawn with a sigh of relief.

    “Dunno. Could have been because we were in its territory. Still, that would bring up the question why only Inferno, and not us?” replied Lucas, scouring the sky for any sign of the bird. Seeing nothing, he began down the road towards Sandgem, “I think that we haven’t seen the last of that Starly. I’m actually thinking of… attempting to catch it if we meet it after getting some Pokéballs.”

    “What?! Are you nuts?! That thing tried to crack your Pokémon’s head open by diving out of the tree, and you’re going to try and catch it?!” asked Dawn breathlessly. Taking a deep breath, she ran towards her brother. When she caught up to him, Dawn tripped Lucas, causing him to fall in to a nearby snow bank.

    “Chim Chim Char!” (That was hilarious!) screeched Inferno from behind them. Terra, on the other hand, simply ran up to her trainer and tugged on her boot.

    “Twig Twig Turt!” (Pokéball, Now!) demanded Terra, motioning towards Dawn’s coat pocket. Getting the message, Dawn recalled Terra into her Pokéball. Lucas, regaining his composure, shook himself off and tried to get away from his “Demon” sister.

    “See you in Sandgem Town, sis!” shouted Lucas, looking back at Dawn. Since he wasn’t looking, Lucas ran straight into a tree. Snow from the looming branches barreled down and buried him.

    “Perhaps you should look where you’re going before running. C’mon idiot,” mocked Dawn with a sigh. Helping her brother out of the new snowdrift, Dawn slowly started down the street.

    “Oh, shut up Dawn. Inferno, now would you like to go in your Pokéball?” asked Lucas, motioning towards the monkey rolling on the ground laughing.

    “Chimchar Chim!” (Not a chance!) Replied Inferno, shaking its head violently. Despite this, Lucas still recalled Inferno back into its Pokéball. Putting the Pokéball into his pocket, he followed after Dawn.

    After walking for several hours, they finally had a change in scenery. Instead of snowy trees, they came across a large snow covered field. Sitting in the field, though, was a massive flock of Starly trying to dig up food. At the edge of the field sat several brown Pokémon. They had teeth that looked as though they could bite through steel and had tuffs of hair on their faces. While they all had tuffs of hair for tails, some had 5 while others had 3.

    “Hey Dawn, look way in the distance. Is that what I think it is?” asked Lucas, using his hand to block out the sun high overhead. In the far distance were several houses and large buildings that seemed to touch the sky.

    “It’s Sandgem Town alright. Wonder how many miles it actually is away. Phew, it seems so far from here. Perhaps we should rest a bit?” replied Dawn, thinking of how her feet hurt. Moving over to a rock, she brushed off the snow and sat down. Lucas went over to a jagged stump and brushed off the snow. Sitting down, he thought of how the Starly that attacked them could be in that flock. Watching them take off, he noticed that there was one that was bright brown that was left behind. As it saw nobody was left, it took it took off after the rest of its flock.

    “That was an odd looking Starly,” commented Dawn, “Anyway, we should take a short rest before continuing towards Sandgem Town.” Sighing, she looked up at the sky pondering what she would do when she found out where the nearest contest was. Lucas, on the other hand, thought about how he was going to fare against a Rock-type gym leader. Overhead, the Starly flock flew towards the nearby town.

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    Chapter 3: Starly Attempts to Strike Back

    As the sun starting to get lower in the sky, the twins rest ended abruptly as the Starly flock that went off came back. As they flew, they made noise that would wake a hibernating Pokémon with no ears. Looking at the sky, Lucas saw that it was getting late.

    “We should really get going. We are going to want to make it to Sandgem Town before nightfall. I have heard that Gastly appear around here at night to scare travelers,” commented Lucas. Dawn’s eyes grew large at the thought of a Ghost Pokémon floating around her while she slept.

    “U-u-um y-y-yeah. L-l-lets g-g-o before it gets late,” replied a trembling Dawn. She quickly started towards the town. Following her, Lucas noticed that the Starly flock seemed to follow them.

    “That Starly flock is starting to creep me out. Huh? Doesn’t that Starly in the front seem familiar, Dawn?” asked Lucas, eying the Starly in the very front. It looked like any other, but on its stomach were three red marks resembling what Inferno did to the Starly they had met previously.

    “Uh-oh. I think we’re in trouble. Best send out our Pokémon now, Lucas” replied Dawn, grabbing Terra’s Pokéball. Throwing it, the small green turtle materialized in a bright flash of white.

    <What now?!> inquired Turtwig, glaring at her trainer.

    “Let’s go, Inferno!” shouted Lucas as he threw his Pokéball. Like Terra, in a bright flash, Inferno appeared before the two humans.

    <Not again> groaned Inferno as he saw the Starly flock coming towards them. Sighing, he looked at his trainer and awaited his orders.

    “Inferno, Scratch, let’s go!” shouted Lucas to his Pokémon. Following his command, Inferno jumped up to attack the lead Starly as it flew towards him.

    “Terra, when it gets close, tackle it!” commanded Dawn, pointing to the lead Starly. Awaiting her chance to strike, Terra eyed her foe carefully. At that point, Inferno made contact with the Starly and scratched its left wing. Faltering, the Starly fell out of the sky. Seeing an opening, Terra ran towards the falling bird and knocked it back.

    <Stupid Monkey and Turtle! My brothers and sisters, ATTACK!> shouted the wounded Starly as attempted to get up. Instead of following the order, the flock flew away in fear from the two who have nearly defeated their leader.

    “I doubt we’ve seen the last of that Starly,” commented Lucas as he started towards Sandgem Town.

    “Um. Lucas. The Starly is still awake,” replied Dawn, pointing to the tiny bird struggling to get off the ground. As if he didn’t hear her, Lucas just kept going and tripped on something, landing on a small rock. Looking back he saw a red and white ball that was covered in ice.

    “A…Pokéball?!” whispered Lucas as he tried to get his breath back. He tried to get it but found it was frozen partway in the ground. Must have been buried by a Bidoof or something a while back. Thought Lucas. As he thought this, the Starly had gotten up and was flying off.

    “You okay bro?” asked Dawn as she knelt down by her brother as he tried to get up. Sighing, Lucas got up slowly and tried to get the Pokéball out of the ground. mWith no avail, he called Inferno over to melt it with his tail. Instead of using his tail, Inferno blew fire on it.

    “Inferno, was that…Ember?” inquired Lucas, watching what Inferno had done, and grabbed the Pokeball.

    <No you idiot, it was Splash. Of course it was!> replied Inferno.

    “I’ll take that as yes,” sighed Lucas, “Guess we’d best be going.” mHe got up and started towards the nearby town, still in pain from slipping on the Pokéball. Lucas, realizing that Inferno could use some rest after defeating the Starly that had attacked them, and called it back into its Pokéball.

    “Hm, wonder when Inferno learned Ember,” muttered Dawn, wishing Terra would learn a new attack. Calling back her Pokémon, she started after Lucas.

    High in the sky, a large bird soared above them. It was mostly yellow, with black on the back of its wings. Upon its head and wings were spike-like feathers that were much like its tail feathers. Its sharp beak looked like it could puncture pure Diamond or large Pearls.

    <I don’t understand why Lord Arceus would send Articuno, Moltres, and I to watch over these two humans. They seem much more…dumber than normal ones.> muttered the Bird to itself. <Albeit a strange task, I shall not even think of failing Lord Arceus. It’s odd, but I must press on with my mission. I, Zapdos, have never failed before and shall not yet!>

    Zapdos flew ahead of the twins towards the looming mountain of Mount Coronet.

    “That was a big bird,” commented Dawn as she saw it fly ahead of them.

    “Never seen one of those before. Could be a Pokémon not native to Sinnoh. Wonder why it’s here. Eh, whatever. We may see it again,” replied Lucas staring in the direction that Zapdos flew off in.

    “You’re right. We shouldn’t worry about it right now. We’ve got to get to Sandgem Town before nightfall, lest we get attacked by G-g-ghosts,” said Dawn shuddering at the thought.

    “Oh, was that what I think it was?” replied Lucas, looking behind them.

    “What do you mean?”

    “I’m pretty sure I just saw a Misdreavus floating around here. So, how long do you think it will be before it kills us?” mocked Lucas, staring behind them.

    “Nice try. I know there wasn’t a Misdreavus or any other ghost behind us,” calmly replied Dawn. Walking towards Sandgem Town at a surprisingly fast pace, Dawn looked onward.

    “It’s getting much harder to freak you out,” sighed Lucas, disappointed in failing to scare his twin. He noticed that in a matter of seconds, Dawn had gotten several yards ahead of him. He had to run to catch up to her.

    “Lucas, can you come here for a second?” shouted Dawn as she saw her brother running towards her. When he finally made it to her, she socked him the gut hard enough to knock the wind out of him.

    “I sort of deserved that, didn’t I?” asked Lucas trying to regain his breath.

    , but not that hard. It was just fun to do that,” beamed Dawn, looking at her brother struggle to regain his composure. She just kept on going, though, without waiting for her brother.

    Lucas got up and started after his sister. Looking up at the sky, he noticed that the sun was getting lower in the sky. Pressing on faster, he passed his sister in speed. Trying to catch up to him, Dawn started running.

    Up in the sky, the Starly from before was following them. Those two idiots are actually good. Either that, or I’m just that weak. Who knows? One of them may be willing to take me under their wing and train me. I should really check that out. Thought the Starly as it flapped its tiny wings against the strong wind. Diving down, it tried to catch up to them, but was blown away as a much larger Pokémon flew by it, causing it to fall.

    After running for a short while, they found themselves a little over half of the distance from the field to Sandgem Town. Needing to rest, they found a couple of stumps left by wild Bidoof and sat down.

    “You know, I could have sworn that the Starly from before was following us again, but there was a much bigger Pokémon that knocked it out,” said Lucas as he looked up at the sky for signs of the gray bird.

    “Oh, you’re just seeing stuff,” retorted Dawn as she looked towards the nearby town. A winding road was all that separated them from Sandgem Town, and it seemed as though it would take a long time to cross.

    “We really should keep going without resting. We’re almost there,” replied Lucas, peering into the distance at the town that was much closer than when he last looked. Leaving the stump, he started sprinting towards Sandgem. Dawn, with a sigh, got up and started after her twin.

    Meanwhile, after finally getting back into the air, Starly started flying towards the travelers. Its tiny wings were flapping fast to keep up with them, but nevertheless it watched for other Pokémon that may be flying around it.

    <Pant. Pant. I hope that I can at least take a rest as soon as the idiots stop!> chirped Starly as it watched the twins carefully, <Huh? Is that what I think it is?!> As it was talking to itself, it failed to see a very large bug flew right towards it. Glaring, the bug sped up to ram into the small bird. Colliding head on, the bug quickly overpowered Starly and knocked it down to the ground.

    <Dumb Starly. You should know not to get in the way of a Yanmega!> shouted the bug as it sped away. Glaring at the Yanmega, Starly flew up to attempt to exact its revenge against the bug.

    <Get back here!> shouted Starly as it sped towards the Yanmega with intent to kill. Feeling no threat, the Yanmega merely sped off into the distance. Noticing that the twins were not anywhere near, Starly sped off towards Sandgem Town.

    Meanwhile, a much larger bird, perched in a tall, swaying tree, eyed the small bird and large bug fight with distaste. It resembled Starly in color and wing shape. Instead of a single feather rising off its head, it had several feathers that made a Mohawk –like shape, with the end being bright red. Its wings were each as long as Starly’s wingspan was, and could easily lift its body into the air. The bird’s tail feathers were long enough that they could match Starly’s height with their length.

    <Stupid Starly. I would hate to see him if he evolves into a Staraptor. We Staraptor would be embarrassed to have such a failure in our midst. I really should take it down, then take down those humans it keeps following.> muttered the large bird as it watched the bird speed off into the distance. Expanding its wings, Staraptor took off at blinding speeds towards the unsuspecting Starly and twins.

    Up in the sky, Staraptor had overshot Starly by a few meters and noticed the twins walking. Letting out a screech, it dove at blinding speeds to attack the humans. Seeing this, Starly picked up speed to stop the attack.

    As the twins were walking, they heard the loud screech from above them. Looking up, Lucas tried to find the source of the noise.

    “What the heck was that? Sounded like a Pokémon, but I don’t really know,” said Lucas, as he scoured the sky attempting to find what it was.

    “What the-?!” shouted Dawn as she saw the gray streak in the sky. Moving fast, Staraptor glared at its prey with eyes that seemed to pierce through their bodies. Starly was close to ramming into the Staraptor, but barely missed it as it sped by.

    “This doesn’t look good,” groaned Lucas, seeing there was no way to avoid the oncoming Pokémon.
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    Chapter 4: A Powerful Protector Pokémon

    Eying the Staraptor from a far, Zapdos flew into action. Flapping its powerful wings effortlessly, it traveled several miles in a matter of seconds. As it flew through the air, a booming voice reverberated inside of its head.

    “Nay, Zapdos. I would like you to see how well they can take care of themselves before you step in. Also, remember not to let them know who you are or why you are here.” Said the voice as it dissipated from Zapdos’s head. With a sigh, Zapdos slowed down its speed to see if the Staraptor would end up defeated.

    Meanwhile, the Staraptor continued its charge towards its prey. Starly, however, struggled to get to the twins before Staraptor got there, but it couldn’t move all that fast.

    “Well, we either get killed or try and take it down. Shall we?” asked Dawn, surprisingly calm. Reaching into her coat pocket, she pulled out Terra’s Pokéball. Throwing it, Dawn’s Pokémon materialized in a white flash.

    <Oh come on! Can’t I have some peace and quiet for a while?!> shouted Terra rather angrily as she glared at her trainer.

    “Inferno, come on out!” shouted Lucas as he got Inferno’s Pokéball. Tossing it, the small monkey appeared before them, “Ember, let’s go!”

    Inferno, following his Trainer’s order, took a deep breath, and shot out several small balls of fire. Despite being pelted by the fire, the Staraptor was left unfazed by the pitiful attempt. Flying towards Terra, it totally ignored the little monkey’s failing attack.

    “Terra! Get out of there!” shouted Dawn, wanting to keep her Pokémon from harm. Unfortunately, before Terra could get away, the Staraptor made contact. Knocking her back, the Staraptor knocked her into a fallen tree.

    <Stupid Bird! I’m gonna kill you!> yelled the small turtle, eyes blood-red from fury. Charging towards the large bird that was eying her, Terra tried to knock it down. Narrowly dodging the turtle, the Staraptor went after Inferno.

    <You stupid Staraptor! Stay away from them!> came a chirp from above them. Above them, Starly was barreling down towards the Staraptor.

    <Don’t make me laugh, little Starly. You don’t realize that you could easily be killed by me, do you?> retorted the large bird.

    <Well, duh! I’m still not gonna let a dumb Staraptor show me up, though!> retorted Starly, as it charged towards the big bird. Ramming head first into the Staraptor, Starly was left dazed by the force of the bird’s muscled body.

    “Terra! No!” shouted Dawn, running to her fallen Pokémon.

    <Ack, stupid bird!> shouted Terra as she struggled to get up.

    “I suppose we’d best help the Starly out,” replied Lucas, albeit reluctantly, remembering what the Starly had tried to do before, “Inferno, Ember!”

    Much like before, the orange monkey followed its trainer’s command. Taking in a deep breath, Inferno shot smoldering balls of fire at the Staraptor. However this time, the fire left its mark on it. Hitting its wing, the Staraptor was knocked down. After Inferno had exhausted the attack, the large bird struggled to get up.

    Meanwhile, Zapdos watched the battle unfold, surprised by how the twins were hurting the Staraptor, albeit slowly. Floating in the air using its powerful wings, it watched to see what the outcome would be. This should get interesting. Thought Zapdos.

    <C’mon! You idiots think you can defeat me?!> mocked the Staraptor, after it got up in the air. As it said this, a sharp jolt of pain surged through Staraptor’s wing. Faltering, it had to set down on the ground.

    Seeing its chance to attack, the Starly charged at it after snapping out its daze. It rammed headfirst into Staraptor’s right wing. With both of its wings injured, it couldn’t get back into the air. However, Starly was knocked out cold

    “Terra, now’s our chance! Take it down with tackle!” shouted Dawn, seeing the chance to strike the Staraptor. Following her trainer’s command, Terra started charging towards the bird.

    <Guess I’m going to have to break out my big guns, though I would rather not.> smirked the Staraptor, knowing that most of its attacks were unable to be used because of its injuries. From its beak, a small ball of orange energy started to develop. Growing larger, the Staraptor shot it in a beam aimed at Starly.

    <What?! The Staraptor knows Hyper Beam?! I do believe that Lord Arceus would constitute this as a time to intervene. Let’s see how that Staraptor likes a taste of my Thunder.> said Zapdos, eying the battle down below. It started to charge electricity from around it, targeting the Staraptor.

    Down below, however, the Staraptor was nearly finished charging the beam. Inferno, however, acted fast to protect the fallen Starly. Picking it up, Inferno quickly moved out of the way, merely seconds before the Hyper Beam was fired. The beam cut through several trees, all of which surprisingly only had holes in their trunks.

    Above, Zapdos had finished charging the electricity. Glaring down at the landscape, it fired the Thunder at the Staraptor. The bolt of lightning, with a flash, crashed down on the Staraptor.

    <Huh? Wha-What happened?> asked Starly, waking up from hitting the Staraptor. It was startled by finding itself near Inferno, and seeing the Staraptor being shocked.

    “Either there is a storm around, or some Pokémon really hates this Staraptor,” commented Lucas, startled by the sudden bolt of lightning hitting the bird.

    After the bolt had dissipated, the Staraptor was knocked out cold. Seeing their chance to escape, the four, with Starly in Lucas’s arms, ran towards the nearby town. After a short while, the four stopped to rest.

    <So, monkey-> started Starly as the Pokémon were resting.

    <My name is Inferno.> Interrupted Inferno, not liking what Starly had called him.

    <Sorry, Inferno, what happened after the stupid Staraptor knocked me out?> asked Starly.

    <After you knocked yourself out, somehow someway, a bolt of lightning hit the Staraptor. So, why did you come after us after you attempted to kill us?> replied Inferno, confused as to why Starly returned.

    <Truth be told, I wanted to see if either of your trainers would…train me to be stronger.> replied Starly sheepishly.

    <I can tell you this, my trainer Dawn won’t want to raise you after what you did.> said Terra, glaring at the small bird. <Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be taking a nap. So KEEP IT DOWN!>

    <I think I heard Lucas say that he was wanting to catch you to raise you for some reason.> informed Inferno, looking at his trainer.

    <He did?! Well, I really hope he meant it, because I wanna get stronger than you and I’d like my trainer to be a guy just like me!> beamed Starly, not even noticing Inferno’s glare. Walking up to Lucas, Starly started pecking at his pocket.

    “Starly, hope you don’t mind me asking, but would you mind quitting your pecking?” said Lucas, annoyed by the small bird, “Oh, I get it. Would you…maybe like to come along with us?”

    At that, Starly’s eyes widened, and he perched himself on Lucas’s shoulder. Taking it as a yes, Lucas reached into his coat pocket and got the Pokéball that he had picked up. Starly, moving down from Lucas’s shoulder, lightly pecked the Pokéball. The Pokéball opened up and sucked it in. It wiggled several times, and clicked shut.

    “It would seem I’m the first one of us to catch a Pokémon, eh Dawn?” said Lucas, staring at the Pokéball in his hand.

    “Whatever. I wouldn’t have caught that Starly after what it tried to do,” retorted Dawn, not amused at Lucas’s attempt to one up her.

    “Come on out Starly!” shouted Lucas, throwing the Pokéball. In a flash, Starly reappeared in front of them, “You know, the way you tried to defeat that Staraptor, I think you should have a name that sounds fierce. How about Raptor? I figured that since you almost took down a Staraptor, Raptor might be a good way to remember it.”

    <Ooh, I like that. Once I become a Staraptor, it’ll be very fitting for me.> beamed Starly, nodding at the name. Raptor took perch on Lucas’s shoulder so he could see where they were going to go.

    <C’mon! We gotta get move on Lucas! We’re almost all the way to…um…what was it called? Oh yeah! Banana Split Town!> said Inferno, trying to get them to go. Raptor and Terra fell down laughing at what Inferno had just said.

    <No you idiot, its Sandgem Town, not Banana Split Town! At least we know where his priorities lie! Eh, Raptor?> laughed Terra, unable to get up and nearly out of breath.

    <Oh, shuddup!> replied Inferno, glaring.

    <The phrase is shut up idiot, not shuddup.> corrected Raptor, taking off to get the trainers to follow him.

    <Oh, shuddup!> retored Inferno, not wanting to change it

    “I suppose we’d better get to Sandgem town before the ghosts come out tonight,” commented Lucas.

    “I’m outta here,” replied Dawn, freaked out about the thought of a ghost nearby. Up in the sky, several Pokémon flew towards the town. Getting up to catch her sister, Lucas sprinted with the Pokémon close behind. By the time the sun was casting its final glow, they made it to Sandgem Town

    “Finally, huff huff, made it,” said Lucas, out of breath from running. Behind him, the Pokémon were lying on the ground trying to get their breath back. Looking down the street, Lucas noticed a figure hiding in the shadows. The figure moved towards them.

    “Huh? Who’s there?!” Shouted Dawn, noticing the figure too.

    I'd have had this done earlier, but I was having writer's block for a short while.

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    Chapter 5: It’s a Ghost Town After All

    The figure, remaining in the shadows, slowly crept towards Dawn, Lucas, and the Pokémon. Stumbling on something that was in the darkness, the figure fell under a street light which came on overhead.

    “Ow. What did I-? Oh. Piplup, sorry. Ehehe,” said the figure, looking at his dazed Pokémon, “Anyways, ‘bout time you two got here. The two of us were wondering if we should go on ahead instead.”

    “Perhaps you should have looked where you were going, eh Zach?” retorted Lucas, feeling a tiny bit sorry for his friend’s Pokémon. Reaching towards his friend to help him up, he noticed that there were shadows moving behind Zach. Just seconds after he noticed them, they disappeared into thin air.

    <I am really going to hate it when he trips over me, which just from looking at him, happens a lot.> sighed Piplup, snapping out of its daze. <Chimchar! Turtwig! So, what ya been up to guys?>

    <Trying not to get killed and to keep him in line. Also, its Terra now.> replied Terra, ignoring the evil look she was getting from Inferno.

    <Shuddup, Terra! By the way, I go by Inferno now. Try to remember it, eh Piplup? Also, this here is Raptor. He was the first to try and kill us, but now he has made amends, whatever that means.> said Inferno, pointing to the gray bird.

    <I still don’t like you Inferno, but since we share the same human, I guess I’ll have to make due.> retorted Raptor with a sigh. In the shadows, the faint outline of a Pokémon appeared out of nowhere.

    <Ooh! Monkey, Turtle, Penguin, and Bird are on the menu for tonight! C’mon boys! Let’s prepare out dinner!> shouted the Pokémon. Around it, several more Pokémon appeared.

    <I still prefer to eat Politicians more than anything, but they’ll have to do!> muttered another.

    “What the heck?! Zach, Dawn! We’re going to have to combine our attacks to take down this hoard of whatever they are,” yelled Lucas, “Inferno, Ember! Raptor, um, use any move you can use!”

    “Guess it’s the Ghost Pokémon feeding time! Piplup, Bubble let’s go!”

    “G-g-g-ghosts!” screamed Dawn loudly, startling a nearby Pokémon. The Pokémon, with its dark fur, had blended into the scenery. Nonchalantly, it swept past the Ghost Pokémon, slashing each one with black claws.

    <Eat Night Slash, stupid Gastly!> shouted the Pokémon as it clawed each one.

    <Run away! That Stunky has Night Slash! We’re doomed!> screamed one of the Gastly, as it turned away and floated off into the distance. The Stunky then went back into its hiding spot and began snoring loudly.

    “Kind of ironic that a Stunky would just happen to be sleeping nearby. Say Dawn, I never knew you were afraid of Ghosts,” commented Zach.

    “Yeah well, that would be none of your business, Zach. Anyway, do you have any idea if Professor Rowan has returned to Sandgem Town yet?” replied Dawn, with a hint of fear in her voice.

    “I think I saw his car pass by when I got here a few hours ago. While I was waiting for you two, I took a trip to the Pokémart to stock up on a few supplies. Figured I would be nice and get you a little something,” said Zach coolly, reaching into his backpack. He pulled out a small purple and white spray bottle.

    “Nice thinking, a Potion will really come in handy when we battle wild Pokémon or trainers,” commented Lucas, reaching for the Potion. Zach, intending for Dawn to have it, moved it out of Lucas’s reach. He handed it to Dawn, who gave Lucas a small glare, took the spray bottle and put it in her backpack.

    <Say, Piplup, is your trainer always that way to others?> asked Raptor, watching how Zach acted towards Lucas.

    <Nah, he obviously likes the girl better than the guy.> replied Piplup, who didn’t even notice the glare that it was getting from Inferno.

    <Well, it could be that your trainer is just weird.> commented Inferno, still mad from the comment that was made.

    <You have a point. If he can’t even tell where his Pokémon is and ends up tripping over them, then he’s just plain weird. That or just doesn’t like guys like us.> replied Piplup, trying to make up for his last remark.

    <Actually, I kinda get the notion that my trainer doesn’t like guys all that much. She’s not too nice to Lucas, nor Raptor or Inferno, but she’s very nice to me. Not to mention I’m the only other female she’s traveling with.> said Terra smugly, not even caring about the glares she was receiving from the other Pokémon.

    “Inferno, Raptor, we’re going to see Professor Rowan, so would you guys like to take a rest for the night?” asked Lucas, looking at the Pokémon who had not noticed that the three were finished talking.

    “Terra, would you like to also?”

    “C’mon Piplup, back into your Pokéball for the night, alright?”

    Recalling all their Pokémon, the three started down the dark snowy street. Lurking in the shadows of the buildings and snowdrifts were the shadows of Ghost Pokémon, many of which would hide at the sight of the trainers. Occasionally, one would be trying to scare another Pokémon, but none tried to scare the trainers.

    After walking a short while, the trio came across a large building. In the darkness, the twin pillars that stood next to the large doorframe seemed to be the only thing keeping the roof from collapsing. The door was brandished with the shapes of three Pokémon forming a circle.

    “Think this is Professor Rowan’s lab?” asked Lucas, pointing towards the building.

    “I guess the sign that says “Rowan Research Laboratory” doesn’t give that away? Wonder if he’s here, or at his house,” retorted Zach.

    “The answer is yes he is here. You must be the trainers who started from Twinleaf Town, right?” asked a person behind them. The three turned to see a young man in a white lab coat. He had dark brown hair that was neatly trimmed. He had on a pair of glasses with small lenses that looked only big enough for a very small child.

    “That would be us, provided no other trainers got their first Pokémon after us, now who are you?” asked Dawn, eying the young man suspiciously.

    “I would just so happen to be Professor Rowan’s most trusted aide, Alec,” replied the young aide with pride.

    “So, you work for Professor Rowan? Then you would know what the Pokémon I received needs, right?” inquired Zach, much to the dismay of Lucas and Dawn who were glaring at him.

    “Perhaps we should discuss this inside? It’s cold out here, and I’m sure Professor Rowan would like to see how your Pokémon are doing. Shall we?” asked Alec, stepping towards the wooden door. Opening it, Alec motioned for the three to come in.

    “Wow, dare I ask how you guys got THAT in here?” asked Zach, noticing a large Pokémon sleeping.

    “Oh, yeah that’s just Fluffy. Try not to scare him, as Mamoswine can charge when frightened,” replied Alec quietly, trying not to wake the sleeping Mamoswine.

    “Right, so how DID you get Fluffy in here?” reiterated Zach, much quieter this time.

    “There is a large field outback with a door in the lab big enough for this guy. We’re currently studying Fluffy’s habits so we can figure out why their personalities change when Piloswine evolve into Mamoswine,” informed Alec motioning for them to leave the room, “Unfortunately, so far all he does is eat and sleep, so we aren’t getting much out of him yet.”

    “So, where’s Professor Rowan?” asked Lucas as soon as the door to Fluffy’s room was shut.

    “I would be right here. Now, I must thank you Alec for bringing these three here. You may take a seat, all of you,” said a voice by the window.

    “Right, well actually I think I should go check on Fluf-er Mamoswine right now. Ehehe,” said Alec, rubbing the back of his head. Quickly running towards Fluffy’s room, he pulled the door open and walked through.

    “Now, first I would like to know your names and to see the Pokémon that you were given,” said Rowan, smiling at the young trainers.

    “Well, I’m Zach. C’mon out Piplup!”

    <I thought you said I could rest for the night!> squealed Piplup in anger.

    “I’m Lucas, and my sister here is Dawn. Hope he won’t mind, but c’mon out Inferno!”

    “You too Terra!”

    <Great! Can’t even sleep for the night anymore!> grumbled Terra.

    <Oh sure, Raptor gets to sleep and we don’t!> muttered Inferno.

    “I see. You’ve given Chimchar and Turtwig nicknames. They do seem fitting, considering their final evolutions have parts of both in their names,” said Rowan, “Now, I’m sure you don’t have a place to stay for the night. Am I correct in saying that?”

    “I guess so, since we don’t know anybody in town here,” replied Lucas, looking at the professor from his seat.

    “It just so happens that there are three extra rooms that my assistants use when our research ends up requiring us to stay all night. You’re more than welcome to rest here for the night,” offered Rowan with a smile.

    “I guess we’re going to have to take you up on that offer, Professor. Thank you,” replied Dawn, looking at Lucas and Zach, “What do you guys say?”

    “Yeah, we don’t have anywhere else to go in town here, so thanks,” replied Lucas with a tired look on his face.

    “Thanks Professor, so where are the rooms?” asked Zach, looking at the professor with a confused look.

    “Take a right from the room where the Mamoswine Alec nicknamed Fluffy, much to my discontent, is sleeping. At the end of the hallway are the three rooms, so make yourselves at home in any of them you like. Alec is going to be staying a while, but he won’t stay all night so don’t worry about that,” replied Rowan, looking at Fluffy’s room.

    Bidding good night to Rowan, the three called back their Pokémon for the night. The trio followed his directions and came across three doorways at the end of a hallway. Choosing their respective rooms, they bid each other good night and went into their rooms.

    Lucas walked into his room and saw that it was rather empty. Aside from a single bed, there was only a small closet and a large bookshelf filled with books on Sinnoh Mythology.

    “Guess that Professor Rowan’s assistants were studying stuff from Ancient Sinnoh,” said Lucas to himself, “Anyway, I suppose that Inferno and Raptor would like to sleep outside of their Pokeballs. C’mon out guys.”

    With a flash, the small orange monkey and grey bird materialized in front of him.

    <What now?!> shrieked Inferno, glaring at his trainer.

    <Obviously we get to sleep out of our Pokeballs tonight, idiot.> retorted Raptor, looking at Inferno with a sneer.

    “How about we call it a night, eh guys?”

    <Okay then, good nigh-> said Inferno before trailing off into deep sleep.

    <Fine, but at least let me perch somewhere, okay?> said Raptor, looking around the room. Spotting the bookshelf, he flew up to the top of it and quickly fell asleep.

    Removing his coat, hat and shoes, Lucas lifted the covers of the bed and crawled into it. Within minutes of getting into the fluffy bed, he was asleep.

    * * *

    “Lord Arceus, the children have arrived in Sandgem Town. What are your orders?”

    “My orders, Darkrai, are to have you give the boy a sneak peek of events yet to come. I am giving you the power to show him only what is to happen at the Spear Pillar. The Humans on Earth do not realize that these are visions of the future. They only believe them to be dreams.”

    “Yes, Lord Arceus. Your bidding shall be done most hastily.”

    “Go, Darkrai. This must be done this night. Do I make myself clear?”

    “Yes, Lord Arceus. I shall move as quickly as possible. Farewell, my Lord.”

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    Default Re: Pokemon: The Platinum Journey

    Woah! I haven't noticed this being updated since I last commented on it!

    Mental note to self - read all of this.

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    Default Re: Pokemon: The Platinum Journey

    It's not bad (though I personally hate the whole Arceus creation theory in general, just because it completely demeans real world ideas, both religious and scientific. But, that's me, though). The grammar's pretty good, for the most part. Think I spotted a few smaller issue, but I won't draw on those. Honestly, I can't wait for the English version of Platinum to get released in the States, so this kind of dulls my impatience... I'll check back for more later!


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