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    Default Pokemon: Next Generation

    Pokemon: The Next Generation!

    Chapter 1: Aid me, Dewey

    Yugen Region
    Kaikou City
    Time: 6:30 AM

    The story begins in Kaikou City, a large town in the Yugen Region, where the 16 year old boy Harubi Yamasaki begins his Pokémon Adventure. Though every kid starts at the age of 10, Harubi decided to stay in his hometown and learn more about Pokémon. He wasn’t really happy with the life he had in Kaikou City, he had his share of problems with the people in town, and after older brother left to start his own Pokémon Adventure, it all went down hill. He had a lot of arguments with his mother and going to the Pokémon Academy wasn’t really his thing. Harubi came to know that he was, like his brother, and his father, who was a well respected Pokémon trainer back in his day, an adventurous person. Harubi couldn’t stand his bad status in town, so he did what everyone would do….Leave.

    Harubi: Alright, that’s that, I’ve packed everything and now I gotta go to the Pokémon Academy to get my Pokémon, and get the hell out of here.

    Harubi putted on his clothes, sneakers and backpack and sneaked out his room. He went down stairs picked up an apple for the kitchen and went to the front door. He looked behind one more time.

    Harubi: I’ll come back… someday…

    He opened the door and headed to the Pokémon Academy. The usually busy streets were now empty and there was no one to be seen. Harubi started to have flashbacks of him and his brother running after a group of Weedles and then being chased by Beedrills down the straight. Harubi smiled. He and his brother used to be the troublemakers of town. He saw the big Pokémon Academy in front of him.

    Harubi: No turning back now, Harubi-kun.

    Harubi went into the Pokémon Academy and walked down the long hall, in this hall he could see all the famous Pokémon trainers from the Yugen Region. He stopped at the picture of his dad. Though his father stopped with being a Pokémon trainer, he always was on the road doing researches on new types of Pokémon. Harubi realised that, with him leaving now, he wouldn’t see his father anymore. So the only way of meeting him, would be visiting him on one of his missions, but since he’s always really busy, Harubi decided to leave that idea for later. Harubi noticed a new picture on the wall.

    Harubi: You’ve got to be kidding me.

    It was his brother, holding two mini-books with badges in them. The text under the picture said the following thing: Hiruka, an 18 year old well respected Pokémon trainer, who is currently busy with representing his Region on the Pokémon Champions Cup. He’s the best trainer of Yugen’s elite four. Nobody was able to defeat him on the Pokémon Champions Cup. Harubi smiled walked to his classroom.

    Harubi: Well done big brother, but unfortunately, I’m going to be the one who defeat you on the Pokémon Champions Cup. This will definitely change my status in Kaikou City, and my mother will be proud of me.

    Harubi entered his class-room and saw his teacher Miss.Kazumy working behind her desk.

    Miss K: Ah good morning Harubi-kun, are you ready to start your own Pokémon Adventure.
    Harubi: I sure am.
    Miss K: Well then let’s get you your Pokémon study partner.
    HarubI: Huh, what do you mean?
    Miss K: Well your Pokémon study partner will also be your 1st Pokémon.
    HarubI: Oh.

    Crap! That’s not good, I was always being a total jerk against Dewey. Dewey is a Pidgey. Though I’ve named him and always took care of him at school, I always teased him. I was pretty rough on him too. I know he doesn’t like me, but I’ve made him the best Pokémon of the Academy.

    Miss K: Well, here is your Pokéball Harubi-kun.
    *Harubi nods and called out his Pidgey.*
    Harubi: Dewey let’s go.

    The Pidgey came out his Pokéball and was standing on the table.

    Miss K: Dewey, today Harubi will become your Trainer.
    Harubi: Heh, I’m looking forward with travelling with you.
    *Dewey looked away*
    Miss K: Give him some time Harubi, I’ve seen you being rough on him, and sometimes that’s important, but the first thing you’ve got to do is becoming friends with Dewey.
    Harubi: I understand. Look, I don’t want to force him to come with me, I know Dewey hates me.
    Miss K: Hate is a big word Harubi-kun, It’s just that he hasn’t seen the real side of you like most people. I’m not saying it’s going to be hard training him, but I’m sure you can do it.
    Harubi: I’ll do my best!
    Miss K: No Harubi, You will do your best and succeed.
    *Harubi smiled*
    *Miss K. winked and smiled*
    *Harubi called Dewey back in his Pokéball*
    Harubi: So, is there anything I need before I go?
    Miss K.: Yes, The Pokémon Academy will provide you with the latest Pokédex and our special marked Pokéballs. I’ve transmitted them to your locker, so you can pick them up there.
    Harubi: Alright, thank you.

    Harubi walked to the door.

    Miss K.: Harubi?
    Harubi: Yeah, what’s up?
    Miss K.: Good luck.
    Harubi: Thanks.

    Harubi stepped out of the room and walked down the long hall again. He stopped at his locker and opened it. He took out The Pokédex and Pokéballs. He walked down the hall again, heading for the front door. He walked out of the Pokémon Academy. Harubi decided to let Dewey out.

    Harubi: Dewey let’s go!

    *Dewey came out of the Pokéball*

    Harubi: Okay listen, I know I haven’t been really nice to you, but I was trying to make you the best. Now Dewey I’m going to give you 2 choices. Your free to go if you want. You don’t have to be my Pokémon, especially after my behaviour against you. But if you wish to stay and accompany me on my adventure, I’d try to do my best to make it fun for you too.

    Dewey looked at the sky and looked at Harubi. Dewey turned around and flew away.

    Harubi: Damn it, I’ve should’ve seen that coming. Well that’s that, I’m officially the worst person around, but I’m not going to give up just like that. I’m going to go home and leave a note for my mom, before she wakes up.

    Harubi headed home and sneaked in the house. He got some ice tea out of the fridge and while he was drinking he wrote a letter to his mother.

    Dear mother,

    I know I’ve been quite a brat sometimes and I’m sure I’ve not been your ideal son.
    But as of now It’s going to get better. As you know, I’ve been doing the Pokémon Academy for quite some time. I’ve done that to learn more about Pokémon, and because I don’t want to fail at being the best Pokémon Trainer around. As of today, I’m starting my Pokémon Adventure, like dad and Hiruka did. As of today…I’m going to make you proud. Though, my Adventure didn’t start good, because my started Pokémon already left me. Yeah I know, but let me explain. I’ve told you about my Pokémon Study Partner Dewey right? Well guess what, he was my starter Pokémon. Yeah now your getting why he left. But that’s not going to stop me from getting to my goal. I’m going to that Pokémon Champions Cup and beat Hiruka! I’ll get my Pokémon in Zin Forrest. It’s known to have a lot of Pokémon. Hopefully I’ll get my team in that forrest, or at least one.

    I won’t disappoint you.




    I have my cell-phone with me, please do not call me if you want to argue with me.
    And please, don’t be sad about it.

    Harubi puts the letter on the kitchen table and leaves the house. Outside, Harubi looked at the sky.

    Harubi: It’s going to be a nice day…. I hope.

    Harubi heads out of town, and as he was walking he saw some people already awake and working. They noticed Harubi, wearing a backpack. Suddenly a man stands in front of him. It’s Mister Han. He’s a baker. Like most people, he’s not really

    Mr Han: Where do you think your going? Your not going to make trouble again are you?
    Harubi: I’m going out of town, I’m going to be a Pokémon Trainer. And no, I’m not going to cause any trouble.
    Mr Han: A Pokémon Trainer eh? What’s you starting Pokémon then?
    Harubi: That’s a long story…
    Mr Han: You don’t even have a Pokémon. You are not responsible enough to take care of a Pokémon.
    Harubi: Hey screw you, you have a lot guts saying that to me. You don’t know anything about me!
    *Mr.Han starts to laugh.*
    Mr. Han: Hey look guys! Harubi is going to be a Pokémon Trainer!
    *Random people started to laugh*
    Harubi: Don’t you laugh at me!!! I’ll show you guys!! I’ll show you that I can be a Pokémon Trainer… I will be Yugen’s Pride!!! And I will beat Hiruka!!!
    Mr Han: Whatever you want to dream kid.

    Harubi ran off to Zin Forrest. Tears started to run out of Harubi’s eyes.

    Harubi: Those bastards…I’ll show em!

    Little did Harubi know, that Dewey was watching him from the sky’s and saw his strength, emotion and will power. Dewey decides to keep an eye on Harubi, just in case. In the meanwhile Harubi was walking through Zin Forrest.

    Harubi: I don’t like this place at all, and especially in this morning mist. But don’t worry Harubi, you’ll be fine…

    Then suddenly Harubi heard some noise from the bushes next to him. He looked to see what was there. He could see a large shape. It looked like some kind of large dog or tiger. Then just when he started to find out what was there he heard another noise in front of him. When he looked he saw a Poochyena. He quickly got out his Pokédex and looked at it:

    Poochyena, a dark-type Pokémon. This forest is known to have one of the most dangerous Poochyena around. Proceed with caution.

    Harubi: I’ve could’ve known that his would happen.
    Harubi slowly picked up a stick from the ground. And started to calm down the Poochyena.
    Harubi: Good doggy. Calm down, I don’t want to harm you.

    *The Poochyena started to growl*
    Harubi: Okay, that didn’t help. Damn it, I wish Dewey was here.
    *The Poochyena started to growl even harder.*

    Suddenly a Mightyena appeared. It looked like the mother of the Poochyena.
    Harubi: Ahh crap, this isn’t good.
    *The Poochyena attacks Harubi with take down*

    *Harubi blocks the attack by hitting Poochyena*
    Harubi: Stay away from me.
    *The Poochyena started to howl*

    The Highyena didn’t looked really nice after Harubi slashed the Pooychena.
    *The Highyena jumped on Harubi with take down*
    The Highyena pushed Harubi on the ground and Harubi didn’t move a finger, he was totally frozen.

    Harubi: Damn it, I don’t want to die like this!
    Suddenly He heard the howl of an Pidgey. Harubi looked up in the air and saw Dewey Flying down.
    Harubi: Is he really going to help me…. Dewey!! Agility

    Dewey speeded up and went dived down even faster.
    Harubi: Iko Dewey!! (Go Dewey in Japanese) WING ATTACK!!
    Dewey preformed a obviating wing-attack on Highyena which scared the Poochyena and Highyena away.

    Harubi crawled up and Dewey landed on his shoulder. Harubi smiled.
    Harubi: So you came back eh?
    Dewey looked angry and pecked Harubi on his head.
    Harubi: Ouch!! Sorry sorry, I was only kidding! Thanks for helping me! So do you want to go travel with me… Dewey?

    Dewey nods.

    Harubi: Then that’s settled! From now one were going to show people what were made of! From now one we’ll show all the people of Yugen who Harubi and Dewey are! From now on, My Pokémon Adventure Starts!


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    Pokemon: The Next Generation!

    Chapter 2: Trouble between trees!

    Yugen Region
    Zin Forrest
    Time: 3:23 PM

    After that nearly fatal encounter with Highyena, Harubi was spending quite a while now in the Zin Forrest. With Dewey on his shoulder and a big smile on his face, he was walking down Zin Forrest like it meant nothing. Zin Forrest looks so peaceful at this time of the day, with the sun shining between the trees, and hearing the nature and its animals live, Harubi felt like nothing could do him any harm.

    Harubi: Isn’t it a beautiful day Dewey?
    *Dewey nods*
    Harubi: We’ve walked for quite some time now, should we take a rest and have some dinner?
    *Dewey nods, and fly’s to an open spot*
    Harubi: Hey wait up you!

    Harubi followed Dewey, to the open spot. He dropped his back and lied down on the grass. He grabbed stuff out of his bagg.

    Harubi: I’ve brought some Pokémon food, I’ve bought it in that big fancy Pokémarkt back in town. They’ve said that this was high quality stuff, so your in luck. I also brought a lot of fluids with me, so we don’t get thirsty or anything.

    Harubi grabbed some Pokémon food out of the bag, and putted it in a bowl.

    Harubi: There you go, nock yourself out, oh and by the way, I’ve bought that bowl at the Pokémarkt too. I hope you like it, it has like those little pokéballs on it.

    *Dewey smiled and tasted the Pokémon food. Suddenly he made a weird look out of his face and spitted the food out.*

    Harubi: You’ve got to be kidding me, that’s pricey stuff and your spitting it out!? It can’t be that bad!

    *Harubi tasted a bit of the Pokémon food. He too made a weird look on his face and spitted it out.*

    Harubi: Okay, your right this stuff tastes like crap. But that’s no problem you can have some of Mom’s famous spaghetti. Let’s just throw that crap away for the other Pokémon.

    *Harubi threw out the Pokémon food and gave Dewey some of his spaghetti.*

    Harubi: Okay seriously, it tastes way better warm. It’s the only thing I could find in the fridge. I can’t warm it up here, but it doesn’t taste that bad.

    *Dewey tasted the spaghetti and enjoyed it.*

    Harubi: Now that’s some real food eh?!

    *Dewey smiled*

    Suddenly Harubi and Dewey saw something moving behind the bushes. They both stopped eating and looked at each other.

    Harubi: Dewey, go check it out.

    *Dewey nods no with a big scared face.*
    Harubi: What no?! you go in there and find out.

    *Dewey nodded no again with a big scared face.*
    Harubi: You little… alright let’s go together.
    *Dewey nods and feels a little safer with Harubi by his side.*

    Harubi and Dewey walked to the bushes, and as they were about to look over it, a Seedot jumped out of it. Harubi quickly pulled out his Pokédex.

    Seedot, A Pokémon that looks exactly like an acorn. It startles other Pokémon by suddenly moving. This Pokémon has a strong body armor.

    Harubi: Seedot must’ve smelled that Pokémon Food. See Pokémon do like it!

    *Seedot smelled something dirty and showed an ugly face*
    *Dewey giggled*

    Harubi: Okay okay, so it does suck. Dewey this is my chance to capture my first Pokémon! Your ready to battle!

    *Dewey nods*

    Harubi: Alright let’s do it! Dewey I choose you! Agillity!

    *Dewey used Agility and boosted his speed*
    *Seedot used Sunny Day.*

    The area starts to get warmer and warmer.

    Harubi: It’s getting hot in here. That damn Sunny Day attack…Dewey Gust!
    *Dewey wanted to do gust but because he ate to much he couldn’t perform the attack.*
    Harubi: Dewey what’s wrong!? Gust!

    *Seedot used Nature Power*
    Harubi: Dewey look out!

    Dewey dodged the attack, but nearly got hit.
    Harubi: That was close, I gotta help Dewey.

    Harubi grabbed a rock from the ground an threw it against Seedot.
    Harubi: Hey you! Attack me instead of that Pidgey!

    *Seedot glared at Harubi*
    Harubi: C’mon Dewey, just one attack will do the thing.
    *Seedot used bide on Harubi.*
    Harubi: Argh!!! I got hitted. C’mon Dewey!! I know you can do it!
    *Dewey was hovering in air trying to concentrate.*

    Harubi: C’mon Dewey!! C’mon!!

    *Dewey pushed himself to the limit and preformed a brutal gust attack.*
    *Seedot got hit and flew against the tree.*
    Harubi: Well done Dewey!! Pokéball time.

    *Harubi threw the Pokéball against Seedot.*

    The Pokéball caught Seedot and there was a moment of silence. Would Harubi really get his first Pokémon in Zin Forrest? The Pokéball moved a couple of times.

    Harubi: C’mon…

    The Pokéball kept moving but then it stopped. And Harubi looked closely at the Pokéball. Then suddenly the red glow fade away.

    Harubi: Ahhhh yeah damn right!! I’ve caught a Seedot!

    Dewey smiled and felt happy for Harubi, but suddenly he felt a little light in his head and dropped out of the air.

    Harubi: Dewey!!!

    Harubi ran to Dewey, jumped and caught him. He quickly grabbed Dewey’s Pokéball and called him inside. He ran to Seedot’s Pokéball and picked it up, and put it on his belt. He started to ran, with the intention to get to a town as soon as possible. He got lucky this time, he saw the end of the woods. But then he saw a couple of Highyena’s and Poochyena’s. And Harubi could remember 2 of them from the encounter a few hours ago.

    Harubi: Damn it, they must’ve been waiting for me…Now I’m definitely screwed.

    Harubi stood in front of the gang of Highyena’s and Poochyena’s. They all started to growl against Harubi.

    Harubi: Please! You might not understand me but, my Pokémon isn’t doing well. I need to get to a Pokémon Centre Fast! Wait! I have an idea!
    Harubi picked the Pokémon food bag out of his backpack. And putted pointed with it too the Highyena’s and Poochyena’s.

    Harubi: You want this?

    The Highyena’s Started attacking Harubi, but he threw the Pokémon Food bag on the middle Highyena and jumped over him. He Quickly ran but there was still a group of Poochyena’s there. He ran on and though.

    Harubi: This might be the end of me, but I’m not going to go down without trying! I’m not going to give up!

    Harubi started to scream loudly. And the Poochyena’s started to Howl and attack. But then suddenly a quick shape flashed in front of him, a small creature. Then it disappeared and the Poochyena’s seemed to be hit by it, and got knocked out by it. The other Highyena’s made a loud cry and ran away.

    Harubi: This is my chance to get out of here, but I can’t let those Poochyena’s just lie there.

    Few minutes later Harubi was running to town with one Poochyena on his shoulder and two under his arm.

    Harubi: Thank god there were only 3. God this is sooo heavy!!

    Harubi saw a man walking and stopped to ask directions.
    Harubi: Were is the Pokémon Centre.
    Man: it’s in the middle of town, you can’t miss it. What’s wrong?
    Harubi: Ok Thanks!

    Harubi started to run again.
    Man: Heeeey wait!!!
    Harubi: I can’t !!!

    After a few minutes Harubi stormed into the Pokémon Centre.
    Harubi: I need help here!
    Nurse Joy: Oh my god! What happened!
    Harubi: I got a nasty encounter with the Highyena Gang in Zin Forrest. These 3 got hurt by some strange creature.
    Nurse Joy: Put them on the beds, There badly hurt.

    Harubi putted the Poochyena’s on the beds and Nurse Joy Ran with two bed to the Intensive Care.
    Nurse Joy: Help me with that other one!
    Harubi: Yes M’am!

    Harubi ran with the bed after Nurse Joy to the Intensive Care.
    Nurse Joy: Okay thank you for bringing them, now please wait in the waiting room.
    Harubi: Are they going to be allright?
    Nurse Joy: I don’t know now please wait over there!
    Harubi: My own Pokémon need to be healed too.
    Nurse Joy: I only have two hands, ask Chansey, she will help you.
    Harubi: Alright.

    Harubi quickly ran back to the main hall, and ran to the first Chansey he saw.

    Harubi: Please I need your help, my Pokémon are hurt.
    *Chansey nods and gets a plate*
    Chansey: Chan-Chansey-Chan.
    Harubi: I don’t speak Pokémon.
    *Chansy pointed at the plate*
    Harubi: Oh I need to put the Pokéballs on them.
    *Chansey Nods*
    Harubi: Oh yeah by the way, where can I get some rest?

    Chansey pointed at a red door.
    Harubi: Alright thanks

    **Few Minutes later**

    Harubi: Damn this sure was one hell of an adventuress day. Pff I’m so tired, and I don’t even know where I am. I never really got out of my own town before. I still can’t believe I’ve caught my first Pokémon today. I’m sure Miss Kazumy would be proud of me. As a mather of fact I’m going to call her first thing in the morning to let her know what happened to day.

    Suddenly Harubi’s cellphone started to go off.

    Harubi: hey who could that be.

    Harubi picked up the phone.

    ???: Hello?
    Harubi: M-m-mom is that you?
    Renata: Yes, it’s me.
    Harubi: h-hi….
    Renata: Hi…this sure is kind of awkward.
    Harubi: It sure is.
    Renate: Why didn’t you told me in person that you would leave.
    Harubi: You and I both know that we would get an argument again.
    Renata: I guess your right…
    Harubi: I’m sorry.
    Renata: I should be sorry, I’ll go get some groceries and I’ll send you some important stuff. If you walk fast you’ll be in Kazou Town at midnight.
    Harubi: Guess what, I’m already there…I think. I don’t know exactly where I am but I’m at a Pokémon Centre.
    Renata: That’s impossible.
    Harubi: I’m not lying.
    Renata: Then you travel really fast Harubi-kun.
    Harubi: Well I guess so.
    Renata: Well the stuff will be at the computer tomorrow. You can deposit it then.
    Harubi Alright.
    Harubi: Anyway, guess what I’ve catched my first Pokémon today.
    Renata: You did!? Oooh that’s soo great to hear! Wow your already making a lot of progress.

    Harubi told his mom the things that happened today. This first day of his Pokémon Adventure ended. What would happen tomorrow? Who knows…

    Renata: I’m sure going to miss you.
    Harubi: I’ll be fine.


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    This seems like a typical new trainer story. However, the syntax is a bit confusing. You start in narrative form, then jump to script style, and then to game style. My advice is to pick one style and stick with it, preferably narrative form. It's the easiest to read.

    If this story's not completed yet, it should be in the "Tales from the Pokémon World" section where it can be updated. This archive is for completed fics.


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    Personally, i think your right on the style i write in, it might be a bit confusing. But it's pretty hard for me to stick with my style, because i'm not that good at english so i'm trying to make it as easy for me as possible, though i think your really right on that. + i only use the script style for a conversation between two people. And the game style so that people can follow the battle easier. But, don't worry. I'll try to do better on my next chapter which i'm going to start when i get back from school.

    Thanks for your comment!

    Kind Regards,


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    Pokemon: The Next Generation!

    Chapter 3: Pokémon Airstrike!

    Yugen Region
    Time: 9:30 AM

    Harubi woke up not knowing in what town he’s got himself into. He crawled out of bed and got a shower. Few minutes later he was getting dressed and preparing for another day of adventure. The Pokéballs of Pidgey and Seedot were lying on a desk in the room. He walked over to the desk and picked up the Pokéballs.

    “Hopefully, you guys are alright.” Pidgey & Seedot, “Let’s do it!”
    Pidgey and Seedot came out happy and well. Harubi ran to them, and hugged them.
    “I’m so glad that you guys are alright.” Pidgey and Seedot were shocked to see that Harubi was really worried about them.
    “Hey, I wonder how the Poochyena’s are doing.” said Harubi. Harubi stepped out of his room and walked over to Nurse Joy.
    “Hey Nurse Joy, how are the Poochyena’s doing?” asked Harubi.
    “There doing pretty good right now, they’ve really had a big blow. What did you say that happened again?” asked Nurse Joy.
    “Well I don’t exactly know, I only saw this little shape going left and right, and then it left. It could be some kind of undiscovered Pokémon.” explained Harubi.

    “Yeah, that’s really strange. I’ve heard a couple of rumours about that forest. You’re not the only person who has experienced this thing. But you are the first one who didn’t get attacked by It.” told Nurse Joy.
    “Did it attack people!?” asked Harubi.
    “Yeah it sure did, I’ve seen some people who got attacked by it, but they didn’t really get badly hurt.” told Nurse Joy.
    “Oh, that’s a relief.” said Harubi.
    “Anyway, I’m going to release the Poochyena’s late in the afternoon. Will you still be here by that time?” asked Nurse Joy.
    “Ehhh, I don’t know actually, I want to get my first badge as soon as possible.” told Harubi.
    “Well judging by your Pokémon’s level, you’re definitely not ready for a Gym Match. I’ve seen them this morning when I woke up.” told Nurse Joy.
    “They aren’t weak!” shouted Harubi.
    “Calm down, I didn’t said they were weak, as a matter of fact they have a lot of potential. If you train them well they well be brilliant in battle.” explained Nurse Joy.
    “That’s why I’m going to send you to Stewie, the Pokémon Expert. You’re quite lucky that you got your way in this little town.” told Nurse Joy.
    “Yeah I forgot to ask, where am I anyway” asked Harubi.
    “You are in Gladia.” told Nurse Joy.
    “Hey that can’t be right, I’m supposed to be in Kazou City.” said Harubi.
    “Haha, that’s impossible Kazou City is at the other side of Zin Forrest.” said Nurse Joy.

    “Whaaaat!?” shouted Harubi.
    “Damn it, and I thought I’d never had to visit Zin Forrest again. Anyway where can I find this Stewie?” asked Harubi.
    “You can find him at begin of Gladia. The road you probably walked yesterday.” explained Nurse Joy. “Anyway, if you go to Stewie to get some practice, and come back at around 6, we can return those Poochyena’s by Arcanine, and I’ll drop you off at the edge of Zin forrest, so you don’t have to walk through it alone again.” told Nurse Joy.
    “That would be great!” said Harubi while smiling.

    Harubi decided to get some breakfast and then get to Stewies home to ask him if he could train him and his Pokémon. He made his way out of the Pokémon Centre and walked together with Dewey and Seedot to Stewies house.
    “I’ve just realized that I haven’t named you yet Seedot. Let me think of a good suitable name for you.” Seedot smiled while Pidgey was sitting on him.
    “Hmmmm how about….Coco, as in coconut!” asked Harubi. Seedot smiled and nods.
    “Well then that’s settled! Hey look! That must be Stewie’s house!” shouted Harubi. Harubi ran the last part to the front door of Stewie’s house. Coco and Dewey followed Harubi. Harubi knocked on the door and waited. No one seemed to be answering the door.
    “Hey, let’s look around the house.” said Harubi. Dewey and Coco nodded. Harubi walked around the house and saw someone in the garden batteling. He saw a 21 year old Pokémon trainer training Ursaring against a big boxing bag.
    “Hey! Are you Stewie?! asked Harubi.
    “Yeah that’s me, who are you?” asked Stewie.
    “I’m Harubi, I want to get train here.” shouted Harubi.
    “Oh really? Jump on over the fence and I’ll see what I can do.
    ” Harubi climbed on the fence but got an electric shock.
    “Oh yeah I seemed to forgot to say that the fence is electrified.” told Stewie. Harubi knew what Stewie was trying to do, but Harubi had a little plan.
    “Alright, no problem!” shouted Harubi.
    ‘”Hmm…let’s see what your made of.” thought Stewie. Harubi walked to Dewey and Coco.
    “Alright, since I need to get over the fence to get us some practice, we have to work together so I can get over it without being electrified. So Coco, since you have a hard shell, I’ll use you to jump higher and. then I’ll grab Dewey’s legs so he can drag me over the fence. After I’m over the fence I’ll call you guys back into the Pokéballs and release you again behind the fence okay?” Dewey and Coco both nodded.
    “Alright let’s do this.” said Harubi. Harubi walked a few steps back then made a sprint, used Coco to jump higher, grabbed Dewey’s feet and let Dewey fly him over the fence. Harubi let go of Dewey’s feet and landed behind the fence.
    “Yeah great jobs you guys! Come back and Return!” shouted Harubi. Harubi called Dewey and Coco back in there Pokéballs and released them again behind the fence.
    “Good job kid. Lesson #1, you can’t win Pokémon battles on your own. Therefore good communication between you and you’re Pokémon is very important. But I can see that you mastered that skill quite well.

    “Let’s see how your Pokémon can stand against my Ursaring.” said Stewie. “I challenge you kid.” said Stewie.
    “Challenge accepted!” shouted Harubi.
    “Feel free to use both your Pokémon against my Ursaring.” said Stewie.
    “Don’t mind if do.” said Harubi while smiling. “Alright Dewey Coco, this Ursaring is very strong so you need to teamwork your way out of this. Now, we have air and ground. If we find a way to mix those too together, Ursaring won’t stand a chance!” told Harubi to Dewey and Coco. “Alright let’s go!” shouted Harubi.
    “Good luck, kid.” said Stewie.
    “Alright, Dewey Agility, Coco, Sunny day now!” shouted Harubi. Dewey preformed Agility and boosted his Speed while Coco preformed a Sunny day and made the battlefield warm for Ursaring. Harubi grabbed his Pokédex. “This is strange, why don’t I feel that heat anymore?”
    Pokedex: “Sunny day attack doesn’t affect the Pokémon’s trainer nor Trainer’s Pokémon.”
    “Hey, that’s pretty cool. Let’s see if I can find any information on Stewie’s Pokémon.” thought Harubi.
    Pokédex: “Ursaring, a brute-type bear Pokémon. It’s known for his incredible strength, but slow agile.”
    “Alright so we have to be fast if we want to defeat this Ursaring.” told Harubi against Dewey and Coco. Dewey and Coco both nodded.
    “Time for my first move: Earthquake!” shouted Stewie.
    “Look out! Dewey pick up Coco so he won’t get effected by the Earthquake! Dewey immediately picked up Coco and the Earthquake attack missed.
    “Very good move kid.” complimented Stewie.
    “Thanks!” said Harubi. “Alright Ursaring’s weakness is agile, but he’s very strong against ground Pokémon. So we need to get Coco airborne. Now Coco can only do tackle so….YEAH! That’s it!” thought Harubi.

    “Dewey pick up Coco again.” shouted Harubi. Dewey did what Harubi said.
    “Alright Dewey, follow my lead, Quick attack!” shouted Harubi. Dewey preformed the attack. “Now drop Coco in front of Ursaring, then Coco Use tackle on my command.” shouted Harubi.
    “What is he doing” wondered Stewie.
    “Ready….Steady….NOW!!! Pokémon Airstrike!” shouted Harubi. Dewey dropped Coco, and Coco did an incredible hard tackle on Ursaring’s Head.
    “What the…” thought Stewie. Ursaring got hit and knocked out.
    “Holy crap…IT WORKED!!” shouted Harubi. Stewie was still shocked about what happened.
    “Ursaring come back!” shouted Stewie. Stewie called Ursaring back into his Pokéball.
    “That was simply incredible. What’s you’re name kid?” asked Stewie.
    “The name’s Harubi Yamasaki” said Harubi with a tough voice.
    “Yamasaki…are you the brother of Hiruka Yamasak and the son of Dre Yamasaki by any chance?” asked Stewie.
    “Yeah I am” said Harubi.
    “Wow, you have inherited the talent for brilliant Pokémon Battle Strategies as well. No wonder I lost.” said Stewie. “Why did you come here, you don’t even need my help.” told Stewie.
    “Well I want to level my Pokémon fast so I can get to challenge my first Gym leader.
    “I see… well you’re in luck, I know how to boost your Pokémon’s strength. I use my garden as some kind of boot camp as you might see. I want you and Pokémon to get your way through my Boot Camp. I’m sure that your Pokémon will be stronger when you completed my Boot Camp.” told Stewie.
    “Alright, then let’s do this thing!” shouted Harubi.

    Meanwhile in Zin Forrest:

    As you all know, Harubi isn’t the only trainer who started his Pokémon Adventure. Every day, there are lot’s of trainers who start their Pokémon Adventure. So is this young inexperienced Pokémon trainer. Who was walking through Zin Forrest when suddenly this happened…
    ”This Pokémon Adventure is pretty cool, I can do whatever I want to. I don’t have any rules to follow. The trainer was eating a bagg of chips and some soda. After finishing his food and drink he threw them away in the bushes. Apparently someone didn’t like that.
    “Ah such a nice day….Hey…what’s that?” thought the Trainer. He saw a black shape a few yards away from him.
    “Hello! Do you have Pokémon!? I wanna challenge you!” shouted the Trainer. Then suddenly the shape started dashing to him.
    “Huh…” thought the Trainer. The object kept getting closer and closer and the Trainer got bashed a couple of times!
    “Hey, no stop it!! Aaah! Help me!! Ahhhhhh!!” shouted the desperate Trainer. The Trainer kept shouting for help… but then the shouting stopped…

    Back at Stewie’s House.

    “Excellent job Harubi, you aced the Boot Camp faster then I expected!” shouted Stewie.
    “Hey did you hear that too” asked Harubi.
    “Well yeah I heard something, it must have been a bird or something.” told Stewie.
    “Anyway I need to head back to the Pokémon Centre. I told Nurse Joy I’d help her with releasing those Poochyena’s, and she’s going to drop me off at the other end of Zin Forrest. So I can get to Kazou City.” told Harubi.
    “Hey I can help you guys if you want.” asked Stewie.
    “Sure let’s go!” replied Harubi.

    As Harubi and Stewie were getting their way to the Pokémon Centre, Nurse Joy got reports of a wounded trainer in Zin Forrest and Nurse Joy decided to go by car to Zin Forrest. As Harubi and Stewie were walking to the Pokémon Centre they saw an Ambulance Passing by.
    “Hey Nurse Joy stop!!!” shouted Harubi. The Ambulance stopped and Harubi and Stewie ran to it. They both jumped in the ambulance and Nurse Joy stepped on the gas to Zin Forrest.
    “What’s wrong?!” asked Harubi.
    “Another trainer seemed to be attacked by some kind of Pokémon.” told Nurse Joy.
    “The same Pokémon that I encountered?!” asked Harubi.
    “I Believe so” told Nurse Joy.
    “Yeah I have heard a lot of things about this strange Pokémon in Zin Forrest.” told Stewie.
    “Do you have the Poochyena’s with you?” asked Harubi.
    “Yeah” replied Nurse Joy. “Look there he is!” shouted Stewie.

    Nurse Joy stepped on the gas again and pulled over next to the trainer.
    “Help me carry him in the truck!” demanded Nurse Joy.
    “Okay!” replied Harubi and Stewie both at the same time. Harubi and Stewie both helped Nurse Joy carrying the trainer in the truck.
    “Alright Harubi, I’m sorry but I can’t drop you of at the edge of Zin Forest. So you’re on your own now.” told Nurse Joy.
    “I understand… I’ll release the Poochyena’s then.” told Harubi.
    “Okay, good luck Harubi. And be carefull.” said Nurse Joy.
    “I’ll be fine.” told Harubi.
    “Best of luck Harubi” said Stewie. And Nurse Joy and Stewie jumped in the car and drove back to Gladia.

    And again Harubi was on his own walking through Zin Forest, hoping that he’d walk the right way and also hoping not to encounter that mysterious Pokémon….if it was Pokémon. Harubi kneeled down and opened the cages.
    “Your free to go Poochyena’s.” said Harubi. The Poochyena’s looked at Harubi. 2 of them ran away and one kept standing and looking to Harubi. It seemed to smile and then ran away.
    Harubi continued his travelling, this time alone. He wanted some time alone to think, so he kept his Pokémon inside their Pokéballs.
    “I wonder if I’m good enough to defeat that Gym trainer…oh crap and, I totally forgot to call Miss K…. Damn it I need to move faster, I don’t want to spend the night in this forest.” Harubi started to move faster, but then he noticed some unusual activity. He could feel that there was something or someone around. Harubi didn’t stop to think about it but kept walking fast. He wanted to get out of the Forrest as fast as possible.

    But then he saw the thing he was afraid of… The black shape…It was standing in front of him… Harubi froze for a few seconds...
    ”Should I let my Pokémon fight? Should I run… I don’t know…damn it!…..Alright screw this, I’m not going down without fighting. Dewey, Coco, Time To Battle!!” shouted Harubi. Harubi threw the Pokéballs in the air and Dewey and Coco were sent out.
    “Alright Dewey, Sand Attack now! Coco, Growth! Dewey preformed a big Sand Storm and Coco made himself bigger using Growth. The Shape could be slightly visible. Harubi Quickly got his Pokédex out and aimed at him.
    Pokédex: "No Information available..searching."
    “Dewey Quick attack!” shouted Harubi. But before Dewey could attack there was a loud screech. Then after that there were Quick moves from the object and Dewey fell out of the air.
    “No!!! Dewey!! Come back!” Harubi returned Dewey back to his Pokéball.
    “Damnit I can’t let Coco get knocked out too! “Coco come back!” Harubi returned Coco back to his Pokéball aswell.

    “Alright give me your best shot!!” shouted Harubi. But then Harubi could see the Pokémon. He quickly grabbed his Pokédex again.
    Pokédex: "Sneasel, a dark type pokémon." Vicious in nature, it drives PIDGEY from their nests and feasts on the eggs that are left behind.
    “Alright Sneasel I’m not afraid of you! Come and get me if you want!” shout Harubi again. But before Sneasel could attack, a bunch of Poochyena’s and Highyena’s Surrounded Sneasel.”
    “What the…” thought Harubi. The Poochyena’s started to attack the Sneasel and a large battle started. A group of Poochyena’s Jumped on Sneasel but Sneasel was so fast that he could dodge those attacks, but by dodging those attacks, Highyena’s had chance to body smash him down on the ground. Harubi quickly called out Coco of his Pokéball.
    “Out of the way!” shouted Harubi. Coco, I’ll aim you on him and you’ll do the rest ok? Coco nods. Harbui jumped in the air and throws Coco on Sneasel.
    “Pokémon Airstrike!!” shouted Harubi. And like a rocket, Coco flew to Sneasel and directly struck him with a tackle. Sneasel went knock out.
    “This is my chance! Pokéball now! The Pokéball caught sneasel and there was a moment of movement in the Pokéball but after only 2 seconds it stopped.
    “Yeah!!! I’ve caught a Sneasel!

    Few Minutes later.

    “”God that was some kind of battle..” thought Harubi.
    “Thanks for helping out guys” said Harubi thankful to the Poochyena’s and Highyena’s.
    “I have one question though, can one of you guys drop me off at Kazou City?” And without think a Highyena stepped forward and offered Harubi a ride on his back.

    And so ended another day in the World of Pokémon. Another Hectic day, full of action. Harubi learned a lot today, even a special move which will come in handy with the next Pokémon Battles. And Harubi also learned that enemy’s can become your friends too. If one does good to another, he’ll receive the same. What will tomorrow be like?

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    Your formatting needs work. You're supposed to start a new paragraph every time a new person speaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackjack Gabbiani
    Your formatting needs work. You're supposed to start a new paragraph every time a new person speaks.
    Well that's strange, i quickly uploaded this yesterday night... I guess i didn't do it right, though it's formatted. I'll edit that chapter hold on.

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    Pokémon: Next Generation

    Chapter 4. I’ll Show You, Blaise!

    Yugen Region
    Kazou City
    9:30 AM

    Harubi woke up at Kazou City’s Pokémon Centre. This would be an important day for Harubi, because today he would challenge his first Gym leader of the Yugen Region. Harubi had a rough time sleeping, because he kept wondering if he was good enough He started the day with calling Miss K to keep her up to date with his progress. Miss K was really proud of Harubi and his progress. Because within 2 days he had already visited 2 city’s and caught 2 Pokémon.
    “I’m sure you can defeat Blaise” said Miss K on the phone.
    “I hope I’m good enough” told Harubi.
    “Well your team-build is quite good, and you said you had strong Pokémon, so why worry?” asked Miss K. “Let’s see what I can find on Blaise’s team” said Miss K. “There we go, oh my…” said Miss K. shocked.
    “What’s up?” asked Harubi.
    “Well your in a big disadvantage, he has 6 Pokémon and there all Psychic.” said Miss K.
    “Do you think I can stand a chance against him?” asked Harubi
    “Well Psychics weakness is Psychic itself, and since you don’t have any Psychic Pokémon, it’ll be hard, but it isn’t impossible. By the way, your father heard about you leaving for a Pokémon Adventure, he immediately sent 2 Pokémon Eggs. I’m going to send them to you. You’ll be able to pick them up at Nurse Joy in a few minutes.”
    “Soooo cool, do you know what Pokémon they are?” asked Harubi.
    “One Egg is sky blue and the other one is brown. So I think a Water type and a Rock or fighting type.” told Miss K.
    “I can’t wait till they hatch!” said Harubi excited.
    “The only thing you’d have to do is to keep them warm, and they’ll be fine” told Miss K.
    “Yes m’am!” replied Harubi.
    “Transmission complete, keep me updated ok?” asked Miss K.
    “I will. bye!” said Harubi.

    Harubi hung up and quickly ran to the desk
    “Hello there!” said Nurse Joy.
    “Hi there should be 2 Pokémon Eggs for me here.” said Harubi.
    “Correct here they are” said Nurse joy and handed over the Pokémon Eggs to Harubi.
    “Hey you nurses sure do look alike” said Harubi.
    “Ehehe, we get that a lot.” explained Nurse Joy.
    “Anyway, where can I find Blaise?” asked Harubi.
    “Probably in his gym, you can find his gym at the towns fair. Look for the Ghost house.”
    “Haha, a Ghost house as a Pokémon Gym, how odd.” said Harubi.
    “Tell me about it, anyway here are your Pokémon and there in perfect shape. Good luck on your Gym match.” said Nurse Joy.
    “Thanks and goodbye!” said Harubi

    Harubi quickly ran outside, and looked at the sky.

    “Another beautiful day, I smell victory...” thought Harubi. “Dewey, Coco and Sneasel Show yourselfs! “ shouted Harubi. Dewey, Coco and Sneasel appeared.
    “You know I still have to come up with a name for you Sneasel.” said Harubi.
    “Hmmm…I can’t seem to think of a name..” said Harubi. “Well I guess Sneasel is a good name too right?” Sneasel nods and smiles. Okay let’s get our bums to Blaise’s Gym!

    Harubi started to ran to the fair. He enjoyed the looks of Kazou City, it was so peaceful yet busy at the same time. You could see kids playing with Pokémon and even occasionally see a few battle against each other. A few yards further there was man giving Pokémon Demonstration. He was telling people that the best build was ground types, and that nothing could defeat a strong ground type Pokémon. As I ran by I shouted that a well trained water Pokémon can defeat Ground type easily. For a moment the whole crowd who was watching the man was quiet. The man was looking around him…trying to find a way to escape. “Hey that kid was right!” shouted a man. The Pokémon Demonstrator who seemed to be an impostor ran away and the angry crowd was following him. A few people stayed behind.
    “Who was that kid?” a woman asked.
    “I’ve never seen him before, it must be some Pokémon Trainer passing by.” said another man
    “I bet he’s going to challenge Blaise” said a kid.
    “Well you know what that means” said the woman again.
    “Pokémon Battle!” shouted the man the woman and the kid at the same time. They kid quickly told other people to come look at the match as well, and within some minutes there were about 300 people running to the Fair.

    Harubi made his way into the fair and searched for the Ghost house. Well you couldn’t exactly miss it, it was in the centre of the fair. A big old house which seemed to have stadium in it. Harubi quickly ran in the house. He didn’t notice that he took the trainer entrance, and the other people that knew of the match entered the main entrance. Harubi stood in front of a PC and there was a sign next to it.
    “Please fill out the forms on the computer and continue to the stadium.”
    Harubi typed in his name, age and from which town he came from. After he filled in the application he headed to the main stadium. Harubi was walking down a big long hall. When he entered the stadium he saw hundreds of people cheering him on. Harubi was surprised to see that all those people came too see him battle. Harubi kept thinking about his strategy, and if he was able to defeat Blaise.

    Then suddenly he heard a loud voice.
    “Another brand new Pokémon trainer has arrived, can this kid defeat Blaise?! He’s 16 years old and comes from Kaikou City, give it up for…HARUBI!!!!”
    The whole crowed started to cheer Harubi on even louder. Then the loud noise started to talk again.
    “Then the guy we all know, as our pride of Kazou City! He’s 23 years old and is called the Pyscho Trainer. The one and only…BLAISE!!!!!!”
    As the crowd was going nuts he saw a tall and strong figure walking to the Pokémon Field. Harubi was already ready for the Pokémon Match. Harubi was nervous but convinced that he had a chance of winning at the same time. Though he had only 3 inexperienced Pokémon to choose of, he kept believing there was chance of winning.

    The Referee stepped up and shouted: “The challenger can change his Pokémon as much as he want’s. There is no time limit. Are you two ready to battle!?”
    Both Harubi and Blaise nodded.
    Blaise pulled up his hand to the crowd and immediately they were quiet.
    “Good luck Harubi-kun!” shouted Blaise.
    Harubi nods and looked at his Pokéball he was already holding.
    “Ready? START!” shouted the Referee.
    “Grumpig I choose you!” shouted Blaise.
    “Dewey Let’s go!” shouted Harubi.

    “Grumpig, bounce!” shouted Blaise
    “Dewey, Sandstorm” shouted Harubi.
    As Grumpig was bouncing trying to hit Dewey, Dewey was creating a huge sandstorm. Grumpig couldn’t hit him, because Dewey went up high in the air.
    “Dewey, Agility!” shouted Harubi
    “Grumpig, Confusion Ray!” shouted Blaise.
    “Dewey, watch out for that Confusion Ray! Dive down and tackle!” shouted Harubi.
    Dewey nearly got hit by the Confusion Ray. He went down with mach 2 and gave Grumpig a direct hit of a tackle.
    “Grumpig, Odor Sleuth!”
    Dewey speed went down.
    “What the…Dewey Quickly Agility, dive down and spin to make a tornado tackle!”
    Harubi was battling so intense that he forgot to check his Pokédex to see what the Pokédex could tell about Grumpig.
    “Grumpig, look out for that attack!”
    Grumpig could nearly evade the attack but he got hit brutally and rolled a few meters back.
    “Grumpig are you okay?!” shouted Blaise.
    Grumpig was lying still for a few seconds then, as if nothing happened he jumped up and was ready for battle again.
    “My god that’s one hell of a tough Pokémon.” thought Harubi.

    “Dewey Whirlwind!” shouted Harubi.
    Dewey preformed a large Whirlwind and Grumpig couldn’t stick on the ground and flew back against the wall.
    “Damn it!” thought Blaise. “Kirlia now!” shouted Blaise. Blaise threw another Pokéball in the field and Kirlia came out of it.
    “Whirlwind again” shouted Harubi.
    Harubi was in an advantage at the moment, because the Pokémon Blaise used didn’t have much grip on the ground. As Grumpig was walking back to Blaise, Kirlia flew against Grumpig and nocked both of them out.
    “Hey!? Is that even allowed?!” shouted Blaise.
    “No foul committed, Grumpig and Kirlia K.O. 2 points for Harubi.” shouted the Referee.
    The crowed was amazed by the battle style of Harubi. It was so aggressive and strong. They started to have doubts if Blaise was able to knock out Dewey.
    “I’ve gotta tell you Harubi, your one hell of a fighter!” shouted Blaise
    “You’d have to thank my Pokémon for that!” shouted Harubi back with a smile.

    “Claydol now!” shouted Blaise.
    “Dewey, Tornado Tackle!” shouted Harubi.
    “Claydol Teleport, Psybeam and Hyperbeam now!”
    “Dewey Evade!!” shouted Harubi.
    But before Dewey could evade, he got hit by a brutal Psybeam and Hyperbeam.
    “Pidgey is no longer able to fight. 1 Point for Blaise!” shouted the Referee.

    Meanwhile in Kaikou City: Miss K, Renata and family members were watching the battle on TV. Harubi didn’t know that this battle was going to be on National Television.
    “I’m so proud of you Harubi.” thought Renata.
    “He has a really original fighting style. You can see the will and power when you see him fighting.” Said Miss K.

    Back at Kazou City’s Gym:
    “I’d would be stupid to sent Coco out, since the only thing he can do at the moment is defend. He doesn’t really have any attack skills. My hope lies on Sneasel.” Thought Harubi.
    “Sneasel let’s do it!” shouted Harubi. Sneasel appeared and showed a rather lazy body language.
    “Claydol, Psybeam!” shouted Blaise.
    “Evade Sneasel!” shouted Harubi.
    Sneasel yawned and evaded the Psybeam like it was nothing.
    “Claydol, Psybeam and Hyperbeam now!” shouted Blaise
    And again Sneasel evaded the beams like they ment nothing.
    “Nice…” thought Harubi. “Take that thing out Sneasel!” shouted Harubi.
    Sneasel flashed away, appeared in the back of Claydol, slashed Claydoll a couple of times and then bashed away.
    The Referee immediately stopped the battle.
    “Claydol is no longer able to fight. Another point to Harubi” shouted the Referee.
    “Good job Sneasel!’ shouted Harubi.
    Sneasel smiled at Harubi, and then yawned. Harubi smiled back at Sneasel.
    “Don’t look down on me!! Solrock I choose you!” shouted Blaise.
    Solrock appeard.
    “Solrock Harden and Firespin now!”
    Solrock hardned and used Firespin. The flames were flying everywhere. Sneasel dashed between the flames and started to taunt Solrock.
    “Solrock, Rockthrow and Solarbeam now!!”
    Soltrock let on boulder come up from the ground with it’s psychic powers and threw it at Sneasel.
    “Look out Sneasel!” shouted Harubi.
    Sneasel jumped on the Rock.
    “Solarbeam now!! Shouted Blaise”
    A incredibly large beam approached Sneasel. Sneasel jumped in the air the Solarbeam sturck the big boulder, which exploded. The sparks were flying in this battle. Sneasel landed on Solrock and started slashing him, but It didn’t effect Solrock. Sneasel frowned and thought for a few seconds. Then Sneasel came up with an idea. Sneasel used Metal Claw and broke through Solrocks defense. Solrock immediately started shaking of Sneasel.
    “Solrock, Cosmic Power!”

    A strange aura came around Solrock.
    “Be on your guard Sneasel!” shouted Harubi. Harubi looked up in his Pokédex for attack that could be of use.. “Ah I’ve found it, Sneasel use Icy wind!”
    Sneasel made an Icy wind and as a result Solrock’s speed descreased.
    “Solrock Confusion!” shouted Blaise
    “Sneasel look out!”
    Sneasel jumped up in the air and tried to dodge the attack, but it failed. He landed and walked circles for a few seconds.
    “This is the time, Solrock take him out! Tackle!” Solrock dashed to Sneasel and tackled.
    But little did he know that Sneasel was faking his confusion. Sneasel blocked the tackle and counter with an incredible Faint Attack.”
    “Solrock is no longer able to fight. Another point to Harubi.”

    The crowd went nuts; they have never seen a trainer beating up Blaise like that.
    “This can’t be possible! My Pokémon are way more experienced and higher with levels then your Pokémon. How do you do that?!” asked Blaise.
    “It’s all in my tactics Blaise!” replied Harubi.
    “Truly magnificent, but it’s not over yet.” said Blaise.
    “Show me your best, and I’ll will too!” shouted Harubi.
    “Chimecho I choose you!” shouted Blaise.
    “Ready for more, Sneasel!?”

    But suddenly Harubi felt something in his bagg moving. The zipper from his bagg went open and a baby Squirtle came out of it. The baby Squirtle climbed on Harubi’s shoulder and suddenly another Pokémon Climbed out of his bagg. It was a Hitmontop. Hitmontop climbed on the other shoulder of Harubi.
    “Wow! I the eggs hatched! I’ve got a Squirtle and a Hitmontop!!” shouted Harubi. Little did Harubi know that Sneasel wasn’t paying attention either and Blaise whisperd an attack to Chimecho. Chimecho used takedown on Sneasel. Sneasel got hit but counterd back with incredibly hard Slash. Both Pokémon were badly hit, but Blaise had an advantage. He had one Pokémon left, and Harubi didn’t he couldn’t possible use a baby Pokémon in battle could he? Harubi started to pay attention on the battle again.
    “Are you all right Sneasel?” Sneasel nodded but you could obviously see that he wasn’t in a good condtion anymore, and so was Chimecho.
    “Don’t worry Sneasel, you don’t have to proof me anything anymore. You took out 3 Pokémon while yawning. I’m proud of you!” said Harubi.
    It then seemed that Sneasel got a power boost from Harubi’s words.
    “Go all out on this on this attack Sneasel!” shouted Harubi.
    “You too Chimecho!” shouted Blaise.

    Sneasel and Chimecho dashed to each other. It almost looked like some kind of Pokémon Western.
    It’s was obvious that this was the last attack of both Pokémon.
    “Metal Claw!!” shouted Harubi.
    “Take Down!!” shouted Blaise.
    Both attacks landed and they both got hit. Both Pokémon flew a meters back.
    “A Draw!!! 1 Point for Harubi, 1 For Blaise.”
    “Damn it….what to do what to do. Sneasel was my last Pokémon. I’ve come so far, I can’t give up now…” thought Harubi. “Can I have permission to ask you something Blaise?”
    “Sure go ahead.” said Blaise.
    “I don’t have anymore Pokémon to sent out, only those 2 Baby Pokémon that just hatched. Is it okay if I can use these 2 Pokémon against your last Pokémon?” asked Harubi.
    “Well first of all, it wasn’t smart to go to a Gym battle with only 2 Pokémon. But since you did extremely well, I’m going to give you a shot with those two Baby Pokémon.” said Blaise.
    “Thanks a lot.” Said Harubi.
    “Don’t thank me, you deserved it after those magnificent battles.”
    “Alright let’s go, Squirtle and Hitmontop go!” shouted Harubi.
    The two baby Pokémon enter the field.
    ”Metagross I choose you!” shouted Blaise.

    Squirtle and Hitmontop staired at a big brute Pokémon. They started to get scared.
    “Don’t be afraid!” shouted Harubi.
    “Metagross, attack!” shouted Blaise.
    Squirtle and Hitmontop started to run and Metgross ran after them.
    “Doh.. I’m toasted.” Thought Harubi.
    Squirtle and Hitmontop started to cry.
    “Ack! Now I can say goodbye to that badge.”
    Little did Harubi, that the Baby Pokémon were setting up a trap for Metagross, who started to feel sorry for them. Metagross decided to comfort the baby Pokémon, and that’s when they struck. Squirtle and Hitmontop jumped on Metagross and started tickling him. Apparently, being tickled is one of Metagross’s biggest weakness.
    “Metagross is no longer able to fight, 1 point to Harubi. Blaise has no Pokémon left, Harubi Wins!”
    The whole crowd was shocked and quiet. You could only hear Harubi screaming of joy.
    “Whoooohooooo” shouted Harubi.
    “That was seriously the most weird Pokémon Battle I’ve ever seen.” said a man to another man.
    The crowd started to clap and cheer at Harubi. Blaise walked to Harubi.
    “That sure was odd.” said Blaise.
    “You can say that again.” said Harubi.
    “Listen I’m sorry that I’ve attacked your Sneasel behind your back.” said Blaise
    “Hey man, don’t worry about it.” said Harubi.
    “Well none the less, you’ve won. Here is the Foresight badge.” Blaise handed over the badge to Harubi.
    “Thanks!” said Harubi. Harubi putted up the badge and the crowd started to clap harder.

    Harubi was making his way out of the Gym when suddenly a reporter walks to him.
    “Hello Harubi Yamasaki?, I’m Stella Carter from Pokémon News. That sure was a rather strange Gym Battle. Is there something you want to say to the people who were watching this match?”
    “Yeah I’d like to say to the Trainers who were watching, that it doesn’t matter what level your Pokémon is. If you have a good strategy and you’re able to work it out, you can pretty much defeat every Pokémon. And I’d also like to say that I won’t be fighting for Kaikou City anymore. That’s because I won’t fight for people who don’t respect or like me. So from now on I’ll only fight for my friends and family. Oh and I’ll accept every challenge that I get. Even yours!” said Harubi while pointing at the Camera. “Well this sure is one of the most extraordinary battles I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure you people at home agree with me. I’m looking forward to see this Pokémon trainer in action again. This is Stella Carter, here with Harubi Yamasaki at the Psycho Gym in Kazou City.

    Harubi left Kazou City with a badge and two new Pokémon. He’s heading for the next Gym and on his way he’ll pass through some huges forests and plains. As he was walking out of Kazou City, Harubi received a call.
    “Harubi here.”
    “Yeah, eh this Ash Ketchum.”
    “Hey! Your really famous in this Region!” said Harubi.
    “Really? Well that’s not the reason I’m calling though. I’ve seen your battle on T.V. and I was pretty excited. So I called your Town’s Pokémon Academy and they’ve hooked me up with your cell phone number. Anyway, I’m still busy at this Region at the moment, but I’m planning on visiting yours soon. And when I’m there, I’ll definitely want to Challenge you and you’re brother.” told Ash.
    “I’m looking forward to it!” said Harubi.
    “So good luck on your journey and I hope to hear or see from you soon! Keep up the good work!” said Ash.
    “Thanks a lot!” said Harubi.

    “Wow, that was odd. I actually talked to Ash Ketchum. Yeah he’s pretty famous around this region. I’ve been following his progress a lot on T.V. And now he’s going to visit this Region as well. I’m looking forward on challenging him. I actually wonder what the people at Kaikou City are thinking now. Ghehe I’m sure there pretty pissed off. But I don’t really care though.” Harubi called out all of his Pokémon and together they walked through the large field outside of Kazou City.
    “As long as you guys are with me, I’ll be fine!” The Pokémon jumped on him and together they celebrated their second victory.



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