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    Default Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team 9 Lives to the Rescue! (rated PG-13) - ch.4 up

    I know that this isn't a shipping story, but, please leave comments. I really want to know what you guys think!

    Started way back in 06', before the American release date of the first PMD game. It lived on for around 40 some odd chapters, then died for reasons I don't feel like explaining (haha). But recently, I've restarted it, and it's taken a soaring leap into early awesomeness (in my opinion).

    * it's only relation to the game is that it has a Rescue Force
    * there are no humans. Again, it was started before the American release, so I had no clue humans were involved
    * because it was written before D/P/Pt came out, Arceus isn't god. I'm actually not putting him in this. And no, I refuse to change it because if I did, then the entire story would fall apart.
    * main character is a fakemon I made, a pre-evolution to Meowth


    Chapter Identification Colors

    Written // Not Up Yet // Being Re-Typed Later // Thinking of Re-Typing // Currently Being Typed Up
    Chapter Roster
    *titles of chapters not up have a possibility of change, or re-organization. Don't be surprised it things get moved around*

    ~Prologue~ [3-16-09]
    ~Ch.1: Vista Town [3-26-09]
    ~Ch.2: Collapsed! Danger to Apprentices! [4-14-09]
    ~Ch.3: Approval and Decline! Jet's Fault [4-20-09]
    ~Ch.4: Teams Gather! Apprentice Training Starts Now! [4-23-09]

    ~Ch.5: Task 1- Stealth
    ~Ch.6: The Apprentice Quarters- A Day of Rest
    ~Ch.7: Task 2- Combat
    ~Ch.8: Mt. Hardstone- Difficulty Minimum?
    ~Ch.9: Back in Vista Town- Team Honoo and the Returning Rescuers!
    ~Ch.10: Apprentice Challenge! Defeat Jet!
    ~Ch.11: Battle for the Badge (part 1)
    ~Ch.12: Battle for the Badge (part 2)
    ~Ch.13: The Ceremony and the Chosen
    ~Ch.14: The Truth About Henry
    ~Ch.15: The Discussion
    ~Ch.16: Gathering of the Teams! Oh Boy, There's A Lot of'em

    The Orbs of Elemental Creation Log
    *This is a log for the OEC. It lists short descriptions on what each orbs powers are*
    \Total Amount - 17/

    *NOTE*: Me telling you each orbs power won't give away spoilers so don't worry. If they were giving away spoilers then I wouldn't have put them up.

    I created each and every one of these orbs. I took a very long time figuring out what they would do, and I would appreciate that you don't steal them. If you wish to use them, fine; ask me first though.

    -Absorbs and releases mass quantities of electricity / if of Electric type then OEC won't stop until ALL of your Electricity is gone
    -Injects holder with dark energy powering them up to extreme levels / results in holder becoming extremely addicted to this orb as well as overly aggressive
    -Shoots out an array of highly toxic needles / can easily go out of control / if not of Poison type, exposure to this orb for over five minutes results in skin beginning to burn away as if acid were dripping onto it
    - Can bring the dead back to life / results in life span of user being decreased by a year each time it's used / if used in succession life span decreases by two / those brought back to life stay above for only 24 hours unless brought back by a group of 5-10, then they are brought back to live for another lifetime at the sacrifice of the groups entire life spans / only Chaos has mastered this orb
    - Creates barrier around holder that protects them from attacks as well as deflect attacks back to the sender / won't stay up forever
    - Exerts waves of heat / if not of fire trait or having parts of fire trait in you, than exposure to this heat for more then seven minutes results in death
    - Exerts waves of freezing cold temperatures / if not of ice trait or having parts of ice trait in you, than exposure to this for more then twenty minutes results in death
    - Gives holder ability to breath under water
    - Shoots out dangerous gusts of wind / highly uncontrollable
    - Increases speed in punches and kicks / muscles at risk of being torn apart from strain of increased speed
    - Creates an extremely strong shield around holder that cuts off sunlight, sound, and vision / if under this shield for more then an hour, then user is at risk of suffocation
    - Emits waves that can deflect most side effects of the other orbs as well as sound
    - Gives user thick vines that they can lash out at their opponents / once vines have entangled the opponent thorns begin shooting out of the vine starting from the orb and heading up / if user can use Vine Whip then orb gives them ten more vines
    - Holder can control rocks / orb becomes heavier and heavier the longer it's used
    - Releases massive earthquake's that can reach over 20 meters below the earth's crust when smashed onto the ground / takes excessive amounts of holders energy every time it's used
    - Increases holders rage and strength to the maximum of a full grown dragon / results in user most likely attacking friends and partners
    - Has power to stabilize all the other orbs EXCEPT the Ghost orb / for this orb to work you have to know EVERYTHING about the Normal orb as well as the orb(s) you're using this with

    ~:~:~:Location: Unknown, early morning

    “Welcome back Doro,” spoke a deep and ominous voice. It belonged to a powerful psychic type Pokemon that was green, white, and red. His long arms were crossed over one another while his legs were stiff as boards. A long fin sat atop his head while his cheeks extended into two long ‘spikes’. He was a Gallade and by the looks of it, a very powerful one. Before him knelt a dark black hell hound. Two massive pale white horns petruded outwards from his skull, while pale white ridges lined his neck and back. His species were known as Houndoom.

    “Thank you sir,” Doro spoke in a raspy and menacing tone. His head was lowered with shut eyes as a way of showing respect to the Gallade.

    “Did you locate our target?” asked the Gallade.

    “Affirmative. It’s been spotted in E.Change Village in the possession of an Eevee,” responded Doro in a calm but still menacing tone. Seconds of silence passed, resulting in Doro opening his eyes and lifting his head a bit. He noticed that the Gallade he was talking to had an annoyed and questionable expression on his face. “Sir?” he reluctantly asked as he lifted himself into a standing position.

    “I don’t see it with you Doro. Did you take it from the Eevee?” asked the Gallade.

    “Ne-negative sir.” Doro was now feeling a bit uneasy. This Gallade (his leader) was known for having a short temper.

    “Explain.” The air began to feel heavy as the Gallade’s temper stayed leveled. Doro knew that he needed to be careful of what he said because when this happened, it meant trouble. Sure the Gallade sounded calm, but deep inside he was an active volcano ready to erupt.

    “Well sir, we had complications on our mission.”


    “Yes sir. The Vista Town Rescue Force came between us and the Eevee. We tried to fight them as best we could but, it was to no avail. We suffered many injuries as well as a casualty… resulting in our retreat,” Doro explained in a stiff voice. The Gallade stared at him, his eyes piercing through into the very fabric of Doro’s mind. It was as if he were invading Doro’s memories to see if he was telling the truth. Backing up a bit, Doro could feel the hot magma jetting up the conduit of the volcano inside his leader.

    “NOT AGAIN!” erupted the Gallade in a voice so loud, the caverns they were in quivered in fear. “THAT’S THE LAST STRAW! I’LL MAKE SURE THE RESCUE FORCE IS SHUT DOWN AND ALL ITS MEMBERS ARE KILLED, EVEN IF IT KILLS ME!”

    ~:~:~:Location: Route 12, mid-day

    Running as fast as she could, a small kitten Pokemon made her way down the dirt path of Route 12. She was heading from her home town of Nya Town to the ever busy and bustling streets of Vista Town. The small golden bell on her neck released loud dings as it was shaken back and forth. Two small whiskers that sat on her cheeks swayed slightly in the wind as a stub of a tail bounced up and down as she ran. At the same time her mind raced with memories of why she left Nya Town in the first place.

    A poster had been hung on the News Wall stating that Vista Town’s Rescue Force would be accepting recruit sign-ups for the next week. Pokemon of all types, sizes, levels and ages were allowed to sign-up for their chance to become a member! They’d be put through tests of stealth, knowledge, and strength as a way of weeding out the promising from the needy.

    “I’ve gotta’ get there before sign-ups are closed! Move feline, move!” she mewed as she began pushing herself even harder. She’d only noticed the poster a few days after it had been placed up resulting in the problem of her getting there on time.

    Vista Town was a three-day trip from Nya Town when taking Route 6. However the route had been closed off after a great fire in the forest that it coursed through leaving only Route 12 open for travel. This was another major factor to the kits rushing because when taking Route 12, it turned that easy three-day trek into a five-day one because it was longer. The only way she was going to get to Vista in time was by running non-stop and using only one night for sleep.

    She was making good time though. She was only a single day away, and there were two days left for sign-ups. She’d already used one of her nights for sleeping, but it didn’t matter to her. Just the thought of possibly becoming a member of the rescue Force was enough to keep her going at a speedy pace.

    She was going to make it in time, no matter what!

    =^^= Nya
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    Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team 9 Lives to the Rescue! (rated PG-13)

    That's pretty good, though a bit short.

    I SAW ABSOLUTELY NO GRAMMAR OR SPELLING ERRORS! That's the first in a while. But yeah, good start, or something, considering you already wrote this.

    But, it could use a bit more description for the main character.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team 9 Lives to the Rescue! (rated PG-13)

    lol. Thank you very much. And don't worry, chapters lengthen over time. I always write shorter prologues.

    :P Yeah, considering she's a fakemon I probably should have done more description.

    =^^= Nya

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    Chapter 1: Vista Town

    ~:~:~:Location: Vista Town Eastern Gate, early morning

    Huffing loudly, the kitten Pokemon stood in awe of the eastern gate. It stood tall on two wooden cylinders and reached so high the small kit had to look straight up! A large smile lay on her face as she looked back into the town. But it didn't last. Her smile slowly evolved into a frown. Her excitement shrank. Many Pokemon could be seen walking around near the gate. Many of which this young kit had never seen before. They ranged in many colors and sizes, their voices hard to hear as they seemed to meld with one another. Dropping her ears, the small kit felt a slight chill run down her back. She was nervous.

    "Hey, you there!" squawked a females' voice from behind. Shocked from he call the small kit turned round and placed herself into a defensive pose. Shock filled her small eyes as the fur on her neck lifted. She saw nothing. She began to feel a tad frantic. Her mother had warned her about tactics such as this. Looking around her, she tried to find the source of the call. No luck. The bushes blew only when the wind pushed at them while scattered trees stood silent and wise. "Up here!" squawked the voice. The kit looked to the tall oak that stood three Persian lengths away from the trail. Shooting her gaze upward, she saw a small bird perched on one of its branches. It was rubbing one of its eyes with its brown feathered wing, while two dark pink talons clung to the branch. The kit recognized it right away as a Pidgey. "You can leave that defense stance, I'm not going to attack you. So what's your name?" she squawked.

    The kit sat where she was, keeping her thoughts and words to herself. She just looked at the small brown and tan feathered bird questionably. "What? Is there something in my feathers?" she chirped. She then pressed her beak to the inside of an open wing and began moving through it. Still the kit kept quite. Looking back to her, the Pidgey let out a sigh. "If you're not going to say anything then fine. I will," she squawked, "can you keep that accursed bell of yours from ringing so much! My ears are bursting and I can't keep a good sleep!" The kit looked down at her golden bell as it let out yet another ring.

    "It's not like it has an off switch," she meowed.

    "Well, then can you keep from moving so much?" squawked the Pidgey yet again.

    "And how do you propose I do that?" the kit hissed.

    "I don't know maybe just-" the Pidgey stopped in mid-sentence. Her eyes were fixated on the kit below her. "Hey, you're a Meote, aren't you?" she chirped as she cocked her head. Before the small kit could respond, the Pidgey continued as if she'd been answered, "What are you doing all the way out here at Vista Town? Shouldn't you be back in Nya Town? I thought you guys had some sort of law about young ones like you venturing off on their own, or something like that?"

    "We do," she began, "but I was allowed to leave because, I'm going to join the Rescue Force!" she purred as she lifted her chin proudly. A smile made its way onto the Pidgey's pink beak.

    "Oh yeah," she chuckled. The proud look in the kits body left as she lowered herself, her ears falling flat as they were previous to the Pidgey's first squawk.

    "But, I'm too nervous to go inside," she mewed.

    "And why is that?" asked the Pidgey as she began to clean the feathers that lined her wing.

    "Well," mewed the kit as she slowly brought her gaze back to the Pidgey, "back in Nya Town the only Pokemon I ever really saw, other than my own kind, were Pidgey like you, a few long clawed mouse things, and a big black striped fire dog." The Pidgey stopped her cleaning and looked at the kit. Confusion filled her as the kit, instead of speaking the names of the species, described the Pokemon she'd seen. Shaking her head, the Pidgey chirped back words of wisdom given to her by her mother.

    "I can understand that. Nya Town is secluded right? They hardly permit any travelers from entering their gates. Especially during the time of heat. And if I remember correctly, that should be now? Anyways, don't be intimidated. If you want to become a member of the Rescue Force, you've got to show bravery when facing something you've never seen, or something that towers over you. You did say you wanted to be a member, didn't you?"

    "Yeah!" meowed the kit.

    "Well, then show no fear! Pounce on through the gate and show Vista Town that you are brave!" the Pidgey chirped with open wings and a lifted head.

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" the kit mewed loudly. With a corkscrew turn of her small body, she pounced towards the gate. "That name is RocketMeote by the way. And thanks!" she purred as she turned to look back at the Pidgey. She then ran through the gate, elated and full of excitement. Smiling, the Pidgey opened her wings and took to the sky. The dinging bell was growing fainter and fainter with each flap of her small wings.

    Walking slowly, RocketMeote made her way down the road from the eastern gate. She couldn't help but want to take in every sight and every smell that came her way. Her mouth was open slightly to allow the many smells to hit the roof of her mouth. At first it was a tad bit overwhelming. She was used to the smells of the many Meote, Meowth, and Persian that roamed the streets of Nya Town. Even the town itself had its own distinct smell.

    "I'll take that one right there," spoke a male Pokemon as he pointed to an object inside a shop.

    "Sure thing Long-jaw," spoke the shop keeper as he nodded. RocketMeote stared at them for a minute, getting in their scents as well as their appearances. The one inside the shop looked like a giant orange rat with long brown ears that curved. What was strange was, the shop looked like his head! It was kind of funny at first, because it look like they were being eaten by a giant head. "Here you go," said the rat as he handed a scarf to Long-jaw. RocketMeote watched as Long-jaw turned, showing a very large yellow mouth. Red spikes lined his head, back, and tail while his lower half reminded RocketMeote of an egg. She watched as Long-jaw tied the yellow colored scarf around his neck in satisfaction.

    "Thanks Tory," he said as he reached into a satchel that hung around his shoulders. He pulled out golden coins and handed them to Tory who gladly took them. Wonder what he bought? RocketMeote thought as she turned away and walked on. She began to again look around. Pokemon of all types were both walking around and gossiping to each other in small groups, away from the streets. She could hear a very words of every conversation before the rest faded into mumble. Nothing really intrigued her, so she just kept moving, in search of the Rescue Force.

    Time passed and tension grew. She hadn't found the Rescue Force yet, and sign-ups were sure to close soon! She could just feel it! What was worse was that no one listened to her. Because of the many voices speaking at once, her tiny mews couldn't be caught by any of the other Pokemons ears. They just became apart of the single jumble that echoed throughout where she was. She roamed the streets, running every which way and looking in every direction. She could see nothing but shop after shop after shop. It was relentless and antagonized to her, but she pressed on. It was then that she came to a group of Pokemon standing in a circle. They were all cheering and laughing at something. With a high curiosity, she made her way to the crowd. She pushed through the mass until she came to an opening in the center. There stood a blue blob like Pokemon on a crate. Next to it was a sign that read 'The Amazing Morphing Morpheus!'

    "You ready for this folks? Come one come all to the best transformation mimic show of your life!" spoke the Pokemon in a fast tone. Rocket recognized this type of speedy talk. She knew it ell from back in Nya Town. ScratchPersian was just like this blob. He was a street performer!

    A young orange fire lizard stepped forward. Clutching its left arm, the orange lizard spoke in a nervous voice, "Think you can change... change into m-me?" he asked. The blob looked at him and jumped down off the crate. Wrapping on of its blobby arms around the lizards shoulders, he responded.

    "Sure kid! And with me being a shiny Ditto, I can show you what your rarer color looks like!" he laughed. The lizard looked at him a bit confused. Rarer color? What color could a Charmander like him be? Without a single notion more, the Ditto did the most magnificent thing RocketMeote had ever seen. He changed his entire body shape and color into the lizard! Astonished, RocketMeote couldn't help but leap forward, enthralled by what just happened.

    "That was amazing!" she meowed. Morpheus looked at her and smiled. Reverting back to his original form, her pulled his blobby body towards her.

    "So," he said whilst placing a blobby arm around her, "you really enjoyed that huh?"

    "Ye-yeah," she mewed. She felt a bit uncomfortable with him being so close. Morpheus then changed himself into her, but his color was darker. His bell was also a silver color instead of the normal gold.

    "What do you think of my new look?" he asked. RocketMeote smiled and pushed herself away. Even when changed, he still felt as blobby as he did when he reverted himself. "Say kid, you've got yourself an enthusiastic personality I haven't seen in anyone in a long while. Wanna join me and be my sidekick?"

    "Sidekick?" echoed RocketMeote.

    "What is this a cave? Yes, sidekick! C'mon you'd be awesome! With that dangling bell of yours, we'd make such sweet music together!" he continued. He was still in his copied form, making RocketMeote feel even more uncomfortable. Looking around at all the Pokemon, RocketMeote began to feel her small kitten heart race.

    "That's enough Morpheus, leave the kid alone!" roared a deep voice. The crowds attention turned to a tall brown bear with a yellow circle on its stomach. It walked forward and put its foot in between RocketMeote and the Ditto. "Can't you see that you are freaking her out?"

    "Is she freaking? Or is she just amazed by what she sees!" laughed the blob as he altered himself into a copy of the bear. "Hmm?" he grinned. The original bear huffed out warm breath before bending down to RocketMeote.

    "C'mon kid, lets get you out of here." Nodding, RocketMeote followed as the bear lead her through the crowed of noisy Pokemon. She could hear them cheering at Morpheus as she was lead away. Once out of the crowd, RocketMeote lowered herself in both admiration and relief.

    "Thank you," she purred.

    "You claustrophobic or something?" asked the bear as he looked down at her, making sure she was all right.

    "What's claustrophobic?" she mewed back.

    "It's when someone cant stand being in tight places or surrounded by a lot of Pokemon. Kinda like back there with Morpheus's lame street act," he answered.

    "No," RocketMeote mewed as she looked down, "it's not that. It's because"-she let out a sigh-"It's because I can't find the Rescue Force! I'm heading there to sign up to be a member, but I don't know where it is! And every time I ask someone to help me, they can't hear me because my stupid tiny voice gets blocked out by the single mumble!"

    "Single... mumble?" the bear echoed under his breath.

    "And sign-ups are likely to end soon!" RocketMeote finished. Her mews were heavy with sadness.

    "Well, then, why don't you ask me?" the bear offered. RocketMeote looked at him.

    "You would really help me?" RocketMeote mewed, elation filling her voice. The bear let out a laugh as he stood himself up.

    "Of course! Just follow me and I'll lead you right to it!" he exclaimed. Excited, RocketMeote let out a cheerful mew as she leaped onto her paws. She thanked the kind bear over and over, expressing nothing but thanks in return for his kind gesture. "By the way, my name is Danny. I'm an Ursaring," Danny greeted.

    "My name is RocketMeote! I'm a Meote!" RocketMeote purred in response. The two walked on, talking to one another as they pushed through crowds of wandering Pokemon. They passed many shops, each offering something different from the last. They then walked over a curved marble stone bridge that sat above a river. The water looked clear and fresh, just like the river back at Nya Town looked. Once over one the other side of the bridge, everything had changed. New smells hit the roof of RocketMeote's mouth as a hustling, bustling, shop filled town became green and quiet. There were small fields here with tons of gorgeous flower filling the air with their sweet scents. As they continued on, Rocket saw smaller Pokemon around her age playing in yards that were fenced in. She didn't know what kinds of Pokemon they were, but she didn't care.

    "I'm sure you've noticed by now that this area of Vista Town is much different from where you came in," spoke Danny.

    "Yeah. Why is that?" RocketMeote mewed in response.

    "This is Vista Town's park. There aren't any trees, but there is plenty of room for young ones to play, as well as for old folk like me to relax."

    "Vista Town must be big. How much further to the Rescue Force?" RocketMeote asked. Danny let out a laugh as he lead her to a section of the park that slowly turned into a moderately steep hill. Pointing up, Danny answered.

    "At the top of this hill sits the Rescue Force. It's the only building up there so you can't miss it."

    "Why is it way up there?" RocketMeote meowed. Danny folded his arms.

    "Because from up there, you can see all of Vista Town." RocketMeote gazed in awe. "Oh no," said Danny.

    "What?" mewed RocketMeote as she looked at him.

    "I forgot to run the errands!"


    "Yes. I was in Vista Town to pick up some supplies for my family. I have myself a wife and three kids. Today is my youngest boys birthday and I promised him I'd get him a genuine Att. Boosting scarf. He also wants to be in the Rescue Force, but he's much too young. Getting him this scarf is the next best thing to him. It'll make him feel like a real rescuer! Well, I'd best be going then. I wish you luck with getting into the Rescue Force RocketMeote. May Nolmikia be with you!" explained Danny. He waved and then left back for eastern Vista, where the market was. RocketMeote couldn't help but smile. Danny certainly didn't look like the fatherly type, but as mayor AcanthaPersian once said, 'looks can be deceiving.' She turned her gaze back to the hill. Taking in a deep breath, she marched her way to the top of the hill.

    "Almost there."

    =^^= Nya

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    Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team 9 Lives to the Rescue! (rated PG-13)

    That was a good chapter. I only saw a few mistakes, but it doesn't matter much.
    Good job. You really did get the chapter longer, and you have a decent storyline. Please continue.

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    Chapter 2: Collapsed! Danger to Apprentices!

    ~:~:~:Location: Vista Town Northern Gate, midday

    "But Megumi!"


    "I know I could do it!"

    "I said no!"

    Two figures stood at the northern gate, locked in verbal argument. one stood tall, her blue, scaly skin reflecting the rays of the sun like water. A frill around her neck flashed bright white as anger filled eyes glared at the Pokemon she towered over. Thumping her mermaid-like tail on the ground, she cut the small Pokemon off once more as he continued to plea to her to let him go. "You're team isn't anywhere near the rank needed to take on such a mission!" she barked. She was a Vaporeon, a species known for their elegance and calm nature. However, this Vaporeon was anything but calm.

    "Megumi please!" mewed a smaller, pinker cat. His face had a tan mark on it that resembled a moon, while tiny legs supported his equally tiny body. His tail was very unique. A thick pink oval held up by a thin strip of black colored flesh. At the tip of the tail, were three strands of hair that each supported a small sphere. Megumi shot him another anger filled glare, hoping that her expression spelled out what she'd been yelling at him now for a few minutes. But it was to no prevail. The kitten pressed on. "I don't need my team! I can go it alone! I'm plenty strong as-" She cut him off right there, lips drawn back as fury now sat in her gaze.

    "HENRY!" she screamed. The kitten silenced his pestering tone, ears fallen and tail frozen, "Don't be foolish! You're the leader of a 'D' ranked team, and this mission has been placed under the 'B' rank! If you charge in there with them, you'll only be endangering their lives! And don't you dare tell me that you can go it alone!" Megumi's tone was as harsh as a Gyarados. It didn't last long though. Noticing how upset Henry had become, she took a breath. Sitting down, she let out a sigh and continued, "Henry... if you go out alone you'll get killed. Do you understand me?" her tone was calmer, but still held a harshness in it that pierced the small cat's heart like a knife. Grinding his teeth, he turned his gaze to the side. "Henry!" she barked.

    "I understand!" he finally replied as he shot his gaze back at her. He was angry. He couldn't understand why Megumi wasn't allowing him to prove himself to her and the rest of the Rescue Force. He was just as powerful as any other Pokemon out there, maybe even stronger! Just then, a new idea popped into his pink noggin. What if his team were accompanied by a staff member? Surly then Megumi would be able to permit him to go and help in the mission! Just as he opened his tiny mouth to mew out his thoughts, a cry came from the distance.

    "Megumi! Megumi!"

    Turning around, Megumi saw a blur of orange and black heading straight for her and Henry. She noticed right away who this blur was, and responded. "Mike?"

    Dirt shot up from the path as Mike slid to a halt. His powerful orange and black striped form towered over Megumi just as she did Henry. His head was topped with a thick layer of tan fur that covered his entire neck. Even his knees were covered in this thick than fur, his tail sporting the same thing. Breathless from the run, he panted heavily to try and relax himself. Upon looking at his flattened ears and widened eyes, Megumi could tell something was wrong.

    "Me-Megumi!" he began, still panting and breathless, "The combat train-training grounds!" His head then began shooting back in the direction of where he'd ran from, to where Megumi now stood. Curiosity overcoming his anger, Henry walked over to the large canine that stood before him, stuttering like a shocked puppy.

    "Calm down Mike! Take a breath, blow some fire, and explain to me what's going on!" Megumi persuaded. Nodding, Mike did as she said. Showing off the power of his fire type attacks, Mike lifted his head and released a large flame into the air after taking a deep breath. Smoke shot from his maw as he turned to the ground and let out another large breath, finally calming enough to speak properly.

    "Megumi... at the combat training grounds... there's been an accident-" Megumi stared as he finally spoke, worry once more filling her as each word spilled out of his jaw, "it's Amp."

    ~:~:~:Location: Vista Town Rescue Force, mid-day

    RocketMeote stood with her jaw gaping in awe. She'd finally reached the top of the hill. Before her stood a beautiful structure of red and green. It had two floors; a balcony over the main entrance, a symbol over the balcony, and many windows. Unlike most roofs that RocketMeote had seen back in Nya Town, this roof shot upwards at a slant, was made of what appeared to be tiles, and jetted out. The corners all looked like curved points. To RocketMeote's surprise, this building had not just one roof, but two! Separating the first and second floor was a smaller curved roof that, just like the one on top, jetted out and had curved, pointed corners. To the right of the building was a sky path connecting the main building, to a separate one. It had the same unique design to it, but it wasn't nearly as long.

    "Hmm?" she mewed as her ears twitched. Turning her head she saw two Pokemon rushing up the hill at top speed. Both quadrupeds like her, they ran on fours. She watched as they bolted under the connecting sky path. "What the-" she cut herself off and leapt forward. Running to the open entrance under the sky path she came to a sight that brought understanding to the speedy running of the two previous Pokemon.

    Towards the right side of the grounds stood two Pokemon, both holding up what looked like a large rock wall made for training. One of the Pokemon was a large, blue dragon with red wings. Roaring loudly, his tail thumped on the ground while his head struggled to keep the wall up. Next to him was a yellow mouse Pokemon. It's body shook as strain from holding up the wall began to take effect. Its lightning bolt shaped tail jolted up and down as the Pokemon fought to keep its arms raised.

    "Great creators no!" cried the blue Pokemon as she skidded to a halt. Curious, RocketMeote padded closer to the event. It wasn't until she was inside the grounds that she saw the horror of what was happening. There, lying under the wall, were two small Pokemon. Lying unconscious, they were unable to get out and at risk of being crushed under the weighted wall. The dog Pokemon that had rushed up earlier was now pushing his head under one of the sides to aid the other two in keeping the wall lifted.

    "Try-to-get-Amp-and-Jet!" yelled a voice. RocketMeote watched as the blue Pokemon didn't waste any time in trying to push herself under the wall and towards the two fallen Pokemon. Try and try as she did, she pulled herself out from under the wall, her rescue attempts in vein.

    "I can't reach them! I'm too big! You guys have to raise the wall more!" she barked in a shaky voice.

    "We-can't! Wall-too-heavy!" responded the dragon in struggling roars. Even the dog was beginning to struggle. Horrified at this sight, RocketMeote knew it wouldn't be long before the wall could no longer be held, and the Pokemon underneath were killed. Gulping down, she padded forward and spoke.

    "I might fit." Turning in shock, the blue Pokemon stared at her with widened eyes. Worry covered her face as small tears could be seen falling from her glossy eyes. The look lasted for only a second as urgency took over.

    "Alright," she nodded, "head under the wall and carefully drag those two out!" Nodding, RocketMeote did as she was told. Lowering to her stomach, she flattened her ears and began pushing herself under the wall. Her bell made the fit rather tight, and the movement painful, but she pressed on. Taking quick glances at the dragon and dog Pokemon, she could see sweat barreling down their faces. Their eyes were shut tight and their teeth were clenched together. "Hurry!" cried the blue Pokemon. RocketMeote pushed faster until she reached the two Pokemon. One looked like a smaller version of the yellow mouse, while the other looked like a gray, long-eared fox with thick neck scruff. Clamping her teeth onto the scruff of the Fox, RocketMeote began to pull back. She then placed her paw onto the smaller mouse and pulled him as she struggled to get them out.

    After a few agonizing minutes, RocketMeote pulled herself, the mouse, and the fox out from under the wall. Once sure that they were all well enough away, the blue Pokemon let out a cry to drop the wall. With a massive thud, the wall was released by the three Pokemon who struggled so hard to keep it up. The larger mouse fell to his back, his breaths rough and uneven as his fur glistened with sweat. The dragon had collapsed onto his stomach, while the dog paced over towards RocketMeote. His tongue lolling from side to side, he sat down and bowed his head in gratitude before lifting it to speak.

    "We can't tank you enough for the help you've just given us. Without you, I fear to think of what may have happened. The blue Pokemon strolled over to her, terror and relief consuming her face as tears again began running from her thought filled eyes. She couldn't speak, but RocketMeote knew what she was going to say. "These two are going to need a long rest and medical attention right away," spoke the dog as his breathing returned to normal. His glare was set on the unconscious Pokemon as he spoke, only looking back up as he directed his question at RocketMeote. "I probably should have asked this first, but, who are you?"

    "My name is RocketMeote," she mewed in response. Her voice was shaky from the excitement, her mind racing over what had just occurred. Finally, her voice no longer holding her back, the blue Pokemon spoke.

    "Well RocketMeote, I can't thank you enough." She pressed her head to the young cat as her gratifying voice continued on, "Amp and Jet wouldn't be here if not for you." She pulled herself back and sat down, placing her tail over her small paws as a smile stretched across her tear covered face. With a sniff, she bowed in gratitude like the dog had before.

    "Thank-you," RocketMeote mewed with pushed back ears in embarrassment. Pushing to his paws, the mouse stood up. His fur shined in the suns light as he walked forward. A big smile was on his face, but he did not speak. Instead he padded over to Amp and Jet and lowered onto his knees. The smile left his face as he took each one by their arm, and one at a time gently squeezed. When done, he looked up and spoke, urgency in his tone. "They need medical help. Their pulses are low."

    "Leave it to me!" roared the dragon, lifting himself up from his stomach. Flapping his large red wings, he lifted into the air and flew over the sky path before vanishing behind the wall of the building. It seemed like ages before he returned. No words had been spoken and worry filled gazes rested on both Amp and Jet as well as the opening under the sky path. Running behind him were four pink eggshell shaped Pokemon. Eggs bounced in their pouches as they carried two stretchers. Amp was placed on one while Jet the other. Without a single word being uttered, they were carried off.

    "They'll be fine," remarked the dragon. Before anyone could say anything else the dragon shot his gaze at RocketMeote. "It was sure lucky for us that you came when you did. Was there a specific reason you came to the Rescue Force today? Someone in trouble maybe?" he roared in a lower toned voice.

    "Nothing like that," RocketMeote began, "I came to sign up to become an apprentice of the Rescue Force!" There was a moment of pure silence, the four Pokemon all staring at her before glancing at one another. "Is something wrong?" she asked, excitement still in her voice, though quickly being replaced by confusion. The blue female Pokemon let out a sigh as she spoke.

    "I'm afraid to say this but, sign-ups were closed earlier this morning."

    "What?!" hissed RocketMeote in shock. "But I-I made such good time! I could have sworn I had more time than that! Please, please this has to be some sort of joke!" she pleaded in scratchy mews. Her legs felt wobbly while all excitement poured out of her, only to be replaced by drama. She had virtually no sleep, no food, and was dry mouthed. She couldn't believe her ears! Was her trek all for nothing?!

    "I'm sorry," spoke the blue Pokemon. She could feel RocketMeote's disappointment echo her shocked tone.

    "Maybe you don't have to be Megumi," spoke an inquisitive voice. All focus turned to the mouse, his arms folded with closed eyes. His face echoed deep thought as he opened one of his eyes.

    "What are you talking about Neo?" asked the dog with a raised brow. Neo looked at him, both eyes now open as he responded.

    "What I'm talking about Mike, is Harry."

    "Harry?" RocketMeote echoed under her breath.

    "What's Harry got to do with this?" inquired Megumi, all sadness leaving her expression to be replaced by confusion. Neo turned to her.

    "What I'm talking about is asking Harry to make an exception. RocketMeote saved the lives of two apprentices without having to be asked to. She just offered her assistance expecting nothing in return!" he explained.

    "True," interrupted Mike with a nod, "Plus sign-ups only ended this morning. She's not all that late."

    "But she's still late," added Megumi. A smile then crossed over her face as an idea sprung into her head. "You know, we do owe her something for saving Amp and Jet's lives. If anything, it'd be the least we could do to re-pay her." RocketMeote began to feel hope rise in her stomach.

    "I'll go and tell Harry," Neo offered with satisfaction flailing in his tone. He then bolted away. Turning to Megumi, Mike, and the unnamed dragon, RocketMeote let out a purr of confusion.

    "So what does this mean? Am I an apprentice?" she mewed.

    "We'll see what Harry says kid. But there's a good chance you will be," laughed the dragon as he gazed towards the opening under the sky path. Hope flared in RocketMeote even more now. With a smile she silently added, Thank Nolmikia.

    =^^= Nya

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    So aside from The Objectionist, how are people like'n this so far? I would love to know.

    Chapter 3: Approval and Decline! Jet's Fault

    ~:~:~:Location: Vista Town Rescue Force, main lobby, afternoon

    "Alright!" meowed RocketMeote as she jumped up and down. Joy rattled in her voice as her bell let out loud dings that echoed in the halls.

    "What in the name of Toxidion is that racket?!" roared a deep and cracky voice. RocketMeote stopped jumping and looked in the direction of the voice. Its roars lifted higher then her bell, piercing her ears not with pain, but shock. Neo, Megumi, and Mike had done the same, though they weren't shocked as RocketMeote was. With folded arms, Neo let out a chuckle.

    "A little bell too much for your mammoth ears Pinpoint?" he taunted. Emerging from the hallway that lead to the mess hall was one of the most massive Pokemon RocketMeote had ever seen! His body was a purple color while his stomach and claws sported a pale white. What shocked RocketMeote the most was how his body looked as if it were in a suit of armor. There was literally no point of viewable weakness on him, not counting his massive ears. On his head sat a long horn that nearly touched the ceiling above. Similar spikes trailed down the Pokemon's back, ending right before it's long, thick tail started.

    With a snort the Pokemon began to turn, revealing to RocketMeote a sight that made her spine tingle. From the front, the large grunting Pokemon seemed normal. But when looked at from a side view, everything about him was but that. The top right side of this poor Pokemon was scared with burn marks that ended a Meote's tail length from his leg, and claw marks that covered the majority of his face. His eye was missing, probably gouged out in combat. Trailing back into the hallway, the Pokemon made his way towards the mess hall.

    "That's Pinpoint," retorted Megumi as she bent over to RocketMeote.

    "What happened to him?" she mewed in a sorrow filled whisper. Glancing back at Pinpoint, she watched as his movement was slow while his gaze was set in her direction. When he realized she was looking at him, he quickly turned and stalked off.

    "It will be three-years ago next month," she began in a sigh, "Our sky patroller, Pidge, was begin attacked by a black backed Typhlosion named Mercury. You see, Pidge had foiled one of his plans and, well, Mercury vowed to get revenge. Pidge had been tied down by a Grass Knot attack and was unable to escape. Now that I think about it, it was around the time when Pinpoint was trying to join the Rescue Force. Anyways, Mercury had unleashed his signature spinning black Flamethrower attack-"

    "Black Flamethrower attack?" RocketMeote interrupted.

    "Yes. Mercury is not only black backed, but his fire is black as well. Also, his fire is much hotter than normal fire, and can easily cause massive damage or-" she began to trail off, her gaze setting itself onto the floor as if it were being guided by some unknown force, "-or even death. Pinpoint had gotten there before any of us, and leapt in the way of the attack. The spinning black Flamethrower resembled the trademark Flame Wheel that Typhlosion are known for. He'd spin in the air and cover himself in black fire, then in one massive burst he'd send it to his opponent. The attack hit Pinpoint's top right half as he jumped in front of it. That's when I and a few other staff members got there. Never before had I heard screams like what I'd heard coming from Pinpoint-"

    "Aw c'mon enough of that!" barked Mike, interrupting Megumi. Neo nodded, his arms still folded.

    "Yeah Megs! This is a happy time! RocketMeote is an apprentice now!" he exclaimed with open arms.

    "I guess you're right," Megumi smiled. Her voice was still pretty heavy with sorrow, but she tried her hardest to hide it under a fake gesture of happiness. RocketMeote opened her mouth to tell Megumi that it was alright; that she didn't have to tell her the whole story. But before she could, a voice interrupted her.

    "There you are!" Turning around, RocketMeote saw the unnamed dragon from earlier landing outside the entrance.

    "So he returns! What did they say Ryu?" remarked Neo. Smiling, Ryu let out a sigh of relief as he reported the good word.

    "Cherish says that they'll be back on their paws by tomorrow afternoon. They just need to rest is all. Aside from a few scratches and bruises, they're in no real pain. They had just collapsed from shock is all." Nodding in response, Mike began to trail out of the building before being halted by a lowering figure. Backing up he gave the new bird Pokemon room to trek inside.

    Pink talons scrapped against the tiled floor as a long red and yellow feather jetted from his forehead to the middle of his back. His tail feathers were also red and yellow, but didn't look as elegant as the one on its head. With brown and tan feathers covering its body, RocketMeote recognized its species right away. It was a Pidgeot, the final form of a Meote's favorite meal, a Pidgey!

    "Pidge, what is it?" Mike asked. The massive bird was breathing frantically and it had a few scratch marks on its left leg. Turning to Megumi, the bird dropped its head in disgrace.

    "I'm sorry Megumi," he began, "but-" RocketMeote looked at Megumi. Her face was the definition of fear, "I saw Henry running along the trail leading away from Vista Town. I flew down and confronted him, asking where he was off to in such a rush, and without his team. He didn't respond so I tried to stop him. Megumi... I'm sorry but he got me by surprise and knocked for a look with those claws of his. Next thing I knew, he was gone. Megumi... he's heading for Sandstorm Desert."

    Megumi's breathing was now unsteady and turning frantic. With everything that had been occurring, Megumi had completely forgotten about the stubborn headed pink cat from before. He'd wanted so badly to help out, thinking that he was strong enough to make a difference. Slowly shaking her head back and forth, her face welled up more and more with fear. Backing away, RocketMeote wafted in her fear scent. It was so powerful that it made her head spin and her eyes blur for a moment before focusing again. Who ever this Henry was, he sure put Megumi's fear on a level no one liked.

    ~:~:~:Location: Vista Town Rescue Force, hospital wing, afternoon

    It had been a solid day since the news about Henry's departure into the Sandstorm Desert. An 'A' ranked team, Team MoonShadow, had been sent to retrieve both him and the original target Pokemon. RocketMeote was now sitting in the hospital wing, watching as tests on both Amp and Jet were performed. They'd woken up earlier that morning, but weren't able to get out of their beds until just a few moments ago. Tests were now being done to see just how much recovery they'd made in their long sleep.

    The yellow mouse showed excellent signs of a full recovery. He was performing well on the tests, showing weakness only when he shot his left arm forward in a punch. He hadn't broken it, but it was pretty bruised and sore from whatever had happened at the training grounds. The white fox however wasn't performing as good. His breathing seemed a tad bit harsher while his heart rate wasn't normal, beating slightly faster than the Chansey helping them would have liked.

    RocketMeote watched as she set the fox back onto his bed and placed a device around one of his forepaws. Squeezing a rubber ball, she began to take the Pokemon's blood pressure. Sure enough, it was a bit higher than normal. The Chansey left the white fox and came back a few moments later, in her hands were pills. She gave them to the fox and without arguing, he gulped them down. He then jumped from his bed and with the mouse, walked for the door that was blocking RocketMeote from being able to hear what was being said. She was able to watch through a glass window on the wall. Soundproof and shatter proof, it did what it was made for. The door opened with a creak.

    "Thanks Cherish!" spoke the fox as the mouse held the door open for him. Once both were out, the mouse shut the door and turned to RocketMeote. "Who are you?" blurted the fox in a low bark. He began to sit down and curl his thick fluffy tail around his paws when RocketMeote noticed something strange about him. Aside from his unnatural color, his eyes weren't the same tone. His left one was a dark grassy green, while his right one was as blue as the sky on a clear summers day. When examining him further, RocketMeote noticed that his left ear was pierced towards the middle top part of it, on the outside. On his left leg just above his paw, was a tattoo of a yin-yang with two un-connecting, curved triangles at the top and bottom. The first one had a black outline and was white, while the one opposite it was black. "Well?" he barked, interrupting RocketMeote's thoughts.

    "My name is RocketMeote. I helped save you after you collapsed in the training grounds," she mewed. A smile hit the mouses face, but the fox kept his expression the same, full of doubt and curiosity for the kit sitting before him.

    "The name's Amp," added the mouse as he pointed to himself, "I'm a Pichu!"

    "Then that means you must be Jet," RocketMeote purred as she looked at the fox. Snorting a response, the fox turned his head from her and closed his eyes.

    "Who wants to know?" he barked as he opened his left eye, looking at RocketMeote.

    "Don't mind him Rocket. He's just a stubborn Eevee is all. Anyways, it's great to meet you. Are you an apprentice like us, or just a visitor?" Amp asked as he held hi hand out in a shaking gesture. Responding to his outstretched hand, RocketMeote grabbed it and shook up and down.

    "Great to meet you as well!" she let go, "And I'm an apprentice." Amp smiled graciously as he pulled his paw back. Smiling, he noted how he couldn't wait to begin training with her.

    "Training? Her? Hah! Don't make me laugh myself into evolution!" Jet retorted with a look of sheer annoyance on his mug. He glared at RocketMeote something fierce before being confronted by Amp about his statement.

    "What are you talking about? What's wrong with Rocket here?" he pestered. Jet locked his gaze on RocketMeote, moving his eyes up and down to examine her. With a grin and a chuckle, he shook his head and turned himself around. He began walking down the hallway that lead to the main waiting room of the hospital wing, responding as his ears flicked in amusement.

    "Female's belong in the kitchen and in here as nurses! Not in the battle field where the male belong!" He was gone after he said that. Smart move. He gave himself ample distance so he could speak his mind and not have to deal with the storm of rage that exploded because of it. Staring in gaping awe, RocketMeote couldn't believe her black ears. Amp couldn't believe it either.

    "That sexist... sexist Eevee!" RocketMeote hissed, pulling her lip back in a snarl. Amp nodded, agreeing with her.

    "We'll show him, won't we Rocket?" he said in an enthusiastic voice.

    "You keep calling me by the first part of my name. How come you don't just say the whole thing?" RocketMeote asked, losing the snarl and anger in her voice.

    "RocketMeote is such a mouthful! Rocket is much faster, and it doesn't sound so formal," he laughed. It was hard not to agree with him. Her name was rather long. Purring loudly, she and Amp began to make their way to the exit of the hospital wing. There was no longer a need to be there and they knew that in just an hour, the apprentices would all be gathered into the training grounds to start what they came here to do. / I was accepted as an apprentice, despite missing sign ups... but I was declined a friend in Jet. Not that I'd want him as one. / Rocket thought as they left the building. Shaking away the thought, she focused on what lay ahead of her. She had to do her very best if she wanted to be one of the chosen apprentices to gain full membership.

    =^^= Nya

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    I know this isn't a shipping story, but please, I would love some comments. I've worked really hard on this from its start back in 06', to now. So yeah, please leave whatever comments you have.

    Chapter 4: Teams Gather! Apprentice Training Starts Now!

    ~:~:~:Location: Vista Town Rescue Force, training grounds, mid-afternoon

    "Welcome everyone to the start of the Apprentice Training!" shouted Harry. He was a marshy green colored Pokemon, with dark green blotches and a grass green colored bulb. He was a Bulbasaur, and a very important one at that. Standing on top of one of the rocks used for combat training, he stared with his red eyes at the apprentices below. They were all cheering in excitement. Pulling out a dark green vine from his bulb, he held it up in a gesture for silence. When the cheers died down he continued. "I am very pleased to see such a marvelous turn out. We here at the Rescue Force thank each and every one of you for showing interest in joining us, but not every one of you can become a full member. We wish we could accept all of you, but in the end, only six will be chosen!" Gasps raced through the crowed of apprentices. In total there were twenty all together, each very different from the last. "You'll be put through two tests. A test of stealth and a test of combat. Your stealth test will be lead by Megumi, our Vaporeon specialist!" Megumi stepped forward and bowed her head and recognition. She was trying to hold back her excitement but her eyes deceived her. "Your combat test will be lead by Neo, our Pikachu specialist!" Harry added. Stepping back, Megumi let Neo take her place. His arms were folded and confidence sat on in his face. With a nod of his head he greeted the apprentices and then stepped back until he was next to Megumi.

    "This is going to be crazy," whispered one of the apprentices behind Rocket. Her ear flicked as another responded in agreement. They continued on in a whispered conversation making it hard for Rocket to focus clearly on Harry. She'd missed the start of what he was saying because of the two behind her, but she was able to catch the rest of it. He was talking about how the training would work and that there would be two teams of ten. One team would start with Neo while the other started with Megumi.

    "You'll all be graded on your performance. The ones who have the higher grade will be chosen to be full members! Your instructors will tell you what they're going to grade you on, so don't worry. Now, with all that being said, lets create the two teams and get these tests started!" Cheers roared from the apprentices. Knowing how excited each one was, Harry let the cheers die down on their own until it was again silent in the training grounds. He gave a nod to Pinpoint who gave a nod back.

    "Alright you lot-" he shouted as he stepped forward, "settle down! I'm splitting you up so you'd better pay attention!" He made his way to the front of the crowd and began splitting them by pointing and directing. "You, there, you, that side, you-" he continued this until every apprentice was on a side creating two teams of ten. Rocket noticed the uneasy stares of the apprentices as Pinpoint continued dividing them. She also noticed how Pinpoint didn't notice their stares, or if he did, he didn't make it known. "This team will go with Megumi, this with Neo. Head to your instructors for further information. Dismissed!" He turned around and stomped back towards the rock where Harry stood, mumbling under his hot breath. The two teams looked around until they both spotted their assigned instructors. Neo was standing at the back of the training grounds while Megumi was at the opening under the sky path.

    Walking with her group toward Megumi, Rocket couldn't help but utter a purr of delight. Amp, the Pichu she'd saved, had been assigned to her team. He strolled next to her, ears erect and gaze set onto the smiling Vaporeon as he and the others came up to her. At the same time, Rocket silently let hisses roll out of her mouth at a familiar white Eevee. Jet had also been put into her group. Scoffing to herself, she couldn't help but feel fury towards the white fox as his sexist, stuck up personality showed even through his half trot. He had his head raised, tail stiffened, and his ears were twitching like mad! Rocket couldn't really tell if he was trying to listen in on conversations, or if he just had no control over those things.

    "Welcome everyone!" Megumi interrupted Rocket's thoughts with her greeting as the group of ten stopped in front of her. Responding in various cries, they all greeted her back. "You've been assigned to me, making stealth the first task you go through. I'm going to now take you out of Vista Town. For you to accomplish your first task, you must do it in the appropriate location and sadly, Vista Town isn't it."

    "So where are we gonna go?" blurted out an apprentice.

    "Yeah! If we can't do it here, then where?" another quickly agreed.

    "We'll be going to Oakwood Forest. I know the majority of the Pokemon there, and they all know that we'll be using the forest for our training. They'll leave us alone, but only if you apprentices stay to your training. Attack any Pokemon there, even if it's accidental, and we'll have a swarm of angry Pokemon thrusting their attacks at us!" she laughed a bit as she spoke of the risk of attacking the forest Pokemon. But that didn't fool Rocket. She could still hear worry flowing through her voice when she spoke. She was still worried about Henry. "Lets go!" she barked loudly. She then led the way towards the forest, her team of ten following behind like a loyal pack would its leader.

    Oakwood Forest stood before the group of apprentices, its tall oak trees forcing the young Pokemon to lift their heads up just to see the top. Their trek had lasted about seven minutes, which to some of the apprentices, seemed like seasons. Leading them onward, Megumi waved her tail in a silent gesture to tell the apprentices to follow. At the back of the group were Rocket and Amp. Talking quietly to themselves, they'd quickly become friends. Once they entered the forest, a slight chill ran down their backsides. Due to the many creeping shadows that covered the ground, the temperature in the forest was cooler than it was outside it. Rocket paused, one paw raised as she opened her mouth to take in the many new smells. To her surprise, these smells were some of the most relaxing and agitating smells she'd ever come across. Oak trees, bushes, and grass scents mixed together alongside a very agitating prey scent. Rocket recognized it quickly as the scent of a purple and white rat she'd often catch back near Nya Town. Though the Rattata scent was stale, it agitated Rocket into wanting to stray back into her old hunting routine.

    "C'mon Rocket! You're lagging!" called Amp. Breaking from her fond memories of hunting Rattata back in Nya Town, Rocket leapt forward. She caught up and let out a purr of embarrassment. She then quickly looked up into the group, hoping that Jet hadn't seen her. She knew that if he had, he'd only use it as a form of evidence to his sexist views. Walking towards the front of the group, Rocket could see he hadn't taken notice. / Good. she thought.

    It wasn't long before Megumi had lead them into an open section of the forest. The area looked like it would be used for camping. Once in the middle of the open area, Megumi turned around and faced her followers. The ten apprentices were all glancing in every direction, examining where they were. With a thump of her thick mermaid like tail, Megumi let out a low bark to signal her curious team. "We're here!" she said, "This open area is used for stealth training. As you can see it's surrounded by many bushes, trees, and tall sections of grass. Its proven time and time again to be an ample spot for sneaking around, providing us with many areas to hide in." The apprentices began to take quick glances as Megumi described what she was going to have them do. Not a single one of them dared speak under their breath as the few had back at the training grounds.

    "At some point in your training, you'll be expected to share with us your skill level. I'll be staying put, while you ten take the cover of the forest and use it, along with those skills to try and sneak up on me. Your goal is to get as close to me as you can without detection, and if possible, tag my tail. But before we do that, I want the ten of you to line up in two rows of five." The apprentices did as instructed. Not caring who stood where, they made the rows of five, standing evenly apart and facing Megumi. "Good," she began. Lifting to her paws she started to pace back and forth, walking from one end of the line of five, to the other. "Now, you may be thinking that stealth is the only thing you'll be learning, right?" Some of the apprentices gave subtle nods. "Well you're wrong. Though task one is a task of stealth, you'll also be learning how to dodge. You see, a good defense is a great offense, and stealth is just a form of defense. Like defense, stealth requires you to be focused in on your target as well as the surrounding area. You must be alert, your skills must be raised, and your focus must be calm and collected. With that being said, I'm going to show you how to perform rolling dodges. Front, sideways, and spring."

    "What's 'spring'?" asked a smokey black and ginger dog. Above each of her paws were thick, silver cuffs while on her back sat two silver ridges. Her tail was small and on her head sat what looked to be skull.

    "Spring is a type of dodge that starts out as a side rolling dodge, then quickly turns into an attack. It's called 'spring' because it looks like your springing forward. Let me demonstrate for you." Megumi had looked very pleased when the dog asked the question. Stepping back a ways, she performed the basic side roll that the apprentices would soon have to mimic. Once she was on her stomach again she pushed forward and pounced onto a few blades of grass, bending them under her weight. The apprentices all gasped in awe. "There are many forms of spring. You can do a front one like I just performed, a back one, or even the more complicated turning one."

    "Will we be learning all of them?!" blurted out an eager sounding apprentice. Rocket didn't bother looking for him. Her attention was locked onto Jet. He stood in the first row about three Pokemon away from her, on the end. She was in the second row. Annoyance filled her steady gaze as she saw the Eevee's fur lift a bit and his ears twitch. She figured that he wasn't comfortable learning from a female. She couldn't see his expression, but she guessed that it was unreadable. Even Jet wouldn't be dumb enough to express his sexist views on a staff member. Not if he wanted to become a part of the Rescue Force.

    "It's a shame to say that no, we won't be learning all the spring dodges. There simply isn't enough time in our day. We'll only be out here for two days, and after that you'll be off to the combat training grounds to spend two more days with Neo," Megumi explained. "With that being said, lets start off with the simple side dodge. Everyone, take form and do as I do!"

    ~:~:~:Location: Vista Town Rescue Force, staff quarters, Pinpoint's room

    "Pinpoint. Pinpoint come in!"



    Startled by the muffled voice, Pinpoint left his clouded thoughts. He was in his room, looking out a window that overlooked the grassy field of the park. He went to his desk that sat against a wall and shuffled through horribly stacked papers until he came upon a communication device. Looking nothing like a Rescue Force communication device, he picked it up and let out a heavy sigh. Pressing down on the red button on its side, he responded in a less than thrilled voice. "Pinpoint here. It's good to hear from you again," he said, trying to sound enthusiastic.

    "Ah Pinpoint. Good to hear from you as well. Tell me, how goes the progress?" asked a masculine voice, no longer muffled by the many loose sheets which now covered the wood floor.

    "Umm... it's sad to report sir but... progress is still at a stand still."

    "WHAT?!" Pinpoint winced at the scream, placing his large hand over it to muffle the voice. Running to his door, he peered out into the hallway. Looking left and right, he sighed with relief that no one had heard him. Pulling back in, he closed his door, locked it, and uncovered the device.

    "Can you repeat what you said sir? I couldn't hear you," he cautiously asked. He'd missed what his caller had just said because the device had been muffled to near silence.

    "I said Pinpoint, that I'd given you two extra months to complete your task! How the hell could you still be at a standstill?!" Pinpoint thought for a moment, choosing his words carefully before explaining himself. With another heavy sigh, he began to tell his caller the reasons for the continued delay.

    "I can understand your frustration sir," he began slowly, "but, it's been very busy over here. Two months ago, around the time you gave me the extra time, I was recruited to help out in preparing the Apprentice Tests. I tried to explain that I had other priorities I needed to attend to, but I was pressured into it because I'm the overseer of all that goes on in the Rescue Force," he finished. He took a small gulp as his caller refused to respond, causing his nerves to begin shaking as they would in times of cold. He opened his mouth, about to ask his callers name when the awaited response came.

    "So, you're telling me that you again, need more time to acquire the documents?" The voice was heavy with annoyance and, from what Pinpoint could make out, aggression.

    "Ye-yes sir," he answered in a shaky voice. Before his caller could respond, his name was called from the hallway. "I'm sorry sir but I've gotta go. We'll continue this later!" Before his caller could object, Pinpoint shut his device off and turned to his door. Opening it was a large blue turtle Pokemon with a tan stomach, and dark brown shell that sat on his back. Urgency was in his voice as he panted heavily; his small eyes looked horrified as if he'd heard something horrible, making Pinpoint feel a bit nervous. Had he heard him when he was speaking to his caller? A silent prickly gulp slithered down his dry throat as the Blastoise looked down at the communication device still being gripped in his claw. "I-I was talking to my brother. You know how much I like to keep in touch with my family back in Moon Town," he chuckled. Knowing that his statement was partially true, he was able to pull off a convincing smile.

    "Yes, I know Pinpoint," responded the Blastoise, "But now isn't the time to contact him. You're needed!"

    Thank Toxidion! remarked Pinpoint in silence as relief flowed through him. The Blastoise hadn't heard his conversation. Or, if he had, he wasn't making it known. A pang of worry struck him. He'd have to keep a close eye on this Blastoise, just incase. "What's wrong Ironshell?" he finally answered, his tone more serious and kept.

    "It's Team MoonShadow! They were sent to the Sandstorm Desert to rescue the lost Jigglypuff, as well as Henry but, they're yet to respond!"

    "So? It hasn't even been a solid twenty-four hours since their departure. Give them time."

    "I know Pinpoint, but just a few minutes ago we received a distress beacon coming from their communication devices! We tried contacting all five of them to see what the problem was, but all we got back was static! Pinpoint, we think they're badly hurt." Silence began to fill the room again, though this time it was heavy with frantic worry. Ironshell was right. Team Moonshadow was a top notch team, and wouldn't send out a distress call if they weren't in serious trouble.

    "So what am I supposed to do about it?!" he asked Ironshell.

    "Team LeafStorm has returned from their mission early-" Ironshell began, his voice less frantic, "-Harry wants you to lead them to the Sandstorm Desert as a response team to the call." Pinpoint couldn't help but drop his jaw. What was Harry thinking?! Team LeafStorm, as the name implied, was a team of grass type Pokemon! There was no way in hell that they would be able to take down the powerful steel types that lived in the desert, and Harry knew that! Sure, they'd be able to handle the ground and rock types that lived there no problem, but, the major threat in the desert were the Steelix!

    "Why me?!" Pinpoint exclaimed. He didn't bother to explain his thoughts, knowing Ironshell was also well aware of everything he'd been thinking. Answering his exact thoughts, Ironshell began to explain Harry's motives behind his crazed order.

    "Because Team LeafStorm can't fully handle the desert's threats, and you're the only staff member we can currently spare at the moment! Besides, you know some moves that can help if Team LeafStorm is attacked by steel types." Once again Pinpoint couldn't argue with Ironshell. In the past four months, he'd taught himself how to use Flamethrower, a move hated by all steel types. Despite the horrible experience he'd gone through with Mercury's spinning black Flamethrower, he still had an interest in learning the move. He wasn't a master at it, far from it to be fully honest, but he knew enough.

    With a heavy sigh, he agreed to take Team LeafStorm into Sandstorm Desert, yet again putting a delay on his already delayed plans. "Thank you Pinpoint. Follow me and I'll take you to them. They should be waiting for us at the northern gate."

    "You're coming as well?" Pinpoint asked a bit confused as he followed behind Ironshell.

    "Yes. Harry also wants me to go. He said that my water assaults would prove useful." Pinpoint nodded, not expressing his feeling of annoyance. It was true that Ironshell's water attacks would prove useful on the mission, but, his top speed wasn't something to brag about. In the end, it would only slow them down. / Wait a second... this is great! With Ironshell tagging along, he can't speak a word about what he heard to any of the other staff! That is, if, he heard anything. \ Pinpoint thought with a devilish grin on his face. As they continued towards the northern gate, Pinpoint went through thought after thought on what to do about Ironshell.

    =^^= Nya

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    Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team 9 Lives to the Rescue! (rated PG-13) - ch.4 up

    Is there a single person out there who likes this?

    Chapter 5: Task 1- Stealth

    ~:~:~:Location: Oakwood Forest, training grounds, night

    Night in Oakwood Forest was difficult for Rocket. Tossing and turning, she struggled to get her racing mind to sleep.

    "Rocket?" whispered Amp. "Are-are you okay?" Rocket looked next to her to see Amp lifting himself up a bit with his small hands. His ears were lowered and his eyes were dull with exhaustion; they'd been doing dodging practice all day. Letting out a heavy sigh, Rocket gazed down at the grass; patches of it glowed a nearly silver color as beams of moonlight cut through the dense, leafy cover above.

    "I'm fine," she mewed in a voice that deceived her words. Even her eyes were against her, giving off a sense of longing and sadness. Amp knew this feeling well, for he too had felt it not moments after arriving in Vista Town. Sitting up, he placed a hand on Rocket's side. She'd turned her back on him in hopes of keeping her face from meeting his. But Amp had caught a glimpse of it before it vanished behind Rocket's tan fur, which glowed silver in some areas from the small moonbeams. Feeling his hand touch her side, she knew that he'd seen, and began to slowly roll herself over before lifting up to sit. She gazed at him with lonesome eyes that reflected no light, leaving them dry and dull looking.

    "You miss them, huh? Your family?" he muttered under a whisper, soft enough to reach only Rocket's ears. The other apprentices were all scattered about, sleeping either alone or with new friends. Megumi was towards the middle of them; though closer to Rocket and Amp than anyone else, her body lifting up and down in slow motions. But she wasn't asleep. With half opened, un-glowing eyes, she watched Amp and Rocket as they spoke to one another. With nothing but the relaxing sound of sleeping apprentices around her, it wasn't hard to hear the two Pokemon as they spoke in hushed tones.

    "Heh... how could you tell?" replied Rocket. Her voice was soft, but heavy with the longing Amp had seen in her expression not a moment earlier.

    "A hunch," Amp said, shrugging his shoulders. His voice gave off a humor like tone while at the same time, expressing care and understanding. The two continued to talk until both grew tired. Thanking Amp for helping her on her first night away from home, Rocket curled back up and let herself drift off into sleep. "You're welcome," Amp softly said, before doing just the same.

    Smiling at the two apprentices, Megumi couldn't help but feel warmed inside. Never before had she witnessed such a strong friendship form so quickly. She knew that if those two were among the six accepted into full memberships, they'd become a force to be feared, as well as a team to be respected.

    "Alright everyone listen up! The second day of stealth training is going to be about tagging!" Morning had arrived. The sun was just barely over the horizon when the apprentices were awoken from their dream filled slumbers. With heavy eyes and pitiful moans, each one greeted the new day as slowly as it took them to rise onto their paws. Frost had situated itself on the grass around them; their bodies leaving shapes where they'd been sleeping. Megumi lead them to a nearby stream for a morning drink to wake them up and get them raring to go. She smiled as she watched Amp and Rocket take drowsy sips, remembering how close they'd become in just a few days of meeting one another. Once the last apprentice had gotten their drink, Megumi took them back to the training ground. In order to further wake them up and get their bodies warm, she had them run laps from the training ground, to the stream, and back. That was around an hour ago. With the sun higher and the apprentices all wide awake, Megumi began to explain to them what they were going to be doing for the rest of the day.

    "If you remember, yesterday I described to you what you would all have to do at one point during training. Well, guess what? That point is now!" Megumi paced back and forth as she spoke to the apprentices; once again, she had them lined up in two rows of five. "Many of you may be wondering what we're doing up so early, am I right?" No one answered. "The reason we're all awake is because, for the rest of the day you'll all be attempting to tag me. Sure, it sounds simple enough, but in reality it will take the majority of you until sunset to do it, maybe longer!" A few of the apprentices gasped, their eyes widening as thoughts of what truly would be an exhausting day, entered their minds. Rocket looked towards Jet who was sitting over on the right this time. A devilish grin sat on her face as she thought of the sexist Eevee quivering like a helpless kit. Back at the Rescue Force, Rocket had seen him go through a blood pressure test which ended in him having to take a pill. She'd seen the same thing before at the medical center in Nya Town, and knew that it meant only one thing. High blood pressure. / I bet he's gonna see if Megumi will go easy on him or something, because he's too scared to push himself! \ she thought with a chuckle. Pokemon that had high blood pressure weren't supposed to push themselves. It could result in hyperventilation, or even fainting!

    When her gaze reached Jet, it fell into disappointment. Rather than what she'd thought, Jet looked no more afraid than a Rhydon would be when facing a Ponyta. In fact, he looked cocky! A smug grin sat on his mug while his tail lashed back and forth. His ears twitched and from what Rocket could see of his eyes, they were glossy with what looked to be pride. Her ears flicked as Amp nudged her. She'd been so focused on Jet that she'd missed part of what Megumi had been saying! Hissing to herself, she set her attention back onto the pacing Vaporeon, praying to Nolmikia that she'd missed nothing important. "They'll provide you cover." Rocket lowered her ears in annoyance. She figured that Megumi was talking about the bushes, shrubs and trees that surrounded them, but it still bugged her that she'd missed hearing it. "Throughout the day, you'll be using whatever stealth skills you know in combination with the dodges you learned yesterday. You'll be graded on silence, speed, accuracy, creativity, and intelligence throughout your performance today."

    "How are you going to be grading us if you're sitting in the middle of the training grounds?" interrupted a scratchy voice. It was coming from an orange and tan Pokemon; with black markings on his face, blue fins on his arms, and what looked to be a yellow floatation device coiled around his body. His tail was short and split in the middle with both parts waving up and down as if they were submerged in water. Megumi turned to him and gave him a rewarding glance. "Excellent question!" she barked.

    "The Floatzel brings up a good point. Since I'm going to be in the center of the grounds, I can't see what you're doing, which means I can't grade you. To solve this problem, I've gathered up a group of bug Pokemon both from the Rescue Force, and from here in Oakwood. During your test, you'll be followed by one of these bugs. Don't try to look for them though, because each one is a master at the art of stealth and will be hidden from your sight, ears, and nose. They'll grade you how they see fit, and once complete, will tell me what they thought of your performance."

    "So-you-won't be grading us then?" asked Jet in a questioning voice that also seemed to express his sexist views. Megumi turned to him, her gaze setting on his. It was then that Rocket noticed Jet flinch a bit. Had Megumi noticed the sexist tone in his voice? Or better yet, had she discovered Jet's sexist outlook? If so, she didn't make it known. She responded in a calm voice, that also praised his inquisitive mind.

    "Oh, I'll be grading you alright. You'll see. I won't make this easy for any of you!" Megumi's voice took on a sarcastic tone. Rocket even noticed her gaze shoot back to Jet when she emphasized 'any', making Rocket wonder if maybe she did, in fact, know about Jet.

    Stalking through the bushes, Rocket could feel her heart thumping madly. She was currently walking towards Megumi's backside, hoping to catch her off her guard. She took frequent glances around at her surroundings, making sure that nothing snagged at her fur-or worse-her bell. One ding from the golden sphere on her neck, no matter how loud or soft, would give her position away to the aqua fox. Pausing for a minute, she glanced up at the trees, trying to locate the bug that was supposedly watching her. But just like earlier, her efforts were in vein, for she saw nothing in the leaf covered branches above. / Gotta keep moving. \ Looking back down, she trekked onward at a slow, light pace. Her steps were light, her movement smooth, and her gaze focused as she pushed onward. Once she reached the place she wanted to be in, she lowered her body until her stomach touched the hard blades of the forest grass. Pressing her ears down, she lifted onto her haunches, shifting her shoulders back and forth in anticipation. From above, she looked like a hunter that was about to spring onto her prey, locking it under her paws for a triumphant victory. Lowering an inch, she rocketed out of the bush at top speed, her claws nearly unsheathing themselves in her anticipation.

    In a quick turn, Megumi smacked Rocket on the side of her head with a paw, sending her hurdling to the side. Hitting the ground, Rocket slid to a stop. Her paws felt like they were on fire as they skidded across the many blades. Releasing shocked gasps, she looked at Megumi with widened eyes. "I could hear your purrs from all the way over here Rocket. Learn to control those feline outbursts of yours. Try again." Rocket couldn't believe her ears! She was purring?! With a sigh, she nodded and jumped onto the other side of a nearby bush, running back into the brush until she was far enough away to make her next plan. As she sat there, she couldn't help but let out an annoyed purr. It wouldn't have been the first time she purred or hissed without knowing it.

    "Your steps are heavy, Jet. I could hear you from the moment you came into the area!" barked Megumi as she lifted her paw off Jet's thick tail. He huffed and bounded back into the brush, not caring when a few thin branches caught his fur, pulling at it. Licking his tattered fur, he tried to think up a new game plan. He wasn't going to be the last one to tag her, oh no, he was going to be the first. Just then, an idea hit him. Halting his licks, he gazed up at the treetops. / Megumi is expecting us to sneak up on her from the undergrowth, and- Jet bolted up the side of a tree, climbing onto one of it's branches, -not from the branches! \ Feeling proud of himself, Jet leaped forward on branch after branch after branch. He was going to startle Megumi from above, and grab her tail before she could say Nolmikia!

    "I'll try again Megumi," nodded a green Pokemon. Walking back into the bushes, she sighed as the leaf on her head dropped forward. "I thought I had her this time," she said. A pelt of fur then hit her, shooting pain through her skull for but only an instant. "Hey, watch it!" she snorted as she looked up. Standing in front of her was the yellow and black mouse Pokemon, Amp.One of his eyes was shut and he was rubbing his head. "Hey, you're Amp aren't you? The one that's always hanging around with that Meote?"

    "Yeah," nodded Amp as he lowered his arm. Looking up at the Pokemon, he noticed that she was a Chikorita. Her green leaf, darker than her green body, was fallen over one of her red eyes. Around her neck were small thorns just as green as her leaf. In the broken light beams of the forest, she looked not only strong, but beautiful. Amp turned his gaze away, quickly hiding his face as he pink cheeks lit up. "I'm-I'm Amp," he stuttered. Turning back around, he noticed that the leaf no longer sat over her eye, but instead had been thrown back to where it normally hung, behind her head.

    "Name's Tika." The two hi it off well, forming a fast friendship in just a few minutes. They didn't speak long before another one of the apprentices discovered them. At first Tika and Amp drew back, fearing the newcomer; but as he spoke his cracky, echoey voice assured them that he meant no harm. His body, which was only a head, was a deep purple color; surrounding it was a ghostly vail that gave him his fearsome appearance, while free floating hands made chills spill over Amp's yellow fur.

    "My name is Jason," he greeted. Tika looked at him thoughtfully for a second, before realizing what he was.

    "You're a Haunter!" she exclaimed. Laughing, Jason nodded in acknowledgment.

    "That means you're a ghost Pokemon. How come you haven't tagged Megumi yet? Surly a ghost can get past her by going inta... in... by vanishing!" Amp spoke, folding his arms. With broken laughter, Jason nodded an acknowledgment, something he often did.

    "True but-"

    "Your hoofs give you away Ringo. Since there isn't a way for you to move lightly on them, try to put their noisy steps to your advantage," echoed Megumi's voice. A second voice then spoke, low in tone. "Yes Megumi," it said. Jason turned his gaze back to Amp, continuing on with what he had been saying before the interruption.

    "I feel that it's cheating. I want to actually sneak up on her."

    "But ghosts are known for going in.. for vanishing!" Amp responded. Jason let out another acknowledging nod, while Tika stared thoughtfully at the grass. "Tika?" asked Amp as he looked at her. Picking her gaze up, Amp and Jason saw that an idea must have come to her. Her face was lit, her eyes glowing, and her leaf twitched as determination made itself known.

    "Gather the other apprentices! I have a plan!"

    ~:~:~:Location: Oakwood Forest, training grounds, mid-day

    "That's ambush Tika, not stealth," replied Rocket with a twitch of her whiskers. Every apprentice, except for Jet, had gathered together. They all situated themselves far enough away from Megumi so she couldn't hear them.

    "I guess so, now that I think about it," agreed Tika. She'd suggested that they all worked as a team, coming up on Megumi at once. That way she couldn't block them all and eventually, they'd all get her tail in their grips.

    "But it was a thought," added the Houndour as she sat down.

    "What are you thinking, Amber?" asked Weasel, the Floatzel. Amber grinned, her yellow eyes locking onto the half black, half yellow giraffe. The top of his head was white, while his muzzle and a main of points that traveled from the top of his head, to his tail, were pink. Along his yellow neck were black diamonds, which changed to yellow diamonds once they entered the black half of his body. What was so unique about his kind however, wasn't that their front halves were yellow while their back halves were black, but-was-because their tail was literally, another head. Though smaller and round, it had inside of it a second brain. What was even stranger was that it had working eyes and actual teeth, which it used to snap at those who drew too close to its hosts backside.

    "What?" he said with a raised brow.

    "Ringo, you were told that you couldn't walk lightly because of your noisy hooves, right?" Amber asked, the grin still locked on her face.

    "Yeah, so?"

    "What are you getting at Amber?" asked a blue water mouse with a floatation sphere on the tip of his tail.

    "Tika was onto something when she spoke about heading Megumi at once."

    "I was?"

    "Yes. You just went about it wrong. What we should do is have Ringo do what Girafarig do best!"

    "Bite othersss with their tailsss?" chuckled a purple an yellow snake.

    "No Adder, stomp!" The apprentices shot glances at one another before turning back to Amber. Each one of them were a bit confused, all except for Ringo. Right away he got what Amber had been planning, and he couldn't agree with it more.

    "Try again Jet. You're becoming careless. Remember, keep to the shadows-"

    "Yeah, yeah, I know!" barked Jet before Megumi could finish. He brushed his white fur off and once more returned to the cover of the brush. With a heavy sigh, he stomped onto the ground. How was it that he was struggling to tag Megumi? Back where he came from, he was the best at games like this! Shaking nerve rattling thoughts out of his head, he walked over to the stream where he'd gotten a drink from earlier this morning. The sun was now past the half-way mark, only further reminding him of how precious his time was. He had to tag her before sunset, before anyone else, before Rocket! Looking back, he winced, trying to noticed something that could aid him. An idea then hit him and he began planning it out in his mind. He wasn't going to mess this up like he did with the tree. He hadn't thought through the whole plan, and wound up stuck on the branch with no way to tag Megumi without giving his position away. Picking up a rock, he tossed it up and down in his paws. He knew exactly what to do now.

    "Now," said Jason as he hovered over Ringo. With a nod, Ringo began stopping fiercely on the ground, making as much noise as he possibly could. Megumi's attention shifted from near the stream where she'd thought she'd heard something, to the noisy pounding that echoed on the opposite side. Squinting her eyes, she wondered what Ringo was up to. Surly this wasn't hi plan? To stomp madly like that? Before she knew it, her tail felt a tug. Spinning her upper half around as fast as lightning, she saw Amber sitting behind her with a grin of satisfaction as she held her paw on the slippery blue tail.

    "Congrats to you Amber. You're the first one to tag me," she said, not able to think of any other words. With a respectful nod, Amber made her way to where they were to situate themselves once they'd tagged Megumi. A chuckle escaped under her breath. Megumi had no idea what was going on. Her gaze had returned to the endless stomping, which was now moving away from where it had been coming from. Following it, megumi couldn't help but feel another grasp on her tail. Looking back, she saw that both Amp and Rocket had grabbed it, and were holding it down with their paws. Shock now welled up as she repeated what she'd said to Amber.

    As time progressed, more and more apprentices had grabbed her tail and were now situating themselves in rows. Seven occupied the area now, each one looking very proud of themselves as Megumi stared in utter hock. They were working as a team! Somehow, this group of apprentices had grasped the true concept behind the training session! With this is mind, she let her guard lower to basically nothing, allowing the last of the apprentices to easily tag her. The last of the group, Adder and Ringo, emerged from the bushes at different times and tagged Megumi. Taking their places in the lines, Megumi began feeling nothing but sheer respect for each and every one of them. Never before had an apprentice team grasped the real concept behind the stealth test.

    "Isn't Jet with you?" she asked, confused. The white Eevee had yet to make his appearance from the bushes, and the sun had begun to begin its decent. Before anyone could answer, Rocket let out a hiss as a rock hit the back of her head. With attention now focused on her, jet made his move and grabbed onto Megumi's tail, shocking her into a leap. With a powerful flick, Jet was sent hurdling into the group of apprentices, bowling them over.

    "Great Oceanwave, Jet, I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed, holding back laughter as the white apprentice was pushed off of the others. Landing on his paws, he brushed his fur off and shook dirt off the top of hi head. He then took his place in the last spot, a look of anger and hatred on his face as he realized he was the last one to arrive. "Well-" Megumi began as she sat back down, "-I can't even begin to express how impressed I am with all of you! Jet, you alone were able to tag me without help. You used everything around you to aid you, and I'm even more impressed that you were able to get me to leap like that! Truly an impressive performance!" Jet's spirits lifted, his ego returning as a look of, 'nothing less from the best' fell upon his face. Rocket was once again, disgusted. "Now-" Megumi began, turning her attention to the eight other apprentices "-for you eight." She got to her paws and began pacing once more. "I was wondering why for such a longtime, no one was trying to come at me. I'd begun wondering if you'd all just given up. But then you impressed me so much, that I was literally lost for words! Unlike every other apprentice to have ever gone through this test, you eight were the only ones to figure out its real purpose. Even if you didn't realize it. A Rescue Force team is made up of members who are able to cooperate with one another, and who can formulate effective plans. When each one of you failed individually, you came together as a team, cooperating like real members! And you wound up triumphant! Truly, truly remarkable."

    Rocket was pleased when she looked at Jet. His mouth dropped and ears stiff with shock. Even his eyes were wide and at a loss for expression. His solitary efforts were impressive, yes. But they were nothing when compared to the team work she and the seven others did. However, a cold thought ebbed itself into Rocket's mind. Sure, teamwork was impressive, but because Jet had performed on his own, his efforts might stand out more. Especially since Megumi flicked him off from shock. She smiled again. However cold that thought was, it couldn't keep her from enjoying the look of jet being flung through the air.

    =^^= Nya

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    Yes, I'm still reading. I'm just busy. This is highly reminding me of the Chunin exams in Naruto...
    Or is that the point...?

    Well, either way, you're making good progress.


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