TEEN: Pokemon mystery dungeon: Shadow of Zoroark (Rewrite) Episode 3 complete!
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Thread: Pokemon mystery dungeon: Shadow of Zoroark (Rewrite) Episode 3 complete!

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    Post Pokemon mystery dungeon: Shadow of Zoroark (Rewrite) Episode 3 complete!

    Hello! this is my rewrite of an old fanfic i tried to do (And didnt go so well) Titled: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shadow of Zoroark (PMDSOZ For short)
    Anyways its my tribute to the wonderful PMD games that have been one of my favorite spin-offs since i first got explorers of darkness. ive put lots of time and planning on how to redo this and i came up with a plan:

    Make it Episodic (Writing it all on one document was memory and time consuming)

    Put alot more effort into every aspect (The original started badly and only picked up steam much later)

    Rethink the characters (Origanals were bland)

    And thats it.

    Note: im really sorry about the huge delay between episode 1 and 2, ive been having some school problems and i havnt had much time to work on it, but episode 3 should be out around the end of may (Maybe later because im getting a new game on the 15th and im most likley to play it non-stop) so i appologize

    Prologe: Just to set up for Episode 1 and a bit of the stuff later.

    Episode 1: (3 Paragraphs) In this Part, Riolu meets a Tepig named Red and realizes he has amneisa.
    Note: Most episodes will be 6-10 Paragraphs long, the first 4 or so will be short because so much is happening at the start and each episode is designed to focus on one or two things at once, sorry if you finding the first parts short.

    Episode 2: This episode has our duo walking around town on the day of the summer festival, Red tells Lucas about explorers and sayd he is making a team of his own, to which Lucas responds he would like to join. before heading to the sign up tent in the middle of the plaza, they meet the famous leader of team triad, Garret, the three head to the tent and Lucas and Red create "Team Storm"

    Episode 3: Shadows: This episode is short because it is only to set up forshadowing, but i dont want to spoil much so just read.

    Thats it so far. tell me what you think, give feedback and suggestions (Suggestions are for later when i start asking for your opinions)
    Quick question: Do you think that i should continue nameing other characters or keep the species name for the other characters. tell me in the comments.

    (Character Bios, Location bios, Polls and Questions of the week and future plans will be implamented once Episode 2 or 3 will be released.)
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