Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: A Bolt of Thunder
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    Smile Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: A Bolt of Thunder

    ???:"No!You have to hold on!"
    ???:"I.. can't I'm slipping!"

    The water is so cold. I can't breathe it's so cold I feel my lungs tightening as I struggle for that last breath. My life begins to flash as my body goes limp beneath the water. Everything I see has happened and now It is ending. I hear the final words, ringing in my ears.. "No! You have to hold on! Stay strong for the both of us! You can do it! I won't let you go this way!"
    My head.. Ow.. Why am I lying on rock.. And Where AM I?? This doesn't make any sense.. Hey, Is that a Torchic? Wh-where's my Pokedex? I've lost everything.. Except this Strange white beanie..

    Blaze: Hey! Are you okay?
    ???: Waah! since when do Pokemon talk?!
    Blaze: You must have hit your head hard.. You're A Pokemon too and you're talking!
    ???: I'm a.. What?!

    I gaze into the Crystal clear waters softly washing by my feet. The waters are warm and calm; just as If nothing had ever happened but as I gazed into my reflection I just knew none of this made no bit of sense.

    I was a Pikachu.. I had the same blue tint in my now brown eyes.. Two large ears.. Black on the tips.. and slightly forked on the edge.. A tail (Which I can say I wasn't used to having!) with the end forked to resemble the top of a heart.. Rosy red checks that occasionally crackled with static electricity which made me giggle as it rather tickled. But stood out most of all.. I was Topaz.. I felt odd.. like this wan't real; I felt like I wasn't who I was supposed to be.

    Blaze: So, What's your name? Mine's Blaze!
    ???: My.. Name..? Well.. I'm.. uh, Daw- Topaz!
    Topaz: I'm Topaz.. Happy to meet you Blaze!

    Chapter 2 coming soon..
    This is the first fanfic I've posted on this site.. It's about some of My experience on my Mystery Dungeon game.. But also about this crazy dream I had.. So I thought what If characters from the Anime went through something like that.. I have mentioned about who Topaz is.. Hidden in a few lines!

    Hope you enjoy.. and please put some comments, feedback! Oh and Try to guess which character Topaz is!
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    Umm....its okay, but please make the chapters longer, and add more description. And I believe Topaz is a Pikachu.


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