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Thread: Pokemon: Letters, and Liars [Part 1 of the EPIC three part saga!]

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    Default Pokemon: Letters, and Liars [Part 1 of the EPIC three part saga!]

    Chapter 1: A Not So Great Start to an Epic Journey

    Light years away, through the cold, emptiness of space, two planets mirror each other. One has a beige surface, as it is, for the most part, covered in sand. There are a few oceans and lakes here and there although, however, there are no signs of civilization to be seen from above. But, life is teeming on this planet. It is called, the Drago System. Its only inhabitants were dragon Pokemon. Although, there was one being that had not been like the rest on the Drago System. His name was Jun, and he was in fact, human.

    There was a large tower brass tower, getting thinner towards the top, piercing the top. It lay smack in the middle, the bottom mostly buried by sand, of a large desert, and sheltered the legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza. Upon hearing about a human baby being born, he was infuriated. Rayquaza, the king of all of the dragons, ordered to have it sent away from the desert wasteland, the Drago System, and to the neighboring planet we know as Planet Earth. A small ship was constructing, and later was off in into space, containing a small baby boy, Jun. Jun had been born from the latter duo, Latios, and Latias, it being unknown how the offspring ended up human.

    A day later, Jun, along with his shuttle, crashed on Earth, in a place known as Blackthorn City. He was discovered by the gym leader, Claire. She could see something about this boy that was different, but she didn’t know what. So, she adopted Jun. Being a dragon-type gym leader, the boy became very familiar with this kind of Pokemon. And so, many years later, Jun now being thirteen, he received his first Pokemon, a Bagon called Ace, from an egg his adoption mother had bred. This, my friend, is where the real story begins.

    A typical Pokemon journey starts on a bright sunny day. Well, on the morning Jun and Ace were to set out, it was raining, and a large storm was brewing. But, nether the less, Jun got himself out of bed, and dressed, wearing his normal, everyday clothes, a black t-shirt under a white coat with light blue pockets, and some in stripes near the collar and on the sleeves, black jeans, and his prized basball cap, black with a red brim, and a green Pokeball symbol. Jun slipped it over his shaggy, brown hair. Ace came up and nuzzled his trainer who was sitting on his bed, in a room full of novelty Pokemon items.

    “You ready for this, Ace?” Jun asked. The Bagon nodded, and hopped onto his shoulder. Jun smiled. “Alright then, lets go!” he exclaimed, running down the wooden steps of his house, that was built above the Blackthorn gym, and almost tripping. Once downstairs, Jun grabbed a piece of bread, out of the toaster on the kitchen counter, which was bordered along the perimeter by carvings of dragons, and put his red and black tennis shoes on. Then, he burst out the door, followed by Ace, and ran down the steps into the gym, to find Claire, his so called, ‘Mother’, and a small, black-haired girl wearing a skimpy blue dress having a gym battle.

    “Kingdra, Hyper Beam!” Claire, the Blackthorn gym leader, and also Jun’s potential mother, said. A huge blast of energy was released from Kingdra’s mouth, and collided with the girl’s Milktank. Smoke filled the room. Jun had trouble seeing, but when it cleared, he could clearly make out the Milktank wobbling around, and then falling to the ground fainted. The girl scowled, running over to her Pokemon with a potion on hand. “Morning, Claire.” Jun said. Claire turned.

    “Ah, good morning, Jun.” she said. “Today’s the big day.”

    Jun grinned widely. “Yep. I’m psyched!”

    Claire smiled and said, “I know you’ll be an excellent trainer. You’re special.”

    “I know, I know.” Jun replied. “You say that all the time!”

    “Yes, but this time it’s literal.”

    “Huh?” Jun asked, confused.

    “It’s about time I’ve told you.” Claire answered, looking down.

    “About what?”

    “About, your history. You see, Jun, I’m not your birth mother. I found you in a rocket ship, just north of here in Dragon’s Den.” Claire explained. Jun looked shocked. “I really don’t know exactly where you came from. But, when I discovered the ship, you had a brilliant glint in your eye, and I knew you were something special.” She must’ve seen that tears began swelling in Jun’s eyes. Claire embraced the boy.

    “Listen, I want you to go out there, and show ‘em what your made of!” Claire cried.

    “I will, Mom!” Jun said.

    “Jun, I’m not your mother.”

    “I know, but….”

    “From now on, you call me Claire.”

    “Okay…….Claire.” Jun said, rubbing his eyes. With one last hug, he and Ace walked outside, to be greeted by the blare of a ship’s horn. “GAH! We’ll miss our boat to Hoenn!” Jun shouted, running towards the harbor. The ferry was just leaving port when Jun got on. He wiped the sweat off of his forehead, before looking at Ace. “This is going to be a brand new start for us. What do you say to that?” Ace jumped and cheered. Jun turned to stare out over the ocean, and Blackthorn city, which was disappearing over the horizon. He still couldn’t get Claire’s words out of his head. Was his whole childhood a lie? Who were his real birth parents? Jun began to think of himself as a freak. ‘Am I some sort of alien?’ he thought, scowling.

    Just then, he heard people murmuring loudly, and excitedly. He looked to see a crowd pointing in the air, and nudging each other. Jun followed their eyes, to see a Dragonite, carrying a messenger bag, soaring through the air towards the boat. It must of overshot the landing, because he almost crashed into Jun. The Dragonite began panting heavily, then opening the bag, and pulling out a letter. It was in a crisp, white envelope, with a red wax seal. It also had Jun’s name, and address, and a stamp with a flame on it.

    The Dragonite bowed, handing the letter to Jun. Then, it flew away, everyone turning their attention to the boy, holding the envelope, that was in shock. The began to whisper again. Ace tugged on the bottom of Jun’s pants. He knew what everyone was expecting him to do. So, Jun broke the wax seal, and tore open the envelope with his thumb.


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    Default Re: Pokemon: Letters, and Liars [Part 1 of the EPIC three part saga!]

    Really nice beginning. I like how you set up the story with the description of the planets and their differences. Good way to grab attention and then I liked how you flowed into the story and introduced Jun.

    Great start!


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