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    Default Pokemon: Legends of Kanto

    Well hello there, here with a fanfic for ya'll.

    It's an original trainer fic I've been working on that takes place in Kanto. Hope you all like it, and here it is.

    Legends of Kanto

    Chapter index:
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2


    It was a very peaceful day in the town of Pallet. A smooth breeze blew through the town so warmly bathed by the slowly sinking summer sun. The mood was high for the citizens of this peaceful town, as the students attending the Pallet Pokemon School have graduated after a year and a half’s worth of hard work and learning the basics of the creatures known as Pokemon. Now that they have surpassed the basic level of Pokemon education, graduates now have the requirement to begin their own journey through the beautiful land of Kanto, where legends are born.

    Only three students graduate from the class at a time, the top three pupils. These three individuals passed the tests issued by the town’s Pokemon expert, Professor Oak. With each group of three graduates, the Professor gives one Pokemon to each individual, granting them each a proper head start for their upcoming journey.

    The top three students in this years class are Blue, who was an obvious contender for graduation, being the grandson of Professor Oak. However, the boys smarts prove his worthiness, scoring close to perfect marks on each major exam. The second upcoming Pokemon trainer is a boy named Barclay, a kind spirited child who received average scores on his tests. How the third trainer, Red managed to pass was above anyone’s head. His tests scores were the lowest out of the three individuals, yet high enough to beat out the rest of the class. Red is also a kindhearted boy, but can be too childish for his own good.

    The graduation ceremony was nearing its end, and all the graduates had the fire of excitement blazing in their eyes. Their spirits were high with diploma in hand; the guarantee of receiving a Pokemon from Professor Oak only boosted their moods. Their eyes gleamed at the Professor as he approached them.

    “Congratulations to all three of you! I am looking very forward to seeing the three of you head out on your very own Pokemon journeys.”

    Professor Oak smiled and paused for a moment as one of the boys, Red, held his hand up with a question that was likely running through all three boys minds.

    “Professor Oak, when are we getting our Pokemon?”

    Red asked inquisitively as his curious, brown eyes gazed at Professor Oak.

    “Ah, a very good question,” Professor Oak paused again for a quick moment to clear his throat, “I want the three of you to show up to my Pokemon Lab at the very edge of town tomorrow at 8:00AM sharp. Tonight is for you to rest your minds and prepare for the journey ahead.” he added tone to his voice when he mentioned the time.

    Then, the Professor turned to his grandson. Blue couldn’t have had a more serious look in his green eyes when they made contact with the Professors. It was almost like they knew what the other was thinking.

    “Blue, I am very proud of you for accomplishing this.” Professor Oak placed his hand on his grandsons shoulder.

    “Thank you, sir.” Blue nodded.

    Professor Oak then redirected his attention towards all three boys, “I am looking forward to tomorrow. I know you will all do great.” he smiled, waved to the crowd, and made his exit.

    The graduation ceremony ended as the three upcoming trainers received applause from the audience. Well, most of the audience, anyways. A few jealous classmates glared off to the distance; one girl even stormed off during the applause, arms crossed. The crowd dispersed, and the graduates left for home with their respective families. Red walked besides a very proud mother who was staring up into the beautiful orange sky the evening sun had blessed them with. Red was to busy gazing at his diploma with a million thoughts racing through his mind faster than a Rapidash at the track. His mother broke the silence with a very important question.

    “Son,” the brunette woman looked down to her boy, “have you given any thought to what Pokemon you’re going to start out with?”

    “Hmm..” Red looked at the ground and then back up to his mom, “I could choose Bulbasaur, the grass type. Or I could choose Charmander, he looks really cool!” he exclaimed as images of the starter Pokemon ran through his mind, “or Squirtle. That hard shell looks like it’s tough to beat!”

    The sound of her sons excitement was like music to her ears. A beautiful smile stretched across her face, “Well, I’m sure you’ll end up with the right one for you.” she rested her hand on his shoulder for a brief moment.

    Silence fell upon the two as they walked down the road their house was located on. Red’s eyes were fixated on his diploma still, anyone could tell that the boy was in an overabundance of joy. His mother continued to smile as she stared back up to the glistening, orange sunset. As the two neared closer and closer to their house, the mother looked down at her son again, this time with a look of pride in her eyes. Red caught his mothers gaze.

    “What is it, mom?” He asked with a head-tilt.

    “Oh, uh.. Nothing, son.” She chuckled.

    She opened the door to their little, blue, one story house.

    “So, would you like dinner?” She asked as she shut the door behind her, “this is your last home cooked dinner before leaving for your journey.”

    She cringed at the word leaving. Maybe the severity of her son leaving on a Pokemon journey all by himself was reaching her, but she smiled in an attempt to hide her discomfort.

    “Would I ever!” Red’s smile stretched from ear to ear as he jumped in the air with a fist pump. “Your cooking is the greatest!”

    “All right. You should go to your room and begin packing for your journey tomorrow. You wouldn’t want to go unprepared, right?”

    “Ah, you’re right,” Red exclaimed with a panicked look, “I haven’t even packed anything yet! I should go start right away!” he rushed to his room at breakneck speed.

    His mother entered the kitchen with a laugh at her sons antics, as she could hear Red shuffling through his room for supplies. She turned the stove and threw on two uncooked pork-chops, a bowl of corn, as well as a bowl of mashed potatoes. As she began mixing the mashed potatoes, the reality of her son leaving on a journey by himself reentered her thought process. She sighed.

    <What if he gets hurt on this journey? What if he gets mixed up with the wrong people? What if this is too much for him? What if… I never see my baby boy again?>

    This cloud of negative thoughts plagued her mind to the point of tears which slipped down her soft, beautiful face and into the mashed potatoes. She attempted to wipe away her tears once she heard footsteps approaching her. It was her son, much to her surprise. However, she failed in her attempt to mask her watery eyes.

    “Mom, are you alright?” Red asked in a very concerned tone.

    “Yes, but it’s just..” she looked down with a sad look in her eyes before fixating them on her black haired son, “It’s just I don’t want you going alone.. I wish you would stay here and be safe, but I know I can’t stop you from doing what you want to.. Just, it‘s not going to be easy for you..” she sighed.

    “Mom..” Red gave his mother a hug and looked up to her with smile and the energetic, reassuring eyes only a child can have, “I’m not going to be alone, I’m going to have my Pokemon with me. I know this isn’t going to be easy, but I want this, I’ve been waiting for it..”

    The two shared another warm embrace before Red returned to his room to look for supplies. The conversation seemed to erase any doubt and fear the boys mother held in her mind, and she couldn’t help but to smile now. The doubt she had in her mind stemmed from fear that Red might not be ready for a journey, but this was proved to be wrong. Her son is more than ready for a Pokemon journey. She hummed a tune as she returned to her cooking.

    <My son.. A Pokemon trainer.> She chuckled with the thought.

    Meanwhile, Red was in his room, sorting through what he can bring and what can fit in his large, yellow backpack. While he had more than enough space in the backpack with its pockets galore, he knew those pockets had to be filled only with important journey items. He packed an extra blanket and a small pillow in the center pocket, quite obviously the largest. He couldn’t really think up of anything more important to add other than a pair of swimming trunks and an extra pair of clothes. When Red assumed he was done, he proceeded to jump on his bed, lay on his back, and stare at his Pokemon patterned ceiling. The time faded with thoughts of his upcoming journey.

    <Tomorrow is finally the day.. I’m going to be.. A Pokemon trainer!>

    There was a fire raging in his glistening, brown eyes.

    “Red, dinner is ready!” His mother called from the kitchen.

    The smell of his last home-cooked dinner filled the air as he jumped out of bed to go eat his meal.
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    Just to get a rush on things here, I'm immediately posting the next two chapters.

    Chapter 1

    The shimmering of a full moon illuminated the peaceful town. It was late at night now, and everyone was inside their houses and asleep. Almost everyone, that is. One lone girl was wandering through the grass fields of the town. A brunette with light blue eyes that beautifully reflected the moons light. Her name is Green, and she is in the portion of the class that didn’t graduate, meaning she isn’t receiving a Pokemon for her journey. Discontent filled her eyes.

    “Darn it, I wanted one of those three Pokemon!” She pouted as she stopped and stomped on the ground.

    “I don’t want to have to wait any longer to go on this journey.. Oh, what am I supposed to do!” She questioned herself as it appeared she was ready to rip her hair out from the anxiety.

    She continued walking all alone until she reached the top of a large grass hill. She had a very good view of the other side of town from the top of this hill. Trees, houses, more trees, and Professor Oak’s Pokemon Lab. A mischievous idea popped into her head as soon as she laid eyes upon the laboratory.

    “Of course, I can always get one of those Pokemon the easy way..” Green put her hand on her chin for a moment as she pondered, “But what if it’s too risky?”

    Green continued her stroll to the Pokemon Lab, but her pace at this point was more of a jog than a walk. She surveyed the area to make sure no one was around. Then, she stopped, crouched, and looked through one of the back windows. There was no one inside the pitch-black laboratory. Green could see a table with three red and white spheres on it, no doubt the Poke Balls containing the starter Pokemon. Much to her dismay, the windows and doors were locked.

    “Hmm, it‘s locked..” she thought for a moment, and the light bulb lit up. She pulled a bobby pin out of her wavy, brown hair, “I’ve got just the way to deal with you..”

    Green wiggled the bobby pin inside the key hole of the door. She finally heard a pop after jiggling it inside the door for a few good minutes. She silently opened the door and devilishly snuck into the lab with an ever so mischievous smile spread to the corners of her face.

    Hours later

    The bright, morning sun made its appearance over the Kanto region and filled every nook and cranny of Pallet Town. However, the suns rays weren’t enough to wake up Red all alone, who was passed out and snoring so comfortably wrapped up in the soft sheets of his bed. It was nearing 7:30AM, just a short half hour away before he is supposed to receive his starter Pokemon and set out on a journey. His mother took note of this and so quietly snuck into his room with two empty frying pans. Then out of nowhere she began banging the cooking pans together, which creating a loud, ringing sound that was more than enough to startle Red out of bed. The boy was so caught by surprise that he nearly fell face-first out of his bed.

    “Ah mom, what was that for!?” Red exclaimed as he held his head, his ears were still ringing.

    “Have you already forgotten what day is today, son?” She asked with hands on her hips.

    “Oh yeah, I start my Pokemon journey today!”

    Red excitedly jumped in the air and began undressing his pajamas immediately when he touched the ground, regardless of his mother who was still in the room. She approached his backpack and picked it up.

    “I’m going to take a quick look through this and make sure you’re prepared, alright son?”

    She didn’t wait for Red to answer her before she left the room, seeing as the boy was too busy looking through his closet for an outfit to wear on his journey.

    His mother sat at the dinner table as she unloaded the contents of his backpack to make sure he was prepared. It didn’t come as a surprise when she discovered he wasn’t. She sighed once more at the thought of her son leaving on a journey. While she was no longer filled with any negative thoughts, she still couldn’t shake the fact that dangers are still present in the world from her mind. Then, her eyes lit up with a brilliant idea.

    “I know..”

    She whispered to herself as she looked down at her necklace. Around her neck was a gold and silver plated coin, and it looked very rare and valuable. Perhaps a treasure from her younger days? Still, she ripped it off, gave it a kiss, held it to her heart, and put it in the bottom of Red’s bag. This was no doubt her way of wishing her son luck on his Pokemon journey.

    Red strode out his room looking like quite flashy in his journey attire. A red hat sat forwards atop his messy, black hair which flew in many directions. He wore a red jacket with white sleeves and a white collar over a black t-shirt. He also wore light blue pants and red and black shoes. On his hands were black, fingerless gloves. Red approached his mother with a question.

    “So mom, am I all set to go?” He eagerly and looked up to her.

    “Close, but there’s a few things you are missing,” she glanced over to the clock in the kitchen, “but you should really get going now, it’s 7:39AM. Why don’t you stop by after you get your Pokemon so you can get your backpack?”

    “Okay, sounds good. See you later, mom!”

    Red rushed out the door quicker than his mother could reply. She could really see the excitement that overtook him. She smiled as she began looking throughout the house for anything else to add to his backpack.

    Red walked all the way through Pallet Town as the light breeze played with his hair. The town was bursting with early activity, from mailmen dropping off mail to each doorstep, to people shopping for food at the outside market, to children chasing the wild Pidgey and Spearow. Red had only one thing on his mind, and that was getting to the lab on time for his own Pokemon. Had he owned a clock he would’ve known that the time was nearing 8:00AM. When he reached the top of the hill that overlooked Professor Oak’s Lab, a rush of adrenaline took over and sprinted towards it. He slowed his pace when he saw Blue and Barclay in conversation, walking the same way he was.

    “Hey guys, what’s up?” Red shouted and waved to get their attention. He was panting by the time he reached them.

    “What’s up buddy?” Barclay replied.

    “Huh, what are you so out of breath for?” Blue teased with a cocky tone in his voice, “Wake up late?”

    “Well, uh…” Red’s cheeks blushed a rosy hew as he scratched the back of his head.

    “Eh, it doesn’t matter,” the blonde-haired boy Barclay interrupted, “let’s go get our Pokemon, the lab is right there!” he pointed.

    The three boys stared at the Pokemon lab and continued their walk towards the building.

    “So, have either of you decided on what Pokemon you’re going to choose, yet?” Red inquisitively asked as he turned his head towards both his fellow graduates.

    “I already know which one I’m going to pick,” Blue answered, “but what kind of trainer would I be if I shared my plans?” he said with a smart tone.

    “I’ve given a lot of thought to it, and the only Pokemon I want is Bulbasaur.” Barcaly held his fist in front of him as he imagined what his first Pokemon was going to be like.

    The clock struck 8:00AM exactly, and the three boys stood outside the Pokemon lab. A soft breeze flew by as the three boys stared intently at the building which housed their first ever Pokemon. Blue decided to do the honors of opening the door, but it was locked. Confused, the spiky-brown haired boy attempted to open it again, but to no avail.

    “What’s the deal here?” Blue asked.

    “Here I am! Wait just another minute!”

    The three boys turned their heads to see Professor Oak approaching them, lab coat and all. How ironic it was that he told them to show up on time and he’s the one that’s late. However, it didn’t seem like any of the three boys were complaining, they looked overjoyed to see the Professor with their ear to ear smiles.

    “Sorry for making you three wait on me, it’s quite a walk to here from my house.”

    “No need to apologize Professor Oak, the important thing is that we’re all here!” Barclay exclaimed.

    “Ahh, I see you are excited for your Pokemon journey,” Oak commented with a smile, “shall we now enter the lab?”

    Oak pulled a key out of his pocket, unlocked and opened the laboratories front door. He flipped the main power switch as soon as he entered the lab. The overhead lights turned on one by one. While the lab itself wasn’t huge in size, there were many bookshelves filled with endless knowledge about Pokemon physiology. Towards the back of the lab were computers and various machines, all beeping and buzzing with one function or another. The group of four made their way to the back of the lab where the Pokemon were.

    “Here is the moment of truth, boys!” Oak exclaimed as they neared the back.

    Professor Oak’s mind was sent into a whirlwind of confusion as soon as he laid eyes on the table. There were only two Poke Balls on the table, which obviously wasn’t right. Professor Oak rushed to the table, and the boys could tell something had gone wrong.

    “Professor Oak, what‘s wrong?” Red asked.

    The curious Professor examined the table and walked to the backdoor. It was obvious to him now that someone had broken into the lab the night before, and the culprit failed to shut the door completely upon exiting. Professor Oak turned to the three boys with the look of disappointment in his eyes.

    “Well, there is no other way to explain this. One of the Pokemon has been stolen. I have no other extra Pokemon to give, so only two of you will receive Pokemon..”

    Professor Oak frowned. He hated the thought of leaving one of the boys out, and he could see the disappointment and confusion forming in their eyes. The three sighed and looked at each other.

    “Well,” Red gulped at the thought that he might be the odd one out, “how are we going to settle this?”

    The other two boys looked down and thought for a good, long minute. Blue was the one to break the silence with his idea.

    “Well, let’s see what Pokemon there are to choose from first. From there on, we can decide on how to work out this problem.” Blue turned his attention towards his grandfather, “Professor, would you please release the remaining Pokemon from their Poke Balls?”

    Professor Oak complied with his grandsons request and picked up both of the red and white spheres. He then proceeded to press the white buttons located at the center of each ball, which opened each one up and released the Pokemon inside. The three boys watched in amazement and anticipation as two entities of bright energy emerged from each Poke Ball. The bright light from the energy faded as soon as the Pokemon materialized on the floor before them, revealing their identities.

    The first Pokemon was a short, orange, reptilian creature. The Pokemon had sharp claws on both its hands and feet, as well as four baby fangs inside its mouth. The most noticeable feature of this Pokemon was the fire raging atop its tail. The Pokemon opened it’s large, blue eyes and looked at Red, who caught the creatures gaze.

    “Char.. Charmander.” The Pokemon spoke in a soft voice.

    The second creature was a light blue turtle, and was even shorter than the preceding Pokemon. A hard, brown and cream colored shell surrounded its body.

    “Squirtle, Squirtle!” The Pokemon exclaimed as it looked up to the Professor with its brown eyes.

    “Well boys, Charmander and Squirtle are the only remaining Pokemon.”

    Immediately, Red and Blue looked at Barclay. It was visibly apparent how crushed his spirits were as soon the corners of his lips formed into a deep frown with eyes sadly gazing at the ground.

    “What’s wrong, Barclay?” Professor Oak asked.

    “Professor Oak,” the boy raised his head as his eyes began to water, “Bulbasaur is the Pokemon I had my heart set on starting out with..” he clenched his fists.

    Professor Oak looked deeply saddened by Barclay’s display, sharing the same discontent with Red and Blue. Red clenched his fist and shut his eyes for a second, gulped, and placed his hand on his friends shoulder.

    “Barclay, you can have my spot.” His voice was shaky.

    Professor Oak, Blue, and Barclay all had a surprised look on their faces at Red’s statement. The Oak’s stayed silent to let the two converse.

    “Really Red, do you mean it?” Barclay wiped his tears away.

    “Yes.” He sighed.

    Barclay was shocked by Red’s offer. He paused for a moment to look at Charmander and Squirtle eye to eye. He then looked down at the ground with his hand on his chin. He took one more look at the Pokemon before turning back to Red.

    “Thank you for the kind offer Red, but Bulbasaur was supposed to be my first Pokemon.. It wouldn’t feel right setting out on a journey without the Pokemon I wanted and stripping you of your chance for a journey.”

    Barclay placed his hand on Red’s shoulder, “Thank you again my friend, but I just can’t do that.” he sighed.

    “Well, I must say, I am impressed,” Professor Oak spoke up, “both of you have presented a high level of maturity. Both of you will make great Pokemon trainers, I‘m sure of it.” he said with a smile and a nod.

    “But, Professor.. How can I be a trainer without my starter Pokemon?”

    “You can still be a Pokemon trainer. You have been waiting awhile for this, yes? Well, I won’t let your chances of being a Pokemon Trainer slip away so easily. After Blue and Red pick their Pokemon, we shall all escort you to Route 1 and catch a Pokemon for you. While this may not be the preferred method of starting out your Pokemon journey, it’s better than nothing, right?”

    Barclay’s eyes widened as he burst with an unfathomable amount of joy.

    “Really Professor? Then what are we waiting for,” Barclay turned to both his friends, “choose your Pokemon, guys!”

    Red sighed with relief that he didn’t have to give up his one chance for the right Pokemon. He looked to Professor Oak and then to Blue, “So, how are we going to settle who chooses first?”

    “Like this. I choose Squirtle.” Blue turned to and pointed at the turtle Pokemon.

    “Well, nothin’ much I can do,” Red shrugged, “Charmander is mine.” he smiled at the Pokemon.

    Professor Oak approached the two new Pokemon trainers and handed them their respective Poke Balls. The Pokemon proceeded to approach their new trainers, who were matching with their ear to ear smiles. The Professor smiled as he witnessed the birth of the Pokemon - human relationship, a truly reminiscent experience for all trainers and Pokemon alike. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back to remember what it felt like when he became a trainer himself while Red and Blue introduced themselves to Charmander and Squirtle.

    “Well, it’s settled then,” Professor Oak demanded the attention of the room, “Let’s go catch a Pokemon!”

    Professor Oak and the three boys exited the Pokemon Lab. Blue and Red were focused on their Pokemon. Then, a soft breeze blew by the group, the wind of a new beginning.
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    Chapter 2

    Red stared intently into his new Charmander’s face as they walked the dirt roads of Pallet Town. He couldn’t believe he had his very own Pokemon, right there next to him. The reptilian Pokemon was also in high moods as it walked along repeating its name from time to time. Red looked at Barclay, who had his eyes set in the direction of their destination, Route 1. Then he turned to Blue, whose pace was a little slower than the rest of the group. This was so his Squirtle could keep up with him. Blue and his new Pokemon were staring each other eye to eye.

    “So Professor Oak,” Red spoke up, “which one of us is going to catch Barclay a Pokemon?”

    “I am going to catch the Pokemon for him, which will also be a demonstration for all three of you.”

    Red nodded and the group continued pressing forward. Just then, Red remembered he had to stop by his house for his supplies, and to show Charmander to his mother. He glanced in the direction Route 1 is located, and then in the direction of his house. It wasn’t that far, but stopping might make him lag behind the group. Nevertheless, he stepped forward.

    “Hey guys, I’m going to stop by my house real quick to get my backpack. You guys can go on without me, I won’t be too long.”

    “Alright Red, do as you wish. We won’t start the demonstration without you.” Professor Oak smiled.

    “Thank you, Professor!”

    Red broke away from the rest of the group, and Charmander followed without having to be instructed. The trainer looked down at his Pokemon again.

    “So Charmander, are you ready for an adventure?”

    Charmander repeated its name multiple times, jumping and waving its arms around. Red didn’t need a translator to know what his Pokemon was saying, as its body language was indicating pure excitement. He was overjoyed to see that his first Pokemon was a friendly one, although he would have been happy to have one either way. Red held his hand up and pointed to his house once they reached the end of the road it’s is located on.

    “That’s my house, Charmander.”

    Much to Red’s surprise, Charmander jolted to his house. The reptilian Pokemon was pretty fast for being a starter Pokemon, It's trainer could barely keep up. Charmander stopped and gave Red an ever so innocent smile as he approached the front door. He replied with a laugh for his Pokemon’s antics as he opened the door to his front house, then his mother gleamed when he entered the house with a Pokemon, immediately rising from her comfy chair. She put down the book she was reading as well as her reading glasses. She then approached her son with backpack in hand.

    “So I see you chose Charmander!”

    She knelt down on one knee and made eye contact with the Pokemon. She pet its head with her free hand, “Hello, my name is Scarlet, I’m Red’s mother!”

    Charmander jumped up and down in place when Scarlet introduced herself. It’s eyes gleamed up to her as she rose to have a word with her son. She couldn’t help but to smile when she noticed Charmander’s glistening gaze.

    “You made a good choice Red, he’s soo cute!” She emphasized the last two words in her sentence.

    “Actually, I made the only choice,” Red paused to look down at Charmander and then up to his mother who had a confused look on her face, “one of the Pokemon got stolen, Bulbasaur. Squirtle and Charmander were the only choices left.”

    “So how did the three of you decide how to choose?”

    “Well, Bulbasaur was the only Pokemon my friend Barclay wanted, to he didn’t even choose a Pokemon. Blue chose Squirtle, and that left me with Charmander.” Red pet the top of his Pokemon’s head.

    “That’s so horrible,” she gasped, “so he’s not going out on his journey?”

    “Actually he is.” Red smiled, “Professor Oak, Blue, Barclay and I are all going out to Route 1 to watch Oak catch a Pokemon for him.”

    “Ah, how brilliant! So Barclay gets a Pokemon and you all learn how to catch a Pokemon. That’s really hitting two Pidgey with one stone!”

    Scarlet took one more look at the smiling Charmander before continuing, “Well then, I probably shouldn’t keep you here any longer. I’ve packed everything you’ll need on your journey. I’ll walk you two out.” she handed Red his yellow backpack as she escorted the trainer and his Pokemon out of the house.

    Red looked in the direction Route 1 is before looking back at his mom. She held her hands together as a sad look overtook her eyes. She knew her son was really setting out for his journey now, packed and ready to go. The two approached each other and hugged.

    “I’m going to miss you son, be careful out there,” she placed her hand on the top of his hair and kissed his forehead, “and good luck.”

    Charmander watched curiously as the smiling Scarlet and her son exited the extended, warm embrace. Red then looked up to her, “Thank you, mom.” he smiled and nodded.

    “Well, I guess I’ll see you another time. Come back and visit sometimes, please?” She placed her hand on his shoulder.

    “I will mom, for sure. I love you mom.”

    “I love you too, son.”

    Scarlet and her son shared one more hug before she retreated back to her house. Red and Charmander then continued their journey to Route 1. The trainer sped up his pace, and his Pokemon followed. Red then decided to take his backpack off to look through what supplies his mother included that he missed. Everything she packed was in the main pocket, which included a long rope, three water bottles, a flashlight, extra batteries, matches, a pocket knife, and a rolled up sleeping bag. He put the knife in his back pocket before slipping the backpack on.

    It wasn’t too long before Red and Charmander reached the exit of town and the entrance to Route 1. The two walked through a stretch of tall grass that eventually became the main path of the route. Red and his Pokemon continued down the main path, looking every which direction for Professor Oak, Blue and Barclay. It was hard to tell which direction they went, there were trees everywhere. Red figured that they probably didn’t stay on the main path, he hadn’t seen any Pokemon yet. He ventured off the path and into the trees, hoping he didn’t make the wrong move.

    Professor Oak, his grandson, and Barclay were in fact off of the main path. The light from the sun peeked through any gaps in the trees that shaded their area. The two new trainers were surveying trees and bushes, turning their head with each rustle of a bush or snap of a twig.

    “Professor, where are you taking us?” Barclay rushed to Oak’s side.

    “I am taking you to the place where I caught my very first Pokemon. I figured that would be an appropriate spot. We’re almost there.”

    Blue and Squirtle caught up with the rest of the group when Professor Oak mentioned their destination. The sound of a racing river met their ears as they got closer and closer to the spot. They were there before they knew it. Before them was a large pond that stems off a part of the river running along Route 1. Professor Oak closed his eyes and remembered what catching his first Pokemon was like. This was a truly reminiscent day for him. He opened his eyes to look at the river when he heard a splash. He only saw the tail of a fish Pokemon submerging into the water.

    “So where are the Pokemon?” Barclay asked.

    “Just wait a minute, I’m sure one will appear.”

    A few minutes passed, and a few Poliwag began to emerge from the pond. Three small, blue, circular Pokemon exited the water. None of them had arms, but they all had a similar black spiral pattern on their white stomachs and all had pink mouths. They began chasing each other on their clearly underdeveloped legs, needless to say they weren’t very fast. They appeared to be enjoying themselves as they all exclaimed their names, laughing.

    “Professor Oak, are any of those the Pokemon you were planning on capturing for me?” Barclay asked.

    “Yes, but let’s hold our positions for just a few more minutes. Red isn’t here yet, and I don’t want him missing out on this valuable learning experience.”

    “Oh, why do we have to wait for him?” Blue crossed his arms, “I mean, we shouldn’t have to wait on him.” he leaned against a tree.

    “Be patient Blue,” Professor Oak turned to his grandson, “Patience is the key to being a good Pokemon trainer, don’t forget that.”

    Red walked with his hands on his hips as both he and his Charmander’s heads were turning every way to look for the Professor and the group, but to no avail.

    <Man, they’ve probably already caught a Pokemon by now..> Red thought as he looked down to the ground and crossed his arms.

    “Charmander, you wanna turn back?” Red knelt down to ask his Pokemon.

    “Char, Char..”

    The Pokemon’s reply appeared to be in agreement with a nod, but then his eyes lit up at the sound of a splash. Charmander frantically jumped and pointed in the direction he heard the splash and jolted. Red lagged behind, barely able to keep up with the speedy fire Pokemon.

    “Hey, get back here!”

    Red demanded, but Charmander didn’t listen. They both came to a stop when the river, a pond, and Pokemon came into their view. Red’s eyes lit up when he saw the Poliwag playing so peacefully. Professor Oak and the other two boys came into view when he turned his head. He and Charmander rushed in their direction.

    “Hey guys, here I am!” Red waved his arm.

    “It’s about time.” Blue scoffed.

    “Now we may begin. Right this way.”

    Professor Oak signaled the boys to follow him as they slowly crept closer and closer to the oblivious Poliwag. Professor Oak grabbed a miniature sized Poke Ball out of his coat pocket, which turned to normal size when he pressed the center button. He turned back to all three boys, “Are you ready?”

    All three boys nodded.

    “Then here we go! Pidgeotto, I choose you!”

    Professor Oak threw the Poke Ball in front of him, and a bright flash of energy emerged and materialized. The Pokemon that came out of the ball was a large, brown bird. The talons on its feet were razor sharp, and its large beak was just as intimidating. Pidgeotto spread its large wings out and confidently exclaimed its name. Two of the three Poliwag took note of this and retreated to the pond. Only one remained standing with a curious look in its gazing eyes.

    “Here we go! Pidgeotto, use a Tackle attack!” Professor Oak pointed at Poliwag.

    The three boys stood in amazement as Professor Oak commanded his Pokemon. Pidgeotto gracefully accepted his commands as it pushed itself into the air and glided towards its opponent. Poliwag had a terrified look in its eyes, but it knew the drill. It retaliated by deeply inhaling and releasing many bubbles from its mouth upon exhalation. Pidgeotto was flying too fast and made a crash landing after the attack made contact. Poliwag charged Pidgeotto and attempted to slap the bird Pokemon with its transparent tail.

    “Pidgeotto, dodge and use Sand Attack!” He clenched his fist.

    Pidgeotto was no longer in its airborne domain, so it wasn’t easy for it to thrust itself backwards to dodge Poliwag’s DoubleSlap attack. The bird Pokemon grasped a small window of opportunity and quickly flapped its wings, which kicked dirt up into the air and blocked Poliwag’s view of Pidgeotto. The dirt lingered in the air.

    Professor Oak turned to the children for a brief moment, “Remember trainers, strategy is the key to winning a Pokemon battle.” he turned back to his Pokemon, “Pidgeotto, use another Tackle attack!”

    Pidgeotto pushed itself up in the air again to where it had a clear view of Poliwag. It then proceeded to swoop down and ram its body into Poliwag, head first. Poliwag got back up, but it was still caught in the storm of dust that lingered in the air from Pidgeotto’s Sand Attack. It released many more bubbles from its mouth in hopes of hitting Pidgeotto, but to no avail.

    “Use a Gust Attack!”

    Pidgeotto began flapping its wings at a very high speed. This created strong gusts of wind that blew away the dirt from Sand Attack. Poliwag attempted to hold its ground, but the sheer force of the wind knocked it on its back. It glared at Pidgeotto as it got back up and released another massive array of bubbles from its mouth. The bird Pokemon dodged with ease as it calmly maneuvered through the air. Poliwag began to pant.

    “Alright, this is it, pay close attention!” Professor Oak exclaimed, “Pidgeotto, use Quick Attack!”

    Pidgeotto dived towards Poliwag and descended an incredible speed. The water Pokemon attempted another Bubble attack, but if failed to fire before the bird Pokemon completed its attack. Pidgeotto hit, and it hit hard. Pidgeotto returned to Professor Oak’s side as Poliwag struggled to get back up.

    Red, Barclay, and Blue’s mouths were open with amazement as Professor Oak grabbed an empty Poke Ball from his pocket and pressed the center button. It was like poetry in motion when he threw the empty containment device towards the weakened Poliwag. The ball hit the Pokemon and it converted into a bright energy form that got vacuumed into the device. Everyone in the group fell silent in this never ending moment as the Poke Ball shook back and forth on the ground emitting a beeping sound.
    time for some fanfictionz.

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    Default Re: Pokemon: Legends of Kanto

    Well done! This has been great so far, however there were quite a few tense errors. For example:
    Quote Originally Posted by Lash View Post
    The second upcoming Pokemon trainer is a boy named Barclay, a kind spirited child who received average scores on his tests. How the third trainer, Red managed to pass was above anyone’s head. His tests scores were the lowest out of the three individuals, yet high enough to beat out the rest of the class. Red is also a kindhearted boy, but can be too childish for his own good.
    The bold is present tense, the italic is past tense. Remember, is is present tense, and was is past tense.

    Keep this up; I will be reading. :)


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