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    Smile Pokemon Flamed Destiny

    Ariana whirled around the corner of her bedroom into the kitchen.She was wearing loose blue jeans,bright red tank top,and blue jean jacket.Her elbow length golden blonde hair whirled around with her.She fiddled around with her charm braclet that had a bulbasaur charm,a charmander charm,a squirtal charm,a eevee charm,and a togepi charm on it.(in correct colors) She looked at her watch with a green strap that had a charmander on it and the clock arms were the bulbasaur's vines.She looked at her Mom.

    "Is breakfast almost ready?"Ariana asked.

    "It is now."Her Mom replied.

    Her mom then flipped three pancakes,either peices of bacon,and three peices of sausage off the stove and onto a plant.She aso pulled a bottle of pancake surrup out of the fridge and poured some on Ariana's pancakes.She finally then pulled a jug of milk out of the fridge,picked up a glass off the counter,and poured some milk into her glass.She picked up the glass and plate and put them infront of Ariana.

    "Thanks mom."Ariana said and she started eatting.

    ~~~~~~After Breakfast...~~~~~~

    Ariana shot up out of her chair and ran into her room.She picked up her medium purple backpack and pulled it onto her back.She already packed last night.She ran back into the kitchen and slipped on her dark purple traveling flip flops.

    "Love you mom bye!"She hollered into the kitchen.

    "Wait!"her dad hollered after her as he ran behind her and pulled her into the living room where her mom really was.

    "Whats up dad?"She asked.

    Her dad pulled out a pokeball and handed it to her.

    "Relese the pokemon."He said.

    "Go,pokemon!"She yelled relesing it.

    Ariana gasped as a little oranage and white fox appeared on the ground.It had six tails that were stuck together and long hair with curls on the top of its head that were both light orange.The rest was a little bit darker orange exept for the bottom of it's chest and its tummy.It was 2'00" high.She dropped to her knees infront of it.

    "Its yours."her dad said smiling."I went and caught it myself last night,thats why I wasn't home."he said.

    Ariana jumped up and wrapped her arms around her dad.

    "Thank you thank you thank you thank you daddy!"She exclaimed happily smiling and hugging him tightly.

    "Your welcome."Her dad said hugging her back."You still need to go to Professer Oak."

    "Okay!"Ariana said finally pulling out of the hug and putting the volpix's pokaball in her jacket.

    "This one is a girl."he said pointing at the vulpix.

    "I'm going to name her Amy."Ariana confirmed.

    "Thats a great name."her mom said.

    "Well you'd better head off."her dad said and put his hand on her shoulder."Be carefuly hunny."

    "Okay.And I will dad,I promise."Ariana replied.

    Ariana turned around and headed for the door.She took a second to turn to her parents when she got the the doorway to leave the living room.

    "I love you both.Bye!Thank you so much for Amy!"Ariana said.

    "We love you too hunny."Both of her parents said.

    Ariana opened the door.It was summer time,June.It was her 10th birthday.She was leaving for her pokemon journey.Her dad got her a vulpix for her birthday and her first pokemon.How could it get any better?Amy trotted out the door as Ariana closed it and she walked to her bike which had a basket on the front.She knew how to ride it on any kind of landscape in any kind of weather.She picked up Amy and put her in the basket.The small fox pokemon curled up and laid down happily as Ariana got onto it and pettled away.Near Pallet Town there was now a small town called Cerenia town.She had to go through the small forest and through half of Pallet Town to make it to the area that Professer Oak lived.She pettled as fast as she could to get there.After about a hour she finally made it there.She laid her bike against his lab building,picked up Amy,and went into the lab.

    "I'm sorry but all of the pokemon have been taken."Professer Oak said before he turned around to see her standing there with a vulpix in her arms.

    "I already have my starter pokemon."Ariana said smiling.

    "I see that."He said.

    He picked up five empty pokeballs and a red divice and handed it to her.

    "These are five empty pokeballs and a pokedex."Professer Oak said.

    "Thank you."Ariana said.

    "Your welcome."he replied."Now I have to get back to working.Good luck."

    "Thank you."Ariana replied.

    Ariana put the device and pokeballs in her backpack and walked out.She rolled her bike down the hill and then put Amy in the basket and she curled up and laid down in the basket again.Ariana got on her bike again and she wheeled off.She continued wheeling on till she was in a nearby forest.She jumped off it and laid it on the grass.She wanted to catch another pokemon.She saw something brown under a tree and it appeared to be bleeding.Ariana forgot about capturing anything as she picked up Amy and ran to its side.It was passed out and its paw was bleeding.She idenefied it as a Eevee.She pulled out a emergancy kit and grabbed the hospitel bandages.She wrapped its serverly bleeding paw in the bandages.She knew there was only room enough for one pokemon in her basket.

    "Sorry baby girl,return."She said pulling her pokeball out and a red light consumed her pokemon and the pokeball closed.

    She slipped the now smaller ball into her pocket and laid the out cold pokemon in her basket and she jumped on the bike a wheeled off for Viridian city.When she got to the city she wheeled herself to the pokemon center and laid the bike against the building and picked up the unmoving pokemon and ran inside the building.She ran to the Nurse Joy at the counter.

    "Nurse joy I was in the forest from Pallet town to here and I saw this little eevee under a tree and its paw is bleeding!I wrapped up its leg where I could get it here without it dieing from blood lost."Ariana said.

    The Nurse Joy took the eevee from her arms carefully and they rushed to the emergancy room.Ariana stopped and gasped at all of the poor injured pokemon.She snapped out of it and looked at Nurse Joy and ran after her.They stopped in one of the empty rooms and laid the eevee on the pokemon bed.Nurse joy checked its pulse.

    "Its still alive."She reassured Ariana and she carefully unwrapped the bandages and carefully examined its paw.

    "A bedrill attacked it."She said.

    She picked up some fresh medical bandages and rewrapped its paw.

    "Its going to be okay."Nurse Joy said.

    Right as she finished saying it the eevee's ears twitched and it opened its eyes.It noticed Nurse Joy and Ariana and tried to push itself up to run but it barely got itself up it fell back down.Nurse Joy walked out of the room to go get some food and water.The poor eevee looked terrified.Ariana got on her knees next to its bed and sotly petted its head and neck.It seemed to untence as it stopped struggling.

    "See I'm not ganna hurt you."Ariana said softly.

    Nurse Joy walked back in with a bowl of pokemon food and a bowl of water.She sat it on the bed infront of it but it couldn't stand up to get to it.Ariana picked it up and helt it a little bit above each bowl where it cound eat and drink.When it got done she sat it back down and Nurse Joy took the bowls.She came back.

    "Its done healing now."Nurse Joy said to Ariana.

    "Okay thank you Nurse Joy."she said and walked out and to the front door,the eevee in he arms.

    She sat it down on the ground and went to her bike.She felt a clawing on her leg and turned.There was the female eevee looking happily at her.

    "Hmmmm....I wonder."Ariana said and pulled a empty pokeball out of her pocket.

    She threw it towards the eevee and red light consumed the pokeball.After rocking three times the ball clung confirming it was caught.She jumped happily and picked up the ball.She let out Amy again.

    "Amy we have a new member to our team!"Ariana said cheerfully and happily and she put Amy in the basket and Amy once again curled up and laid down.

    Ariana desided to go back to the forest to train and maybe catch more.She wheeled back to the forest.


    Thats chapter one of my story Flamed Destiny.I don't know exactly why I choose that name I really like the sound of it and the story might have something to do with it.I get the "Flamed" from Amy being Ariana's first pokemon and Amy being a vulpix.Please comment,tell me what you think,tell me how I can improve,ect.Thanks in advance and I hope you enjoyed reading it! :)

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    Default Re: Pokemon Flamed Destiny

    Flaming Destiny
    Chapter Two:Forest Aflame

    Ariana just made it back to the forest she laid her bike carefully on the ground as she picked up Amy and sat her down on the ground.She saw something move out of the corner of her eye.She turned to it.There in broad daylight was a growlithe.Ariana smiled.Amy stretched and walked closer to it.

    "Amy use tackle!"Ariana commanded.

    The growlithe was caught of guard and used flamethrower.Amy jumped to the side and the fire hit a bunch of grass and two trees.They caught fire and it raced from tree to tree.Soon enough she was surrounded by fire.

    "Return Amy!"Ariana said and put the pokeball in her pocket.

    She picked up her bike and went to the center of the area where no fire was.she laid her bike down.This area was a dirt road.She got on her knees and covered her head and looked through her half closed eyes at the trees that were aflame.

    "Help!"She yelled.

    And just on que water blasted through the trees that were set aflame.The fire went towards all of the trees that caught fire.After a minute all of the fire was out.The growlithe had jumped under her head for safety.Ariana lifted her head and the growlithe walked a bit away from her.

    "Are you okay?"Two voices asked,one of a boy,and one of a girl.

    A boy and girl ran from in between two trees and ran in front of Ariana and helped her to her feet.The boy had blond and blue eyes.Ariana turned to the girl.She had medium purple hair that went to her wrists and it curled a half a inch upwards at the bottom.There was a blue pokemon with a white stomach and black rings on its stomach and its hands looked like they were in white gloves in between the girl and boy.It was a Poliwhirl.A white pokemon was on the left of the girl.A Dewgong.

    "Yeah,I'm fine.Thank you so much."Ariana replied.

    "No problem.I'm Justin,who are you?"The boy asked.

    "I'm Ariana."Ariana replied.

    "I'm Miranda."The girl said.

    Miranda spun around slowly one full time and a look of despair filled her face.

    "This whole part of the forest is ruined..."She said softly and sadly.

    "I'm so sorry!"Ariana exclaimed.

    Miranda looked upwards and shook her head at Ariana.

    "Its not really your fault."She said.

    "If there's a way I can help I will."Ariana said.

    "Well these trees will have to go,the grass will have to be dug up,and we'll have to replant it all.Can you help us?"Justin asked.

    "Of coarse!"Ariana said.

    "So what pokemon do you have?"The girl asked."Will you show us?"

    "Sure,go Amy and Ally"! (Ally is the eevee)Ariana commanded her pokemon and the two pokemon came out.

    "A vulpix and eevee huh?Nice."The boy said.

    "Thanks.I actually just started my journey this morning."Ariana said.

    "Meet us back here at 12pm,we're ganna go get the stuff we need to fix this and talk to the mayor."Miranda said.

    Miranda grabbed Justin's wrist and pulled him back towards Viridian City as she ran.Ariana turned back to the growlithe that had just set the forest aflame.

    "If this place had to burn down because I wanted to catch you than its not going to waste.Amy use tackle attack!"Ariana commanded.

    It hit the growleithe.The growlithe launched itself onto Amy and bit her leg.

    "Throw it off Amy!"Ariana commanded.

    The red fox flipped over and sent the wolf pokemon flying.

    "Tackle it!"Ariana commanded.

    The growleithe dodged Amy and jumped on top of it and bit its back.Aly sat there watching the two fight.

    "Amy use---"Ariana stopped as the fox through the growleithe off and small bits of flame came from its mouth and hit the growleithe.The growleithe flinched and as it steadied itself Ariana commanded Amy to attack again.

    "Great job Amy!You used Ember!Now use tackle again!"Ariana commanded.

    Amy quickly ran at the growleithe and jumped and its head hit it in the side and the growleithe was pushed across the ground intill Amy pushed her legs down and stopped herself from moving forward.

    "Use ember again Amy!"Ariana commanded.

    The bits of flame came from the fox pokemons mouth again and the growleithe fell over on its side.It didn't have but a little bit of energy left.Ariana pulled out a empty pokeball and threw it the growleithe.The ball closed and rocked three times.It clung confirming it had been captured.

    "Yes!"Ariana exclaimed and ran over to the pokeball and picked it up.

    She slipped his ball into her pocket.She looked at her watch.It was 12pm.

    "Great job Amy!"Ariana exclaimed running over to Amy and picking her up,pulling her into a hug.

    "Vul vul vul."Amy said happily.

    She sat the fox pokemon down.Ally came over and Amy and Ally began chasing each other,playing.After about five minutes Miranda and Justin ran in front of her.

    "I caught the growlithe!"Ariana exclaimed happily.

    "Great job."Justin said.

    "Good job Ariana,but now we have to fix this mess."Miranda said.

    "Right."replied Ariana.

    "Return,Amy,Ally."Ariana commanded and their balls spit out red light and consumed the pokemon,and went back into the pokeballs,with the pokemon.

    She put the pokeballs in her backpack,and did the same with Alex's (the growlithe,and its a boy) pokeball.She looked at her bike.Thankfully it was unharmed.Ariana took her backpack off and leaned it against her bike.


    Hope you guys like chapter 2 I worked on it really hard earlier today and now I'm posting it.So enjoy! :) I know nobody has posted yet but oh well some people don't want to post even though they read it.I'd like some comments,and some telling me how I could make it better,some constructive critisim.(yeah sorry I can't spell constructive)so yeah.The important thing to me is you guys enjoyed reading it and are hopefully eager for chapter 3.Thanks for reading guys! :)

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    Default Re: Pokemon Flamed Destiny

    It's very promising. Has a lot of potentiaal. Keep at it.
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    Default Re: Pokemon Flamed Destiny

    Thanks!I'm working on the next chapter it should be up in the next few days.


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