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    Well guys I'm here with a new story that I just couldn't get out of my head. I hope you all enjoy.

    If you want to read the story at FF then go here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4723977/1/Pokemon_Dawn_of_Darkrai


    I always knew that this was going to happen to me someday. Ever since my mom told me that I was “special”, I could tell by the worry on her face that something inevitably bad will happen to my being.

    I looked up slowly to the dark angry sky full of black clouds. Pouring water falling from above disrupted my vision. The rain poured fiercely as if it knew the misery and sorrow I was going through right now. I just stood there in the cold rain that matched my emotions. No jacket, no umbrella, no nothing. Just my everyday clothes.

    I didn’t bother to move; I could care less if I got pneumonia or any other kind of disease. In fact right now I could care less whether I live or die. I deserve death. After all, I did kill him.

    I looked down slowly to see his cold body on the ground, in an unconscious-like state being poured on by the cold rain. I watched as the rain pummeled his face and drop from his wet black hair. My body tensed. My hands and teeth clenched together. I stared at him angrily but not because of him but me.

    Why? Why did you do all this for me? Why didn’t you just stayed away from me and let me die? You had everything; a good chance at accomplishing your dreams, family and friends, a beautiful girl who loved you and only you, respect, fame. Everything a person would kill for and you threw it all away for an unworthy cause.

    So why Ash? Why did you sacrifice your life and everything you worked so hard for, to save me?!

    My tears camouflaged with the rain that was already sliding down my face. I just couldn’t understand it. I warned him to stay away from me, I told him there was nothing he could do to save me from my inevitable demise, but everyone knows that trying to persuade that stubborn idiot to stay down was almost like trying to wake a Snorlax up without food or the Pokeflute.

    I remembered back, when he so determined to protect me. I actually thought he could protect me from my fate. I thought about the amazing things he did in the past that was thought to be nearly impossible to do.

    “I don’t care if Darkrai is impossible to destroy! Dawn is my friend and I will not just stand here and accept that she will be killed just because some stupid prophecy said so! I will change her destiny. I’ll fight that thing for the rest of my life if I have to! As long as there’s a single breath in my body, I will not let that monster hurt her!”

    Those were his words. How foolish I was to actually believe them, to have hope once again when all hope vanished as soon as I was born. I should have known not even someone as amazing as Ash could stop fate from turning its wheels. I’m destined to be killed by Darkrai. I’m the necessary sacrifice that needs to be done in order to maintain balance between Light and Darkness.

    I am the embodiment of Light, the rising sun. While it is the essence of pure Darkness, the twilight. Every two thousand years a human was chosen to be a sacrifice to maintain the balance. A resurrected invincible Pokemon would kill the one chosen.

    I was chosen.

    I wiped my tears off my face and slowly formed a smile. Not one of happiness but one to help my body survive the severe depression I am going through. I once again stared at his body. I remembered when I first met him. When I found his Pikachu and helped him defeat Team Rocket from capturing it. Those were the happy days. The days when I thought that maybe my fate to die was a complete lie and that maybe I got around it somehow. That I could be this happy forever.

    Once again, I was foolish. I wish I could go back in time and smack my older self for trying to be happy. For trying to run away from all of her problems and honestly think they won’t someday catch up to her.

    As time passed on in my “happy” life, I had begun to feel something. An emotion that I wished that would have never befallen me. A phase that sent my life into the depths of hell. Love.

    I fell hopelessly in love with that stubborn idiot. Who now because of that stubbornness is lying on the ground unmoving in the rain. Forgotten.

    Back then I was always happy to be with him. To see him working so hard for his dream to become Pokemon Master, to see him battle some of the greatest Pokemon Trainers in the world, to see him cheering for me when I’m a participant in a Pokemon Contest, and to see him smiling was something I wouldn’t give up for the world.

    I was going to tell him my feelings for him someday. I promised myself that I would. My dreams about being happy with him fueled my resolve, but even then I was foolish as always. On the same day May Maple, one of my love interest’s previous traveling partners, came to the Sinnoh region for a visit and for the Wallace Cup; I was going to finally tell him my feelings. I remembered blushing like crazy that evening slowly walking towards his room thinking of things to say. I felt so strongly after winning that battle against May that I could do anything even gain the love of my life’s heart.

    I hate how foolish and utterly stupid I am. I truly do.

    When I went to open the door I heard a noise that sounded like moaning. I remembered my heart beating fast as I slowly creaked open the door to see what I hoped I would never see. The boy that my heart desired and May, my so-called “friend”, was passionately kissing not even noticing that someone opened the door.

    Tears got through my eyes as I closed the door slowly. They were so deep in the kiss that they didn’t even hear the sound of the door closing. I remembered how I felt when I ran to my room, tears falling behind me.

    I remembered crying all night.

    The next day I went to meet up with Ash, Brock and May tired from not getting one lick of sleep from crying all night. Ash and Brock was trying to figure out what was wrong with me and why I looked so tired. I lied to them and told them I was fine and even put up a fake happy façade.

    Ash decided to let it go and believe that I was okay. After all he knows I’m a “strong” girl who doesn’t let the past affect her. Brock, however knew something was wrong with me. I could tell by the look on his face. Brock narrowed his eyes at me when he told Ash that he forgot to tell me the good news.

    My eyes widened wondering what the good news was. Ash said “Oh yeah” and he grabbed May’s hand who was giving me the peace sign with her tongue out. I then realized what they were about to announce.

    “Me and May are uuuuum..” Ash trailed off. I watched him as he pondered something.

    “Dating you idiot! Is that so hard to say?!” May yelled at him. He scratched his head embarrassed.

    I almost was about to run away again but Brock was studying my reaction and if I were to run he would know what was wrong with me. If he didn’t already figure it out of course.

    I gave the new happy couple a fake great looking smile. I lied when I said I was happy for them. Ash and May thanked me as I lied again and wished them both happiness in the future. I even faked joy when May told me she was also coming with us on our Sinnoh journey.

    I was completely miserable through the whole journey. Watching Ash and May being so happy together sickened me to the core. Ash and Brock noticed that I wasn’t acting like my usual cheerful self. Once again I lied and always told them I was fine and gave them my famous “no need to worry” phrase. Ash of course joked and would always say, “When you tell me not to worry is when I worry the most” like my mother would always say. It didn’t bother me like it used to.

    I lost every single contest I was in and most of the time didn’t even make it to the second round. Ash, Brock, May, and even Zoey who witnessed my unusual behavior during contests knew something was up and they weren’t just going to take “I’m fine” anymore.

    I told them to not worry about me but they wouldn’t give up.

    When I went to my room I saw that it was unlocked. I opened it to see Brock staring at me seriously sitting on my bed. I could already tell by his look that he must know what was wrong with me. He told me how he knew that I was jealous of May and told me that I need to get over it and be lucky that I’m even apart of his life. Brock told me Ash loves me as a friend and would never trade the bond we have for anything and that I would have to understand that.

    When he left I thought about what he said all night until I fell asleep dreamless. The next day when I saw Ash’s smile again I knew that I couldn’t get over him. I loved him too damn much to let go of him. Sure I can find other guys out there who were actually interested in me, but most boys only wanted to get into my pants. I even found a boy who I was escorting somewhere because he asked try to look up my skirt. The actual sincere ones wasn’t my type or I just couldn’t get over Ash to accept any one of them.

    I hated May. No I despised May. Every day I put on a happy front for her when in reality I wished she never existed. Despite the strong pureness in my heart, the little darkness that was there became bigger. I wished for May’s death every single day. I know it’s shallow, I know it’s wrong. I know I should be happy for them but I can’t. I couldn’t.

    Everyday I saw myself in May’s place. I was just so jealous of her I couldn’t stand it! I continued to secretly wish for her death, for her to just disappear forever.

    I obviously never heard of the words “be careful for what you wish for.”

    I remembered when I saw her near-death body. She was smiling at me the whole time crying. She gave me one huge smile and told me something that would haunt my dreams for the rest of my life.

    “Dawn...take care of that idiot for me…”

    I didn’t know how to react feeling as though her death was my fault. My wish for her to be gone had come true. Even though it wasn’t by my hands, I killed her. I felt like killing myself from the guilt as I watched May’s death.

    But that wasn’t all; no I hated myself even more for something much worse. Something that would make me the scum of this earth.

    Before May’s death, Ash came to me nervously wanting to ask me if I could help him choose a wedding ring for May. I wanted to say no, I really did but looking into his face and his nervous smile. How could I refuse? I would help Ash in his happiness even if that happiness weren’t with me.

    I asked him while searching for the perfect ring why he would worry about getting married at the young age of 17. It killed me to hear myself accepting Ash and May getting engaged.

    Ash smiled and looked up like he was counting his blessings, and told me about his “other” dream to start a family with the one he loves. He turned his smile to me.

    “May pregnant. I’m going to be a dad!! Isn’t that awesome?!” Ash spilled the news with joy in his voice.

    Nobody, no one could ever imagine what I felt when I saw May, killed trying to protect me from Darkrai. Not only was her death my fault but the death of Ash and May’s child, Ash’s dream and their happiness was also my fault. All given up for what?

    Absolutely nothing. I consider myself as such.

    Every person who tried to stop the impossible and protect me was killed. I’ve seen more deaths than the average 16-year-old girl should see in their lifetime. Everyone who was important to me, everyone laid their lives down for me…

    Now here I am, in the cold rain staring at Ash’s limp body. I heard something and looked up to see a levitating figure with glowing red eyes slowly come closer. Finally, this day has come. There was nobody else who would fight Darkrai now. I have absolutely no intention to run away from it this time. It’s over; I wanted it to kill me to just get my life over with it.

    I walked a short distance towards Ash and lied down on his body. I wanted to die in his arms. I wanted to die with him. I caught a glimpse of Darkrai charging up for a powerful Shadow Ball attack to finish the job once and for all. I saw this moment as an opportunity to get what I always wanted before I died.

    I tightened my grip on Ash’s hand and moved my face close to his. I caressed his hair then his face before I leaned in to kiss him. I could feel the power of the Shadow Ball attack coming at me as I kissed him but I didn’t care I was in my own world. I couldn’t wait to die and to see their happy faces again.

    Darkrai had finished charging the attack and fired it at me. I finished the kiss and stared at the incoming instant-death attack. A flashback of a scene in my life came to me.

    “Dawn I think it’s time you knew why I gave your name. Before you were born my life was miserable and full of darkness. I was about to give up on life itself because I thought I would never be able to see light in my life ever again until you were born Dawn. I named you Dawn because you gave me a reason for my existence, you gave me the joy of being alive again when seeing your smile as a baby. I want you to never look back at your shortcomings from the past and always look forward to a bright future. Remember these words Dawn..”

    I smiled a huge genuine grin that showed my teeth when I remembered the words my father said long ago to me before he left. These are my final words, remember them well.

    “The darkness comes before the dawn.”

    Pokemon: Dawn of Darkrai

    So what do you think? A little angsty I know but that was the point.
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