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    Discailmer: no don't own this.

    This is a OC/OC pairing fic. This doesn't belong in any of the categorys listed, don't know if a OC/OC pairing is a Oringal story or not.

    Info: I am writting this fic all because I wanted to be a pokemon coordinator all my life. I always wondered what it would be like to enter Pokemon contests, and earn ribbons. If the pokemon world was real, and was the world we live in, I'd be a Pokemon Coordinator. This fic starts in Kanto. Yes, if you watched Battle Frontier you'd know there are contests in Kanto. My character Kairi travals around with a pokemon trainer called Sora. Sora wants to be a pokemon master, and Kairi wants to be a Master Coordinator just like her mother. No, this isn't a crossover of Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon I'm just using those names for oc Pokemon characters. Also this is an all oc trainer/coordinator fic, as this is based off of the games not the show,but the coordinator matches are still like the show though. Ok, our story starts...

    Chapter 1

    Kairi had just turned 10 that morning. She was so excited. Today was going to be the day when she got her first pokemon, from Professor Oak. She couldn't wait. Kairi made up her bed, put on her favorite outfit, brushed her teeth and went downstairs to eat breakfast,"Good morning mom."

    "Good morning, Kairi dear," her mother said, looking up at her. Kairi sit down to eat a bowl of Cereal. "Kairi, I got you something at the Mart today for your journey," her mother told her as she watched her eat.

    "Really? What is it?" Kairi asked getting very excited.

    "It's a Pokegear. It has everything in it that you'll need on your journey. It has maps, of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Shinnoh. Plus it also displays the time for you, and it has a telephone as well. The best part is it, stores all your items and money in it." Her mother repiled.

    "Gee, thanks Mom." Kairi said, taking the pokegear, and straping it onto her arm. "This'll be a big help."

    "You better get going to Pallet Town or you'll be late getting your first pokemon," her mother reminded her.

    "Ok, bye mom." Kairi said. She Kissed her mother on the cheek and went outback to get her bicycle and ride to the harbor to take a ship to Kanto.

    Kairi pays for her ticket and gets on board the ship. She parked her bike in her room, and stood on the ship looking out over the water,'I can hardly wait till I get to Kanto.' She thought, grinning.

    As soon as she made it to the harbor, she rode her bicycle into Pallet Town. She walked up to the professor's door and knocked. He answered it,"Hi. I'm here for my first Pokemon." The Professor stared at her,"Ah, you must be Kairi. Come in, come in."

    The Professor led Kairi into the lab. He showed her all the starter choices. It was a hard choice but Kairi decided to go with the Pichu. She decided to let Pichu walk outside its ball with her, well ride in her bike basket anyway. The professor, gave her six pokeballs, and a pokedex, and sent her on her way.

    Kairi put Pichu in the bike basket, and checked her map,"Ok, Viridian City's that way." She got on her bike and peddled down Route 1. This is just the beginning her adventures with Pichu. Kairi hopes to make great friends and pokemon, and become a top coordinator like her mother. That all lies in the future for now.

    Meanwhile, another person was going for his first pokemon as well. It was a boy named Sora. "I can't wait!" He jumped for joy, very excited,"Then I'm on my way to becomming a Pokemon Master!" (Kinda sounds like Ash huh?) When Sora got to the lab the only Pokemon the Prof. had left was a little Pikachu.

    "I'm sorry Sora, but all the other pokemon were already taken by other trainers," the Prof. told him. "Awww, that's ok Prof. I couldn't ask for anything better then this Pokemon. I love it!" Sora said picking up Pikachu and hugging it.

    "Be careful, Sora." The Prof. warned him,"Why?" Sora asked. He then have to wait for an answer, Pikachu shocked him. Sora screamed and fell over anime style. "Oh, I see," Sora said blowing a puff of smoke from his mouth. "Here, Sora your pokedex and 6 pokeballs." The Prof. handed them to Sora.

    But, oh no! He forgot about Pikachu, he was still hugging it too tightly. Pikachu didn't like this too much and decided to make his point clear. He shocked Sora again. Once again, Sora was on the floor. Pikachu giggled at him. Sora put Pikachu down,"Wow! Your strong for a little guy aren't you," Sora told Pikachu.

    "Pika," Pikachu said nodding his head yes. "How would you like to go on a Pokemon journey with me and be my first Pokemon. I'm Sora, nice to meet you Pikachu." Sora said reaching to shake Pikachu's hand...er...paw. "Pi," Pikachu said agreeing shaking Sora's hand.

    "So, do you want inside your pokeball or do you want to be outside with me?" Sora asked. "Pika," Pikachu said hitting the ball away with it's tail. Sora laughed,"I guess that answers that question," He said. He put Pikachu on his shoulder and said bye to Prof. Oak and went over to his house to pick up a few things before leaving.

    "Better take a good look around now Pikachu, we won't be back here for awhile," Sora told his little pal. "Pika pi," Pikachu responsed. It took a look around Sora's bedroom. It got it's head stuck in a dresser,"Pikachu," Pikachu cried, shaking it's back legs and pushing on the dresser trying to get loose.

    "Oh Pikachu," Sora sighed, helping Pikachu out. Sora then grabed some clothes from the dresser after helping Pikachu out. Pikachu went to look around the other rooms while Sora packed. He ran into Sora's mother,"Oh you must be Sora's starter pokemon. Nice to meet you. I'm Sora's mother. Aren't you the sweetist little thing," Sora's mom said picking up Pikachu,"Pika pi, pikachu?" Pikachu said rubbing his head.

    "Ok, Pikachu, I'm ready," Sora called from upstairs. He came down the stairs backpack on his back,"Oh, mom I see you already met Pikachu huh." He said,"Well Pikachu it's time to be going little buddy."

    "Pi," Pikachu got on Sora's shoulder. Sora said bye to his mom and headed out on his way to the first place,'Viridian City.'

    A/N: How was that for the first chapter? I know short, but as I get more into the fic, I'll start writting more. Still pretty good though huh? I find that I'm pretty good with writting pokemon fics, it's about the only types of stories I am good at writting.

    A/N: Well here's the second part. I decided how I want Sora and Kairi to meet. Please note this is not a Kingdom Hearts fic and there names are in no way connected with Kingdom Hearts. Just because I call them Kairi and Sora doesn't mean there them. They don't even look like them, they look more like the male and female characters from the Fire Red and Leaf Green Video games.

    Sora and Kairi's Trainer Cards so far. I had to use a Ash Sprite for Sora as Pokecharms doesn't have a Sprite for the Fire Red/Leaf Green Male character, but he doesn't look like Ash he looks like the Fire Red/Leaf Green male character. That's why I changed the sprite around to look as much like the character as I could.

    Chapter 2

    Kairi was peding her bike through Route 1 when she ran over something. Her, her bike and Pichu went flying. Kairi screamed for dear life as she held onto Pichu. They both hit the ground. Kairi landed on top of Pichu. This resulted in her getting shocked to death. "Ahhhh!" Kairi screamed

    She looked down to see what had triped her bike, it was just a stupid Diglett. "Diglett," the Diglett said with a grin as it popped back into the ground. "Damn, Diglett!" Kairi conplained. She went over to check her bike. It had a flat tirer. "Damn now I have to walk the rest of the way to Viridan City." Kairi hated walking long distances. It hurt her feet,"Oh well can't be helped I suppose." Kairi sighed,"Come on Pichu let's go."

    "Pichu pi," Pichu repiled. Kairi started pedding her bike down Route 1 as Pichu followed her.

    Meanwhile Sora and Pikachu were being attacked by a Spearow on Route 1. Pikachu had battled it and lost as it was at too high a level. Even though flying types are weak against electric attacks, it's level was too high, for Thundershock to have much effect. The Spearow dived down getting ready to attack Sora, while he held tight to Pikachu. "Pi," Pikachu jumped out of Sora's arms, and got ready to use Thundershock. "No Pikachu, that won't work!" Sora told it.

    But Pikachu wouldn't listen. It shocked the Spearow anyway. The Spearow avoided the attack,"Spearowww!" It screamed in rage. "Pika!" Pikachu panicked as it was threw to the side.

    "What was that!" Kairi screamed as she saw a lightning attack off in the distance,"Wanna go see what it is?" She asked her pokemon. Pichu nodded. Kairi pedded her bike faster running, Pichu running at her hills. Once there she saw a boy and a Pikachu being attacked by a Spearow. "Pichu Thundershock!" She conmanded. "Pichuuuuuuu!" Pichu let out a thundershock at the Spearow. It stopped attacking Sora and went after Kairi. The boy ran up to her,"It looks like the only way to beat it is to work together," he told her.

    "Right, a double Thundershock," Kairi answered.

    Sora nodded. Both Pichu and Pikachu held hands, as the Spearow dived, both trainers screaming,"Thundershock now!"



    The shock hit the target. Spearow screamed in pain as it fainted to the ground. Sora decided to let Kairi have it, since he would of been dead meat without her help in the first place. "Ok, go Pokeball!" Kairi screamed throwing the ball at Spearow. It went inside. The ball shoke once, twice.......three times then......DINE! "Yey! I did it!" Kairi screamed with happiness. But that happiness was not to last when she saw her bike,"Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! My bike! It's ruinned!" Her bike was all char coaled from both thundershock attacks.

    "Now I'm gonna have to walk, everywhere," Kairi conplained.

    "Oh, come on it's not that big a deal," Sora told her,"By the way, I'm Sora Hikaru."

    "I'm Kairi Hill, and yes it's a very big deal. Walking hurts my feet," Kairi sighed,"Oh well guess it can't be helped right." Both Kairi and Sora laughed.

    Then they saw there pokemon, both were passed out on the ground from using too much electricty. "Oh no!" They both screamed picking up there pokemon. "Guess we should hurry and get them to the Pokemon Center huh," Kairi said.

    "Right," Sora repiled. They both ran down Route 1 towards Viridan City. Kairi's bike just laid there in a crumpled hept on the ground, forgotten. By the time they reached Viridan City it was already night fall. They both hurried to the Pokemon Center. "Nurse Joy!" They both screamed entering, the center. "What is it?" Nurse Joy asked them both.

    "Please take care of our pokemon," they both said at once.

    Nurse Joy took both Pichu and Pikachu in the back. Kairi and Sora waited in the waiting room. They waited for hours. Just then a smoke bomb entered the room.

    "Who's there!?" Kairi screamed. Sora coughed from the smoke in his face.

    "Prepare for trouble." The first voice said.

    "And make it double!" Said the second.

    "To protect the world from devistation."

    "To unite all people within our nation."

    "To denote the evils of truth and love."

    "To exstant our reach to the stars above."



    "Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"

    "Surrand now or prepare to fight!"

    Then a Meowth popped out and said,"Meowth, that's right!"

    "Wow! a talking pokemon. What is that?" Kairi wondered flipping open her pokedex, as the smoke all cleared out,"Meowth cat scratch pokemon. Adores circular objects. Wanders the streets on a nightly basis to look for dropped loose change," the pokedex told her.

    "So your called Meowth huh?" Kairi asked.

    "Yup," Meowth answered.

    "Forget that. Were here to steal the center's pokemon," Jessie explained,"So hand them over!"

    "That's right," James said. "No way! Not in your lifetime!" Sora screamed. "No way your getting your hands on these pokemon!" Kairi agreed.

    "We'll see about that! Go Ekans!" Jessie screamed.

    "Go Koffing!" James also screamed.

    They both threw out there pokemon. "What are we going to do?" Kairi wondered. The center was under attacked by Team Rocket, and Pichu and Pikachu were in no shape to fight right now. The only pokemon in any shape to fight is the Spearow Kairi just caught. But would it be strong enough to take on two pokemon at once......

    To Be Continued.......

    That was not the Jessie, James and Meowth from the anime. It is the Jessie, James and Meowth from the Pokemon Yellow version video game.

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    Please put your chapters in separate sections. =D
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    That's not necessarily the case. She didn't even have to edit the post. It'd be one thing if she was posting the second chapter in the same post after any real length of time, but all at once is fine.

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    my writting sucks, think maybe I could get a tutor, please

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    That's what the Beta Thread is for.


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