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    Default Pokemon BrainBronze

    I decided to make a fanfic chronicling adventures through Johto (and maybe Kanto, too). Ethan's journey will be pretty reverent to the HG/SS plot, but Lyra's journey will be different. Much of this is going to be satire of the Pokemon games. I'll post chapters as I write them.

    Chapter I: Let's go on a super fun Pokemon adventure

    “Have you ever wanted to be a Pokemon trainer?” Ethan asked.

    “Maybe when I’m older,” Lyra responded.

    “You know Red was our age, and he became a champion in Kanto.”

    And so the tale of Ethan and Lyra, two ambitious 10 year-olds, begins. Ethan and Lyra promised each other that they would become trainers when they had the chance. One day they were given an opportunity.

    One day they visited Professor Elm, famed Pokemon researcher. He told them, “Hello kids. Mr. Pokemon wants a small errand run, so I need you two to go there. He lives near Cherrygrove City. You may encounter some wild Pokemon on the way, so I’ll let you borrow some of our Pokemon to protect yourself. You see, Pokemon are-”

    “Yes, we have heard that plenty of times before,” Lyra replied, which spared them yet another boring introduction to their world.

    So after being introduced to the selection of Pokemon, Ethan chose to borrow Chikorita and Lyra chose Totodile. Then they left.

    “I think we should get permission from our parents before we leave for Cherrygrove City.” Lyra stated.

    Ethan did not actually think about whether his mom would actually allow him to go. On his way back home he noticed this attractive girl loitering around Elm’s laboratory. He decided to strike up some conversation:“Hi. You look pretty today. I’m gong on a mission to Cherrygrove City and it’s pretty dangerous-”

    “I’m a guy.”

    “Really?!” Ethan exclaimed and left in embarrassment.

    Upon arrival to his house, Ethan asked, “Hi mom. Professor Elm wants Lyra and me to go on an errand to Mr. Pokemon’s house by Cherrygrove City. Is that okay?”

    Ethan’s mom replied, “It’s okay, just be back before your dad gets home.”

    “I have a dad?”

    And so Ethan and Lyra began their journey.
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    Default Re: Pokemon BrainBronze

    I lol'd. This is funny, keep it up!

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    Default Re: Pokemon BrainBronze

    OK this was pretty good for a start. I like the title.

    To tell you the truth though I thought it was short, it was funny, but short...



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