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    Default Pokemon: Adventures Through Kalith

    Well this is my new fic, actually my first attempt to a Fakemon fic, and this will be a great Pokemo adventure.


    New Pokemon tools mentioned:
    Starball: one of the new Pokeballs that have been discover, it isn’t as strong as a master ball but it has a lot of capture energy

    Episode 1: The six qualifiers

    Why are people born…you’re born one day and you come across this weird world that you don’t know, and you can’t hope for anything good to come from it…why do people live for if they don’t know what’s going to happen to them in life…and most importantly, why would someone want to live a life where they chase a dream they can’t reach.

    Those were the words from the book we were reading in class a week ago; I’ve been thinking about those lines every single day for the past week, I mean why would someone write something that really made life suck; what was the message in that.

    Well I had a lot of time to think about that. I was sleeping during Mr. Medina’s class; something I do a lot might I say. I was finally in the place of my dreams when I heard a loud noise coming from my seat. I jumped up and saw Mr. Medina glaring at me with his piercing blue eyes; I never noticed how weird he looked, he had brown skin but his glasses were like oval or something from the round family; his ties were normally some kind of color that no one would use on a tie, like crimson with polka dots, or blue with fishes; he was wearing crimson with fishes how original. His dark green jacket was the thing that made me laugh it looked like it hadn’t been washed in years.

    “Ellery why are you sleeping in class again” he glared at me once more, god he really knew how to piss me off. “Um…it’s obvious your teaching’s so interesting that I felt sleep wondering what you’ll teach us next” I said hoping that he’ll fall for it. He didn’t he grabbed my shirt and sent me out of class.

    Passing through the white hallways I could see every single classroom, they all had small windows so you could see the class; I stopped in front of the long group of mirrors that were in the wall near the bathroom. I could see every detail instantly; I mean I know you can see everything about you in a mirror, unless you’re a vampire of course. But I never really paid attention to my reflection before. I really needed to get new clothe, I was still wearing the white shirt with the Starball on it, my jeans were like always blue; they’ve been like that since I was eight, my straight black hair was raised again, I kinda hated that but it was my trademark if you could call it that.

    I just turned and kept walking out of the building. My school was really big it had a bout seventeen buildings; a huge campus with a quad in the middle, the cafeteria was next to me I could still smell the aroma of pancakes and fried eggs. I had to walk all the way to the main office that was in the first building, I’ve been going there a lot since I started High School. I stopped for a Pepsi in building six; I took my time it’s not like I had a lot of things to do. I walked up to one of the posters nearby. ‘Qualifying Trainer Exams tomorrow’ I turned to look away.

    You see I live in the region of Kalith, people here go on Trainer journeys like in other regions; only difference is that we go when we’re fourteen, not just that but we have to pass this special test if we want to become a Trainer; in other words the retards have to stay home and wait till next year. Fortunately for me I had a plan to pass without studying, I simply had to go to the front office, the principal has the answers to the test so I could just distract him and steal the answers to the test; yeah that’s what I’ll do, I got a big grin in my face and then started walking to the front office.

    “Hey Sharon” I said as I got into the office. It was actually small there were a few seat there, the staff’s rooms were all around it, it actually mad it look bigger. On the middle of the floor there was this huge desk, kind like the ones they have in the main room at the hospital. The woman sitting there had long blonde hair, she was wearing a dark blue skirt, a dark blue jacket with a white shirt and she had glasses that looked just like Mr. Medina’s.

    “Hey Ellery, I see you got sent back again” she looked at me with an obvious kind of look. “Yeah, can I just go into the principal’s office, I wanna get this over whit” I grinned and put my hands together in hope. “Sorry but the principal is talking to professor Clain right now” she turned to look at her computer and then clicked a few keys. “Yep, their meeting will last till the end of school, after all the exams are tomorrow so they have to be ready for everything” she led me back to the door. “So I should just go back to class” I smiled; I couldn’t believe I was off the hook, only bad thing is that I won’t get to steal the answers, or would I.

    School ended a few minutes after that I had to wait out of school. My best friend Juan and me always left school in our bikes, mine had flames all over kind like a flamethrower. His had bubbles all over it, you could say we were each other’s best friends and rivals. I didn’t saw Juan but I did saw my friend Alexa walking up to the gym. She had a long blonde hair, she was wearing her basketball shirt and shorts, they were white and red; she had blue eyes and spots on her face.

    “Hey Ellery” she walked up to me bouncing her basketball on the floor. “He Lex, ready for practice?” I said getting the chains off my bike. She giggled and then kept bouncing her ball. “Yeah, I got practice every day, although if I pass the Q.T.E I won’t have to anymore” she laughed. She was right whoever passed had to go, or could go on their own Trainer journey which meant no school, although I think they send you lessons via your Pokedex. “Yeah, I hope I can pass it, I heard it’s really hard” I said catching her basketball after she threw it at me. “Yeah, you have to take exams on Pokemon species, attacks and language” she said and then we both started throwing the ball at each other over and over. “I don’t know why we have to do language, it’s not like we can understand Pokemon anyway, only a few people manage to pass that part” I said. Then I saw Juan come out.

    Juan was a bit shorter than me, he had brown skin, he used to wear round glasses but then started using contacts, he had a blue sweatshirt, long black pants, and he was wearing aqua blue sneakers. “Hey man” I wave at him; he looked kinda sad though.

    “Hey celery, I just got turn down by Kelly again” he sighed and looked down. “First, you know I hat that name” I frowned at him, a lot of people used that name caused it rhymed with mine. “Second, there’s no way in hell that she’ll ever say yes to you” I laughed a little bit but Alexa told me to save it for myself. Juan sighed again but smiled at me. “Yeah, she’s really cute, but doesn’t really accepts a lot of guys” he laughed. Alexa frowned a little bit. “I just think she’s a slut, she acts like one, she looks like one so she must be one” she nodded her head. “You always gotta pull the slut card” I chuckled giving her a nudge. “Well I should probably go to practice, see ya” she turned around and walked away. Then Juan and I took off.

    We rode around the whole neighborhood; we lived in the town of Sparkle, it was calm most of the town was made of trees and houses, they were normal looking houses with two floors, they all had square roofs but they were different colors. “So tomorrow’s the Q.T.E, I’m pretty sure I’ll aced that exam easily” he smiled back at me, I couldn’t help but smile back; maybe I could just spent the whole night studying and that way I won’t be needing the option of going back to school and stealing the answers.

    Juan saw his house, it was mostly white with two floors, it had a backyard with a wooden fence, the front had a pathway that led to the white door, and the roof was blue color. “Well that’s my house, see ya” he turned sideways and got through his backyard. I kept going; my house was about 500 meters farther from his.

    I saw my house, it was kinda like Juan except that the fence was made of metal and the roof was red. I went through my backyard but as soon as I stopped my dad’s Scyther jumped me over. I jumped down from my bike and managed to dodge Scyther’s scythes. It smiled at me and then bowed. “Damn Cut, you’re gonna give me a heart attack one of this days” I said and then got up. You see my dad was a Trainer when he was young, he was dare I say the Kalith champion of 1973, and he traveled whit his Scyther who he called Cut. Cut walked up to the back door and opened it with its scythes. “Thanks” I said and got through the door that took me to the kitchen.

    I walked through the kitchen almost crashing with the desk. After that I got the living room, it had a huge pearl white sofa and two red couches, it had a flat screen TV in front of them; there was also a bookshelf with books about the Kalith League and all of that. I saw my dad coming down from the second floor. He had raven black hair, with a few white hairs though after all he was fifty or something; he had a white tight shirt, he had square glasses and a small beard.

    “Oh you’re back, so how was school?” he asked as he got down; this was our routine he asked me how school was, I said good then what I did in all my classes, then he’ll question me if I understood everything they thought me and we went on like that; you know being the son of an ex champion sucks when you don’t talk about anything like that. “It was good, the gave us a study guide for the Q.T.E” I got the study guide out and showed it to him. “Okay, then go study, I mean you do want to become a Trainer like your old man don’t you” he got out a bag of chips; I just listened to his advice and got up to my room.

    I saw my mom when I got up, she had just finished getting my clothes out of my room. She had a brownish orange hair, she was wearing a blue shirt and dark blue shorts, she was wearing glasses just like my dad’s; I know I noticed how many people wear glasses in my life.

    “Oh, hey baby, I just finished cleaning your room” she smiled at me softly. “Mom, I told you not to call me that” I whined; that’s the name they gave to the youngest in my family, yeah I’m the youngest feel free to say my life sucks. “I’m sorry, but I’m your mom and you have to live with that” she started walking down but then smiled back at me. My mom was the Kalith Grand Festival’s champion in 1972, she was a famous Coordinator in fact her rooms were all surrounded by old ribbons. I just got into my room. I had a big bed whit a red blanket and a red pillow, my closet was big enough for me to change in it, I had a black flat screen TV and my own computer.

    I figured that I could just study and all that boring crap, after all I had nothing to do anyway. But first I got on my computer to do a little research. I got on MapQuest and printed a map of the Kalith region, and then I printed a calendar for all the special events including the Kalith region’s Pokemon league. “At least if I pass I’ll be all set up” I said and then put the papers on my desk.

    I took the study guide and then started studying all the questions. After three long hours of studying I got down to eat dinner, my brother got into the house just when I got down. He was a tall man, he had jet black hair, he was wearing a black Metallica T-shirt, he had brown shorts and white sneakers.

    “Hey little bro, how are things going along” he said as he got in. My brother was surely someone different, he was more like my half brother, mom was married to his dad and then got divorced, a few months after that she married my dad and five years after that I was born, now my brother turned then on 1991 and he became the Kalith league champion in ’92 so if you do your math well you’ll know that he’s twenty eight. “Not bad, I got my Q.T.E tomorrow” I shrugged; but my stomach started growling. I giggled slightly. “I’ll just go eat right now” I scratched my head and walked up to the kitchen with my brother.

    “Oh George, well you could’ve call” my mom took out another plate and put it on the desk; her Purugly was helping her out. My dad and Cut were sitting on the desk looking at the Kalith league’s handbook; after all they wanted me to win the league just like they did, even if it meant doing killing someone, how lucky am I. I sat down. “Hey George so are you letting Tigeice out?” I asked drinking some of my stew. “Oh right I forgot” he took out a Pokeball from his pocket. ‘Go Tigeice” he threw the Pokeball on the floor and his Pokemon came out.

    Then a huge tiger came out. It was about five meters taller than a jaguar; it had four legs with long ice claws, it was blue color and it had various icicles on its body, its face was blue too with long frozen whiskers, it had a small ice jewel on its forehead and long ice fangs. Its back had a long ice fin, and don’t even ask how it could wag its ice tail around.

    Tigeice walked up to the floor and started eating its Pokemon food. “So brother, your journey is about to begin, hope you’re ready” he said taking a sip of his stew. I just nodded all this talk about exams was just making me nervous.

    The next day I got up as fast as I could, I got down to the smell of pancakes and ate it out. “You better hurry to school, you don’t wanna be late” she said, but I didn’t heard half of what she said because I was already out of the house.

    I saw Juan coming out of his house and I rode next to him. “Hey man, today’s the day” he said just as he saw me. “Yep, now we can finally become Trainers” I smiled at him; then we turned our heads to look at the street that lead to Sparkle Town High.

    When we stopped Juan started to drool all over. Turns out he was drooling at Kelly; she had just got down from her mom’s car. She had a long black hair, she had brown eyes and a pale white skin, and she was wearing a pink top and a blue mini skirt. She was greeted by some of her friends and then got into school. I clicked my fingers so that he could get out of his trance. “Sorry” he chuckled and then walked off.

    I walked into Mr. Medina’s classroom; he started handing out the exams after a few minutes. I just starred at the weird questions that they wrote for it. Seriously this people were idiots, they were asking obvious stuff, like which of this are bug Pokemon weak to, the answer was fire; the others were rock and electric.

    After that they put different Pokemon to talk to us in a private room; we had to understand what they were saying; I could only managed to catch a few words like, hi, or are you listening to me idiot.

    “Man I’m beat!” I yelled to Juan while we were walking out of the exam room. “I hear you man, that test was hard” he said looking out at the quad, it was crowded by kids all around. “What do you think its happening there?” I asked and we walked up to the quad.

    “Don’t worry everyone, once I become the best I’ll tell everyone about the wonderful people in this school” I heard a very confident and elegant voice, when Juan and I managed to catch up we saw who was talking. It was Daniel, he was one of the most popular kids in school, his skin was the same color as Juan’s, he had a spiky black hair and black eyes, he was wearing a black tight shirt; kinda like George’s but in a different size. “Looks like Daniel is giving another speech, I heard he passed his Pokemon Language exam” Juan looked at me; he was right people always said that Daniel had a talent that helped him talk to Pokemon, I just ignored those rumors; it’s not like I care.

    Alexa came walking to us. “Hey guys, the results are coming in soon” she said. She was wearing an aqua blue shirt with the words Hollister on it; she had a pair of green shorts. “Yeah, they should be giving the results right now” Juan nodded in agreement.

    Then a man came in between the crowd and stood on one of the quad seats. He had white hair, he was wearing a lab coat with a yellow shirt under it, he had black pants and brown moccasins.

    “Hello students I’m professor Clain and as you all know I came here to give you the results of the passing students, and take them to get their starters” he turned to look at all the students. “And now I’ll be announcing how many students passed” he looked at the results and frowned a little bit. “Well it looks like only five people managed to pass the test” he turned back to us.

    “Wonder if we made it” Juan whispered. “Dude, only five people made it, you know how big the odds are” I whispered back. “Now here are the names of the five people” he started reading. “Firs we have Juan Alvarez” he looked straight at Juan; Juan looked back at me and then he walked up to Clain. “Then we got Alexa Burrows” he looked at Alexa the same way he looked at Juan. Alexa just smiled at me and stood next to Juan. “Then Daniel Rosa” Daniel quickly back up to him waving at the crowd; I just sighed.

    “Now Jake Dodge” I saw a kid walking up to him, he had a long blonde hair that cover his left eye, he was wearing a red jacket and blue pants, he had pale white skin and blue eyes. “And last but not least” he paused for a moment; I prayed to god that I was the fifth one. “Kelly Mora” Kelly walked up next to Daniel. Then everyone started clapping; but for a moment I felt like my breath was going out, I can’t believe that after that studying I didn’t managed to make it.

    But then Sharon walked up to professor Clain and started whispering in his ear, the professor just nodded at everything she said. “Okay people turns out we just got a six qualifier” he then turned his gaze at me. “Ellery Ferrer, you’re our six and last qualifier” again I felt like losing all my breath but in a different way. After a few minutes I managed to walk up to him and stood next to Jake.

    Again everyone started clapping at us and we all just waved at them. “We made it can you believe it” I said to both Juana and Alexa, I was even sounding anxious now.



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    First of all...what a marvellous improvement in grammar! =P

    But that doesn't mean it's top-notch yet. You missed out a few parts where commas are supposed to be (Word's grammar check?).

    I mean, why would someone write something that really made life suck; about human life in such a depressing way?
    Edited, because it screwed up the mood. =P

    Also, at the start, you might want to italicize it for, you know, style. It's a, uhm, tradition amongst most writers I know that italicize=something going on in their mind.

    That's all I have for now. Just so you know, you CAN improve, so try to and you'll be ace in no time...I hope.
    If ya need me, I'm probably playing some Mann vs Machine: http://steamcommunity.com/id/optimatum

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    Awesome but hard to read

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    Default Re: Pokemon: Adventures Through Kalith

    Deep beginning...I like it. More please?

    *makes puppy dog eyes*

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    Default Re: Pokemon: Adventures Through Kalith

    Episode 2: The three person task

    I walked up to professor Clain and stood next to Jake; he glared at me for a few seconds but then he turned around to look at the students. Jake and I weren’t good friends, we knew each other but every time we talked we ended up fighting; not just that but last time we almost got arrested, we were at the movies and we started fighting, the cops came in pretty quickly but the hatred was still there.

    “Now that we got our six qualifiers, we will be heading off for my lab,” Clain started walking and gave us a sign to follow him; we just did that, although Daniel tried to trip Juan over.

    “That wasn’t funny, I could’ve been hurt!” Juan glared at Daniel. Daniel smirked and then looked away from him. “I mean it, stop doing that!” he growled at him after that.

    “What are you gonna do shorty,” Daniel said and then he pushed Juan over. He was over his head; they both were about the same height, so there’s isn’t any need for him to call him shorty. Juan didn’t do anything; I wouldn’t have Daniel could’ve kick his ass to next Wednesday. “You’re not worth my time” Daniel then walked up to Kelly.

    “Don’t worry Juan, you’ll get him next time” Alexa patted his shoulder and then turned him around so they were both looking at each other. “Remember that from all six you got the best grade, so it’s possible that you will be a better Trainer than him” Juan just starred back at her and smiled.

    “She’s right man, so what if Daniel is popular, can get any girl he wants and he can kick your ass, that doesn’t mean he’ll be a better Trainer than you” I gave him a small smiled before he looked at me.

    “God, if you become more supportive I won’t have any negative emotions ever again” he laughed sarcastically; I knew that it was wrong for me to say that, but it did have him to feel better.

    “Well maybe you should just listen to your heart” I just kept walking; we were out of school by that time and we were walking to a huge white gate.

    When we got into the gate we went into the front yard of the building. It was a big white building with a Pokeball in the middle of the building; it had a lot of windows and you could see all the research material they had. I looked sideways at the Pokeballs that were being taken down from the truck, there were exactly six Pokeballs; two of them were blue, two were green and the last two were red.

    “So professor, what Pokemon are we getting?” Jake finally had the courage to ask something; he had been quiet all the way. Clain turned around and showed us three pictures of the three Kalith region starter Pokemon.

    The first one was a grass Pokemon; it looked like a green puppy dog. It had long ears that could pass by wings; it had a leaf hanging from its head and the symbol of a leaf on the middle of its body. Its tail was really short it kinda look like a cut vine. It had a long pointy nose, which was one of the only things that made it look like a normal dog.

    The other Pokemon was a fire type. It looked like a small red dragon, it had very small wings; so small I didn’t even know how it could fly with them, it had a long red face with little fangs; although the fangs were long enough to come out from its mouth, its head had a weird metallic black helmet, and its body had some kind of black armor on it; as for its legs they were kinda like the legs of a charmander but red.

    The third one was a water type. It looked like a blue cat, it had small ice shards on its body, its paws were really small and he didn’t had any claws; it had small ears, but from what I heard they could sense anything between a 600 meters reach. It had short whiskers, and its nose was white, it also had marks of bubbles around its legs and face. My guess was that this Pokemon was ice and water; not just that but according to George its name was Catmid, and it was Tigeice first form.

    “Wow, they’re so cute” Kelly squeaked and picked up one of the pictures. Alexa just grunted.

    “Typical slut answer” she said nodding her head. I tugged on her shirt so that she’ll stop; we didn’t wanted a cat fight in front of Clain. “Come on, you gotta admit this are starter Pokemon not stuff animals” she said glaring back at Kelly. Kelly looked at her with a look of disgust.

    “You’re just jealous cause you’re ugly and sweaty and stuff” she frowned and then gave Clain the picture back.

    “Nice comeback” Alexa rolled her eyes. Clain started walking into the lab so we followed again. When we got in I saw all of the aids and scientist that were doing Pokemon test; I think I even saw a scientist testing on a Rotom.

    “This is so cool” I clenched my fist and smiled widely; I was just a few minutes away of becoming a Trainer and after that I will have the chance to travel around Kalith, I just couldn’t contain myself. Clain stopped in front of a room with a white door. We walked inside and were greeted for his other two aids.

    “Well here we are, the Pokeballs are over there” he walked up to a desk that had six Pokeballs on it. “Now the first three people on the list get to pick first, then comes the other three” he turned to look at us; I knew that I had to go with the second group, I had Daniel and Kelly with me.

    “Okay, we’ll go first” Jake said and walked up to the desk. He grabbed the green Pokeball and let out the grass type.

    “Excellent choice Jake, that’s a Dograss a great Pokemon, might I add; it has the ability overgrowth and it can use its ears to jump trees” Clain said showing him the stats of Dograss. Jake just smiled slightly and then walked back to us.

    Juan and Alexa walked up next. Juan picked up the blue Pokeball and let out the Catmid; Catmid just stretched and then smiled at him; I thought I heard Kelly say how cute again. Alexa walked up to the second green Pokeball and let out her own Dograss. Dograss gave her a small bark and started licking her feet, Alexa just chuckled.

    “I can get use to this little guy” Alexa kneeled down and started petting the dog. Kelly just giggled a little bit. “What’s so funny?’ Alexa said an got up.

    “I’ll say it, but I might get kick out of here if I do” Kelly looked at Alex and then at Dograss. Alexa took a few seconds.

    “You’re the bitch!” She jumped up but Juan and I got in front of her so that she wouldn’t attack Kelly.

    “Calm down Lex, you don’t wanna have bad start” I said pushing her aside. Alexa just pushed her hair back and frowned. “Just calm down, we’ll start our journey soon” I said and then I looked at Clain, he nodded and I walked up to the desk. I grabbed the red Pokeball and then let it fall on the floor. The dragon came out and it fired a little smoke from its mouth; then it flew up to my head and smiled at me, I just couldn’t help but smile back.

    “Good Ellery, you chose Firgon, it might look small but it’s very feisty in battle” Clain gave me back the Pokeball and then showed me Firgon stats.

    “Hey little buddy I’ll be your Trainer now” Firgon just nodded at me and then flew down of my head. “I’ll think I’ll call you Inferno” Firgon flew around my head three times; I assumed it was a yes.

    Daniel and Kelly finally took a step up. Daniel grabbed the second blue Pokeball and he let out his own Catmid, this one was as show off as his owner; as soon as it came out it smirked at the other Catmid and then walked off to Daniel. Kelly didn’t had another choice but to grab the second red Pokeball. Her own Firgon came out and it started flying around her head; it got dizzy after a few seconds, and Kelly caught before it fell off.

    “So now you all have your Pokemon, and now I can finally give you your tasks” he gave us two maps; one of them went to Jake, Alexa and me; the other one went to Juan, Daniel and Kelly.

    “What’s this for Pro?” I grabbed the map off of Alexa’s hand and looked at it. The map had a red dot that was located in the middle of Sparkle forest. “Is this like a scavenger hunt or something?” he just nodded.

    “Well you could call it that, but it’s more like a Pokemon hunt” after he said that we all got a clueless smiled on our faces. “You see, all of you are going into Sparkle forest to capture a wild Pokemon, now you’re all gonna be divided in groups of three, but at least two of you need to capture a wild Pokemon” he put his finger up and then went to pick up something that was on his desk.

    “Here you have your Pokedexes” he showed us some kind of weird machines. There were six of them, all of them in different colors, they all looked like i-pods; on my part I thought they were really small for a Pokedex, but guess we won’t know till we test them out.

    “How are suppose to see the data of the Pokemon if the screen is to small?” I asked looking around for a second screen or something that might answer my question. Clain just pointed at Inferno. Then Inferno got in front of the Pokedex and a virtual screen came out from the small Pokedex. “Cool” I stared back at the data.

    “Firgon-the dragon Pokemon: this Pokemon live in the hottest part of a volcano, people say that their species live inside the lava till they’re big enough to travel out in the world, after a Firgon dies its spirit goes back to the volcano it was born and then creates another Firgon to replace it” I just stared at the information, if I said right it showed me the staff, and if I went left it showed me the attacks.

    “Wow, that’s so cool,” Juan got in front of my face and started looking at my Pokedex.

    “Dude, you got your own Pokedex, look it!” I said shoving his head away. Juan got his own blue Pokedex out and pointed it at Catmid.

    “Catmid-the feline Pokemon: this Pokemon are normally kept as house pet due to their playful nature, Catmids have very great jumping abilities and they can resist temperatures to 350 degrees Celsius” Juan did the same thing I did for Inferno but he just put his Pokedex back afterwards.

    “Wow, these things are cool” Alexa said her Dograss barked in agreement. “Maybe we should check it out too” she got her green Pokedex out and looked at Dograss’s data.

    “Dograss, the pup Pokemon: Dograss are kept as house pets like Catmids, but when a Dograss reaches a certain number of age they run away from their houses and escape into the wild” Alexa didn’t looked at the stats or the attacks she just turned the Pokedex off and put it in her Pokedex.

    “So I guess the same data is in our Pokedexes too” Jake looked at his yellow Pokedex. I noticed that Daniel’s was purple and Kelly’s was pink, so the colors were practically varied. “So professor when should we start walking?” he asked obviously referring to the tasks they gave us.

    “Yeah, you should probably start right now, hope you all have a good adventure and I hope you all comeback safe and sound” the professor opened the door for us and we left the room.

    Juan said goodbye to me and Alexa; after all we were in different groups. I turned to look at Jake and Alexa; Alexa was petting her Dograss, and Jake was sitting on top of a tree with his; I just noticed that I’m the only one that doesn’t have a Dograss in our group.

    “So let’s go,” Jake jumped down from the tree and started walking. “Come on you guys, I can’t be the only one to catch a Pokemon.” Alexa and I glared at him for a few seconds but we just had to finish this task and we’ll be off in our journey.

    We were walking down on the Sparkle forest; it was a really lush forest, it had trees that got from the entrance and it lasted for like 12 miles. I looked around the trees and saw some Beedrills but I just ignored them and focused on what Pokemon I could catch.

    “We should just catch weak Pokemon, after all Clain said that two of us needed to catch at least one Pokemon, so why don’t we just catch a low level one and that way all three of us will pass” Alexa nodded in agreement, it was actually a pretty logic idea. Jake just turned his head; his hair bounced off his head with the wind but I could still see the hatred in his eyes. “Wow Jake why don’t you just put a little grin on that face” I said smiling at him.

    “Why don’t you shut up Ellery, if we catch weak Pokemon we won’t be able to fight with all those strong Pokemon once we start our journey!” he glared at me again, but then calmed down. “Let’s just try to find a moderate Pokemon and head off” he kept walking.

    I didn’t want to pick another fight so I just nodded.

    We walked around fifteen more minutes till we finally found a Pokemon for Jake. Jake chose to capture a Dustox. Dograss got in front of him and started barking at the mod.

    “Okay Dograss, tackle” Dograss started running at the Dustox and it hit it in its left wing. Dustox got up a few seconds after that; it looked like it hadn’t receive a lot of damage, then it let out a small tornado and it sent Dograss flying back to Jake.

    “Come on Dograss, you have to get up!” Jake yelled at the poor dog; but Dograss actually got up after that. I growled at the Dustox before letting out a bark. I could notice that the Dustox started to lose energy. Jake turned around and looked at us. “That was growl, it’s an attack that can decrease an opponents attack.” I recognized that attack, it was one of the rookie attacks a Pokemon learned; Alexa on the other hand had to think harder to remember.

    “Now Dograss use bulletseed” Dograss ran at Dustox and then it fired a barrage of glowing seeds at the mod. Dustox fired another tornado and both attack crashed; the seeds got blown away, the tornado just disappeared after losing its course. “Now use razorleaf” Jake threw his fist in the air and then Dograss started charging energy on its ears. Dograss waved its ears around and it fired four leafs at the Dustox. Although Dustox did countered that with a stunspore; but the momentum the leafs had was so strong it blew the spores away.

    The leafs hit Dustox and then slashed its wings down; the bug Pokemon started descending down on the floor. Jake got out one of his Pokeballs.

    “Time to make my catch” he threw the Pokeball at the Dustox and the Pokeball absorbed it. The Pokeball started to wiggle, after three wiggles it finally pinged and caught the Dustox. Jake walked up to the Pokeball; then he grabbed it and raised it in the air. “That’s one down” he turned to look at us. “Now it’s your turn” he starred directly at me, I just nodded.

    “Don’t worry man, I’ll have my catch” I smiled and gave him a thumb up; I think I even saw him laughing a little bit. Then I heard my stomach growling; I thought I was about to faint at that moment. “Can we get some food first” I laughed a little bit.

    We took a small rest near a pond and started eating. I got my lunch out; my mom gave me a ham sandwich for lunch, Alexa had a turkey sandwich, the bread in her sandwich had some nuts. Jake brought out a small bag of chips and a piece of lasagna.

    “So what Pokemon do you wanna catch?’ Alexa asked me taking a bite out of her sandwich.

    “I’ll probably catch the Pokemon I think fits me best” I said; Inferno started drinking some of my soda but I took it away. “You don’t want a sugar rush” I took a sip out of it; Alexa and Jake both looked at me in disgust for drinking the soda but I just ignored them. “What about you Lex?’ I asked finishing my sandwich.

    “I’ll like to have a water Pokemon, as you know I was in the swimming team, so any Pokemon that can swim on water will work for me” she smiled and then finished hers.

    “If you like water Pokemon why did you chose Dograss?” I asked with a very confuse face; I mean you like water, then why get grass.

    “Cause that way it’ll be easier to catch water Pokemon, get it” she knocked at my head. “Now, we should keep looking around for more wild Pokemon” she got up at the same time as Jake; I got up a few seconds after, I just needed to catch this Pokemon and it will all be set.

    The sun was starting to set off; we knew that the Sparkle forest was very dangerous at night time so we had to hurry. I saw a flying Pokemon about to leave a tree.

    It looked like a chick. It had yellow feathers and long orange talons, it had a long orange beak and its tail was kinda rainbow color. Its body was about 5 kg bigger than a normal bird. Its talons had a sharp end on the back, and its eyes were both yellow.

    “Wow what Pokemon’s that?’ I got my Pokedex out and started looking at the Pokemon’s data.

    “Winged-the chick Pokemon: this Pokemon live in tall trees for comfort, after the winter ends they go to warm places like cities that are close to the border of the region; although people might say their beaks are too weak, they beg to differ” I put the Pokedex back on my pocket, now I really wanted to catch one of those.

    “Go Inferno” I let out the small Firgon, it yawned for a few seconds then it flew up so that its eyes would meet Winged’s. “Okay, use scratch” Inferno flew at Winged and it started slashing around Winged’s chest with its claws. Winged flew out of the branch and started pecking Inferno around its head; too bad for Winged cause the helmet decreased the damage.

    “Now use ember attack” Inferno breathed deeply and then it fired a barrage of fire bullets at Winged; the Pokemon got serious burns and fell down. It struggled but it finally got up. Then it raised its wings and flew at Inferno; the attack sent it flying. “Inferno, get up and use another ember on its right wing” I ordered clenching my fist.

    When Inferno got up it breathed again and fire another barrage of bullets, this one hit Winged’s right wing and it made it fall off. “Now I got you, go Pokeball” I took out my own Pokeball and threw it at Winged. When Winged got absorb the Pokeball started to wiggle, it looked like it was gonna break around the second one; but it finally got passed the third one and it pinged.

    I walked up to the Pokeball trying to hide my happiness; I just couldn’t let Jake and Alexa see me burst out of happiness.

    “Good job, that was a great capture Ellery” she patted my shoulder and looked at the Pokeball. “Now, I just need to capture mine” she said. We saw that the sun was practically gone.

    “We should put the tent, things might get a little rough from here on it” Jake said getting out the tent equipment.

    “Sure” I walked up to him and helped him. After we were done I got out looking for Alexa. “Hey Jake, where did Alexa go?” I asked hoping he knew.

    “I don’t know, maybe she went to get some water” he said. “Just calm down” he patted my shoulder and sat in the ground.

    But for some reason I just couldn’t calm down, I felt like something was happening.

    “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!” I heard a huge shrieked; not just any shrieked but Alexa’s.

    I turned to look at Jake, if he wasn’t gonna do anything then I was. Then I turned around and started running out.



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    Once again, nice. I see a few grammar mistakes here, so keep a watchful eye. Can't wait for the next part.


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