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    Ty opened his eyes to see daylight flooding into his bedroom. He rubbed his eyes for a minute then sat up. "Today is the day" he said out loud. He got out of bed and got dressed into his blue t-shirt, jeans, white and black and red high tops and his red baseball hat hich he grabbed of of his bed post. He stumbled down the stairs since he was in suck hurry and sat down to the rice cakes his mom made for him. "Thanks mom" he said whil gobbling down his cakes. "I can't beleive today is the big day" said his mom "It seems like just yesterday I was filling your bottle and feedng you." Ty could see the twinkle in his mom's eye and knew she was tearing up. He pushed his plate foward and got up. "Bye Mom" he said while his mom locked him ito a hug. "Please come back sometimes" his mom pleaded. She was crying all over Ty's shoulder now. He grabbed his bag off the stairs and opened the door. He stepped out on to the porch and down the steps. He began his walk towards Professor Oak's Lab. He couldn't have asked for a better day to start a Pokemon Journey. The sun was shining, and everyone seemed to be happy. Suddenly he heard a kind of twinkling sound above him. He looked up and couldn't beleive what he was seeing. A pink, catlike Pokemon was flying above him into the forest. It had to be Mew. His walk turned into a sprint as he ran towards the Lab to tell Professor Oak. He burst through the door. Professor Oak was helping a girl Ty new as Alyssa. Not because they were friends, because he had seen her around the town while he was out playing. Alyssa had picked Bulbasaur from the looks of it. Professor Oak said "Ah yes, you must be Ty. I thought you would be coming. Please pick a Pokemon off of this table I have here. "OK" said Ty "I'll pick this one". He held up the Pokeball containing Charmander. "Take this too" said Professor Oak. He gave Tyler and Alyssa both a Pokedex. "You two should travel together" said Professor Oak. "Sure, sounds good" said Alyssa cheerfully. "OK" said Tyler. Tyler and Alyssa walked out of the lab and down the route. This was the beginning to a great adventure.

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    Please start your fics in the Workshop proper, not the Archive, please.


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