No, this isn't EXACTLY like the manga. I just had no other name. So I am making chapter one right now. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Start of a Journey

Red arised from his small bed. Opening his eyes, he looked out of the window and to beautiful Pallet Town. He could see Leaf and Blue's house from a distance, and Oak's laboratory with yet another line of trainers retrieving their starters. He messed a bit with his SNES, playing some Super Probopass Bros, and then went downstairs and greeted his mom. He ate his breakfast, and then he remembered: He was getting his starter today! He dashed out of the house, holding onto his hat to keep it on and realized Blue and Leaf were in the lab with him. Professor Oak said, " Now all of you are receiving your starter Pokemon. You will be choosing your most trusted friend for your whole journey, let you travel from this region to the unknown. You have three choices you may want Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. Now, Bulbasaur would be the easiest to use on your journey, Charmander might be difficult.." Blue, a bully and a rowdy grandson of Oak said, " Give me my starter NOW or I will get my pellet gun..." "Now, Blue, be patient. and Squirtle.... Rather moderate, I must add." Red said, " I request Charmander." But Blue pushed Red into a machine, resulting in a minor explosion and took Charmander's flaming ball. Red then took a ball, along with Leaf.

Which ones did they take? All will be revealed soon!!!