TEEN: Pokemon Academy Gx Sprite Comic.

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Thread: Pokemon Academy Gx Sprite Comic.

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    Default Pokemon Academy Gx Sprite Comic.

    This will be my attempt to convert the Pokemon Academy GX RP(with the maker, mwto's, permission) into a Sprite comic.

    NOTICE: I need to finish making the Island before I can make the comics, so there WILL be a waiting time.

    Also, before I end,
    The Sprites in this comic mostly belong to Nintendo, some are custom, and some are not, I do not claim to own any of this. That said, enjoy the comic.
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    Default Re: Pokemon Academy Gx Sprite Comic.

    Please do not post a thread in the main forum until you have some content to post in it. In addition, sprite comics are more art than writing and as such this will belong in the Artist's Alcove when it is properly started. I'm going to close this now, but go ahead and PM me if you have any questions. :)
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