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    Default Pokemon Academy: Dedication through Light and Darkness PG-13 [Reboot]

    Hey all. Shadow Lucario here. With me I have a fan fiction I wrote about three years ago. I posted it over on SPPf and decided to see how it would do over here. This fic gets a PG-13 rating for occasional profanity, violence, death, and sexual references. I had posted it here before, but it kind of died. So here is the story of a boy who needs to choose one side; light or darkness. Which will he choose?

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own any Pokemon that appear in this fic. I DO own all the human characters and the Pokemon Academy setting as they are of my own creation. This is meant for entertainment purposes only.

    Pokémon Academy: Dedication through Light and Darkness

    Chapter 1: Exams!

    Pokémon are very mysterious creatures. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Each one comes with its own set of unique powers, some that aren’t known yet. Humans have learned to coexist with Pokémon; some have not. There are humans who are afraid of Pokémon and some who use them to get what they want. Some humans, called Pokémon trainers catch Pokémon and pit their creatures against another trainer’s in a battle. Other show off their super powered pals in a contest; these people are called Pokémon Coordinators. To become one of these trainers, one usually goes to a trainer’s school. To get into a trainer’s school, a person must pass the entrance exam or impress the school administration enough that they let them in.

    “I’m so excited,” a boy muttered to himself. “To be accepted into the Pokémon Academy would be awesome!”

    The boy was sitting in what looked like a fairly small arena. Blue seats surrounded five battlefields, a railing protecting anyone from falling onto the fields. Many people were there. Some were sitting in the seats; some were on the fields in the midst of a battle. Most of the kids were acting just like the young boy; sitting and thinking or talking to themselves.

    “Jyharri Ahmed,” said a voice through an intercom at the top of the wall. “Report to field four.”

    The boy stood up, looking around. His black over shirt complimented the red undershirt he was wearing. His black jeans seemed to be almost very tight, pressing against his legs. As Jyharri walked towards the field his red sneakers squeaked against the tile floors. As he reached the field, another boy was walking away from it. The boy wore a white sleeveless shirt with black jeans.

    “Hey,” he said as Jyharri was by him. “Are you going to field four?”

    “Yeah I am,” Jyharri replied.

    The boy laughed. “Good luck then. The proctor is very good. I barely won.”

    Jyharri simply nodded at him. “I’m not a push over. I’m also very good.”

    The boy laughed. He patted Jyharri on the shoulder which basically said, “Yeah right.”

    “My name’s Brandon by the way,” the boy held out his hand.

    “Jyharri,” Jyharri told him as he shook his hand.

    “Hope to see you at school,” said Brandon as he walked off.

    Jyharri looked at the field he was heading to. The proctor there wore a blue blazer that stopped at the feet. As Jyharri walked closer, he noticed the proctor was a female. Her black hair covered her face, save for her left eye. Jyharri’s hair parted above his forehead, coming down to his cheeks. As the young boy approached the proctor, she turned around.

    “Are you Jyharri?” she asked.

    Jyharri nodded as he took a big gulp, trying to calm himself down. He pulled out one of his Pokeballs and showed the proctor he was ready for his battle.

    “You’re eager aren’t you?” she asked, chuckling a little.

    The proctor also took out one Pokeball and tossed it into the air. As the ball reached its maximum height, it opened, shooting out a white light. The light hit the ground and formed a medium-sized purple creature. It had a huge mouth with yellow lips and peg like teeth on each corner.

    “A Loudred huh,” Jyharri said as he chuckled. “Zangoose, stand by!”

    Jyharri tossed his Pokeball onto the field, it opening and releasing the same white light. This time the light formed a creature that was mostly white in color. It possessed deep red markings on its face, chest and paws.

    “Ok trainer,” the proctor yelled. “This will be a two on two battle! You win and you’re in the Academy. You lose; well all I have to say is better luck next year. You may start first.”

    Jyharri chuckled once more. “Ladies first,” he said with a little bow.

    “Big mistake,” said the proctor. “Loudred, use Stomp!”

    Loudred jumped high in the air, positioning himself over Zangoose. As the purple creature fell, he brought down his right foot.

    “Zangoose, block,” Jyharri told his Pokémon.

    Zangoose smiled and crossed his claws over his head. As Jyharri thought, Loudred landed on Zangoose’s claws, no damage done to Zangoose.

    “Throw it,” Jyharri said as he pointed towards the roof.

    Zangoose pushed Loudred back into the air, higher than before. Zangoose didn’t need a command for the next attack. He knew what his trainer was thinking. The Cat Ferret Pokémon jumped into the air, his left claw surrounded by what looked like electricity. The claw turned different shades of purple and pink as Zangoose flew through the air. When Zangoose and Loudred were on the same level, Zangoose brought his claw down onto Loudred’s head, knocking him into the ground.

    “Finish him,” ordered Jyharri.

    As Zangoose came down, his claws started to glow white. Zangoose turned his body so that his face was towards the ground, claws ready to strike. Jyharri smiled as his Pokémon slammed into the proctors, bashing and beating it with his claws. As Zangoose jumped back, Jyharri gave it a “good job” pet on the head.

    “That is one powerful Pokémon,” the proctor complimented as she recalled her Loudred. “Are you ready for my next Pokémon?”

    Jyharri simply nodded as he recalled his own Pokémon and pulled out his second Pokeball.

    “Go Kricketune!” the proctor cried as she tossed her Pokeball.

    Out of her second Pokeball came a red Pokémon that resembled a conductor or stringed instrument. It had a mustache, two small feet, black wings, and scythes for hands.

    “Eevee, stand by!” Jyharri shouted, tossing his own Pokeball.

    After the white light disappeared a small fox like creature was on Jyharri’s side of the field. It had brown fur, a bushy tail that has a cream-colored tip, and a furry collar that is also cream-colored. It also had brown eyes and big ears.

    “Eevee use Quick Attack!” Jyharri told the small Normal type.

    Eevee ran towards Kricketune, only seen as a cream colored blur. As Eevee neared the Bug Pokémon, Kricketune put his scythe like arms down in front of him, points out.

    “Eevee stop!” Jyharri called out.

    The Normal Pokémon was lucky his trainer had a quick mind. Eevee barely managed to stop right before Kricketune’s sharp arms. Eevee looked up at Kricketune, a mad look on her face. Kricketune smiled as he swatted Eevee back to Jyharri.

    “Kricketune doesn’t like it when other Pokémon get into his bubble,” the proctor told Jyharri. “You’ll have to try something else.”

    “Try a Shadow Ball,” Jyharri decided.

    Eevee jumped back to her feet and opened his mouth wide. Black energy started to gather in her mouth in the form of a ball. Jyharri pointed his finger at Kricketune, signaling to fire away. The ball was launched from Eevee’s mouth and flew towards Kricketune. Kricketune tried to scuttle out of the way, but the attack was too fast for the bug type. The proctor was shocked to see her Pokémon hit the ground.

    “Are you all right buddy?” the proctor asked Kricketune.

    Kricketune replied with a click, shakily getting up.

    “Eevee use Tackle now!” Jyharri shouted.

    Eevee dashed towards Kricketune, just like before, but much slower. As Eevee collided with Kricketune, the Bug Pokémon started to glow white as he crossed his arms. He didn’t even move an inch either.

    “What gives?” Jyharri asked confused. “Eevee’s Tackle connected, but Kricketune didn’t take damage or even move.”

    “You are an amazing trainer yet you don’t know the power of Bide?” the proctor asked. “This next attack should be fun. Release it!”

    Kricketune pushed out his arms, releasing the light. As the light his Eevee, she flew back towards her trainer, hitting the ground hard.

    The proctor started to clap her hands together as she said, “Well that’s that.”

    “I don’t think so,” Jyharri said, an angry look on his face. “Don’t underestimate my Pokémon!”

    As the proctor looked across the field, she could see Eevee starting to stand up. The Normal type was shaking as she got up, but she got up regardless. The proctor seemed surprised as Jyharri laughed.

    “Eevee hit Kricketune with Iron Tail!” Jyharri yelled.

    Eevee ran towards Kricketune, her tail starting to glow. As she was about to reach Kricketune, Eevee jumped. Flipping in the air, Eevee gained momentum as she fell towards Kricketune. The proctor gasped as Kricketune did too. Eevee slammed her tail into Kricketune’s head, knocking him into the ground.

    “Now it’s over,” Jyharri said as he pulled out Eevee’s Pokeball.

    “Congratulations,” the proctor said, still somewhat surprised. “And welcome to the Pokémon Academy.”

    The proctor recalled her fallen Pokémon back into its ball as Jyharri did the same with Eevee. The proctor walked over to Jyharri and handed him a card. The card read, “Welcome to Pokémon Academy! If you are in possession of this card, you have passed the entrance exam. Congratulations! Boats leave for the Academy tomorrow at 9:00 AM sharp. Don’t forget to register the first day of school!”

    “Sweet,” Jyharri exclaimed. “I can’t wait!”

    “Good luck at the Academy,” the proctor told Jyharri.

    “Thanks,” Jyharri told her as he ran off to go tell everyone he knew.

    Any feedback would be great. How could I possibly know people are interested in this story if there is no feedback?
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    Default Re: Pokemon Academy: Dedication through Light and Darkness PG-13 [Reboot]

    One thing I'm curious about is, why didn't you start posting the remix version? :O

    Anyway, nice first chapter. I'm kinda bugged that Jyharri won his first battle against the proctor, though we'll see how his character develops. I surely hope we don't get to see yet another Gary Stu.

    Keep it up!

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    Default Re: Pokemon Academy: Dedication through Light and Darkness PG-13 [Reboot]

    I can post that one as well so people can compare it side by side.

    It was crucial that he won the battle. If not then he wouldn't have been able to go to the school. They can't be too hard :P Next chapter should be up tomorrow.
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    Default Re: Pokemon Academy: Dedication through Light and Darkness PG-13 [Reboot]

    It was a nice chapter, I liked how you portrayed the battle though Jyharri is a bit of an uncommon name but it has a nice ring to it. One thing I noticed, is that it had some relations to the first Yu-Gi-Oh GX episode, but only in how the entrance exam is done and the clothes Jyharri was wearing as well as his aptitude towards joining the academy.

    One thing, you need to add a little more description.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Academy: Dedication through Light and Darkness PG-13 [Reboot]

    Many thanks for the review. I sort of took from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Pokemon to make this fic. You'll see the apparent similarities in the upcoming chapters. Now here is chapter 2.

    Dedication through Light and Darkness

    Chapter 2: Arrival to the Academy!

    “All of you have been presented with a card if you won your exam battle. You will need to show said card to the young man in front of the boat BEFORE you can get on. You will then have to also show the same card to the same man AFTER you get off the boat.”

    It had been a few days since the entrance exam into the Pokemon Academy. A man was explaining how to get to the Academy through a megaphone, his blue blazer flapping in the wind. Jyharri was standing in the back of a crowd of kids, attempting to hear what the man was saying.

    “If you cannot present the card before you get on the ship you will have to go home. If you cannot present the card after getting off the boat then the authorities will be notified and you will be taken home,” the man told the kids. “We don’t want to do that so please have those cards ready.”

    Jyharri reached into the pocket of his black pants and pulled out a rectangular shaped object. It was the card that the Academy man was talking about. Just in case he lost it, Jyharri scribbled his name on it in Sharpie.

    “Perfect,” Jyharri said to himself.

    “Wait up!” cried a voice.

    The voice seemed to be coming from the parking lot area of the harbor. The figure of a boy was seen running towards the boat. Jyharri squinted, trying to figure out who it was. He recognized the voice, the clothes seemed familiar.

    “Don’t leave without me!” the boy cried.

    As the boy reached the harbor Jyharri finally realized who it was. It was Brandon!

    “Brandon,” Jyharri said to him as Brandon caught his breath. “Why are you so late?”

    “Jyharri,” Brandon said between breaths. “You won your battle?”

    “No I just decided to hang out here,” Jyharri replied.

    “The sarcasm is strong in this one.” Brandon laughed weakly.

    A horn blew. As the kids turned around steam was coming out of the smokestack. The boat was ready to leave. The kids formed a single file line and began shuffling onto the boat. As Jyharri and Brandon boarded the boat they saw that it was bigger than it looked. There was red carpet that looked softer than a cloud. As the two trainers walked through the boat they noticed that the walls were covered with portraits of either people or Pokemon. Sometimes it was both.

    “Hey Jyharri,” Brandon called to him.

    “Yeah what is it?” Jyharri asked.

    “The carpet has been four colors so far,” pointed out Brandon.

    “Really, I didn’t notice.”

    “Let’s go,” said Brandon as he signaled for Jyharri to follow him.

    The next room they entered was the size of a house. The clinking of glasses was heard throughout the room as the trainers lounged around. Carts with food and drink alike were scattered around the room. Some of the trainers were grooming or playing with their Pokemon. As Jyharri and Brandon entered the room everyone looked at them. Everybody in the room started to laugh or snicker.

    “What’s so funny?” Jyharri asked them.

    “Someone has been waiting for you,” said a boy.

    “Who?” Jyharri demanded.

    “Me,” said a voice.

    A boy around the same age of Jyharri and Brandon stood up. He brushed his black hair to the side, out of his face. As he walked his blue sneakers made no sound against the wood tile floor. Jyharri looked him up and down, trying to figure out what he would want. His blue eyes seemed to pierce Jyharri. Brandon gasped when he saw his eyes, Jyharri didn’t make a sound.

    “I saw your entrance exam battle,” said the boy. “It was pretty impressive.”

    “Yeah, I guess it was,” said Jyharri. “So, what do you want?

    The boy pulled out a Pokeball. “A battle,” he said.

    Jyharri chuckled. “Then a battle is what you’ll get.”

    The trainers around the two boys backed off to give them room. The trainers who had their Pokemon out recalled them to watch the battle. Jyharri pulled out his first Pokeball, staring down his new rival.

    “The name is Sean by the way,” he said throwing his Pokeball.

    As the Pokeball opened, a white light shot out, hitting the ground. The light materialized into a creature that resembled a praying mantis. The blades on its arms shined in the light.

    “Nice Scyther,” Jyharri commented as he threw his Pokeball. “Zangoose, standby!”

    Jyharri’s Pokeball opened in the same fashion as Sean’s, but released Jyharri’s Zangoose instead. Scyther and Zangoose stared each other down, not moving an inch. Scyther made the first move, jumping towards Zangoose, blades extended with their points out. Zangoose simply pushed the top of Scyther’s blades, pushing him out of the way. Scyther caught himself and swung towards Zangoose’s back. The Normal type jumped into the air and flipped behind Scyther.

    “Zangoose use Crush Claw!” Jyharri yelled.

    Zangoose’s right claw started to glow a bright white. Zangoose hit Scyther in the back of its head, slamming it into the ground. The wooden panels around the Pokemon cracked and broke. Zangoose then jumped in the air, still holding Scyther, and threw Scyther into the opposite wall. Scyther slid down to the floor not moving.

    “Scyther, return,” Sean said as he pointed his Pokeball at Scyther.

    “Good job Zangoose,” Jyharri said as his Zangoose walked to him. He pointed his Pokeball at Zangoose and recalled it.

    “Not many people defeat my Scyther,” Sean said. “Well done. Now my next Pokemon will not be defeated.”

    Jyharri smirked as he reached for his last Pokeball. Sean pulled out his Pokeball and put his head against it in a sort of prayer. As he threw the Pokeball, Sean put a little more force into his throw. As the white light shot out of the Pokeball, Jyharri threw his own. The light out of Sean’s materialized into a large blue tortoise with a brown shell. It let out a loud bellow as its cannons protruded from its shell. The light from Jyharri’s Pokeball materialized into an orange lizard creature. The creature stood on its hind legs, its tail trailing behind it. The flame at the end of the tail heated the room. The Pokemon stretched its wings to their full length. The inside of the wings were a green-blue color.

    “Charizard, this is going to be tough,” Jyharri told his Pokemon. “We’re facing a Blastoise. This will probably be our toughest battle.”

    Charizard snorted, a small flame coming out of his nose. Blastoise stared down Charizard, a grin spread across his face.

    “No one has ever beaten my Blastoise,” Sean bragged.

    Jyharri chuckled. “Well today will be the first day it loses.”

    “I doubt that,” Sean said as he laughed.

    Charizard faced Blastoise, giving him an intimidating look. Everyone in the room flinched, except for Blastoise. The two exchanged looks for what seemed like hours. The tension was building. Everyone in the room was waiting for the two Pokemon to clash. After what seemed like an eternity Charizard moved. He swung his tail at Blastoise’s feet. The Water Pokemon simply jumped a little bit, Charizard’s tail missing completely. As Blastoise landed the whole room shook. Nearly everyone in the room fell. The only two standing were Blastoise and Charizard. Blastoise then made his move, throwing a punch at Charizard. The Fire type blocked the punch with his wings, not taking any damage. Then Charizard opened his wings with enough force to send Blastoise skidding back a few feet. The Pokemon were now where they started.

    “Blastoise, go on the offensive,” Sean suddenly shouted. “Use Water Gun!”

    Blastoise’s cannons flew downward and aimed at Charizard. Water exploded from the cannons in the form of a ball. As the first one missed Charizard, six more came.

    “Charizard,” Jyharri thought quickly, “into the sky!”

    Once more Charizard opened his wings. As they reached their maximum span Charizard took off in one flap. As he reached the ceiling Charizard busted through it. Blastoise then ran through the door following his target. Sean ran after his Blastoise as Jyharri climbed through the hole in the ceiling following his Charizard. As Jyharri reached the roof of the boat he saw that Blastoise had jumped into the ocean. He had also seen a figure on Blastoise’s back. As Blastoise swam around the boat, Jyharri noticed it was Sean. Jyharri whistled a very unique whistle, calling Charizard to him. As Charizard flew by him, Jyharri hopped onto his back.

    “Let’s go take out that Blastoise,” Jyharri told Charizard.

    Charizard then dove towards the water, pulling up just above the water. Blastoise spotted him and swam towards them at full speed.

    “Hydro Pump Blastoise!” Sean yelled.

    “Flamethrower Charizard!” Jyharri shouted.

    Blastoise’s cannons popped up above the water, shooting two blasts of water that connected into one. As Charizard opened his mouth, the flame on his tail grew bigger. A fire formed in Charizard’s mouth. As he blew out a stream of fire shot out. As they connected steam erupted into the sky. As the Pokemon were about to crash, Charizard flew higher and turned to see Blastoise as the Water type spun around.

    “Mega Punch Blastoise,” yelled Sean.

    “Metal Claw Charizard,” Jyharri shouted.

    Once again Charizard dove towards Blastoise, his right claw glowing white. Blastoise pushed himself out of the water, his right fist glowing. The two hands collided, a thunderous bang erupting through the surroundings. By now the entire ship was watching the battle as the boat passed the two Pokemon. As Blastoise attempted to pull Charizard down into the water with him, Charizard blew a flame on Blastoise’s body away from Sean.

    “Are you ok?” Sean asked Blastoise as the landed back into the water.

    Blastoise nodded as he swam ahead of the ship and behind Charizard. His cannons appeared above the surface again and fired rounds and rounds of water at Charizard.

    “Behind you,” Jyharri warned Charizard.

    As Charizard spun around, three off the water balls hit him in the chest. After the first three Charizard dodged them all.

    “We’ve been in a position like this before Charizard,” Jyharri started. “We’ll end it like we did with that Empoleon!”

    A grin grew across Charizard’s face. As he lowered down above the surface, Charizard took off towards Blastoise at a high velocity. Jyharri lowered himself, holding on tight.

    “They’re moving faster than before!” Sean was shocked.

    As Charizard neared Blastoise, he went into s spin. The water around Charizard parted, making small wakes on either side.

    “Now use Flare Blitz!” Jyharri shouted.

    Suddenly Charizard became engulfed in a bright flame. The flame surround every part of Charizard, save for where Jyharri was.

    “Now use Fire Spin!” yelled Jyharri.

    As the flame shot out of Charizard’s mouth it didn’t fly towards Blastoise, it spun around Charizard. Blastoise shot out blasts of water, attempting to put out Charizard. Charizard simply moved left and right, avoiding the blasts. As the fire surrounded Charizard steam appeared on either side of him.

    “Just a little more,” said Jyharri as they came close to hitting Blastoise.

    Suddenly out of nowhere, a blue body appeared in front of Blastoise. Charizard instantly stopped, the flames extinguished. The body that appeared in front of Blastoise was big. It was at least forty-five feet long. On top stood a man, a man Jyharri had seen before.

    “What do you two think you’re doing?” he asked the two, almost demanding the answer.

    As soon as he spoke Jyharri recognized him immediately. It was the man from the docks.

    “We were having a battle,” Sean answered.

    “Didn’t you two read the student manual?” the man asked.

    Both of the trainers shook their heads. “I didn’t know there was one,” Jyharri told him honestly.

    “Well,” said the man pulling out a pocket sized book, “It says here in Article I, Section IV, Subsection III, Line VII, ‘No battling on the boat’.”

    “We didn’t know that,” Jyharri said.

    “That’s a dumb rule,” said Sean.

    “Then there is the damage you caused in your battle,” the man went on. “A hole in the floor, a hole in the ceiling, and a chunk of the deck wall is missing.”

    Jyharri looked at Sean at the sound of the man’s last words. Sean pointed at Blastoise and Jyharri already knew. Blastoise had broken through the wall instead of jumping over.

    “That is going to get you two in some big trouble,” said the man. “At least three weeks of detention.”

    Jyharri scoffed as Charizard flew up onto the deck of the boat. Sean had Blastoise swim over to the side of the boat where the emergency boats were kept. He then proceeded to climb on the boats and onto the deck. Sean pulled out his Pokeball and recalled Blastoise, a smile on his face. After Jyharri recalled his Charizard he walked over to Sean.

    “That was a great battle,” said Jyharri, extending his hand towards Sean.

    “Yeah it was,” said Sean as he gripped his hand and shook it.

    As the trainers shook hands a storm of kids surrounded them. Many of them told them that it was a great battle; some said it would be the best battle of the school year. Jyharri smiled as his fellow classmates complimented his battle with Sean.

    “This is going to be a good year,” Jyharri said to himself.

    “Hey Jyharri,” a voice called from the back of the crowd.

    Jyharri tried to find where it was coming from but had difficulty doing so. After looking around for a bit he spotted Brandon waving his arms.

    “Excuse me,” Jyharri told the people talking to him. “I’m going inside now.”

    The crowd parted as Jyharri walked by, leading him straight to Brandon. As they started to walk to a different part of the boat Brandon patted him on the back.

    “That was an awesome battle,” Brandon said. “If we have to battle in the future, I would surrender immediately.”

    The two chuckled at Brandon’s words. As they reached the back end of the boat they saw hardly anyone was there. Besides Brandon and Jyharri, there was only one other person there.

    “Who’s that?” Jyharri asked Brandon.

    Brandon tried to get a good look at her, standing on his tip toes. The girl’s dirty blonde hair lifted around her as a gust of wind blew through. Her white gloves seemed to be invisible against the white railing. She wore a green sleeveless shirt with blue jeans. As the girl turned to the side to watch the waves Brandon remembered her instantly. “Her name is Sydnie Lake. She is one great battler.”

    “Have you battled her before?” Jyharri asked.

    “Yeah, it ended in a draw,” Brandon replied. “I’m going to go ask her why she wasn’t watching your battle with Sean.”

    “No its ok she wasn’t watching,” said Jyharri.

    “You’re too modest,” Brandon told him.

    Jyharri tried to stop him, but failed to keep him from walking over to her. Jyharri thought it would be better if he was there. As Jyharri approached them Brandon had already asked his question.

    “Oh, I was there until his Charizard bust through the roof,” she said. “I knew it would be over for Charizard right there.”

    “Well, guess you were wrong,” Jyharri said, half irritated. “I was going in for the finishing blow, but some guy stopped the battle saying it was against the rules to battle on the boat.”

    “Is he really that good?” Sydnie asked Brandon.

    Brandon nodded his head. “You would know that if you were there.”

    “I know Sean,” she said. “We grew up together and ever since his Wartortle evolved into a Blastoise he has been unbeatable. We’ll have to battle some time.”

    As she walked off Jyharri smirked. “Maybe you’ll be good enough to be my rival.”

    Sydnie stopped and turned her head sideways, her dirty blonde hair covering half of her face. She smiled. “Maybe you’ll be good enough to be MY rival.” As Sydnie turned her head she started to walk into the interior of the boat. Jyharri smirked as she disappeared into the boat.

    No, Jyharri thought to himself. This is going to be a GREAT year.

    About an hour later the boat arrived on the island. As the kids got off the boat they all showed the man their won cards that proved they belong on the island. Most of them were looking around in awe. Ahead of them after a long winding trail was a building about the size of the Sydney Opera House of Sydney Australia. The roof of the building was a shade of purple. About a few thousand feet to the left was a slightly smaller building with a green roof. Even farther to the right of the purple roofed building was a building with a yellow roof. The differences between the two buildings were that around the one with the yellow roof there was more flatland with no grass. Around the green roofed one there was tons of grass and trees. As the students walked towards the main building they saw even more buildings. There was one that contained a Pokemon Center, a shopping plaza, and a restaurant. Another one further along the road contained what seemed like a hang out spot for trainers, battlefields, and another restaurant.

    “Hey look at that,” said Brandon as he tapped Jyharri on the shoulder.

    Behind the island there were two small islands. Both had buildings on it. On one island the building had a blue roof, on the other a red roof. Behind the building there was a volcano. Jyharri thought about the volcano erupting and killing all the students, teachers, and Pokemon. He tried to push it out of his head and ask someone about it later. As the students reached the doors of the main building a woman was waiting in front of the doors. She wore a green blazer with grey pants. As the students reached her she looked at them all with her piercing blue eyes.

    “Welcome to the Pokemon Academy.” As she spoke she had a distinctive Russian accent. “I am Professor Torrey. I teach Advanced Pokemon Battling.”

    “Whoa,” was all Brandon had said. The minute they got to the doors his eyes haven’t left her.

    She threw back her shoulder length brown hair as she said, “Follow me and you will know what will be happening here.”

    As soon as she turned around the front doors to the building slid open. As they stepped inside the students saw that the inside of the building was gold in color. Like on the boat portraits lined the walls. The difference was that all the pictures inside the building were of people. Professor Torrey led the students up a flight of marble stairs and into what appeared to be the Main Hall. Three adults stood at the front of the hall, all wearing a different colored blazer. The man at the right wore a blue blazer that complimented his blue pants. His sandy colored hair covered almost half of his face. The wrinkles on his forehead showed he was a middle aged man. A woman next to him wore a red blazer with grey pants. She seemed to be nice as she had a smile on her face. Her black hair came down to the middle of her back, also covering half her face. She still kept her smile as she pushed her hair out of her face. She seemed to be fairly young, around her mid 20’s. At the end of the line there was a woman who wore a yellow blazer. Her white jeans stopped at the ankles and seemed tight. She also had a smile on her face, her semi long red hair brightening it even more.

    “From left to right are Professors Amy, Cindy, and Lou,” Professor Torrey told the students. “They are the heads of the houses you will be put in. Professor Amy is the head of Lightning Yellow, Professor Cindy is head of Fire Red, Professor Lou is head of Ocean Blue, and I am head of Leaf Green.”

    “Hello,” the three Professors said in unison.

    “How will we be sorted?” one of the kids asked.

    “You remember that card the proctor gave you?” Torrey asked.

    The kids all nodded.

    “The cards were actually recording your battle. You will put your card into a machine and then after a quick run through of the battle it will place you in the house you best fit in. The machines I am speaking of are in the next room. Only fifty can fit at a time so some may have to wait.”

    “We would like to have a single file line please,” Professor Lou bellowed.

    “For an old man that guy and yell,” Brandon said so that only Jyharri can hear.

    Jyharri snickered as the students shuffled into a single file line. As the kids got into a line Professor Amy counted out fifty kids and separated the first fifty from the rest. She then went on to repeat this procedure twice more. Jyharri was number one in the second group while Brandon was number fifty in the first.

    “Wish me luck,” Brandon told Jyharri as Professor Cindy led the first group to a door on the side of the hall.

    “This is where you will be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” Torrey informed the remaining students. “Also, all written exams will be taken in here.”

    After about thirty minutes, Cindy led the second group to the door. Jyharri took a deep breath as they entered the room. The temperature slightly dropped as the students entered the room. Jyharri first saw a row of machines, a door at the end. The room was more of a hall, fifty machines lining the walls. Jyharri walked to the first one he saw and pulled out the card he had gotten after his battle. He made sure it had his name on it and sure enough it did. As Jyharri looked at his machine he saw that the screen was blank. All he saw was his reflection.

    “What do I do with this card then?” he asked himself.

    “You have to put it into the machine,” said a voice by his ear.

    Jyharri jumped and saw Sydnie by his ear. Suddenly he was relieved.

    “Yeah but where?” he asked her.

    Sydnie took his card and rolled her eyes smiling. She pressed the one and only button on the machine and a slot appeared by the button. As Sydnie slid the card into the machine the screen turned on.

    Reading data, the machine said. Battler is Jyharri Ahmed hailing from Blackthorn City, Johto. Battle data is loading.

    As a sped up version of Jyharri’s battle played Sydnie looked impressed.

    “Looks like your friend wasn’t lying,” she said. “You are good.”

    As the battle video stopped the machine slowed down.

    Deciding on house, the machine said. Trainer battles with spirit and determination. House will be Fire Red.
    “That’s awesome,” Sydnie said.

    “Is there something great about Fire Red?” Jyharri asked.

    “Yeah,” she told him. “I’m in it.”

    A smile drew itself upon Jyharri’s face as well Sydnie’s. Jyharri looked up into Sydnie’s eyes and realized they were the same color as his, a light green.

    “If you have been sorted move into the next room and pick up your blazers,” Cindy told the students.

    Her voice was very light but it was heard throughout the room. Jyharri stood up and walked with Sydnie into the next room discussing battle strategies and their favorite trainers.

    “Paul is just way better than Gary,” said Jyharri. “He just is.”

    “Whatever floats your boat,” Sydnie told him.

    As the two new friends entered the next room they saw that rows and rows of different colored blazers lined the walls. Each was separated by house and last initial. As Sydnie and Jyharri reached the Fire Red section they dispersed for a minute of two, having different last names starting with a different letter. As Jyharri reached the ‘A’ section an elderly lady was sitting in a chair behind a table.

    “Last name?” she asked in a raspy voice.

    “Ahmed,” Jyharri had told her.

    The woman pushed a button and the row of blazers rotated behind her. As the rack reached Jyharri’s name she pulled it off the rack and looked at the tag.

    “Is your first name J-j-Jaharry?” she asked.

    “It’s Jyharri,” he corrected her in a slightly mad tone.

    “Don’t talk to me that way,” said the woman, throwing the blazer at Jyharri.

    Jyharri gave her a look of madness and walked off. “Crazy old bat,” he muttered to himself.

    As Jyharri looked at the blazer he noticed that the collar was white. It buttoned up all the way to the neck. Was the school trying to kill their students or something? Jyharri looked around, trying to figure out what to do next. As he looked around he saw an arrow that said “Change here”. As Jyharri walked into the next room he switched out his red shirt for a black one he carried around in his back pocket, and his black over shirt for his new red one. He left the buttons undone and exited the changing room on the other side. As he stepped out he noticed he was on the opposite side of the main building. This side was silver in color instead of gold. Portraits on this side were of people and Pokemon. There were kids here who Jyharri recognized from the first two groups. As he looked around, Jyharri spotted the back of Brandon’s head in the middle of a small crowd.

    “Brandon,” Jyharri called out.

    A bunch of boys spun around looking at Jyharri. Some of them gave him weird looks, but the one he was looking for walked over to him. As Brandon neared him a look of disappointment came over his face.

    “What’s the matter?” Jyharri asked.

    “You’re in Fire Red and I’m in,” Brandon said as he pulled out a yellow blazer from behind his back.

    “Well we may not be in the same house, but one of us could be in the same house as Sean.” Jyharri tried to make Brandon feel better.

    Brandon shook his head. “He’s in Ocean Blue,” he said as he pointed to Sean.

    Sean seemed to be engaged in a conversation with three other Ocean Blue students. Jyharri sighed. “Well at least I’m in the same house with Sydnie,” said Jyharri.

    “I’m sure we will both meet great friends in both of our houses,” Brandon told him.

    Jyharri smiled and nodded as he heard someone walk up behind him. Jyharri turned to see a boy around the same age as him and the same house right behind him. His shoulder length hair matched the blazer along with his freckles.

    “Are you Brandon Longeway?” he asked Jyharri.

    “I am,” Brandon said from behind him.

    “I’m Brad, and I hear you have a Torterra.”

    “Yeah I do,” Brandon said. “What about it?”

    “Just making sure that Lightning Yellow isn’t as weak as they claim it is,” Brad said as he laughed.

    A bunch of Lightning Yellow students glared at Brad. Brad simply rolled his eyes at them. “And you are?” he asked Jyharri.

    “Jyharri Ahmed,” he told him.

    “What’s your strongest Pokemon?” Brad asked him.

    “My Charizard of course,” Jyharri replied with a scoff.

    Bart nodded at Jyharri. “I’ll see you later most likely,” he said as he walked off.

    Jyharri and Brandon watch Brad walk off into the crowd. As Brad walked through the students all the Lightning Yellow ones glared at him.

    “Hey guys,” said a voice behind them.

    As the two boys turned around again they saw Sydnie walking towards them. This time she was wearing a red blazer and a red mini skirt. She also wore a red bandana with a flame on it.

    “Where did you get that?” Jyharri asked pointing at the bandana.

    “They were selling them inside so I bought one,” she told them.

    “I want one,” said Jyharri about to walk off.

    “This was the last one. Sorry.”

    Jyharri stopped and sighed. “Oh well. I don’t need one right now anyways.”

    As another group of students came through the changing room doors the Professors walked out a different door.

    “Attention students,” Torrey shouted in her Russian accent. “You will now be taken to your respective dormitories. Inside the breast pocket of your blazer there is a mini map of the island that also serves as identification.”

    Each of the students reached into their pockets and pulled out a mini map, each with their respective names, pictures, information, and current team on them.

    “Find a route you would like to take to your dorm and then you may start to go there,” Torrey explained. “Fire Red students will go to the red building, Ocean Blue the blue one and so on. For the Fire Red students and Ocean Blue students, you must take a boat to your dorm as they are on islands. Fire Red’s dorm is located on an island with a dormant volcano for all those who saw it earlier and became worried.”

    As Torrey said, “Dormant volcano,” Jyharri’s worries from earlier completely vanished.

    “After you get to your dorms you may explore the campus if you wish too,” Lou told them. “But all students must be in bed by midnight.”

    “Well I guess this is goodbye for now,” Brandon said to Jyharri as he extended his hand.

    “Yeah I’ll see you later,” Jyharri said as he shook his hand.

    Brandon nodded at Sydnie as he walked towards a group of Lightning Yellow students.

    “Shall we head to the dorm?” Jyharri Sydnie.

    “Yes we shall,” Sydnie told him walking the opposite way of Brandon.

    As Jyharri and Sydnie walked towards the boat to the island with the Fire Red dorm they noticed Pokemon moving ahead of them. They looked like gray-blue muscular men. They were carrying suitcases and backpacks.

    “They have Machoke carrying our luggage,” Jyharri pointed out.

    As the two reached the harbor they saw that even the harbor was big. It had hang out spots, and a restaurant. As the two kids walked to the ticket desk the man behind the desk pointed to a sign. The sign read, “Fire Red students get free rides.” Jyharri pointed Sydnie to the door, letting her go through first. The boat ride was about ten minutes long. As the new Fire Red students stepped out onto the island most of them noticed that the Fire Red Island and Ocean Blue Island were both in the middle of Pokemon Academy Island. Trees covered the back part of the island but some paths were visible.

    “Are you ready for a great year Sydnie?” Jyharri asked her.

    “I am, as long as you are.”
    "Begone with the thunderclap..."


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