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    Default Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Investigators of Hearts and Aura

    SUMMARY: Meet Aurelia- spunky, hot-headed, ever loyal, cunning, tomboyish- and an amnesiac human-turned-Riolu. It was an eventful day when a young girl awoke beneath a cherry blossom tree to find herself turned into a Riolu- for it was on that same day that she met a certain Charmander, Treecko and Pikachu, and they formed...
    Not a rescue team...
    Not an exploration team...
    Not a healing team...

    Follow Aurelia and her friends as they journey through the land, solving mysterious matters, laughing and crying, meeting friends, rivals and enemies, and as they solve the mysteries behind the God Heart and the mysteries of both Hearts and Aura!

    Chapter One- Under The Cherry Blossoms
    On a beautiful spring afternoon, under the cherry tree at the beginning of Petite Plains, a place part of the land on the southern horizon, lay an unconscious Riolu.

    "Urk! I…..I….can't move….Losing consciousness….again…"

    And as briefly as they had woken, the Riolu fell unconscious again.

    In an area not far from the cherry tree, a Charmander, who went by the name of Charlie, was leaving a small forest, which lead to the local village. Charlie had been pondering on a decision he wanted to make, and his favourite place to go when he needed to think was the cherry tree on Petite Plains.

    "Exploration team, or Rescue team….Exploration team, or Rescue team….huh….Holy Arceus! Who in the heck is that?"

    Charlie, deep in his thoughts, at first had not noticed the unconscious Riolu lying beneath the cherry tree, but hearing a small groan out of nowhere had alerted him.

    "I gotta help him!" Running over to the tree, he shook the Riolu. Charlie said to it, (panting a little),

    "Hey! HEY! What's up? Are you OK?"

    The Riolu moved a little, then opened her eyes. Then she mumbled in a muffled voice,

    "You talked…..but you're a Charmander…a Pokémon…..but only humans can talk…."

    Charlie laughed. "Of course I can talk. After all, we're both Pokémon!"

    The Riolu's head turned to Charlie. "What?" She looked at her hand. It wasn't a hand-it was a blue-and-black paw! She checked her feet. They were black!

    "But….but….I…..was a human…I can't be a Pokémon!" Running over to him, she grabbed him and brought him right up to her face. In an unnaturally fierce voice (she had been talking in a quiet, confused voice until now) she said,

    "Listen buddy. This is an insane dream, right? You're just a figure of my imagination, and I just have to blink and blink and I'll wake up. I'm just a sleepy human having a weird dream, right? I BETTER BE A HUMAN, YOU!" She began to start rapidly blinking, as if it would help in any way, still holding Charlie. Charlie gulped. This guy was one tough dude. (Charlie didn't know this was a female Riolu.) Then, without thinking he blurted out,

    "Look dude, I'm really sorry, OK? You're probably a really nice guy, and I didn't mean to get on your wrong side, seriously! But I really don't want to tell you this, but I'm not a figure of your imagination. This is the cold, hard, real thing. Sorry. Seriously."

    The Riolu stopped rapidly blinking. She put him down, and said, "…I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be mean like that. Apologies."

    Charlie gave a sigh of relief. "Apology accepted." Looking up at her, he said with admiration in his voice, "You're one epic dude. You'd be the greatest guy on an exploration or rescue team." The Riolu smiled fondly at the dazed Charmander.

    "I'm a girl-but thank you for the praise."

    Charlie blushed. That was an embarrassing mistake to make. "Sorry about that. But wait…." He looked at the Riolu smiling down at him. "If you're a human….how in the name of Arceus are you now a Pokémon?"

    The Riolu looked just as confused. "I really don't know….I can't remember….anything…" She helped Charlie up. "Anyway…what's your name? I forgot to ask earlier."

    "Charlie. Nice to meet you." He faced her. "What's yours?"

    "My…name?" she said vaguely. Her mind felt like a void full of emptiness. She could remember barely anything. As a cherry blossom gently floated onto her head, she faintly remembered,

    "My name is….Aurelia." she finally replied.

    "Aurelia." repeated Charlie. "That's an unusual name, but it's really pretty."

    Aurelia blushed. "Thanks….but that's all I remember. My name….and that I was a human. I still don't really know who I am."

    Charlie looked baffled. "You're right. We don't know who you are, Aurelia." He looked curiously at her. "Wait a sec…if you don't remember anything….do you have amnesia or something?

    Aurelia thought for a moment. She couldn't remember anything…other than those facts. "It's the only logical explanation. I must have gotten amnesia when I was turned into a Pokémon…however that happened…" she thought.

    "It's the only possible explanation. I must have amnesia." she agreed. They both fell silent, looking at each other in the same mystified manner. They were both wondering the same thing: Who was Aurelia?

    To break the silence, Charlie piped up, "It's a pretty nice afternoon, isn't it? I hope the evening will-" He was interrupted by the panting of a Pansage and a Sandile, running up to them at top speed.

    Charlie looked surprised at this sudden appearance. "Hey guys," he asked. "What's wrong? You two look pretty tired." Panting, the Pansage spoke. "You guys! Have you seen Team Treebolt?"

    Obviously, Aurelia hadn't heard of them, but Charlie knew a little. "Uh….aren't they that new exploration team? The Treecko and Pikachu duo?"

    Pansage and Sandile nodded. "That's them. We're their friends, the exploration team, Team Sandsage. Sandile added, "A combination of Sandile and Pansage."

    Aurelia nodded. "Uh huh, I figured that. So, what happened to them? Team Treebolt?"

    Gasping for breath, the Pansage took a minute to finally speak. "Gasp, gasp….you see, yesterday, they went out on a mission to help Cottonee retrieve her treasure, in Teenee Cave. Some awful rogues named Maractus and her buddies, the Darumaka brothers stole it. They tricked her into..gasp, gasp….handing her money box over to pay for….some…..pant, pant….apples….and…seeds…..that…they….gasp, pant…..stole."

    Aurelia and Charlie had not been able to catch all this, what with Pansage's constant gasping and Sandile's indistinct babbling while Pansage talked, but they got the gist of what they needed to do. They waited for Pansage to catch his breath and Sandile to stop his talking, and then Aurelia spoke.

    "So, Team Treebolt went to Teenee Cave with Cottonee and got trapped- possibly kidnapped- and haven't returned yet? We can go there, right Charlie?

    Charlie of course, was very eager to go there. If their rescue of this team went well enough, perhaps he could decide on his predicament and convince Aurelia to join him- if it happened.

    "Yeah! It would be an honour to rescue this team! After all, it's what any honest Pokémon would do! You should always help a Pokémon in need, after all." piped up Charlie eagerly.

    Sandile looked at him suspiciously. "Wait….are you a rescue team or something? If you aren't, it would be really dangerous to go unprepared."

    Charlie scratched the back of his neck a little. "Oh please, please let him get away with it!" thought Aurelia desperately. "Of course! Why wouldn't we be? We'll rescue Team Treebolt- we promise!" said Charlie proudly, although Aurelia could clearly see sweatdrops running down his face, looking clearly anxious.

    Unknown to the rest, Aurelia had a sly smile playing on her mouth. "Oh Charlie, your lying ability isn't bad at all….but I better back it up with a more confident, even better lie, in case they're still suspicious." thought Aurelia, admiring Charlie's lying ability- even though it isn't exactly the best thing to be admired for.

    "Yes! We'll rescue Team Treebolt! But if Maractus and the two Darumaka are still there, they might run off. But if we go defeat them and they do run off, you can catch them when they exit the cave! OK, Charlie, let's go rescue Team Treebolt like a true rescue team!"

    Pansage and Sandile had fallen for their lie, and were giving admiring glances at them. "OK, you two. We'll wait here, outside of Teenee Cave. Good luck!" said Pansage. "We're counting on you!" added Sandile.

    "OK, Aurelia! Let's go to Teenee Cave and rescue Team Treebolt. Let's do our best!" said Charlie in an adventurous, happy tone.

    "YEAH!" yelled Aurelia, Charlie, Pansage and Sandile in unison, and off the Riolu -and- Charmander duo headed into the cave, on their first adventure. But, for sure, it would not be their last, as this was only the beginning of many, many adventures to come.

    Good times and bad times, friendship and fall-outs, loyalty and betrayal, laughter and tears, friends new and old, and enemies too, Aurelia, Charlie and their new friends would experience it all together. So read on, for you are about to experience a story of friendship, trials but also adventure- all in the world of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeons.

    ((I did write this a while ago...XD. I quit it a while back, but have decided to take it up and revamp it a bit. Feedback and constructive criticism greatly appreciated! I understand the grammar and writing is a tad odd and jerky at times.))

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    Default Re: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Investigators of Hearts and Aura

    Bump until I get new ideas~


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