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    Default Pokémon Fusion: The Fuse King

    Pokémon Fusion: The Fuse King

    Chapter 1: Fuse On!

    The year 2050, humans and Pokémon have been living together for years of peace; people have created more devices to make their lives with Pokémon more unique. Trainers are humans that travel together with Pokémon; they go and have battles against other Trainers and their Pokémon.

    Trainers compete in tournaments like Pokémon Leagues as they battle their way through the League only the best becomes Champion. A Champion is recognized by his strength and great ability; but even though they’re Champions, they still travel to become strong.

    But, Trainers have been decreasing a lot and that’s for one and one reason only, Fusewatches.

    Fusewatches its one of the many objects that have been created in this time. A Fusewatch is a technologic artifact that has the ability to fuse a Trainer and his Pokémon together; through this fusion their bond becomes stronger.

    When a Trainer and his Pokémon fuse together, they create a special armor that protects the Trainer from harm. Thanks to this ability, the Trainer is able to battle together with the Pokémon in battle, but even though the Fusewatch allows them to protect each other with the armor, the damage the Pokémon armor, or the Trainer receives takes its toll on both of them.

    Point is that people still use these great artifacts to fight and they have created a new set of battles, Fusebattles are battles in which only Fusetrainers (Trainers that use Fusewatches) can participate.

    Although Fusebattles are really famous, people can still participate in normal battle, but it’s almost rare to see anyone that actually competes in a normal battle professionally.

    Larousse City, year 2046

    At the top of the Larousse City Battle Tower, everyone’s gathering around the seats. There are at least 1000 people there; if not more people that are on the other floors of the tower. Everyone’s looking at the screens, preparing for the finals of the Fusetraining World Championship.

    Suddenly the lights are set up in the middle of the battle field. A man starts descending, his blue hair moving around with every nod his head does. The white uniform he wears had the letter BT carved on it.

    “Now everyone, are you ready for the finals of this year Fusetraining World Championship!” the man yelled as he grabbed the MIC and turned to look at the static people. They all screamed and applauded. “All right, I see we got a good crowd today” the announcer started laughing and then the two light pointed at the two sides of the field.

    The door on the left opened itself and a man around his twenties started walking out. He had a long black hair that went down to his waist, he was wearing an old brown travelling coat, and it had a broken pocket that showed the pin he was wearing. He was wearing torn off brown pants. “First on this side we got Knight Carlin!” the announcer yelled as Knight walked up to the middle of the field.

    Then a teenager came in from the right side. He had a short spiky brown hair; his front hairs got covered his left eye, he was wearing a blue winter jacket and he had a pair of blue jeans on; his shoes were polished and they were shining with the stage lights.

    “And on this side we got Brian Foster!” the announcer yelled as Brian walked to the middle too; although unlike Knight he waved at the crowd and smiled softly at the people, mostly girls though. He flicked his hair as soon as he got face to face with Knight.

    “Nice to meet you Knight, I heard a lot about you” Brian stretched his hand out, Knight looked at it with disgust as he brushed the hand off and walked back to the left side of the field.

    Brian sighed and walked back to his own side of the field. “Now, start!’ the announcer yelled as the floated he was on went back up. Then four side screens lit up and showed the profiles of the Fusetrainers, including their Pokémon and Fusewatch style.

    “Brian Foster, number of armors six, Fusewatch style, X-Model” the screen let out a beeping noise as it started saying Knight’s profile. “Knight Carlin, number of armors six, Fusewatch style Dark Stride” the machine let out another beep and then the screen changed so that they would show what was happening on the stage.

    Brian held his Fusewatch up, it was white colored with red sidelines, and the watch was showing the time of day 8: 25 pm. “Fusion Activated!” Brian yelled up at the roof as his body started to get surrounded by white data. He got a pokéball out from his pocket and a Tyranitar came out and then it got fused together with the glowed. The glowed started to combine with Brian’s body and he started transforming.

    An armor fist started covering Brian’s hand, the fist was green and the fingers were formed as fangs. His body got enveloped with a green armor and a blue torso, on his head a dinosaur like helmet covered his head and the mask; which looked like a Tyranitar’s head covered his face.

    “I’ve seem better” Knight smirked and looked down at his own Fusewatch. It was black colored and it had purple sidelines, instead of showing the time it was showing the Pokemon Knight was going to fuse with, a Swampert.

    “Fusion,” Knight said with a voice so soft that no one was actually able to hear it. His Swampert came out and they both got surrounded by the same glowing data. Knight’s fist started to get blue armor fists as his body got turned into a white and blue armor, his helmet looked like a Swampert’s head and the eyes of the mask only covered his own eyes; the mouth was visible though.


    “Screen off!” the voice of a woman was heard and the TV screen got turned off, the small disc came out of the DVD and it disappeared into a shelf nearby. “Get up Max, you have to go to school!” the woman yelled; she wasn’t in the room but her screams were so loud they could be heard from the kitchen.

    “Man and it was just getting good” the kid whined as he got up from the floor he was seating off. He had a jet black straight hair, although no matter how much he moved his hair wouldn’t move an inch, he was wearing a black shirt that had the words Crimson Wings on it, it also had a pair of crimson red wings engraved on it.

    He walked up to his bed, his jeans had chains on the sides; he got the blue stuffed jacket from the bed and he put it on, but he didn’t close it. “I’m telling you mom that was important” he said as he walked out of his messy room, it had various posters of Fusewatches, it had a laptop a small TV and a flat screen TV.

    The rest of the apartment was pretty normal, various machines were helping his mom served breakfast, the living room’s TV was on but no one was really watching. “Come on Max, that was a battle your brother had four years ago, I can’t believe you’re still watching it” his mom turned around and looked at him. She had a long brown hair and was wearing a pink long dress; she was wearing a dark red lip gloss.

    “I know, but Brian’s battle was cool, even if he lost” Max shrugged and then grabbed a toast and started walking. “Well I better go” he opened the door and left the house.

    “He’s just like his brother, well I just hope he wins the contest today” she turned back to the food and kept cooking with the machines.

    Max ran over to the elevator, the elevator opened and a small robot with a red eye opened the transparent door. “Where to?” it asked in a robotic voice.

    “Lobby please” Max got on and the elevator started going down. The elevator’s window was transparent so you could see Larousse City from the inside. The tall steep buildings that were watching over the city had cube bridges coming in and out of them; people had used this bridges for a long time, considering Larousse itself hasn’t changed much in the last fifty years, cause fifty years ago it was the only city this technologic.

    Max got down to the lobby and then walked up to the boxes that were nearby. The boxes had the symbol of a pokéball engraved in each of them, and there were pokeballs inside them. “Hey guys, how your night was” Max got his key card out and passed it through the box’s slider; the box opened and Max grabbed the three pokeballs that were inside.

    As soon as Max got his pokeballs he ran out of the building, flying cars were flying over his head all around the city; Max always took some time to look at the cars before moving on. After he stopped staring at them he ran over to one of the cube bridges that were forming inside. The big green cubes started fusing together as people started to walk over them. When the bridge formed and combined with other bridges Max got on and let the cubes take him where he was going.

    Larousse City High School, Max was a freshman in that school; the year was almost over and as soon as summer comes he will have all his time for Fusebattling. The cube bridge stopped, all of the students came out and started running inside the huge tall building. The school was really tall and just like the elevator, it had transparent glass.

    People were gathering around the campus, they were sitting on the benches talking; some of them were looking at the ponds that were scattered around the campus.

    “Hey Lili” Max walked up to a girl that was looking at the pond. She had a long blonde hair that was messed up, her hairs were all sticking out; this showed she didn’t combed it much. She was wearing a red suspender with a white shirt under it; she was also wearing shorty shorts and pink sneakers.

    “Oh, hey Max” Lili said with a soft voice that could’ve charmed anyone, person or pokemon alike. “Today’s your big day right?” she smiled and got up. “Are you sure you’re ready?” she asked, the tone of her voice became a little more worried than before.

    “It’s going to be easy Lili, don’t worry about it” Max laughed confidently and then he slid his hand on the pond; this caused him to fall off into the water. “A little help?” Max spitted some water and then stretched his hand so that Lili would help him up.

    “You’re always so clumsy” Lili shook her head and then sighed. “We should hurry, class is going to start” she grabbed her backpack and started running into the school.

    After school was over Max ran out immediately, people were turning to him, wondering why someone was actually running in a cube bridge. “Coming through, let me pass” Max pushed people around so that he could pass over.

    Then the Larousse City Battle Tower came into view, Max looked at it with gracefulness; he couldn’t believe how something so big could’ve been built such a long time ago, and still be standing proudly on top of the whole city.

    Max started walking into the front yard of the tower. People were all giving their Pokémon berries, poffins, and pokéblocks. Max just stared over the huge fountain and looked up at the tall tower, people were gathering around it; all of them preparing for what was coming.

    “Time to go” Max got in. The inside of the tower was better than the outside, the floors were transparent and people could see from both up and down. Max walked up to the map; even though the tower was mostly for battles, with time they added more stuff. A five stars Hotel in the middle. The Battle Arena on the top and the biggest Fusewatch shop in the world was on the right side of the tower.

    “Man, there sure is a lot of stuff here” Max passed his finger through map; he finally pointed at the store that was on the floor above him. “Where’s the transporter?” Max looked around, two people stood in two floor tiles, the tiles glowed in an aqua blue color and they disappeared.

    Max walked up to it, the screen that was nearby let him choose which floor he wanted to go to. “Second floor, Fusewatch Shop” Max pressed the button for the second floor and got on the transporter. He felt his molecules disintegrate, like if he was really disappearing from this world.

    Everything went quiet for a few seconds, and then his sight came back and he noticed he was on the second floor. “Cool” Max said cheerily as he stepped out; he almost fell cause of the numbness the transportation left.

    Max walked over to the store that was nearby. It was so big, it covered the entire floor, all of the Fusewatches were scattered around and they were showing commercials were models and champion Fusetrainers were advertising the new Fusewatches.

    Max got in the shop, he looked up at the huge Fusewatch and then kept walking in. People were still gathering the whole store was full of people. Many signs were hanging around; signs of new Fusewatch models, kids were looking at the Pokémon and people that were giving free samples.

    “Attention, attention people, we’ll be starting the Fusewatch contest, I assume you all got your tickets and are waiting for me to draw the number out’ a small man said, he was wearing a purple suit and a had a long brown mustache.

    Truth is Max was there because the Fusewatch Shop was holding a contest for the new Fusewatch model. Three Fusewatches, three numbers, and three people who will join the Fusewatch association from that day on. Max waited a long time, his brother Brian was in the last Fusewatch World Championship, he won second place and ever since then Max’s dream has been to become stronger than his brother.

    “Now, before we start, let me show you what you’re in for” the man lowered the MIC a little so that it will get to his own height and then proceeded to show everyone the three Fusewatches that were been advertised. “First we got, Crimson Shadow” he raised the first watch up. The watch was Crimson Red and it had a black side, it was off considering it was still new.

    “Now, our second Fusewatch, Roses of Technology” the announcer held the second watch up, it was pink colored and it had green sides; just like the Crimson Shadow, this watch was off. “And last but not least, the new Darkness Rising Advance Model” he finally grabbed the last Fusewatch, it was purpled colored and it had blue sides, the watch’s screen was black, unlike the other ones.

    “Wow, those watches are so cool, I’ll like to have one of those Crimson Shadows” Max gazed up at the Crimson Shadow and then he started walking up front of the crowd. His pokéball started to wiggle in his pocket; it wiggled so much Max even felt tickles around him. “Okay, you can come out” Max grabbed the pokéball from his pocket and threw it on the floor. When the pokéball touched the floor a huge blast of light started showering down and a Chimchar formed from the pokéball.

    Chimchar smiled at Max, it was happy its owner finally left it out. Chimchar climbed on top of Max’s head and it started looking over the people that were standing around the stage.

    Behind the curtains of the stage a girl is frowning over a tall man. The man was wearing a green suit and he had a long brown hair, he was wearing sunglasses that showed his greedy brown eyes. The girl had a long raven black hair, she was wearing a purple mini shirt and a short skirt, her face was pale whites and her eyes were green.

    She was still frowning as she looked behind the curtains to make sure the contest wasn’t over. Her confidence dropped when she saw that it still wasn’t over; she walked up to the man and tried to contain herself from hitting in.

    “Why is it that you always have to do this Harry?” she asked as she clenched her fist in anger. The man just shook his finger and gave her a mischievous smile.

    “Come on Leeney, you’re a star, you have to do this stuff if you want to keep your fame” Harry started walking back. “Plus you got a contract, remember you got what you wanted, you became a model and that way you didn’t had to live the boring life of always being a Fusetrainer” he smiled again, this made Leeney madder than before as she frowned again.

    “I know, but I DIDN’T want to model Fusewatches, that’s what I was running away from in the first place” she grunted with more anger and then she peeked through the curtains again. “I hate this, I don’t want to train with some kid that doesn’t even know what he or she is doing” she said and then she stared down at all the girls and boys that were holding their tickets up.

    “Now for our first number” the man pressed a button and three screens lit up and three roulettes started spinning.

    After various minutes of spinning around one of the roulettes stopped and it showed a zero on it. Then the second one stopped a one came out; only a few people had those two numbers, considering that most of the tickets had three numbers. Finally the last one stopped and a five came out.

    “All right!” Max jumped with happiness and then started to run over to the stage. “I got the number fifteen, this means I won right?” he asked the announcer, the eagerness in his voice made the little man walk a few steps back.

    “Yes, you did, so which watch do you want?” the man moved aside so that Max could get a clear view of the three Fusewatches.

    “I’ll like to have the Crimson Shadow” Max walked over to the Crimson Shadow and put it on immediately. At the moment the watch touched his skin it turned on, it showed Max’s data on the watch and after that it showed the Date and Time.

    “Now, your second prize, the first winner gets to train with the star model Leeney Pride” the announcer pointed at the curtains and the girl from before walked out. She was still frowning down at the people; the look on her face was so cold it could’ve scared anyone off.

    “Hi, I’m Max” Max stretched his hand out at Leeney, Leeney looked away from his face and turned to walk off. “Hey what is it.”

    “You’re the only one that gets to train with me, in other words I don’t have to stay and see the other winners” Leeney just kept walking; she was practically giving stomps that were shaking the floor around.

    Max scratched his hand, he had a puzzled look on his face but in the end he just followed Leeney.

    Leeney and Max walked over to the transporter. “Now, I saw you when you came in from the first floor, you better get ready for more dizziness cause now, we’re going to the top of the tower” Leeney looked back at Max with a look of disgust and then got on transporter. Max stared at her while her body was teleporting away.

    Max took a deep breath, he was preparing himself for the huge amount of pain the transporters gave people, and he stepped in and prepared himself for the worst.

    His molecules started splitting again; he felt his body lose all weight this time as he disappeared into the air. But, this time was different, his body wasn’t so heavy as before and he felt a small beeping noise coming from nearby. He looked over at the Fusewatch, it was letting out a bright crimson glow, and finally Max felt the power the Fusewatch was letting

    His body recomposed itself as he looked around. Leeney was waiting for him next to a metal door with a pokéball on it, Max walked up to her. “So what now?” he asked and then the door opened up.

    “We’re going to the Battle Arena so that we can fight” Leeney walked into the platform that had just appeared.

    “Wait!” Max ran over to the platform but he bolted back when he noticed that, one wrong step and he would fall into a deep hole with no end.

    “Idiot” Leeney smirked as the platform split into two; Leeney’s platform slid off to the left side and Max’s headed for the right side.

    When the platform stopped Max was in front of another door, this one opened up instantly and Max walked in. He was inside the Battle Arena, it looked just like it was on TV, it still held all the same features it did four years before; except that there weren’t any people there and the side screens weren’t on.

    “Wow, I’ve been here before, but I’ve never actually been on the arena itself” Max kept looking around the arena till he crashed with Leeney.

    “Hey watch it, remember I don’t want to be here at all, so let’s just get it done with” she pushed Max back to his side and then she got her Fusewatch out from her pocket. It was a green colored watch with yellow sides; the watch’s screen was pink colored.

    “Well someone’s a little cranky” Max smirked and then he looked over at his watch. “Now, how do you work this thing” Max kept looking around for a way in which he could fuse with his Pokémon; he even tried biting the watch itself. “What the hell, how am I supposed to use this thing!” he yelled and then he started throwing his arm around to see if anything could happen.

    “Amateurs” Leeney shook her head in disappointment, she actually thought she would have a good battle, but now that she sees Max like this she’s not really that impress. “First, you need to get some DNA from one of your Pokémon, once you get that the next time you transform you won’t have to take the Pokémon out, you’ll just have to say the name of said Pokémon, and then your fuse phrase” Leeney explained, she was trying to find a way to make sure Max was listening.

    “Okay, so first I have to get some DNA” Max let Chimchar back out and then he pulled a hair from the little monkey. Chimchar flinched a little, but in the end it permitted Max from taking its hair. The watch let out a small compartment and Max put the hair in; when the compartment closed Chimchar’s data was saved in it.

    “Good, now the good thing of every Fusewatch is that you can create your own catch phrase” Leeney raised her arm in the air. “Morph, Ampharos!” she yelled and then her Ampharos came out, the Pokémon wrapped itself around her as a big glow covered Leeney. Her hands got covered by yellow and black gloves that looked like an Ampharos’s hand, both hands had red orbs in the palm, she was wearing a mask that looked just like an Ampharos’s head, her body had a small white shirt and a yellow cape, her belly button was showing because the shirt wasn’t long enough.

    “Cool” Max looked over at the Crimson Shadow. “Okay, let’s do this” Max held his watch in front of his face as a grin passed down his face.

    “Fuse On!” Max yelled into the air as Chimchar turned into an orange sphere and went inside the watch. Max’s body got surrounded by the orange light and his hands turned into two metallic orange arms, he was wearing a pair of yellow gloves. His torso had a yellow armor with an orange cape that started on his chest up to his back, his helmet looked like a Chimchar’s head and the face of the helmet got up to his eyes and it let his mouth visible.

    “Okay, Battle Start!” they both yelled in unision as the light turned on, Max sprinted towards Leeney, he held his fist back and it started glowing white. “Mach Punch!” Max yelled and then he pushed his fist forward and threw it at Leeney.

    “I don’t think so, Spark!” a bunch of static started to come out from Leeney’s glove as she ran over to the Mach Punch; both attacks hit each other and they started sending energy out from the middle. “You’re strong, but how strong?” Leeney smirked and then she kneeled down and kicked Max’s gut, this sent him flying back to the wall.

    “That was a low blow” Max grunted and he started to cough. “That wasn’t an attack” he glared down at Leeney.

    “Just because we can use Pokémon attacks, it doesn’t mean we can’t use human fighting moves either” Leeney smirked and then she started running at Max. “Now, take this, Thunder!” Leeney held her hand up and fired a barrage of thunder.

    “Now what?” Max was too slow and the thunder hit him straight on. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” Max’s screamed could be heard through the whole building, his body was being electrocuted like never before and he felt like he was about to die.

    But for some reason, he got up again his body was dirty cause of the Thunder. “I feel, like I got double the damage than normal” Max grunted as he struggled to get up from the ground.

    “That’s cause, when you’re fused with a Pokémon you get the same amount of damage a Pokémon does when it fight, not just that but since you’re fused with it the Pokémon inside also receives damage and with that, the connection becomes weaker” Leeney said as she looked over at the tire Max.

    “I see, so this is how a Pokémon feels like when it fight, you know I didn’t think about it when I used to fight with Chimchar” Max chuckled and then his fists started letting flames out. “But now, I’m going to win, Flamethrower!” Max fired a barrage of fire from his right hand.

    “That’s not going to work” Leeney jumped over the Flamethrower. “Thunderbolt’ she fired a barrage of lightning at Max.

    “Not really” Max grinned as he let the Thunderbolt hit him. “Now!” he yelled and started running at Leeney he held his fist up and it let out flames again. ‘Fire Punch!” he yelled and then he thrusts his fist down and sent Leeney flying off.

    “Nice” Leeney grinned and then she started getting rid of the blood that came out of her mouth cause of the hit. “But not nice enough” she chuckled. Max turned around, Leeney used Double Team when he wasn’t looking and created three clones.

    “It’s over” Max heard the clones said all at the same time as they fired their Thunder attacks. Max got hit and let out another piercing scream into the air. After the Thunder stopped Max fell down and his body started to glow again. The orange sphere came out from his body and Chimchar lay unconscious on the floor.

    “Morph out” Leeney’s fusion also disappeared and then her Ampharos stared right next to her. “This kid wasn’t so bad, I guess with a little more training he could get better” Leeney walked over to Max and lifted him up. “Address” she asked the watch, after a few seconds it told Leeney Max’s age, address and his GPA. “I never like the privacy invasion these things have, but it can be useful at times” Leeney grinned and she started walking back to the platform.

    “It’s starting” a cloaked figure looked out from the train’s window so that he could see Larousse City. “The Fusewatches are reacting again, son the battle for a new kind will start” he said and the sun started coming down and letting the moon back into the sky.

    Thanks goes to Leeney Rose for letting me use her character

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    Default Re: Pokémon Fusion: The Fuse King

    Woo! Leeney and Max are awesome! Great chapter.

    ~Dressed for success

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    Default Re: Pokémon Fusion: The Fuse King

    What do you write your fics in? Because that ultradark font happened before and you said you didn't know how, and I want to get this taken care of so it doesn't keep happening.

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    Default Re: Pokémon Fusion: The Fuse King

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackjack Palazzo View Post
    What do you write your fics in? Because that ultradark font happened before and you said you didn't know how, and I want to get this taken care of so it doesn't keep happening.
    Perhaps he's using Microsoft Word and he's using the advanced editor mode.

    It keeps the black font colour rather than the default of for the forum skin and keeps anything you do with font, including bold, italics, underline, not sure about strike through but we’ll find out :3

    Yeah, it keeps the formatting. It even keeps the 1.15 spacing, though like strikethrough, it won't show when you actually post.

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    Default Re: Pokémon Fusion: The Fuse King

    Yeah he's right when I went to edit it a bunch of numbers and symbols saying Times News Roman appear, guess for some reason it's just not getting it into the Forum's font

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    Default Re: Pokémon Fusion: The Fuse King

    Wierd... I think you could go pretty far with this. The RP is going good, but hasn't been posted in very much. Please continue!


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