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    Default Re: Pokémon: Bright World - GAME 8 UP!

    So apologies that this is late! The forums were down on the 18th and I was a lot busier on the 19th than I thought I would be (was my birthday after all - and to my surprise, I do actually have people who want to spend time with me xD). Any comments or reviewers would be great and if you wish to get notified when a new chapter is up, don't hesitate to ask.

    GAME 9: The New Queen's First Play

    There was a lot of chatter coming from the eight people who were sat at two small round tables in the middle of a small cabin, completely ignoring the young woman trying to speak to them from the podium at the end of the room. Skyla was stood before the small group of Gym Leaders, but the lack of influence she was worried about was showing. She was one of the youngest of the group, so she was left standing there with her cheeks puffed out, pouting as her colleagues talked amongst themselves. She was tapping one of her feet against the floorboard over and over, getting louder and louder as the idle chatter carried on. Eventually, it got to breaking point.
    “Come on guys, shut up and listen for once!” she cried out. That didn’t seem to have any effect, so the young girl started to tear up. “W-why won’t you listen to me?” she said as she used her blue gloves to wipe away some of the tears.
    “Oh great. Look what you’ve all done now.” Lenora sighed as she rested her head against her arm, which was propped up on the table. Lenora was the oldest female among the Gym Leaders, which amplified the strong maternal aura she carried. Her bouncy, tied up teal hair and the apron slung over her shoulder made her look like a dominant housewife, which was often the cause of many jokes amongst her colleagues. “We were only having a bit of fun but y’all had to take it too far.” She complained.
    “Ah, but you also did nothing to stop them.” Burgh commented from across the table in his usual flamboyant voice.
    “Come on guys, cut me some slack here.” Skyla said shyly, having walked off the stage and approached the table where the trio of Striaton Gym Leaders were seated. Her curvaceous figure had drawn the attention of the three young men as she walked behind them. She hugged Cilan, who was sat in the middle of the three, from behind. Cilan’s head quickly shot into a red brighter than Chili’s hair as the buxom girl’s chest pressed against Cilan’s chest.
    “So, will you hear what I have to say?” she asked with a wink. Chili and Cress both nodded their heads frantically, while Cilan was frozen.
    “It’s...happy...time.” he said before fainting; the crash of which gave Skyla the perfect opportunity to exaggerate her jumping in shock, getting the boys’ attentions even more.
    “Seriously, do you want attention that badly?” a slender woman asked as she knocked her yellow heels against the floor under the table. Her voice could be considered posh by some, as could her posture. She sat upright in the chair, looking over at Skyla like a princess would a commoner. “It’s people like you that give us clothes models a bad name. We show off our clothes, not our bodies.” She sneered.
    “Well it got your attention, didn’t it?” Skyla teased back, eyeing up the slim, charismatic model - Elesa, the Nimbasa City Gym Leader. Her head was covered with short blond hair and a rather eccentric pair of headphones, with whip-like wires extending to the length of her shins. Despite criticising Skyla for showing off her body, Elesa’s top only had enough material to cover her small but perky chest, her belly button and her lower stomach in a design resembling a sequence of downward pointing arrows.
    “Well, say what you have to say then.” Elesa stubbornly said as she looked away. Now that she was confident that she had the attention of everyone in the room, she climbed back onto the stage and made her announcement.
    “Well...now that I finally have your attention, before I begin with why I called you here I have to pass on a couple of apologies - Icirrus City’s Brycen and Opelucid City’s Drayden couldn’t make it here due to more pressing matters.” Skyla said with an annoyed underlying tone.
    “Hold on a sec Missy. Who put ya in charge anyways?” an oldish looking plump man in cowboy attire asked aggressively, pushing out his chair as if to stand up.
    “Champion Alder.” Skyla replied bluntly.
    “I ain’t believin’ fa one secon’ that Alder’d appoint lil you over me.” The man continued.
    “Oh calm down Mr. Clay.” Cress said pedantically as he waved his hand up and down, gesturing for the Driftveil City Gym Leader to ‘take it down a notch’.
    “I take it you didn’t take your X-transceiver on your last business trip did ya?” Chilli asked provocatively. Clay blushed a little before tucking his chair back in and sitting in silence, causing everyone except Skyla to chuckle.
    Geez...they tease me about my age, but their worse than children. Skyla thought. “Anyway guys, we need to discuss the war on Team Plasma.” She said, losing her patience. It was then when the rowdiness in the room came to a sudden halt, where the sound of a pin dropping would have been as audible as an explosion.

    The front door fell down with a loud crash. Lights in some of the nearby houses turned on as wary residents peeked through the slits in their curtains. Looker wasn’t impressed with Drayden’s more direct approach of gaining entry.
    “We may have got a search warrant, but we didn’t get one for damaging property.” Looker said as he tried to smile politely.
    “Don’t care.” Drayden said sternly as he walked into the property. It was an absolute tip - dirty clothes were scattered across the floor and dirty dishes were piled up in the sink. “Disgraceful.” The rather intimidating Drayden said as he waded through the mess towards the stairs at the other side of the living room.
    “Be careful not to touch anything!” Looker shouted as he ran after the well built elderly man. “Professor Fennel has been reported missing for a few days now, so there’s a chance that her house is a crime scene.” He explained.
    “If we find a body then it’s a crime scene. If not, she was just messy.” Drayden said insincerely as he hastily walked up stairs. The detective sighed as he followed in a slower pace.
    The upstairs was unusually tidy compared to the lower floor. The two walked down the hallway, checking each of the rooms until Looker stopped at one of the rooms towards the end of upstairs landing and walked in.
    It would have looked like a perfectly normal bedroom for a young, single woman if not for one detail - a massive, unusual mechanical device attached to the bed. It looked like a giant tank of some kind was attached to the small single bed’s frame and to the pillow. It wasn’t turned on, but there was something very ominous about it. Looker however, decided against fiddling around with what looked to be a rather complicated machine and instead focused his attention on a small box on Fennel’s old dressing table. It was a plain box without wrapping or a ribbon, but it did have “For Hilda” hastily scribbled across the lid. The detective picked up the box and shook it around; he could hear the distinct sound of two objects rattling inside.
    “What’s that ya got there?” Drayden asked sternly as he walked into the bedroom and over to Looker. “To Hilda eh?” he read, looking over Looker’s rather slim shoulder.
    “Yeah. Hilda’s the girl from Dragonspiral Tower that I was telling you about; the one who went missing in Castelia City recently.” Looker explained before the old Gym Leader suddenly pushed him out of the way, grabbing the box before it fell to the floor.
    “She appeared the same day Iris disappeared didn’t she? So this could be related!” Drayden grinned as if he had finally found a clue. He placed his rather large, powerful hand over the top of the box and ripped it open. His fierce, anticipating face turned into disappointment as he looked at the two X-transceivers in the box.
    “So, what is it?” Looker asked somewhat sarcastically; annoyed that his companion’s actions.
    “Just a couple of damn watches...” An annoyed Drayden grumbled as he slammed the box back down onto the dresser before storming towards the large apparatus near the bed. “Anyway, we need to find her info on the Entralink.” He said angrily. Looker sighed and went to leave the room until he noticed something strange about the two X-transceivers; an odd marking beneath their large touch screens that read “C-GEAR”.
    “C-Gear?” he read curiously as he picked one of them up. It looked and felt just like a normal X-transceiver, except it was a tiny bit heavier, owing to the modifications made to it.
    “What’d you say?” Drayden asked without turning his attention away from the drawers he was busy shuffling through.
    “Nothing.” Looker replied in a convincing tone. As he turned around, he quietly snuck the two C-Gears into one of his thick jacket pockets before joining Drayden in continuing the investigation.

    “Darmanitan!” a large, red round-ish Pokémon shouted as it slammed its giant hands against the desert floor, causing sand to spray up into the air. Servine barely managed to escape the sand before the Darmanitan raced towards it on its tiny legs; the Pokémon’s right arm engulfed in flames.
    “Servine, use Protect!” Blake shouted from nearby, standing next to Bianca and Cheren in the vast Desert Resort.
    “Vine!” the grass lizard replied before closing its eyes and concentrating. Eventually, a blue barrier began to form around the Pokémon, but it wasn’t strong enough to resist the Darmanitan’s fire punch - the force field shattered and Servine was knocked into the air with a direct attack.
    “Servine!” Blake called out as he frantically ran to his Pokémon. When he reached the weakened snake, he picked it up and held it in his arms delicately.
    “Wott, can you use Razor Shell please?” an overexcited Bianca cheerfully asked as she thrust her first in the air. Darmanitan was walking closer and closer to Blake and Servine; wanting to finish off what it started when a blue streak of light appeared from behind it, striking the creature in the back. It quickly swung around to effortlessly block a second attack from Bianca’s otter Pokémon however. Darmanitan’s large mouth stretched into a grin as it watched Dewott fall to the ground.
    “B-but...Dewott is a water-type and Darmanitan is a fire-type...” Bianca said to herself as she slumped to the floor and started crying. Cheren, who was practically stood right beside her, sighed.
    “Darmanitan is a much higher level than Dewott; so not even a type advantage would be enough to make much difference.” Cheren explained. “Now Pignite - use Arm Thrust!” he commanded. Cheren’s Pignite ran to the Darmanitan from behind, with one of its hands glowing. The sound of the fire pig running through the sand was loud enough for Darmanitan to instantly locate Pignite before launching a powerful flamethrower, which was powerful enough to trip up the charging pig, resulting in it face-planting into the sand.

    Atop one of the many sand dunes, Marshal of the Elite 4 was stood with his arms folded and a concerned look on his face as he watched the three young trainers struggling to hold their own against a wild Darmanitan. He never expected them to be able to defeat one in a solo match, hence why he made them all face a single one.
    “I’d have thought that by now, they would have learned that an individual approach wouldn’t be enough to drive Darmanitan back into its Zen Mode.” He grumbled to himself as he crumpled the RageCandyBar wrapper in his hand; watching as one Pokémon would charge towards Darmanitan at a time. Eventually, he grew tired and started walking down the dune towards the children. As he got nearer, he took a pokéball out of one of his baggy pockets and opened it, revealing a Mienshao - a tall, graceful Pokémon that looked somewhat like a white weasel, with fur extending across its front paws, looking like large sleeves that flapped around in the wild desert winds. “Watch children!” he shouted aggressively; attracting the attention of the three young children.
    “Mien!” Mienshao shouted as it ran towards the rampaging red Pokémon, holding its whip-like arms out. Marshal flung his fist towards the Darmanitan, who easily knocked the man back. Blake and Bianca were looking rather disappointed by this, but that was when the Elite Four member smirked.
    “Watch and learn kids! Mienshao, use Fake Out!” Marshal ordered like a drill sergeant. The three trainers tried to keep their eyes on the Pokémon, but the weasel disappeared in a flash before reappearing directly in front of Darmanitan, slapping the Pokémon on its cheeks with its whip-like arms, leaving the fire-type stunned. It was during this brief moment when Marshal got back on his two legs and charged at his opponent; putting all of his body weight behind one large shove. Due to the flinch caused by Fake Out; Darmanitan couldn’t dodge or counter; it could only watch as it was pushed backwards before falling onto its back.
    “Do you lot honestly think you could take on a Pokémon like Darmanitan by going it alone?!” Marshal snapped, causing the three to jump out of their skins. “Alone, you won’t be able to scratch such a high levelled Pokémon; but together you may stand a chance.” He explained as behind him, the Darmanitan got back up on its feet and was preparing to lunge.
    “Watch out!” Blake shouted, but his fear wasn’t needed. Marshal had already sensed the Pokémon’s presence, quickly turning around to grab each of its large hands with his own.
    “Mienshao, use Force Palm.” He calmly ordered. Mienshao looked rather happy as it started flailing its sleeve-like limbs around, pushing the Darmanitan back.
    “Wott, use Water Pulse!” Bianca shouted cheerfully, pointing directly at the wild Pokémon.
    The exhausted otter Pokémon managed to push itself onto one knee before holding its arms out in front of its mouth, focusing as it gathered energy. It wasn’t long before a small blue orb had formed between the Dewott’s hands.
    “Dew!” it shouted as with one mighty breath, the ball was blown towards Darmanitan. The blazing Pokémon didn’t even blink; it just destroyed the Water Pulse with a Fire Punch.
    “Darn it!” Bianca shouted as she repeatedly stamped her foot into the desert sand, creating a small groove. Blake, who was watching this was suddenly hit with inspiration.
    “We all have to work together...” he said to himself, raising his hand to his chin.
    “Well yeah...but how?” Cheren asked sceptically. “Fake Out is a move that makes an opponent flinch for a while, which is most effective when using two or more Pokémon. None of our Pokémon know a move like that.” He analysed.
    “Yeah...and none of our attacks are working.” Bianca said sadly, as if her resolve had faded away.
    Blake quietly recalled his defeated Servine into its Pokéball before taking slowly unclipping another from his belt. As the young trainer had anticipated, the sharp-eyed Cheren was quick to notice this.
    “Who says all of us have to do the attacking?” Blake asked with a mischievous smirk. The boy widened his stance and with a dramatic, swift strike of his hand he had turned his cap around. His other hand then threw the Pokéball high into the air.
    “I know we’ve only just met, but I need your help Sandile!” the boy shouted desperately as the red and white sphere opened with a burst of light that quickly took the form of a rather small black and brown crocodile which had a rather noticeable pink underside. “Dig around the Darmanitan!” he ordered. Sandile looked at its trainer with an annoyed look in its eyes, showing its dislike of being ordered around. However, once the desert crocodile had seen the situation it was in - falling to the ground just before a rather large, intimidating Darmanitan, it didn’t really have any other choice.
    “Dile.” It said as it started to spin around as it drew closer and closer to the sand. When Sandile finally touched the grainy floor, particles flew into the air as it burrowed furiously. Bianca and Cheren were left confused until they saw a slight bulge in the sand circling the roaring Darmanitan. The boy had always considered himself the smartest of the group, but the fact that the “knuckle head” was showing more initiative than him bugged him to no end.
    I can’t let him take all the glory... he thought, looking at Bianca out of the corner of his eye; her mouth dropped in amazement as she watched the small bulge that was Sandile run circles around their opponent before disappearing completely. Once all signs of Sandile had disappeared, the Darmanitan tried to move towards Cheren and Bianca.
    “Oh dear...what are we going to do?!” Bianca frantically asked, completely changing her tone the moment the tables had turned. This was when the boy felt like he was in his moment; a young girl turning to him in their time of need was something the young nerd could only dream about. He confidently pushed his glasses up to his nose before throwing his arm out and giving his Pignite its next command.
    “Pignite, use Flame Charge!” he shouted. Pignite, who was waiting on standby after its earlier attack failed, proudly puffed its chest out before starting to jog on one spot, with small flickers of flames generating around its feet before quickly spreading throughout its body. “Now, hold Darmanitan in place!” Cheren ordered, revealing his game plan.
    “Nite!” Pignite joyfully shouted as it charged at a pace that was unusual compared to its body size. Darmanitan heard the attack coming and turned around in time to block with its giant hands. As Darmanitan was a fire-type attack, it was practically immune to the elemental power of the attack, but even then it had trouble holding back the pig Pokémon’s heavy body.
    However, it didn’t take long for Darmanitan to start pushing Pignite back. Once the wild Pokémon had gained its bearing, it started to concentrate as its muscles began to tense and bulk up. After the Bulk Up, it only needed one hand to push off the newly evolved Pignite.
    “Oh, let me join in!” Bianca cheered. “Wott, use Razor Shell!”. There was no hint of desperation or fear in the girl’s voice; she sounded like a young girl having harmless fun. Dewott however, was more serious as it stood up, standing up straight to try and look dignified before leaping at the Darmanitan, wielding both of its scalchops, which had started to glow blue and extended into blades.
    Darmanitan was able to block this attack with one hand as well. This time however, the strain of holding back two Pokémon from either side was proving to be a tiring endeavour for the creature, who was now showing the first signs of exhaustion.
    Then the floor below it fell.
    Sandile had dug a whole underneath the Darmanitan. From the start, Blake had picked up on how small Darmanitan’s feet were in comparison to its arms, so he knew the best way to strike would be to aim for that weak spot. It had toppled over as the sand flowed towards Sandile's hole and it now had no way defend itself from Dewott’s Razor Shell or Pignite’s Arm Thrust. Being well and truly worn out, Darmanitan started to glow blue before returning to its statue-like Zen Mode.
    Once the dust had settled and the sight sank in, the three young trainers couldn’t help but embrace each other as they cheered. Even Marshal couldn’t help but smirk, having just watched his new students pass the Elite Four member's first test.

    The next chapter will be up on 18th March 2012.
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    Default Re: Pokémon: Bright World - GAME 9 UP!

    It's almost been a week since this was due and no one even asked me about it? :S. Anyways, the reason why it's late is because my internet was cut off on the 16th and was only reinstated yesterday. Anyway, here's the latest chapter:

    Chapter 10: The Black King & The White Knight

    Nimbasa City’s abundance of flashing lights and large buildings was unsettling for those not entirely used to urban settlements like Blake, Cheren and Bianca, who hail from the rural and off-the-beaten-tracks of Nuvema Town. Castelia City’s towering buildings were generally dull in colour; being greys and browns, yet their size was enough to block most of the bright blue sky from view. The colour of Nimbasa City’s on the other hand, were vast and vibrant in their colours. The three trainers and their Elite Four mentor Marshal were stood just outside of the city’s entrance gate, with two large fountains on either side of them.
    “So...so bright.” A mesmerised Bianca said as her eyes became fixated on the flashing lights.
    “Nimbasa City is known as Unova’s entertainment centre.” Marshal explained as he started to walk into the bustling city. “Stick close to me; I’m not your babysitter, so don’t expect me to look for you if you get lost.” The Elite Four member said rather harshly once he had noticed that the three were still stood in one place.
    “U-understood!” Blake said in a panic, almost tripping over his own feet as he tried to quickly catch up with his mentor. Bianca casually followed, while Cheren had a slower pace; his mind however, was going at rocket speed, his face looking sullen.
    I should have known how to defeat Darmanitan... he thought, still reflecting on how Marshal had to instruct them on how to pass their first test and how it was Blake, whom he had labelled as a knucklehead, who came up with the ingenious idea to use Sandile to trap the rampaging fire Pokémon.
    “What are we doing in Nimbasa City anyway?” Bianca asked innocently as the group walked through a bustling street crowded with vendors trying to sell various outfits designed for Pokémon.
    “It’s on the way.” Marshal answered without leaving a second for thought. He turned his head back to see if Bianca was satisfied with the answer, but instead he found her eyeing up a small top hat and bowtie being sold by one of the many stalls; her eyes sparkling in awe at the little trinkets.
    “We’re not here to shop.” Marshal stated in a low grunt, alerting her like a small child found sneaking into a cookie jar. Flustered, Bianca quickly shot up and turned to her teacher, blushing in embarrassment.
    “Sorry, I was just window shopping!” she said, trying to excuse herself. Marshal wasn’t impressed though; he just turned away and carried on walking. The young girl looked at Blake with a confused expression, but he just shrugged his shoulders before the three continued to follow their mentor.
    “On the way to where?” Blake enquired more.
    “That’s confidential.”
    The three didn’t feel very comfortable with the sudden refusal to answer their question, after all, they wanted to know where they were being taken to by a man who aside from holding a notable status, was a complete stranger to them.
    After the group had walked a bit further, they found themselves in the city’s centre plaza - it was huge. Three large domes stood side by side in direct view, two of them with groups of sports fans outside cheering loudly, while the third was covered with sparkling lights and had rather upper class people entering its doors.
    “Wow!” Blake blurted out as he took in the sight of the towering domes; the plaza alone was probably about the size of Nuvema Town. The three trainers started to scan the sky line, until Blake’s eyes drifted to the large Ferris Wheel in the distance.
    “Stay Away!” a strong, male voice called out in Blake’s mind, alerting and confusing the young trainer at the same time.
    “D-did you guys hear that?” he asked Bianca and Cheren, turning his head from one to the other frantically. Both of them looked like they thought their friend had finally gone insane. He shot his head up at Marshal, who looked concerned. “Someone just said to stay away...” he tried to explain. No one was believing him, so he looked towards the Ferris Wheel again, with the possibility of him being mistaken starting to cloud his mind.
    “I said stay away!” the voice called out again. This time there was no doubt that Blake had heard it and that he would whenever he looked at that Ferris Wheel. The voice’s tone was frantic and desperate, so the boy was full of questions, such as why was the voice saying what it was and more specifically, why was he the only one who could hear it? He had to find out the answers, so he suddenly bolted off towards the large ride.
    “Wait!” Marshal barked authoritatively, but the boy’s legs had already propelled him a considerable distance away.
    “What do we do now?” Bianca asked Cheren worryingly. The boy was still in his own world, so it took a nudge to get him to reply.
    “W-well...we have no choice but to follow him, do we?” the bookish boy suggested with a heavy sigh.

    The city was filled with joyous laughter and cheerful cheering as people went about enjoying themselves in Unova’s fun capital. Just below the Ferris Wheel - arguably the city’s most prized attraction, was a young man sat on a bench with a fairly large bag at his side. N’s posture was tense; rather than letting his back relax against his seat, he had it arched forward, his hands were also held together below his chin in a thoughtful pose as he watched two young children happily playing around with a jolly Ducklett.
    [i]N was only a young child at the time. Sat on the floor of his playroom, which had been painted sky blue and decorated with clouds. The train set he had just been playing with still running despite the boy’s attention being focused on something entirely different. Ghetsis looked a few years younger, but he still wore an elaborate castle-themed cape and his unusual eyepiece, making him instantly recognisable. In Ghetsis’ arms was a Lillipup that was very seriously beaten and bruised. The young N couldn’t help but shake all over as he was shown it by his carer; it looked like it was struggling to breath. The young boy burst into tears.
    “You see N, it is people who do this to Pokémon. That is why we must liberate them; humans are using these creatures as tools for their twisted games.” Ghetsis said, trying to sound endearing.
    N believed those words back then and he even did a while ago, but it was sights like the young children and their Ducklett and his recent encounter with Blake and Servine in Castelia City that made him second guess things.
    What is the real relationship between humans and Pokémon? And which one is more ideal for them? he thought before glancing at the bag next to him with a worried look on his face.
    It was then when Blake reached his destination. He had started off in a mad hurry, but that short outburst meant that he was now exhausted; panting as he slowly trudged towards it.
    [i]“Why didn’t you stay away?!” the voice said again, this time with an angry growl. Blake’s eyes scoured the area trying to find its source, but there was no one around who could have produced such a tone.
    “Leave!” it shouted again, truly enraged. This time, a sudden jolt of pain shot through N’s head, causing him to scream out in response, drawing the young trainer’s attention. Blake instantly recognised the green haired man from Castelia City; the rather quiet man who had first treated him to ice cream, but ended up engaging him in a vicious battle of Pokémon and ideology. As uncomfortable as this surprise encounter felt, there however, was no way that Blake could be convinced that he was behind the events unfolding now, until N reached picked up the bag that lay at his side and looked into it.
    “You need to quieten down, or he’ll notice” N said softly into the bag. By now though, Blake was already focused on the young man.
    “Or I’ll notice what? The source of the voice?” Blake asked as he approached. N looked flustered as he quickly tried to conceal the bag before getting up from his seat.
    “Nothing.” He said unconvincingly. “So, I take it you’re still on your journey?” he asked disappointedly.
    “Well...kind of.” The young trainer replied, thinking of how he’s still training Pokémon, but has since become distracted from the main goal of most trainers - he had yet to challenge a single gym; when the business with Hilda and Team Plasma cropped up, it constantly kept on dropping down the priority list.
    “I see.” N was disappointed by this answer. “So I take it my words didn’t mean anything to you?”
    “Well, I don’t even really know who you are.” Blake explained while trying to avoid eye contact.
    “I guess that’s understandable. Well, my name is Natural Harmonia Gropius; the King of Team Plasma.” Natural said as he held his hand out, but Blake was stunned by his words.
    He is the head of Team Plasma? the boy thought before remembering all the things the group had done, like attacking Hilda in the Dreamyard and Caitlin’s betrayal in Castelia City; this turned his shocked face into an angry one. This time, he was not shaking in fear, but in anger.
    “What’s the matter?” Natural asked, confused by Blake’s reaction.
    “You can call me Blake - I’m a Pokémon trainer and a student of Marshal of the Elite 4!” he announced like a valiant war cry, turning his hat backwards and striking a triumphant pose to try and hide how nervous he was.
    A tear trickled down Natural’s soft, pale face before lifelessly hitting the hard pavement.
    “So I guess that makes us enemies then? How sad.” He said reflectively. He slowly raised his arm into the air before looking up into the sky. Shortly after, a large grey bird Pokémon flew towards the two young men before staying in the air above Natural, flapping its grey and black striped swings.
    “Tranquil!” it called out aggressively.
    “It really is a shame...I had no desire to be your enemy.” The mysterious man said with a sigh. “Tranquil, could you please use Quick Attack?” he asked painfully; as if he was against the idea in the first place.
    “Quill!” the Wild Pigeon Pokémon cried as it shot towards Blake at an incredible speed.
    “Sawk, Quick Guard!” Marshal shouted viciously. In no time at all, a Pokémon that looked almost exactly like a slim, bald blue man wearing a karate gi had come between Blake and the Tranquil; holding both of its arms forward, with the thumb and two fingers on each hand stretched out as wide as they could. A translucent brown wall appeared between the Sawk’s limbs, which was strong enough to not only withstand Tranquil’s attack, but also to push it backwards. Surprised, Blake swung his head around to see his teacher, Marshal, with his two fellow beginner trainers Cheren and Bianca; the latter two gasping for air like they hadn’t had that much exercise in their entire lives.
    “Stand aside.” Marshal ordered as he walked up to Blake. “When it comes to Team Plasma, we can’t hold back.” The well-built man stated as he held his right arm against his chest, tensing it as a display of power and to try and help to relieve some of his own anger.
    “Sawk, Close Combat!” he shouted viciously.
    “Saw.” It acknowledged with a polite nod as it stood perfectly straight, before launching into a sudden onslaught of punches and kicks. Natural was about to issue the wild Tranquil a command, until he noticed that the Karate Pokémon was coming towards him. It was hard trying to keep up with a Fighting-type Pokémon’s fluid blows, but Natural was doing a good job at avoiding them; something which came as a huge surprise to Marshal.
    “What are you doing?!” Blake shouted confusedly at his mentor, which shocked both Marshal and Natural.
    “What do you mean?” Marshal growled at his student, showing an aura that quickly shown the three young trainers how dangerous he really could be.
    “Pokémon shouldn’t be used against people. Pokémon battling is a sport, but this?”
    A gleam of hope appeared in Natural’s sad eyes, but as they did, a loud scream came from the bag the boy had left at the bench; although it was only audible to himself and Blake - both of them holding their heads, which were in so much pain that it was like they could split apart at any moment. Both of them slumping to the ground and screaming was deeply distressing for Bianca, who was panicking and close to tears as she went down to her friend’s level, as well as for Cheren, who was too paralyzed with fear to do anything.

    It was like Blake and Natural had been transported to a bizarre place. They were in a realm of complete darkness - the only thing they could see was the other one. There was one detail that alarmed the two of them though - Natural’s left arm was pitch black to the point where the finer details could not be seen, while Blake’s right arm was a shade of light, transparent blue - the colour of ice.
    “W-What the hell is happening?!” Blake shouted out, panicking at the sight of his arm.
    “I-I don’t know!” Natural replied in a similar tone. Blake reached out for the scared young man, but when did so, he felt a sudden jolt through his body.
    “Wha-What’s happening?!” Natural screamed in desperate confusion as his left arm started to crumble away. For some reason, it didn’t hurt him at all, but the sight was enough. At this same time, as each piece of the Team Plasma King’s arm fell off, that same part of Blake’s transparent right arm would be coloured black. When the boy had noticed what was also happening to his arm, he freaked out. He screamed and he shouted out. He tried to take a step forward, but it became clear that although they could not see the floor, the two were standing on ice. He slipped and fell hard onto his back.
    “Aaaaaahh!” he shouted out in pain as his eyes forced themselves shut. When he finally opened them, he was met with a horrifying image:
    Directly above him some metres up was the most unusual blue and grey dragon - it had a neck as long as the rest of its body with a very triangular head on one end that held small but terrifying yellow, pupil-less eyes and a jaw that looked as if it was frozen shut. On the other side of the great neck was a body which had two extremely small front claws and two rather large back legs - each one of them with completely transparent nails. The beast’s left wing was large but had an unusual, jagged shape, whereas its right wing was considerably smaller. It also had an unusual tail that was extremely short, but ended with three shard-like points. Overall, the terrifying creature had a very uneven appearance. What was equally frightening was a beast that stood above where Natural Harmonia Gropius was stood - a deep black Pokémon easily recognised through old Unovan legends as Zekrom. Like the strange creature above Blake, Zekrom was a dragon that stood on two feet; but instead of looking uneven, Zekrom looked very powerful - standing on two strong legs and being in possession of two large arms and wings. A large generator-like tail behind the beast also shown the incredible potential the Pokémon had. However, despite the vast difference in their appearances, Zekrom was cowering as a large stream of electricity was being pulled out of it, being redirected to the uneven dragon’s transparent points on its wings; the rate of which was equal to the strange phenomenon with Blake and Natural’s arms.
    “The hell is going on?” the young trainer asked weakly, still winded from the fall. Natural was confused, but decided to look up anyway - then his face that was red with frightened tears turned into one of unimaginable joy.
    “It’s the legendary Zekrom!” he joyfully exclaimed, but then he paused as he saw the power being drained from it.
    “Don’t ask me...” Blake started as he carefully pushed himself off the ground; taking care to avoid slipping again. “I have no idea what’s going on myself.”
    “Stop!” Zekrom shouted with a mighty roar as it fired a strange blue ball of energy at the Pokémon; striking it head on and preventing more electricity from being absorbed. During this brief moment, Blake’s black arm quickly returned to its transparent colour as Natural’s regenerated back into its black colour. The two looked at each other, both completely confused, but before they had any more time to think about the situation, the black world started to twist and turn, before it warped away and the two returned to Nimbasa City; still clinging their heads like before, but the two were now silent.
    “What...happened?” the frightened teenager tried to ask Natural, who was also trying to regain his composure. The green-haired boy flailed his head around as if checking to see if his head still on straight, trying to come to terms with what he had just witnessed. However, it was during this flailing that he was reminded that Marshal of the Elite 4 was standing mere metres away from him and of the situation he was now in. Panicking, he quickly got up on his feet, grabbed his nearby bag and rushed for the Ferris Wheel.
    “Sawk!” Marshal commanded. In a flash, his Pokémon was blocking the entrance to the wheel’s passenger cars. Natural swung his body round to try and find another escape route, but now found himself cornered - Sawk and the gang of four now had him surrounded. Desperate for a way out, he looked upwards and saw that the wild Tranquil was still flapping its wings above him.
    “Please?” he asked it. “I don’t expect you to carry me very far, but just out the way?” he requested sincerely. The bird Pokémon saw the boy’s desperation despite the calm delivery of the words and obliged; grabbing onto the neck of Natural’s shirt and lifting him onto one of the passenger cars. Exhausted from the heavy load, the Tranquil quickly departed for home.
    “I thank you.” Natural said, bidding it farewell before looking back at his apparent enemies, forcing the tears back inside for the first time.
    “It’s a shame you have been unable to see the light, Blake and Elite 4 member. When Team Plasma take over Unova, maybe then you’ll see the ideal for people and Pokémon!” he shouted with forced confidence. The passenger car had now reached the very top of the Ferris Wheel, with the sun directly behind him, Natural’s back was engulfed in a bright light, which made the front of him look as if it was shrouded in shadow; one eye with tears forcing their way out of, while the other one remained dry.
    “Hopefully we will never see each other again, because the next time we do...we’ll be enemies.” He said regrettably as he stepped backwards.
    “Stop right there!” Blake roared as he hurled a Pokéball in the air, but Natural took one more step back and fell from the Ferris Wheel. Bianca opened her mouth wide, wanting to scream, while Cheren and Marshal got into position to bolt forward. Just before Team Plasma’s king was about to hit the floor though, a pink aura surrounded his outline. He closed his eyes as his body quickly grew transparent, before the outline faded.
    “So he had a psychic-type kept as a last resort?” Cheren assumed, looking at his master for confirmation. Marshal however, looked as strict as ever.
    “No, that wasn’t his. I recognise that aura - it was Caitlin’s Reuniclus.” He explained through gritted teeth.

    “Eat something, you stupid girl.” Caitlin commanded in her snobbish lip as she tried to pry Hilda’s mouth open with one hand as she held a spoon of soup in the other. Hilda was still being kept in the rather luxurious room, but she now had a chain buckled around her ankle, keeping her confined to her bed. Since waking up, she was refusing to cooperate with anyone from Team Plasma, even if that meant refusing to eat. Instead, she sat on the bed glaring at the woman who betrayed her with justified disdain.
    “Do not look at me like that!” Caitlin shouted, stamping her foot against the floor. “Be thankful I am doing this for you. This is a dog’s work; like something Darach would do.” She said, disgusted at the work Ghetsis was making her do; she honestly felt like she was above any kind of manual tasks. It got to the point where her small, deep blue eyes started to glow pink; the same colour that started to outline her body and cause her long blond hair to rise. Hilda was lifted from her bed; she was scared, but by now she was used to ill-treatment. Before Caitlin had a chance to do anything though, her Reuniclus appeared in the room behind her, having dropped off Natural elsewhere in the building.
    “I see. I will tell the Sages right away.” Caitlin responded after having been relayed a telepathic message from her psychic Pokémon. The pink aura faded from the girl, causing her hair and Hilda to fall back down.
    “You have no idea how lucky you are.” The former Elite 4 member said mockingly as she went to walk out of the door. “You should thank Reuniclus; you have your limbs for another day.” She laughed sadistically as she walked out of the small bedroom, followed by her Pokémon.
    Now she had seen the extent of what the woman was capable of, Hilda couldn’t help but withdraw herself into a ball on the bed, shivering and crying.
    “Where are you...Blake?” she sobbed quietly.
    The next chapter will be up on 18th May 2012.
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    Default Re: Pokémon: Bright World - GAME 10 UP!

    Great as always!
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    Default Re: Pokémon: Bright World - GAME 11 UP!

    So sorry that this is up late! Unfortunately, my new Internet Provider decided it would take a page out of my old ISP's book and cut off the internet. Then I had some IRL stuff to take care of on top of that.

    It's weird to think that this is the final chapter before Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 are released in Japan. While I can be rather flexible with the details in each chapter, I've had the series outlined from the beginning - which included my prediction of there being a Pokémon Grey Version instead of the sequels.

    Anyways, without further ado, here's the next chapter (and yes, you can let out a sigh of relief - I couldn't think of a terrible chess related title this time!):

    Chapter 11: One’s Worth

    “What did you say?” Cheren asked in disbelief as he, Bianca and Marshal had just been told of the strange sensation Blake felt during their brief confrontation with Team Plasma’s King, Natural Harmonia Gropius in Nimbassa City. The four of them were sat around a table in the dining area of Driftveil City’s Pokémon Centre, having ventured there shortly after Natural made his escape. “Are you sure it wasn’t an illusion caused by a psychic-type Pokémon, like the one that teleported Natural away?” he questioned, trying to find a rational explanation.
    “That can’t be it.” Marshal stated as he turned away from the window, having spent most of his time people watching while listening to Blake. “As a fighting-type specialist I’ve had to be cautious when approaching her psychic-types so I’ve studied them fairly well. Her Pokémon can only affect an opponent’s mentality through their dreams; yet both men were wide awake”.
    “That’s true.” Cheren disappointedly sighed before reaching for the paper cup that was in front of him. “But a large black dragon that produces electricity?” he asked before drinking from the thin straw that extended out of the cup.
    Bianca was sat next to Cheren, although the young boy had retreated closer into the corner of the table. The blonde haired girl didn’t really want to question why, but she had a troubled look on her face for another reason; something Blake had told her had made her remember something, but as strangely as it sounds, she couldn’t remember what.
    “Black...Dragon...Electricity...” she mumbled to herself while frantically rubbing her knuckles against her temples.
    “If I remember correctly...Natural called it ‘Zekrom’” Blake stated after some thought.
    “That’s it!” Bianca shouted, springing up from her seat, knocking the table as she got up. Blake and Marshal, whom were sat opposite, braced themselves to catch any falling food, but fortunately, their lunch didn’t try and escape. Due to the commotion her loud voice had caused, all eyes in the Pokémon Centre homed in on the group of four, resulting in Blake and Cheren sinking into their seats to avoid being noticed. After a while though, Bianca noticed that others were staring at her. Her face became as red as the top half of a Pokéball as she swiftly sat back down into her seat. After some muttering, the rest of the customers went back to their own devices.
    “So if it was Zekrom, why did it appear above Natural and why wasn’t Reshiram there?” Cheren enquired, trying to move attention away from Bianca’s unintended scene. “They are a pair right? Like yin and yang?”
    That’s what was troubling the quiet Elite 4 member. Everyone in Unova knew the legend behind Reshiram and Zekrom; of the two brothers who founded the region along with a dragon and how they grew apart, with one seeking ideals and the other seeking truth. The split leading to the dragon splitting into two and war ensuing. Being from the same original dragon, the two are hardly ever referred to separately.
    “It might be best to ask Drayden.” Marshal finally said. “If anyone knows anything about dragon Pokémon, it’s him.”
    “Drayden?” Bianca asked, raising her finger to her bottom lip in confusion. Cheren smirked as he pushed his glasses higher up his nose, confident that he now had a chance to shine.
    “Drayden, the Spartan Mayor; Opelucid City’s Gym Leader and mayor. An expert on dragon-type Pokémon.” Cheren explained in a cocky tone, as if he was explaining something that was common knowledge.
    “Is that so?” Bianca asked as she looked at Cheren, impressed with how much he seemed to know, despite him having spent little time outside of Nuvema Town.
    “Anyway,” Marshal started as he pushed himself up from the table, before gesturing to Blake for him to move aside so he could exit. “We’ll soon reach Mistralton City. You’ll be able to find Drayden there. We’re leaving tomorrow, so get some rest.” He instructed as he walked to the restaurant’s counter to pay for their meals.
    “Understood.” The three trainers replied in unison as they stood up one by one. However, when Cheren got up he was careful to slip a small folded piece of paper into one of the outside pockets of Bianca’s bag, making sure no one saw him do so. He was nervous as he did so and he did hesitate for a brief moment, but he quickly reminded himself of why he was leaving the message, giving him all the encouragement he needed to go through with it.

    Driftveil City’s sky had a salty smell to it as it whirled around the deserted rocky beach. The sky was pitch black, with only the moon hanging in the sky reflecting a mild, silver light. The sea was tranquil; the waves small and slow in their movements. Cheren stood amongst the rocks, looking out towards the vast sea. He was wearing his pyjamas, having left the comfort of his room in the early hours. In his right hand, he gripped a Pokéball which he soon held out in front of him.
    “Hey there.”
    Cheren turned around rather impatiently to see Bianca walking down the stone steps towards the beach. She was wearing a night dress and was yawning as she walked across the stones; her Lillipup following shortly behind her.
    “G-Good M-morning.” She said, suddenly becoming nervous once she had realised that aside from her Lillipup, she and Cheren were completely alone. Cheren’s face had a slight embarrassed blush, which caused Bianca’s pretty face to turn bright.
    W-why did he...? the young girl thought, trembling as she thought back to how she discovered the small note while unpacking things in her room. Why am I so nervous anyway? she thought once she had took notice of how fast her heart was beating. He’s just a friend, I’ve always thought that...but... her internal agonising wasn’t helping her one bit; she goes growing deeper shades of pinky-red as she looked at the young man, who was growing pretty confused.
    “Thanks for agreeing to meet me so late.” Cheren said timidly. “You see, you’re the only person I could ask.”
    O-only person he...could ask? Bianca was becoming weak at the knees.
    “W-What....IS IT?!” she asked, flustered with her embarrassment causing her to temporarily lose control of the pitch of her voice.
    Cheren was growing concerned with the way Bianca was coming across, so he decided to walk closer to her. However, the moment he took the first step, she froze up.
    “A...are you alright?” he asked. “It isn’t too cold is it?”
    Bianca violently shook her head. It probably was too cold to be wearing nightwear outside, but it wasn’t enough to get to her.
    “That’s good.” Cheren smiled. “I would have asked Blake, but I’m not sure I trust him enough.” He said with a worried chuckle. After that comment, Bianca stopped quivering as she processed what Cheren had just said.
    “I would have asked Blake”...“I would have asked Blake”. her mind repeated, trying to wrap it around her interpretation of the reason behind their note and late night meeting. The images than proceeded to run through her mind were enough for her blushing face to become slate grey and for her eyes to widen in a mixture of shock and revulsion.
    “BLAKE?!” Bianca shouted, flabbergasted at the mere thought before furiously rubbing her knuckles into the sides of her side to get rid of the images, as well as expressing her own distaste regarding Cheren’s latest statement.
    “I mean, he’s more than I took him for. When we were battling that Darmanitan, he thought of how to defeat it before I did...I’m supposed to be the smart one, aren’t I? So I can’t ask him to help me train if I want to get ahead of him.” The young man carried on.
    “Wait...training?” Bianca question in a confused tone. At that point, Cheren finally clicked and looked her in the eyes, causing her to instantly look away.
    “Well yeah. I was wondering if you could help me train. I asked you to come out now because I want to keep it a secret from Blake.” He admitted. “So, did you bring your other Pokémon?”
    Bianca stood there in silence as the chilling wind blew through her untidy blonde hair. Her dark green eyes closed slightly to form a sceptical glare, but they soon closed as the girl let out a sigh. She didn’t know whether her sigh was directed at herself for jumping to conclusions or at Cheren for his cluelessness. Her assumption had made her uneasy, so she was at least glad to have that part resolved. Her pink lips moved into a confident smirk as her eyes shot open, showing a confidence that shone more than the moon hanging over their heads.
    “Would a pretty young lady like myself go out without protection?” Bianca winked as she looked at her Lillipup, who instinctively ran to be in front of its trainer.
    “Are you sure you’ll be fine with Lillipup?” Cheren asked sceptically as he held his only Pokéball with a particularly tight grip.
    “Why wouldn’t I be?” Bianca asked innocently. “After all, Lilli’s a powerful Pokémon, aren’t you Lilli?” she asked, looking down at her puppy Pokémon, whose tail was wagging after being complimented as such by its warm trainer.
    “Pup!” it shouted joyfully before turning to Cheren, trying to put on a fierce growl that ended up being far more adorable than intended.
    “Fine then.” Cheren sighed before hurling his red and white ball into the air. It opened to reveal a bright blue light, which faded as it took the form of his large Pignite. The pig’s large frame towered over Lillipup, who was slowly preparing to back away, shivering in fright.
    “Nite.” It growled menacingly, producing small but powerful flickers of flames from its nostrils.
    “Lilli, can you use Tackle please?” The puppy Pokémon’s trainer asked in an encouraging, sweet and almost motherly tone. It was then when Lillipup knew that it couldn’t betray its master. Lillipup shook its head violently to throw out any doubt it had before ramming Pignite’s stomach head on.
    The attack did nothing though. To Bianca’s dismay, the force used by Lillipup to ram into Pignite was used against it to throw it across the beach. Luckily, a last minute dive allowed the young girl to catch her Pokémon, with her taking the brunt of the force from the hard stones.
    “Bianca?!” Cheren shouted, leaning forward in preparation for running to her aid. Bianca was stronger than he accounted for though. Sure she was bruised a bit, but she was able to get herself back onto her two feet, as well as safely place Lillipup back onto the ground. Cheren’s worry for Bianca’s wellbeing soon turned into one for his as he noticed the girl’s bright red face and puffed up cheeks.
    “You didn’t have to go so hard on the little guy...” she said sadly.
    Cheren sighed.
    “You know Pignite is my only Pokémon, so why did you use a normal-type like Lillipup in the first place?” he asked, pushing his glasses slightly up the bridge of his nose, trying to show off his knowledgeable side again.
    “Well...Lillipup needs training too.” Bianca said disappointedly, bending down so she could pet her Pokémon. It was then when Cheren had an idea.
    “Did you bring your Dewott with you? Why not have both of your Pokémon take on Pignite together?” he suggested, resulting in a confused glance from his Pokémon. Bianca looked up into the sky as she placed her right forefinger thoughtfully on her chin as she took a brief moment to consider the idea. She then, rather nonchalantly, took her left hand and stuck it down the top of her nightdress, eliciting a flustered Cheren to quickly turn his head away. The girl had produced a Pokéball from her top, which opened up to reveal her Dewott, who landed onto the beach crouching, with both of its scalchops held in preparation for an attack; the blue otter carried a serious and honourable aura around it, like a wise samurai.
    “If that’s okay with you.” Bianca smiled, before Dewott rushed towards Pignite.

    The bright sun was slowly rising from the eastern sky, illuminating it with a mix of pink and orange light. Footprints, small puddles and scorch marks littered the rocky beach where Bianca and Cheren were stood, sat at the edge allowing the small waves to cover their feet before drifting back out to sea. Both of them looked tired and had returned their Pokémon, wanting to allow them to rest after their long training.
    “Bianca, I’ve been thinking...have you ever wondered what things would be like if we were normal trainers?” Cheren asked while keeping his eyes focused on the beautiful sight of the sea at dawn.
    “Normal? You mean, like raising only normal-type Pokémon?” Bianca curiously asked, not understanding what the boy was getting at.
    “No, I have no intention of training only one type. I mean, what if we were able to challenge gyms and stuff...and not have to deal with this Team Plasma business.” Cheren explained with a light topping of melancholy.
    “I have.” Bianca replied. Cheren turned to her, only to find that she was looking at him the whole time. “Also, why are we here? Aren’t there more capable trainers than us beginners?” she asked in a serious tone that was previously unknown to even her childhood friend.
    “I think they’re trying to protect us.” Cheren grumbled, acknowledging how weak that made him sound. “We witnessed some horrible things so it would make sense if Team Plasma wanted to silence us, so I feel that the Elite 4 are protecting us.” He stated.
    “It’ll be awright though.” The pretty blonde girl said as she yawned, before leaning her head against Cheren’s shoulder and yawning. Before the boy could respond, he noticed that she had fallen asleep. He couldn’t help but blush a little.
    “Y’know, you look adorable when you sleep...” he said softly before going back to looking at the sky.

    A troubled Blake was walking down the quiet and dark hallway of the Pokémon Centre. He couldn’t sleep when the strange vision he and N had was on a constant loop in his mind, accompanied by memories of Hilda mentioning Reshiram and Zekrom back in Striaton City. He now knew that the black dragon he saw was Zekrom, but that other dragon definitely wasn’t Reshiram. More importantly though, it had been a few days since Hilda was kidnapped by Team Plasma, so despite having not getting to know her as much as he might of liked, he was worried about her. The young trainer wasn’t walking to anywhere in particular, he was just walking aimlessly. The only noises he could hear at this hour wete the occasional sound of Pidove waking up in the nearby trees or the Pokémon Centre nurses rushing to urgent patients. Blinds were covering the windows, so he was unable to tell what time it was; he didn’t really care though.
    “Can’t sleep?” Marshal asked. Blake swung his head around to find the Elite 4 member leant against the wall down the hallway. Marshal had noticed everyone else was awake and had carefully following Blake the whole time.
    “How can I?” the boy asked. His face struck Marshal as being one of painful confusion “I have no idea where Hilda is or if she’s safe, or what the hell it was I saw yesterday.” He said loudly, but quiet enough as to not come across as shouting. “I’m just a beginner trainer - my goal was to collect Gym Badges so I could challenge you and the rest of the Elite 4, so why the hell am I mixed up in all this anyway?” the boy threw his arms out, desperate for an explanation. He wasn’t crying, but he was on the verge of doing so.
    “You’re here because you’re important.” Marshal stated suddenly before he started to walk closer to the boy. “At first, all eyes were on the girl from Dragonspiral Tower, the one called Hilda. Following the theft in Nacrene City and now this though...there are some who believe you might become a valuable piece in all this.” He explained cryptically. Blake couldn’t find much comfort in the man’s words; if anything, they had him feel more uneasy. However, he could find comfort in now knowing that perhaps he does have a role in this after all; a possible purpose other than being a weight dragging them down. “Anyway, get to bed.” Marshal whispered as he walked by the boy. “In regards to your goal; when this is all over, the Elite 4 will take your challenge - badges or no badges.”. That last addition was enough to bring a smile to Blake’s face and give him momentary piece of mind.

    “Come on, scream for me.” Shauntal taunted as she dug her nails into Hilda’s thigh. The young girl was chained up against the side of the interior of a rather large helicopter, which also contained numerous Team Plasma members, including Caitlin who was opting to ignore this scene out of sheer disgust. Hilda was wincing in pain, but she was holding back her urge to scream, not wanting to satisfy the desires of a sadist. “Why won’t you sing little birdy? This scene will be boring if you don’t.” she whispered tauntingly into Hilda’s ear. She slowly licked her lips before pointing her tongue towards Hilda’s own lips but it was at that point when the girl spoke up.
    “Don’t!” she shouted. A twisted satisfaction rewrote the expression on Shauntal’s face. Her outburst had even garnered Caitlin’s attention. “I must...I must stay pure for Reshiram and Zekrom...” she explained feebly.
    “Well, screw them!” The purple clad woman shouted excitedly as she grabbed Hilda’s cheeks, forcefully puckering up her lips. At that point though, she was surrounded by a pink aura.
    “We can not compromise the mission.” Caitlin stated coldly; her eyes were glowing the same colour and a similar aura was lifting her hair up. “Sit down.” She demanded.
    “Oh, so you don’t mind if you replace her then?” Shauntal laughed evilly.
    “If you try anything, I will not hesitate to kill you.” Caitlin warned; her increasing anger being shown by the way the metal bench she was sitting on started to bend in the area around her. “You will not be seated for long anyway. We are nearly at Mistralton City. From there we’ll be heading to Dragonspiral Tower.” She explained.
    “Mistralton Airport? Then what about Skyla?” Shauntal asked, followed by a sadistic grimace.
    “She will most likely be on her way to Icirrus City before our arrival.” Caitlin answered, disappointing the bow-wearing woman.
    The tired, beaten and battered Hilda was lying rather motionless from her chains, aside from her brief outburst earlier. Now though, her eyes shot open.
    What are they planning at the Dragonspiral Tower? she thought worryingly.

    The next chapter will be up on 18th July 2012

    ....when I look at the post previews, I can't help but feel that my chapters look a little short (despite being 7 A5 pages on my Microsoft Word). Do you think the chapters are a good length, or would you like them to be a bit longer?

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    Default Re: Pokémon: Bright World - GAME 11 UP!

    Good job!

    I like the chapter lengths right now. But if you want to make them longer I wouldn't mind.

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    Default Re: Pokémon: Bright World - GAME 11 UP!

    Quote Originally Posted by Secretive Trainer View Post
    Good job!

    I like the chapter lengths right now. But if you want to make them longer I wouldn't mind.

    I originally set myself the target of 3000 words because when I write my novel I the chapters at around 4500-5000 words, so by having it not as long, it means I have more time to focus on my book. As I'm coming to the end of it though, I could try and increasing the length to around 4000 words though.

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