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    Default Pokémon – Advanced Hero

    Plot: Lucario returns to train Ash in the ways of the Aura Guardians. After being gone for 2 years they return to the Pallet Town in time for the Hero League Championship taking place in Pallet Town (involves Advanceshipping).

    Author’s note: I do not own Pokémon, any of the characters in this story (except for the 2 OCs-they're my friends ), the theme song I am using for the story (I Want to be a Hero), or the song for the Prolouge - “Can I Have This Dance”. This story does involve Advanceshipping (Ash & May). I’m also having it involve a different pairing as well which will be Max and Dawn which I don't know if there is currently a shipping name for (Don’t ask me. I thought they’d might make a cute couple).

    This story is rated T at the moment because I'm not entirely sure for now (Sorry! ) . Don't worry if you don't get all parts of the story at first either because the story will continue and go on to explain itself. The characters who will be in the story are: Ash, May, Lucario, Ethan (an OC), Zoey, Logan (another OC), Max, Dawn, Brock, Kidd, Ash's mother, May's mother and father, Prof. Oak, and Sir Aaron Ketchum.

    P.S. – This is one of my very first out of four stories written off Pokemon or such so if you would like to give some suggestions or see something happen, please don’t hesitate to ask/tell me for I take all ideas and suggestions into mind when brainstorming and I will give you credit for coming up with this idea).

    Pokémon – Advanced Hero

    Prologue – Departing to Train in the Aura Ways!

    In a dimension across time……

    “I wonder how you are doing Ash….” Thought a certain blue and black pokemon friend of Ash Ketchum.

    “You miss Ash still too, don’t you Lucario?” asked Sir Aaron.

    “Yes master, I do,” answered Lucario.

    “That’s good because I have a surprise for you Lucario. I’m sending you back to Ash’s dimension in order to train him in the ways of Aura, and help him become a Pokémon master and legendary hero. Until his journey is over, I want you to help him master the ways of Aura to become an Aura Guardian and Pokémon Master. But don’t worry about me. Once he succeeds in his journey I’ll be able to return to his dimension once more. I can’t wait to see how my little boy’s grown, and my wife again,” said Sir Aaron.

    “Little boy?! But that means you’d have to be Ash’s son. But how??? This doesn’t make sense…” answered Lucario.

    “Don’t worry my friend. Eventually I’ll be able to explain my origins, what happened to me, and everything else to you and Ash. His mother knows what happened to me, but her memories are half-locked right now. In the mean time however, I bid you a farewell and I will see you soon my friend. Please tell my wife and son I said “hello”,” said Sir Aaron as he used his Aura staff to send Lucario back into Ash’s dimension.

    Meanwhile near Pallet Town……

    “Man it feels good to be back in Pallet Town,” said Ash Ketchum.

    “It’ll be nice to see Brock and your mom again Ash,” said Dawn, one of Ash’s many friend whom he had met on his Pokémon journey. “Who knows what will be in store for us when we get there?”

    “Ash! Dawn!” cried out May maple and Brock, two other friends of Ash. “How are you two?” May said once catching up to Ash and Dawn.

    “We’re great! How about you May? Looking as beautiful as ever I see?” said Ash. Where did that come from? I mean May is beautiful and I do love her, but I’m sure she rather be with Drew then me.

    All of a sudden out of no where a shining blue light engulfed the group and the surrounding area….

    I came from Pallet Town with a brand new world to see. I don’t know what’s ahead, but it won’t get the best of me. There’s so much to learn and battles to be won. I’ve advanced so far, yet still there’s always more to come. Take a step and I’m on my way. Gonna start all over again: I want to be a hero! Pokémon Hero’s Advanced (I’m on my way). I want to be a hero. Give me just one chance. And the future will decide, if there’s a hero buried deep inside. I want to be a hero. Pokémon!

    Once the light died down a voice called out, “Ash?! Are you here?!”

    “Lu…Lucario?! Is that you?!” Ash cried out.

    “Ash! Pikachu! May! Brock! Wait do I also sense Kidd too?..” asked Lucario.

    “Yup! I’m over here! Good to see you again Lucario,” said Kidd.

    “Kidd?! What are you doing here?” asked Ash.

    “I’m here with Brock of course. He and I are going out now,” said Kidd.

    “Really? That’s great! But what are you doing here Lucario? I thought you were with Sir Aaron..” said Ash.

    “I was, but he wanted me to come back and help train you in the ways of an Aura Guardian and help you become a Pokémon Master. The problem is though…It will take two years to train you in the ways of an Aura Guardian…And…We’d have to leave right now to make it as fast as possible,” said Lucario.

    “What?! But I was on my way to see my mom and Professor Oak…Well I guess I can take a detour for now…” said Ash thinking out loud like always. “Well, I guess I can leave for now. Take care Brock! Kidd! Dawn! May! Tell the Professor and my mom I said “hi” for me,” yelled out Ash as he ran of into the distance.

    “And Brock. Please give this note to Ash’s mother immediately upon seeing her. Thank you and I’ll watch over him and Pikachu so don’t worry,” said Lucario as he then turned around and leaped off after Ash and Pikachu.

    “Wait!! Ash!!...” cried out May. ‘I didn’t even get the chance to tell him how I feel about him….”

    “Don’t worry May. I have a feeling he’ll be alright and that he feels the same way you do too,” said Dawn with Brock and Kidd agreeing.

    “Hey May, Brock, Kidd… Next time wait up for me… Hey wait a minute where’s Ash?” asked May’s little brother Max, who was on his way to becoming a Pokémon master like Ash, whom he treated as his older brother.

    “He just left with Lucario and Pikachu to train in the ways of an Aura Guardian for two years,” said Dawn who was blushing while looking at Max thinking to herself that he was very handsome.

    “Awwww….I wanted to see him too….Wait a minute who are you?...” said Max, while blushing as well upon noticing Dawn for the first time thinking that she was gorgeous.

    “I’m Dawn, a friend who was traveling with Ash recently. And who are you?” asked Dawn still blushing.

    “I’m Max Maple, May’s brother, and one of Ash’s friends, and he’s like a brother to me,” answered Max still blushing as well.

    “Well we better get a move on for now then guys. Let’s head back over to Ash’s mom’s house,” said Brock.

    As Max and Dawn, who looked at each other while still blushing walked back to Delia’s house, and Kidd and Brock walked back hand-in-hand, may whispered hoping that Ash somehow might hear her,” Please be safe wherever you may go Ash. And please return soon. I need you by my side. You are my hero; my knight-in-shining-armor that I can’t live without. Please come back to us soon.”

    Meanwhile with Ash, Pikachu, and Lucario…….

    “Good night Pikachu, Lucario,” Said Ash.

    “Good night Ash,” said Lucario.

    “Pika Pi,” said Pikachu.

    (5 minutes later)

    “Lucario? You still awake?” asked Ash.

    “Yes, Ash I am. Is something wrong?” asked Lucario.

    “You mentioned me being able to send dreams and messages to others in their dreams, and their feelings would be as if it were real except that it wouldn’t be in real life, but the feelings would show how they truly feel. Right?” asked Ash.

    “That is correct Ash, although you wouldn’t be able to do that just yet,” answered Lucario as Ash sighed deeply. “However, I can make it so that your dream will transfer your dream into May, Max, Dawn, Kidd, and Brock’s dreams if you would like, Ash.” This stunned Ash for he didn’t think that Lucario knew how he felt about May. Seeing his expression, Lucario said,” I’ve known for a while Ash by sensing your Aura, but even without being able to do that it’s that hard to tell your feelings for May. Well, I’ll be in the dream too to see how it turns out, and I hope it will be good. Good night Ash, and I hope your dream will be a good one.”

    In the dreams of Ash, May, Max, Dawn, Brock, Kidd, and Lucario:

    As it turned out Ash was thinking of the time at the ball after he was entitled the new Aura Guardian, and decided to add something else to it.

    All of a sudden Lady Ilene announced: “It is now time for the Aura Guardian to announce his Queen and the Prince and Princess, for whom the four will share a dance with!”

    May was stunned for she didn’t remember this happening, but was upset because she didn’t think Ash would choose her, and would probably choose Dawn or Misty if she was there.

    “As for the prince I shall choose Max, one of my greatest friends, and as for his princess, I shall choose Dawn, another of my closest friends,” announced Ash. Needless to say that Dawn and Max were stunned, but extremely happy to get the honor of sharing a dance with one another. “As for my queen, if she would have this dance with me I choose the fairest, gorgeous, most intelligent maiden who made my life the happiest it could ever be……May Maple!”

    “Mmmmm...Me?...” May said.

    Ash came over to May, and bowed as the music began to play, which he even sang along to, while Max did the same to Dawn and the couples began dancing to the song:

    Ash & Max: Take my hand. I’ll take the lead. And every turn you’ll be safe with me. Don’t be afraid, afraid to fall. You know I’ll catch you through it all.

    And you can’t keep us apart (Dawn & May: Even a thousand miles can’t keep us apart)

    Ash & May, and Dawn & Max: Cause my heart is wherever you are. It’s like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you. It’s one in a million the chances of feeling the way we do. And with every step together. We just keep on getting better, so can I have this dance (Can I have this dance?), Can I have this dance? Can I have this dance?...

    “May I have to tell you something while I still have the chance….” said Ash.

    “What is it Ash?” asked May.

    “I just wanted you to know that since I first I met you I……”

    Suddenly as if it were a fairy tale, the dream ended for the friends as morning came.

    “I’m sorry I couldn’t hold the dream for you and the others longer Ash,” said Lucario.

    “It’s ok Lucario. We can try again tonight,” said Ash.

    “I’m afraid not Ash. I won’t be able to perform another long dream sequence between you and your friends like I did last night for another 2 years at the least…” said Lucario.

    “It’s ok Lucario. Thank you so much for what you did. When we return after the training I’ll make sure May finally knows how I feel about her,” said Ash.

    “Well then. Shall we get started on the Aura training exercises? And you can join us if you would like Pikachu. I sense much of the same Aura that I myself have in you like Ash has the same type of Aura as Sir Aaron,” said Lucario. “Anyhow, let’s get started with the training.”

    Meanwhile back with May………..

    “Wow. That was an amazing dream last night. It felt so real too. I wonder if Ash really does feel the same way I feel towards him……Hmmmmm. I also wonder if Dawn and Max are in love with each other after that dream I had last night. I’ll check on Dawn later and ask how she feels towards Max,” said May looking out the window in the guest room she was in. “Ash please be careful wherever you are. And please also know that no matter what, no matter when, and no matter where you are, that I truly love you with all of my heart.”

    To be continued………………

    End of Prologue

    Author's Note: I plan to update this story every two/three weeks - longest time interval to update a month.


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    Default Re: Pokémon – Advanced Hero


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    Default Re: Pokémon – Advanced Hero

    I like the idea of this story. Having Lucario appear in Ash's life again is a nice twist, I also didn't like it when he disappeared in movie 8 and even made Latios return in my own fanfics. The first part with the conversation between Aaron and Lucario is very believable, I could almost hear Lucario say "yes master" in my head.

    The part about the dream sending/mixing is a bit confusing, but perhaps it will become clearer if I read it over a few times to get the complete picture.

    I found a few small errors btw, that are obviously typing related but have a large impact on the meaning of a sentence.

    "But that means you’d have to be Ash’s son." should probably read "Ash's father" right?

    "I’ve known for a while Ash by sensing your Aura, but even without being able to do that it’s that hard to tell your feelings for May."

    I suppose that "not" should have been there between "it's" and "hard".

    I am interested in how this story progresses.
    Ash and Angie 4ever!
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